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                  REJOICING, REACHING, and RENEWING, we share the joy of the gospel through a life of faith.

        402-395-2043             email:              

Zion Lutheran Church, 319 S 5th St., Albion, NE 68620                                              October 2011

                                                              God’s having chosen them. As Jesus teaches in
          Worship and Thanksgiving                            Matthew’s Gospel: Where your treasure is, there
     Over the next couple months thanksgiving will
                                                              your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21)
take center stage in the Church’s life. In October the
                                                                  Where we spend ourselves, our time, our
Women of the ELCA and the Sew Happy Mission
                                                              relationships, our intellectual ability, our money
Quilters will offer Thank Offering in support of
                                                              matters precisely because it forms us in light of our
Lutheran World Relief.
                                                                                           relationship with God.
The quilts will decorate
                                                                                           Questions or
the pews during worship;
                                                                                           conversation? Feel free to
a display of school,
                                                                                           contact me any time.
personal care and sewing
                                                                                                Pastor David Frerichs
kits. For Zion Lutheran
Church this is a time of
thanksgiving as well as an
act of worship.
     In his book Giving to
God, Mark Allan Powell writes that stewardship is a                 LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF
way of life. It is not merely the percentage of                    OFFERING - OCTOBER 16, 2011
income that Christians tithe to the ministry of the
                                                              The kits and quilts are an all congregation event as
church that matters to God. Rather, one hundred
                                                              the fabric and supplies are
percent of a Christian’s life matters to God. The
                                                              donated by all of you.
question is how do the faithful make decisions that
                                                              Please place your monetary
are God-pleasing—with their time, with their
                                                              gift in the envelope you will
abilities, with their commitments, with their money,
                                                              find in this Messenger and
with their relationships, indeed, with their whole
                                                              bring to worship on October
                                                              16. Thanks for the support!
     While stewardship is much, much more than
merely money, people tend to want to shelter their
money and the possessions from the implications of
their faith. In so many ways, stewardship has
become a burden or demand to be met. What Powell
suggests is that instead, stewardship of all that
faithful Christians have becomes a way of life…and
that way of life brings freedom and new life.
     In this light, making offering (whether of quilts,
of time, or money) is first and foremost an act of
worship. It is a means for giving thanks and
praise to God. Making offering is also an
expression of faith. It speaks a word about trust
in God who creates and provides, who redeems
and makes whole, who gives faith and inspires
through the Holy Spirit. And finally, making
offering is a spiritual discipline. Such disciplines
help Christians enter into a deeper awareness of
            Simply Giving Program
Now is the time to consider signing up for electronic                       Nebraska Hay Lift
giving (known as Simply Giving). Zion Lutheran
relies on the financial support of the congregation          Due to drought and wildfires in Texas, farmers are in
and electronic giving offers an easy way to give on a        desperate need of hay to feed their livestock. Pastor
recurring basis. Please contact the church office or         Robert Sorensen from Brenham, Texas is hoping to
Dave Woebbecke for details. Thank you!                       organize a hay lift from the Nebraska Synod to the
    —————————————————————                                    Texas-Louisiana Synod. At this time, Pastor
                                                             Sorensen is only looking for commitments for the
  Direct Your Thrivent Choice Dollars                        number of hay bales Nebraska farmers would be
                                                             willing to donate. Once he has a rough estimate of
     to Zion Lutheran Church Today!                          how many bales are available, he will arrange for a
Eligible benefit members of Thrivent Financial               trucking company to haul the hay to southeast
                                                             Texas. The Texas ranchers receiving the hay are
for Lutherans can now recommend where
                                                             offering to pay the freight costs to
Thrivent Financial distributes a portion of its              transport the hay from Nebraska to
charitable funds through Choice Dollars, part                Texas. Please contact the church
of the Thrivent Choice charitable grant                      office with the number of bales
program. Every dollar directed to Zion                       you would be willing to donate to
Lutheran Church supports the mission                         the Texas-Louisiana Synod.
                                                             You’ll be contacted with more
Rejoicing, Reaching out and Renewing.
                                                             details as soon as estimates are
                                                             received and the hay lift can be arranged.
Contact Stephanie Beckwith, 402-395-6010
(office) or 402-741-0494 (cell), Thrivent                        —————————————————————
Representative for more information about
                                                              Thank you for faithful stewardship the ROOF
Choice Dollars and how to designate yours to
                                                              FUND loan has been paid off! Praise the Lord!
support Zion's mission and ministry.

