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									           LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS
                                         TOWN OF LAKE LURE
                                        INCORPORATED IN 1927

                                             Mayor: Bob Keith
                  Commissioners: Mary Ann Silvey, Linda Turner, Wayne Hyatt and John Moore
                                       Town Manager: Chris Braund

                                             February 2011
                      Published by Town of Lake Lure, P.O. Box 255, Lake Lure, NC 28746
                                  Newsletter Editor & Coordinator: Linda Ward

          Telephone: (828) 625-9983                        Fax: (828) 625-8371
          Website:                  Email:

            MAYOR’S COMMENTS                               atmosphere and bountiful Sunday Brunch, or the
               by Bob Keith                                Geneva’s Tiki Bar with its daily luncheon specials,
                                                           or a German/Austrian family style dinner at
        Have you had enough of winter so far? This         Gaesthaus Salzberg which is chock full of fun and
year we’ve seen more cold weather and snow than            the best German pasty around, or Larkin’s which
in all the eleven years we’ve been in Lake Lure            features both pub and fine dining complimented
combined. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but          with some of the best wine selection in town. Enjoy
you get my drift (pun intended). But what this has         a pub meal at Alyssa’s featuring festive Karaoke on
caused me to think about is how quiet it gets              Friday night or its sister restaurant, the Point-of-
business-wise throughout the Gorge during this             View, for some fine dining and great views and
time. With that in mind, I’d like to ask each of you       sunsets on the lake. If Italian is your thing, visit La
to consider patronizing our local businesses and           Strada and enjoy the views of Rumbling Bald,
restaurants through these lean months. Rather than         Shumont and Chimney Rock. Or try some of our
heading to Asheville, Tryon, Columbus or                   mainstays like the Beachside, Genny’s, Old Rock
Hendersonville, get out and support our local              Café, Riverwatch Deli, Laura’s House, Riverside
establishments. Some say that there’s no place to          Pavilion, Duncan’s BBQ downtown and Legends
go. Let’s take a trip around town.                         and Lakeview at the Rumbling Bald Resort.
        New to our palates is Medina’s in Chimney          Additionally, look for El Sureno to reopen later this
Rock, across from the park entrance, which has a           spring…gone south of the border!
great breakfast and lunch variety with special                     Although I’ve written about dining variety
dinners on Friday and Saturday evenings. New also          and diversity, please also support all the shops and
is Huckleberry’s Bakery located in the RV Motor            businesses throughout Hickory Nut Gorge. The
Park on Buffalo Creek Road. It features fresh baked        bottom line is, let’s support our local folks and help
breads, pastry and Granville Cheddar Cheese to die         carry our local economy through the off-season.
for. Stop in for your morning brew in Chimney              Their success is our success.
Rock at ―Coffee on the Rocks‖. We have also seen                   So take your sweetheart out to one of these
the reopening of the Esmeralda and Luna Del Sol            establishments for Valentines Day.
(formerly Azalea’s at Apple Valley) each with a                    If by chance I have neglected to include
fresh, new dinner cuisine. Give them a try. Consider       someone in the gorge please let me know and I will
the Lake Lure Inn which features a historic                correct the situation next month.
February 2011                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                  Page 2

