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									                                                                          T h e A d vo c a t e
                                                                          We C a n d o B e t t e r. | w w w. N e w 3 R s . i n f o
                                                                          A newsletter for New 3Rs Advocates in action!

       Get ConneCted         with the    new 3Rs: RiGhts, RespeCt, Responsibility
       e-newsletteR   and   adVospaCe      launChed!

       W   e are excited about being able to communicate with our
           friends through the electronic medium – and at the same
       time save some trees thanks to the power of the computer to
                                                                               Southwestern Oregon family to register on ADVOspace and receive
                                                                               a free New 3Rs DVD or ½ hour New 3Rs consultation!

       reach far and wide!                                                     Remember that as each of us takes our own part – however large
                                                                               or small – in applying the values of Rights, Respect, Responsibility,
       The purpose of the Advocate E-Newsletter is to provide an               we further ensure the health, safety and well being of young
       electronic forum that informs, inspires, motivates and highlights       people. So please take a moment to get acquainted with our
       Rights, Respect, Responsibility Advocates in Oregon and across          first edition of E-News and sign on to ADVOspace. Let’s learn,
       the country. We’ve also launched an exciting interactive site           share… and advance the New 3Rs together!
       for Advocates to connect with one another - the New 3Rs
       ADVOspace! Click HERE now to sign up now!
                                                                               inteRaCtiVe Media CooRdinatoR
       There is much to share! You will find the E-Newsletter &                Keeps us CoMMuniCatinG             in the   21st CentuRy!
       ADVOspace to be informal yet conversational, with content
       generated by New 3Rs Advocates like you! We look forward
       to hearing about how you are adapting the values of Rights,             W    ith the expanding popularity and use of electronic
                                                                                    communication, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern
                                                                               Oregon hired Stacy Habr Ochoa as the Interactive Media
       Respect, Responsibility to your interactions with young people
       – whether you’re a parent, teacher, healthcare practitioner,            Coordinator (IMC). This forward thinking position is funded by a
       counselor, faith leader, coach, or other caring adult. Anyone           generous two-year grant from the E.C. Brown Foundation as part
       can be an Advocate, and anyone can adopt the principles and             of PPSO’s New 3Rs: Rights, Respect, Responsibility initiative.
       practices of the New 3Rs into their work or personal life.                                                               continued on next page...

       We’re still deciding on the frequency of this publication, so            will oReGon Follow suit?
       please let us know how often you would like to receive The New
                                                                                states RejeCt FedeRal abstinenCe-only-until
       3Rs E-Newsletter, The Advocate. Click HERE!
                                                                                MaRRiaGe FundinG: FaVoR CoMpRehensiVe sex ed
       Let us hear from you! If you have a Rights, Respect, Responsibility
                                                                                A growing number of states have now rejected Title V dollars which
       success story you’d like to share, a question to pose, or an event       fund Abstinence-only education. The progress is promising! Below is
       to tell us about… please submit to ADVOspace. Be one of the              the list of the current 17 states that have rejected funding...
       first 25 new members outside of the Planned Parenthood of
                                                                                Arizona $1,034,776            California** $7,055,239
                                                                                Colorado $488,314             Connecticut** $344,944
                                                                                Iowa $318,198                 Maine** $161,398
                                               stop ake sur                     Massachusetts $712,241        Minnesota $488,623
                                                     by t      e to
                                             sit          he                    Montana $172,303              New Jersey $914,495
                                         info e at ww New 3R
                                              to se       w.Ne       s          New Mexico $502,785           New York $3,676,827
                                             and e all the 3Rs.                 Ohio $1,640,982               Rhode Island $165,277
                                                   get         upda
                                                info the late       tes         Virginia $841,329             Wisconsin $602,958
                                                         tion st                Wyoming $73,138
                                                                                   TOTAL REJECTED FEDERAL FUNDS: $18,907,447
                                                                                Unfortunately, Oregon continues to accept Title V dollars ($487,695
                                                                                for FY ‘07) for abstinence-only education. We continue to seek
                                                                                opportunities to change this policy becuase it conflicts with Oregon
                                                                                Administrative Rule 581-022-1440 which sets forth expectations
                                                                                that comprehensive sex education will be taught.           For more
                                                                                information on rejection of federal funding please visit SIECUS at

                                                                                ** Data for California, Connecticut and Maine from FY 2005
                                                                                as no Title V monies were allocated in 2006.

respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility
     rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, resp
  rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibi
  June 2008 • The Advocate E-Newsletter • responsibility
hts, respect, responsibility rights, respect,                   rights, respect, responsib
                                                                           T h e A d vo c a t e
                                                                           We C a n d o B e t t e r. | w w w. N e w 3 R s . i n f o
                                                                                A newsletter for New 3Rs Advocates in action!

       younG people Gain MoRe aCCess                    to   CoMpRehensiVe sex eduCation
       unity ChuRCh     suCCessFully iMpleMents        owl   CuRRiCuluM

       W     hen Unity Church Youth Director Sally Crum and
             congregation member Raymond Albano went searching
       for a relevant and effective curriculum to use with their youth
                                                                                   sexual topics covered in the class. How refreshing to see them
                                                                                   speaking without shame and embarrassment about issues so
                                                                                   fundamental to all of us as human beings. They all agreed
       program, they discovered Our Whole Lives (OWL). Developed                   that the classes were fun, engaging, and a great educational
       by United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Assoc.,           experience. And it was a safe place to talk about and really
       this comprehensive sex education program seemed to fit the bill             examine their own personal values around sexuality and their
       perfectly. According to Sally, the young people at Unity wanted             faith.
       opportunities to discuss sexuality, relationships, gender issues,
       and more… topics that can sometimes be difficult to talk about.             Would they recommend OWL to their friends? “Yes!” they
       Sally and Raymond felt it was important to provide youth a                  responded in unison. In fact, the youth suggested that it would
       forum, to address their questions and concerns – particularly in            be great to have an OWL program for their parents and other
       the context of their faith, spirituality and values. And so began           adults. “I know it would benefit them as much as it benefited
       the journey of developing the OWL program at Unity.                         us,” one teen insisted.

       The 27-week class was a big commitment for the youth and the                As a matter of fact, OWL does include an adult curriculum
       four OWL facilitators. In addition to class time, the facilitators          (see OWL website for more information about the K–adult OWL
       met often to prepare for and debrief sessions, and they invested            program, click HERE) .
       time in additional training provided by Planned Parenthood
       educators to support them in their efforts. For the youth, the              Pastor Ed Conrad of Unity explains that the church community
       topic was compelling. That and the fun factor of the class kept             really embraced the OWL program. “The facilitators had an
       them coming back every week.                                                infectious enthusiasm about the OWL program - the congregation
                                                                                   couldn’t help but be excited about the it,” he said. Pastor Ed
       “This experience was just as valuable for me as it was for the              also talked about the desire for the youth of Unity to do well.
       young people,” Raymond said. “I had no formal sex education                 “What I really appreciate about the OWL program is the fact
       growing up, and honestly, some of the information was new to me…            that it wisely, and lovingly provides practical tools for how to
       even some of the basics!” He remarked that the opportunity to               address and face the realities of growing up in our culture.”
       openly discuss issues around relationships, reproduction, gender,
       and diversity in a positive and affirming way – particularly within         Increasing young people’s access points for comprehensive sex
       the context of faith and spirituality – was extraordinary. “These           education better ensures their health, safety and well-being.
       issues are often not addressed in a planned and intentional way             Parents, teachers, faith leaders and other caring adults all have
       within faith communities,” he said.                                         an important contribution to make.

       Sally agreed that the experience was equally beneficial for                 Interested in how to get OWL happening in your community?
       the adults. “I appreciated the ease and comfort that we                     Email us at
       (the facilitators) developed when discussing the sexual issues
       addressed in the curriculum,” she said.
                                                                                   inteRaCtiVe Media CooRdinatoR - Continued from page 1
                                                             And       what
                                                             about      the        The IMC is responsible for utilizing online technologies to
                                                             youth?       In       activate and engage our growing network of New 3Rs Advocates.
                                                             debriefing            This includes developing a virtual community for Advocates
                                                             with       the        that allows them to learn from one another and share New
                                                             students,     it      3R successes, challenges, activities, and materials (join
                                                             was gratifying        ADVOspace) The IMC will also apply interactive media tools
                                                             to     witness        to educate young people about sexual health issues as well as
                                                             just      how         engage them as New 3Rs Advocates in their own right.
                                                             comfor tably
                                                             they    talked         Do you have an idea for the The Advocate E-Newsletter? A story you
     Above: Instructors and a few of the students of
                                                             about      the         would like to share or an article you would like to see? Please contact
     the first graduating OWL course at Unity Church
                                                                                    Joanne Alba, New 3Rs Coordinator @
     celebrate the completion of their program!

respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility
     rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, resp
  rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibi
  June 2008 • The Advocate E-Newsletter • •
hts, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsibility rights, respect, responsib

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