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      saving energy. saving money.
 saving our island, one person at a time.

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                                          Make the Move

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                        Going green is just a catch phrase to some, but
                        for Long Island, it’s now a must-do movement
                        to save money, save energy and make this a
                        vibrant, healthy place for years to come.

                        Join your neighbors and friends and “Make
                        the Move” to GreenStreet LI, an innovative
                        community program that will provide you with
                        all the info, inspiration and tools you need to
                        green your Long Island life.

                        A new future awaits, and the journey begins
                        here. Get started today. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

              GreenStreet LI is made possible by the following sponsors:

                          Paul Fleishman - Vice President, Public Affairs          Deidra Parrish Williams - Director, Community Affairs & Media Relations

 Jenna Kern-Rugile - Editor, Quarterly Resource Guide      Serene Lewis - GreenStreet LI Program Manager       Laura Badke - Art Director       Veronica Jennings - Product Manager

            Dale Cole - Community Programs Manager              Liz Dysart - Project Manager        Steve Morris - Project Manager          Cheryl Conway - Admin. Asst.

   GreenStreet LI is an on-going program managed by Newsday’s Community Affairs Department. This section was written and produced by our
Community Affairs Department, and did not involve the reporting and editing staff of Newsday. Some of the content was provided by the advertisers.

                                                               “Making the Move” to GreenStreet LI

        Start                                                  is as easy as doing 1 Simple Thing.
                                                               Install water filters or energy-efficient lightbulbs. Get serious

                                                               about saving money, lowering energy use, and being kinder
                                                               to Long Island. GreenStreet LI will feed you a steady diet of
                                                               “1 Simple Thing” tips that will be impossible to resist. Visit
                                                      to find dozens of these easy-to-do steps.
                                                               Start by doing the one that works for you, and add one
                                                               (or more) each week. That’s it. You’ve made the move.

                                                                                “Making the Move” means you are a neighbor in our

                                                                                growing GreenStreet LI community. No packing required,
                                                                                but there is a must-have welcome kit that shows you the
                                                                                perks of our new community. Get yours by meeting us at

                  You Move                                                      one of our GreenStreet LI community locations or go to
                                                                       to download the kit.

                                                                                           GreenStreet LI is a movement fueled by you,

                                About the
                                                                                           and people across Long Island just like you, who
                                                                                           realize that we have the power to make simple
                                                                                           changes in our lives that will make an impact.

                                Neighborhood                                               Moving to GreenStreet LI means you will be
                                                                                           connected to a community of your neighbors, all
                                                                                           learning, supporting and celebrating Long Island’s
                                                                                           journey to a healthier, more sustainable future.

                            Where We go from here...

    Today: In your hands is the GreenStreet LI kickoff, the first of four quarterly special Resource Guides.

    every Tuesday: Check out the Newsday centerfold for great info on how to go green, along with profiles of your
    GreenStreet LI neighbors who’ve made the move.

    online every day: is Long Island’s new destination for all things green.
    Visit this information-packed website for tips, events and trends, plus activities for GreenStreet LI Kids.

    in your CommuniTy: What’s a movement without feet on the street? In May, look for GreenStreet LI kiosks at
    select area malls, and at dozens of local fairs and festivals throughout the year.

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                         At Home