                                                           How Does The Town Fund Street Maintenance?
         TOWN MANAGER’S REPORT                             Each year, we submit an updated street with our
              by Chris Braund                              request for Powell Bill street maintenance funds.
                                                           These funds come from 1.75 cents of the statewide
Who Maintains Your Street?                                 gas taxes and are distributed based on the miles of
Street maintenance, while seemingly straight-              streets in each municipality.       The funds are
forward, is a responsibility with some surprising          expected to cover sidewalks and bikeways as well.
complexity. The fundamental questions are who              Lake Lure’s portion has been in the $60,000 to
owns the street, who has the responsibility to             $70,000 range annually and has been declining. In
maintain it and how do we pay for it?                      FY 2010, we were able to pave or patch 4,000
                                                           square yards of streets with these funds—which is
Who owns the streets? There is rarely a clear              the equivalent of paving 1/3 of a mile of a 20-foot
answer and, in the end, this is not as important a         wide street. The state funds are appreciated, but are
question as who maintains them. Streets often exist        hardly enough to maintain nearly 30 miles of
within a right-of-way on top of privately-owned            mountain roads. All of the costs of our in-house
property. Most streets in Lake Lure were originally        street maintenance activities are funded by local
platted as part of a private development. Over the         property taxes.
years, some streets (or potions of them) have been
dedicated to the Town for ongoing maintenance.             Will The Town Take Over Maintenance of Our
That doesn’t mean that the Town owns them or the           Road? If the owners of a private road are interested
land underneath. Some streets and land are owned           in dedicating it to the town, we have a process for
by the Town.                                               them to follow. As a prerequisite, the road must be
                                                           brought up to the minimum standards for new roads
Who maintains the streets? Keeping streets in              in town. Then, the Town Council must decide
good working order may require paving, patching,           whether assuming maintenance of the road is in the
striping, ditch clearing and drainage, downed tree         public interest.
removal, de-icing and snow removal and
installation of street signs. Within the town limits,
there are three groups that maintain streets: (1) The             TOWN COUNCIL ACTIVITIES
state Dept. of Transportation has the responsibility           by Town Clerk Mary Flack, MMC, CTC
for Memorial Highway, NC Hwy 9, Buffalo Shoals,
Buffalo Creek and Girl Scout Camp roads. (2) The           REGULAR MEETING: The regular town council
Town of Lake Lure has responsibility for 27 miles          meeting was held on Tuesday, January 18, 2011,
of roads (78 streets or portions thereof). (3) Private     7:00 p.m., in the meeting room of the Lake Lure
roads that have not been dedicated to the Town are         Municipal Center.
the responsibility of the adjoining landowners who
typically     contract     for     road    construction,   Under the “consent agenda,” Town Council
maintenance and snow removal. The history of               approved and adopted:
which streets were dedicated to the town (and              * minutes of the December 14, 2010 (regular
when) is sometimes murky, but during the last few          meeting);
decades the town has maintained a Powell Bill map
that is the official record. It is available for viewing   * Resolution No. 11-01-18 granting the applicant
at Town Hall. Town policy prohibits the use of             permission to apply for a grant from the Clean
public resources to maintain private roads (without        Water Management Trust Fund to assist in
compensation), but we make an exception for snow           developing a Town Center Master Plan;
removal on critical thoroughfares like Buffalo
Shoals Road. If the DOT is delayed in plowing, our         * Resolution No. 11-01-18A granting the applicant
crews will plow this road in order to support              permission to apply for a grant from the Z. Smith
emergency traffic.
February 2011                LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 3

Reynolds Foundation to assist in developing a         Other activities:
Town Center Master Plan;                              * received staff report from the town manager.

* request from Isothermal Community College as        SPECIAL MEETING: The special town council
presented by the town manager to hold computer        meeting was held on Tuesday, January 20, 2011,
classes and waive the Community Hall rental fees      8:30 a.m., offsite in the Carolina Event and
during these events; and                              Conference Center, 374 Hudlow Road, Forest City,
                                                      North Carolina.
* Resolution No. 11-01-18B establishment of a fire
equipment Capital Reserve Fund; approve a budget      Town Council:
amendment as presented by the finance director        * heard a presentation from Bill Frykberg regarding
regarding fire equipment.                             a proposal for a conference center in Lake Lure;

Town Council also:                                    * North Carolina representative Mike Hager
                                                      discussed the upcoming legislative agenda with the
* gave council liaison reports and comments;          town council;

* presented a proclamation to Christopher T.          * heard a presentation from the town manager
Francis for his dedicated service to the Town of      regarding a proposal for Tourism Development
Lake Lure and recessed the meeting for a brief        Authority board representation and selection
intermission including refreshments;                  process.

* approved a request from Mary-Lu Elias to hold a     * heard a presentation from David Bixler, CEO of
―Blessing of the Animals‖ service on town property    Rutherford Hospital pertaining to an update of
at the gazebo (Morse Park) on a Sunday in October     recent improvements and changes made at the
and to waive the rental fees for this event;          hospital;

* heard a request from Garrett Humphries regarding    * heard a presentation from Heidi Owens, regarding
the Erosion Control Regulations and damage            Hospice and toured their facilities including the
incurred from construction at 219 Picnic Point        newly constructed Carolina Event and Conference
Road; no action was taken by town council             Center;
regarding this request;
                                                      * held closed session in accordance with G.S. 143-
* approved a deed conservation agreement with         318.11(a)(6) regarding personnel matters; and
Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy; also,
authorized the mayor and town clerk to execute this   * reviewed and discussed the 2011 goals and
agreement;                                            objectives for the town.

