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 Jock Mackenzie (1926 to 2004) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9/11
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 Diana (McKenzie) Priest (1919 - 2003) . . . . . . . . . . . 11
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 Clan Membership in Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
 The Mackenzie Name (as a first name!) . . . . . . . . .14 - 15
 Prime Minister Mackenzie King’s Visit to Queenston . 15
 New Popular List of First Names in Scotland . . . . . . . 16
 New Style Kilts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 - 18
 Norman MacKenzie - Director and Producer . . . . . . . .18
 Clan Sept SMART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
 New Chair in Scottish Studies Announced in Canada! .19
                  PART 17

J  ohn Mackenzie, Lord MacLeod, the eldest son of the attainted
   Earl of Cromartie now with neither a fortune nor an inheritance
nor the prospect of either, decided to go overseas and seek a mil-
                                                                                    George, Baron Keith, 10th and last Earl Marischall of Scotland

itary career.                                                                   position - to loiter away his time when he ought to be pushing his
    He quietly slipped away from his parents where they lived in                way through the world. This has determined me to offer my ser-
Devon, in the South-west of England, and wrote a letter to them                 vice to some of the Northern Powers, where the approaching war
explaining the reasons for his departure, which included the dis-               offers a favourable opportunity to such as are determined to make
agreeable criticisms and carping by his relations in Scotland of his            a figure in the world, or fall in the attempt.”
every action. He goes on:                                                           MacLeod made his way to Berlin. Armed with recommenda-
    “As idleness is certainly very detrimental to everybody, so it is           tions from the famous Field Marshall Keith he was well received
likewise very shameful for a young man - especially one in my                   at the Court of Sweden, where he next journeyed. By January