Save Big Bucks with                                                                                                             simple
Home Energy Audits                                                                   Bust the Dust!                             thing
                                                                                     Break out your
   When you hear the word “audit,   ”    can lower heating and cooling bills
it’s rarely good news. But when it       by 40%.                                     shamois. By keeping
comes to your home, an audit isn’t          Auditors assess the lighting             lights and fixtures clean, you can improve
only good, it’s good for you.            and appliances in your home, and
   Home energy audits, done by           measure the efficiency of your
                                                                                     energy efficiency in your home by as much
certified professionals, tell you        heating, cooling and hot water              as 20%! Better efficiency in your lighting
where and how your home may be           systems. They also check for leaks
sucking money out of your pocket         in A/C ducts and look for safety
                                                                                     means you save money on your energy
for electricity, heating and cooling.    problems, including gas leaks and           bills. Another small lighting trick is to
If your windows are shut and the         the presence of carbon monoxide.            use your walls to improve lighting. That’s
curtains are blowing, it’s obvious          Contractors set their own prices
that air is leaking through and          for audits, but expect to pay               right, your walls. Positioning lights close to
around the windows. But there are        between $250 and $400, depending            brightly colored walls and surfaces creates
a surprising number of other ways        on the size of your home. (Check
you may be losing energy—and             LIPA’s homepage for a list of               a natural reflection that improves lighting
money—that are harder to detect.         accredited contractors in your              in any room. These simple things will help
   “Getting a home energy audit          area.) But remember, it’s what you
is like going to the doctor for a        do after the audit that will really         reduce energy consumption and keep your
physical, says Sal Ferro, President/
          ”                              make the difference.                        pockets greener.
CEO of Alure Home Improvements,             “An audit is meaningless
a home remodeling company                unless you go forward” with
that is also an approved LIPA            the recommended work, says
home audit and remediation               Dan Zaweski, Assistant VP of
specialist. “We assess the               Energy Efficiency and Distributed
performance of your house, and           Generation Programs for LIPA.
then recommend—and can also
implement—the improvements
                                         “You can be sure of the promised
                                         savings because the auditor will                                We made the move!
that will not only save you money                                       ”
                                         retest the house afterward. Many
on your energy bill, but also help       improvements pay for themselves                                  Lisa Cohen and Amy Lipton
you take care of the environment         in just a few years.                                             Huntington
by reducing your carbon footprint.  ”       Now is an ideal time for a home
(Carbon footprint is shorthand           energy audit because President
for the amount of carbon dioxide         Obama has put some serious                  WHy WE MOVED: Our large energy bills were bad for our
produced by the energy we use;           money behind weatherizing homes;            pocketbook and bad for the planet.
it’s a major contributor to global       replacing inefficient appliances,           HOW WE MOVED: Our home energy audit helped point
warming. Although most people              heaters and air conditioners; and         out simple fixes around the house that would lower energy
think first about cars and                    encouraging installation of            consumption and save money. The steps were simple:
energy, our homes account                       renewable energy sources
for 40% of our total                              like solar. You may now            1 Changed 41 recessed bulbs to energy-saving CFLs
energy use.)                                        qualify for a state tax credit     (compact fluorescent lightbulbs)
   Auditors use                                     of 30%, up to a maximum          2 Added new insulation in attic
thermal imaging                                     of $1,500, of the cost of        3 Caulked basement leaks
devices and                                        making energy efficiency          4 Plugged energy-hungry appliances (computers, TVs, etc.)
                                                                                       into power strip that gets turned off nightly

blower doors,                                    improvements. If you have
which detect air                                  limited income, you may be
leaks and gaps                                     eligible for a free audit and           By making some very low-cost improvements, we’ve
in insulation.                                      possibly grants to pay for             already saved hundreds of dollars a year on our energy
Stopping leaks                                       efficiency upgrades.

  Energy audits don’t save money, but they will tell you how.
                                                                                           bill,” says Cohen. “And with the large rebates being
                                                                                     offered, we’re looking into making the move to solar or
                                                                                     geothermal heating and cooling systems. It’s not only
                                                                                     good for our budget, it’s great for the environment.
  For a qualified auditor, call LIPA/REAP at 800-263-6786.
  NY is providing tax credits of 30% in 2009 for energy-efficient upgrades.

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                      Eco Eating

