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					  Seal of MSEDCL                     TENDER NOTICE

            Tenders are invited from the recognized Transport Contractors
for “Annual Transport Contract ‘’
                                                     d Cost of
       Tender No.                                                 Bid Security
                              Name of Tender          Works
                        Annual Pole transport
  SE/SC/T/ 3 /2008-09   contract for Sangli R        10.00       10000/-
                        Annual Pole transport
  SE/SC/T/ 4 /2008-09   contract for Islampur        5.00        5000/-
                        Annual Pole transport
  SE/SC/T/ 5 /2008-09                                7.00        7000/-
                        contract for Vita Division
    Sale of tender forms 22/ 5 / 08 to 29 / 5/ 08 (11.00 to 16.00Hrs)
    Last date of submission of tender 30 / 5 / 08 up to 13.00 Hrs
    Opening date of Tender 30 / 5 / 08 at 15.00 Hrs
   Tender documents are available on our web site
 Submit the tender duly filled in latest by 30/5/2008. While submitting tender
please attach the tender form fee each Rs 1000/- in Demand draft in favor of
MSEDCL. Contact person Executive Engineer (Adm) Tel No 0233-2301744.

                                           Superintending Engineer (SC)
                                          M.S.E.D.C.L, Circle office Sangli.

TENDER NO.                                SE/SC/T/TENDER/ 4 /2008-2009

ESTIMATED COST                            Rs.      5.00 LAKHS

EARNEST MONEY DEPOSITE                    Rs.      5000/-

NAME OF WORK                              Annual Pole Transport contract for
                                          Islampur Division
ISSUED TO                                 M/S _________________________________

DUE DATE OF SUBMISSION                      30 /05/2008 Up to 13.00 HRS.

DUE DATE OF OPENING                         30 /05/2008 At 15.00 HRS.

PRICE OF TENDER FORM                      Rs. 1000/- BY CASH.

E.M.D. PAID                               Rs. 5000/- VIDE R. NO.               Dt.

Accounts Officer, Sangli                        Superintending Engineer (SC) Sangli.

Tender duly filled is to be returned to :
Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd.,
Circle Office, Vishrambag, Sangli – 416 415.  (0233) 2301744 to 2301748

              Tender Opened On ------------------------------

              S.E. (SC) Sangli. ---------------------------------

              E.E. (O)/ A.E.(W) --------------------------------

              A.O./D.A. ---------------------------------------

                                     Inv it at io n t o T end e r and In st ru cti on s to T end e re r .

Tender No. SE/SC/TENDER/ 4 /2008-09

Returnable not later than 13.00 Hrs. (S.T.) on Saturday Dt. 30 .05.2008. This Tender will be opened at
15.00 Hrs. pm 30.05.2008 at the Companies office. Tenderer or his Representative may remain present at
the time of opening of the Tender.


         Please return this Tender set by filling your rates in the schedule 'A' enclosed herewith within the
last date and time of submission of this Tender as prescribed above.

Before filing in the tender, please note the following instructions:

1.          Please read carefully the terms and conditions of Tender and Schedule 'A'

2.          Please sign and put your stamp on every page of Tender terms and conditions and schedule 'A'
            and on every page you enclose with this Tender.

3.          Please fill in your rates in clear 'Figures' and Block letters in schedule 'A' appended hereto.

4.          Please avoid overwriting. Overwriting if any should be clearly attested with tender's dated

5.          Please submit your offer in two separate "ENVELOPS" ENVELOPS No. 1 containing.
            i) EMD Receipt 2) Experience Certificate of similar works amounting to 25% of Tender Value 3)
            Solvency Certificate amounting to 20% of Tender value. 4) Vehicle Registration Certificate in name
            of owner. 5) Comprehensive Insurance of Vehicle. 6) Road Tax certificate 7) Transportation
            permission. 8) PAN Registration Proof 9) Service Tax Registration 10) Fitness Certificate of vehicle
               ENVELOPE No. 2 containing tender form duly filled in all respect
               ENVELOPE No. 2 will not be opened unless ENVELOPE No. 1 contains above documents

6.          Before dispatch please mark your Tender cover as ' Tender against Tender No. SE/SC/T/4/08-09
            for work of Annual Pole Transport Contract for Islampur Division.