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1750 MacLeod was in Stockholm where                              Page 2                       also died in London on 19 October 1761
he was a captain in a regiment of foot com-                                                   and his remains are buried in Westminster
manded by Baron Hamilton. On the rec-                                                         Abbey. He was succeeded by his only son:
ommendation of Lord George Murray the                                                              Kenneth Mackenzie, 8th Lord
Chevalier de St. George (the Old                                                                  Mackenzie of Kintail, 6th Earl of
Pretender) sent MacLeod the means to pur-                                                             Seaforth, Chief 1761-1783
chase his military equipment as well as a
pension, until he was better provided for.                                                         Kenneth was born in Edinburgh on the
    When the MacLeod’s relatives in                                                           15th of January 1744. His father’s loyalty
Scotland heard about his progress, one of                                                     to the House of Hanover caused young
them exclaimed: “What! General Keith,                                                         Kenneth to be raised to the peerage by the
Lord George Murray! Fine education for a                                                      title of Baron Ardelve in 1764. Two years
young man that he hoped was cured of                                                          later he was created Viscount Fortrose,
foolish principles he was led into.” This, of                                                 adding legitimacy to the Jacobite title used
course, referred to the fact that Keith and                                                   by his father. In 1771, at the age of twenty
Murray were both prominent, if not notori-                                                    five, Kenneth was finally restored to the
ous, Jacobites!                                                                               title of Earl of Seaforth. All of these titles
    Macleod remained in the service of the                                                    were in the peerage of Ireland, thus pro-
Swedish Crown for no less than twenty-                                                        hibiting the Mackenzie chief from sitting
seven years serving with great distinction.       Kenneth Mackenzie, 6th Earl of Seaforth     in the House of Lords.
His younger brother, George Mackenzie,                                                             The new loyalty of the Seaforth family
also joined him in military service for the     known as Count Cromartie.                     to the House of Hanover had at last reaped
Swedes. MacLeod served in the army in              On the recommendation of the Queen         its reward. Kenneth was a man very small
various places including Malmo and              of Sweden King George II granted to           in stature and as a result he became known
Barsebeck in Sweden and Helsingfors             Colonel John Mackenzie, as heir to the late   as the “Little Lord” and entered the army
(Helsinki) in Finland. His active service       Earl of Cromartie, the interest of the sur-   at an early age by way of a career.
included a spell with the Prussian army at      plus price of the estate of Royston, which         It was now time, twenty years after the
the outbreak of the Seven Years’ War in         amounted to £4,813.17.9, belonging to the     Battle of Culloden, for the disinherited and
Germany and he went through the bloody          Crown, through the decease of Sir Kenneth     attainted Scottish nobility to try and seek
campaign of 1757. He wrote a narrative of       Mackenzie of Grandvale and Cromartie,         restitutions of their estates and titles. By
those actions in French, where he gained        and the attainder of George, Earl of          1774 Lord Lovat’s son was successful in
considerable experience of a major              Cromartie. The gift was passed on 9th         obtaining a grant of his late father’s for-
European war. He writes:                        August 1766 based upon the Queen of           feited estates and this encouraged
                                                Sweden’s kind words. One month later,         MacLeod to try his luck too. He petitioned
    “Such was the situation of the Prussian     George, 3rd Earl of Cromartie was dead.       the king using his friends. This included
army on the 16th of August when I left it to                                                  Stewart Mackenzie, who happened to be
return to Pomerania. These five corps              Let us return to Lord Fortrose of the      the brother of the one time Prime Minister,
might muster then about 70,000 men. I           house of Seaforth. He was married on 11       the Earl of Bute, who had considerable
tried to get information, before leaving, as    September 1741 to Lady Mary, eldest           influence with the king. A further consider-
to the Prussian loss during the campaign        daughter of Alexander Stewart, sixth Earl     ation was that MacLeod would offer to
in Bohemia, and several of their officers       of Galloway, with issue:                      raise a regiment of Highlanders from the
assured me that it amounted to 80,000                                                         restored Cromartie estates, a method
men, the half of that number having been           1. Kenneth, his heir and successor.        which had proved profitable to the Frasers
killed, wounded, or made prisoners, and            2. Margaret, who married William           when the Fraser Highlanders were raised
the other half lost by desertion.”              Webb.                                         for the King’s service.
                                                   3. Mary, who married Henry                      With political and military problems
    By 1762, honours for his distinguished      Howard of Effingham, with issue.              for Britain all around the world, King
military service to Sweden started to come         4. Agnes, who married J. Douglas.          George eventually saw the wisdom and
to MacLeod. He was created a Knight of             5. Catherine, who married 1 March          desirability of having Highland regiments
the Order of the Sword and North Star. At       1773 to Thomas Griffin Tarpley, a student     to support the British Empire and accord-
this time both MacLeod and his brother          of medicine.                                  ingly approved the proposal. MacLeod had
George had obtained freehold qualifica-            6. Frances, who married General            other influential friends including Henry
tions in Ross and Cromarty preparing for        Joseph Wald.                                  Dundas, afterwards, first Viscount Dundas
their eventual return at some point. In the        7. Euphemia, who married 2 April           and chief manager of the affairs of
army he rose from the rank of captain to        1771 to William Stewart of Castle Stewart,    Scotland. Dundas was MacLeod’s cousin-
colonel and in other accounts he achieved       M.P. for the County of Wigtown.               german. Anne Gordon, who was the moth-
the very senior rank of lieutenant-general.                                                   er of Dundas, was the sister of Isabella
He became aide-de-camp to the King of               Fortrose’s wife died in London on 18      Gordon, Countess of Cromartie. It was
Sweden and was honoured by being raised         April 1751 and she has a monument erect-      largely due to Dundas’ efforts that
to the title of a Count in Sweden and was       ed to her memory in Kensington. Fortrose      MacLeod received a Commission from
King George III dated 19th December                                  Page 3                         age of 62. His widow later married the 4th
1777 for the raising of a new Highland reg-                                                         Duke of Atholl and had one son and one
                                                  in proportion to the number of Europeans
iment, which became known as                                                                        daughter.
                                                  they have charge of . . . this reduces my
MacLeod’s Highlanders, or 73rd                    revenue to one half, my King’s pay and
                                                                                                        Thus ended the crowded and eventful
Regiment, (later the 71st), MacLeod               profits always remain the same but it is so       years of one of the most honoured and
became its Colonel.                               inconsiderable I hardly ever count upon it,       respected members of the Mackenzie fam-
    The name and respect for which                it does not by any means half pay my ser-         ily. To quote the words from Eric
MacLeod was held in his territory was             vants. But from Lord MacLeod’s being              Richards’ and Monica Clough’s book,
clearly     demonstrated      when      840       always my steady friend, indeed more in           Cromartie: Highland Life 1650-1914
Highlanders quickly enlisted and were             the style of a father than anything else, I am    (Aberdeen University Press 1989):
joined by 260 Lowlanders, including a few         still able in some measure to evade the
                                                  loss I should otherwise sustain by the Regt.
English recruits. Under further royal com-                                                               “It was an astonishing recovery of
                                                  being so much reduced. In short, if I live
missions issued July 18th and 24th                                                                  esteem made possible by MacLeod’s own
                                                  and enjoy health and Lord MacLeod and
September, 1778, a second battalion was                                                             energy and connections and also by the
                                                  the regiment remains in this country, in 3 or
raised. His brother, George Mackenzie,                                                              opportunities which lay open to men of ini-
                                                  4 years I shall still, barring misfortunes, be
                                                                                                    tiative in the world of European expansion
was appointed the Commander of this bat-          able to render myself comfortable for life.”      in the third quarter of the eighteenth centu-
talion, under Lord MacLeod, with the rank                                                           ry.”
of Lieutenant-Colonel. The history of the             Young MacDougall lived fifteen more
Regiment is beyond the scope of this arti-        years before being killed in Russia.                 Our present Clan Chief, John
cle. Suffice it to say that MacLeod’s                 The high reputation MacLeod earned            Mackenzie, Earl of Cromartie, is the 6x
Highlanders were to become the Highland           as a soldier, soon resulted in him receiving      great grandson of the 3rd Earl. Lord
Light Infantry and were for ever to wear          a promotion to the rank of Major-General          MacLeod was the son of the 3rd Earl. The
the Mackenzie tartan in their uniform.            in the British army. This happened in 1782.       two John Mackenzies are cousins (distant).
    Lord MacLeod accompanied his regi-            His brother George was killed in India in
ment to India where it saw active service in      1787.                                                 Meanwhile, the new Earl of Seaforth
1780 against Hyder Ali’s huge army, and               In 1780 MacLeod was elected as mem-           had already received new titles and was in
where they suffered the loss of many men.         ber of parliament for Ross-shire. A paper         possession of his estates when he decided
There were many criticisms of the general-        reported:                                         to show gratitude to the government by
ship of Sir Hector Munro and private let-                                                           raising a regiment of his own. Just one
ters of officers in MacLeod’s Regiment                 “A general satisfaction appeared in          month after Lord MacLeod obtained per-
claim that it was only MacLeod’s conduct          every countenance on this occasion. The
                                                                                                    mission to raise the MacLeod Highlanders,
that saved the remains of his army.               town of Tain was illuminated, the bells set
                                                  aringing in the evening, and a large bonfire
                                                                                                    Kenneth, Earl of Seaforth received a com-
    A letter from 26 year old Dr Alexander                                                          mission in January 1778 to raise a regi-
MacDougall, a son of the 23rd Chief of the        at the cross. The country for many miles
                                                  around was all in a blaze . . . . The fervent     ment for general service.
MacDougall clan, was serving as a surgeon                                                               The American War of Independence
                                                  prayer of the whole country is, the safe
with a different regiment when he wrote to        return of Lord MacLeod to his native land,        and threats of invasion by the French plus
a relative on 30th September, 1780.               and the prosperity of his family . . . In short   British ambitions in India required a large
                                                  it is believed no election can give more uni-     army. The Scottish Highlanders were just
    “You see by the date of this letter that      versal satisfaction than that of Lord             what was needed. Their fighting prowess
the Army is in the field. The campaign was        MacLeod has done to this and the neigh-
open’d the beginning of Aug. under the                                                              was legendary and there were unlimited
                                                  bouring counties.”
command of Sir Hector Munro against                                                                 numbers of these people needing employ-
Hyder Ally who entered the Congeveram                                                               ment. William Pitt, Britain’s Prime
                                                      Following his return from India, on the
with an immense army of 100,000 Horse,                                                              Minister, claimed some of the unquestion-
                                                  18th August, 1784, an Act of Parliament
40,000 infantry and 100 pieces of                                                                   able success of the Scottish soldier.
                                                  was passed whereby the Cromartie estates
    “Daylight was not well come in when           were restored to Lord MacLeod on pay-
                                                                                                        “I sought for merit wherever it was to be
immense columns of the Enemy’s horses             ment of £19,000, being the debts attached
                                                                                                    found, it is my boast that I was the first min-
appeared everywhere, in front, near and on        to them. Following this restoration               ister who looked for it and found it in the
both our Flanks. Our rear Guard would             MacLeod commenced the renovation of               mountains of the north. I called it forth and
beyond a doubt have been cut off had not          the estates of Tarbat which had become            drew into your service a hardy and intrepid
Lord MacLeod, who commanded the right             dilapidated from years of neglect. He com-        race of men, who when left by your jeal-
wing, sent them a timely reinforcement . . .      menced the building of a luxurious man-           ousy became a prey to the artifice of your
Our Flanking parties were frequently beat         sion, known as Tarbat House, which, alas,         enemies, and had gone nigh to have over-
back upon the line.”                                                                                turned the State in the war before the last.
                                                  no longer survives. He planted thousands
                                                  of trees and spent considerable time reviv-       These men in the last war brought combat
    After giving further details of this terri-                                                     on your side; they served with fidelity as
                                                  ing the fortunes of the House of Cromartie.
ble battle, MacDougall went on to discuss                                                           they fought with valour and conquered for
                                                      He married at the age of fifty nine to        you in every part of the world.”
his finances:
                                                  Marjory Forbes, daughter of James, Lord
                                                  Forbes. They had no children. Lord                   The continuing recruitment of soldiers
   “Surgeons in this country make money
                                                  MacLeod died on 2nd April 1789 at the
from Scotland to feed the wars of Britain                          Page 4
against a wide variety of enemies contin-
ued into the twentieth century. John             resulted, which was the expected reaction
Prebble in his book “Mutiny” gets to the         to any mutiny from the King’s men.
core of the issue with his statistics:               In 1781 the regiment was sent to India.
                                                 The long ten-month voyage was a great
     “The population of Scotland was one-        ordeal and by the time they arrived, 250
fifth that of England and Wales, and only        men had died, mainly from scurvy. Among
three per cent of the King’s subjects lived in   the casualties was the Colonel of the regi-
the Highlands. During the next seven years       ment, the Earl of Seaforth, the “Little
sixty regiments of Fencible Foot and forty-      Lord”.
six of Horse would be raised in Britain, and         Kenneth had been married to Lady
of these Scotland would supply thirty-seven      Caroline Stanhope, eldest daughter of
of infantry and fourteen of cavalry. A people
                                                 William, second Earl of Harrington on 7
who numbered fifteen per cent of the
nation’s whole were thus to find sixty per
                                                 October 1765. They had a daughter, Lady
cent of its Fencible foot-soldiers and thirty    Caroline Mackenzie born in London on 7
per cent of its horsemen. It is true that        July 1766. A few months later, on 9
unlike England and Wales, Scotland was           February 1767, Kenneth’s wife died from
not yet required to raise regiments of mili-     consumption (tuberculosis) at the early age
tia, but this demand too would shortly be        of twenty. Kenneth’s daughter had an
made. The disproportion is even more             irregular union with Lewis Malcolm
remarkable. Of the thirty-seven battalions       Drummond, Count Melfort, a French
found by Scotland twenty-three were
                                                 nobleman of Scottish extraction but no
Highland, and so three per cent of Britain’s
population provided the King with thirty-
                                                 children resulted. Thus on the death of
eight per cent of his Fencible infantry. Such    Kenneth, the Seaforth line went to his
prodigal use of the nation’s minorities was      cousin, Colonel Thomas Frederick
not uncommon. In many nominally English          Mackenzie-Humberston.
regiments of the line the rank and file were
