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									                          Western Michigan ASHRAE
   February, 2007
                                                   The Pinnacle Center
                                                    3330 Highland Drive
                                                   Hudsonville, MI 49426
      CHAPTER OFFICERS                                (616) 662-3330
           PRESIDENT                                    Date:
          Chris Bonzheim
         (269) 373-5555
                                                 Monday, February 19                        6:00 Social
                                                     6:30 Dinner
       Scott Morgenstern                            7:00 Program
        (269) 381-6170

                                     Topic: “Mastering of Variable Flow
           James Rogers
          (616)696-2722                    Distribution” -Victaulic
                                                                            (Description on next page)

          Steve Hoffman              $25.00     - Members/Guest with Advance RSVP
         (616) 365-3210        $15.00     - Students & Retirees
                                     *Dinner at the door without advanced RSVP ADD $5.00
                                     NO SHOWS CAN BE INVOICED FOR DINNER
           Brian Holton
         (616) 243-7222
                                                          Lunch Meeting at the
  Paul McWatters (616) 364-5470                               Beacon Club
    Bill Barrett (616) 224-7030
    Tom Bauer (269) 388-7313
   Dave Shugars (616) 656-0821
                                                        in Kalamazoo will be on
                                                    Monday, February 19th at 12:00 p.m.
Newsletter: Beth Carney
Programs: Scott Morgenstern
Membership: Glen Johnson             *RSVP to Chris Fairful is required
Student Activities: Mark Staufer
Resource Promotion: Steve Hoffmann
Historian: Bob Gengelbach
Refrigeration: Open
TEGA: Scott Morgenstern                          There will not be a February meeting in Traverse City.
Awards: Paul McWatters
Chapter Seminar: Scott Morgenstern            The March WM ASHRAE Newsletter will have information on
CRC Chair: Dave Shugars                                      Traverse City’s March speaker.

                                                  PHONE: 269.381.6170 E-MAIL: CFAIRFUL@BYCE.COM
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                             February, 2007 Presentation
            With the ever increasing costs of energy today, providing a balanced hydronic system that
      provides accurate design flow at the lowest energy costs is a goal we all strive to achieve. Victaulic
      in conjunction with Tour and Andersson, the recognized worldwide leader in hydronic balancing
      innovation and technology, are working together to support our engineers in this goal.
            In our efforts to support the mechanical engineers and the various system requirements speci-
      fied today, we have found that the engineering community fluctuates between several basic design
      concepts. Some of the concepts having the greatest impact on energy consumption are: variable
      speed vs constant speed pumps, manual balancing vs automatic balancing, maintaining good au-
      thority of control valves, the impact of high dH products vs benefits received, and major equipment
      sizing for design load vs real system load.
           The presentation will be given by Rodney McWhirteryoung, Central US Divisional Tour and Andersson Product Man-
      ager. Rodney has worked for Victaulic since 1997. The first 9 years as a territory manager covering Illinois and portions of
      Iowa in the HVAC, industrial, municipal, and food & beverage markets. During this time, he developed a interest in Tour
      and Andersson balancing valves and began making presentations across the US and Mexico on the benefits of TA hydronic
      balancing. In early 2006, Rodney was promoted to Central US Divisional TA Product Manager and trained with Bjarne
      Andreason from TA, who is one of two global instructors who specialize in hydronic balancing. Rodney’s focus is TA
      system balancing, specifically working with the engineering, contractor and owner communities to maximize hydronic
      system efficiency, reduce energy consumption, minimize total installed costs, and eliminate indoor comfort issues.

      During the presentation we will cover:
                 Balancing basics in heating and cooling systems
                 System benefits of using manual or automatic balancing valves
                 Reducing energy consumption to the absolute minimum and still achieve optimal system performance
                 System decomposition and how it will affect early system design
                 Minimizing construction delays due to balancing issues

      Rodney G. McWhirteryoung
      Tour & Andersson Product Manager
      Central Divison
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                    January 75th Anniversary Recap
      (From 2006-2007 WM ASHRAE President, Chris Bonzheim)
      By far, the best part of the January 75th Anniversary event was the gathering of old
      friends, the making of many new ones and the sincere appreciation for the many
      past Presidents that have given so freely of their time and talent in years past.

      Our 75th Anniversary Celebration was a great success, based on the many com-
      ments I have received from members. Sixty were in attendance with a terrific turn-
      out of spouses, sons and daughters. The evening began with a social reception,
      hors D’oeuvres, photos (view them all at, a president’s
      commemorative gift and game cards, followed by an executive gourmet meal and
      the introduction of all 15 past presidents in attendance for our web cast viewers.
      Our evening concluded with a “card match”, card purchase” game for many nice
      prizes to be given away. Some of the prize highlights included, a 14” Flat Screen
      TV won by Bob Genglebach, Byce Consulting Engineers, a DVD player won by Rod
      Cook, Process Engineering & Equipment Co. and a Wireless Router won by Sid
      Holwerda, Allied Mechanical Services. We also gave away a programmable ther-
      mostat donated by Cochrane Supply, Jump Drives an MP3 Player, a Wireless
      Mouse, and many ASHRAE logo items. As part or our game, the sale of additional
      cards, raised $90 for our chapter and will be used to defer some of the evenings ex-
      penses…thank you. The following is typical of many of the notes I have received….

