SUBSTITUTE TEACHER POLICY

     Substitute teachers are hired on a temporary basis for a specified period of time to fill the
     permanent position of a faculty employee. Substitute teachers are classified as
     temporary appointments and are not eligible to earn benefits.

     Substitute teachers are paid for the actual number of days worked. This payment does
     not include pay for holidays. The daily rate of pay is increased when a substitute
     teacher works more than 4 weeks. The rate increase occurs on the first day of the fifth

                                          PAY SCALE
        Substitute (less than 4 weeks)        Long Term Substitute (more than 4 weeks)
1 class                 $75.00                1 class              $82.50
2 classes               $125.00               2 classes            $137.50
3 or more classes       $150.00               3 or more classes    $165.00

       A supplemental salary can be requested based on the availability of applicants and the
       complexity and uniqueness of the course or subject to be taught. Any supplemental
       salary requests must be approved by the Chancellor.


     Departments must verify the identity and eligibility of substitute teachers for employment
     by having them complete the appropriate documentation, including:

           Application or Resume
           "Temporary Appointment Acceptance"
           Federal Form I-9
           Tax withholding forms (W-4 and NC-4)
           Consent for Criminal Conviction Check
           Direct Deposit Authorization

       Departments must provide this documentation to Human Resources along with the
       Request for Temporary Employment Form. When approved by the funding source and
       the Chancellor, Human Resources will initiate the personnel action in the Office of State
       Personnel’s Personnel Management Information System (PMIS).

       Hiring officials are responsible for providing appropriate department orientation to
       substitute teachers.
School Policy Information
      Departments are required to ensure that substitute teachers are aware of the policies
      regarding employment and students at the School.

Temporary Appointment Timesheets
     Substitute teachers must submit a completed employee time record that reflects the
     days and hours worked within each month.

      Paychecks for substitute teachers are generated and deposited on a biweekly basis.
      The pay will be made two weeks in arrears. This means that the substitute teacher will
      receive pay two weeks after the end of the pay cycle for which the timesheet is

Direct Deposit
       Substitute teachers who are classified as temporary employees are required to
       participate in payroll "direct deposit" into a bank or credit union account. The employee
       must submit a deposit slip or voided check along with the direct payroll deposit
       authorization to Human Resources.

Leave Programs
      Substitute teachers are not eligible to participate in any paid leave or paid time off
      programs, nor do they receive paid holidays. Substitute teachers do not earn vacation
      or sick leave.

Hiring Retirees
       State policy allows retirees to return to work in a temporary appointment 6 months after
       retirement. Retirees receive a pension through the State and are limited in the salary
       amount they can continue to receive as a temporary employee for the State. State
       retirees should contact the North Carolina Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement
       System (TSERS) for information on income limits.

      Substitute teachers are hired “at will.” Termination may occur at any time without
      additional compensation. Substitute teachers are not eligible for layoff priority
      employment or severance pay.

Purchasing Temporary Service for Retirement Credit
      Temporary service can be purchased for retirement credit through the Teachers’ and
      State Employees’ Retirement System (TSERS). TSERS must be contacted for
      additional information.

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