predominantly Scots and Irish, and this                    Thomas Frederick                            Francis Humberston Mackenzie,
imbalance to a greater or lesser degree,                 Mackenzie-Humberston,                        Lord Seaforth, who raised the 78th
would continue throughout the next hun-                     Chief 1781-1783                                 Highlanders in 1793.
dred years. Not until the citizens’ wars of
the 20th century would the army of the
United Kingdom correctly reflect the pro-
                                                     Thomas was a great grandson of
portions of its diverse peoples.”                Kenneth Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Seaforth.
                                                 His father, William Mackenzie, was the
    The “Little Lord” proceeded with the         son of the Hon. Alexander Mackenzie.
raising of a regiment from his Mackenzie         William married Mary, the daughter of
lands and within a very short time a fine        Matthew Humberston, hence the reason
body of 1,130 men had enlisted. The              for Thomas acquiring the double-barreled
largest clan representation was naturally        surname. Earl Kenneth, before he died,
from the Mackenzies with 85, mainly from         was in desperate straits financially. He sold
Scatwell, Kilcoy, Applecross and                 the estates to his cousin, Thomas for
Redcastle. Other clans with significant          £100,000. Thus Thomas not only became
representation were Macdonalds (56),             next clan chief, but also the owner of the
Mackays (49), Macraes (48), Macleods             Seaforth estates, or what was left of them.
(44) and lesser numbers of Frasers,              The title of Earl of Seaforth ended with his
Macleans, MacLennans, Campbells,                 cousin’s death.
Stewarts,      Morrisons,      Macaulays,            Thomas Mackenzie was by profession
Mathesons, Smiths, Rosses, Camerons,             a soldier. He was a captain in the 1st
MacIvers, Sutherlands, Munros and                Regiment of Dragoon Guards and later a
Grahams, in that order. The regiment was         captain in Seaforth’s regiment of Ross-
numbered the 78th and was later renum-           shire Highlanders. In September 1780 he
bered the 72nd in 1786.                          became Lieutenant-Colonel-Commandant
    Some of the “wild Macraes” in the reg-       of the 100th Foot. He saw action with his
iment were to cause a mutiny which               regiment against the French and in India
became known as the “affair of the               against Hyder Ali in 1782. In 1783 he
Macraes”. The dispute, caused by the regi-       sailed from Bombay. His ship was attacked
ment’s orders being given in a “confused         by the Mahrattas and Thomas was mortal-
and ill-judged fashion”, was soon resolved       ly wounded when he was shot through the         April 1783 and a monument was erected to
and it was fortunate that no executions          body from a four pound ball. He died on 30      his memory in Fortrose Cathedral.
   Thomas was unmarried and he was                                Page 5                         Cromartie, Baron Macleod of Castle Leod
succeeded as clan chief by his brother,                                                          and Baron Castlehaven of Castlehaven
                                               Dundas, Secretary of State as follows:
Francis Humberston Mackenzie.                                                                    who revived the chiefship of the clan
                                                                                                 though it took him many years to do so. He
                                                        St Alban Street, 8th February 1794
   Francis Humberston Mackenzie,                                                                 was aged 75 in 1979 when the Lord Lyon
                                                         Sir, I had sincerely hoped I should
   Lord Seaforth, Baron of Kintail,            not be obliged to trouble you again; but on       King at Arms finally authorized Roderick
           Chief 1783-1815                     my going today to the War Office about my
                                               letter of service (having yesterday, as I
    Francis was raised to the peerage of the   thought, finally agreed with Lord Amherst),
United Kingdom as Lord Seaforth and            I was, to my amazement, told that Lord
Baron Mackenzie of Kintail in 1797. He         Amherst had ordered that the 1000 men I
was a most remarkable man as despite his       am to raise were not to be a second battal-
severe disabilities he overcame them to an     ion of the 78th, but a separate corps. It will,
                                               I am sure, occur to you that should I under-
incredible degree. He was born in 1754
                                               take such a thing, it would destroy my influ-
and at the age of twelve he suffered from a    ence among the people of my country
severe attack of scarlet fever. This illness   entirely; and instead of appearing as a loyal
left him totally deaf and for some years he    honest chieftain calling out his friends to
was unable to speak. In spite of this hand-    support their King and country, I should be
icap he stood for parliament and was elect-    gibbeted as a jobber of the attachment my
ed for the County of Ross in 1784 and          neighbours bear to me. Recollecting what
1790.                                          passed between you and me, I barely state
    He made offers to the government to        the circumstance; and I am, with great
                                               respect and attachment, sir, your most
raise a regiment from his clan which were
                                               obliged and obedient servant,
declined and it was not until war broke out                                   F.H.Mackenzie
with France in 1793 that the government
accepted another offer from him. On 7              This letter had the necessary effect and
March 1793 he was granted letters of ser-      a second battalion was formed with the
vice to raise a battalion consisting of a      distinctive title of “The Ross-shire Buffs”.
company of grenadiers, one of light            The two battalions were later amalgamated
infantry and eight battalion companies.        and these in turn amalgamated with a third
The regiment was numbered the 78th as          battalion by July 1817.
the previous Mackenzie regiment had been           As a reward for his service Francis was
renumbered the 72nd. Francis, despite his                                                                 The late Rorie Mackenzie,
                                               appointed Lord-Lieutenant of the County                     Earl of Cromartie, M.C.
deafness was created the new regiment’s        of Ross and was raised to the peerage as
Lieutenant-Colonel-Commandant.                 Lord Seaforth and Baron Mackenzie of              to take the title of Chief of the Clan
    Francis appointed as his Major his         Kintail on the 26th October, 1797.                Mackenzie. As a direct descendant of
brother-in-law, Alexander Mackenzie of             After resigning the command of the            Colin Cam via the Tutor of Kintail it was
Belmaduthy, later of Inverallochy and          regiment Lord Seaforth went on to become          highly appropriate that the important
Castle Fraser. A poster was placed through-    Governor of Barbados. It is said that he          House of Cromartie should rescue the
out Ross & Cromarty and Lewis encourag-        was very popular and succeeded in putting         Mackenzie Clan from oblivion.
ing the local population to join and “have a   an end to slavery and the practice of slave-         It was his son, John Ruaridh
stroke at the Monsieurs, my boys”.             killing in the island. This action did not        Mackenzie, who took over the Chiefship of
    Other Mackenzies appear among the          endear him to many of the colonists and he        the Clan on the death of his father in
first list of officers. They included Major    finally left Barbados in 1806. In 1808 he         December 1990. He inherited his father’s
Alexander Mackenzie of Fairburn who            was made a Lieutenant-General.                    enthusiasm for the heritage of the
went on to become a General in 1809;               This remarkable man is worthy of a            Mackenzies. He and his wife, Janet,
Captain John Mackenzie of Gairloch,            book in his own right. Despite his deafness       Countess of Cromartie, moved into the
known as “Fighting Jack”, he became a          he achieved so much. He outlived his four         ancient home of the Cromarties, Castle
Lieutenant General in 1814 and died - the      sons and the chiefship of the clan went to        Leod. Today, Castle Leod is being reno-
father of the British Army in 1860; Captain    his daughter Lady Mary Elizabeth                  vated to repair the damage caused by old
John Randoll Mackenzie of Suddie, who          Frederica Mackenzie, Lady Hood. In time           age as well as centuries of Highland
rose to the rank of Major-General and was      the House of Seaforth died out and for a          weather. The Clan Mackenzie Charitable
killed at Talavera in 1809.                    considerable time, at least, until the Earl of    Trust was formed and the old castle tower
    Francis was so successful in raising       Cromartie stepped into the breech, the            was leased to the Trust for 99 years at a
men from his clan that he applied to raise a   Clan had no Chief at all.                         token minimal rent. The old castle has
second battalion. Permission was given to                                                        become the spiritual home of the
raise only a separate corps which was not              The Earls of Cromartie                    Mackenzie Clan worldwide. One day we
what Francis wanted, he was after a second                                                       hope to see apartments for visitors from
battalion for his own regiment. As a conse-
quence he wrote a letter of protest to Mr
                                               I t was the Rt. Hon. Roderick Grant
                                                 Francis Mackenzie of Kintail, Earl of           around the world. There is a Mackenzie
                                                                                                 Clan room on the ground floor and the cas-
tle is open to visitors for several days dur-                       Page 6                            2. Arrange your material in the
ing the summer months. Clanspeople from                                                            binders by location of the family, this will
                                                 much research.
around the world have donated sums of                                                              automatically start to separate things by
                                                     This concludes the lengthy series on
money to help renovate the castle.                                                                 time period.
                                                 the History of the Mackenzies. We wel-
                                                 come comments and suggestions from
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as the Clan Mackenzie Society of Nova
Scotia. Good relations are maintained
                                                 I  n doing family research it is often a
                                                    problem to get the information you
                                                 would like and having me tell you of my
                                                                                                   family binder. As well, if you have photos
                                                                                                   this would be a good place to keep them in
                                                                                                   order until it is time to move them onto
between the different societies and each         successes is not going to give you the            permanent pages in the family binder.
sends each other copies of their respective      magic formula that will locate all the
newsletters. A number of members belong          records for which you yearn. However, I                5. A simple thing you probably have
to more than one Clan MacKenzie Society.         am amazed at the progress I have made             already started is an index, if not, create a
     Scotland itself formed a Clan               starting with nothing but a photo of my           listing of your sources-people-places, with
Mackenzie Society of Scotland and the            Dad’s parents with a pencil notation on the       mailing address, phone and Email and, if
U.K. It is the only Society that has regis-      back giving their birth dates and the gener-      an organization, the contact person.
tered its own coat of arms with Lord Lyon.       al area where they were born. There is so         Search out and list genealogy groups, his-
     On a final note to close this series on     much data hidden away in various archives         torical societies and official archives plus
the History of the Mackenzies, I recognise       that, if persistent, you will likely be able to   any other groups that may be of use in the
that I have not dealt at all with the            find just what you want to know. The trick        future.
Highland clearances. This is a vast subject      is to not give up, to follow all sorts of ideas
and many books have been written about           through until you either find the answer or            If you are a beginner, you may be still
this unhappy period in Highland history.         learn that it is another dead end. Dead ends      in the early stage of talking to other family
The late Earl of Cromartie maintained that       themselves are useful, they show you that         folks, but even if you have been at this for
his family never cleared any tenant from         you have pursued a possible lead and              some time there is an important step that
their lands and I have never seen any evi-       found it went nowhere, now you know that          many people ignore. “Someday I will write
dence to show that they did. What we do          you can scratch that search item off your         a Family History to pass on to my kids!” -
know is that the handful of Mackenzie            list and get on with other trails…. All of        that is a familiar thought isn’t it? After all
families that at one time owned virtually        this, of course, means that you are going to      why are we doing all this genealogy thing,
all of Ross and Cromarty had considerable        collect a lot of little notes (all properly       is it just to satisfy our own curiosity or do
difficulties in making ends meet financial-      dated and identified by source I hope) that       we want to be able to pass something on to
ly and gradually their huge estates were         soon become a chore to keep in order and          those that follow us? If you are just col-
broken up and sold. Today the Earl of            have       available       when       wanted.     lecting names, the result will be as dull as
Cromartie’s estates comprise about 6,000         Organization is the key and there are a           reading a telephone book, no connection to
acres when they once numbered hundreds           number of methods that you can use, the           the people involved. The answer is keep
of thousands. The Mackenzies of Gairloch         following, which I find works quite well, is      your senses alive for insights into the lives
still own a large estate but they are the sole   an option you may wish to follow.                 of your early people, what the home life
exception.                                                                                         was like, the conditions of the period, the
     Our Mackenzie of Applecross member,             1. Earlier I suggested getting a three        historical events at the time, local changes
who lives in Canada, told me that all that       hole punch and a binder, now it would be a        that affected their lives and also, what they
remains to the family of that once vast          good idea to obtain several more binders,         did. Were they involved in local activities,
estate is a burial ground. Nevertheless, it is   label one for each family surname you are         was there military service, did they hold
evident that large numbers of Mackenzies         following (i.e. MacKenzie, Smith, Brown,          positions in the local government? All
emigrated to Canada, the United States and       etc.) These are reserved for semi-perma-          these will add character to your story of
Australia to escape poverty or to build for      nent record sheets which might have more          them and, as well, don’t neglect your own
themselves a better life. Whether they went      data added later.                                 life, think back to all the events in your
of their own accord or were pushed needs                                                           own past. Write short essays on your own
growing up, holidays, school, friends,                              Page 7                       Library who probably can provide a ser-
clubs or events that seem notable to you.        lowed by Mary 462, Elizabeth 300, Ann           vice.
Write in a relaxed way, just a page or so        270 and Jane at 250. At the other end of
per remembrance, just as if you are com-         the scale, Alice was 12, Joan 12, Marjory           There is a Home Children database
posing a note to a friend. Put these all aside   10 and Amelia 8. Twenty-one other names         being produced by the British Isles Family
in your personal file to be fit into your fam-   of varying popularity made up the rest of       History Society of Greater Ottawa in coop-
ily story later. Wouldn’t you like to read       the list. Which makes looking for a par-        eration with the National Archives.
about the day-to-day events of your great-       ticular Margaret, Mary or Elizabeth some-       Indexing is almost complete from 1865 to
grandfather’s life? Someday one of your          thing of a challenge.                           1919 and entries from 1920 to 1935 are
great-grandchildren will be touched by                                                           under way. Again, enquire with your
your personal story and the picture it pre-          Before closing this episode, two items      Library about gaining access to this data-
sents of you !                                   that may be of help to some:                    base. There is a General Search Screen
    It would be easy to convince yourself                                                        which requires limited data for a search,
to wait until the research is all complete              Microfilm Interloan Service -            Surname, Given Name and Keyword (an
before writing these accounts but you are                  Archives of Ontario                   involved Home or Organization).
much better to produce, periodically, a                                                              As well, there is a detailed Search
record of your findings and memories and                                                         Screen which permits more specific data
they will become an ongoing series of
chapters in your Family History.
                                                 G    o to your community library and ask
                                                      to see the Catalogue covering the
                                                 material available and see what seems
                                                                                                 which would help narrow the search such
                                                                                                 as the name of the ship on which the child
                                                 worth examining. There are nearly 7,000         arrived, or the year of arrival.
            Naming Patterns:                     reels available for loan which is about 15%
                                                 of the reference material held. The remain-         For a direct contact with Barnardo's

