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									            Meeting of the Presbytery of New Covenant
            Saturday, August 23, 2008 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)
            Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church, Katy, Texas

Registration Form
Please complete this form and bring it with you to the meeting. Thank you


Mailing address: _______________________________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________________________________________


Are you a first-time commissioner? _____Yes          _____No

                                CHECK ONLY ONE BOX BELOW
VOTING (check only one)
 Minister Member                                        NON-VOTING (check only one)
                                                          Corresponding Minister-Member from
 Elder Commissioner
   (Elected from session of church listed above)
 Commissioned Lay Pastor
                                                          Visitor from ________________
 Certified Church Educator
                                                          Presbytery Staff
 Associate Certified Church Educator
                                                          Inquirer/Candidate under care
 Elder with Privilege by Virtue of Office
   (Currently in a Presbytery leadership position,        Commissioned Lay Pastor (without voting
   designated for this privilege)                           privileges)

 Former Moderator of Presbytery                          Other Church Professional
 Elected Presbytery Staff                                  (Non-certified Educator, Youth Director, Business
                                                            Administrator, Music Director, other)
 Fellow – NACBA (National Associate of
   Church Business Administrators)

                                   CALL TO THE STATED MEETING
                                   Saturday, August 23, 2008 9:00 a.m.
                                Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church, Katy, TX
                                   The Presbytery of New Covenant, Synod of the Sun
                                             Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

                    This meeting of the presbytery will be called to order at 9:00 a.m.

A Meeting Tool Kit is available on the website (http://www.pbyofnewcovenant.org). There is an Orientation Session for
                                        first-time commissioners at 8:15 a.m.

Bring this Presbytery Packet with you to the meeting! No response is required for lunch, but childcare reservations
must be made directly to Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church.

Complete the registration form in the Presbytery Packet prior to the meeting, and turn it in at the registration table.

Be sure to check the website three days prior to the meeting for additional meeting materials that may be posted
(to include any New Business). Our goal is no-handouts at the registration table except for those who do not have
computer access to meeting materials.

Requests for Excused Absences (from ministers and churches) must be submitted to the Stated Clerk’s Office by fax 713-
526-8814, by USPS, or e-mail (jschessler@pbyofnewcovenant.org or dprevary@pbyofnewcovenant.org,).

Directions to Grand Lakes Presbyterian were sent as part of the letter of invitation from the church. You can also obtain
directions from mapquest.com

August 8, 2008

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Our summer meeting is upon us and we have a special keynoter scheduled to be with us. The
Rev. Jin Kim is pastor of Church of All Nations, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is known throughout
the denomination and most recently was one of the featured preachers at the 218th General
Assembly in San Jose, California. His sermon on that occasion is posted on our website among
the meeting materials for this meeting of the presbytery.

The Rev. Kim will also be available on Friday afternoon for a pre-presbytery event. See the
separate notice of this gathering also among the meeting materials on the website.

Other important ministry items of the day will be a Service of Candidacy, the examination for
Ordination, welcoming new minister members to the presbytery, and celebrating the retirement
of a seasoned pastor. We will hear reports from our ministry and administrative divisions, as
well as an update from the Administrative Commission for Heritage Presbyterian Church. Our
host congregation is ready for our visit and I encourage all churches to be represented, and
minister-members to be present.

Serving Christ and New Covenant Presbytery, I am
[Diane K. Prevary, Stated Clerk]
                                          SATURDAY, August 23, 2008
                                                   Grand Lakes Presbyterian, Katy, Texas

                                                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

Pre-Presbytery Learning Opportunity Invitation (on website) .....................................................................................
Registration Form....................................................................................................................................................... 1
Call Sheet ................................................................................................................................................................... 2
Table of Contents ....................................................................................................................................................... 3
Docket ..................................................................................................................................................................... 4-5
Stated Clerk’s Report (B) ........................................................................................................................................... 6
        Omnibus Motion (B.1) ............................................................................................................................... 6-7
        Windwood Letter to Presbytery (B.2) ........................................................................................................... 7
Administrative Division (C)
        Ecclesiastical Affairs Committee (C.1)......................................................................................................... 8
                     Guidelines for Floor Discussion....................................................................................................... 8
        Finance Committee (C.2a. and C.2b) (on website) .........................................................................................
Committee on Ministry (D) ................................................................................................................................... 9-20
        Minimum Terms of Call......................................................................................................................... 17-20
Committee on Preparation for Ministry (E) ............................................................................................................. 21
General Council (F).................................................................................................................................................. 22
Ministries Division (G) ............................................................................................................................................ 23
        Congregational Resourcing Team (G.1) ..................................................................................................... 23
Nominating Committee (H) ..................................................................................................................................... 23
Communications Committee (I) ............................................................................................................................... 24
Progress Report from the Administrative Commission for Heritage Presbyterian Church (J) ........................... 25-30
Postlude Information ................................................................................................................................................ 31
Next Presbytery Meeting.......................................................................................................................................... 31
Presbytery Calendar of Events ................................................................................................................................. 32
Displays .................................................................................................................................................................... 33

For Information
Letters assigned for report organization:
           General Presbyter           (A)
           Stated Clerk                (B)
           Administrative Division     (C)
                Committees             (C.1, C.2, etc.)
           Committee on Ministry       (D)
           Committee on Preparation (E)
           General Council             (F)
           Ministries Division         (G)
                       Committees      (G.1, G.2, etc.)
           Nominating Committee        (H)
           Communications              (I)
           Other Entities              (J)

                      The Presbytery of New Covenant
   “Growing congregations that passionately engage their community to make disciples.”
       Theme for 2008 Presbytery Meetings: Vital Churches = Vital Presbytery
                                  Stated Meeting
                            Saturday, August 23, 2008
                    Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church, Katy, TX
      Theme: Becoming More Multicultural and Welcoming Communities of Faith
                         Offering: The Multicultural Café
                (One Table – Unlimited Seating – Come As You Are)

                      The meeting will be called to order at 9:00 am.

Please turn off all cell-phones and electronics.
8:15 am      New Commissioner Orientation in Room 209, upstairs.
8:30 am      Registration in the Gathering Room (the Narthex).

                                         THE DOCKET
 8:55 am  Gathering Hymn #139                                  “Come Thou, Almighty King”
          Call to Order                                     Moderator, Elder Jody Harrington

 9:00 am     Morning Prayer

 9:20 am     Opening Business
                 Declaration of Quorum and Adoption of the Docket
                 Welcome by Host Church
                 Welcome of Others – Stated Clerk Diane Prevary
                   First-time Commissioners, Corresponding Members, New Minister-Members

             Report of the Stated Clerk (B,B.2, and B.3)
             Omnibus Motion B.1

 9:45 am     Moderator’s Remarks and Appointments
                   Tellers; Names in nomination for Nominating Committee:
                   Elder David Bauer (Missouri City, Southminster), Class of 2009; Elder Pat
                   Hosford (Houston, Northwoods), Class of 2010; The Rev. Fred Thrower
                   (Kingwood, First), Class of 2011.

                    Service of Recognition:       C. Dale Hendrix, Certified Fellow in Presbyterian
                                                  Church Business Administration (Grace Church)

             Committee on Preparation (E)                                 The Rev. Marie Mickey
                  Service of Candidacy

             Committee on Ministry (D)                                    The Rev. James Harper
                  Service of Retirement       The Rev. Bryan Kile             The Rev. Mike Cole

             Administrative Division (C)                                     Elder Rupert Turner
                   Ecclesiastical Affairs (C.1)                   Elder Dr. Susan McPhail Wittjen
                   Finance (C.2)                                             Elder Sid Holderness
                   Personnel                                                  Elder Dave Johnson

           Nominating Committee (H & H.1)                              Elder Mary Lawrence

           Ministries Division (G)                                         Elder Pam Engler
                   FOCUS in October                                       Elder Anne Wilson

           Report of General Council (F)                             The Rev. Wayne Eberly

11:30 am   KEYNOTE              “A Confessing Church”                    The Rev. Jin Kim

12:30 pm   FELLOWSHIP AT TABLE (Donations to Cents-Ability @ Tables)
           Today’s donations will be given to Katy Christian Ministry
           Thank you for your generosity.

 1:30 pm   Sermon for Ordination                                Candidate Whitney Wilkinson

 2:00 pm   Committee on Ministry
                Floor Examination for Ordination                      The Rev. Doug Harper

 2:20 pm   Report of the Heritage Administrative Commission        The Rev. W. Casey Jones
                                                                         Elder Jim Bushong

 2:40 pm   New Business (if not scheduled earlier in the day)

 2:45 pm   Adjournment


     Final Session Records Reviews:
     CANCELLED: Saturday, October 25 @ 1st Pres. Church, Brazoria

     AS SCHEDULED: Saturday, November 8 @ New Hope PC, Katy (9:00 am–12:00)

     NEW: Saturday, November 15 @ 1st, Pasadena, following adjournment of
          presbytery meeting.