          Martin Luther comes to the
             Gateway Theater
             A showing of the Luther movie will be
             held at the Gateway Theater in Albion on
             Thursday, Oct. 13 at 6:30, sponsored by
             Immanuel Zion Lutheran Church.
             Remade in 2003 (in color!), this movie
             walks us through the formative years of               Zion Lutheran Church Council
             Martin Luther’s life and the Reformation
that led to the start of the Lutheran tradition. The
                                                                         Meeting Minutes
movie runs approximately two hours. Admission is                             September 20, 2011
free and open to anyone. The concessions will be
open at the usual prices.                                        The Zion Lutheran Church Council met
                                                             September 20, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Present were Pastor
    —————————————————————                                    Kern, Dave Woebbecke, Loren Johnson, Terry
         STITCHES AND PRAYER                                 Ahlers, Mary Kay Tisthammer, Nicole Levander,
Stitches and Prayer will meet every Tuesday at               Allen Thorberg, Pastor Frerichs, Cindy Rasmussen
7:00PM during the month of October. Please bring a           and Dave Skillstad. Absent were Steve Groth and
size J crochet hook and yarn. This is a great time to        Lynn Lehmann. Pastor Kern led us in devotions.
learn to crochet as well as share a devotion together.       Secretary minutes were read and approved.
We will be making a prayer shawl in time. Everyone               Treasurers report was read and approved.
welcome to join.
     No report from Worship and Music.                                WELCA NEWS-WORTHY
     No report from Parish Education
     No report from Property                                   TO: All Zion Women (and the Congregation)
     Evangelism has set up their new committee.                FROM: Elva Bartels, President
     Report from Pastor Frerichs included to swap
pastors with Pastor Kern at Immanuel Zion on                   Although August was a quiet month, September was
October 2 and November 13. There will be a NE                  not! It was extremely busy, especially the first week,
Synod Theological Conference October 24-26 in                  starting with the General meeting, followed by the
Kearney. Cluster "Fall Doing" is Sun, Nov 6 at Shell           Kruse and Briese funerals, the 9/11 pot-luck /
Creek in Newman Grove; Continuing Education                    program and the Bloodmobile all over a period of
Seminar is at Bethesda MD, Nov 7-9; and Nov 17-19              seven days.
vacation to attend Daniel’s senior vocal recital.
Pastor also stated that he is holding a bible study on         Special THANKS to our efficient 2nd V.P.’s Pam
Monday at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. On Wed                      Wright and Roberta Seda and our Serving Groups.
evenings a class called "Faith Tune Up" which                  We have some very dedicated workers never
parallels Zion's confirmation instructions will be             expecting more of others than they are willing to do.
held. Parents of confirmands are encouraged to                 Ardy Choat and Ruth Hartford and Group I handled
attend. On Sunday morning there will be a "New                 the first five days. Group IV served the Bloodmobile
Comer's Gathering" for people who just joined Zion,            the last two days. It is in providing assistance to
wish to join Zion, or have been members for a while            others that Zion Women experience joy in service.
and want to brush up on the reason they believe how
they believe. Pastor also said thank you to Lisa               Special acknowledgment to those who presented the
Skillstad for the window treatments she donated to             excellent Christian education program on September
the parsonage for the front door and living room               7: Patti Meyer, Chm, Sandra Lindgren, Marilee
window.                                                        Niewohner and Pastor Mike Kern. Officers were
     Pastor Kern reported 21 students in the                   elected and will be installed at the December
confirmation program this year. He also stated there           meeting.
is a leadership academy at Carol Joy Holling Camp,
Nov 18-19. It would be great to send leaders from              Our Thankoffering and LWR Ingathering will be part
our congregation to this event.                                of the Sunday worship on October 16 with Marcia
     Old business brought up the discussion of the             Seier in charge. Please bring your Thankoffering gift
algae in the parsonage bathroom and who and how                to the service or get it into the office earlier by using
we are going to fix this. The demolition of the house          the envelope in this Messenger to give your special
and trees across the street still are waiting for Steve        gift to help those in need.
Bygland to schedule a date.
     New business discussed the date of January 22,            There will be no meeting in November. Our year is
2012 as the date for the annual meeting. It was asked          rapidly winding down. Our annual Christmas
that the nominating committee starts a little earlier in       luncheon / program is on December 7 at noon. Mark
getting nominees for the council, Mission                      your calendar and please plan to be in attendance to
Endowment chair people and NE Synod voting                     start the Advent / Christmas season then.
members and new nominating committee for 2012.
There was discussion about a seminar for Pastor                Starting with the September issue, Lutheran Women
Kern and Pastor Frerichs attending to learn more               Today, our women’s magazine, has been renamed,
about good leadership for the congregation. This               GATHER. It features our monthly Bible Study and
matter was tabled until next month for further                 many interesting articles. If you would like to
discussion.                                                    subscribe and have never taken it, check with Elva
     The meeting was adjourned and closed with the             Bartels or Margaret in the church office for further
Lord's Prayer.                                                 information.
     Next meeting will be October 18 at 7:00. Dave
Skillstad already stated he will not be present.
Respectfully yours,
Mary Kay Tisthammer
                                                                 personal care and sewing kits that are being
                                                                 offered for the sake of the greater ministry of
                                                                 the Church.
                                                             Reformation Sunday, October 30 is a time
                                                                 to acknowledge the Lutheran Church’s
                                                                 heritage. It is a time to remember the core of
                                                                 our faith, that salvation is God’s work. The
I will put my law within [the house of Israel], and I            Lutheran Church often articulates this work
will write it on their hearts; and I will be their God,          in the commitments: Christ alone; faith
and they shall be my people. –Jeremiah 31:33                     alone; word alone; grace alone. These are
                                                                 God’s work for the benefit of creation. In
    Have you ever noticed that God is willing to                 addition, Lutherans believe that the Church
make new covenants with God’s people many times                  must ever be reforming. Zion identifies this
over in the scriptures? The first covenant is with               impulse in the mission statement: Rejoicing;
Noah after the flood. Then Abraham, and David.                   Reaching out; and Renewing.
Jeremiah offers a vision of a new covenant unlike           Even as farmers enter the busy time of harvest,
any before. In this covenant, God’s word, God’s         praying for favorable weather, the people of God
law, shall be written on the people’s hearts. God       remember that the cycle of new life, growth,
promises to be their God and that they will be God’s    maturity, and harvest are themes not only in
people. These are big promises. And they are a new      agriculture. All created things have a lifespan. They
way of being in relationship. Of course, as             are finite. It is true for institutions as well.
Christians, we see the fulfillment of all the covenants     Yet institutions do have mechanisms for
in the person of Jesus Christ. And we worship and       prolonging their life. The Church can be in a process
praise, give thanks and blessing, in response to this   of perpetual renewal for the sake of proclaiming
good news. These are big promises.                      God’s Good News in Jesus Christ to an ever-
    October is a time when this “mission center,”       changing world. While it is important that Zion
which we call Zion Lutheran Church, seeks to fulfill    remember and honor heritage—Lutheran heritage as
promises. Zion will do so in the form of additional     well as congregational heritage—it is also important
opportunities for faith formation:                      to be listening carefully for what God is doing
     Faith Weavers (for grades 2-5) and                already in our midst. And in listening, plan and
        Confirmation Warm-up (grade 6) begins on        respond.
        October 5. These vital after school ministries      One of the great gifts of Zion’s heritage is the
        seek to embody God’s presence in the life of    many visionary folks who have dared to try new
        our community’s children, even as they seek     things. Albion is a community that has been blessed
        to teach the children core stories of faith.    with visionary planners who have gifted the
     The Blessing of the Keys is another Faith         community with resources to promote sustainability.
        Milestone in which Zion Lutheran Church         And this congregation will need to embrace its
        acknowledges new drivers and their parents      reformation roots in processes of ongoing strategic
        on Sunday, October 23.                                                     planning which bring
        Driving has become a The Church can be in a process of                     continuing health, vitality and
        significant rite of                                                        new life. For indeed, God
        passage and marker of
                                   perpetual renewal for the sake of               has written the Good News
        greater independence       proclaiming God’s Good News in Jesus on our hearts…and continues
        and responsibility for     Christ to an ever-changing world.               to do so in the Word
        young people.                                                              proclaimed and in Holy
     Lutheran World Relief Thankoffering               Communion celebrated each week as we gather for
        Sunday is a time when the Women of the          worship, praise, and thanksgiving. And God has
        ELCA in this congregation give thanks and       called the faithful to continual renewal.
        make offerings of mission to God through the
        ministries of LWR on October 16. Be sure to     Yours in Christ,
        come see the beautiful quilts, school,          Pastor David Frerichs