* appointed Bill Ashman to fill Gary Hasenfus’s
position on the Lake Advisory Board with a term                    LAKE OPERATIONS
expiring on December 31, 2011; and                       by Clint Calhoun, Environ. Mgmt. Officer

* held a closed session in accordance with G.S.               Once again, please be sure that you have
143-318.11(a) (3) to discuss attorney client          purchased your 2011 boat permits before going on
privilege and legal matters regarding a lawsuit       the lake so that you can enjoy the warm days ahead.
between the Town of Lake Lure Vs. McGill              Have your boat registrations and proof of insurance
Associates, P.A., Randall D. Hintz, and Brentwood     with you for any motorized boats that you will be
Industries, Inc.                                      purchasing.
February 2011                 LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                               Page 4

                                                                 To make things fun we had a Pajama Party
         COMMUNITY POLICING NEWS                         Day. We enjoyed movies, popcorn, hot chocolate
             by Chief Eric Hester                        and fun. Our favorite movie thus far is ―Diary of a
                                                         Whimpy Kid‖.
Police                                                           Just a reminder – if you have DVD’s that are
        The Police Department has been busy again.       child appropriate and you would like to make sure
We responded to 387 calls for service and are also       they have a good home when you’re tired of
investigating three breaking and entering and            watching them, we’d be happy to take them off your
larceny cases that occurred this month. We are           hands.
asking that if anyone sees anyone suspicious in your             Dream of sunny days and how wonderful
neighborhood or around town please call our office       our gorge is during spring and we’ll get there before
or 911 and report it immediately.                        you know it.
        We made seven arrests this past month, one                Our Kid Riddle for the month - You have a
was for driving while impaired and cleared six           dime and a dollar, you buy a dog and a collar, the
cases, four were cleared by arrest.                      dog is a dollar more then the collar, how much is
        Officers performed over 7,920 business           the collar? (The first one of our kids that calls our
checks and over 329 requested residential checks.        phone and leaves a message with the answer will
        The snow hit us pretty hard again this           win a special gift!)
month, but we were fortunate that our maintenance
crew was out and ready and helped clear most of the        POLICE REPORT FOR DECEMBER 2010
roads in a very short time. We worked four wrecks           ALARM CALLS RECEIVED ...................20
so far this month most of them during the snow.             ACCIDENTS ...............................................5
Please take note that if you don’t have to be out on        ARRESTS ....................................................7
the roadway when it is snowing or icy please stay at        BANK ALARMS.........................................1
home, your safety is our concern.                           BREAKING AND ENTERINGS ................3
                                                            BUSINESS CHECKS ...........................7,920
Youth Center                                                CITATIONS ISSUED ...............................15
(828) 625-5220                                              COMMUNITY CONTACTS ...............1,471
        With school being out all but two weeks             EXTRA PATROLS .................................100
since our last news letter, we haven’t much to              LARCENY REPORTS ................................2
report.                                                     REQUESTED RES. CHECKS ................329
        The kids did return with wonderful stories          ROAD CHECKS ..................................2,256
about their Christmas and New Year Festivities.             VANDALISM REPORTS ...........................1
We got to hear about trips they took and gifts they         WARNINGS ISSUED ...............................49
received and snow ball fights that ensued.                  CASES CLEARED ......................................6
        But believe it or not, they were ready to           CASES CLEARED BY ARREST ...............4
return to school, until the next storm hit. Because
we keep in touch with a lot of the kids and their                   LAKE ACTIVITIES
families on Facebook, we were able to see pictures          PATROLS ....................................................0
of them sledding and snowboarding. It pretty much           COVE CHECKS ......................................192
wore them out, when they returned to school you             VERBAL WARNINGS ...............................0
could tell they were tired.                                 WRITTEN WARNINGS .............................0
        Playing catch up for school will require us to      CITATIONS ISSUED .................................0
be here some extra days. Parents please always pay          ASSISTANCE TO OTHER VESSELS .......1
attention to the postings section by our front door to      ASSISTANCE TO OTHER AGENCIES ....0
make sure that we’ll be open on these make up               BOATING ACCIDENTS ............................0
days. Most likely we will be available during all           HOLIDAY EVENTS ...................................0
make up days if possible.                                   PATROL HOURS .......................................0
February 2011                  LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                   Page 5