     Clerks please register w/Janice Schessler.



                                          STATED CLERK
                                      REPORT TO PRESBYTERY
                                           August 23, 2008

       I.      Recommendations for presbytery action:
               A. That the Omnibus Motion be approved.

       II.     Actions taken on behalf of presbytery:
               A. Received communication from session of Windwood Presbyterian Church regarding
               suspension of the “…giving of funds which they have designated for the higher courts of the
               denomination. The funds will continue to accrue and will not be released until a vote to uphold
               G-6.0106b has been made.” (letter attached at B.2)

               B. Wrote a letter of congratulations to Dale Hendrix, Business Administrator at Grace
               Presbyterian Church, upon his certification as a Fellow in Presbyterian Church Business

       III.    Items for Information:
               A.      New minister-members of the presbytery will introduce themselves at this meeting, will
               sign THE BOOK, and the assembly is invited to extend to them the right-hand-of-fellowship
               during the lunch break.

               B. Please note change in schedule for Session Records Review for the remainder of the year:
               CANCELLED: Saturday, October 25 @ 1st Pres. Church, Brazoria
               AS SCHEDULED: Saturday, November 8 @ New Hope PC, Katy
                      (9:00 am–12:00)
               NEW: Saturday, November 15 @ 1st, Pasadena, following adjournment of
                      presbytery meeting.
                               Clerks please register w/Janice Schessler.

                                         OMNIBUS MOTION
                                             August 23, 2008
                                Meeting of the Presbytery of New Covenant

At the time the Omnibus is presented, a commissioner/minister may request that an item be lifted for
discussion at a later time in the meeting. This requires no vote of Presbytery. The Stated Clerk will
announce when the item will be considered.

  1. That the minutes of the Stated Meeting of the Presbytery on May 10, 2008, and the Special Called
     Meeting on June 29, 2008, be approved as posted on the presbytery’s website.
  2. Received minutes from (to be included in the record), and moves that the following Administrative
     Commissions be dismissed with appreciation:
        a. Installation of The Rev. Stephen P. Oglesbee, May 18, 2008, as Pastor of Clear Lake
             Presbyterian Church, Clear Lake, during a Service of Worship.
        b. Chartering of Biyaya Community Church, May 18, 2008, during a Service of Worship.
           c. Ordination and Installation of the Rev. Noelie Barron Day as Pastor of Oaks PC on June 1,
              2008, at 2:00 pm, during a Service of Worship.
           d. Chartering of Thien An Presbyterian Church, May 25, 2008, during a Service of Worship.
           e. Installation of The Rev. Katie Cummings as Associate Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church,
              July 13, 2008, during a Service of Worship.
           f. Installation of The Rev. Caressa Murray as Associate Pastor of Webster Presbyterian Church,
              on July 27, 2008, during a Service of Worship.

July 31, 2008
The Presbytery of New Covenant, Inc.
The Presbyterian Center
1110 Lovett Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77006-3808

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We, the Session of Windwood Presbyterian Church are saddened and disturbed by some of the
actions and rulings of this year’s General Assembly which we find unacceptable; particularly the
removal of longstanding Authoritative Interpretations on ordination standards and yet another attempt
to remove the Biblical standard for sexual conduct in G-6.0106b. In addition, the General Assembly’s
disregard for the rulings of the Permanent Judicial Commission of General Assembly with regard to
maintaining constitutional requirements calls into question the integrity of our whole system of

After prayerful consideration and discussion, rather than financially supporting the implementation of
all of the GA’s rulings, we have voted unanimously to suspend all giving of funds which we have
designated for higher courts. The funds will continue to accrue and will not be released until a vote to
uphold G-6.0106b has been made.

We are sorry to have to include our Presbytery in this list. We would support a policy change that
would honor the wishes of congregations’ to withhold their per capita from General Assembly.
However, until that happens the only way to insure that General Assembly does not receive the funds
is to hold them in escrow.

While it is our fervent hope that our action will communicate our disillusionment and distress to our
regional and national officials, we will continue to pray for them and all of our denominational leaders
as we work together to seek God’s will for us.

The Session of Windwood Presbyterian Church

Larry Zajicek
Clerk of Session
                                       ECCLESIASTICAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE
                                            REPORT TO PRESBYTERY
                                                  August 23, 2008

         I.     Recommendations for presbytery action: None
         II.    Actions taken on behalf of presbytery:
                1. Made arrangements for the special meeting of presbytery on June 29, 2008 at
                    Pines Presbyterian Church for the purpose of receiving reports from General
         III. Items for Information:
                1. Continue to plan the meetings for the 2008 presbytery meetings which have an
                   overall theme of “Vital Churches = Vital Presbytery” in order to continue the
                   focus on the presbytery’s vision. 2008 presbytery meetings will be as follows:

                           Sat. Nov. 15       First, Pasadena “The Vitality of the Presbytery”
                                             The State of the Presbytery report will be given by the Rev. Mike
                                             Cole and the Rev. Judy Fletcher, Executive of the Synod, will
                                             preach during the morning service. A celebration for the Vision
                                             Initiative Grant recipients is planned.

                  2. After reviewing the attendance records for the 2008 presbytery meetings, the EAC
                     is concerned that it is only approximately 50% for both Elder and Minister
                     commissioners. The committee has attempted to make the meetings meaningful
                     and efficient and is trying to determine why attendance levels are so low.

                  3. Dates for the 2009 presbytery meetings are as follows:
                         Feb. 7, 2009
                         May 9, 2009
                         Aug. 22, 2009
                         Nov. 14, 2009

                  4. Announcements regarding events planned by a church or committee of the
                     presbytery may be submitted to the EAC for inclusion in the electronic
                     announcements that run at various times during the presbytery meetings.

                  5. Elected members of this committee include Elder Susan McPhail Wittjen, Chair
                     (LaMarque PC), Elder Jim Taylor (MDPC) and Elder John Jo (Korean Central PC).
                     Ex-officio members include Elder Jeanie Flowers, Elder Jody Harrington, the Rev.
                     Wayne Eberly, the Rev. Mike Cole, the Rev. Diane Prevary, Elder Janice Schessler.

                                               Guidelines for Floor Discussion/Debate
                                        (For any meeting of the Presbytery of New Covenant)
                           1.   Presbyters should speak only once during debate of each amendment. Presbytery will listen
                                to alternate advocates who are asked to line up at appropriate (advocate/opponent)
                                microphones. Refrain from applause or vocal expressions of either approval or disapproval.
                           2.   There will be a two (2)-minute time limit on all speeches during debate.*
                           3.   Written ballots will be used for amendments if requested by the presbytery.

*A yellow card will be held up by the moderator elect after 1 ½ minutes; a red card will be held up when the time limit is

                                      COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY
                                       REPORT TO PRESBYTERY
                                           August 23, 2008

I. Recommendations for presbytery action:
A. The committee recommends and moves that the examination for ordination of candidate Whitney Wilkinson
be sustained.
B. The committee recommends and moves that Proposed 2009 Minimum Terms of Call be approved.
(Proposed 2009 Minimum Terms of Call follows the COM Report)
II. Actions taken on behalf of presbytery:
A. Approved Pastoral Calls as follows:
    1. The Rev. Steven L. Frazier called to serve as pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Lufkin. Approved by
COM on 04/08/08; and sustained examination of the Committee on Examinations on 05/26/08; transferring from
Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery; ordained 06/15/97; Formal Education: 1981 BA, History, George Mason
University, Fairfax, VA; 1986 MA, American Studies (abd), College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA;
1997 MA, Christian Education, PSCE, Richmond, VA; 1997 MDiv, Union Theology Seminary, Richmond, VA;
and 2007 DMin, Proclamation and Worship Track, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX
(Statement of Faith follows COM Report in Packet)
         Salary                                                                      $33,000
         Housing and Utility Allowance                                                24,000
         Auto Allowance                                                                 6,000
         Books, Professional Dues                                                       1,500
         Board of Pensions Dues @ 31.5%                                               17,955
         Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3 years                                   1,500
         Study Leave             cumulative for 3 years                           14 + 3 days
         Vacation                                                                    4 weeks
         Social Security                                                                4,697
         Moving Expenses
         Annual Review
      2. The Rev. Michael Umbenhaur called to serve as pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Orange.
Approved by COM on 06/03/08; and sustained examination of the Committee on Examinations on 06/28/08;
transferring from Sacramento Presbytery; ordained 07/19/92; Formal Education: 1983-1985 AA, Liberal Arts,
Sierra Community College Rocklin, CA; 1985-1987 BA, Psychology, University of California at Davis; 1988-
1992 MDiv, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA (Statement of Faith will be in the
November 2008 Presbytery Packet)
         Salary                                                                     $38,500*
         Housing and Utility Allowance                                                16,500
         Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                                      4,935
         Books, Professional Dues                                                       1,200
         Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                            17,325
         Study Leave Allowance      cumulative for 3 years                              1,615
         Study Leave                cumulative for 3 years                           2 weeks
         Vacation                                                                    1 month
         Social Security Compensation up to 8.24%                                       4,418
         Annual Review
         A $10,000 housing loan to be forgiven over a 5 year period at
         $2,000 per year
         Moving Expenses                                                     Actual Expenses