Grow Your own                                                                                                             thing
Garden of eatin’                                                                Weed ‘em out
   Even the White House is going         yard, or buy soil for containers,      Banish pesticides
green. First Lady Michelle Obama         and mix in some compost and
broke ground in more ways than           peat moss.
                                                                                from your lawn and garden this year
one when she put a shovel in the            The only crucial requirements       and control weeds the natural way. After
dirt to start an organic vegetable       are that your plants get five to six
garden on the South Lawn of the          hours of midday sun, and that you      preparing your soil for planting, water it
People’s House, making it official       give them a hearty drink whenever      thoroughly and cover it with dark plastic.
that gardens are back in fashion—        the soil dries out. (Water before
and for good reason.                     sunrise or late afternoon to avoid     Make small slits in the plastic to plant
   Fresh picked is better for your       wasting water due to evaporation.)     your seeds. Once your plants are a few
body, and it has benefits for               If you are ready, get started
Long Island, too. Whether you            now with lettuce and spinach           inches tall, pull out any weeds that have
grow fruits and veggies yourself         plants, which prefer cool spring       snuck their way in, and then mulch,
or buy from a Long Island                weather. Tomatoes are popular
grower, it makes a difference to         garden plants, but if you like them,   mulch, mulch! With mulch completely
the environment. The average             wait until summer when the cool
American meal travels about 1,500        nights are done, since they’re
                                                                                covering your soil, you’ll block out the
miles from farm to plate, but locally    sensitive to cold.                     sun, thereby discouraging the growth
grown food requires less fuel for           You can start from seed, or buy
transportation—plus, if it’s really      seedlings from local nurseries.
                                                                                of weeds.
local (as in your backyard),             But take it slow! It’s easy to
it requires virtually no fuel.           go veggie wild your first year
   If you or your local grower go        gardening, so be realistic and
the extra step of using organic          buy just the few plants you’ll
methods, there are even more             have time to care for—and eat.
benefits. Essentially, that means           If you don’t have time to
without harmful pesticides that          garden, you can still get the                                 I made the move!
can seep into our precious Long          freshest vegetables around.
Island waters and threaten our           Long Island’s supermarkets and                                Kathrina Broadwater
drinking supply.                         farmers are already responding                                Bellmore
   If you’ve never grown a garden,       to the popularity of locally grown
not to worry. Pros will tell you it’s    food, promoting the fact that they
pretty easy to get started, and it’s     sell fresh, local food and posting     WhY i Moved: I wanted fresh, organic produce but didn’t
a great family project. Start            signs giving the origin of fruit and   have time to grow a garden myself.
out by measuring the pH                    vegetables. Farmers’ markets are
(acidity/alkalinity) of your                   set up on weekends all across    hoW i Moved: I joined Golden Earthworm Organic Farm,
soil; you can find kits                         Long Island.                    a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program in
at your local garden                                 Come summer, there         Jamesport that delivers fresh produce to 17 sites through
center. Most plants                               will undoubtedly be more      Long Island, as well as several in Queens.
prefer a neutral range,                           photos of the Obama
from 6.2 to 7.0; to                                family harvesting            The ResulT: I paid $530 upfront to the farmer and, for
raise pH, add lime; to                             vegetables from their        26 weeks, I’ll receive a weekly delivery of various fresh,
lower it, add sulfur.                             garden. If you get started    organic produce that’s been picked less than a day before
But even if you skip                              now on your own, you’ll be    it arrives.

that step, odds are that                          in good company.
your Long Island soil                                Visit
                                                                                      I get wonderful, fresh, organic food all season
will work for growing.                           and click on the “Living
                                                                                      for a reasonable price. In addition, these programs
It’s simple: Just break
some ground in your
                                                 Green” link for more Eco
                                                Eating tips. Bon appetit!
 The less food travels from picked to plated, the better.
                                                                                help small local farms stay in business, guarantee them a
                                                                                fair price for their produce, and give them the overhead
                                                                                they need at the start of the growing season.
 Growing your own is easy, “eco” and great for freshness.
 If you don’t grow your own, buy local from LI stores and farm stands.

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                Green Getaways

