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									Sure Start Children’s Centres
- raising parental aspirations.

           presented by
Lin Simmonds, Lead - Sure Start West
    Sure Start Children’s Centre Review
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                  A summary of who we are.
• Two Children’s Centres - Westgate and Armstrong - built upon former
Sure Start local programmes.
• The ‘Centres’ are networks of provision including the PVI, maintained
statutory partners, health, Job Centre Plus and Sure Start grant funded
services working together.
• There is a single area Partnership Board on which partners and
parents are represented and there are integrated management and
leadership arrangements.
• Sure Start delivery team developing and delivering services across
both Children’s Centre networks, in order to maximise our reach.
• Sure Start West Riverside Children’s Centres work in areas that range
from 1% to 30% of the most disadvantaged super output areas.
Sure Start West Riverside Children’s Centres

                         Sure Start
     Sure Start
    The range and effectiveness of services
•  Wide range of services provided by Sure Start West
• Parents told us that they knew about 31 unique and
different services in their immediate area with responses
showing that most parents knew about 2 or more services.
• 60% of parents said they were very effective, 37% said
that services were effective and none felt that services were
not effective.
• Partners said “a wide and varied range of services exist
which reflect the individuality of the areas and communities
they serve”.
    Funding, sustainability, and value for money
• 2008-2009 Sure Start West Riverside received an annual grant of
£800,000 for each of its Children’s Centres.
• Invested in local social infrastructure; commissioning local
voluntary and community sector partners to deliver many of our
• Also provide training and operational support for partners,
increasing their capacity to provide accessible services.
• Value for money achieved by the maximisation of partnership
working and the sharing of resources with others.
• Capital investments are supported by revenue grant.
• Able to commission and deliver a broad range of local and city wide
services that meet the needs of local children and families.
    Staffing, governance, management and
               strategic planning
• Staff are well trained and hold qualifications appropriate to
their role.
• Strong and experienced Senior Management Team
(SMT) provide leadership and direction with a clear focus on
outcomes, evaluation and review in order to continually
strive towards improved quality and reach.
• West Riverside Partnership responsible for agreeing the
local vision, supporting the management team to decide on
the actions and resources necessary to achieve the vision;
reviewing progress, providing challenge and contributing to
our commissioning decisions.
      How we work with other partners and other
• A network of services delivered from a number of sites throughout
the Sure Start West Riverside area.
• We work closely with a wide variety of partners from the voluntary,
community and faith sectors; commissioning and working in
partnership with them.
• Utilising the trust and expertise of local specialist services for
example specialist debt, homeless and health advice projects, to
maximise reach.
• Representation from VCS partners within the governance structure
of the Sure Start Area.
How we work with other partners and other
• 73% of parents strongly agreed that Sure Start staff are
knowledgeable and able to help them and their family.
• Through the use of the Common Assessment Framework
(CAF) an effective and integrated approach to early
intervention and prevention is being used.
• Through our Supporting Families process health partners,
social care and other targeted services work together to
determine packages of support for vulnerable children.
• Partners such as Health workers and Job Centre Plus
provide drop-in session at our Children’s Centres settings
and our ‘shop-front’, The Sure Start Information Point
         Raising parental aspirations
• We take a holistic approach, it’s not just about
• Welcoming, affirming, supportive ethos – the extra mile.
• Activities which building parents’ self confidence and self
• Supporting parents in their role as parents.
• Starting where parents are – parents come for lots of
• Positive role models.
                  Raising parental aspirations

•   Adult and family learning courses
• Skills for Life (Test the Toon)
• Links with Job Centre Plus.
• Celebrations, recognition, rewards
• Working to employ parents directly where we can
• Parents’ Voice
• Parents on the Board
• Feedback to parents
   Services are being accessed by those most in

Recent information gathered from parents, evidences that by
accessing Sure Start Services in / through Sure Start West
Riverside Children’s Centres, vulnerable children and families have
been helped to: access welfare rights and financial advice, join the
library, access local play provision, find a childcare place for their
child, join a toy library, take part in family learning activities and
access family activity services.

How have you approached this in your
   area and with what outcomes?

   What are the key ingredients for

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