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  April 1, 2011

  HUD Celebrates Fair Housing Month
  Written by: John Trasvina

  April marks Fair Housing Month and the 43rd anniversary of President Johnson signing the Fair
  Housing Act into law. Borne out of the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and the
  culmination of local and national civil rights struggles, the Fair Housing Act established the Office
  of Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity (FHEO) at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
  Development. At FHEO, we and our partners and allies within HUD and across the nation carry out
  and advance the cause of equality in housing throughout the year.

  Too often, where we live determines our opportunities in life, including where we find employment,
  where our children go to school, and the extent to which we have access to vital community services
  and amenities. Where we live greatly influences our overall quality of life. By itself, the Fair
  Housing Act does not end barriers to living free from discrimination. That cause depends upon
  vigorous civil rights law enforcement, sustained public education, working with housing providers
  and the real estate industry, and ensuring that HUD’s own house is in order.

  Every April, we go beyond recognizing the many individuals whose determination and perseverance
  significantly contributed to the passage of the law – visionary leaders like Senators Edward Brooke
  and Walter Mondale, who co-sponsored the initial legislation. As with other civil rights advances,
  the path to the Fair Housing Act began not in Washington, D.C., but by brave men and women in
  cities and towns across the nation and their advocates whose principal aim was to create better
  living environments for their families, free from discrimination.

  Our 2011 Fair Housing Month theme, “Live Free,” sends a powerful message that discrimination
  has no home in America and that no person should be denied housing or treated differently because
  of their race, color, national origin, religion, gender, family status, or disability.

  We are proud of the progress but not yet satisfied. We build on that progress and lengthen the
  vision. In the past few months, our work has resulted in relief for discrimination victims in Renton,
  Washington where African American and Latino tenants were charged higher rents for the same
  units; in Pennsylvania where a mother was evicted for adopting a young boy; and in Alabama where
  a trailer owner turned off the water to a white family’s unit until the young woman “lost” her black
  boyfriend. On a more systemic basis, our work creates expanded services and investments in
  minority communities in Southern Illinois, ends lending policies that discriminate against women on
  maternity leave and ensures that HUD dollars meaningfully promote self-sufficiency for public
  housing residents – access to jobs – and contracts for the companies who create those opportunities.                                   4/13/2011
HUD Celebrates Fair Housing Month | The HUDdle                                              Page 2 of 5

  Together, FHEO and all of HUD share a singular purpose to invest public funds in communities that
  promote and expand opportunities for all people. And we work to ensure that HUD housing and
  programs are open to all families, irrespective of marital status, gender identity and sexual

  The Fair Housing Act means that all persons can live free in the neighborhoods they choose. We
  bring greater opportunity and resolve to end housing segregation. The product of our work together
  will be most greatly felt by people we may never meet and in the years ahead. Nonetheless, the
  importance of this effort to chart a new course of equality and opportunity is fundamental to
  America’s founding and America’s future. That is what we celebrate in Fair Housing Month.

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  8 Responses to HUD Celebrates Fair Housing Month
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        Tenants Council


                Michael F says:
          April 1, 2011 at 10:52 am

          And exactly how would one “live free in the neighborhoods they choose”? I’ve been living in
          my neighborhood, paying a monthly rent for close to 20 years now. If I had my own house,
          i’d either own it now or be ten years away from owning it.

          I’m by no means poor, but i’m nowhere near rich. My credit’s probably on the borderline and
          since I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck (for the most part), I wouldn’t have the fees
          needed for a “down payment”.

          So that means that I probably wouldn’t have the cash nor the credit score required to jump
          through the MANY hoops that banks and realtors require you to jump through. Yet, i’ve been
          paying some other homeowner rent for close to twenty years now.

          Where does that leave me?



                Dante Lee says:
          April 2, 2011 at 6:43 pm                                 4/13/2011

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