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									----------------TPI                                                       NEWS-----------------
     Don't take it unless you're willing to         ing you. "Sell" him on his agreement to pay              Try different things and be creative, but
     follow through on it.                          you. (See "A" again.) And be persistent!              be persistent, and be fair. As long as you
   D) Try something different. Be creative             Keep in mind that every customer has dif-          remain fair and honest, you won't give your
and keep in mind that collecting money is           ferent "hot" buttons, but you must figure             customer additional reasons not to pay you.
nothing more than a twist to SALES. You've          out which ones to push. Avoid the same                   Remember, "sell" the positive aspects
already "sold" the customer on your work.           mistakes. Ask for your money sooner and               and remove the objections, just as you
Now you may have to "sell" him on pay-              more often.                                           "sold" the original work .•

                                                             'PI News
TPI Staff Column: Continued from page 5:
                                                                                       TPI ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING
anything less than accurate information to their readers. Just
knowing that solid information exists and that reactions will be forth-
                                                                                     3:30-4:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 26, 1995
coming may be having some small measure of influence with the                            Red Lion Hotel, Omaha, Nebraska
consumer media.                                                                       An official notice of the TPI 1995 Annual Business
   As to other organizations getting active, it's fairly easy to under-
                                                                                   Meeting will be mailed to all Class A members not less
stand that TPI isn't the only group with forward thinking leaders
and members who are concerned about their future, but it's also                    than 10 days, nor more than 40 days prior to the meeting.
easy to see how TPJ's even smallest successes would encourage                         Class A members do not need to be registered for the
others to get active as well.                                                      Summer Convention to participate in the Annual Business
   If there's a hero in this it is you, the regular TPI member. Without            Meeting.
your active encouragement-not just through the payment of dues                        Anyone wishing to place an item on the meeting's of-
and an assessment, but also through your active involvement in the                 ficial agenda should immediatel)' contact TPI President
program-has made TPJ's program a reality and a success worthy                      Louis Brooking at Brookmeade Sod Farm, Inc., RR I,
of consideration by other groups.                                                  Box 547, Doswell, VA 23047, or the TPI office.
   Once again, you've shown your wisdom.

       A Growing
         Line 01
     Cuts Your
                                                    The All-Flex Mower              Designed with the commercial operator in mind!
                                                     • 11' and 16W models available                  • Center wheels are in-line and rigid to
                                                     • Zero turn cutting without skips                 perform on hillsides
                                                     • Decks float side to side and front to rear    • Lellto right swivel points for ground
                                                                           .                           huggmg capabilities
                                                     • Front and rear anti-scalp rollers on
                                                       each deck                                     • Rear discharge decks that pass the
                                                     • Foam filled tires reduce down time              ANSI safety standards

                                                                          ~AND PRIDE~TURF
                                                                           The choice ill professiomll         tllrfcare.

TPI Turf News: May/June         1995                                                                                                               31
~YMcCord Flotation Tires can eliminate
~>; - - astly tIre ru tlng ... -.~,- -~~
~;   ....                                                                                                                                        ll'-(