I n an earlier chapter I mentioned looking
  for familiar family names when reading
Census records - as names were often
                                                 der is for on-site reference work so a visit
                                                 is necessary. To order for viewing, submit
                                                                                                 you can try :

                                                 your request through the community
repeated down through a family. It has           library using the Interlibrary Loan System.
long been the practice for newborns to be        The requirements here are that your library         For those wanting to use regular post, a
named for their ancestors and in many            has a microfilm viewer and is part of the       direct connection might be made through
cases a particular pattern has been used         Loan System. It is possible to draw three       an address I learned of several years ago
which you might find useful when trying          rolls of film and hold on loan for two          while trying to get information about
to identify people.                              weeks with one renewal. If further reels are    Home Children after an enquiry by a
                                                 needed, the first lot must be returned first.   friend. If the contact named is no longer
The eldest son after the paternal                No microfilm prints are available, any          there I am sure your mail will be forward-
        grandfather.                             copies of data must be made by the              ed to her replacement.
The second son after the maternal                researcher.                                         Write to:
        grandfather.                                                                                 Ms. Collette Bradford
The third son after the father.                               Home Children                          C/o Barnardo’s Aftercare Centre
The eldest daughter after the maternal                                                               Tanner’s Lane,
        grandmother.                                                                                 Barkingside,
The second daughter after the paternal
                                                 Y    ou may be a child or grandchild of
                                                      one of those children who came out to
                                                 Canada sponsored by Dr. Barnardo’s
                                                                                                     Ilford, Essex 1G6 1QG
                                                                                                     United Kingdom
The third daughter after the mother.             Homes who were attempting to find secure
                                                 homes for young orphans who had little              I should not neglect to mention the
    As further children came along, they         future in Britain. It has been estimated that   tremendous collection of Scottish records
were often named for eldest uncles and           Barnardo’s brought more than 20,000 chil-       and publications that are held by the
aunts or earlier forbears but not to such a      dren to Canada but they were only one of        library of the University of Guelph. This
firm pattern.                                    many to bring some 125,000 young people         collection is considered to be one of the
                                                 to Canada. The National Archives of             finest in the world and the best in North
    In some cases the first son was named        Canada holds passenger lists from 1865 to       America. Included in their resource mater-
for the mother’s father and the eldest           1935 which constitute an official record of     ial are old letters and documents, data on
daughter for the father’s mother. Other          immigration to Canada for that period.          conditions in Scotland and pioneer life in
variations existed as, of course, the whole      Where lists are not available or illegible      Canada, books on Scottish history, geneal-
thing was the choice of the parents and fol-     other sources have been consulted. You          ogy, travel, politics and economics. As
lowed their wishes or sometimes local cus-       may wish to visit via Internet the web site     well, there are burgh records for
tom. Does this strike a note in your own         ‘Young Immigrants to Canada’ where you          Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and
family?                                          will find information on the various homes      Inverness. Here also is a map collection
                                                 and organizations, reunions, titles of books    which includes some early Atlases as well.
    In a review of names chosen for daugh-       and some lists of children's names. If you      Beyond these, there are many books, histo-
ters, of 3,500 Scottish baptisms, the most       are not on the Internet, go to your local       ries, old newspapers and periodicals. This
popular was Margaret at 470 times, fol-                                                          is a source that will not necessarily add to
your family tree but an excellent fund of                          Page 8                        Ontario
background information to give a better
picture of the earlier times.                                                                    *July 24 - Highlands of Durham Highland
                                                June 12 - Sons of Scotland Highland              Games at Elgin Park, Uxbridge
    I hope that you have made a link with       Games, Rotary Stadium, Abbotsford, BC
family roots in Scotland by now, if not,                                                         July 24 - 21st Annual McKenzie Reunion
keep digging. You need a name, birth date       *June 12 - Georgetown Highland Games             at Dromore Park 2 - 7 p.m. Bring food for
and location to move on. There are many                                                          pot luck supper (Contact member Sandra
records to explore but these are needed to      June 19 - BC Legion Highland Games,              McMeekin, 327 Silverbirch Ave., Mount
make a start. For a location a town or shire    White Rock/South Surrey.                         Forest, ON N0G 2L1)
would be good, a parish excellent. We will
see where the next chapter takes us!            *June 26 - Hamilton Highland Games,              *July 30/31 - Glengarry Highland Games,
    I have deliberately avoided Internet        Ancaster Fair grounds, Ancaster, Ontario         Maxville, Ontario
information except for the ‘Home
Children’ item.                                 *June 26 - BC (United) Scottish Highland         *Aug 1 - Montreal Highland Games,
    For folks with this access, I will short-   Games & Festival, Coquitlam, B.C.                Verdun, Quebec
ly supply particulars on how this medium
can be used. Once again, if you are not         June 25/26 - Scottish Heritage Festival,         August 8 - 14 - Folklorama in Winnipeg
connected, many Libraries have Internet         Red River Exhibition Centre, Winnipeg,           Scottish Pavillion, Heather Curling Club.
facilities that you can use.                    Manitoba.
                                                                                                 *August 14 - Fergus Scottish Festival &
[Ed: This series by Rad MacKenzie,              *June 27 - Edmonton Scottish Society             Highland Games
Commissioner for Northern Ontario, will         Highland Gathering, Edmonton.
continue in the next issue of Cabar Feidh.]                                                      *August 21 - Sarnia Highland Games,
                                                *June 20 - Kirkin’o’the Tartan and parade        Sarnia, Ontario
                                                to the Seaforth Armoury, St. Andrew’s
           EVENTS     IN   2004                 Wesley Church, Vancouver, BC.                    *August 21 - North Lanark Highland

B    elow is a listing of some of the main
     events coming up across Canada. The
Clan MacKenzie Society intends to be at
                                                *July 1 - Zorra Highland Games, Embro,
                                                                                                 Games, Sarnia, Ontario

                                                Ontario                                          August 29 (Sunday) - Clan MacKenzie
many of these with the Clan tent. We wel-                                                        quarterly meeting at 580 Rebecca Street,
come seeing as many members as possible.        July 1 - Gathering of the Clans - Pugwash,       Oakville, Ontario 2 p.m. followed by tea.
Support your clan and pay a visit to the tent   Nova Scotia                                      All welcome!
and see what we have to offer. We plan to
attend at least those marked with a *.          July 3 - Penticton Highland Games,               September 4 - Calgary Highland Games,
    This is not an exhaustive list of all       Penticton, B.C.                                  Calgary, Alberta.
Scottish events in Canada - there are many
others. If you have a computer and are on       July 3 - Manitoba Highland Gathering,            September 5 - Canmore Highland Games,
the internet a long list can be found by        Selkirk, Manitoba.                               Canmore, Alberta.
searching “Canadian Bagpipe Links.”
From this list I notice that the Fort Erie      *July 3 - Kincardine Scottish Festival,          September 5 (Sunday) - Toronto -
Highland Games has been cancelled for           Kincardine, Ontario                              Scottish Studies Foundation cruise on
2004. I heavily criticized these Games last                                                      Lake Ontario at 11.30 a.m. and at 2. p. m.
year and said I would never go again. And       July 3 - Cobourg Highland Games,                 Includes seeing the air show from the three
yet many thousands attended in pouring          Cobourg, Ontario                                 masted schooner, the Empire Sandy.
rain. Perhaps the organizers did not like                                                        Scottish entertainment and food on board.
organizing in which case they should ask        July 10 - Halifax Scottish Festival &            Cost about $20 - less for children. (phone
the Knox family back again as they did a        Highland Games, Halifax, Nova Scotia.            Alan McKenzie 905-842-2106).
superb job for many years.
                                                *July 10 - Tartan Sertoma Chatham-Kent           September 12 (Sunday) Clan Mackenzie
May 23 - Victoria Highland Games,               Supreme Highland Games, Chatham,                 Annual General Meeting and Picnic at
Victoria, B.C.                                  Ontario                                          Black Creek Pioneer Village (11 a.m. to 4
                                                                                                 p.m.) Admission free to members.
*June 5 - Bellingham Highland Games-            *July 10 - Haliburton Highland Games,
www.bhga.org                                    Ontario (A new one for us!)                      December 5 (Sunday) Clan MacKenzie
                                                                                                 quarterly meeting at 580 Rebecca Street,
*June 12 - Calgary Branch Clan                  July 17 - Cambridge Highland Games,              Oakville, Ontario 2 p.m. followed by tea.
MacKenzie Society will hold a history ses-      Cambridge, Ontario                               All welcome!
sion at Janet Ollerenshaw’s home: Phone
for details 403-932-2640.                       *July 17 - Orillia Scottish Festival, Orillia,
                                                                  Page 9
             (1926   TO   2004)


I t is with the greatest sadness that we
  report the death of Jock Mackenzie, the
Chief’s Lieutenant in New Zealand and the
Joint Commissioner of the Clan with his
wife Sonia Mackenzie. The following trib-
ute was prepared by Jim Thwaites,
Assistant Commissioner, Clan Mackenzie
New Zealand Society Inc.