 We’re Lutheran. What does this mean?                   special relationship with God that makes them know
    Recent studies have shown that American             more about God or closer to God. We all bear
Christians are less and less tied to their              equally the responsibility of living out the Gospel and
denominational affiliation. Christians are more         of bearing witness to God’s grace in word and deed.
likely to move between Lutheran, Methodist,                The vast number of denominations might be a
Catholic, Baptist, and other denominations              symptom of our increasingly divided world. Yet,
throughout the course of their lives. In a world        each one is also a gift, including Lutherans. These
where lines seem to be drawn more heavily between       relationships connect us to millions and millions of
nations and political groups, maybe that’s a good       other believers. They keep us accountable to one
thing.                                                  another in our beliefs and practices. At the same
    Luther would be the first to admit he didn’t want   time, being Lutheran means more than just insisting
people using his name to define them. He always         on certain beliefs, but responding to the grace of God
insisted it was our God in                                                        we believe in with the work of
                                   We all bear equally the responsibility our hands. Joined with others,
Christ who defined us. We
may be Lutheran, but we are of living out the Gospel . . .                        we trust that nothing we do,
primarily Christian. As                                                           whether globally or locally, is
Lutherans, we don’t claim to be the only true                                     done alone, but with the
church, the only ones who believe rightly, or the       power of God through millions. Every single one of
only ones granted salvation. Instead, we stick          us is called to be a part of this work, to share the
together because we share some common                   grace and love of God we’ve come to know with a
convictions and traditions, and we need each other      world that has so much need to hear and feel it.
to be more faithful.                                       I thank God every day that I have to opportunity
    As we celebrate Reformation Day on October 31,      to do God’s work with you, Pastor Mike
it’s helpful for us to remember what it is that makes
us distinctively “Lutheran.” It’s not just our potluck
menu, our fondness for sitting in the same spot as far   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
back as we can in worship, or even our knack for                  Year to Date Treasurer's Report
excessive guilt. It is our insistence on the grace and                   (through August 31st)
love of God as revealed in the Bible. Among all
competing theologies and traditions, one thing we               General Income:              $140,323.49
always go back to is that it’s God’s grace through              General Expenses:            $179,484.63
faith that saves us, and not anything of our own                General Fund Balance: $ 1,234.71
doing.                                                          Mission Share Income: $ 16,396.76
    It sounds simple, but it has implications for               Mission Share Budget: $ 25,000.00
everything else we believe and do. Our confidence        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
in God’s grace shapes our understanding of baptism
and communion. It forms our thoughts about sin,
forgiveness, and community. It even impacts why
we do the good works we do to serve God and each              ZION LUTHERAN WOMEN
other. We trust this unabashed belief in God’s grace              ELECT 2012 OFFICERS
because it’s what we see God reveal in the Bible,
primarily through Jesus. While we value tradition          Zion Lutheran Church Women met Wednesday,
and human reason, we always start with God’s            September 7, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. President Elva
Word.                                                   Bartels welcomed the 25 members and guests present
    Does all this insistence mean we can’t work,        and opened the meeting with prayer. Devotions
worship, or agree with others? By no means. What        taken from Proverbs and Isaiah reminding us of how
it means is that this is the gift we bring to the table God’s word teaches and encourages us, were given
with others (whether it’s a dinner table or a           by Ruth Dobbe. Carol Brugger gave the secretary’s
communion table). In fact, one distinctively            report and correspondence was read from Markie and
Lutheran tenet is the “priesthood of all believers,”    Rudi Sup, Boone Central P.T.A. and The Good
which suggests that no one has a privileged or          Samaritan Society-Wolf Memorial.

