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Zia Bond Calculator ~ User Guide
 Zia Bond Calculator

Finally, a Windows based bond calculator that understands the bond business. All the major functionality of the
popular desk top calculators on your desktop. Working at the speed of your computer the Zia Bond Calculator gives
you unsurpassed performance. All calculations are complete in a blink of the eye.

Features include:

    •   Your entries and the results are visible at once; and tabs other functions conserve window space.
    •   Connect to the internet to check bond prices and a glossary of bond terms.
    •   Store and recall bond information… including description.
    •   Print results with your contact info… email to a client.
    •   Automatically compute settlement date with consideration of holidays.
    •   Easily calculate mark-ups and sales credits
    •   See the effect on yields of changes in basis points… what’s the value of ¼ ?
    •   Manage tax authorities and rates for tax related calculations.
    •   Zia Trading users can retrieve bond info from inventory. And, there’s even the possibility to connect the
        calculator to firms inventory.

About Zia Corporation…

Zia has been providing software systems to dealers since 1977. Although focused on systems used by the trading
desk and sales reps, our experience includes development of back-office systems. As a result, Zia is highly regarded
by its customers for its understanding of the user and the ability to implement their requirements quickly and cost

Zia Corporation • Zia Bond Calculator User Guide 1.11                                                 Page 2 of 7
 When executed for the first time, the ZBC will show the default settlement date
 which is computed based on the system date and considering the holiday

 On subsequent executions, the last bond worked is displayed. Clicking on the
 Clear Bond button will remove the bond information for a new entry. The
 settlement date is not affected.

 To move between entries, you may click in the field, tab or use the Enter key.

 Invalid dates are indicated by a grey background in the entry area.

     Dates may be entered as 6 digits or with the / key. For example, today’s
      settlement date can be entered as 042905 or as 4/29/05 or 4/29/2005.

Zia Corporation • Zia Bond Calculator User Guide 1.11                              Page 3 of 7
                                                        The top section contains buttons to save or
                                                        open a bond issue as well as printing or
                                                        previewing the calculation results.
                                                        (examples are at the end of this document)
                                                        Information about the application is
                                                        available by clicking on the ? button.

                                                        The type of bond is selected from a drop-
                                                        down box. Here a municipal bond is
                                                        selected (default). The settlement date is
                                                        entered by selecting from
                                                        a calendar which shows
                                                        both the current date and
                                                        the default settlement date
                                                        for the bond type
                                                        Redemption options may
                                                        be ‘forced’ by clicking in the check box to
                                                        the left of the option number.

                                                        If a price is entered, moving out of the
                                                        price field the yield is calculated. Or, if a
                                                        yield is entered, a price is calculated. At
                                                        any time the calculation may be executed
                                                        by clicking on the green > button. Fees
                                                        added are reflected in the Total Amount
                                                        but do not affect any price/yield

                                                        The bottom row of tabs allows access to
                                                        additional calculations as well as the setup

                                                        The bottom of the screen is used for status
                                                        messages and to show the current date on
                                                        the right.

Zia Corporation • Zia Bond Calculator User Guide 1.11                                 Page 4 of 7
                                                        The Values tab shows yield variations
                                                        based on a user defined set of values. Here
                                                        we show yields both up and down from the
                                                        computed yield. Also, Modified Duration
                                                        and Convexity are displayed. If
                                                        applicable, these values are shown for
                                                        maturity and redemption options.

                                                        A yield entered in the Entered box only
                                                        affects the values shown in this section and
                                                        not the values in the original entry in the
                                                        main section.

                                                        The Tax tab shows the tax affect based on
                                                        user defined tax rates. There are two each
                                                        Fed and State levels. The States may be
                                                        two rates for the same state or two
                                                        different states. The ones checked are
                                                        used in the calculations.

                                                        The rates and states are created in the
                                                        Setup tab described below.

                                                        Other information relating to holding the
                                                        bond to the redemption is also displayed

                                                        Up to ten lines of bond information may be
                                                        entered that will be shown when the print
                                                        function is used.

                                                        If the calculator is configured for use with
                                                        Zia Trading, the Lookup button will be
                                                        shown. This allows you to retrieve bonds
                                                        from the Zia Trading Security Master file.

                                                        If a municipal CUSIP is entered and the
                                                        link is clicked, a new browser window will
                                                        open showing the transaction history from

                                                        Re-offer allows the user to see the affect of
                                                        adding ‘credits’ to an existing calculation.
                                                        There are two levels of credits allowed, but
                                                        the base credit must be used before
                                                        entering an additional credit.

                                                        The values calculated reflect the sum of
                                                        both credits.

Zia Corporation • Zia Bond Calculator User Guide 1.11                                Page 5 of 7
                                                                       Setup contains four sections. In Edit
                                                                       Values the user is allowed to create the
                                                                       increments to be used for the Values
                                                                       function. For a decrease in value, a minus
                                                                       sign ( - ) must be entered.

                                                                       The Reset check box is used to return the
                                                                       values to their original state as shipped by

                                                                       Two tax rates are allowed for Federal.
                                                                       Only one of each may be used at a time.

                                                                       There are two state codes allowed. They
                                                                       may be for different states as shown or two
                                                                       rates for one state.

                                                                       Rates are a percentage. For example, a
                                                                       rate of 4.1% is entered as 4.1

                                                                       The codes do not set the rate. It is the
                                                                       user’s responsibility to enter the correct
                                                                       The holidays are used to compute the
                                                                       proper settlement date for a calculation.

                                                                       The holiday schedule is set by Zia when
                                                                       the software is distributed. It is the user’s
                                                                       responsibility to verify that these entries
                                                                       are correct and to maintain future holidays
                                                                       as applicable.

The Menu Bar Items

                        The Save button allows the                           The Open button allows retrieval of a
attributes of a bond to be saved for recall via the   previously saved bond. Default.zc is the last bond entered
Open button.                                          when the calculator program was terminated and is displayed
                                                      the next time the program is started.

Zia Corporation • Zia Bond Calculator User Guide 1.11                                                Page 6 of 7
                        The Preview button will
display the information for the current bond using
Word Pad which is part of the Windows operating
system. (Sample on right).

                       The Print button will print
the information without showing the preview.

 There are two parts to the information button.

About Zia provides contact information as well as     The installation screen provides version and license
web links for Zia, this user document and access to   information as well as information required for support.
a glossary of bond terms.
                                                      The License Name is created as part of the distribution and
                                                      cannot be changed by the users. Zia will provide a license
                                                      code. If the license has expired, there will be a message on
                                                      the main screen and the status area will be displayed in red.
                                                      If this occurs, contact Zia.

Zia Corporation • Zia Bond Calculator User Guide 1.11                                                 Page 7 of 7

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