    Tribute To Jock Ross Mackenzie
        New Zealand’s Lieutenant to

C     lan Mackenzie pay a tribute to their                             Jock and Sonia Mackenzie at Strathpeffer, 2000
      beloved Jock who died March 17,           cattle which are registered under the prefix   done.
2004 in Hastings, New Zealand.                  of “Strath-na-Sealag” and he has been             Jim Thwaites, Assistant Commissioner.
    Jock was a tireless worker in New           described as the “North Island Laird” of
Zealand for the Clan of which he was a
founding member and helped the member-
ship to become the largest Clan Society in
                                                the Highland cattle industry.
                                                    While Jock was a true New Zealander,
                                                being a son of an ANZAC, he loved
                                                                                               I  stayed with Jock and Sonia for a few
                                                                                                  days during my visit to New Zealand last
                                                                                               year and Jock took me on a walk up
New Zealand with the present membership         Scotland and all things Scottish. He visited   Cameron Mountain lending me one of his
of over 600.                                    Scotland several times exploring Wester        large supply of cromachs. He was an
    Jock’s Scottish heritage is interwoven      Ross and tracing the footsteps of his ances-   extremely entertaining host and I thor-
in the Mackenzie’s of Wester-Ross. His          tors.                                          oughly enjoyed the company of both Jock
father, Alexander Mackenzie, was born in            In 2000, while representing New            and Sonia, who were clearly a very close
Kildonan on the shores of Little Loch           Zealand Clan Mackenzie Society at              and affectionate couple. I have lost a good
Broom and came to New Zealand with his          Strathpeffer on the occasion of the World      friend and the Clan Mackenzie a major
parents at the age of 12.                       Gathering of Clan Mackenzie, one of            ambassador.
    Jock was born in 1926 and was brought       Jock’s big thrills was to visit Loch-na-            Sonia gave me some copies of the
up on a farm in Hawkes Bay. He joined the       Sealag, the source of the Gruinard river       books of Jock’s poems and I have selected
Air Force in 1943 and trained as a pilot. At    starting up from Fisherfield, all places       one of these showing his affection for his
the conclusion of World War II he worked        where his ancestors had lived.                 Scottish homeland.
as a shepherd on the huge Ngamatea sta-             Jock was a very fine poet writing many                                   Alan McKenzie
tion between Taihape and Napier and then        books of poems one of which, “Sari Bair”
went to manage for Mr. Wally Harding at         describing the battles of Gallipoli has a
Waiouru. Wally Harding was an early                                                                       Kildonan House
                                                special place in the New Zealand Army
founder of aerial top-dressing and with         Museum at Waiouru, the Canberra War
Jocks love of flying he became one of the                                                                 I walked through mud
                                                Memorial Museum in Australia and the
first agricultural top-dressing pilots in New                                                           wet heather, jeering creek,
                                                War Museum in London.
Zealand.                                                                                                  to my forbears’ home
                                                    Jock could speak Maori fluently and
    On October 13, 1957 Jock married                                                                              Kildonan.
                                                when arriving at his home, if you were of
Sonia Hansen in All Saints Church in                                                                         Low cloud hung
                                                Scottish descent, would greet you in
Palmerston North, which started 47 years                                                                       about the hills
                                                Gaelic. Jock also made many Cromachs
of happy marriage.                                                                                               like a scarf
                                                (walking sticks) for Clan members and for
    In 1959 they purchased their first farm                                                                     at Kildonan.
                                                members of other Clans also. Jock could
near Marton where Jock became “whip” of                                                                 I felt the Ross-shire cold
                                                be truly spoken of as one of “Nature’s gen-
the Rangitikei Hunt Club; he was a very                                                                        on my cheek.
good horseman.                                                                                              The wind was wet
                                                    To Sonia; family Catherine, Kenneth,
    Jock and Sonia then moved to Hawkes                                                                         at Kildonan.
                                                Anna, Kirsty, Sarah, the sixteen grandchil-
Bay to their present property which is now                                                                      Alien I was
                                                dren and sister Jean, the Clan MacKenzie
farmed by their son Ken. It was here Jock                                                                   to this damp land,
                                                extends its sincere sympathy.
established his very fine herd of Highland          We give thanks to Jock for a job well                               continued on page 11
Page 10
         yet the house greeted me                                  Page 11                        Munro (aka Jean Dunlop), have done a
                at Kildonan.                                                                      splendid job. In fact it is so well done we
          Perhaps it always knew                   If you find a genealogical connection          have reproduced it on page 10 as it is suf-
            that I would come,                  with this family then feel free to contact        ficiently detailed yet concise to be a useful
           Heartful, rain soaked                Betty Hall at rehall@telusplanet.net              summary of the highlights of the Clan’s
                to Kildonan.                                                                      history. In fact it is so well done that I think
                                                         MACKENZIE STAMPS                         we shall have it framed and exhibited in
                                                I  had a surprising letter from US
                                                   Commissioner Angus Mackenzie in
                                                Honeoye Falls, NY. He is the person who
                                                                                                  our Clan tent.
                                                                                                      Commissioners might like to make
  DIANA PRIEST (NEE MCKENZIE)                                                                     copies and have them distributed at clan
         (1919-2003)                            is organizing side trips before and after the
                                                                                                  gatherings at the various games and festi-
                                                Clan Mackenzie Gathering in Strathpeffer
M      ember Betty Hall has advised us of
       the death of her cousin, Diana Priest.
Betty tells us that Diana was well known
                                                in August next year.
                                                    He sent me some stamps. Being a

                                                major stamp collector myself (Russia actu-            BLUIDY MACKENZIE’S GRAVE
and instrumental for much of the
                                                ally) I was delighted to see the Clan                         ROBBED
McKenzie family history, enabling Betty
                                                Mackenzie on a stamp together with our
to meet many of her McKenzie relatives in
the Winnipeg area where she and her par-
ents kept open house to all relations. Diana
                                                tartan plus a picture of Castle Leod. This is
                                                what Angus told me:
                                                                                                  T    HE first ‘grave-robbing’ trial in
                                                                                                       Scotland for at least a century is due to
                                                                                                  begin this week after an alleged break-in at
                                                    “Not sure if you are aware that the
was a Clan MacKenzie member until her                                                             the tomb of one of the country’s most noto-
                                                Island of Tanera, part of the Summer Isles
move to a seniors’ home in Kelowna, B.C.                                                          rious lawyers.
                                                at the mouth of Loch Broom (Ullapool)
    Diana passed away on December 19th                                                                Two teenage boys face trial at the High
                                                population less than 20 persons, has its
in Kelowna, after a fight with cancer,                                                            Court in Edinburgh on charges of ‘viola-
                                                own little post office with its named
endured with courage and dignity. She was                                                         tion of sepulchre’ - an ancient law often
                                                postage stamps representing different
born in Arden, Manitoba on February 15,                                                           invoked in the 18th and 19th centuries,
                                                clans. . . . . . . .
1919 and was predeceased by her first hus-                                                        when grave-robbing was at its height.
                                                    “. . . . . please accept them for your col-
band, Harry Simpson in 1984. She is sur-                                                              The case centres on the tomb of former
                                                lection of things Mackenzie.”
vived by her second husband of 16 years,                                                          Lord Advocate Sir George ‘Bloody’
                                                    What a terrific piece of enterprise from
Vern Priest, daughters, Pat and Sandra and                                                        Mackenzie, who sent hundreds of
                                                the Summer Isles. I wonder if we could
granddaughter Stacy.                                                                              Covenanters to their deaths during the
                                                buy a stack of them for resale? Any one
    Diana was the grand-daughter of Adam                                                          reign of Charles II.
                                                interested in having a copy if we can get
McKenzie (March 22, 1848 to October 25,                                                               Last June it was reported that the 20ft-
                                                them? Let us know.
1926) married March 12, 1872. Adam was                                                            high mausoleum in Greyfriars Kirkyard,
                                                    Included with the stamps as part of the
in turn son of Kenneth McKenzie (January                                                          Edinburgh, had been entered by breaking
                                                package sold by the Summer Isles Post
5, 1822 to April 5, 1911) and Jane Condy.                                                         the tomb’s imposing double doors, carved
                                                Office was a write-up on the Clan
    Kenneth was son of John Mackenzie of                                                          from stone.
                                                Mackenzie. Usually these brief articles are
Essich (March 26, 1762 to 1845) and                                                                   The incident was said to have been dis-
                                                often too short or inaccurate to be of much
Catherine Gillanders (1791 to October 11,                                                         covered when a group of people taking
                                                interest but in this case the authors, the
1860).                                                                                            part in the ‘City of the Dead’ ghost walk
                                                famous Scottish historians R.W. and Jean
                                                                                                  passed through the churchyard near
                                                                                                  Candlemaker Row.
                                                                                                      It was also claimed at the time that the
                                                                                                  skull of Mackenzie had been removed
                                                                                                  from the tomb and was recovered nearby
                                                                                                  the following morning.
                                                                                                      On Wednesday the trial is due to begin
                                                                                                  of 17-year-old Sonny Devlin and a 15-
                                                                                                  year-old who cannot be named for legal
                                                                                                  reasons. Both deny charges of “violating a
                                                                                                  sepulchre without the authority of the rela-
                                                                                                  tives or executors of said unknown per-

                                                                                                  [Ed: This extract from an article in
                                                                                                  Scotland on Sunday dated March 31st,
                                                                                                  2004 was sent to us by Angus Mackenzie.
                                                                                                  I am not sure that calling one of Scotland’s
                                                                                                  leading figures in jurisprudence and also
                                                                                                                            continued on page 13
                                                               Page 12
                                                     NOTICE    TO   MEMBERS

B   elow is a message from Philippa Mackenzie who is one of the main organizers of the Clan Mackenzie Gathering in Scotland in
    2005. If you are possibly planning to attend then please read this message and send in your responses to Philippa. She will supply
booking forms on request and details of accommodation available. More details will be published in September.

    International Gathering 2005 - Strathpeffer, Scotland 8th to
                         14th August 2005

                                          INFORMATION UPDATE AS AT 5TH APRIL

TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES. Send all Relevant Details as list below, as soon as possible.

I will send you a Ticket Application Form.
Bookings are made when Ticket Application Form is returned with payment and not before.

I will have acknowledged to people who have already sent their details. If you have not received an email from me by now, please
re-submit your details in case of email change or non communication.

Contact Details                                               Numbers Attending (Adult = 16 or over)
01. Surname of Individual or Head of Group                    08. The number of Adults attending
02. First Name of Individual or Head of Group                 09. The names of All the Adults attending
03. Middle and/or Known as Name of Individual/HoG             10. The number of Children under 5 years
04. Postal Address, ZipCode/Postcode, Country                 11. Names of all the Children under 5 years
05. Contact Telephone No                                      12. Number of Children between 5 and 10
06. Contact Email Address                                     13. Names of all the Children between 5 and 10
07. Any alternative email address                             14. Number of Children age 10 but under 16
                                                              15. Names of all the Children age 10 but under 16
Length of Stay
16. Total number of persons attending Whole Week?
17. Total number of persons attending Days Only
18. How many Days each Attending if less than a week

To meet modern security requirements we need on record all names of adults (over 16 yrs) also names and ages of children

Events Choices - To ensure we find enough venues, speakers and performances would you please also let me know your prefer-
ences. (Although some bookings will have to be “first come first served”)

Talks                                                         Demonstrations
Heraldry Origins                                              How Kilts are Made
Genealogy - How to Research your Ancestors                    Weapons of Clan Battles
History of Castle Leod Mackenzies                             How our Ancestors Dressed and Lived
Highland Clearances                                           Traditional Scottish Dancing
Famous MacKenzies around the World                            Whisky Making (at a distillery)
Understanding Scotland's Placenames                           Bagpiping
Crofting Yesterday & Today                                    Fiddle Playing
Land Ownership in Scotland                                    Accordion Playing
Stories behind MacKenzie Historic Paintings
Scottish Country Dance Classes                                Activities Other Than Tours
Understanding Gaelic Classes                                  Genealogy Consultation (extra charge)
History of the Bagpipes                                       Visits to Mackenzie Houses in Area
Famous Pipers                                                 Local Shopping Trips (pay for transport)
Understanding the Findon Tables                               History Videos

Please send your requests and your details to:-
Philippa Mackenzie, 11 Heatherley Crescent, Inverness IV2 4AW.   Tel 01463 231388
Email: cmsgathering2005@caleystream.co.uk [Please note that in September we shall send application forms to all members]
                     continued from page 11                     Page 13

the founder of what became the National       Calder, who is American born but has lived
Library of Scotland “notorious” is a cor-     in or near Edinburgh since 1971. She is
rect description. The Covenanters of the      also a poet and has published under the
day were akin to the Taliban in               name Jenny Daiches. She worked at the
Afghanistan - religious zealots. That’s my    National Museums of Scotland as
opinion anyway!]                              Education Officer from 1978 to 2001.
                                                  I have not been able to find the time to
                                              read this interesting looking book just yet
            NEW MEMBERS                       but I was attracted by a note on the rear