      3. The Rev. Emilee D. Whitehurst received as a member at large. Approved by COM on 06/03/08; and
sustained examination of the Committee on Examinations on 07/28/08; transferring from Mission Presbytery;
ordained 11/02/02; Formal Education: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX; BA, Human
Biology with honors, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, May 1994; MDiv, Harvard Divinity School,
Cambridge, MA, June 2001;(Statement of Faith follows COM Report in Packet)
       4. Candidate for ordination Whitney Wilkinson called to serve as a Mission Worker/Youth Minister
with a temporary pastoral relationship (G-14.0550) with First Presbyterian Church, Bryan, TX and a formal
ministry relationship with the Fitzroy Presbyterian Church of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Approved by 07/14/08;
and sustained the examination of the Committee on Examination on 07/26/08; Formal Education: 12/2003 BS,
Bioenvironmental Science, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX; 05/2008 MDiv Columbia
Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA (Statement of Faith follows COM Report in Packet)
B. Accepted Stephen G. Johnson, Wharton, First in Lay Pastor Program.
C. Approved transfer of membership of Emilee Dawn Whitehurst from Mission Presbytery and receive her as a
member at large.
D. Approved Changes in Terms of Call
  1. Between Clay Faulk – Port Arthur, Providence effective 06/01/08
       Salary                                                                     $33,000              $36,000
       Housing and Utility Allowance                                                33,000              36,000
       Social Security Compensation 8.25 & above                                     5,445               5,940
       Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                                     4,253               4,253
       Books, Professional Dues                                                      3,643               3,643
       Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                            22,505              24,551
       Study Leave Allowance        cumulative for 3 years                             225                 225
       Study Leave                 cumulative for 3 years                         2 weeks              2 weeks
       Vacation                                                                   4 weeks              4 weeks
       Social Security Compensation up to 8.24%                                      5,438               5,760
       Annual Review
    2. Between Thomas Sharon and Freeport, First effective 01/01/08
       Salary                                                                     $10,394              $16,623
       Housing and Utility Allowance                                                21,480              16,926
       Other paid insurance – Dental                                                   675                 675
       Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                                     1,500               1,500
       Books, Professional Dues                                                        300                 300
       Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                        10,252.94            10,780.94
       Study Leave Allowance        cumulative for 3 years                           1,550               1,590
       Study Leave                 cumulative for 3 years                         2 weeks              2 weeks
       Vacation                                                                   4 weeks              4 weeks
       Social Security Compensation up to 8.24%                                      2,626               2,761
       Annual Review
  3. Between Harland Merriam and Beaumont, St. Andrew’s effective 2/15/08
       Salary                                                                     $31,930              $32,249
       Housing and Utility Allowance                                                31,930              32,249
       Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                                     4,000               4,000
       Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                            20,116              20,317
       Study Leave Allowance        cumulative for 3 years                           1,550               1,550
       Study Leave                 cumulative for 3 years                         2 weeks              2 weeks
       Vacation                                                                   4 weeks              4 weeks
       Social Security Compensation up to 8.24%                                      4,885               4,934
       Annual Review
  4. Between Mark Keffer and Beaumont, St. Andrew’s 02/15/08
       Salary                                                                     $13,708              $25,250
        Housing and Utility Allowance                                          13,708         25,250
        Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                               4,000          4,000
        Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                       8,636         15,908
        Study Leave Allowance        cumulative for 3 years                     1,550          1,590
        Study Leave                 cumulative for 3 years                    2 weeks        2 weeks
        Vacation                                                              4 weeks        4 weeks
        Social Security Compensation up to 8.24%                                2,097          3,863
        Annual Review
   5. Between Mile Cole and New Covenant Presbytery effective 07 01 08
        Salary                                                                $35,609         $45,619
        Housing and Utility Allowance                                          41,200          41,200
        Social Security Supplement                                           5,875.90               0
        Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                           .445/mile       .505/mile
        Books, Professional Dues                                          Reimbursed      Reimbursed
        Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                      23,811          27,348
        Study Leave Allowance        cumulative for 3 years                     1,500           1,500
        Study Leave                 cumulative for 3 years                    2 weeks         2 weeks
        Vacation                                                              4 weeks         4 weeks
        Sabbatical leave after 6 years of employment
        Annual Review
    6. Between Wendy Bailey and New Covenant Presbytery effective 07 01 08
        Salary                                                                $21,500         $28,212
        Housing and Utility Allowance                                          30,000          30,000
        Social Security Supplement                                           3,939.75               0
        Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                           .445/mile       .505/mile
        Books, Professional Dues                                          Reimbursed      Reimbursed
        Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                      15,955          18,337
        Study Leave Allowance        cumulative for 3 years                     1,550           1,500
        Study Leave                 cumulative for 3 years                    2 weeks         2 weeks
        Vacation                                                              4 weeks         4 weeks
        Annual Review
    7. Between Lacy Sellars and Bellaire, ChristChurch effective 06/01/08
        Salary                                                                $20,109        $21,132
        Housing and Utility Allowance                                          37,539         39,408
        Other Paid Insurance – Dental                                           1,224          1,224
        Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                               3,910          4,104
        Books, Professional Dues                                                   579           579
        Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                      19,551         20,532
        Study Leave Allowance        cumulative for 3 years                     1,320          1,320
        Study Leave                 cumulative for 3 years                    2 weeks        2 weeks
        Vacation                                                              4 weeks        4 weeks
        Social Security Compensation up to 8.24%                                4,418          4,418
        Annual Review
E. Approved pastoral call
     a. Between Houston, Thien-An – Viet Ho effective 5/25/08
        Salary                                                               $ 17,625
        Housing and Utility Allowance                                          17,625
        Auto Allowance @ IRS Rate                                           .505/mile
        Board of Pensions Dues full 31.5%                                          Full
        Study Leave Allowance        cumulative for 3 years                      1,615
        Study Leave                 cumulative for 3 years                    2 weeks
         Vacation                                                                1 month
         Annual Review
F. Approved dissolving the relationship
    1. Between John Pope and Bay City, First, effective 5/31/08
    2. Between John Potter and Houston, Formosan, effective 6/20/08
G. Approved transfer of membership
      1 . Marialice Billingsley to Grace Presbytery effective 05/31/08
      2. James Aubey to Northern Kansas effective 06/03/08
H. Approved commission to install Katie Cummings as Associate Pastor at Houston, Grace 07/13/08 at 10:00
    To preside and propound the constitutional questions:
    Elder Jody Harrington, Moderator NCP, Memorial Drive, Houston
    To preach the sermon: The Rev. David D. Swanson, First, Orlando, FL, Central Florida Presbytery
    To charge the pastor: The Rev. Dean Pogue, Pastor, First, Pasadena
     To charge the congregation: The Rev. Doug Ferguson, Pastor, Grace, Houston
     To complete the commission: Elder Michael Braden, Grace, Houston; Elder Darlene Staples, Clear Lake,
Houston; The Rev. Tim Galligan, Clear Lake, Houston, and The Rev. Vicky Jones, Memorial Drive, Houston
 I. Appointed Moderators
    1. Houston, St. Giles – Cassandra Dahnke
    2. Silsbee, First – Mark Keffer
    3. Houston, Christ – is requesting a change of moderators from Lynn Hargrove to Ben Stewart
 J. Grant Permission to elect PNCs
    1. Jones Creek, Gulf Prairie
 K. Appoint Liaisons
    1. Silsbee, First - Harland Merriam
    2. Houston, Korean Young Nak – Sam Jun
    3. Brenham – Pam Engler
    4. Needville, St. Paul – approved Debbie Cenko
  L. Approved CIFs
     1. Houston, St. Thomas
     2. The Woodlands, Woodlands Community
     3. Houston, First
  M. Approved request to be placed on Pulpit Supply List from Jonathon Murray, candidate under care
     of Grace Presbytery