Plan an l.i. “staycation”                                                                                            simple
                                                                          go halve-sies                              thing
   How can you save dollars          the car at home and take the
and gas, reduce travel-related       railroad (they’ll even pick you up
pollution, and still visit some of   at the LIRR station in Mattituck).   Vacationing has a
the most beautiful locations in      This 1877 farm house derives         way of unleashing our
the world? Take a green vacation     about half of its electricity
right here on Long Island!           from solar panels, and serves        inner glutton and, because we’re eating
   Options for eco-friendly          breakfast made from local and        out, we tend to skip the doggie bag. The
vacations abound on our island,      organic ingredients.
from the obvious choices like           While in the area, visit nearby   result is that we order more than we
camping to the more unusual,         beaches and vineyards by day;        can eat and end up with a lot of waste.
like staying at a “sustainable”      then meet the farmers at the
inn. You won’t have to drive         nearby Golden Earthworm              Not good. Reduce the leftovers (which
far—and if you want to be even       Organic Farm and take a tour
more conscious of your carbon        of their fields. Bring your bike
                                                                          are only good if the restaurant composts
footprint, forget the car and take   on the train or borrow one of        food scraps) by sharing entrees with
the Long Island Rail Road.           Red Barn’s bikes and ride to
   One of the nicest of Long         the Jamesport Country Kitchen
                                                                          your partner or ordering half portions for
Island’s many campgrounds            for lunch. At nightfall, don’t       yourself. Good for the belt. Good for the
is Wildwood State Park in            forget to star gaze from the
Wading River, which provides         inn’s observatory.                   budget. Good for Long Island.
the solitude of 600 acres of            Another great green
undeveloped forest and an            alternative: Experience living in
unmatched view from a bluff          a home with a virtually carbon-
overlooking Long Island Sound.       free footprint by renting the
Fill your water bottle from the      Harpers Beach Rental Property
park’s fill-up station and enjoy     in Southold. Situated a mile
two miles of beach and 12 miles      from the Southold train station,
of trails. Walk the gardens or
attend a workshop in nearby
                                     this four-bedroom waterfront
                                     home has spectacular views of                           We made the move!
Calverton at the Peconic River       Southold Bay and Shelter Island.
Herb Farm, a working riverfront      Walk to local organic farm                                david and Mary sussman,
farm featuring over 700 varieties    stands and wineries or kayak                              Jack (5) and Ben (7)
of plants.                           over to town. Before you arrive,                          Old Bethpage
   If you want some indoor           contact the Southold Project
                                                                          WhY We Moved: David and Mary wanted their kids to
amenities on your L.I. vacation,     in Aquaculture Training (www.
                                                                          have an appreciation of nature and all the wonderful places
stay at a local sustainable to learn how
                                                                          to explore on Long Island; they also wanted inexpensive
inn. That way, you’re not only       you can be a volunteer for
                                                                          leisure activities that promoted healthy living. 
spending your dollars at an          a day and help grow seed
environmentally conscious             shellfish. Or schedule a tour at    hoW We Moved: The family goes on regular outings
proprietor, but you’re                 the solar-powered Catapano         to a variety of LI locales, including Shu Swamp
also contributing to                    Dairy Farm in nearby Peconic      Sanctuary, Sunken Forest, Garvies Point, Stillwell Woods
creating a sustainable,                 to see the goats being milked     and Blydenburgh Park (where they can take their dog!)
local economy. At                       and sample their award-           The ResulT: The kids, now consummate hikers and bug
the Red Barn B&B                         winning cheese.                  collectors, enjoy a no-cost, eco-friendly family bonding and
in Jamesport,                                   Finally, end your         learning experience—and have a great time doing it.

innkeepers Linda                             trip with dinner at
and Jim Slezak                               the North Fork Table
support their green                           & Inn, which features               We love exploring these wonderful places, and it
goals in numerous                            locally grown biodynamic             gives us the chance to teach our boys their role in
ways, offering a 10%
discount if you leave
                                             and organic produce
                                            and local seafood.
                                                                          keeping our island, and our world, healthy and protected,”
                                                                          says David, adding, “the cost of hiking and collecting...
                                                                          zero dollars. Getting great exercise and having a
                                                                          fun time together...priceless.
  Vacationing locally means you’re already off to a green start.
  Staying at an eco inn means they take care of the greening for you.

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                 Green Families

it’s easy Going Green—                                                                                                     simple
                                                                               Take Back                                   thing
Just Ask Your Kids!                                                            the Tap
   You can be a lone ranger if           “Our kids are very aware of the
you’d like, but if you’re serious     need to take care of the planet,  ”      We lose gallons and
about cost-saving, eco-friendly       says Mary Ellen. “By having them
living, there’s more to be gained     carry out the recyclables, they feel
                                                                               gallons of water—and dollars, too—
by getting the whole family           like they’re part of the solution. ”     through open faucets around the house.
involved.                                Lisa and Mark Fyfe, Huntington
   Parents like Mark and Karen        parents to six-year-old Sophie           Time to be a water warrior and clamp
Hubbard are proof. Their              and two-year-old Maximilian,             down on common (bad) household
Smithtown family is taking a team     have made the move to a greener
approach, and in their household,     lifestyle in numerous ways.              habits. Keep faucets off when you’re not
the benefits have been pretty         They buy most of their food
impressive.                           from a local farm and return             actively using the water. That means
   “We’ve saved money and             the packaging to the farm for            when you’re brushing your teeth,
energy, reduced consumption           recycling; unplug non-essential
and waste, and lessened our           devices during the day to reduce         washing the dishes, gardening or getting
impact on the environment—and         energy use; and make homemade
we’ve had fun while doing it,  ”      cleaning products from vinegar
                                                                               the shower to your perfect temperature.
says Mark. “Plus, most of what        and essential oils.
we’ve done costs nothing except          “We also make sure to spend
a bit of effort, forethought and                                 ”
                                      time outdoors each day, says
commitment.    ”                      Lisa. “We want our kids not only
   So, what are some simple steps     to take care of the environment,
you and your family can take to       but appreciate its beauty.   ”
go green?                                When it’s time to replace some
   One easy move: BYOB (bags,         of your old appliances, be sure to
that is). Gayle Kesten, a Bellmore
resident, bought reusable bags
                                      buy the ones that have the Energy
                                      Star rating, which means they
                                                                                                   We made the move!
at the grocery store and lets her     meet the strict energy-efficiency
                                                                                                   Mona Ramonetti and
nine-year-old son Jared be part       guidelines set by the EPA and
                                                                                                   emily Jasmine (9) and Adrian (7)
of her family’s “green team.  ”       U.S. Department of Energy. P    .C.
“Jared’s job is to remind me to       Richard & Son carries a complete
take the bags into the stores with    line of Energy Star products in all
me when I shop and put them           of their Long Island stores.             WhY We Moved: Mona suffers from asthma, and she
back in the car when I’m done,   ”       Finally, remember you can             found that traditional cleaning products that contain bleach
she says. “Remembering                 do good while going green.              and other unsafe chemicals exacerbated her condition.
is most of the battle. ”                        Grace Dwyer Mauro and          hoW We Moved: The Ramonettis swapped traditional
   Another easy step:                               her seven-year-old         cleaners for eco-friendly products—mostly homemade
Make recycling                                       daughter Helen take       cleaning solutions made with natural ingredients like white
a family affair.                                     used clothing to the      vinegar and essential oils, plus olive oil for cleaning wood
Syosset parents                                      Salvation Army            products.
Mary Ellen and                                       and bring books to
Tom Friedmann let                                    the Family Service        The ResulT: The family saves a bundle of money by
Robert, 10, Kelly,                                  League or local            making their own cleaning products, and Mona no longer
9, and Melanie,                                     preschools. “That          needs to use her inhaler after cleaning, since the air is now