W      e welcome the following new mem-       cover:
       bers who have joined since the issue       “In Canada there are nearly as many
of the last Newsletter:                       descendants of Scots as there are people
                                              living in Scotland; over 4 million
   Sharie Argue,                              Canadians ticked the ‘Scottish origin’
   P.O. Box 3672, Stn Main,                   box in the most recent Canadian
   Regina, SK S4P 3N8                         Census. Most Scottish families have
                                              friends or relatives in Canada.”
   J. David MacKenzie,                            If you would like to know how to get
   248 Florence Avenue,                       this book then go to the world wide web
   Willowdale, ON M2N 1G6                     and find www.chapters.indigo.ca. The
                                              price of the book is Can$19.95.
   Jeannine Mackenzie,                            A most curious coincidence follows up
   C.P.2,                                     on this article. Less than twelve hours after
   St. Antoine sur Richelieu,                 writing this piece I went to the 2004 Tartan
   QUE J0L 1R0                                Day Dinner and Scot of the Year
                                              Celebrations at Casa Loma in Toronto. I
   Ken McKenzie,                              was in conversation with Professor Liz
   285 The West Mall, Apt #2,                 Ewen from the University of Guelph when
   Etobicoke, ON M9C 1C7                      she introduced me to her guest. Her guest
                                              was Jenny Calder, the same author of the
   Kenneth F. MacKenzie,                      book! Ms Calder was very impressed that I
   10405 SE 29th Avenue,                      knew so much about her and her book!
   Ocala, FL 34480                                There is one other book about the Scots
                                              in Canada that I have read and it follows in
   Mrs Margaret McKenzie,                     the next article.
   810 Royal York Road, Apt 502,
   Toronto. ON M8Y 2T8
                                               GREAT SCOTS “HOW THE SCOTS
                                                    CREATED CANADA”
   Michael (Mick) John MacKenzie,
   232 Pearson Avenue,                        T   his new book, which I found at a
                                                  British shop selling food, video tapes
                                              and other British items, was snapped up by
   Toronto, ON M6R 1G7
                                              me as I had not seen this publication
   Dr. Roderick Ian Mackenzie,                before. It turned out to be a cracking good
   34 Taylor Crescent S.E.,                   read and it rightly places the enormous         lines, universities, and media. They also
   Medicine Hat, AB T1B 3X6                   importance that the Scots have made to the      branched into and dominated politics, the
                                              development of Canada.                          military and literature. This book demon-
   Dr. William Sutcliffe MacKenzie,               The book divides into chapters dealing      strates the astounding extent to which
   47 St. Clair Ave West, Ste #1004,          with various aspects of Canada’s growth.        Canada’s fundamental institutions and cul-
   Toronto, ON M4V 3A5                        For instance there is a lengthy chapter on      ture are a product of early tough-minded
                                              the “Blueprint for a Nation”, another on        Scottish immigrants.”
   Alexander Smart,                           “The Birth of Banking”, “The Military”,             This important book unfortunately
   16 Clay Court,                             “Scottish Enterprise”, etc.                     lacks an index. However, the uplifting
   Toronto, ON M9A 4S3                            To quote from the dust jacket:              prose does not miss out our “big four”
                                                  Scots formed the backbone of North          Mackenzies,         namely      Alexander
                                              America’s first continent-wide industry         Mackenzie, Sir Alexander Mackenzie,
          SCOTS    IN   CANADA                [the fur trade] more than two hundred           William Lyon Mackenzie and William

W     e received a new book the other day
      entitled “Scots in Canada” by Jenni
                                              years ago. They then used their power to
                                              create the first banks, railways, shipping
                                                                                              Lyon Mackenzie King.
                                                                                                  This is a book I highly recommend for
those interested in the role of the Scots in                        Page 14                       14,000 Mac/McKenzies in telephone
Canada.                                                                                           directories - then let us know!!!
    I see it is offered for sale at about $25     Arthur C. Custance’s work: Noah’s Three
at www.chapters.indigo.ca                         Sons (Human History in Three
                             Alan McKenzie        Dimensions) was first issued in 1958 and is              THE MACKENZIE NAME
                                                  still fascinating reading. It is worthy to          BY  CATHERINE MCKENZIE JANSEN

       LETTERS     TO THE     EDITOR
Dr Christopher Kimsey wasted no time in
                                                  note that his work predates the genetic
                                                       [Ed: Of course the constant invasions
                                                                                                  T    here are more Mackenzies than ever in
                                                                                                       North America, and it’s not just
                                                                                                  because we are a prolific clan. Mackenzie
getting in touch with us with another of his      by the Norsemen to the Highlands and            is becoming an increasingly popular first
lengthy letters (I love them!). The follow-       Islands have left a vast Norse genealogical     name. In fact, a 1998 U.S. survey found
ing is a part of his comments on the Y-           imprint among the Scots, particularly the       that Mackenzie ranked as the 44th most
Chromosome article in the March newslet-          folk from the Isle of Lewis, from which         popular girl’s name. To put it another way,
ter.                                              many of our Clan can trace their origins.       there were more little Mackenzies (or
                                                  Perhaps it is no coincidence either that        McKenzies) born in 1998 than there were
I chuckled and grimaced at the article on         some of the early genealogies of the            Isabels, Christinas, Marys, Michelles,
the Norse Code by Neil MacPhail. My               Mackenzies also claim that we descend           Lauras, Carolines, Claires, or Chloes.
maternal side is of, well shall I say it,         from the Pharoes of Egypt. But that is              The practice of using surnames as
Viking descent. In fact my grandfather was        another story.]                                 Christian names is quite old. In the eigh-
a full-bloodied Norwegian. He was grant-                                                          teenth and nineteenth centuries, names like
ed a Fulbright Scholarship after WWII and                                                         Jefferson, Jackson, Washington, and
studied in Europe. Later, in the 70’s, he did         CLAN MACKENZIE SOCIETY                      Marshall were often used as first names for
some exchange teaching in Oslo, Norway.                MEMBERSHIP IN CANADA                       American boys. The surnames of English
His brother established a Lutheran medical
clinic in Africa about 50 years ago (it still
exists today). So, for Minnesota farm boys,
                                                  W      e are about to undergo a member-
                                                         ship drive in the Toronto area and a
                                                  small committee has been formed to con-
                                                                                                  and Scottish nobility were another source
                                                                                                  of inspiration, and there were plenty of
                                                                                                  babies christened Clare, Craig, Grant,
I guess that they proved that the roving          sider the best way to proceed. Based upon       Stuart, and Sidney on both sides of the
Viking blood was still alive and well.            the success of this campaign we shall           Atlantic.
Lucky for Europe and Africa, they were            introduce the method to the rest of Canada.         In the past fifteen years, however, the
“edgycated” Norsemen.                             It has been many year since such a cam-         surname craze has really taken off.
    What I found very interesting is the          paign was last tried and there was a big ele-   Surname names merit a whole section of
part about Professor Petersen and the fact        ment of success. Since then we have the         their own in Beyond Jennifer and Jason,
that his Y-Chromosome showed his ances-           capacity to improve on the literature we        Madison and Montana, the bestselling
tors coming from Africa to Norway about           can send to prospective members.                book by baby-naming gurus Pamela
5,000 years ago. This excited me very                 Meanwhile here is the current list of       Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz.
much because of the work done by a Dr             members. The totals have remained very          Modern classrooms are full of Carsons and
Arthur C. Custance, who my father said is         similar for the last few years with new         Coopers, Griffins and Gradys, Sawyers
one of Canada’s own. Custance does men-           members just replacing deceased or lapsed       and Sloanes. Names with a particularly
tion a Dr John R. Howitt of Toronto in his        members.                                        Scottish flavour include Fraser, Campbell,
acknowledgment, so he may very well                                                               McAllister, McKenna, McLeod, and of
have been from there himself. Exercising             Ontario                  209                 course, Mackenzie. Parents may give their
his expertise, the learned doctor used his           Quebec                    18                 child a “surname name” because of a legit-
understanding of etymology, anthropology,            British Columbia          45                 imate family connection, but more often
and the genealogical account in biblical             Alberta                   41                 than not they simply like the way it sounds.
genesis to map people migrations. What is            Manitoba                  12                 I’m a grade two teacher, and in the school
interesting is that he put forth the point that      Saskatchewan               2
the Scandinavian peoples had come from               Nova Scotia                8
around the Mediterranean Sea.                        New Brunswick              1
    I had been doing some armchair                   Newfoundland               2
sleuthing myself several years back, seeing          P.E.I.                     1
that etymology fascinates me. In my                  N.W.T.                     1
researching a Norwegain word, I came                 USA                       31
across a similar one that had ties to Egypt.         Australia                  2
At the time I thought it might be a coinci-          New Zealand                1
dence, maybe an Indo-European connec-                Scotland                   1
tion or the like. I happened to mention it to
my parents in passing, but never gave it             Total                    375
much thought. You should have seen their
jaws drop when I read them the article               If members have any brilliant ideas             Catherine McKenzie Jansen and Martin
from “Cabar Feidh”. By the way, Dr                how we might recruit some more of the             Jansen plus baby Delia McKenzie Jansen
                                                                 page 15

 The Following dates specify when Castle Leod is open to the public. The entrance fees are an impor-
 tant source of income for the Castle Leod Project so please support the castle if you visit Strathpeffer.