N. Approved renewal of Interim Contracts
   1.Between Lawrence Spencer and Houston, St. Thomas for a period of 12 months beginning
        5/15/08 through 5/14/09
      Salary                                                                                      $26,000
      Housing Allowance                                                                            39,000
      Deferred Compensation (403B)                                                                  7,300
      Social Security Supplement                                                                    5,384
      Pension/Medical Full 31.5%                                                                   21,326
      Travel & Auto                                                                  .505/mile @ IRS Rate
      Books, Professional Expenses, Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3      1,500 + 125 Clergy Retreat
      years + 235 for clergy retreat
      Study Leave time                                                        2 wks + 3 day Clergy Retreat
      Vacation                                                                                    4 weeks
      Annual Review

O. Approved renewal of contracts
 1. Between Tim Phillips and ER/NCP for a period of 12 months effective 7/1/08 through 6/30/09
        Salary                                                                                     $32,500
        Housing Allowance                                                                           32,500
        Pension/Medical Full 31.5%                                                                  20,475
        Dental                                                                                       1,217
        Travel & Auto @ IRS Rates                                                                    5,400
        Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3 years + 235 for clergy retreat                        1,500
        Study Leave time                                                                           2 weeks
        Vacation                                                                                   4 weeks
        Annual Review
2.Between Aurelio Rodriguez Ordás and NCP/NCD for a period of 12 months beginning 1/1/08
     through 1/1/09
        Salary                                                                                     $17,338
        Housing Allowance                                                                           20,000
        Pension/Medical Full 31.5%                                                                  11,761
        Social Security
        Travel & Auto                                                                          @ IRS Rates
        Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3 years                                                 1,420
        Study Leave time                                                                           2 weeks
        Vacation                                                                                   4 weeks
        Annual Review
 3. Between Hyun Shawn Kang and NCP/NCD for a period of 12 months beginning 7/1/08 through
        Salary                                                                                     $22,275
        Housing Allowance                                                                           20,900
        Pension/Medical Full 31.5%                                                                  13,601
        Social Security                                                                              3,558
        Travel & Auto                                                                          @ IRS Rates
        Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3 years + 235 for clergy retreat                        1,524
        Study Leave time                                                                           2 weeks
        Vacation                                                                                   4 weeks
        Annual Review
4. Between Alcimar Dantas Dias and NCP/NCD for a period of 12 months beginning 7/1/08 through 6//30/09
        Salary                                                                                     $18,000
        Housing Allowance                                                                           21,000
        Pension/Medical Full 31.5%                                                                  12,474
        Dental                                                                                         850
        Travel & Auto                                                                                1,500
        Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3 years + 235 for clergy retreat                        1,380
        Study Leave time                                                                           2 weeks
        Vacation                                                                                   4 weeks
        Annual Review
  5. Between Jim Gill and NCP/NCD for a period of 12 months beginning 7/1/08 through 6/30/09
      Salary                                                                                     $31,430.25
      Housing Allowance                                                                              30,000
      Pension/Medical Full 31.5%                                                                  19,350.53
      Travel & Auto                                                                             @ IRS Rates
      Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3 years + 235 for clergy retreat                           1,420
      Study Leave time                                                                              2 weeks
      Vacation                                                                                      4 weeks
      Annual Review

   6. Between Peter Lee and NCP/NCD for a period of 12 months beginning 7/1/08 through 6/30/09
        Salary                                                                                   $22,750
        Housing Allowance                                                                          14,500
        Pension/Medical Full 31.5%                                                                 11,734
        Social Security                                                                             2,816
        Travel & Auto                                                                               2,000
        Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3 years + 235 for clergy retreat                       1,433
        Study Leave time                                                                         2 weeks
        Vacation                                                                                 4 weeks
        Annual Review
7. Between Aluu Williams Nnali and NCP/NCD for a period of 12 months beginning 7/1/08 through 6/30/09
        Salary                                                                                    $ 7,000
        Housing Allowance                                                                          14,100
        Pension/Medical Full 31.5%                                                                  7,080
        Social Security                                                                             1,740
        Travel & Auto                                                                               2,700
        Study Leave Allowance cumulative for 3 years + 235 for clergy retreat                       1,500
        Study Leave time                                                                         2 weeks
        Vacation                                                                                 4 weeks
        Annual Review

Statements of Faith
Nora Fitch
          My faith is founded on the steadfast love of God—the one and only God, the triune God, who created all, heaven
and earth and beyond. God is righteous and just, sovereign and immanent, loving and merciful. God created humans in
God’s image and to be in relationship with God. Though we are undeserving and sinful, God continues to bless us. We
trust in God’s purpose and will for this world. We are thankful to praise and glorify God in worship and in every part of our

          I believe Jesus Christ is the Word of God, the incarnation of God, and the revelation of God to humanity. Jesus
lived, died, and was resurrected by God, and from this comes our hope in eternal life. Jesus is the Savior and the
Redeemer of the world. Fully human and fully divine, Jesus died for us, and through His love and faithfulness, we come to
know God. Through his life and ministry we learn how to live our lives more fully by loving God and our neighbors. Although
we never do this perfectly, we know that we are justified by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

           I believe in the Holy Spirit, the breath of life and the presence of God in the past, present, and future. The Holy
Spirit directs, nourishes, comforts, inspires, teaches, and works through us. The Holy Spirit equips us to spread the good
news of the Gospel and gives us the courage and strength to uphold justice in a world with violence, sin, and evil. Faith in
the triune God, God the Father and creator, Jesus Christ the Son and redeemer, the Holy Spirit and maintainer of life, is the
foundation of our Christian faith.

         I believe the Bible was inspired by God. It is the authentic and unique word of God. Through scripture, we
encounter God. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, scripture nurtures, sustains, and challenges us, both individually and

         The sacraments of the church are the visible signs of God’s grace sealed upon our hearts. I believe in one baptism
as the divine initiation into Christ’s church. In the sharing of the Eucharist, I believe that the church is called out of the world,
encounters God, and is empowered as the body of Christ to go back out into the world sharing the love and grace of God
with others. Through these two sacraments, our faith is deepened and strengthened.

          As the body of Christ in this world, the church is united and strengthened by God to minister to those in need. Just
as Christ said ministering to the least of these is the same as ministering to Him, His church is filled with purpose and
mission when sharing with others. Christ is the head of the church and as His servants, we are called to discern God’s will
for the church and to serve in ways in which we are called.

Carol Burgeson
          I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ, truly man and truly God, who is all-sufficient for my life here and beyond the
grave. I believe that I am a sinner and cannot redeem myself, and that my salvation depends wholly on the life, death (by
crucifixion) and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I accept the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, the only one through whom
humanity can be redeemed. I believe, along with Calvin, Luther and particularly the apostle Paul ( Ephesians 2:9), that I am
saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. I believe that in life and in death I belong to God.

          Believing in the great mystery of the Trinity, I affirm that Jesus Christ lives and reigns with God, his heavenly
Father, and that the Holy Spirit is sent into the world to convince us through scripture and conscience of our spiritual need
for salvation, to glorify the Savior and to strengthen the church visible in faith and works. I believe that the great ends of the
church include world evangelism and promotion of justice and peace. I believe the Holy Spirit is faithful to help the church
interpret the scriptures, both historically and culturally, leading believers to be nurtured in the faith, and to service within their
communities of faith. This call for me includes the call to ministry of Word and Sacrament (John 15:16)

          I believe that the Holy Spirit leads those who are members of the visible church to understand and work toward the
unity of all who believe in Christ as Savior of the world. In my everyday life I respond to the proclamation of the Good News
of Christ my Savior by seeking to make the gospel understandable to those around me through works of mercy and justice,
as well as words relating to each situation. Therefore, in my life and ministry I seek to be both ecumenical and inclusive.

          Recognizing that I am a sinner, I believe that I continually need God’s grace in my life. As a result, I am called to
give encouragement to others in the household of God, and love to my neighbors. I believe that the two Sacraments
instituted by Christ, Baptism and The Lord’s Table, should be administered within our corporate worship service. In these
many ways, as a Presbyterian, I believe I grow in grace seeking to glorify and enjoy God.

Steven Frazier
         I believe in the One who is our Creator. God created all things, seen and unseen. I confess along with the authors
of the Second Helvetic Confession that God is the greatest good, living, quickening, and preserving all things, omnipotent
and supremely wise, kind and merciful, just and true. God called humanity into being and relationship with God. Through
God’s infinite power and grace, God created humanity free. The abuse of that freedom places us in opposition to God.

