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					                                                        Annex I to Rector’s Order no.13
                                                                       of 11 April 2008

The Procedure applies to trips:
   1. defined in SGH Senate Resolution no. 258, §1 excluding section 3, point a)
      and section 3, point f) with reference to SGH students,
   2. organisational, implemented as part of business trips,
   3. made by participants of research and educational projects implemented by
      SGH, who are not SGH staff or students.
Trips made by SGH staff, students and doctoral students seconded abroad for
didactic, educational and scientific and research or organisational purposes by SGH
or another organisation approved by SGH are subject to registration in the Centre for
International Programme Development (CRPM).
The registration is made on the basis of completed foreign secondment Application
called hereinafter the Application whose samples are presented in Appendices I.1
and I.2.
The Application should be submitted with the following enclosures:
1. Completed Application for foreign trip leave (it does not apply to trips as part of
   business and student secondments), whose sample is shown in Annex I.3.
2. Documents to determine the purpose and conditions of stay:
   -   Invitation/ confirmation of admittance of the Applicant by a foreign entity,
   -   plan of stay / programme of scientific event, in the case of scientific event its
       name should be given together with the title of the paper or speech delivered),
   -   the person applying for financing the conference, training and visa fee or
       hotel deposit, should enclose the document to confirm: the fee title (e.g.
       invoice or proforma invoice), the amount, name and address of the bank,
       name of the account holder, account number, SWIFT and IBAN as well as the
       information on what the fee refers to.
3. Information about the mode of transport and exact date and itinerary.
The completed application approved by the Applicant’s immediate superior and Dean
of Study/Collegium, Chancellor (Administrative Director), Rector or Pro-rector, signed
by the fund manager and approved by the Bursary on availability of funds applied for
is to be submitted together with enclosures in the Centre for International
Programmes Development (CRPM) at least 14 days before the planned departure.
The Applicant receives a copy of application after the conditions have been approved
by the Rector of Pro-rector for foreign cooperation, or by the Chancellor in the case of
administrative staff.
CRPM sends the Application for a foreign trip leave, approved by the Rector of Pro-
rector for foreign cooperation to the Human Resources Department, which registers
Following the application:
1. CRPM orders and buys air, train or bus tickets, in time resulting from the
   Application, from the travel agent SGH cooperates with on the basis of the
   agreement concluded.
2. Purchasing the ticket from another agent is possible if the price offer is more
   favourable than the one made by the SGH’s regular partner, in such a case the
   ticket purchase is also made by CRPM.
3. Ticket purchase in business class requires explanation and approval of the fund
   manager and Rector.
4. It is permitted to finance the trip made in the Applicant’s private car as long as it is
   economically well-founded. In this case the cost of trip is refunded on the basis of
   the Agreement on the use of private cars for business purposes, signed before the
   trip between the Applicant and SGH, one copy of which the Applicant should
   submit to CRPM. On behalf of the University the agreement is signed by the
The passport and visa formalities are settled in person by the Applicant in embassy
visa sections or consular offices directly or through travel agents. Visa fees financed
by SGH may be paid in cash after receiving a down payment or by transfer on the
basis of invoice. CRPM issues relevant documents. If it is required, CRPM writes a
letter to the embassy or consular office and hand it in to the Applicant.
Insurance during the trip and stay abroad
1. Staff, students and doctoral students seconded abroad are obliged to buy a health
   and accident insurance policy for the period of trip and stay.
2. In the case of trips financed with funds managed by SGH, insurance policy is
   bought by CRPM on the basis of the Application.
3. In case of trips financed in full by external companies the Applicant is obliged to
   present the insurance policy in CRPM while submitting the Application. The copy
   should be enclosed in the Application.
4. Persons seconded to the European Union countries are advised to make use of
   the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ), issued by the National Health Fund.
   Details are to be found on The card entitles to free medical
   help abroad. The EKUZ card does not cover the accident insurance. It is advised
   to buy additional accident insurance (NNW).
Funds to cover foreign stay costs
1. The financial settlement of former trips accounts by the Applicant preconditions
   granting funds.
2. The basis for payment of funds is the approval of their manager included in the
3. It is possible for WSE to credit trips financed from external funds. The decision is
   to be made by the Dean of Study/Collegium or Rector/Pro-rector for foreign
   cooperation with reference to funds at their disposal, after having been approved
   by the Bursar. In this case the Applicant is obliged to promptly settle the
   formalities connected with the repayment of the amount credited by SGH onto the
   SGH account and to inform CRPM about transferring the above mentioned
   amount to the SGH account.