                                                                                                               Cromartie Estate
                                                                                                                  Estate Office
                                                                                                                   Castle Leod
                                                                                                     Ross & Cromarty IV14 9AA


 May      Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th
          Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd

 June     Thursday 3rd - Sunday 6th
          Thursday 24th - Sunday 27th

 July     Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th

 September Wednesday 1st - Sunday 5th

 Opening Hours 2pm - 5.30pm Last admissions 4.45pm
                                                                                      Castle Leod as it appeared in Victorian times
 Adults £5, concessions £4, children £2
where I worked last year, we had two            list for boys. For those with a legitimate        Subsequently, the experience of the
Jacksons, two Harrisons, a Mackenzie            family connection, however, it’s still fair   Prime Minister was recorded in his diary
(boy) and a Kenzie (girl), and one each of      game and an acceptable choice for a boy or    and John Best, Hamilton historian and
Parker, Grady, Chilman, Madison, Reise,         girl.                                         communicator, obtained a copy of the
and Spencer. In comparison, we did not          [Ed: Thanks for this Catherine. Catherine     excerpt from the diary, under the freedom
have a single William, Alexander, Jane or       named her first baby Delia McKenzie           of information, and an edited version fol-
Mary - names you might think of as com-         Jansen for family reasons AND because         lows:
mon.                                            she liked it!]
    One caveat for new parents is to be                                                       We drove to the ruin of the old printing
aware that some of these surname names                                                        office at Queenston. On the way talked
have very definite gender associations.             MACKENZIE KING’S VISIT         TO         with Red Hill - Wm. Hill who swam the
Avery might have once been an appropri-                   QUEENSTON                           whirlpool on two occasions. I asked him
ate name for a little boy, but now there are    The following article appeared in the         what it felt like, he said he had barrels of
far more little girls with that name. This is   recent issue of the newsletter of the         fun - that he had three ventures twice the
also true of the name Mackenzie. When           Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper              whirlpool in a barrel and once getting
Satran and Rosenkrantz published their          Museum in Queenston, Ontario. The Clan        married 15 years ago, all three had
first edition of Jennifer and Jason in 1988,    Society supports the museum financially.      worked out well. We visited Brock’s monu-
Mackenzie fell into their 50/50 category,                                                     ment, then to the printing office just below.
used just as frequently for children of
either sex. In their most recent edition,
they note that it is becoming firmly
                                                W      hen Prime Minister Mackenzie King
                                                       was campaigning Federally in
                                                October 1935 he visited Niagara Falls to
                                                                                              It was a deeply impressive sight. I felt I was
                                                                                              on holy ground as I walked about where
                                                                                              grandfather began his great battle for
entrenched in the public consciousness as a     meet several southern Ontario candidates.     political liberty in Canada and where
girl’s name. This may have something to             During the trip he made a side-visit to   father first proposed to mother, as I
do with the “ee” sound at the end, which is     Queenston to inspect the deterioration of     recalled her telling me, Sir John Carling
often associated with female names (think       William Lyon Mackenzie’s residence and        coming around the side of the house just as
Melanie, Pheobe, and Natalie). Remember         print shop, later restored by The Niagara     father had proposed. The building to have
that 1998 survey of names I mentioned?          Parks Commission in 1938. William Lyon        stood the 100 years and more it has is evi-
Mackenzie didn’t make it onto the top 100       was the grandfather of Mackenzie King.        dence of the style of structure it was and
                                                              page 16
what it signified in those days. I was able to get the Commission
to promise photographs and arrange road construction in front of
the buildings, with Brock’s monument rising behind. The stone
near the building carries the words:

   The House of
   William Mackenzie

   The birthplace of
   Responsible Government in Canada

   What could be finer than this. I felt a pride in it beyond all
words - I feel continually the injustice done by Mackenzie’s mem-
ory and the need to give it its true place in history.

F   or those members who have an interest in William Lyon
    Mackenzie’s work as an outspoken newspaper publisher then
we have copies of Chris Raible’s book “The Colonial Advocate”
which also contains a family tree of the Mackenzie family.
Normally selling for $22 we are prepared to sell copies to mem-                        There’s even tartan in Moscow!
bers of the Clan Society for $10 including postage. Send a cheque
for this amount to the address on the foot of page 1 to get your
                                                                    C     aptain James Kirk, trusty ‘Bones’ and Scottie, members sure-
                                                                          ly of tomorrow’s intergalactic Scots Diaspora, might have
                                                                    been boggle-eyed at some of today’s ‘Highland’dress. “And yes,”
                                                                    traditionalists might quip, “It’d take a Spock-like alien to explain
         POPULAR CHRISTIAN NAMES          IN   SCOTLAND             it all.” But the future looks very bright for both tartan and Scots

A   new list of popular names in Scotland has just been released.   fashionistas.
    Here are the top ten boys names and in brackets is the move-
ment up or down in popularity.                                          “To boldly go. . . ”
                                                                        When tough-guy Vin Diesel strutted a black leather kilt at the
   1.     Lewis (Up 1)                                              MTV Awards in Edinburgh last year some thought they were wit-
   2.     Jack (-1)                                                 nessing an appalling travesty, others a glimpse into a new dawn
   3.     Cameron                                                   for men’s fashion. The reality is, whether it causes hackles to rise
   4.     James (+1)                                                or cheers to go up, the kilt is the latest wow on the catwalk and
   5.     Kyle (+6)                                                 tartan is inspiring today’s most creative fashion designers. But it’s
   6.     Ryan (-2)                                                 tartan on acid (or pure genius) and kilts in denim, khaki or
   7.     Ben (+6)                                                  Hawaiian sunbursts.
   8.     Callum (+2)                                                   What’s going on? The first thing to say is, yes, Scotland has
   9.     Matthew (-1)                                              deep-rooted and globally recognised cultural icons in tartan and
   10.    Adam (-4)                                                 the kilt; it has a long, proud history of producing quality textiles
   10.    Jamie (+5)                                                like cashmere and tweed; but equally, it has a long tradition of
                                                                    innovation and, possibly spurred on by a new-found sense of iden-
   Now the top ten girl’s names:                                    tity with its attendant freedoms, what we are seeing is a union of
   1. Emma (Up 2)                                                   culture and creativity. Some will see it as unholy, some will see it
   2. Ellie (+4)                                                    as wholesome – but there’s always a divide where there’s innova-
   3. Amy (+1)                                                      tion. New wave bands have already blazed a trail, plugging in the
   4. Sophie (-2)                                                   fiddle and pipes and introducing influences that reflect the multi-
   5. Chloe (-4)                                                    cultural world we live in. Now, it seems, it’s the turn of designers
   6. Erin (-1)                                                     to transform the togs that the ‘hip’ and the ‘cool’ boogie in. And
   7. Rachel                                                        Scots and Scotland are leading the way into new, exciting territo-
   8. Lucy (+6)                                                     ry.
   9. Lauren (-1)
   10. Katie (+6)                                                       New frontiers – from Braveheart. . .
                                                                        Not so long ago one may have been excused for thinking that
                                                                    Scotland and fashion were not synonymous. But not any longer.
                     NEW STYLE KILTS!                               Scottish patterns and materials are exciting international design-
The following piece was sent to us by “Friends of Scotland”. We     ers; Scottish designers are rubbing shoulders with the more
thought you might find this strangely interesting!                  expected doyens of the limelight – the French and the Italians; and
                                                                    Scotland’s major cities are now seen as desirable locations for the
                                                                  page 17
                                                                        Nicholsby is one of a new breed of kilt-makers who have brought
                                                                        this traditional garment right into the 21st century, divorcing it
                                                                        from the mandatory tartan and thus making it a comfortable, ver-
                                                                        satile, every-day garment for men all over the world. The empha-
                                                                        sis on every-day as opposed to ceremonial is very important.
                                                                        Nicholsby also designs exclusive ranges for women.

                                                                            . . .to Brave Art
                                                                            Nicholsby and others may have taken a crash course in kilt-
                                                                        making, but Glasgow’s very own Jonathan Saunders - the most
                                                                        feted darling of the catwalk, notching up Kylie & Madonna as
                                                                        fans – comes from a fine art background.

                                                                            However, having said that, he was recognised as a fashionista
                                                                        when he first studied textiles at Glasgow School of Art. And when
                                                                        he graduated from London’s St Martin’s College of Art and
                                                                        Design in 2002 (aged 24) with a stunning show displaying his
                                                                        acid-bright geometric designs (literally ‘tartan on acid’) he was
world’s top fashion stores. To bear this ‘outlandish’statement out:     immediately commissioned by Alexander McQueen to create his
legendary fashion house Escada is soon to open a store in               bird-of-paradise prints for summer 2003.
Glasgow; a Dundonian – John Ray – is to become the Creative
Director of the fashion house Gucci; and international designers            A fine artist working in fashion print, Saunders’ futuristic
like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Tommy Hilfiger have, for some years,        designs belie their hand-made origins – he uses a multi-panelled,
drawn inspiration from tartan and the kilt in their provocative         screen printing process which requires long long hours to com-
designs. Hilfiger, incidentally, claims direct descent from Robert      plete. When asked what women would wear his gear, he’s replied
Burns. It’s as if tartan has imprinted itself on the fashion-world’s    “Brave women. Confident, with a sense of humour.”
psyche. Supported, no doubt, by exhibitions such as ‘Bravehearts
– Men in Skirts’ at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and               A trek back to first base
the ‘Scottish Tartan Exhibition’ which has been running in the              A sense of humour and indeed a sense of history are probably
City of Prato, near Florence, since last December. Even in Taiwan       prerequisites for more traditional kilt-makers these days. It’s
recently, at Taipei’s very first Scottish Festival, the elegant local   worth remembering that tartan – which derives from the French
models were draped with tartan. Back home – on a broader theme          word ‘tiretaine’ meaning woven cloth – first expressed the Celts’
– Scottish Textiles organised the first ever National Textiles          love of vivid colours by way of the plaid, a large piece of cloth
Conference, held at the end of April, with the theme: ‘Scotland at      belted in the middle. It gradually evolved into the shorter kilt to
the Cutting Edge’.                                                      make a garment more practical for work and battle. Essentially it
                                                                        was an everyday garment that was proscribed for almost 40 years
    Films like ‘Braveheart’and ‘Rob Roy’may have taken a rather         after the Battle of Culloden. A new enthusiasm naturally followed
jaundiced view of history but they’ve done wonders for giving           the lifting of the ban in 1782 which grew into a ‘tartan frenzy’
men in skirts a resounding macho spin. A fact which the US-based        after Sir Walter Scott had persuaded King George IV to visit
charity Friends of Scotland were quick to exploit in this year’s        Edinburgh in 1822 in full Highland dress. And finally the affec-
Tartan Day Celebrations in New York by hosting a gala fashion           tion Queen Victoria and Prince Albert showed for Scotland and
show called ‘Dressed to Kilt’. Highlights included New York             the full-scale endorsement of tartan in the Prince’s festooning of
designer Michael Kaye’s fabulous tartan evening dresses and             the newly purchased Balmoral Castle in a tartan of his own
Glaswegian designer Jilli Blackwood’s colourful creations includ-       design, paved the way for an international appetite. It was then
ing her immense Millennium Kilt which has already been shown            that canny Victorian marketers began assigning specific tartan
alongside creations by Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood.                  designs to each of the great clans, knowing the appeal it would
Meanwhile, far to the west of New York, the city that has brought       have to the already sizeable diaspora.
the world Microsoft and Starbucks has now unveiled the
‘Utilikilt’! The Seattle Utilikilt, which comes in camouflage,              So history, natural evolution and commercial nous have had a
Hawaiian print and black denim, is a pleated garment with cargo         big part to play in the development of tartan and the kilt. New
pockets and belt loops for holding hammers, screwdrivers, pliers        research also shows that contrary to popular belief many of the
and other builders’ tools. Macho enough?                                dyes that were traditionally used in the creation of tartan were not
                                                                        from native Scottish plants, but were imported from far away. The
    Back across the pond, the man who lent Mr Diesel the leather        native plants were just not bright enough to deliver the dazzling
kilt last November, is one Howie Nicholsby, the creator of TFCK         reds, yellows and blues that the old clan chiefs hankered after. So,
– Geoffrey (Tailor) Kilt-makers in Edinburgh. TFCK looks almost         they sent agents to buy Mexican cochineal for red, North
as rude as FCUK, a fact not lost on a fashion conscious clientele,      American Old Fustic for yellow, and Indian indigo for blue.
but it stands – intriguingly – for Twenty First Century Kilts.          Who’d have thought it? The chiefs, if they could have hitched a
                                                                  page 18

lift on the SS Enterprise, would probably have been there in New                          THE CLAN SEPT - SMART