          Christians call opposition to God’s will sin. Humanity suffers because it denies God’s authority. God’s people
suffer when they deny God’s authority. God has not deprived humanity of its freedom nor its ability to reason. Sin has
altered human reason and freedom, however. Humanity now serves sin and the forces that oppose God’s will. God’s love
for creation and God’s people, however, remains constant.

          I believe in the One who is our Redeemer. Our sins against God could have brought destruction but brought the
Son of God instead. I confess that God came and dwelt with humanity in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. I
believe that Christ obediently went to the cross and died a humiliating and agonizing death. He did this to rescue humanity
from sin and to save humanity from the forces of death, eternal destruction, and separation from God. Our salvation is
made possible through the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God sent the Christ to redeem us, to restore
us to friendship with God, and to show us the possibility of life without sin.

           I believe in the One who is our Sustainer. Despite our redemption through Christ’s death and resurrection, we
remain human, limited, imperfect, and temporal. Sin distorts our vision. Jesus Christ, however, continues to call us to lives
of faithful service and witness through the Holy Spirit. I believe that the workings of the Holy Spirit guide us in ways that
advance God’s kingdom and make it more visible in the present.

         I believe that the Bible is the true word of God. God speaks to the church through the scriptures. The Bible
explains everything that is necessary for salvation and lives that please God. God speaks through the Bible in ways that
teach and assist humanity. We understand God and God’s saving purposes for humanity through the power of the Holy
Spirit when we turn to the scriptures or guidance in worship and study.

         I believe that the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the means by which God is claiming our lives
for God’s glory and the advancement of God’s kingdom. I affirm that the Holy Spirit claims us in the waters of baptism in
ways that unite us with Christ and allow us to share in His death and His resurrected life. I affirm that the Holy Spirit is active
in the Lord’s Supper to sustain us and to nourish and strengthen our faith. Through faith, the sacraments of baptism and the
Lord’s Supper effectively restore our relationship with God and fit us for lives of witness and service that please God.

         I believe that the church is God’s chosen instrument for the expression of a saving and transforming faith. The
church is a community of faith in which humanity shares God’s love for all people, celebrates the forgiveness of sins, looks
for guidance, and worships in ways that honor God. Our form of church government calls church members to lives of
service that reflect their skills and responsibility to serve others. It binds congregations into larger parts that expand the
ministry of the church. The Body of Christ that is the church universal is the witness to God in which I maintain my faith.

Emilee Dawn Whitehurst
           In all I do and in all I say, I strive to bear witness to God’s reconciling love as manifest in Jesus Christ. In gratitude
and reverence, I respond to God’s call to share the Gospel news of Jesus Christ as Savior and Reconciler.
           Jesus Christ, as divine revelation of true humanity, lived and suffered with his people. He opposed religious and
political authorities and willingly died that all humankind might experience the full depths of God’s love.
           Through the sacrament of Baptism, I yearn to die each day to self and sin and to rejoice afresh in the truth that
nothing can separate us from God’s love.
           Through the sacrament of Communion, I find fellowship with believers of every time and place who proclaim the
central mystery of our faith, ―that Christ has died, Christ has risen, and Christ will come again.‖
           I affirm that the Holy Scriptures are the unique and authoritative witness to Jesus Christ. By studying and
meditating on them I encounter the Word written, I perceive the Word incarnate and I am equipped to hear the Word
           I trust in God, whose sovereign love created this abundant world that we might know and worship the Creator.
With confidence and assurance, I affirm that the image of God is found equally in all people. With fear and trembling, I
acknowledge the reality of evil and the power of sin inherent equally in all people.
           This paradox, made in God’s image yet free and prone to deny that image in ourselves and in others, confounds
me. Out of the confusion, I find myself turning to the prayer of St. Francis,

         ―Lord make me an instrument of thy peace,
         Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
         where there is injury, pardon;
         where there is doubt, faith;
         where there is despair, hope;
         where there is darkness, light;
         and where there is sadness, joy…‖

         In the praying of this prayer, in moments as fleeting as my breath, I feel graced by the presence of God’s Spirit.
This Spirit that inspired the prophets, that sustained the people through hardship and oppression, and that continues to
sustain God’s church, lifts me up and emboldens me to stand alongside my sisters and brothers to love this broken and
fearful world.
         And so, with the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I pray as unceasingly as I am able, ―Come, Lord Jesus,

Whitney Wilkinson
          God is love. The Bible bears witness to God’s character of love as Spirit sweeping over the waters at creation, as
Creator who shapes all of humanity and calls us very good and as Jesus Christ preaching good news to the poor and
binding up the brokenhearted. I believe that God is Three in One: Creator, Son and Holy Spirit. The mystery of the Trinity
acknowledges that humanity can never fully comprehend our communal God. This triune God, as revealed primarily in
scripture, loves humanity with inexhaustible constancy. Through God’s sovereign grace, humanity is created and recreated
in the image of God. We often hide this image through our sin and fail to recognize the image of God in others and
ourselves. Yet, God draws us together into the one body of Christ, the Church. Here, we mark through baptism, remember
at the Table and proclaim through Scripture that we are one in Christ Jesus. As the Church, we are called and equipped to
worship, pray, serve and study and so God’s love persists.

         God’s love persists in Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of the world. Jesus Christ is, at once, fully human and fully
divine. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus Christ overcame death and sin, forever reconciling the relationship
between God and humanity through the Holy Spirit, and calling all people to a ministry of reconciliation. There is no greater
message of hope than the resurrection. Christ truly is Emmanuel, God with us, and so God’s love persists in a broken

            God’s love persists in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the movement of God in the
world, reminding humanity that we are not alone. We belong to one another and to God. The Spirit is the voice of freedom
in oppression, justice in inequality, peace in fear and love in hatred. The Spirit stirs in human hearts the potential for faith,
growth and love. The Spirit calls all people to participate in God’s mission, and so God’s love persists.

Bryan Kile (retirement approved at May 10, 2008 meeting)
Rev. Dr. Bryan Z. Kile was called to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament from a career in the military and Aerospace
programs. He was ordained into the ministry in 1975 with a call to a church in Ohio. Following eight years there, he then
served churches in Arizona and Australia. He retired at the end of June after serving Gulf Prairie Presbyterian Church in
Jones Creek,Texas for eleven years.

III. Items for Information
      1. Committee on Ministry met on June 3, 2008 and Committee on Examinations met on 6/28/08 & 7/26/08
      2. The committee has started a new welcoming process for all new ministers entering the Presbytery.

                                                 Proposed August 23, 2008
                                                  Minimum Terms of Call
                                                 Effective January 1, 2009

Part One: Compensation
       Newly Ordained                          $35,550
       1 year experience                       $36,300
       2 years experience                      $36,800
       3 years experience                      $37,300
       4 years experience                      $37,800
       5 years experience                      $38,300
       6 years experience                      $38,800
       7 years experience                      $39,300
       8 years experience                      $39,800
       9 years experience                      $40,300
       10+ years experience          $41,800

       [Compensation consists of salary plus housing and utility allowance as well as Social Security
       Supplement 8.25% and above of Effective Salary, other paid insurance or compensation, and deferred

PART TWO: Reimbursed Expenses
     Auto Allowance– to be reimbursed at the IRS standard rate of reimbursement of 58.5 cents per business
       IRS Announcement 2008-63
       This announcement informs taxpayers that the Internal Revenue Service is modifying Rev. Proc. 2007-
       70, 2007-50 I.R.B. 1162, by revising the optional standard mileage rates for computing the deductible
       costs of operating an automobile for business, medical, or moving expense purposes and for determining
       the reimbursed amount of these expenses that is deemed substantiated. This modification results from
       recent increases in the price of fuel. The revised standard mileage rates are: Business 58.5 cents per
       mile on/ after July 1, 2008.

Part Three: Benefits
       a. Pension/ Medical Dues
       Full participation in the denominational Pension and Major Medical Insurance Program: 31.5% of the
       Total Effective Salary.
       b./c. Study Leave
       For those Clergy who do not attend the Presbytery of New Covenant Clergy Retreat:
                Study leave for two weeks with expense allowance of $1,420 annually, accumulative for 3

       For those Clergy who attend the Presbytery of New Covenant Clergy Retreat: Study leave for two
       weeks with expense allowance of $1,660 annually,
                accumulative for 3 years. This includes an additional allowance of $240 for the Clergy Retreat
                and additional leave of three days (this leave is not cumulative).
       Newly Ordained Clergy are required to participate in the Presbytery of New Covenant Clergy Retreat
       for the first three years of ministry.