7, stack bottles                                    way, we not only           clean and green.
and jars into their                                  keep stuff out of the            It’s easy to make my own cleaners, and cheaper
yellow recycle pail
each Tuesday night.
                                                     landfills, but we also
                                                     help people in need.

 Energy-efficient choices can save families about a third on their energy
                                                                                      than buying them,” says Mona. “I know they’re    ‘
                                                                                      safe for me and my family. They’re not hurting the
                                                                               environment by leaching toxic chemicals into the
                                                                               water or the air. And my house is cleaner than ever.”
 bill, with similar savings of greenhouse gas emissions.
 Plastic vs. paper bags? The answer is neither. Bring your own.

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                  GreenLeaders                                                                                          ess that Ca
                                                                                                                    usin           re


honoring li’s Greenleaders
While GreenStreet LI is about saving our island, one person at a time,
GreenLeaders is for the many cutting-edge businesses across our           geT
region who recognize that the only way we can really make the move

to a greener Long Island is with their help.


                                                                                                               ni  g                    a
The idea of being a green business isn’t new. Many local institutions       Help a local business                 zed          Le
                                                                                                                      G re e n
have already started changing the way they operate to reduce their        get recognized for greening
environmental impact. GreenLeaders is a way to recognize those efforts    up Long Island. Nominate
and share good ideas with other businesses.
                                                                          an organization today and, later this year,
Whether your business has recently launched a “Cut the Car”               that business may be one of our featured
commuting program for carpoolers, train riders and cyclists or, like      GreenLeaders.
Newsday, you’re paying special attention to how you treat your              For a nomination form, visit
waste water, we want to salute you! Don’t be shy about being green.
Nominate your business today for an opportunity to be profiled in the     or call (631) 843-4708.
paper and receive special GreenLeaders recognition.                         In determining GreenLeaders, the panel
                                                                          will be looking for initiatives that improve
Make a Nomination                                                         the quality of life for a business’ customers and
                                                                          employees, community and Long Island.
GreenLeaders come in all shapes and sizes, but are always local to
                                                                            Starting May 18, look for the GreenLeaders
Long Island. If you know of a business or organization, including
your own, that is going green, nominate it for recognition today.
                                                                          feature each month as part of Newsday’s
GreenLeaders do one or all of the following:                              GreenStreet LI pages.
  Have created or instituted design efficiencies
  Offer employee programs and incentives around being green
  Have implemented eco-friendly operating practices

