Chocolate Sonnet

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					                                                        Adam Crothers

                                                   Chocolate Sonnet
                                You always said you’d sooner chew nettles
                                than touch anything branded by Nestl´ ,

                                that a hand-grenade of barbed calories
                                nestled within each bite of Cadbury’s,

                                so bring on the celery. And a slice
                                of cake was suicide, and sugar mice

                                were a tensed trap, and truffles could be wrapped
                                any which way, were still turf slightly warped.

                                Eat junk? You might as well rummage through bins,
                                barefaced as a Buddhist monk. Enough buns

                                and you’ll look like you’ve one in the oven.
                                Teacakes were taboo. I wasn’t even

                                allowed to bring up the subject of Lindt.
                                All of which left just me. You gave that up for Lent.

This poem is reprinted from Not Averse, the Girton Poetry Group website, at

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Description: Chocolate is always a lot of women face repeatedly refused: "I'm afraid of fat." However, in fact, chocolate is an excellent fitness foods, not only to fullness, to beauty, and even ease the cough effect.