SAT Vocabulary SAT Vocabulary by liaoqinmei


									SAT Vocabulary: It’s important for you to know as many words as possible for the verbal section. I have listed 596
here. Make vocabulary flash cards.
                                                                Front Word, mnemonic            Back: Definition, picture, &
                                                                device, & various forms (i.e.   Parts of speech: (i.e.
                                                                refute, refutation)             refutation—noun)

Abase                    Awry                      Chicanery                    Devoid                  Formication
Abash                    Bacchanalian              Chimerical                   Dexterous               Forte
Abate                    Baleful                   Choleric                     Diabolical              Frenetic
Abominate                Baneful                   Churlish                     Diaphanous              Forward
Abstruse                 Barrister                 Ciliated                     Discern                 Frugal
Accentuate               Bawdy                     Circumspect                  Discord                 Fulminate
Acclivity                Beatific                  Clemency                     Disparage               Futile
Accolade                 Begrudge                  Cogent                       Disseminate             Gainsay
Accost                   Beguile                   Cogitate                     Distraught              Garbled
Adroit                   Belated                   Cognizant                    Divers                  Garrulous
Adulate                  Bellicose                 Comely                       Diverse                 Genre
Adulterate               Benevolent                Comestible                   Doleful                 Germane
Adumbrate                Berate                    Commensurate                 Drastic                 Gestate
Adverse                  Bereft                    Commiserate                  Dynamic                 Gesticulation
Advocate                 Betroth                   Comport                      Ebullient               Gibberish
Aesthetic                Biennial                  Compunction                  Edify                   Gibe
Affected                 Bland                     Concupiscence                Educe                   Gloaming
Affinity                 Blandishment              Concurrent                   Efface                  Gossamer
Affluent                 Blighted                  Congenital                   Effete                  Gourmet
Affray                   Boisterous                Conjecture                   Effigy                  Grandiose
Agape                    Bombastic                 Conjugal                     Emaciated               Graphic
Aghast                   Braggadocio               Contort                      Emulate                 Gratuitous
Agile                    Brevity                   Contrition                   Epitaph                 Gregarious
Alacrity                 Brusque                   Controversial                Epitome                 Grimace
Alias                    Bucolic                   Convoke                      Equestrian              Grisly
Alimentary               Bumptious                 Corp—                        Equestrian              Gruesome
Allay                    Burgeon                   Corporal                     Equipoise               Gruff
Alleged                  Burnish                   Corpulent                    Equivocal               Gullible
Alleviate                Cache                     Corroborate                  Erode                   Hackneyed
Allude                   Cacophonous               Countermand                  Erudite                 Haggard
Allusion                 Cadaver                   Covert                       Eschew                  Hallowed
Altercation              Cajole                    Cower                        Esoteric                Harangue
Amass                    Callous                   Crass                        Ethereal                Harbinger
Ambulatory               Calumniate                Credulity                    Eulogy                  Haughty
Ameliorate               Calumny                   Crestfallen                  Euphemism               Hedonism
Amity                    Candor                    Crux                         Exact                   Hedonist
Amnesia                  Cantankerous              Cull                         Exhume                  Heinous
Amok                     Capacious                 Cupidity                     Exigent                 Hierarchy
Amorphous                Capitulate                Dias                         Fabricate               Hirsute
Anthropoid               Capricious                Daunt                        Facet                   Hoary
Antipathy                Captious                  Dauntless                    Facetious               Homily
Apathetic                Carrion                   Dearth                       Fallacious              Homonym
Apathy                   Castigate                 Debase                       Fastidious              Iconoclast
Apex                     Cathartic                 Decoy                        Fatuous                 Ignoble
Appease                  Caustic                   Defenestration               Fawning                 Ignominious
Arbitrary                Cauterize                 Delude                       Feasible                Ignominy
Ardor                    Cavil                     Demivierge                   Fecund                  Imbibe