Once a month, a GreenLeader will be featured in Newsday. Leaders
will be chosen by a panel of judges that includes the GreenStreet LI
Advisory Board (see page 22), which is made up of the following local
organizations that specialize in environmental action and programs:
                                                                         A College that Cares
  The sustainability institute at Molloy college                         We thank Molloy College for joining us in recognizing
  citizens campaign for the environment                                  Long Island’s GreenLeaders. As part of its commitment
  Renewable energy long island                                           to the environment, Molloy College recently opened The
                                                                         Sustainability Institute, a venture combining sustainability
  sustainable long island
                                                                         education and policy analysis.
  vision long island
                                                                         “We encourage businesses across Long Island to look at
                                                                         ways they can be more green, says Neal Lewis, Executive
                                                                         Director of The Sustainability Institute. “Making the move
                                                                         to being an environmental steward and GreenLeader in any
                                                                         way will help save our community and keep it thriving for
                                                                         years to come. ”

                                      grown by

           Word on the Street
                                                           1,000 people commuting from

{ }
                                                         Huntington to Penn Station aboard
                                                          a 10-car lirr train instead of by
                                                         personal automobile means 6,336
                                                            fewer tons of carbon dioxide
                                                                in the air each year.

  Get Smart and Be Cool
  Summer is just around the corner, but before you
                                                              great (and green) expectations
  crank up the A/C, follow these tips from the experts       Think the recession has given customers less reason to care about the impact of
  at Petro to save money while being earth-friendly:         their purchases? Not according to the Cone Consumer Environmental Survey. The
                                                             numbers are good news for people—and companies—who care about the planet.
  1. Shade your home from direct sunlight; use
  shades and drapes to block the sun.
  2. Make sure cool air coming from your A/C
  vents isn’t blocked by furniture or draperies.
                                                             35%           of Americans have a higher interest in the environment today than
                                                                           they did one year ago.

  3. Don’t put heat-producing appliances like TVs or
  lamps near the thermostat; they may fool the unit
  into running longer than needed.
                                                             35%        have higher expectations for companies to make and sell
                                                                        environmentally responsible products and services during the
                                                             economic downturn.
  4. If your current A/C system isn’t Energy Star
  rated, upgrade to an energy-efficient one. It can
  help you save up to 40% on your energy bills!              70%           percent are paying attention to what companies are doing with
                                                                           regard to the environment today, even if they can’t buy right now.

                                 grown by


saving energy.
saving money.
saving our island,
one person at a time.
All across Long Island, people like you are
making the move to GreenStreet LI.

Join them today. It’s easy and it’s FREE.
Just visit today
 to make the move to GreenStreet LI.

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                 Meet Our Partners

dedicated to a                                                               Long Island Power Authority
Greener li                                                                   As the organization that keeps the lights on, LIPA plays a critical role in
                                                                             leading the movement toward a greener Long Island. Their numerous
                                                                             clean energy programs help Long Islanders conserve energy and make
                                                                             smart choices. With rebates on purchases of energy-efficient products
We’re lucky. Our region is home to some exceptional                          and alternative energy installations like solar panels, they’re helping
companies that are committed to Long Island’s real                           Long Islanders afford to be smart energy consumers. These are just a
                                                                             few of the LIPA programs that will help build a sustainable, affordable
bottom line: its land, its air and its future. And it’s                      and clean energy future for Long Island.
companies like these that have joined together to lead the
                                                                             WhY TheY MAde The Move:
GreenStreet LI movement and help people find solutions                       “The demand for energy will continue to grow, as will the impact of
                                                                             climate change; meanwhile the supply of fossil fuels will continue to
that will lead to more eco-friendly living. Their collective                           ”
                                                                             diminish, says LIPA President and CEO Kevin S. Law. “Whether it be
mission is to support you by delivering on the promise                       sunlight, water or wind, there is no better time than now to invest in
                                                                             alternative energy. LIPA is committed to encouraging energy efficiency,
of our movement: saving money, saving energy and                             assisting our customers in gaining control of their usage, and helping
saving Long Island. They will be integrated throughout                                                                           ”
                                                                             all of us be a part of Long Island’s energy solution.

the program, in the paper, at, at
community events and much more. Their expertise and
innovation will help you, and all Long Islanders, “Make
the Move” with ease.