    Roberta Seda reported the serving groups
activities. Treasurer’s report was given by Joy Haas.
Elsie Wheeler reported November will be Zion’s
month for “Meals on Wheels”. Elva reminded us
L.W.R. Ingathering and Thankoffering will be
October 16. We have 166 school bags made to fill              The children of Harold & Lois Thewke
by then.
                                                             invite you to help them celebrate their
    New Business: Officers voted for Zion to serve
the 2012 Boone County Fair dining hall. Amy                    50th Wedding Anniversary with an
Zaruba has volunteered to chair the project. Karen
                                                               Open House on Sunday,
Andersen volunteered to also be on the committee.
Mary Staub will be treasurer. The fair is scheduled               October 9, 2011
for July 7-11, 2012.
    Elva presented the election ballot. Nominees are:          from 2:00PM-4:30PM
1st vice president: Tena Warnke; secretary: Cheryl           in the fellowship hall of Zion Lutheran.
Krohn; mission community: LaVonne Kruse;
mission action: none--someone will be selected by              NO gifts please, only your presence.
the December meeting. A motion to accept and elect
the nominees was made by Elsie Wheeler. Motion
seconded and carried.                                             Lutheran Marriage Encounter
    The program theme: Education-Then and Now                              Weekend
was introduced by chairperson Patti Meyer. She was
assisted by Sandra Lindgren, Marilee Niewohner,              OMAHA, NE            October 14-16, 2011
and Pastor Mike Kern. Each told teaching and
learning experiences in their Christian education and        Reservation Couple: Dayle & Terri Mautz
expressing “Sunday School is for Life”.                                          (402) 540-8508
    Offering was taken by Sharon Waters. President                               3440 Wildbriar Lane
Elva gave the offering prayer. The Birthday Song                                 Lincoln, NE 68516
was sung to all having September and October                           
birthdays.                                                    For further information: Dave & Elsa Larson at
     “Out of the Past”--An item from a 1920 meeting           402-483-5404 or
minutes told of the purchase of the baptismal font
still being used at Zion was purchased for $45.00
plus $1.92 freight.                                         Property Committee extends a big thank
   Ellen Norskov was accompanist for the afternoon.         you to Howard & LaVonne Mills for all
   Meeting adjourned. The Table Prayer was sung.            their care and commitment to the plants
Lunch was served by Group I chaired by Ardy Choat           and shrubs around Zion. Thank you
and Ruth Hartford, from a table decorated with a fall       Carroll Rolf for your weekly dedication
arrangement.                                                of keeping the lawn mowed. The Mills
                                                            will be retiring after this summer and
 Carol Brugger, Secretary                                   therefore we are seeking volunteers to
                                                            continue the care of the plants for the
                                                            summer of 2012. Please volunteer by calling the
                                                            church office or any property committee member.