                                                                       Superintending Engineer (SC)
                                SCHEDULE ‘D’
Tender No.           : SE/ SC/T/Tender/ 4/ 2008-09
Name of work         : Annual Pole Transport Contract for Islampur Division.
1.      Name of the Registered firm     : …………………………………………………
        Registered Address              : ……………………………….………………...
2.      Whether the firm is proprietary : …………………………………………………
        or Partnership.
3.      Full name of proprietor who is : …………………………………………………
        authorised to sign the tender
        documents and agreement bonds.
        Full address.
4.      Telephone No. Factory/Office, Fax : ... …………………………………………
        Residence No.                   : …………………………………………………
        Cell No.                        :…………………………………………………
5.      In case of SSI Unit, the SSI Registration : ………………………………………..
        No (Permanent)
6.      Whether the firm has Sales Tax / VAT Registration : …………………………
                                       VAT No.       :………………………………….
7.      Whether the Firm is Registered For Work      : …………………………………
        Contract Tax, if so Registration No.
8.      Agreed Terms of the Tender.
     a. Time limit for supply of Material/Execution of Work : ………………………
     b. Validity of Rates                                  : .…………………….
     c. E.M.D. Paid Rs. D.D. No./Receipt No. Enclosed with tender. : …………….
     d. Ready to pay the Security Deposit as per : ………………………………….
     d. Terms of payment (The terms of payment
        will be as per tender condition, however : …………………………………
        the contractor can quote his terms of payment
        which may or may not be accepted by Co. ).
     f. Penalty                                 : As per Tender Conditions.
                                                               Signature of Tenderer.

Tender No.     : SE/SC/TENDER/ 4 /2008-09

Name of Work : Annual Pole Transport Contract for Islampur Division .

                                  TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

1)     Scope of the Contract.

1.1)   The work involve loading of all sizes of P.S.C. and RSJ Poles as mentioned in Schedule 'A', of this
       tender, loading at various pole factories in Kolhapur Zone/ Work site and MSEDCL, Stores,
       transportation of the same and unloading and stacking at Places as defined by the Executive
       Engineer of concerned O&M Divisions.

1.2)   For loading / unloading the contractor should engage his labours, cranes, chain pully block as per
       his conveyance and to be transported by road through lorries/ owned & engaged by the contractor.

1.3)   In case of Pole Factories/ Stores Center where the facility of chain pully block, cranes etc, is
       available and if the contractor is desirous of availing the facility, the extra charges as per the
       prevailing rates at various pole Factories / Stores will have to be borne by the contractor.

2)     General Terms

2.1)   On receipt of written intimation, a telephonic/ telegraphic intimation or information from the
       concerned Officer - In - charge, the contractor should immediately approach to the concerned
       Officer for getting clear cut instructions regarding transportation of Poles. The Poles handed over to
       the contractor for handling and transportation shall be handled and transported by him very
       carefully. Any loss or damage to the material during the process of loading, unloading,
       transportation and stacking will be responsibility of the contractor. After inspection of the pole, if
       found damaged as a result of rough handling during loading, unloading, transportation the liability
       of the same will be fixed on the contractor. The assessment of such loss/ damages will be done by
       the Superintending Engineer, Circle Office, Sangli and will be final and binding on the Contractor.

2.2)   Wherever the transportation work is entrusted to the contractor should invariably produce the
       documentary evidence before the transportation starts showing the his trailor/truck/trolly has
       adequate capacity to carry the load given to him for transportation. If he has used the
       trailor/truck/trolly of under capacity, he will be held solely responsible for the accidental damages if
       any, taken place during the process of transportation and cost thereof shall be recoverable from the

2.3)   The damages to any private or public undertaking property during the process of transportation will
       be the responsibility of the contractor and he is bound to make good the loss at his cost.