        McCord's can eliminate costly tire rutting during seeding, mowing and fer-        • Cost-Saving Replacement of Duals: One TERRA-TIRE does the work
        tilizer operations by converting your tractors to our flotation Terra-Tires.      of two conventional tires. The weight of a TERRA-TIRE and rim is less than
        McCord's custom built wheels allow fast conversion for virtually any vehi-        the weight of the dual wheels and tires it replaces. In addition to this net
        cle. Join customers nationwide who've counted on McCord's advise, ser-            weight saving, these tires provide improved flotation, yet service and
        vice, and savings for over 20 years! Call McCord's FLOTATION TIRE                 maintenance costs are generally lower.
        SPECIALISTS at our toll free numbers listed below .                               • Conventional SeNice and Repair: In spite of the advantages to be realized
                                                                                          in the use of TERRA-TIRE, low pressure, low profile tires, this unusual tire
        Advantages                                                                        requires nothing unusual in the way of service or repair. Conventional
        • Lower Unit Ground Pressure: The large ground contact area of TERRA-             maintenance methods are totally applicable.
        TIRE flotation tires effectively distributes load over a relatively broad area,
        providing a reduction in unit ground pressure in comparison with conven-
        tional tires .
         • Improved Shock Absorption: The carcass of a TERRA-TIRE is very flex-
        ible. This design characteristic, coupled with low inflation pressures, pro-
        vides for high level energy absorption. The resulting air-cushion effect means
        less wear on equipment, reduced fatigue for the operator.
         • Increased Pay load To Vehicle Weight: The enveloping and cushion-
        ing effect of the TERRA-TIRE permits both a strength and a weight reduc-
        tion in vehicle design. The net result in designing a vehicle for a given load
        capacity is an effective increase in the ratio of pay load to vehicle weight.
        • Reduced Rolling Resistance: Large ground contact area, flexibility of
        carcass, and low inflation pressure work together to reduce rolling resistance.

      McCORD AUTO SUPPLY, INC. • US 24 West, Box 743, Monticello, IN 47960 • In the United States and Canada 800-348-2396
     McCORD TIRE CO., INC. • 423 S. Sante Fe Ave., Box 706, Salina, KS 67402 • Out of State 800-255-0276 • Kansas 800-332-0122
                                                        FAX: 219-583-7267
-----------------TPI NEWS-----------------
                      IN MEMORIUM
      Leroy E. Mueller, beloved husband and father, and
   owner of Mueller Farms Sod Nurseries in Ontarioville,
   IL, passed away April 11th at the age 82. Mueller was
   a pioneer in the turf business and also worked as a dairy
   farmer in his earlier years. Mueller was a member of the
   Turfgrass Producers International (formerly ASPA) since
   it was originated in 1967. He established a scholarship                      Wayne Thorson    David Doguel       Tom Keeven           Dale Barrie
   at Tufts University and was considered a philanthropist
   by family and friends. He will be missed by his fellow TPI
                                                                              Camarillo, CA have each been selected to run as three-year Trustees.
   members.                                                                   Dale Barrie, owner of Tuf-Turf Sod Farms, SI. Albert, AB has
                                                                              agreed to accept an appointment to the remaining two years of
                                                                              Doguet's Trustee term.

Comminee Names Candidates                                                        According to Schiedel, all of these nominees exceed the minimal
                                                                              qualifications for TPI Board of Trustee offices which require Class

For 1995-96 'PI Election                                                      A membership, a history of active involvement in the organization
                                                                              and a willingness to serve. For example, Thorson, who is currently
Wayne Thorson, owner of Todd Valley Farms, Inc .• Mead. NE,                   the group's secretary-treasurer,   previously served three years as
as the lone nominee for TPI president-elect,   heads the list of TPI          a Trustee and was chairman of the ASPA/TPI Representatives      and
candidates for the 1995-96 election. according to Nominating Com-             Business Management Committ!:es. He will also host the 1996 Sum-
mittee Chairman Richard Schiedel. Joining Thorson on the slate                mer Convention at his farm just west of Omaha.
of candidates to be presented at the July 26 annual meeting will                 Doguet, a Trustee for four years, has been a driving      force behind
be David Doguet, owner of Crenshaw & Doguet, Austin, TX as                    the very successful TPI public relations and education        program as
secretary-treasurer.   Tom Keeven. owner of Emerald View Turf                 chairman of the Marketing Committee. He is actively           involved in
Farm, Columbia,      IL and Earl Slack, manager of Pacific Sod,               planning the 1996 Midwinter Conference to be held             in Austin.

                New from Servis-Rhind for '95!