                                               Mitch Johnson of Newman Gove is keeping Zion pest free as
                                               a service to the church. If you have problems with bugs or
                                               pests of any kind give him a call and thank him for
                                       volunteering his time and chemicals to keep Zion free of
                                       pests. He can be reached at 1-866-314-7378 or
                                       402-741-2021 (cell).
          Worship Assistants for October 2011
Lesson Readers:                                                       Power Point:
       Early                         Late
Oct 02    Tom Dickey                 Dave Skillstad                   Oct 02   Nancee Krohn
Oct 09    Jerene Kruse               Barb Michael                     Oct 09   Rich Ronnenkamp
Oct 16    Marcia Seier               Elva Bartels                     Oct 16   Kay Flanagan
Oct 23    Pat Neidhardt              Elsie Wheeler                    Oct 23   Kelly Harner
Oct 30    Mitzi Fox                  Mary Kay Tistahmmer              Oct 30   Kay Flanagan

       Early                                              Late
Oct 02   Joel Meyer, Bailey Jo Reigle                     Ashley Lindgren, Blaine Kennedy
Oct 09   Hannah Groth, Ty Groth                           Garrison Rugg, Makayla Jenkins
Oct 16   Grace Woebbecke, Branden Roberg                  Cheyenne Mangus, Hannah Schmitz
Oct 23   Kyley Sorell, Hannah Groth                       Shayla Ranslem, Kaddee Harner
Oct 30   Morgan Andersen, Bailey Jo Reigle                Macy Olson, Mason Wells
         Crucifier: Joel Meyer                            Crucifier: Hayden Niewohner

Communion Assistants:
Oct 02   (early)   Patti Meyer, Jacque Dickey
          (late)   Dave Skillstad, Doug Young, Mark Niewohner
Oct 09   (early)   Pat Cleveland, Steve Groth
          (late)   Barb Michael, Jeremy & Kim Young
Oct 16   (early)   LaVonne Mills, Marcia Seier
          (late)   Elva Bartels, Tena Warnke, Beverly Rieck
Oct 23   (early)   Pat Neidhardt, Jane Rolf
          (late)   Elsie Wheeler, Mark Niewohner, Jeremy Young
Oct 30   (early)   Dana Andersen, Mitzi Fox
         (late)    Mary Kay Tisthammer, Elva Bartels, Barb Michael

(Early) Tom & Jacque Dickey                 Sub:   Rich Ronnenkamp
(Late) Jeremy & Kim Young                   Sub:   Muriel Young

(Early) Don Thorberg, Carroll Rolf, Lynn Lehmann, Dave Spiegel
(Late) Eric Johnson, Rod Nelson, Rick Spiegel, Tim Joe

Altar Guild: Joy & Ernie Haas*, Nancy & Mike Jeratowski*, Vicki Rother

Flower Committee: Mary Ellen Norskov

                                       Oct 11
01-Mark Jeratowski                                                  02-Mr. & Mrs. Alan Choat
02-Dean Larson*, Mark Shotkoski, Lacey Keeshan,                     06-Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Salwei
    Mark Bower                                                      08-Mr. & Mrs. Harold Thewke
03-Becky Thorberg                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ransen
04-Colin Koeppen, Nicholas Paulson                                  11-Mr. & Mrs. Tony Levander
05-Michelle Johnson, Trina Hellbusch                                17-Mr. & Mrs. Steve Wright
06-Sever Paulson, LeAnn Lindgren, Brad Thorberg                     23-Mr. & Mrs. Forest (Bud) Francis
07-Martie Anderson, Chris Levander,                                 26-Mr. & Mrs. Jim Meyer
  James Kunzman, Audra Groth                                        29-Mr. & Mrs. Bill Majerus
10-Ardell Olnes Sr.*, Makayla Jenkins                               30-Mr. & Mrs. Dave Skillstad
12-Bob Bruland, Kevin Kruse, Dennis Weltruski
13-Kim Young, Alison Kern                                               Happy 50th Anniversary
14-LaVonne Mills*, DeAnna Kruse, Kolton Rasmussen
15-Marcia Seier, Kent Tisthammer
16-Melvin Storm*, Barb Tisthammer, Michael Kern
17-Amy Ahlers                                               NOTE: Due to concerns about Identity Theft
18-Mary Lou Nore*                                           if you prefer that your name not appear in the
19-Louetta Kennedy                                          Messenger - please call the church office or
                                                            email us your request.
20-Donna Furby*, Gladys Svoboda*, Loren Pearson,
    Nikki Heidemann, Bailey Finnegan, Camden Moser
21-Jenna Lehmann, Noah Kern
22-John Williams, Tana McMillan                                      SERVING GROUPS
24-Rich Heidemann, Justine Simons                         If you are unable or are not called upon to
25-Jim Clark                                              serve or provide food during the months for
26-Carl Eucker*, Anna Cleveland                           which your group is responsible, we ask that
28-Wilma Tschudin*, Doug Belgum, Lisa Johnson,            you bring $5.00 to the church office to help
    Kathryn Kohtz                                         defray costs. Or a total of $15 for the year. In
29-Britany Seda                                           this way everyone is able to contribute. This,
30-Alta Schafer*, Stacey Slaymaker, Ashley Briese         too, is an important part of our income!
31-Jane Schoening*, Carmen Eucker,                        Thank you for your faithfulness and providing
    Camden Davidson, Austin Dodds                         food and serving when called upon.