       Newly Ordained Clergy shall participate in Entry into Ministry Events sponsored/ supported by the
       Presbytery of New Covenant. Full provision will be made for the actual cost for one year (plus or minus
       $750) and the time needed to participate in these events.

       d. Paid Vacation
       Paid vacation for one month (includes 4 Sundays).

       Actual Moving Expenses (where applicable).

Part Four: Annual Review
   The session will establish review committee to meet with the Minister every twelve months to discuss:
   -       The congregation’s expectations of the minister and how well he/ she meets those expectations;
   -       The minister’s expectations of the congregation and how well it (and its members) meet those
           expectations; and
   -       Adequacy of compensation.
   The review committee is encouraged to utilize the resources provided by the Committee on Ministry
   “Guidelines for Church Professional Evaluations”
        Details of how Compensation is to be reported are explained in the Compensation Worksheet,
        which will be updated and available on the Presbytery of New Covenant website through the page
        devoted to COM forms.

Rationale for Increases:

I.      In Compensation: around 3% or $1050 per experience level.

        1) Grace Presbytery:
        Following historical trends, Grace will base its increase on 80% of the previous year's church
        wide median salary (which was $49,000) to the end that Grace’s minimum will increase from
        $38,320 in 2008 to $39,200 in 2009 representing a 2.3% increase.

        2) Church-wide Median
        The Church-wide Median Salary as reported by the Board of Pensions. Median Salaries for 2009
        Based on effective salary information reported to the Board of Pensions as of May 1, 2008, the
        full-time median salaries for 2008 are:

        Employment Classification              2009            2008             2009 from 2008
           Pastors' Median *                  $50,800         $49,000              + 3.7%

        3) Mission Presbytery
        The Minimum Effective Salary for Mission Presbytery will be adjusted in October, 2008. It is
        based on a formula linked with increases in the Consumer Price Index.

        From: Mission Presbytery Policies Concerning Ministers and
        Educators “Consistent with the Presbytery Policy approved February 28 - March 1, 2003, the
        Presbytery minister’s minimum compensation package is to be adjusted by an amount equal to the
        “Consumer Price Index-All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) US City Average, All Items,” as listed by the US
        Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics on October 1 of each year.”

        4) Consumer Price Index (CPI)

          From BLS – DOL :
          “The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.8 percent in May, 2008.
          The May level of 216.632 (1982-84=100) was 4.2 percent higher than in May 2007.”

        The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria
        Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) increased 3.25% over the previous
        year’s reporting period.

II.     For Study Leave: Proposed increase of $40

        The 2.9% increase attempts to keep pace with inflation although this represents much less than
        the 3.25% of the increase of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

       Allowance for Clergy Retreat $240
             Cost of Clergy Retreat for 2008
             Conference fee $76 per person
             $180 Single occupancy
             $153 Double occupancy
             TOTAL $229 double; $256 single
             MEDIAN COST $242.50

       Relevant Documentation:
                                          Salaries in the Parish Ministry
                                                2008 Salary Study
                The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) annually tabulates the median and
       average effective salary information reported to it for minister members of the Benefits Plan who are
       serving U.S. congregations. The median salary is generally considered more representative than the
       average salary, since it is less influenced by very high or very low salaries.
                The most recent study, as of May 1, 2008, shows the median salary of all Presbyterian Church
       (U.S.A.) minister members of the Benefits Plan serving U.S. congregations is $50,800, as compared
       with $49,000 one year earlier: an increase of 3.67%. The average salary of these ministers is now
       $55,652, an increase of 3.71% from last year’s average of $53,662.
                The table below shows a five-year comparison of average salaries received by the ordained
       minister members of the Benefits Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) serving local congregations
       as of the date shown.

       Average Salaries                                % Chg. Avg. Sal.
       Synod 5/1/2004 5/1/2005 5/1/2006 5/1/2007 5/1/2008 2008 vs . 2004
       Sun   $49,283 $50,864 $51,499 $52,955 $55,166          11.94%
       PC    $49,361 $50,534 $51,974 $53,662 $55,652                 12.74%

Series Id: CUURA318SA0,CUUSA318SA0
Not Seasonally Adjusted
Area:     Houston-Galveston-Brazoria, TX
Item:     All items
Base Period: 1982-84=100
Year Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May    Jun      Jul    Aug      Sep     Oct     Nov    Dec    Annual HALF1 HALF2
1998       146.1           146.3           146.4           147.4           148.5           146.1   146.8   146.2   147.4
1999       146.6           148.3           148.3           148.9           151.2           150.3   148.7   147.5   150.0
2000       152.1           152.8           154.1           154.4           157.1           156.2   154.2   152.7   155.7
2001       158.6           159.5           159.6           158.6           159.4           157.1   158.8   158.9   158.6
2002       156.6           158.8           158.3           160.1           162.6           159.8   159.2   157.8   160.7

2003       164.0           162.5           162.5           164.1           166.1           164.1   163.7   162.8   164.6

2004       168.5           169.7           169.3           169.1           171.8           170.0   169.5   168.7   170.2
2005       174.6           175.0           174.2           175.5           179.2           177.2   175.6   174.3   177.0
2006       178.6           181.2           182.4           182.5           180.4           179.2   180.6   180.3   181.0
2007       181.217         184.140         184.529         183.740         184.922         186.246 183.838 182.851 184.826
2008       187.585         188.795

                                 REPORT TO PRESBYTERY
                                       August 23, 2008

I.   Recommendations for presbytery action:
        A. The committee recommends and moves that Joann Lee (Houston, Pines) be enrolled as a candidate.

II. Actions taken on behalf of presbytery:
       A. Approved Annual Consultations and granted permission to continue in the process:
       Barbara McClintic (Houston, Pines)
       Holly Smith (Nacogdoches, Westminster)
       Kay Atchinson (Houston, Memorial Drive)
       B. Granted Mark Plunkett (Houston, Spring Branch) permission to do and internship at Needville, St.
           Pauls and approved the job description.
       C. Approved assessing Teri Summers-Minette (The Woodlands) as ready to receive a call.
       D. Approved assessing Holly Smith (Nacogdoches, Westminster) as ready to receive a call.
       E. Approved recommending to presbytery the enrollment of Joann Lee (Houston, Pines) as a
       F. Approved enrolling Amy Klinkovsky (Bryan, First) as an inquirer.
       G. Approved enrolling Wendy Bleike (Houston, First) as an inquirer.
       H. Approved enrolling Charles Kelly (Houston, Central) as inquirer.
       I. Approved Isabel Wages’ (Galveston, Emmanuel) Supervised Pastoral Ministry.
       J. Approved job description for Joann Lee (Houston, Pines) to work in the Pastoral Residency
           Program at Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL

III. Item for Information:
    1. Committee on Preparation for Ministry met on June 14, 2008

                                       REPORT TO THE PRESBYTERY
                                           GENERAL COUNCIL
                                            AUGUST 23, 2008

I. Actions Recommended for Presbytery’s consideration: (None)

II. Actions taken on behalf of the presbytery
    A. approved the action of the Congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of Bryan, Texas, in which they
        authorized officers of the church corporation to sign a certain Deed Without Warranty which would
        waive enforcement of and declare as non-binding a "reversionary clause" on title to two tracts of land
        originally given by Pauline McCullough Grant to Twin City Mission and granted concurrence and
        permission requested by the Church
    B. approved the renegotiated loan through Tradition Bank for Heritage Presbyterian Church.
    C. Concurred with the Relocation Task Force recommendation to decline the invitation of Heights
        Presbyterian Church for relocation of the presbytery office, and dismissed the Relocation Task Force
        with appreciation for their work. (The invitation from Central Church was declined previously.)
    D. approved separating the Vision Initiative Funds so that there are two custodians: Texas Presbyterian
        Foundation (TPF) and Presbyterian Foundation (PF). A target date for fund separation: 6/1/08.
    E. approved the rebalancing of the funds via a transfer of funds from TPF to PF. The target date for fund
        rebalance: 6/1/08.
    F. approved three recommended changes in the Investment Policy and Guidelines for the Presbytery Gift,
        the document that directs the Vision Initiative Fund. (Document with changes available upon request to
        Stated Clerk.)
    G. approved recommending to the presbytery at the November meeting, the election of The Rev. Diane
        Prevary (H.R.) to serve another three year term as Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of New Covenant.
    H. directed the Vision Initiative Grant Committee to reduce the corpus of their available funds by 10% and
        write a check equal to the amount of the reduction ($9,300) to Heritage Presbyterian Church.