                  Servis-Rhino'"   is introducing   the TX235, a 23-!h' cut flex-wing finishing mower.
                The TX235 is designed     for big grass mowing jobs including     sod farms and sports

                fields where a manicured cut is important.
                   The TX235 can be operated in most conditions      with a 45HP tractor to help reduce
               operating costs. Heavy-duty features include slip clutch driveline protection; y.."
               reinforced decks; I-y'." diameter blade spindles; and a dual belt drive system to
               out-perform and out-last most conventional flails and reel-type mowers. A qualilty
               cut is assured by the 16,700 FPM blade tip speeds, 2" blade overlap, 8" deck
               overlap, and large pneumatic caster wheels.
                                                                                                                 An Alamo Group Company
                  Contact your nearest Servis-Rhino dealer or call 1-210-372-3080      for more details      P.O. Box 712, Seguin, Texas 78156
               on the all new TX235.

TPI Turf News: May/June        1995                                                                                                                    33
-----------------TPI                                                         NEWS-----------------
   While their experiences with TPI are not as extensive as the can-          man will be the 1996 Convention     host in Sacramento.
didates to become Officers, Keeven, Slack and Berrie have been
very active in the TPI Representatives Committee, as well as other
committees and councils. Keeven was involved in the 1986 ASPA                 1995 TPI Pre-Convenlion Tour
Summer Convention hosted at his family's farm outside of St. Louis,
while Slack was prepared to serve as a major organizer of the 1991
                                                                              Pari 01 Omaha Meeling
Summer Convention originally scheduled for California.                           A special addition has been made to the 1995 TPI Summer Con-
   Class A members attending the annual business meeting in Omaha             vention & Field Days schedule of events. This unique pre-
may offer nominations from the floor for any of the positions, pro-           convention tour if free of charge and will be offered Tuesday,
viding the candidate meets the basic qualifications and is willing            July 25, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Participants      will visit
to serve, if elected.                                                         Lincoln, Nebraska's lawn clipping composting site, Nebraska Sod's
   Continuing on the TPI Board will be Doug Barberry, Aldino Sod              6O-acre operation in Lincoln, Cushman's manufacturing     facilities,
Farms, Inc., Churchville,      MD, as president; Louis Brooking,              Brouwer's parts distribution center, as well as a stock-seed farm
Brookrneade Sod Farm, Inc., Doswell, V A as past president; and               specializing in native grass and wildflower seed production.
Trustees Ben Copeland, Patten Seed Co./Super Sod, Lakeland, GA;                  Open to all attendees, the 1995 TPI Pre-Convention     Tour will
Chris Hope, The Manderley Corporation, North Gower, ON; Frank                 depart the Red Lion Hotel at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 25, and
Wilmot, Summit Hall Turf Farm, Poolesville,          MD and Bryan             will return at approximately   5:00 p.m. Those persons wishing to
Wood, Tip Top Turf, Milton Keynes, England.                                   attend the tour must complete this form and return it by July I,
   Retiring from the Board following the Summer Convention will               1995. "Walk-ons"      will be accommodated     on a space-available
be Richard Schiedel, Greenhorizon Group, Inc., Cambridge, ON,                 basis.
after seven years of service including Trustee, Secretary-Treasurer,             Tour participants will be provided with transportation sponsored
Vice President and President. Also retiring from the Board following          by the TPI Conference & Convention Committee, and lunch"spon-
three years of service as Trustees will be Linda Tucker, Sodco,               sored by Brouwer Turf Equipment,       Ltd.
Slocum, RI and Ed Zuckerman,         Delta Bluegrass Co., Stockton,             TPI members wanting to participate are asked to contact head-
CA. Tucker hosted the 1994 Summer              Convention,   while Zucker-    quarters by July I and reserve spaces for those in your group. The

      BEFCO, industry leader with over 750 Flex
      & Super-Flex units in use across North
      America, offers flex mowers in cutting
      widths of 12', 15', 17', 22' and 26' each
      designed to fit your unique mowing needs.