                                                                     FREE Publications
    Boone County Food Pantry Needs
                                                                 October 2011, Daily Devotions
  Remember the Food Pantry for the month of                      by Pastors Sydow & Freeman
  October & November. We are seeking soups                            Christ In Our Home
  and crackers. Only commercially prepared                   for October, November, December 2011
  items can be used. Thank you for your
  generosity and support.                                ***Available FREE on the table in the lobby***

   Zion Lutheran Church
     319 South 5th St.
     Albion, NE 68620
                                  October 2011
       Sun                  Mon              Tue                 Wed                     Thu               Fri              Sat
                                                                                                                         7:30AM Men’s
                                                                                                                         Bible Study
                                                                                                                           Bygland /

2                        3    Pastor      4               5 10:15AM Kindermusik     6                 7                  8
8:00AM Worship /C        Mike Day Off     12:15PM         1:30PM Lutheran Comm      1:30PM Staff      Pastor Frerichs    7:30AM Men’s
9:15AM Sunday School     Bible Study      Bells of Zion   at GSS, Wolf Memorial     Meeting           Day Off            Bible Study
                         10:00AM &                        3:30PM Faith Weavers &
10:30AM Worship/C                         4:45&5:45PM                               6:30PM
                         7:00PM                           Confirmation Warm Up
6:30PM Amazing Grays                      Kindermusik                               Worship / Music
                         3:30PM Girl S.                   NO ELE Youth
                         7PM Leaders
                                                          7PM Confirmation
                         5:15 & 6:15PM                    7:30PM Sr. Choir
9 8:00AM Worship /C      10 Pastor        11              12 10:15AM Kindermusik    13                14                 15
9:15AM Sunday School     Mike Day Off     10AM Cluster,   2PM Bible Study Leaders   1:30PM Staff      Pastor Frerichs    7:30AM Men’s
and Adult SS begins      Bible Study      Norfolk         3:30PM Faith Weavers &    Meeting           Day Off            Bible Study
                                                          Confirmation Warm Up
10:30AM Worship/C        10:00AM &        12:15PM                                   6:30PM Luther
                                                          5:30PM Parish Education
2-4:30PM Thewke 50th     7:00PM           Bells of Zion                             movie at Gate-    1:30PM
                                                          6PM ELE Youth
Anniversary Open House   5:15&6:15PM      4:45&5:45PM                               way Theater       Sew Happy
                                                          7PM Confirmation
Rolling Stones - TBD     Kindermusik      Kindermusik                                                 Mission Quilters
                                                          7:30PM Sr. Choir
16                       17 Pastor        18 12:15PM      19 CIRCLES                20                21                 22
LWR Thankoffering        Mike Day Off     Bells of Zion   10:15AM Kindermusik                         Pastor Frerichs    7:30AM Men’s
8:00AM Worship /C        Bible Study      1:30PM          1:30PM Staff Meeting                        Day Off            Bible Study
9:15AM Sunday School     10:00AM &        BCMA            3:30PM Faith Weavers &
10:30AM Worship/C        7:00PM           4:45&5:45PM     Confirmation Warm Up                        2:30PM BINGO
1:30PM Service for       3:30PM Girl S.   Kindermusik     6PM ELE Youth                               at GSS-Wolf
   Remembering           5:15&6:15PM      7PM Church      7PM Confirmation                            Memorial
                         Kindermusik           Council    7:30PM Sr. Choir

23                       24 Pastor        25              26 10:15AM Kindermusik    27               28                  29
Blessing of the Keys     Mike Day Off     12:15PM         3:30PM Faith Weavers &    2:30PM           Pastor Frerichs     7:30AM Men’s
                         Bible Study      Bells of Zion   Confirmation Warm Up      Songfest at GSS- Day Off             Bible Study
8:00AM Worship /C
                         10:00AM &        4:45&5:45PM     6PM ELE Youth             Wolf Memorial
9:15AM Sunday School
                         7:00PM           Kindermusik     7PM Confirmation                                               Dozler/Haber
10:30AM Worship/C
                         5:15&6:15PM      7PM Stitches    7:30PM Sr. Choir                                               Wedding
2PM Worship at Wolf
      Memorial           Kindermusik      & Scriptures