III.      Items for Information
       A. General Council met on May 20; held a teleconference on May 22; and met on June 17. The July 15
          meeting was cancelled. General Council is scheduled to meet on August 19.
       B. Minister-members of GC: Wayne Eberly, Chair; Pat Clark, Vice-Chair; Asa Hunt; Margaret
          Desmond; Greg Han; Paul Nazarian; Kevin Rudolph.
          Elder-members of GC: Jeff Early (1st, Kingwood),Don Gregory (Westminster, Nacogdoches), Sabrina
          Hergert (Grace), Janet Lionberger (1st, Houston), Gay Van Osdall (MDPC).
          Members By Virtue of Office: Elder Pam Engler, Moderator of Ministries Division Steering
          Committee; Elder Jody Harrington, Moderator of Presbytery; Elder Rupert Turner, Moderator of
          Administrative Division Steering Committee.
                  (Elder Sue Edrozo, 1st, Texas City, recently resigned from GC, due to conflicting professional
       C. GC has requested the Stated Clerk to research the possibility/legality of “remote meetings,” and to
          report back her findings. If a policy results, it will be communicated to the presbytery.

                                         MINISTRIES DIVISION
                                        REPORT TO PRESBYTERY
                                            AUGUST 23, 2008

Item for Information -- Scholarships
The Ministries Division Steering Committee has limited funds in their budget to provide scholarships to pastors
and members of congregations in the Presbytery of New Covenant to attend leadership events. Scholarships of
up to $100 are available. Ordinarily these scholarships will be limited to two per congregation. For more
information or to apply for a scholarship contact Pam Engler, Ministries Division Steering Committee Chair, at
979-823-8073 or pengler@fpcbryan.org.

Additional scholarship funds are available through a Vision Initiative Grant received by the Congregational
Resourcing Team. These scholarships will be awarded to volunteers in educational ministry who would like to
attend the Association of Presbyterian Church Educator’s conference in San Antonio, January 28-31, 2009. For
more information contact Blake Brinegar, Chair of the Congregational Resourcing Team, at 281-530-1675 or

                               CONGREGATIONAL RESOURCING TEAM
                                        August 23, 2008

Item for Information
FOCUS 2008 will be held on Saturday, October 4 at Northwoods Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Dr. Tom
Long will keynote the event and will also offer a workshop on preaching.

                                     NOMINATING COMMITTEE
                                       Saturday, August 23, 2008
                                             For Election

COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY/Care of Church Professionals
        Class of 2008
               Rev. Carrie Smith-Coons (St. Phillip, Houston)

        Class of 2010
               Rev. Linda Sharon (PNC)
               Mr. Tom O'Neill (Houston, First)

                                     COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE

                                         REPORT TO PRESBYTERY
                                            AUGUST 23, 2008

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                                                   23 August 2008

                                              EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

BACKGROUND: On 11 December 2007, in response to a request by over half the members of the Heritage
Presbyterian Church for dismissal from the PC (USA), the presbytery appointed an Administrative Commission
(AC) to work with the church to attempt to resolve the situation. The ministers, session, staff and a majority of the
members subsequently left the denomination and the AC assumed the duties of the session. On 16 April 2008,
the AC made its initial report to a called meeting of the presbytery. The initial report recommended that the
presbytery recognize the viability of the remaining core group, retain the property of the church and provide the
material and spiritual support needed to sustain the congregation for a three-year period, including substantial
member church financial support over and above their ongoing support of the presbytery. The financial support
was initially estimated to be $218,000 for the first year – since April reduced to about $52,000 -- with increased
amounts for the second and third years. The presbytery approved the initial report without dissent. The present
report details the actions of the congregation, the AC, and the presbytery since that meeting, and the AC’s plan for
going forward.

CURRENT STATUS OF HERITAGE: Emerging from the chaos created by the withdrawal the congregation is
working hard to reconstitute itself and its ministry. They hold weekly worship services and Sunday School;
maintain regular church office hours; have established committees for worship, Christian Education and Missions,
and communications; have amended and restated the church’s antiquated organic documents and have elected a
Nominating Committee whose first charge is to develop a slate for the election of a session and deacons. The
church has a pre-school that completed its school year in May and is on track for enrollment for the next year. The
congregation participated in a Time of Discernment designed to allow them to articulate their sense of the future
into which God is calling them. In addition Heritage held a successful Vacation Bible School in July. New
members have been received and the church is positioning itself to call a pastor when circumstances permit, with
a target of Fall 2008.

PRESBYTERY’S SUPPORT COMMITMENT: The Heritage congregation and the AC recognize that they have
not accomplished, indeed cannot accomplish, this emerging reconstitution alone. God has already provided
material and spiritual support from this presbytery and its member churches. The details of support to date are
provided in the body of this report. With it the congregation has begun to grow into the future they envision. But
although much has been accomplished, much more remains to be done to realize the presbytery’s commitment to
make Heritage once again self-sustaining. The final section of this report outlines progress to date against that
commitment and the AC’s plan for its ultimate fulfillment. A principal element of the plan is creation of a Heritage
Funding Task Force consisting of representatives of churches who have contributed funds to Heritage, plus select
presbytery committee and staff members and members of the AC, to work closely with the leadership of Heritage at
two main tasks: (1) finding means of closing the relatively small remaining current year shortfall, and (2) determining
the level of financial support of Heritage to be recommended to presbytery for each of the second and third years, and
identifying funding sources. The plan builds on the foundation laid by those who have already come forward with

their time, talents and resources, and challenges the remainder of our brothers and sisters in Christ to follow their
shining example. And to God be the Glory.

                                                     23 AUGUST 2008

On 11 December 2007, prompted by Heritage Presbyterian Church having reached the threshold of 50% of its
membership voting to request dismissal from the PC (USA), under the process of this presbytery, this presbytery
appointed this Administrative Commission (the AC) to work with the church to attempt to resolve the situation. A list of
the current members of the AC is set forth at the foot of this report. As the AC conducted its business with the
congregation it determined that a core group of the congregation was dedicated to remaining in the denomination and
continuing a ministry at the site of the church. On 16 April 2008 the AC submitted its report to a called meeting of the
presbytery. The AC recommended that the presbytery recognize the core group, award them the property of the
church and provide the material and spiritual support needed to sustain the congregation for a three-year period. By
voice vote the presbytery approved the recommendations of the AC. The AC currently serves as the Session of the
church, but anticipates asking to be relieved of that responsibility upon election, ordination, training and installation of a
new Session in Fall 2008.

This report addresses (1) the state of the congregation and the physical plant immediately after the departure of the
pastor, staff, session and a significant majority of the members, (2) the ministry of the church, the AC and churches of
this presbytery to date, and (3) the vision of the future to which God is calling this member church of the Presbytery of
New Covenant. Additionally the AC is bringing for information the projected financial needs of the church for the next
three years and their plan for providing the external funding required to support the church through this period.


It is difficult to describe the state of the physical plant following the departure of the group wishing to leave the PC
(USA). The withdrawal was sudden and there was little attempt to make it orderly. The congregation went overnight
from 512 members to less than 100. Communication systems were password-locked, office equipment contracts in
disarray, a telephone system that no one knew how to operate, and new pieces of audiovisual equipment strewn
throughout the complex. The bank account stood at approximately $92,000. In short, this was a situation containing
all the elements of a hurtful and hotly contested divorce. The remaining members were required to struggle to conduct
even the most routine daily operations. The sole bright spot was the preschool ministry of the church which was left
almost intact with a dedicated director and staff.

First Steps and Heritage Today.

The saving grace for this wounded part of the Body of Christ was and continues to be the dedicated, caring members
of Heritage. Refused the opportunity to worship in the sanctuary by the majority, the core group had been granted
permission by the AC to conduct worship services in the historic chapel located on the Heritage campus. On 20 April
2008, the Sunday after the called meeting of presbytery, they reclaimed the sanctuary and the other facilities and set
about bringing order out of chaos. Their first actions were to restore the communion table and the Cross to the chancel
and re-institute worship which to them was more truly reflective of Presbyterian tradition. Establishing a sense of order
in the daily life of the church has taken much more effort. Working with volunteer help from members who put the rest
of their lives on hold, effective operations are being established at Heritage. Worship services are held every Sunday
with an average attendance of 82 and an average offering of $3,299 collected between mid-March and the end of July.