2.4)   If the material is found damaged on the work site / Stores Centre before starting any process as
       laid in this contract it should be immediately brought to the notice of authority at Stores Centers/
       Pole Factory / Engineer-in-charge of work site in writing and joint survey of the consignment should
       be arranged immediately in order to assess the nature of damages and to obtain the damage
       certificate from the respective authority. The certificate obtained should be handed over the Officer-
       in charge of the Company to enable him to lodge the claim

2.5)   The loading and unloading of the Poles should be done in the presence of the Company's
       representative under whose supervision the contractor has to work and obey his instructions.

2.6)   The contractor has to make his own arrangements for skilled labours, tools, tackles, etc. in time as
       and when required.
2.7)    The contractor shall nominate his responsible representative for each Dnl. Head quarter who will
        seek the instructions form the officer concerned and who will in turn issue the instructions to the
        contractor's labourers/leader or gang.

2.8)    The contractor shall be responsible for the safe delivery of the pole in his care because of contract
        and discharge all the liabilities and faithful performance under the contract . Contractor shall be
        responsible for any loss or damage to the pole under his care and cost there of shall be recovered
        from him. For this the contractor will have to execute an Indemnity bond on stamp paper of Rs.

2.9)    The delivery of poles taken in custody for transportation shall be given to the officer-in of Company
        during working hours only by obtaining necessary acknowledgement.

2.10)   As stated in the scope of the contract, this contract shall be operative / for the loading, unloading
        transportation and stacking the work site, S/Stn. and Stores Center any place defined by this office
        or concerned Dnl. Office.

2.11)   The movement of Trolly/ vehicle will be on National Highways State Ways and or on district roads
        Rural areas as the case may be. Some time the contractor may require to move on Kachha/
        Temporary road for instances, approach roads to Sub/Stations sites diversion of roads etc.

2.12)   For transportation of heavy, lengthy and over dimensional equipment's the contractor himself
        should arrange to take requisite permission from R.T.O./ Road Authorities or any other authority
        viz. P&T, Z.P., Highway Division and other body as considered necessary.

        Necessary assistance if required will be rendered to him by the Company if possible.

2.13)   The contractor has to carry out the inspection of the road on which the transportation is proposed
        before staring the work.

3)      Failure of contractor to Execute Work/ Termination of Contract.

3.1)    The Company reserves the right to place the contract simultaneously on any other contracor /
        Contractors and when may think fit at any time and for any location, during the scheduled contract
        period of this contract in the interest of work.

3.2)    If it is found that contractor's work is not satifactory, this contract is liable to be terminated with
        seven days notice and the loss incurred if any will be entirely at risk and costs of the contractors.

3.3)    The contractor shall be bound to carry out the work enumerated in the contract. If the contractor
        fails to carry out even a single work at any time during the currency of the contract the Company
        shall be at liberty to get work done as also all pending works and all future works during the period
        of the Contract at the risk and cost of the contractor and Company shall recover the extra
        expenditure if incurred in this behalf from the contractor either independently or through adjustment
        of pending bills due to the contractor. The amount of Security Deposit paid by the contractor shall
        also be adjustable against such extra expenditure.

3.4)    The contractor is not allowed to entrust the work to any other Agency on his behalf i.e. Sub-
        contraction/ Sub-letting of contract is not permitted.

3.5)    The Company shall not accept any incidence involving responding of the acts of the contract with
        the third party.

3.6)    The contract shall be liable for termination at the risk of contract, if the contractor is found to violate
        any of the condition laid here.
3.7)    The contract will be cancelled if any accident/mishap occurred during the currency of contract, and
        the contractor shall be responsible for any consequence arising out of such cancellation of order
        including all financial and judicial responsibilities.
4)     Earnest Money Deposit.
       a) Earnest Money deposit of Rs. 5000/- will have to be paid either in cash or by demand draft of
          any scheduled bank in Sangli. No other mode of payment will be considered. The E.M.D. paid
          will not carry any interest and shall be refundable within a period not exceeding 90 days from
          the date of opening of tender, subject to the condition that, the tenderer should apply
          immediately after expiry of two months period and before expiry of 90 days, in case of tenderer
          who stood lowest shall be subject to condition given below. The refund application should be
          submitted along with original receipt issued by this office, E.M.D. paid by cheques may cause
          rejection of tender. Tenders without E.M.D. payment will not be accepted.