      BEFCO flex mowers offer these outstand-
      ing features and many more:
      • Quality cut with even thatch disbursement
      • 30° up & 15° down flexing; 4' to 6' vertical float
      • Zero turning radius capability
      • Low tractor HP requirements
      • Very low maintenance       requirements
      • Mowing capabilities     of 8 to 18 acres per hour

           PRICES START AS LOW AS                                                  DEFeo, Inc.
                    $8,198                                                         P.O. Box 6036
                              For a 12' unit                                       Rocky Mount, NC 27802-6036
              Over 1200 dealers across North America                               Telefax: 919/977-9718
                Call Befco for the one nearest you

34                                                                                                             TPI Turf News: May/June         1995
-----------------TPI                                                                    NEW5----------------
tour is free-of-charge,   but bus space must be arranged to accom-                        America will notice an increase in their dues levels; however, while
modate everyone. Send names to TPI Headquarters,       1855-A Hicks                       a voluntary contribution to support the PR program is encouraged,
Road, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008; or call 7081705-9898; or fax                             it is not required.
information:    7081705-8347.                                                                The following chart lists dues and assessment amounts for the
                                                                                          1995-96 membership year:

Members Should Verily Listing                                                                 Class
                                                                                              United States
                                                                                                                                     Dues          +      Assessment                    Total

In '95-96 Renewal Notice                                                                      A-I (1-99 A)
                                                                                              A-II (100-299 A)
                                                                                                                                                                                        $ 385
   Whenever landscape architects, contractors or others request in-                           A-III (300-599 A)                        450                        320                     770
formation from TPI's Turf Resource Center, they are automatically                             A-IV (600-plus A)                        600                        400                    1000
sent a complete listing of all members in their home state (and all
other states they request). Because the membership lists are gen-                             Canada & Int'l
erated by the same computer program that contains the individual                              A-I                                      225                 voluntary                      225
farm's records that create the renewal notices, care should be taken                          A-II                                     250                 voluntary                      250
to ensure that all of the details are complete and accurate. Particular                       A-III                                    350                 voluntary                      350
attention should be given to the varieties of grasses being produced                          A-IV                                     450                 voluntary                      450
at each farm as professional installers are often seeking a specific                          B (manufacturers)                        300                US + $240                       540
type of grass for their projects.                                                             C (educators)                             35                 voluntary                       35
   In reviewing the notices, U.S. members are                  also reminded that             E (allied)                               100                 voluntary                      100
their base dues levels have not been changed                   since the 1990-91              F (student)                               35                 voluntary                       35
membership year, making it five consecutive                   years that the dues             S (secondary)                            175                US + $120                       295
have gone unchanged; however the mandatory                     assessment to sup-            Immediate     renewal will ensure that current listings are up-to-date
port the public relations and education program                has increased over         and that no services or benefits are discontinued or lost. Failure
last year's   level. Class A members          in Canada and outside of North              to renew by August 31 will require reinstatement.

                      nAmrER YO. PEST PROBLEM
                                    IT'S THE END OF THE LINE.
              Whatever pest ar disease                                                   For exomple. Tolstar'" insecticide/miticide     controls over 40 of
              problem you hove, FMC has a                                                your toughest nursery pests, including aphids. worms, even
              product to handle it. With our                                             mites. In fact. with either Tolstor'" Flowable or Talstar'" Wettable
              full line of quality insecticides,                                         Powder, you get fost knockdown and long-Iosting residual
              miticides ond fungicides.                                                  control. And, with its advanced new formulotion, nothing fights
                                                                                         fire ants longer or more effectively than USDA-certified Talstar'"
                                                                                         Granular insecticide.
                                                                                             What's more. Astro'" insecticide economically controls tough-

                                                   ~                                     to-get nursery pests like whiteflies, worms, ond leoffeeding

                                                                                         caterpillars. Thiodan<!>insecticide is the proven performer on
                                                   ,.........................       I    almost any pest problem, and an ideal alternative for
                                                                                         chemical rotation.