Petro                                                                        Alure Home Improvements
From the coldest winter months to the long, hot days of summer,              With the bulk of our energy use centered around the home, the
Petro is always there to meet the heating and cooling needs of Long          importance of creating an energy-efficient, eco-savvy place to live can’t
Islanders. But while helping keep temperatures just right to make            be overstated. As the area’s premier home remodeler, Alure is leading
homes more comfortable is what drives Petro, they’re also dedicated          the charge to help Long Islanders build or update houses to make
to keeping our planet at its proper temperature, too. That’s why Petro’s     them green from top to bottom—regardless of their color. Alure works
policies and equipment all meet or exceed green industry regulations.        with each customer to provide guidance, services and products to
Their commitment is demonstrated in other ways too: by using ultra           create homes that will reduce our impact on the environment, mitigate
low-sulfur diesel in all fleet vehicles to minimize fuel emissions; and by   negative changes in our planet’s climate, and put us on the road to
providing the latest energy-efficient equipment that helps customers         being a self-sufficient Long Island. Alure is also taking a leadership
save energy and reduce annual energy costs. These are just a few of the      role by providing home performance audits that identify energy-saving
ways that Petro is helping make Long Island greener, home by home.           strategies that can save homeowners thousands of dollars a year.

WhY TheY MAde The Move:                                                      WhY TheY MAde The Move:
“Every Long Islander is concerned about energy costs and saving the          “We want to help educate Long Islanders on how to live healthier,
environment, including us, says Joe McDonald, Petro’s VP Sales &                                                               ”
                                                                             safer and in a more environmentally correct way, says Sal Ferro,
Marketing. “We believe it’s important to do our best to help our Long        Alure’s President/CEO. “Alure is excited to be part of a much-needed
Island neighbors control their annual energy costs, save money and           movement to help people live better. We look forward to helping create
have a positive impact on the environment. ”                                 awareness and education, and to providing products and services that
                                                                             will help Long Islanders make the move to GreenStreet LI.  ”

                                       grown by
Long Island Rail Road                                                        Molloy College
The Long Island Rail Road is the busiest commuter railroad in North          The Sustainability Institute at Molloy College is LI’s first venture
America, carrying about 300,000 customers each weekday on 735 trains.        combining sustainability education and policy analysis within an
And it has a serious commitment to our environment. The LIRR annually        academic institution. The Sustainability Institute will provide student
saves Long Islanders more than 100 million gallons of gas and more           and community education on key issues related to sustainable and
than $250 million by keeping cars off the road, all while keeping tons of    green living, as well as policy analysis and recommendations on major
pollutants out of the air. It’s one of the greenest transportation choices   environmental issues. Programs include The Clean Energy Task Force,
you can make. And their environmental initiatives extend beyond the          which encourages local governments to adopt clean energy initiatives;
rails—like adding windows instead of electricity-consuming lamps in          LI Energy Roundtable, a forum for environmental groups to exchange
maintenance and repair facilities, using recycled office products, and       ideas; and the LI Interfaith Environment Network, which helps places of
practicing green cleaning methods using environmentally safe products.       worship reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.
WhY TheY MAde The Move:                                                      WhY TheY MAde The Move:
“The LIRR has been taking people off the roads for 175 years, says           “Molloy College is committed to serving its students and the community
Helena E. Williams, President. “Our trains play a vital role in reducing                       ”
                                                                             through education, says Dr. Drew Bogner, Molloy President. Neal
pollution by giving people a green alternative to auto travel. We hope       Lewis, Executive Director of The Sustainability Institute, adds, “With
GreenStreet LI will become the go-to place for Long Islanders to learn       GreenStreet LI and other efforts to promote energy efficiency and
practical ways to help protect the environment, including how they can       eliminate environmental toxins, Long Island can lead the nation in
reduce their carbon footprint by rail travel, which helps our air quality    reducing our carbon footprint.”
and improves life on Long Island by reducing roadway congestion.      ”

P Richard & Son                                                              Simon Property Group
P Richard & Son’s commitment to the environment is anything but              Simon Property Group, owner of Roosevelt Field, The Mall at The Source,
new. For years, the company has been educating its customers about           Walt Whitman Mall and Smith Haven Mall, along with hundreds of other
the benefits of replacing less-efficient products with Energy Star-rated     shopping centers nationwide, has done its part to contribute to the
products. These benefits range from saving up to 10,000 gallons of           “going green” movement. Thanks to the creation and deployment of
water a year with a new Energy Star washer to using up to 40% less           its state-of-the-art energy efficiency practices, Simon has saved nearly
energy with a new Energy Star dishwasher or refrigerator. In addition,       68,000 metric tons of carbon emissions from being disbursed into the
P Richard & Son recycles and properly disposes of all old appliances         atmosphere. Simon’s Long Island malls collectively reduced carbon
and televisions, which they pick up from their customers’ homes.             emissions by 3,054 tons—equal to the addition of 757 acres of forests or
They recently promoted “Go Green Get Green, which rewarded their             taking 533 cars off the streets of Long Island in 2008.
customers with a P Richard & Son gift card when they brought in
their old electronics for recycling and purchased a new one.                 WhY TheY MAde The Move:
                                                                             “We’re proud that our efforts were recognized when Simon was named
WhY TheY MAde The Move:                                                      a 2008 Energy Star Partner of the Year by the Environmental Protection
“Being a Tri-State company and a good corporate citizen that’s ‘living       Agency for outstanding energy management and reductions in
on Green Street LI,’ we are committed to doing our part to preserve                                                                  ”
                                                                             greenhouse gas emissions at its malls across the country, says George
the environment where we live, says Gregg Richard, President, P   .C.        Caraghiaur, VP of Energy Services at Simon Property Group. “We will
Richard & Son.                                                               continue to implement programs and policies to contribute to the
                                                                             greening of Long Island.