York, whooping at the brave new creations on the catwalk!                    he Clan has made its first solicitation among some of the very
                                                                             few names that are listed as septs of the Clan Mackenzie. One
                                                                        of these is the name of Smart.
  NORMAN MACKENZIE - DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER                                  The first place we look at in this context is the bible of Scottish
O     ur Clan Mackenzie Society Commissioner for Toronto was
      heavily involved in an important Tattoo at the CNE’s Richoh
Coliseum in Toronto on May 1st. Not only did he act as the Drum
                                                                        surnames - “The Surnames of Scotland - Their Origin, Meaning
                                                                        and History” by Dr George F. Black. This huge work, first pub-
                                                                        lished in 1946 is a handbook we always carry with us at Highland
Major for the massed bands, but, wearing police uniform, he             Games in Ontario. Because of the exhaustive nature of Dr Black’s
directed the presentation of the new police colours to the Toronto      research, it is possible to identify where and when surnames first
Police Service (formerly known as Metropolitan Toronto Police           appeared in Scotland - and when.
Force) headed by Chief of Police, Julian Fantino. The Colours               Here is an extract of Black’s identification of the name
were presented by the former Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman,          “Smart”:
who was also in police uniform. The crowd remained standing
throughout the entire moving ceremony for the presentation of the           Smert is the common pronunciation of the name in Scotland.
Colours.                                                                John Smert, a Scot, was charges with breaking his parole in 1358,
    The formal presentation of the new Colours and the retirement       and William Smert was tenant in Telny in the barony of Abirdoure,
of the old was followed by a fanfare and a simply splendid              Fife in 1376. Henry Smert, Scotsman, prisoner of war, was
evening of a multicultural nature but still led by the Scottish pipes   released to find ransom for himself and others in 1422. John
and drums. Events included marvellous Ukrainian dancers, amaz-          Smert was a citizen of Brechin in 1452, another John Smert, ‘hus-
ing Irish dancers (in magnificent costumes), and an unforgettable       band,’ was a witness in 1481, and Johannes Smert held land in
Korean ensemble. The Toronto Police Canine Dogs Unit did their          Kintore in 1488. William Smart, burgess of Tain, was fined for
stuff by having one of their dogs bring down an unmitigated ras-        reset of members of outlawed Clan Gregor, 1612. There were fam-
cal wearing a Philadelphia Flyers shirt and flag. Lucky for him         ilies of this name at Muresk and Tollochin in sixteenth century,
that the Toronto Maple Leafs had not at that time been eliminated       native tanners.
by the Flyers in the quarter finals - otherwise serious injuries
might have happened!                                                        There is only one reference above of any of these people liv-
    The entire evening was produced and directed by Norman              ing in MacKenzie territory and that is the burgess of Tain. So we
MacKenzie. He deserves the highest praise for a wonderful show.         went to the 1841 census summary which lists only the heads of
    Norman appears on the program shown (bottom right).                 families to see if there were any Smarts living in the county of
                                                                        Ross and Cromarty; after all that is where most of the MacKenzies
                                                                        came from and that is the county that the clan dominated.
                                                                            Indeed there were a number of families of the sept Smart and
                                                                        the interesting thing is that all of them were in Easter Ross in 1841
                                                                        and there were none at all in the west or the Isle of Lewis.
                                                                            The following heads of families named Smart were found in
                                                                        these parishes in Easter Ross:
                                                                            Logie Easter - 3
                                                                            Nigg - 1
                                                                            Tain - 3
                                                                            Tarbat - 4
                                                                            Cromarty - 1
                                                                            Fearn - 2
                                                                            This is interesting as it strongly indicates that these families
                                                                        were all related to one another since they all lived relatively close
                                                                        to one another. Note also that there are three families of Smarts in
                                                                        Tain and it is more than likely they were related to the man men-
                                                                        tioned in Black’s “Surnames of Scotland”. Quite coincidentally
                                                                        many of these parishes mentioned are the ones my McKenzie
                                                                        family come from. Any member of the Smart family tracing their
                                                                        roots would almost certainly find in their family trees the names
                                                                        of Mackenzie, Munro and Ross. All these names were dominant
                                                                        in Easter Ross.
                                                                                                                              Alan McKenzie
                                                                 page 19


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    Come and visit us in our 9,000 sq.ft. building featuring a large selection of Clan
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 Kilt Making and Military Tailoring, Ladies Kilted Skirts and Hostess Skirts. We carry a
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                                         the tartan.

  If you cannot visit us because of the distance involved and you can still go on line
 and order a kilt from us. There is a measuring form on our website. The web address
                               is www.burnetts-struth.com

  “Margaret Struth, who made HRH Prince Charles’ kilt recently, made my kilt for the
  Mackenzie Gathering in Scotland in 1995. It is still as good as new despite constant
                               wear. Alan McKenzie ”
                    ELECTRIC SCOTLAND                                  est established Scottish studies program and largest library collec-

A     ny of our members who use the web to search for items            tion of Scottish materials outside of Scotland. Dr.Graeme
      Scottish will find almost everything there is via the Electric   Morton, currently a senior lecturer in economic and social histo-
Scotland web page: http://www.electricscotland.com/ This mas-          ry at the University of Edinburgh, will join U of G in August as
sive site comprises over 10,000 pages and generates many thou-         the Chair in Scottish Studies and a professor of history.
sands of hits every day.                                                   “This is great news for the university,” said Jacqueline
    Alastair McIntyre, who runs this vast web site is in Canada at     Murray, dean of the College of Arts. “Not only are we gaining one
present and will be in Toronto and Guelph in June. We intend to        of the world’s top Scottish scholars, but the creation of the chair
meet him and if anyone in the Toronto area would like to join us       is another indication of our position as one of the world’s foremost
then contact Alan McKenzie at 905-842-2106 as soon as possible         centres of Scottish studies.”
and it can be arranged.                                                    The permanently endowed chair was made possible entirely
    If you can not meet Alastair then you can hear him for six min-    through $2 million in private donations, including a $750,000 gift
utes by clicking on his picture on the web site above and then         from the Scottish Studies Foundation, a charitable organization
clicking on his audio message.                                         dedicated to the study of Scottish and Scottish-Canadian culture
    The web site is so vast it is difficult to get around all of it    and heritage.
unless you have a lot of time on your hands. There are numerous            Morton is renowned for his research into Scottish identity and
helpful links including our own Clan MacKenzie web sites.              nationalism. He specializes in the historical construction of
    We shall include a report in the next newsletter in September      Scottish national identity and nationalism, with emphasis on the
on inside hints on what to look for on the Electric Scotland web-      creation of the Victorian cult of Sir William Wallace. He is the
site.                                                                  author of William Wallace: Man and Myth and has published
                                                                       dozens of articles and chapters.
                                                                           He was funded by the Canadian High Commission to study
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH SCOTTISH STUDIES CHAIR A                          nationalism in Canada and Scotland. Morton is also part of an
            NORTH AMERICAN FIRST                                       international team of scholars supported by the European Science

N    orth America’s first Chair in Scottish Studies has been           Foundation to study “Writing National Histories in Europe.” He
     appointed at the University of Guelph, home to Canada’s old-      currently serves on the council of both the Scottish History
Society and the Scottish Economic and Social History Society.              For more information on the Scottish studies program, visit
    In addition to teaching post-graduate and honours courses at         www.uoguelph.ca/scottish.
the University of Edinburgh, Morton supervises master’s and doc-
toral students. A popular media commentator on Scottish events,              [Ed: I am particularly pleased about this appointment. I have
he will work closely with the Scottish Studies Foundation to pro-        been involved for 15 years as a Governor, past President and more
mote the study of Scotland and Scots in Canada.                          recently as the Treasurer of the Scottish Studies Foundation. It
    As Chair in Scottish Studies, Morton will be mainly responsi-        seemed at one time impossible to raise the $2 million required but
ble for conducting research and guiding students. He will expand         the recruitment of some heavyweight Canadian Scots into the
outreach activities to promote undergraduate and graduate educa-         Scottish Studies Foundation led to a fund raising Committee being
tion in Scottish studies and will enhance international connec-          formed and from that group approaches were made to a number of
tions, particularly with Scotland.                                       individuals in Canada. The results were amazing with single
    The University of Guelph has been a leader in Scottish studies       donations of $100,000 being made and in one case almost
since the 1960s. Guelph currently has the only graduate program          $200,000. I always thought that the funds required ought to have
in North America devoted to the study of Scotland and the                been possible with so many Canadians of Scottish descent. It just
achievements of people of Scottish descent around the world. The         proves it is possible - but it did involve a lot of work by a number
interdisciplinary program explores the role of the Scots in terms        of dedicated volunteers.
of immigration, settlement and ethnicity, and the Scottish contri-                                                            Alan McKenzie]
bution to the culture and history of Canada.

                                            More Victorian Punch Cartoons of Scots

         “Oh, mamma, mamma, couldn’t you interfere? There’s a horrid man squeezing something under his arm, and he is hurting it so!”

             Friend of the Family. “Weel, Mrs. M’Glasgie, and how’s your daughter doin’. the one that was married a while ago?”
Mrs. M’Glasgie. “Oh, verra weel, thank ye, Mr Brown, verra weel, indeed! She canna abide her man. But then, ye ken, there’s always something!!”

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