                                                                                                                          And Carbamate WDG fungicide
                                                                                                                       effectively controls 23 diseases-such
                                                                                                                       as botrytis rot. leaf spot. rust and
                                                                                                                       more-on 40 plant species.
                                                                                                                          So put the performance of FMC
                                                                                                                       behind you, and put an end to your
                                                                                                                       next pest or disease problem!

                                                                                                                                For more information call:

                                                                                                                            Another file Advantagel
                                                                                                         Consun   me looellO(   complete use oncJ applicatIOn InstructIOns on<!
                                                                                                         precouflons   101s10"- IOWP and ToiStor FlOwoble I'IOve Federal registratIOn

                                                                                                                           ~~ ~~
                                                                                                         24 (c) "speclOllocol need' reglstrotlon in IT1<lnyslates   Coli H~OO.528
                                                                                                         8873 for more Information
                                                                                                         10lstor" and the FMC logo are registered trademarks 01 HAC COfporotlon
                                                                                                         Thlooon IS a registered trademark 01 Hoechst AG Astro IS 0 trademark of
                                                                                                         FMC CorporOflon
                                                                                                         @1993    FMC CorpofOt!on

 TPI Turf News: May/June                 1995                                                                                                                                                   35
3600-R HITCH-HIKER                                                                           control. The 3600-R quickly attaches
    Transport your own unloading system for                                                  or detaches from a truck, and with an 8 in.
fasterturn-around   ... and those extra loads                                                ,id"hi&you           ~
per day. The Brouwer 3600-R Hitch-Hiker
features dual rear-wheel drive, Kubota 3-cyl.
                                                                                             =     pO'ition
                                                                                             up to 3500 Ibs.
                                                                                                                      ~                              •
                                                                                                 .                        TURF EQUlPMENTUMITED
diesel engine and single pedal forwardlreverse                                               easily.

289 N. KURZEN ROAD                  roo   BOX 504               DALTON, OH 44618-0504                  216-828-0200                  FAX 216-828-1008

 Top Performer in any field .
          ..Parks .. Golf Courses ..Sod Farms ..
                                .                               ,


Alilrom   the tractor   seaL

                                                                                                                                  HEAVY DUTY BLADE
                                                                                                                             ,    Easy & quick to change,
                                                                                                                           4t ~     on a ridged   blade bar.

   £~ELLENT         FLMATIQN                                        Shown:
   12 large 15" dia. low pressure
                                                                    15.511. Rotary Finishing Mower    HlG1U.IFT ROTARY BL~
   tires.all staggered.                   1Hllil£J).nTIi            12' and 22' models available.     Creates    enough vacuum for that
                                    2 -"B" section   per deck                                                   even, perfect cuI.