4. In case of financing from several different sources, it is necessary to indicate all
   the sources and obtain approval of all fund managers.
5. In case of the lack of confirmation of the sources of financing indicated in the
   Application, the trip must be withheld up to the moment a new source is indicated.
6. CRPM proceeds the order of payment of funds granted in the Application on the
   basis of regulations in force and daily allowances and hotels limits defined in the
   Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.
7. The order is made in triplicate, two copies of which CRPM sends to Cash
   Accounts Department. The third copy is left in CRPM.
8. The sample of order to pay funds is presented in Annex I.4.
9. If the hotel price exceeds the hotel limit in a given country specified in the
   Regulation of Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, the Applicant must obtain the
   approval of the fund manager and rector to exceed the limit. The Applicant shall
   pay income tax on the amount by which the limit has been exceeded if the law in
   force at the moment of departure requires it.
10. In the week prior to the departure the Applicant receives the granted funds in the
    Cash Accounts Department in the form of foreign exchange down payment or
    credit card issued to the Applicant’s name together with the information of funds
    due, constituting the down payment to cover the costs of foreign stay.
11. The Applicant receiving the down cash payment confirms the receipt signing the
    Statement, the sample of which is shown in Annex I.5.
12. The Applicant receiving a credit card confirms the information of the funds due,
    signing the Information-Statement, whose sample is shown in Annex I.6. CRPM
    submits the copy to Clearance Department.
13. The Applicant granted scholarship for the foreign stay may receive the transfer to
    the account indicated by them.
SGH credit card: conditions of use
1. The Applicant receives the card after signing the agreement.
2. The agreement is signed between the employee, SGH and card issuer.
3. Cash Accounts Department gives the card to the holder, receipt to be signed
4. Cash Accounts Department registers issues and returns.
5. The card can only be used for business purposes.
6. At the request of CRPM or Bursary the cardholder is obliged to return it.
7. The holder of WSE card issued to his name makes all the financial transactions
   abroad within the limits of the granted foreign exchange down payment for the
   cost of stay abroad.
8. The card can be used by its holder to pay the hotel deposit, conference or visa fee
   etc. as long as the funds were considered in the Application.
9. The payment made by card does not release the Applicant from the duty of
   presenting financial documents to confirm the transaction made.
10. The holder must not let third persons use it.
11. The holder is responsible for all transactions made with its use.
Financial settlement of trip
1. The seconded person makes settlement within 14 days of trip ending through
   submitting a completed form of Foreign Exchange Settlement together with the
   required enclosures, samples presented in Annexes I.7 and I.7a.
2. The persons who received cash make settlement in Cash Accounts Department
   making use of Annex I.7.
3. Name card holders submit their settlement forms in the Settlement Department
   making use of Annex I.7a.
4. Business task completion on factual grounds is endorsed by the immediate
   superior of the seconded person.
5. The Settlement form should be submitted with enclosures:
   -   - tickets copies ( together with landing cards in case of air tickets),
   -   - hotel invoice – clearing of granted hotel allowances is made on the basis hotel
       invoices containing the following data: name and address of university: SGH
       Al. Niepodległości 162, 02-554 Warszawa, Polska/, name and surname of the
       person the invoice refers to, SGH NIP (SGH tax identification number) i.e. PL
   -   - invoice to certify conference fee, if the fee was financed from from SGH funds
       and the invoice was not submitted before departure. The invoice should
       contain the information mentioned in point 1, conference name and fee
       amount (if possible the invoice should be submitted to CRPM at the moment of
       applying for payment of conference fee).
   -   - other documents to certify expenses cleared within the granted foreign
       exchange down payment.
6. Together with the Settlement the seconded person submits a written report made
   according to the sample I.8. The report copy is to be submitted to CRPM by the
   seconded person.
1. The employee seconded abroad for scientific, didactic or education purposes in
   the period of scientific leave, paid or unpaid, granted by SGH on the basis od Law
   of 27 July 2005. – Higher Education Law, article 134, sections 1 to 4 as well as
   SGH Statutes, article 102, submits, together with application for leave, a
   completed form Secondment Information, the sample is presented in Annex I.9 to
   the Order.
2. A completed form Secondment Information should be submitted to the Centre for
   International Programmes Development (CRPM), which registers trips.

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