Askew                    Celerity                  Demur                        Fervor                  Imminent
Assuage                  Celibacy                  Demure                       Fetid                   Immutable
Astute                   Celibate                  Deplete                      Fictitious              Impale
Attribute                Censor                    Depraved                     Filch                   Impasse
Atypical                 Censure                   Deranged                     Flagrant                Impassive
Audacity                 Cerebration               Derogate                     Flaunt                  Impeccable
August                   Chagrin                   Descry                       Fluctuation             Impending
Austerity                Chaos                     Desultory                    Foible                  Imperious
Averse                   Charlatan                 Deter                        Foment                  Impugn
Avuncular                Chaste                    Devastate                    Forbearance             Impunity
Incessant          Malign         Parsimonious    Recalcitrant    Taciturn
Incite             Malignancy     Pathos          Recapitulate    Tact
Incognito          Malodorous     Paucity         Reciprocal      Tangible
Incommodious       Maneuver       Pecuniary       Recondite       Tedious
Incontrovertible   Maritime       Pedagogue       Rectify         Temerity
Incubus            Meander        Pedestrian      Recumbent       Temperance
Indolence          Melancholy     Penchant        Redolent        Temperate
Indomitable        Mellifluous    Pensive         Redoubtable     Tempestuous
Inept              Mendacious     Penurious       Redress         Tenacity
Infer              Mendicant      Penury          Redundant       Tenet
Ingenious          Meticulous     Perfidious      Refractory      Tepid
Ingenuous          Miasma         Perfunctory     Refulgent       Terrestrial
Innate             Minuscule      Permeable       Refute          Terse
Insatiable         Misnomer       Permeate        Reiterate       Thwart
Inscrutable        Modicum        Perspicacious   Relevant        Tirade
Insidious          Monotonous     Petulant        Remorse         Torrid
Insipid            Mordant        Philanthropy    Remorseless     Treachery
Intangible         Morose         Pillage         Renascent       Trepidation
Invective          Myriad         Pithy           Reticent        Tribute
Invidious          Nadir          Placate         Retrograde      Triskaidekaphobia
Irascible          Naïve          Placid          Rhubarb         Truncate
Jaded              Nascent        Plaintive       Rob             Ubiquitous
Jingoism           Nefarious      Plethora        Ruddy           Unassuming
Jocose             Nemesis        Plunder         Ruminate        Unaware
Jocular            Neologism      Politic         Saga            Uncouth
Jocund             Neophyte       Posthumous      Sagacious       Unruly
Ken                Nexus          Pragmatic       Salacious       Unscrupulous
Kiosk              Noisome        Precipice       Sanguine        Unwitting
Kismet             Nonchalant     Precocious      Scanty          Upshot
Kleptomaniac       Nonplussed     Precursor       Scrutiny        Usurp
Knave              Notorious      Presage         Sedate          Usury
Knavery            Novel          Prevalent       Sedative        Vacillate
Labyrinth          Novice         Prevaricate     Sedition        Vacuity
Lacerate           Noxious        Proboscis       Sequester       Vainglorious
Lackadaisical      Nuance         Profuse         Servile         Valor
Laconic            Obdurate       Proliferate     Shiftless       Vehement
Lambaste           Oblivion       Prolific        Simultaneous    Ver-
Languid            Obsequious     Puissant        Sinister        Verbose
Languish           Obsolete       Pulverize       Skeptical       Vex
Languor            Obstreperous   Pusillanimous   Sloth           Vexation
Larceny            Obtrude        Putrid          Slovenly        Vilify
Lascivious         Obtuse         Quagmire        Somber          Vindicate
Lassitude          Occult         Quail           Soporific       Vindictive
Latent             Odious         Qualm           Sparse          Vivacious
Laud               Officious      Qualitative     Stagnant        Vociferous
Laudatory          Ogle           Quandary        Stagnate        Voluble
Lecherous          Olfactory      Quarantine      Static          Voracious
Lethal             Omnipotent     Queasy          Steadfast       Vulcan
Lethargy           Omniscient     Querulous       Stolid          Vulnerable
Lewd               Onerous        Quip            Submission      Wanton
Licentious         Opulent        Quixotic        Subvert         Whim
Limacine           Orifice        Quorum          Succulent       Wily
Lithe              Oscillate      Rampage         Suffrage        Wistful
Loathe             Ostensible     Rampant         Summon          Wrath
Lucubration        Ostentatious   Rant            Supercilious    Zany
Lugubrious         Ostracize      Rapacious       Superfluous     Seal
Macabre            Overt          Rapprochement   Superlative     Zealous
Magnanimous        Palatable      Ratiocination   Supersede       Zenith
Malaise            Palliate       Rationalize     Surreptitious   Zest
Malediction        Pallid         Ravage          Swindle
Malevolent         Palpable       Ravenous        Sycophant
Malice             Paragon        Raze            Synthetic
Malicious          Parch          Realm           Table

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