       b)      The E.M.D. will be forfeited in following case.

               i)       If the contractor withdraws the tender after opening of the tenders but before 90
                        days i.e. before expiry of the validity period of 90 days.
               ii)      In the event of refusal of acceptance of order for work or if the tenderer refuses to
                        pay the Security Deposit as per conditions.
               iii)     If the successful tenderer refuses to sign and complete the contract documents
                        and agreement and to further execute the ordered work.
5)     Security Deposit :

       Security deposit equivalent to 5%of the value of the order will have to be paid within 7 days from
       the date of intimation of acceptance of order.

6)     Tax :
       The rates quoted by the contractor should be inclusive of all Taxes.

7)     Payment of Bills.

7.1)   The payment to the contractor for handling and transportation of poles will be made on the basis of
       actual weight of the poles if available on the Supplier's Invoice/A.T. or the actual weight on the R.R.
       / L.R. or as per the name plate or details/ weight as decided on weighing bridge whichever is lower.

       The estimated quantities are only indicative and liable for variations for any extent on either side i.e.
       (+) or (-) no claims for such variations entertained for any reasons whatsoever.

7.2)   Bills covering charging for the work done under this contract shall be submitted by the contractor in
       triplicate separately for each piece of work along with original work completion certificate, and
       distance certificate of the Officer in charge to concerned Dnl. Office. The payment of such bills shall
       be made by this office within reasonable period from the date of submission thereof after receipt of
       bills duly certified/recorded from concerned Division.

7.3)   Any amount or amounts which become payable by the contractor to the Company under a
       particular contract may be deducted by the Company from this or from any other contract/Bills
       becoming due to contractor. The amount of Security Deposit paid by the contractor shall also be
       adjusted against such extra expenditure. Further, the income tax that would require to be paid will
       be deducted at source at the prescribed rate through the bill.

8)     Provision of Acts.

8.1)   The provision made in workmen's compensation Act and contract labour Act 1970 are obligatory on
       the contractor while executing the works under contract.

8.2)   The contractor must comply with provisions of the Maharashtra Mathadi Hamal and other manual
       workers ( Regulation of Employment and Welfare) Act 1969 and the Bombay Iron and Steel
       unprotected Workers Scheme 1970 ( Regulation of Employment and Welfare scheme 1970 and
       also comply with the provisions of Registration as provided under clause 14 of the Schedule)
8.3)    Any clause required to be imposed by virtue of any act enforced by the Government during
        currency of the contract same will stand included in this schedule and same will be binding upon
        contractor and will not amount to any change of material condition of the contract to retaliate the
        contractual obligation between the company and contractor.

9)      Period of Contract and time limit and penalty.

9.1)    This contract is for one year from the date of placement of order. In case if this contract is required
        to be extended for a further period the Company reserves the right to extend the contract for such a
        period as deemed necessary without prior consent of the contractor and such extended period will
        be acceptable to the contractor.

9.2)    The concerned Division office will issue the sub Work Order for each piecework of transportation
        giving the time limit to start and complete each piecework Delay for in carrying out the work will be
        penalized as per penalty clause of this order.

10)     Penalty.

        If the poles are not transported work site/Sub/Stn. Within a period specified in sub-order penalty at
        rate of 1 percent per day delay subject to maximum of 10%of the transport charges for the subject
        consignment will be recovered from the contractor's bill. However due consideration will be given in
        levy of penalty for the reason absolutely beyond control of the contractor. On submission of
        necessary documentary evidence satisfactory reasons thereof. The reasonability of time for each
        work will be as decided by the operation Officer.

11)     The contractor is also deemed to have been apprised of the standard conditions contained in
        M.S.E.D.Co.Ltd., Tender and contract for works, which is also applicable here.