                               Call us for the Progressive Dealer nearest you.
                                      137 West William St., Seaforth, Ontario, Canada NOK 1WO
                        Tel. (519) 527-1080. Fax (519) 527-2275. Service Info-line 800-668-8873
-------------TPI                                              INDUSTRY ------------
                                                           NEWS/   NEWS
                                                                        Committee meeting "walk-ins" are also welcome, especially by
Commillees Seek More                                                    those members who are uncertain if they want to make a commit-
                                                                        ment to joining a committee on a regular basis.
Involved Members                                                           A complete listing of summer committees will be printed in the
    What legal and tax issues concern you? Are there items you'd        next issue of "Turf News."
like to see in "Turf News" magazine that aren't there? What about
the convention and conference programs, are they serving your           Save Ciba Invoices,
needs? When was the last time you shared a marketing tip with a
fellow member?                                                          They're SSS 10 TPI
   These are the types of questions and areas of interest that TPI's       Invoices for Ciba Turf & Ornamental products Award, Banner,
committees address as they advance a broad array of member-             Pennant, Primo, Subdue, Triumph or turfPak can result in a direct
oriented services and benefits, and one of the many ways members        contribution to TPI as part of that company's "On-The-Green"
put their concerns before the organization.                             program. As the result of just 12 TPI members sending their in-
   Meeting for just a couple of hours twice a year, once at the Sum-    voices to Ciba last year, the company issued a check to TPI total-
mer Convention and again at the Midwinter Conference, members           ing $12,750! Because no maximum amount has been set by Ciba
typically find that they get more out of the meetings than they con-    for this program, TPI's leaders have expressed a desire to see at
tribute, but overall, TPI and its world-wide membership gains from      least a tripling of the amount for the 1995 season.
the collective knowledge, experience and wisdom of the commit-             The only cost to TPI members is the time it takes to attach their
tee volunteers.                                                         invoices to a special Ciba form and send it to the company. Ciba
   To become active in a TPI committee, simply contact the TPI          calculates the contribution amount and presents TPI a check at the
office at 800/405-8873, or contact any of the committee chairmen        end of the program. Product costs are not affected by this program.
listed on pages 3-6 of the 1994-95 membership directory and ex-            Forms for the current program will be mailed to all TPI members
press your interest.                                                    in the near future. If additional Ciba products are purchased after
   Prior to a committee meeting, volunteers receive an agenda and       the first form has been returned, a call to TPI will ensure that a
necessary background materials to prepare them for the meeting.         new form is received by mail or fax.

                                      -Industry News-
                     SEED COMPANIES                                     seed Research 01 Oregon Appoinls
                                                                        Area Manager lor Dallas
                                                                          Pat Searight was recently ap-
Barenbrug USA Breaks Ground                                             pointed area sales manager for the
                                                                        corporation's Dallas, TX Operation.
On New Facilily                                                         He will be responsible for sales of
                                                                        Seed Research's cool and warm
                                                                        season grass seed program in Central
                                                                          Searight has a bachelor's degree in
                                                                        agronomy with a turfgrass manage-
                                                                        ment specialty from Texas A&M
                                                                        University. Prior to joining Seed
                                                                        Research, Pat was an instructor with
                       l                                                Texas State Technical College and
   Barenbrug USA of Tangent, OR entered the first stage of con-         formerly held several golf course
struction on its new 12-acre Tangent facility. Plans call for over      superintendent positions.
100,000 square feet of production, warehouse, shipping and office
   The building's exterior will utilize the worldwide company's color
and logo design. Inside the floor plan has been designed to enhance
                                                                         AZ-143 Bullalograss Receives
the material flow of the company's custom packaging and bulk ship-
ping operation.
                                                                         U.S. Palent
   With accuracy and speed essential to today's grass seed market.          The University of Arizona in Tucson recently announced the plant
the company anticipates seed dealers and retail outlets serviced         patent allowance for" AZ-143" Turf-type Buffalograss. This new
through Barenbrug's dealer network to receive a more rapid turn-         turfgrass was developed by Charles Mancino. formerly of the
around time.                                                             University of Arizona Plant Science Department.
   The project is expected to take 18 months for completion, at which       According to University officials. "AZ-143" Buffalograss offers
time an open house is being planned.                                     better overall color. density. groundcover and freedom from pests

TPI Turf News: May/June        1995                                                                                                        37
                                                 UR NIT                                                              QUALITY SOD

                                                              HOLDS                                                        1URFNIT

                           Sad Costs Down                       labor Costs Down                      Waste Factor Down

                            • Speeds Up Harvest Time            •   Stretches 110' to 170' in Width   • Stronger Sod
                            • Helps Prevent Soil Erosion        •   Fits Site Dimensions              • Easier to Handle
                            • Faster Land Turnover              •   Eliminates Unnecessary Tracks     • Netting Withstands Wind
                                                                •   Less Staking Needed

                                                      HOLD TURF COSTS IN L1NE..WITH TURFNIT'"

                                              NETTING DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED SPECIFICALLY
                                                            FOR THE SOD INDUSTRY

   Joseph F. Lamb. President
   Delmarva Textile Co .. Inc.
                                                                                                                       WOODEN STAKES AVAILABLE
   254 N. Rehoboth Blvd.
   Milford. DE 19963
   (302) 422-7531

                     Holds sod in place during transit. Sod doesn't fall on
                     roadway or hit passing vehicles. (Some states
                     require covering open loads. The mesh truck cover
                     meets this requirement.)