30                       31 Pastor
                         Mike Day Off
                                                                                                 Worship Services Shown on
                                                                                                    CABLE Channel 21
                         Bible Study
                                                                                                     Tuesday, 10:30AM
8:00AM Worship /C        10:00AM &                                                              Immanuel-Zion Lutheran Church
9:15AM Sunday School     7:00PM                     Theological Conference
                                                       at Kearney, NE                               Wednesday, 10:30AM
10:30AM Worship/C        5:15&6:15PM                                                                Zion Lutheran Church
                                                          Oct. 24-26
                                               Doris Warner
                                               Iver & Mary Lou Nore
                                               Marge Briese
                                               Robert & Arlene Wilson
Audio/Visual Fund                              Dave & Kim Woebbecke
  In Memory of Randall Kruse                   Gretchen Landen
     Ron & Nancee Krohn                        Steve & Pam Wright
                                               Bud & Barb Buckendahl
Roof Fund
                                               John & Sheena Krohn
  In Memory of Randall Kruse
                                            In Memory of Margaret Briese
     Dick & LaDonna Johnson
                                               Elva Bartels
     John & Kathleen Williams
                                               Margaret Erickson
     Jane Mundschenk
                                               Muriel Young
     Mitzi Fox
                                               Ellen Norskov
     Tena Warnke
                                               Dorothy Tisthammer
     Janet Lawson
                                               Robert & Arlene Wilson
     Dean & Beverly Larson
     Russell & Lucille Nore
     Dorothy Tisthammer
     Jim & Janet Atkinson
     Tom & Doris Johnson                                           Women’s Bible Study
     Jenice Stevenson                                                 Wednesday,
     Paul & Carol Brugger                                           October 19, 2011
     Marilyn Ramm
     Ellen Norskov
     Muriel Young                       Peace will meet at 9:00AM at church and
     Rick & Connie Nelson                  Lesson Leader - Mary Levander
     Allen & Kathy Thorberg             Grace will meet at 9:15AM with Lucille Nore
     Marie Naeve                           as hostess and Lesson Leader - Doris Johnson
     Carol Anderson                     Hope/Faith will meet at 1:30PM with everyone as
     Ruth Pribnow                          hostess and Lesson Leader-Marilee Niewohner
     Mike & Ellen Frey                  Glory will meet at 7:00PM at church
     Alvah & Carolyn Ranslem
     LaVern & Patti Score
     Elva Bartels                                          AMAZING GRAYS will
     Marcia Seier                                          meet Sunday, October 2 at
     Caryll Karges                                         6:30PM for a potluck supper with
     Margaret Erickson                                     hosts Russell & Lucille Nore and
     Don & Leta Brugger                                    Howard & LaVonne Mills.
     Bob & Faye Gray
     Elsie Wheeler
     Carroll & Jane Rolf                                           Luther League is taking
     Don & Sharon Waters                                           orders for Puffins— a light
     Charles & Cheryl Krohn                                        pastry good as dessert or
     Barbara Michael                                               for breakfast treat! Please
     Howard & LaVonne Mills                                        sign up on the bulletin by
     Ernie & Joy Haas                                              the church until Sunday,
     Jim & Mary Staub                   October 2 and they will be delivered
     Virginia Krohn                     around October 12. The proceeds
     Delbert & Marilee Niewohner        go to help youth attend the ELCA
     Malinda Neidhardt                  National Youth Gathering in New
     Robert & LaVonne Kruse             Orleans, July 18-22, 2012.
     Arla Naber                                Thanks for the support.
                                                             FAITH WEAVERS RETURNING SOON!
       Bulletin Gleamings                                   Kids in grades 2-5 should make plans to attend Faith
                                                            Weavers each Wednesday after school beginning
                                                            October 5. Snacks will be provided, along with games,
Karen Bessey of Beatrice, NE passed away August
                                                            singing, and fun lessons about how to live out our faith
27. She is a friend of Marcia Seier and her family.
                                                            in our everyday lives. This year we will be focusing on
                                                            friendships and God’s creation.
Our Christian Sympathy to Donna Kruse and family
on the death of her husband Randall. His funeral            All kids in these grades are invited so if you have
service was Friday, Sept. 9 at Zion.                        friends who belong to another church or no church at all
                                                            they are also welcome and we encourage you to bring
Our Christian Sympathy to the family and friends of         them along to join in the fun.
Margaret Briese. Her funeral service was Monday,
                                                            Faith Weavers runs from 3:30-5:00 each Wednesday
Sept. 12 at Zion.
                                                            until March 14, unless there is no school or an early
We welcomed Olivia, Jordan and Collin Lindgren              dismissal. If you have any questions please call the
into the Lord’s family through the sacrament of Holy        church office or Bonnie Wagner at 402-386-5558.
Baptism on September 18. They are the children of           Any adults interested in assisting with this program are
Jim & Becky Lindgren. Their sponsors are Jacque             invited to call the church office as well. People will be
& Tom Dickey, Barb & Myron Buller.                          needed to occasionally chaperone youth to local
                                                            charities for “Mission trips” as well as helping with
Congratulations Roxanne Coakes and William                  serving snacks and in the classrooms. We seem to have
Kardell who were married Saturday, September 10             more kids each year so a few extra eyes and hands will
at Zion. She is the daughter of Ron & Zondee                be greatly appreciated!
Coakes, granddaughter of Ramona Coakes, great
granddaughter of Elenora Briese.
                                                            Planning for All Saints Sunday on
                                                            November 6 we would like to include your
Congratulations Rudi Sup and Nick Talbott who
                                                            loved one that has passed away since
were married Saturday, September 10 at Kearney,
                                                            November 1, 2010 to present. Please call
NE. A belated congratulations to Halley Sup and
                                                            the church office and leave their name.
Brian Miller who were married July 23 in Omaha,
NE. They are the daughters of Alice & Greg
Packard and the late Ray Dean Sup.                          Service of Remembrance for Pregnancy and
                                                                       Infant Loss Scheduled
Bells of Zion needs more members.                               October is a month set aside as National Pregnancy
This Bell choir group meets on Tuesday                      and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Historically, people
at 12:15PM. Please call Ellen Norskov                       tended not to acknowledge these deaths. However in
(402-395-2274) with questions or to                         recent years, families, friends, medical and counseling
join!                                                       professionals, and churches have all become more and
                                                            more aware of the need to mark and remember the
          Sew Happy Mission Quilters are seeking            losses of the littlest ones.
          crochet thread to tie quilts with. If you             The Boone County Ministerial Association and the
          have extra spools of various colors that          Boone County Health Center will host a Memorial
          you are no longer needing they would              Service marking and remembering the deaths of babies
          appreciate using them. Please leave your          before or shortly after their birth. This is a time when
          donation at the church office. Thank you.         family members can come together to pray, to share
                                                            words of encouragement, and to hear words of hope.
                                                                This brief service will be held in the Kvam
        Calling ALL 6th GRADERS to
                                                            Community Room at the Boone County Health Center
        Confirmation Warm Up beginning                      on Sunday, October 16, 1:30 pm. For more
Wednesday, October 5 from 3:30-5:00PM. Please               information, people can contact Valorie Slizoski at
meet in the conference room with Pastor Frerichs.           395-3109 or Pastor David Frerichs at 395-2043.
Sunday,                                                            CAMP AMBASSADORS
October 9th ·                                                What is Camp Ambassadors you ask? It is a group
2 p.m. - 6 p.m.                                              organized to raise money to send our children at
Carol Joy                                                    Zion to church camp at Carol Joy Holling. Why is it
Holling Center,                                              so important to send our children to church camp? It
Ashland, NE                                                  truly is very important for their spiritual growth to
Come and                                                     have a chance to experience camp. Carol Joy Holling
enjoy an afternoon at Carol Joy Holling Camp!                Camp has a top rate program that teaches our
We will be having free fun for the whole family                              children about God and helps them
including a moon walk, hiking, face painting,                                grow in their faith, while giving them
hayrack rides, zipline rides for 2nd graders and                             the chance to meet new people and
older and fun activities at the lake such as                                 experience different fun actives. Carol
fishing, canoeing and paddle boating!                                        Joy Holling Camp has several different
                                                                             programs they offer throughout the
Don't miss out on this fun afternoon enjoying a                              summer months from Taste of Camp
few of camp's fun activities!                                                and Family Camp, which allows
                                                                             campers to go to camp with a parent or
For more information, call Heather Abbott toll                               grandparent and experience camp,
free at 1-888-656-6254 or e-mail                             great for first time campers, and us parents that are                                            not quite ready to let our children go to camp alone.
                                                             They also offer Mini camps, which go from Sunday
Parents of sons and daughters who have re-                   to Wednesday and full week camps. For more
ceived their learner’s permit or driver’s                    information just check out
license in the past several months are invited               their website @
to participate in a Blessing of the Keys.           and if you
Please have your driver (or young person)                    have any questions just let us
bring their key to receive this special blessing             know.
on Sunday, October 23 during worship.
                                                             Watch for more opportunities to help provide
                                                             scholarship funds through the next several months in
                Blessings,                                   various fund raisers. Your support is appreciated
                Parish Education Committee                   and valued.