12)     Computation of Distance Traveled :

12.1)   In case of distance in fraction of kilometer, distance less than half a Kilometer will be rounded upto
        lowest complete Kilometer and more than half a kilometer will be rounded upto next kilometer for
        billing and payment purpose.
12.2)   The work of transportation should be through shortest motorable route, to be decided by the
        operating Officer.
12.3)   In case of any dispute regarding distances the decision given by Superintending Engineer shall be
13 )    Bank Guarantee/ Insurance Policy :

        i)      The successful tenderer will have to pay 5% of Tender Value as Security Deposit in Terms
                of Cash.
        ii)     The Superintending Engineer, Sangli will be final authority to make applicable any of the
                above condition i.e. of Bank guarantee of insurance cover. The decision of the
                Superintending Engineer, will be binding and acceptable to the successful tenderer.
14)     Octroi:
        If any borne by the company.

15)     Solvency Certificate :
        The tenderer should produce solvency certificate worth 20% of the value of the tender order issued
        by District Collector of the region or banker's certificate for his financial stability.

16)     Indemnity Bond :

        Indemnity Bond on stamp paper of Rs.100/- (At your Cost) will have to be executed in the form
        prescribed by Company before starting the work.

17)     Miscellaneous:
          i)         The Superintending Engineer, Circle Office Sangli will be the competent authority to
                     reserve his rights to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons.
          ii)        The competent authority shall have rights to accept the tender either in full or in part. The
                     decision given by the Superintending Engineer, Circle Office Sangli in this regards will be
                     final and binding on the tenderer.

          iii)       The competent authority does not bind him to accept the lowest rate.
          iv)        All disputes, difference, arising under or out of or in connection with this contract
                     shall be decided at the discretion of the Superintending Engineer Circle Office Sangli.
          v)         Any disputes in these regards will be subject to judicial jurisdiction of Sangli District.
          vi)        The tender complete in all respect along with all necessary documents etc. should be
                     enclosed in sealed in two separate Envelopes and addressed to Superintending Engineer
                     circle Office Sangli should be submitted to this office before 1.03.08 by 13.00 Hrs.
          vii)       The rates should be quoted for all the ranges of Kilometer invariably otherwise; the tender
                     will not be accepted.
          viii)      The experience certificate for similar works of 20% of Tender value should be enclosed
                     along with the tender.

Both the Envelopes should be specifically marked as " Tender for annual Transport Contract for Islampur
Dn. Tender no. SE/SCTT/TENDER/4/2008-09.

                                                                            SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER (SC)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

                                                                 All the terms and conditions are accepted

                                                                       Signature of the Contractor.


Tender No.     : SE/SC/T/TENDER/4/2008-09                Amount of Contract : Rs. 5.00 Lakhs

Name of Work : Transportation of 8, 9 Rmt. PSC/RSJ Poles of any size from various poles
               factories to works sites under Islampur Division,


                Sr.             Particulars of works                   Unit      Rates per
                No.                                                               units in
                 1    Loading and Unloading & Stacking of          Per Ton
                      PSC/RSJ Poles in proper manner &             basis
                      a) 8 Rmt. Length
                      b) 9 Rmt. Length
                      c) RSJ Poles of any length(8Mto 13M)
                 2    Transportation of PSC poles of Length        Per Ton
                      8,9, Rmt. From various Pole Factories        Per Km.
                      and RSJ Poles of any length and size         basis.
                      from any Stores to any work sites under
                      Rural Division, Sangli area.

                      a) Upto 25 Km.

                      b) Upto 50 Km.

                      c) Upto 100 Km.

                      d) Above 100 Km.

NOTE :- 1) The approximate weight of PSC Poles is

               Eight Rmt.       : 380 Kg.
               Nine Rmt.        : 561 Kg.

       However, the average actual samples weights will be decided at the time of first trip.

       2) Rates quoted should be inclusive of all taxes charges etc.

                                                                       Seal & Signature of the Contractor.

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