                     Add a touch of professionalism and class to your
                     next sod delivery, or in fact to any open load

                     Weighs less than 20 Ibs.-just      use tie straps to
                     tighten cover on load.
                                                                                           RESISTS WIND FLAP DUE TO MESH CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                           MADE OF DURABLE SYNTHETIC FIBER

           ORDER FORM - Cut Off & Mail With Check. Include UPS delivery address.

                J. lAMCO, INC.                                                MESH TRUCK COVERS are 14' wide by any length.
                254 N. Rehoboth Blvd.                                         Cost is $3.00 per running foot.
                Milford, DE 19963                                             Price includes delivery via UPS'.
                302-422-7531                                                  Allow two weeks for delivery. No Phone Orders.

                Quantity                           Size(s)                    Amount    Enclosed      (@   $3.00/running     foot)

                                                                                                             • Continental USA only
--------------INDUSTRY                                                     --------------
than current varieties. It performs in a wide variety of environmental   ing water to the entire lawn from just one main water source. The
conditions. This turfgrass has a shorter plant height, leaf length       system allows sodded lawns to receive the water it needs daily once
and rooting characteristics.                                             the timer is set.
   " AZ-143" Buffalograss is drought tolerant and its dense root            Because of its ease-of-use by homeowners, the company claims
system makes it ideal for sod farming. Applications for "AZ-143"         that they have had no call backs for resodding since the product
include residential, industrial and recreational uses (home, land-       was first introduced in 1989. Temporary Rain's automatic system
scape and golf courses).                                                 waters evenly, consistently and thoroughly through the duration of
   The University's Office of Technical Transfer is currently seek-      the project with no maintenance or adjustments. It is easily dis-
ing a licensing partner for" AZ-143" Turf-Type Buffalograss. Turf-       assembled and moved from locationn to location. It can be tailored
grass sod farms who would like to learn more can contact Dr. Rita        to water any size shape lawn.
Manak, Director, Office of Technology Transfer, 1430 East                   Temporary Rain is available for sale or lease to turfgrass sod
Fort Lowell Road, Suite 200, Tucson, Arizona 85719, or call              farms. For more information on the Temporary Rain system, call
fJJ2/62 1-5000.                                                          800/342-3 I3I.

                                                                         Second Generation Biostimulants
                                                                         Announced by ROOTS, Company
 Temporary Rain Watering System
                                                                         Doubles Manufacturing Facilities
 Marketed to Turf Operations                                                ROOTS Inc., the company that invented biostimulants in 1988,
   Temporary Rain of Ingleside, IL has expanded marketing efforts        has announced that its scientists have developed improved formula-
of its portable, above-ground watering system. The system is             tions, ROOTS 2 and ironROOTS 2, which will replace its original
designed to ensure healthy turf establishment. Because of the benefit    compounds beginning March I.
the system offers the newly sodded lawn, the company plans to               To provide increased shipments of its new products, ROOTS Inc.
market the system directly through turfgrass sod farm operations.        has built a new state-of-the-art liquid formulation and filling plant
   Developed by a landscape contractor, the Temporary Rain system        at its new headquarters in Independence, MO. Doubling its capacity,
utilizes an electronic timer and unique manifold assembly, supply-       the plant is capable of producing annually over I million gallons

 Let our Beast carry your burden ...
                                                                            FINISHING MOWER