      Hi Scott. Please pass on this note of appreciation to Chris
      and others on the ASHRAE board for a very enjoyable evening
      last night. You did it first class! I was honored to attend
      and enjoyed the kind words spoken.

      …I have always been supportive of furthering education thru
      the attendance at meetings such as you hold each month, con-
      ferences, etc. Throughout my career I have benefited both
      professionally and personally thru ASHRAE. The professional
      and social contacts that I have made are significant.

      I hope to attend in the future if a change in schedule will
      Please keep me on the list. Thanks again. Bob Langerak, For-
      est Hills Public Schools.
      Bob Langerak, President 1990-91.
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                                   Western Michigan ASHRAE News

                                           Member Highlights
     Would your company like to become a meeting sponsor for only $100?

     Contact James Rogers, K.L. McCoy & Associates 616-696-2722, or for more
     details. What a great way to get your company name out in front of the engineering community while
     supporting ASHRAE…sounds like a win-win to me.

      As part of our January meeting we received $100 meeting sponsorship dollars from each of these gen-
       erous organizations; In alphabetical order they are, Armstrong International, B&V Mechanical, Byce
         Consulting Engineers, Cochrane Supply, ControlNET, L.L.C., R.L. Deppmann Company, EMGS-
      Environmental & Medical Gas Services, Howley Agency Sales, K.L. McCoy & Associates, Trane West
      Michigan, Quality Air Service and Watson McDaniel/V.E. Sales Company, Inc.. Your contributions will
             not only help the Western Michigan Chapter, $600 will be donated to ASHRAE research

                               Contact: Beth Carney, Progressive AE with submissions for this column.
                                  or 616-361-2664

                                         Student Member Highlights

     No Updates from the Student Chapter of ASHRAE at Ferris State University.

                              Companies Supporting WM ASHRAE

            Does your company support the
       Western Michigan Chapter of ASHRAE?
       Get free advertising as a thank-you and be
                     featured in the
              WM ASHRAE Newsletter!
        Contact Beth Carney at to set up your
                              month and write-up!
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                                               OPEN POSITIONS

                    Contact Beth Carney, Progressive AE with available positions. Internships as well.
                            , 616-361-2664

     ControlNET, L.L.C., an area building automation and systems integration contractor, specializing in
     Tridium solutions, is growing and so is our team of programmers, technicians and installation special-
     ists. Our employees enjoy working in an environment that offers great advancement opportunities,
     training, benefits, 401K and more. If you enjoy being challenged by innovative control solutions in an
     environment that encourages creativity and high energy we welcome you to join us. We value team-
     work, integrity, customer responsiveness and anyone who shares our commitment to excellence.

     We have immediate openings in our Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo locations. Please send your re-
        sume to: HR Dept., PO Box 2587, Kalamazoo, MI 49003, or Fax to: 269-978-4110. All inquires
        strictly confidential.
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                                      Business Card Advertising

      Advertise your business to Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, and Lansing, for only $100 per year!
                                       Contact Chris Bonzheim at (269) 373-5555

                                                 MACAIRE, INC.
                                          400 Ann NW; Grand Rapids MI 49504
                                               616-364-5470; 800-526-7081

                               SERESCO dehumidifiers          KINETICS noise/vibration control
                               EVAPCO cooling towers/coolers CLIMATE MASTER heat pumps

                               VIBRON silencers/enclosures    VAPAC humidifiers
                               MEE-FOG humidification         ROCKWELL VFDs
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                                      Business Card Advertising

      Advertise your business to Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, and Lansing, for only $100 per year!
                                       Contact Chris Bonzheim at (269) 373-5555
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                                   ASHRAE National News