                                                                 Having such a plan in place from the outset
                                                         would give the town the benefit of foresight. Rather
   BUILDING A TOWN CENTER MASTER                         than reacting to debilitating congestion after the
          PLAN by Paula Jordan                           fact, the town could act ahead of need to absorb
                                                         increasing traffic flows as they occur. It could
       Over the past months the Lake Lure                foster the development of small scale shops,
Community Development Department has taken               restaurants, and other desirable commercial services
preliminary steps     toward   supporting the            that would not degrade the character of the town. It
development of a Town Center Master Plan.                could avoid overdevelopment at the heart of our
                                                         beautiful town while helping to create a vibrant,
       Volunteers have visited other town centers        environmentally and economically sustainable
in the region to collect ideas while the staff has       mixed-use community center where people could
considered points of history, existing structures, and   live, work and play in comfort. Biltmore Park,
other such features of our own town center that          close to Asheville off of I-26, models this concept.
would be useful as elements of such a plan.              It is a well planned mixed use community you may
                                                         want to visit.
        Recent columns in this newsletter have
touched upon several of these elements: the original            As in the development of the town’s
1926 town center plan and the idea for a monument        Comprehensive Plan in 2006, the Town Center
commemorating the rehabilitation of wounded              Master Plan, if funding is available, would be
World War II servicemen at the Lake Lure Inn and         created by and for the community. A carefully
Arcade Building, as well as protection of existing       designed planning process will solicit input from
natural and architectural features of the area.          residents and stakeholders as development of the
                                                         plan moves forward. Stay tuned…….
        The staff is now working diligently to apply
for two grants that potentially could fund the                 OUR OLD BRIDGE IS BEGINNING
process of incorporating these and other such                                TO GROW!
concepts into a formal plan. Town Council passed                   The old bridge that has taken vehicles
resolutions at the January 18th meeting in support of    across the Rocky Broad River at Lake Lure for
these two applications. One is to be filed with the      decades is about to start growing!
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. The other,                         It has now been replaced by a beautiful new
hopefully to be filed in partnership with Mt. Valleys    span, which is in the final stage of completion.
RC&D, goes to the Clean Water Management Trust           When that is done the old bridge will be given by
Fund. The application deadline is February 1st.          the State of North Carolina to the City of Lake
                                                         Lure. That is when it will begin to grow into the
       Why a Town Center Master Plan?                    LAKE LURE FLOWERING BRIDGE! At least,
                                                         that is the vision of the Lake Lure Parks and
For the last 80 years, the town center has grown         Recreation Committee.
slowly, without clear coordinated guidance. Now,                  The plan is to create a garden club of
rapid and drastic changes in and around the town         interested citizens who will be FRIENDS OF THE
center will have significant impacts on the entire       BRIDGE, with the task of creating a beautiful
area. For example, consider the plan by the              flowering pedestrian bridge that will give a
Chimney Rock State Park to create a new entrance         spectacular welcome to everyone who enters Lake
through the Lake Lure Town Center. Without a             Lure and Hickory Nut Gorge.
master plan to guide future growth the town center               The inspiration for this beautification project
could be plagued with traffic congestion, piecemeal      is the famous ―Bridge of Flowers‖ in Shelburne
development, and construction unfriendly to the          Falls, MA, pictured here. Since 1929 that bridge,
environment.                                             covered with over 500 varieties of flowers, shrubs
February 2011                 LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 6

and vines, has drawn up to 24,000 visitors per year     BIKE
to that area. The Lake Lure FRIENDS OF THE              The 16.9 mile bike course is challenging, but you
BRIDGE will be responsible for designing and            will be rewarded with breathtaking views as it rolls
developing a similar walk-thru garden to grace the      through the countryside at the base of the Blue
entrance into beautiful Lake Lure and the Hickory       Ridge Mountains. You will finish back at the same
Nut Gorge.                                              transition area.
        Bill Miller, local resident and member of the
Parks and Recreation Committee, is directing the        RUN
effort to recruit a group of community volunteers,      The 5k run is a steady but reasonable uphill that
with a passion for gardening, who will create and       winds up a beautiful valley paralleling Bald
maintain our gorgeous flowering bridge.      That       Mountain Golf Course and then a gentle downhill to
group is now being formed. Any area residents           a    beach    finish    beside     Lake     Lure.
interested in helping our bridge GROW are invited
to become one of the first FRIENDS OF THE               The Lake Lure Sprint Triathlon is Saturday, Aug.
BRIDGE. The organizational meeting of the               27th. To register, visit or
FRIENDS will be held February 7, 2011 at Lake 
Lure Town Hall at 10:00am. To register your                   Don't miss the other fun and exciting events
interest, share ideas or for more information please    happening throughout the Olympiad weekend on
contact Bill Miller at 625-9995. Let us come            August 25-28, 2011. For more info, visit
together to help our old bridge grow into a place of or find us on
beauty and peace.                                       Facebook!