                                                                                                                        grown by
                   Eco Experts

Saluting LI’s                                These local environmental leaders are an important part of the GreenStreet LI team, serving as

Green Champions                              our advisory board. Their knowledge, inspiration and integrity helped lay the foundation of our
                                             GreenStreet LI community. Look for their commentary in future stories and at

EricAlexander              AdrienneEsposito               SarahLansdale                  NealLewis                     GordianRaacke
Vision Long Island         Citizens Campaign for          Sustainable Long               The Sustainability            Renewable Energy
promotes more              the Environment (CCE)          Island partners with           Institute at Molloy           Long Island (RELI)
livable, economically      works in New York              local groups and               College will provide          is a membership-
sustainable and            and Connecticut to             governments to                 community education           based, not-for-
environmentally            protect the things that        rethink the way                on key issues related         profit organization
responsible develop-       are important to us all:       communities can                to sustainability and         promoting clean,
ment through smart         our natural resources,         develop in the future.         green living, as well         sustainable energy
growth, which focuses      drinking water,                The organization is a          as policy analysis and        use and generation
on infill development,     land preservation,             catalyst, cultivating          recommendations               for Long Island.
redevelopment              bay and estuaries,             the conditions,                on related issues.            RELI seeks public
and open space             wildlife and public            identifying resources          Programs will include         participation in energy
preservation. It           health. CCE works to           and providing the              the Energy Task Force,        policy decisions to
supports mixed-            empower the public             tools to rebuild               which encourages              encourage energy
use, mixed-income          by providing members           downtowns and renew            local governments             efficiency and use of
communities that are       with a collective              communities. As a              to adopt clean                renewable energy
convenient, attractive,    voice in government            result, Sustainable            energy technologies           sources, and to protect
pedestrian-friendly and    and opportunities              Long Island’s work             and practices; the            our environment,
that make affordable       to participate in the          has generated tens             Long Island Energy            economy and
housing and public         political process,             of millions of dollars         Roundtable, a                 public health. The
transportation desirable   thus advancing                 of investment to               forum for leading             organization also
and realistic options.     a progressive                  transform neglected            environmental groups          offers hands-on
Local stakeholders         environmental agenda.          neighborhoods across           to work on energy             solutions to help
are involved from the      CCE believes that              Long Island into               policy; and the Long          Long Islanders reduce
start in collaborative     together, we can make          vibrant places to live,        Island Interfaith             their energy costs
planning processes.        a difference.                  work and visit.                Environment Network.          and carbon footprint.

            1                         1                               1                             1                             1
             simple                       simple                        simple                         simple                        simple
   Eric’s    thing         Adrienne’s thing                 Sarah’s     thing              Neal’s      thing          Gordian’s      thing

“Get out of your cars      “Recycle your                   “Stay connected to            “Go organic with your         “Get a home energy
more often and travel      household waste. L.I.’s         what’s happening in           lawn. Switch to the           audit. Implement
by other means, like       recycling rates aren’t as       your neighborhood and         organic approach to           improvements—from
railroad or public         high as they could be.          L.I. by attending town        grow a lawn that is           replacing conventional
transportation—or          Recycling saves taxpay-         and school meetings;          more resilient to             lightbulbs with energy-
leave the car at home      ers money and saves             share ideas with your         disease and healthier         saving CFLs to adding
and bike or walk.”         our natural resources.”         representatives.”             for kids and pets.”           solar panels.”

                               grown by

L o n g I s L a n d ’ s d e s t I n at I o n f o r


                             Make the Move!
                             Visit the GreenStreet LI booths,
                             coming soon, in Walt Whitman Mall,
                             Roosevelt Field, Smith Haven Mall
                             or Mall at the Source.

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