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An important distinction:

It is increasingly common to hear parents and children, commenting on the purchase of games and toys, this seems important to distinguish between games and toys, and games are the
actions taken by humans to "x" reason and toys are elements, of course, essential to the development of the action. [1]

The people do not buy games, buy or build toys that are used for the action of playing. Eg The letters are not a game but a toy and used for various games, as the domain or the park, well
known in our midst.

For the realization of games is not always necessary to purchase toys on the market, as they make the same users, end up being most desired by them, we will return to this point.

The toys have the characteristic of being inanimate and vitality always gives a player, Cundo even talk about the latest, which will also talk about them later, they are toys that require a player to
"be", for example, doll that says mom and dad, ends up being a repetitive wrist and tired in his words to the owner but it does not appear, forgetting and changing it to one that will tell you a ll
they want to listen to [2], in short, that doll is not part of a game, if the brand owner does not press a button to make children participate in some adventure.


The toys have been around for millions of years and are a product of cultural and social circumstances of peoples, we will no t delve into the history of these, though it would be worthwhile, if not
we'll pick up here, only the characteristics of two toys; one that refers to the "oldies" and another to modern toys.

Let's start with the queen of toys [3]: the doll, which does not speak and has no movement, that relegated to being bought by the poorest in our opinion, is an excellent toy, precisely because of
not speaking , have no proper motion, it becomes a versatile element, as well as the owner, it goes deep into the world of girl who takes to play with the object. Just watch a group of children
playing to represent a familiar everyday scene of one of the protagonists and wrists become nurses, cooks, doctors, housewives and the list is as long as the experience of participants, ie, the
versatility of the toy is the appropriation that the owner and in this case the owner can do it.

These toys allow children's creativity broadly, allowing better conditions for living spaces emotional, social and psychic. [4]

The toy is an enabler if you like the dreams of children as long as they can turn their toys into protagonists of their deepest desires.

Now we refer to the latest toys: think of the car track, where they collide and the owner or owners can be corrected manually to return to face the track speed and battery power that can be to
acquire. To this proposal playful - consumerism, questions arise as we:

§ What other game can get rid of this proposal?

§ What allows this kind of creative toys for children?

How can we find a toy that would force children to put the center of the games exercised, repetitive toy, little versatile and enabler of the wishes of children. The relationship player toy, a simple
relationship where the player does not have many possibilities to create this toy, his toy.

Finally, we would raise as an alternative, the use of less sophisticated toys every day and eventually the modern annoy adults and stored in the nursery to avoid being destroyed by them,
thanks to mom and dad price paid in supermarket for the point of purchase toys that children can not be used by express prohibition of the same people who bought them.

A little word ON THE GAMES:

To not stop here, just enough to say that something happens with games similar to toys, there are now a set of games that allow the Niñ @ s @ s encounter with the other and therefore
facilitate their social life, the Like his emotional life and on the other hand, have emerged on the market a set of modern toys that make the game of singles and can at any given time hinder the
access of small social concert, as opposed to toys and games that makes it easy.

He was educated:

This part of the article, is really what brings us together, the above was important to see where we can take the games from an educational perspective.

To begin, we say that education systems have been characterized by its rigidity, to transmit knowledge from the perspective of the serious, perhaps as an inheritance from medieval Christianity
[5]. It is worth noting that this proposal was valid and that obviously is not condemned, but is now necessary to reevaluate a nd make the teaching-learning process [6] in a meeting with the
model know a little more dynamic, more participatory and perhaps less aggressive with the student.

Toys and games for its versatility can be used in proposals of knowledge, always keep in mind that what you want to transmit. Nothing more satisfying than a young student to evaluate
proposals that meet the elements facilitate offered by teachers without stress and enjoyable way.

From the point of view of the Recreation, games are tools that should be used and not ends in themselves do not allow more than alienate those who participate, so I do not know this the end

Just as we use games to break the ice, we can use to give students a specific topic of literature, science, arithmetic and so on. Similarly one can evaluate a proposal from a recreational activity,
allowing participants a less tense to deliver knowledge.

In the mass games, teachers have the opportunity to assess or observe in young students, their socialization process, their chances both fine and coarse motor.

The development of a comet, could help a professor of social reinforce teamwork.

The making of a meal together, might help young people come to the geographical areas where there are elements that ar e part of this great food.

The development of a cake or cakes, the approach would facilitate the process of addition and subtraction if you will.

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