                                                             Thank you, Hannah Cleveland, Chairperson

               PIE SALE sign up coming soon for Camp Ambassadors to take orders
               for various pies. Watch bulletin and next month’s newsletter for more
               information. Proceeds go to benefit Camp Scholarship funds.
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BULLETIN CHANGES - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
About the Bulletin! Zion Lutheran Church now seeks to make best use of natural resources by dividing the
bulletin into two parts. The Worship Bulletin contains all a person needs to participate in worship. This
portion mirrors what is found on the projection screen. If you use the projection screen to worship, you need
not pick up a copy of the Worship bulletin. Those attending early worship may return their Worship Bulletin to
be reused at the second service. Such re-use can help reduce the amount of waste Zion produces each week.

The Announcement Bulletin contains Zion's prayer list, weekly calendar, and various announcements. Each
family may only need one copy of this bulletin. Though one can imagine circumstances where a family would
require more. This bulletin should be taken home as a reference throughout the coming week. In addition, this
Announcement Bulletin can be found on the Zion Lutheran Church website each week,
Zion Lutheran Church                                                        NON-PROFIT ORG.
319 South 5th Street                                                      U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Albion, NE 68620                                                    ALBION, NE PERMIT NO. 82

                   THE ZION MESSENGER
                                              David Frerichs & Michael Kern, Pastors
                       2008                  Margaret Erickson, Administrative Assistant
                                                    Church Phone: 402-395-2043
                                         Email: Website:

                                                (Return Service Requested)


 Always reforming
 The Latin phrase Ecclesia semper reformanda est means “The church is always reforming”;
 implied is “And that’s good!”

 Ongoing change and growth are important for individuals, too, but for many of us, change is
 hard. Use this prayer poem to embrace positive change, safe in the arms of our unchanging God.

 Cradle to grave —
 How shall my life flow?
 Always the same,
 Never daring to grow? Since
 GOD is the same, always faithful and near,
 I’m free to move forward in spite of my fear. So…
 Naming the Lord as my Power through strife, I
 Go forth braving newness — in faith and in life!

 —Heidi Mann

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