                                                                                      B & E Equipment, Inc.
                                                                                 3401 West 159th Street I Stanley, Kansas 66224
                                                                             •   Deck Width 22 ft.          • Deck Thickness W'
  Quality Corporation's Model D11 00 Truck Carried
  Forklift is reliable, lightweight and easy to operate .                    •   Also available in a 18' 6" unit.
  We offer the best Truck Mounting System available                          •   PTO Driven I 40-50 HP. Tractor Recommended
  today. Safety & efficiency, combined with com-                             •   Nine 25" High Quality Steel Blades
  petitive pricing & low cost of maintenance make our                        •   Extra Heavy-Duty Gearboxes
  Donkey@ the best bet to haul your sod!                                     •   Low Weight Distribution per Tire
                                                                             •   Hydraulic Fold Up Width 8'10"
     Donkey@ A Better Breed                                                      For Easy Transporting
                                                                                                                                A Division of
  For more information call 800/383-3018                                    CALL: 816/779-5289                             Everly Turt Farm, Inc.

TPI Turf News: May/June        1995
                                        -----INDUSTRy                           ------
                                        of biostimulants and chelated micro-nutrients.
                                           The new and original ROOTS products were developed with
                                        researchers at Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental
                                        Studies, and confirmed at several other university research centers
                                        including Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Mississippi State, Univer-
                                        sity of Rhode Island, University of Massachusetts, and Texas A&M.
                                           The company's turf product, ironROOTS, is a natural bio-
                                        stimulant that contains 4 percent fully-chelated iron phosphate-citrate
                                        for improved stress tolerance and appearance in turfgrass and acid-
                                        loving plants. IronROOTS 2 will replace its predecessor March I
                                        with the same improved additional ingredients found in ROOTS 2.
                                           Both ROOTS and ironROOTS work by increasing cell wall and
                                        membrane permeability increasing the uptake of water and nutrients
                                        as well as chlorophyll production.
                                           Originally headquartered in New Haven, CT, now in Inde-
                                        pendence, MO, ROOTS, Inc. is a division of LISA Products Corp.
                                        that researches, develops, manufactures, and markets plant sup-
                                        plements worldwide. Contact: Mike Davison, 816/254-6000; Don
                                        Levin/Holly Sheffer, 914/993-0900.

                                        AERA-vator Tackles Tough
                                        Soil Conditions

                                           First Products of Tifton, GA announces its AERA-vator product
                                        line for turf cultivation, seed bed preparation and bare soil
                                           The unit works by allowing the rotors to freely roll while the
        ••••••••••••                    PTO powers the tines to vibrate in a burrowing motion, fracturing
                                        the hardest soils. According to the company, the AERA-vator
 . New reach fork system specially      operates in areas where other coring type aerators cannot penetrate.
 adapted for handling large bundles     It is more tolerant to rocks and roots for longer equipment life and
 of sad, lumber, brick and block        less maintenance. In crusty soils, the vibrating tines fracture the
                                        soil between the holes enhancing absorption of air, water and
 . New stability and safety systems
                                        nutrients. This increased tillage improves germination when seeding.
 '3,000 - 5,500 lb. lift capacity
                                            For more information on the AERA-vator, contact First Products,
 • Extend-A-Fork reaches across truck   800/363-8780. Video and slides are available upon request.
 . Engine and wheel motor options
 . 2-Wheel and 4-Wheel drive models
 available                              Rohm and Haas Introduces New
 . C-Channel Mast
                                        EPA-Approved Fungicide
                                           Philadelphia-based Rohm and Haas Company recently introduced
                                        Eagle fungicide as an EPA-registered product for turf application.
                                        According to the company, the fungicide will benefit turfgrass opera-
                                        tions by controlling a variety of turfgrass diseases.
                                           The company states that Eagle fungicide has been proven to con-
Call Toll-Free 1-800-231-5916
                                        40                               TPI Turf News: May/June          1995

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