     ASHRAE, REHVA Partner to Encourage Sustainability

     ATLANTA - ASHRAE and the Federation of European Heating and Air-Conditioning Associa-
     tions (REHVA) have formalized a longtime relationship through signing of a new memorandum
     of understanding.        The memorandum, signed today at ASHRAE’s 2007 Winter Meeting, calls
     for increased cooperation between the two associations.
          “The challenges of the insecure energy situation and the public’s request for better and more
     secure buildings are huge,” Olli Seppänen, president of REHVA, said. “ASHRAE and REHVA
     must work together to find the best sustainable technology for superior indoor environment for
     buildings. Coordination and cooperation is needed so that duplication of efforts is avoided and
     that the limited resources are used most efficiently.”
          Europe is committed to a strong energy policy, Seppänen noted. The goal for energy saving is
     set at 20 percent by the year 2020 in Europe. Steps toward this goal include an energy efficiency
     and energy services directive from April 2006 that sets the goal for energy savings in the member
     states at 1 percent per year during the next nine years, and requests national energy efficiency plans
     in June 2007. The European commission also prepares a directive for minimum energy perform-
     ance standards for 14 priority energy products in 2007.
          ASHRAE is pursuing a similar goal, with hopes of achieving net-zero energy use by the year
          “This agreement strengthens the long-time relationship between ASHRAE and REHVA,”
     Terry Townsend, president of ASHRAE, said. “We must continue to work together to gain techni-
     cal knowledge and to share it. The engineers who belong to ASHRAE and REHVA are searching
     for new technology and guidance to develop safe, comfortable, healthy energy-efficient buildings.
     This agreement encourages our organizations to work together to ensure more sustainable envi-
     ronments all around the world.”
          REHVA represents 30 national engineering associations in Europe representing more than
     100,000 experts in the area of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration. It is based in
     Brussels, Belgium.
          ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is an international organization of 55,000 persons from 130 coun-
     tries. ASHRAE fulfills its mission of advancing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigera-
     tion to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world through research, standards writing, pub-
     lishing and continuing education.
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     Indoor Environmental Design Focus of ASHRAE Satellite Broadcast

     ATLANTA - Specific solutions to the everyday challenges of achieving indoor environmental
     quality within real-world budget constraints will be presented by ASHRAE in an upcoming satellite
            Indoor Environmental Design: Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems, sponsored by
     ASHRAE’s Chapter Technology Transfer Committee, will take place from 1-4 p.m. EDT, April
               “This program will benefit designers, building owners, architects, contractors and facility
     managers who are faced with the daily engineering challenge of specifying systems that maximize
     IAQ, thermal comfort and noise control,” said Bill Williams, chair of the broadcast committee.
     “Viewers will be given guidance on how to provide ventilation air that helps protect buildings in-
     stead of increasing mold risk, how to avoid the three most common mistakes in ventilation system
     design and operation, and how to provide comprehensive filtration without breaking their budget.”
            Bill Coad, P.E., president of Coad Engineering Enterprises, St. Louis, Mo., and past ASH-
     RAE president, will present an overview perspective on indoor environmental quality and intro-
     duce the following panel of experts:
               Hoy Bohanon Jr., P.E., owner and consultant, Bohanon Engineering Winston-Salem, N.C.,
     “Ventilation System Design: Avoiding Three Common Mistakes.”
               Lew Harriman, director of research, Mason-Grant, Portsmouth, N.H., “Ventilation Air:
     First, Do No Harm.”
               Dan Int-Hout, chief engineer, Krueger-HVAC, Richardson, Texas, “Noise, IAQ and Ther-
     mal Comfort – Can You Have It All?”
               Chris Muller, technical director, Purafil, Doraville, Ga., “Behind the Access Door – Ad-
     vances in Affordable Filtration for IAQ.”
            Online registration opens March 1 for satellite broadcast site coordinators and Webcast par-
     ticipants at Registration for satellite downlink viewers begins
     March 15. There is no fee for registration.
            For more information, email or call 678-539-1139.
            ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is an international organization of 49,000 persons. ASHRAE
     fulfills its mission of advancing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve hu-
     manity and promote a sustainable world through research, standards writing, publishing and con-
     tinuing education.

     SHRAE Technology Awards Highlight Outstanding Building Projects

     ATLANTA – A range of innovative technologies, including natural ventilation, use of grey water
     and incorporation of phase change materials, are highlighted in the winning ASHRAE Technology
     Award projects.
             The awards recognize members' exceptional achievements that incorporate elements of in-
     novative building design in the areas of occupant comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy
     conservation. Winners have applied ASHRAE standards for effective energy management and
     IAQ. The awards were presented at ASHRAE’s 2007 Winter Meeting being held this week in Dal-
     las. (continued)
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     ASHRAE Technology Awards Highlight Outstanding Building Projects (continued)

