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					Digital Signage Resources Needed For Success

Digital signage resources.
Digital signage is a massive industry, due to the need for businesses to advertise their product and services,
digital signage provides a way in which to focus your targeted marketing campaign at a level that has not
been seen before. Tracking the results is essential, from monitoring the digital signage hardware to ensure
all devices are working correctly for maximum impact.

Digital signage resources.
There are numerous digital signage publications available, these publications usually have a website that
guides or white papers can be downloaded on various digital signage applications. Most publications have a
“new product” section that showcases new digital signage hardware and the uses they are created for.

Digital Signage forums.
These are useful, as if you have a challenge, you can ask other like minded people in the same industry and
whatever problem you encounter others will have and overcome them. These forums are extremely useful to
share information for people who have a vast experience in the digital signage industry.

The DPAA (Digital Place Based Advertising Association), includes all outdoor as well as indoor digital
signage and provides various guidelines to boost efficient digital signage solutions that are location based.
One major benefit for members of any digital signage organisations is that you are then entitled to
discounted tickets for exhibitions, shows and seminars.

Contact digital signage agencies.
Speak to these agencies and get them to advise you on how to plan your digital signage campaign, this way
you can use their experience to make sure your ads are a success.

Restaurants & Bars.
More and more restaurants and bars are deploying digital signage in one form or another, from putting
outdoor TV's outside in protective outdoor LCD enclosures to digital menu boards that advertise their menu

Once you have created some content – test it! Ensuring that the layout can be seen from a distance and is
readable, use colour to grab attention and to focus on your target audience. But do not go over board and
have too many colours in your digital signage, otherwise it will look confusing to potential customers.

LCD Enclosures USA provide a range of solutions including their outdoor digital signage enclosures that are
used to protect digital signage hardware throughout the world.

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