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									                        SOPHOMORE SAT VOCABULARY – UNIT 3

                                QUIZ: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2009

1. acquiesce            VERB – To give in; to comply
                        SYN: accede, agree, assent,
  (AK wee es)                                                ANT: to object; to disagree
                        I was so desperate that I had to acquiesce to his demands.
2. affinity             NOUN – A likeness, a natural relationship, a kinship
  (uh FIN uh tee)       SYN: ----------                        ANT: repulsion
                        Having suffered himself, he felt an affinity for the homeless.
3. blasphemous          ADJ – Irreverent, profane
  (BLAS fuh mus)        SYN: ----------                       ANT: sacred; reverent
                        Telling a sacrilegious joke is blasphemous.
4. circumspect          ADJ – Careful to consider consequences, cautious, wary
  (SIR kum spekt)       SYN: chary; wary                    ANT: reckless; careless; indiscreet
                        Her circumspect behavior left no doubts as to her integrity.
5. corroboration        NOUN – Confirmation
(kuh rob uh RAY shun)   SYN: authentication; validation      ANT: refutation
                        Fortunately, I had some corroboration for my whereabouts on the night of the
6. deplete              VERB – To use up gradually; to lessen in amount or value
  (deh PLETE)           SYN: ----------                     ANT: to restore
                        Our oil reserves have been depleted because of years of drilling and pumping.
7. despotic             ADJ – Ruling oppressively and absolutely; tyrannical
 (deh SPOT ik)          SYN: ----------                    ANT: ruling democratically
                        Americans do not like despotic behaviors.
8. emaciated            ADJ – Very thin (usually as a result of starvation); wasting away
(eh MAY she ay tid)     SYN: ----------                         ANT: fat; corpulent
                        As a result of receiving little food, most prisoners of concentration camps
                        become extremely emaciated.
9. extraneous           ADJ – Not essential or vital
 (ik STRAY nee us)      SYN: alien; extrinsic; foreign     ANT: essential
                        The extraneous assignments left the student with little time for himself.
10. fallow              ADJ – Inactive, plowed but not sowed
   (FAL ow)             SYN: ----------                         ANT: active
                        In order for land to be productive, it must lie fallow occasionally.
11. homogeneous ADJ – Of the same kind
(hoe muh JEE nee us) SYN: ----------                       ANT: heterogeneous
                     To get the best results with this research, we need a homogeneous group of
                     people to fill out the questionnaire.
12. incontrovertible        ADJ – Indisputable
(in kon truh VUR tuh bul)   SYN: ----------                     ANT: disputable; arguable
                            The district attorney was looking for incontrovertible evidence to prove that
                            the accused arsonist burned the bank.
13. irascible               ADJ – Irritable, easily angered, cranky, cross
   (uh RAS uh bul)          SYN: ----------                     ANT: impassive; imperturbable
                            Just about anything could set off his irascible temper.
14. magnanimity             NOUN – Having a lofty, generous, and courageous spirit
(mag nuh NIM eh tee)        SYN: ----------                  ANT: greed; stinginess
                            The magnanimity of the king endeared him to his subjects.
15. proliferation           NOUN – An increase in number, multiplication
(pro lif uh RAY shun)       SYN: ----------                    ANT: decline; decrease
                            Many are afraid of nuclear proliferation and the possibility that a terrorist
                            country will explode a bomb.
16. scrupulous              ADJ – Very principled, very careful and conscientious
  (SKROO pyuh lus)          SYN: meticulous; punctilious      ANT: unprincipled
                            The scrupulous police officer never took a bribe, and he ceaseless tried to
                            prevent crime.
17. sublime                 ADJ – Exalted, noble, uplifting
    (suh BLIME)             SYN: resplendent; superb           ANT: ----------
                            The romantic dinner, which included delicious food, soft music, and a
                            beautiful setting, was simply sublime.
18. surreptitious           ADJ – Secret, clandestine, stealthy
                            SYN: covert; furtive;
   (sur up TISH us)                                            ANT: aboveboard; in an open manner
                            The Watergate burglars tried to attain information in a surreptitious manner.
19. veracity                NOUN – Devotion to the truth
  (vuh RAS eh tee)          SYN: truthfulness; accuracy      ANT: ----------
                            The lawyer had no confidence in the veracity of the witness.
20. zeal                    NOUN – Enthusiasm, fervor
    (ZEEL)                  SYN: ----------                     ANT: lack of enthusiasm
                            To the delight of his students, he brought great zeal to the teaching

                                        SAT word lists compiled by Laying the Foundation, Inc.

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