            Matt Younger, P.E., principal of Stantec Consulting, Seattle, Wash., received first place in
     the new health care facilities category for his design for the Washington Department of Veterans
     Affairs, Retsil, Wash.
            The fully naturally ventilated building features large, independently operated windows that
     aid with a passive cooling system. The system’s design is predicted to save 45 percent over Stan-
     dard 90.1 requirements, even without taking into account the deletion of comfort cooling require-
     ments because the building is naturally ventilated.
            Younger used intensive thermal modeling as a critical design tool on this project. Through
     testing of different design parameters, a whole-building integrated design solution was developed.
            Receiving first place in the new industrial facilities or processes category are Pierre Roussel,
     P.E., vice president of the mechanical division, and Jacques Lagace, P.E., vice president of innova-
     tion and major projects, at Bouthillette Parizeau & Associates for their design of the thermal plant
     at the Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
            One of the challenges they faced was the proximity of the air traffic control tower and the
     possibility of the smoke plume from boiler combustion gases interfering with traffic control activi-
            The team designed a system to avoid this scenario, incorporating measures such as running
     the boilers’ flue gases through a direct contact economizer to cool them using grey water. This also
     allows the system to reclaim the heat and creates efficiency of up to 99 percent.
            Daniel Pare, project manager for IBM in Bromont, Quebec, Canada, received first place in
     the existing industrial facilities or processes category for his design for an IBM semiconductor
     packaging facility in his hometown.
            His use of a thermal energy system with phase change materials combined with free cooling,
     a variable frequency drive chiller and predictive algorithm control is a first in North America.
     Phase change materials are substances that can accumulate and release energy during phase change.
     In this case, a change from liquid to solid.
            His design will produce energy savings of six percent annually in part by using artificial
     phase change materials in the chiller with different melting points between 28°F and 40°F. The
     system also uses a natural cooling exchanger, which runs from September to May to take advan-
     tage of Mother Nature’s natural cooling season.

            Honorable mention winners are as follows:
      Ronald Gagnon, president, Concept-R Inc., Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada, new commercial build-
     ings category, Comptoir Richelieu Botanix, Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada.
      George Karidis, P.E., vice president and director of mechanical engineering, SmithGroup Inc.,
     Detroit, new commercial buildings category, Visteon Village's corporate headquarters in Van Bu-
     ren Township, Michigan.
      Ronald Henning, P.E., principal, SmithGroup Inc., Detroit, new institutional buildings category,
     University of Michigan's Life Sciences Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
      Norman J. Brown, P.E., principal, CDi Engineers, Lynwood, Wash., public assembly category,
     Seattle Center Marion Oliver McCaw Hall Renovation, Seattle, Wash.
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     ASHRAE Members Get Energized in Dallas

     ATLANTA – The adage that everything is bigger in Texas proved true for the 2007 ASHRAE
     Winter Meeting held last week in Dallas.
             ASHRAE can boast of a large turnout for overall meeting attendance, record attendance at
     social events, and high attendance at the International Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating
     (AHR) Exposition cosponsored by ASHRAE and the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
             “Obviously our members took the meeting theme of ‘get energized in Dallas’ to heart,”
     Terry Townsend, P.E., ASHRAE president, said. “Our meetings are an integral part of our Society,
     providing attendees with a first-hand look at the latest technology and allowing them to advance
     their education, network with fellow members from all over the world and influence technology.”
             The ASHRAE meeting had a total attendance of 2,634, an increase of nearly 200 over the
     2006 Winter Meeting in Chicago. Registration for social events, also up over previous years, was
     more than 800 for the Welcome Party; more than 600 for the president’s luncheon; and 557 for
     the Members’ Night Out.
             Two big events were motivational speaker Diana Nyad, who received a standing ovation
     for her inspiring story about setting the world record for completing the longest swim in history –
     102.5 miles from the coast of Bimini to the Florida shore, and Dennis Dimick, executive editor at
     National Geographic Magazine, who discussed three 2004 National Geographic magazine articles,
     “Signs from Earth” that document emergent effects of climate change observed worldwide.
             Top-selling publications at the meeting were the new ASHRAE GreenGuide: The Design,
     Construction and Operation of Sustainable Buildings; HVAC Simplified, the Advanced Energy
     Design Guide for Small Retail Buildings and the ASHRAE Handbook CD+.
             The ASHRAE Learning Institute courses also were well-attended by nearly 1,000 people.
     The top-drawing courses dealt with green buildings, Standard 90.1, health care facilities design and
             The AHR Expo, sponsored by ASHRAE and ARI also proved to be “Texas-sized” with
     1,789 total exhibiting companies and 354,057 square feet of net exhibit space. Total Expo atten-
     dance topped 47,000, including 28,130 visitors and 19,065 registered exhibitor personnel.
             Comparatively, the first co-sponsored show in the Southwest held in Dallas in 1976 drew
     284 exhibiting companies and 90,197 square feet of net exhibit space.
             ASHRAE will hold its 2007 Annual Meeting in Long Beach, June 23-27, followed by its
     2008 Winter Meeting, Jan. 19-23 in New York, accompanied by the AHR Expo, Jan. 22-24.
           ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is an international organization of some 50,000 persons. ASH-
     RAE fulfills its mission of advancing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to
     serve humanity and promote a sustainable world through research, standards writing, publishing
     and continuing education.

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