                                                            Thanksgiving and Christmas are special times
                                                        for giving to others and the non-profit Hickory Nut
       NEWS AROUND LAKE LURE                            Gorge Outreach organization made giving possible
                                                        to many families in need this year. The Lake Lure
       This year marks the 7th annual Lake Lure         Lions Club shared in this meaningful holiday
Sprint Triathlon, which is the anchor event in a        mission in several ways:
weekend of festivities and athletic competition              Lions Club members purchased numerous
dubbed the Hickory Nut Gorge Olympiad.                          toys for children,
       With the triathlon closing out in both 2009           Members helped wrap toys and gifts,
and 2010, athletes are encouraged to sign up soon.           Several Club members assisted in passing
Hosted by Rumbling Bald Resort, it is without a                 out toys and food baskets,
doubt the most scenic triathlon on the Setup Events          The Club gave $1,000 for purchasing
calendar.                                                       additional gifts and food for families.
                                                            The Lions Club motto ―we serve‖ was truly
                                                        carried out through Club members’ actions. The
                                                        Lake Lure Lions Club meets on the 2nd and 4th
                                                        Thursday of each month. We conduct many fund
SWIM                                                    raising projects during the year and money raised is
The 500m lake swim commences on a sandy beach,          given to help the blind and visually impaired, the
curves around a buoy and finishes right at the          deaf and hearing impaired, and other important non-
transition area, which is within 50 feet of the lake.   profit organizations.
The clear mountain water is smooth as glass and             If you are interested in being a part of this
should be close to 80 degrees in August. Scenes         service organization, please write us a note and mail
from the movie "Dirty Dancing" were filmed on this      it to Lake Lure Lions Club, P.O. Box 66, Lake
lake!                                                   Lure, NC 28746 and we will be delighted to contact
February 2011                 LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                         Page 7

        Hickory Nut Gorge Senior Center meets            informative Muse Letters, and a first class mailed
each Friday from 10 am to 1 pm in the back of the        subscription to the Town of Lake Lure monthly
town hall. Anyone 50 years and older is welcome to       newsletter, Lake Lure News & Views. Members
attend. Their schedule for each month is as follows:     meet at the Town Community Center socially at
1st Friday – Health & Wellness (February’s will be       least annually to meet neighbors and discuss issues.
Dr. Glover, foot & ankle surgeon)                        Annual dues are currently $25.00. You may pick
2nd Friday – Arts & Crafts                               up an application for membership at the Municipal
3rd Friday – Movies, Books and Storytelling              Center       or     via      the    website       at
4th Friday – Games, Bingo & Cards               under Lake Management
5th Friday, when there is one – local history,           or call Betty Ross, President @ 828-625-5161 for
folklore and special places of interest.                 an application or any questions.

                                                               Check out the free Mountain Breeze
       Lake Lure Newcomers invite those who              Newspaper, news of the greater Lake Lure area, at
are new residents in Lake Lure (24 months or less) we are in our 22nd
to join them in various activities which include:        year
potluck, gourmet, out’n about, theater, bridge/poker,
book club, and hiking. Anyone interested in
                                                               If you are interested in becoming a volunteer
becoming a member should visit the website
                                                         firefighter please contact Ron Morgan at or call Mike
                                                or (828) 625-9333
Modzelewski, 828-625-9670.
                                                         for more information.
       For the convenience of the public, the
                                                         The deadline for newsletter articles to be received
VFW Post 10473 has placed a receptacle for old
                                                         at Town Hall for the March issue is February 23,
and worn out American flags in the covered
walkway at the town hall near the entrance to the
police department’s door. If you would like a            Complaints concerning the operation of tour boats on Lake
replacement flag, for a small fee, or are eligible and   Lure may call 828-625-1373.
wish to join the VFW contact VFW Vice
Commander Charles Hicks at 828-625-9278.

        Free online newspaper for Lake Lure,
Chimney Rock and Rutherford County. Local
history, comprehensive calendar, groups, preserving
the Gorge, fun things to do in the Gorge and local
authors.               On Valentine's Day we think of those
                                                            Who make our lives worthwhile,
        Lake Lure Lakefront Owners Association            Those gracious, friendly people who
(LLLOA). If you are a Lake Lure lakefront owner
                                                               We think of with a smile.
and want to receive information about these and
other concerns, then the LLLOA invites you to
become a member. Associate memberships are also                  I am fortunate to know you,
encouraged for those who are interested in the lake                That's why I want to say,
or who keep a boat on the lake. If you are a Lake                To all of you special people:
Lure lakefront owner and do not belong, we                          Happy Valentine's Day!
encourage you to join us and stay informed about
lake issues. We welcome associate membership for
all who are interested in our lake. Each year
members receive a membership booklet,                               HERE COMES SPRING!!!!
February 2011   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS   Page 8

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