Sunday School classes are offered for all ages. A choir has been formed and a variety of music is offered at each
service. Five new members have been added since March and two families are waiting to be received. Heritage has
established Worship, Christian Education and Missions, and Communications committees. They have amended and
restated their antiquated corporate documents. In July they held Vacation Bible School with 39 students and 21 staff.
The congregation participated in a facilitated Time of Discernment designed to seek and listen to discern God’s vision
for this church in the first year. The AC and the congregation recognize that establishing stable, dedicated leadership
is necessary for the church to move forward. On 20 July 2008 the congregation elected their Nominating Committee
whose first task is to develop slates for election of elders and deacons, with a goal of having an elected Session
installed by 1 October. At that same congregational meeting the congregation voted to establish a Designated Pastor
position to facilitate the search for pastoral leadership. An office manager has been hired and regular office hours are
maintained. In addition, the presbytery collected a special offering at the 16 April called meeting to fund counseling
services (through Interface Samaritan Counseling Centers) for members of this congregation requesting them as a
result of the separation.

The Heritage congregation and the AC recognize that they have not accomplished this work alone. God has provided
material and spiritual support from the churches of this presbytery. Several organizing experts volunteered their time
to assist in sifting through the morass of files in the office and to establish a workable system for recordkeeping and
administration. The clerk of session (for the AC) has completed updating of official rolls not maintained for a period of
years under the past leadership; the departing members have been struck from the rolls of Heritage and the clerk of
session of their new church so advised. The pulpit ministry of Heritage has been supported by the Committee on
Ministry of the presbytery ensuring that meaningful, Bible-based preaching is offered and churches of the presbytery
have supported this by loaning their ministers on different Sundays. In addition the congregation has had the
opportunity to experience a variety of worship leaders, to include seminarians and Christian educators. The music
ministry of the church has been enhanced by the visits of a hand bell choir from St Luke’s, Houston and praise team
from St Thomas, Houston. The Reverend Kyle Walker, campus minister at Texas A&M, has volunteered his time in
working with the Heritage Worship Committee to ensure that worship planning is effectively carried out. The Reverend
Mark Downs, Heights PC, Houston has assisted the Communications Committee with newsletter and advertising
development. A team of 38 volunteers from St Philip, Houston, joined members of the congregation for a ―clean-up,
paint-up, fix-up‖ day on 12 July. Fiscal support continues to be offered with over $30,000 given or pledged for this year
and (so far) lesser amounts pledged for the two succeeding years. In three short months the members of Heritage
have reconstituted a meaningful and growing ministry from the chaos left by the withdrawal.

The Future into which God is Calling Heritage.

Following a three-week period of directed, individual Bible study, prayer, meditation and listening for God’s response,
the congregation participated in two sessions to share the thoughts God laid on their hearts and minds about the future
into which they are being called in this first year of reconstitution. From their deliberations they identified three
elements of ministry upon which to focus in this year; leadership, discipleship and community outreach. They then
developed priorities in each area to guide their ministry in the coming year

This congregation believes that God is calling them to be led and guided by a stable leadership team composed of a
pastor, elders and deacons knowledgeable in and espousing Reformed theology and Presbyterian polity and dedicated
to growing disciples and reaching out to the community in which they live. Their leadership vision includes a full staff.
In addition, they understand that to support their other identified priorities they will need to give their time and energy to
staff committees and planning groups to coordinate the work and worship of the church. In addition they see
themselves staffing a growing CE program to include Sunday School, youth programs and Bible studies. Leadership
visions include prayer ministries and specifically reconstituting a Stephen Ministry.

The congregation senses God calling them to a ministry of growing in discipleship and through that growth bringing
new disciples to Christ. In the next year they will strive to grow disciples through education, care of each other and the
community, evangelism, worship, prayer and reaching out to the community through missional opportunities. They see
strong pastoral leadership coupled with high levels of personal commitment on the part of members as necessary to
carrying out the work of making disciples.

Community Outreach.
This church’s vision for a ministry of community outreach strongly supports the discipleship initiatives and equally
strongly feels the need to be guided by a stable leadership team. They see the need to build and grow opportunities
for learning and fellowship as key to establishing a renewed presence in the community. Conducting vibrant, Bible-
based worship and learning opportunities, welcoming all who come in contact with the church, and a facilities use
ministry are examples of the elements of the community outreach vision. They see continuing the preschool ministry
as vital to the community and are making plans to integrate that ministry more closely with the church than has been
the practice in the past. Improving communication with the community through the church website and community
newsletters are activities that must be improved and supported.

Presbytery’s Commitment, Heritage’s Needs and How We Get There.

The AC’s Report to the presbytery on 16 April advised, among other things, that
       [T]he PCUSA Core will need substantial and sustained financial and other assistance from Presbytery and its
       member churches to continue to be viable at the current Heritage site. The PCUSA Core has estimated initial
       annual expenses to be $340,000 (including $160,596 annual mortgage payments that are set to continue until
       May 2017) and their initial annual income estimated to be $122,000, leaving an initial estimated annual
       shortfall of $218,000 (which, hopefully, can be significantly reduced somewhat by renegotiation of the
       mortgage rate and term). Presbytery should be mindful that in adopting this recommendation, it is making a
       substantial financial commitment to the support of Heritage Presbyterian Church, particularly to the financial
       support which will have to be underwritten by the presbytery and its member churches in the form of
       designated gifts to Heritage over and above such churches’ ongoing benevolence gifts to Presbytery.
       [Emphasis added] 1

          Much progress has been made since April, though much remains to be done. Through its Finance and
          Property Task Force, the AC, working with an emerging financial leadership group within the church and with
          the kind assistance of Tradition Bank, began by procuring refinancing of the church’s crushing existing
          mortgage debt2; the $160,596 required annual payment has been reduced to $67,809, an annual cash flow
          saving of $92,787. The refinancing alone thus reduces the projected $218,000 annual shortfall for fiscal year

 Recommendations 3 and 4 of the AC’s April 16 report, adopted by the presbytery at the called meeting on that day, were as

           #3 Moves and recommends that Presbytery, in declaring the viability of the minority of Heritage (PCUSA Core), will
          commit the financial support of the Presbytery for a period not to exceed 3 years.


          #4. Moves and recommends that presbyters will return to the congregations of New Covenant to engage sessions,
          ministers and church members in discussion of ways to support Heritage Presbyterian Church spiritually, financially and
          in other ways, per the above, for a period not to exceed three (3) years from this date, with at least annual reassessment
          of the PCUSA Core’s continued viability at the Heritage location.

    The presbytery had guaranteed the previous Heritage debt, and has similarly guaranteed the refinanced debt to Tradition.
         2008 - 2009, as reported to you in April, to $125, 213.3 Moreover, the AC has identified some $73,500 in
         gifts, grants and pledges, and an unbudgeted miscellaneous presbytery income item which may be allocated
         to support of Heritage, which will reduce the current year shortfall to about $52,000. By reason of ordinary
         inflation, year over year, and the fact that Heritage’s budgets for its fiscal years 2009 – 2010 and 2010 – 2011
         will contain pastor compensation for a full year, rather than a part year, as with FY 2008-2009, the AC
         estimates that funding needs for each of those years may be closer to $150,000, although this far in advance
         of the fact we must in good conscience label those estimates as tentative.

This is where the commitment of the presbytery’s member churches assumes critical importance. As the AC’s April 16
report made plain, that commitment is not self-executing; it requires action by member church sessions and giving
committees and, we hope, concerned individuals as well. As Rev. Jack Lancaster, pastor emeritus of First Presbyterian
Church, Houston, and a member of this AC has put it:

                  [I]s it possible that the ordained Pastors and the ordained Elders in our various congregations can/will
                  accept a new dimension of responsibility for this damaged part of the Body of Jesus Christ?
                  Ordinarily, Presbytery meets as a body, assigns action, receives reports from its various
                  elected/appointed committees, hears recommendations, debates their merits and then votes. Once
                  the vote is taken the official members in attendance return to their usual daily responsibilities and
                  leave up to others the task of carrying through to conclusion the actions taken. That will not be
                  sufficient in this issue.

                  Is it also possible that the Good Lord, through this action with Heritage Presbyterian Church, is
                  opening an opportunity to do something new, something that could possibly become a model for other
                  presbyteries and something that would open a new and better way to deal with many of the
                  congregationally smaller churches of the Presbytery? [Emphasis supplied]

The AC believes that the answers to both of Jack’s questions are emphatically affirmative. Some churches and
individuals have already answered the call, with donations and/or pledges for Heritage support, in some cases
committing not only to support for the current year but also for the next two. To raise the necessary funds for all
three years, the AC plans to establish a Heritage Funding Task Force consisting of representatives of
churches who have contributed funds to Heritage, plus select presbytery committee and staff members and
members of the AC, to work closely with the leadership of Heritage at two main tasks: (1) finding means of
closing the relatively small remaining current year shortfall, and (2) determining what financial support of
Heritage are to be recommended to presbytery for each of the second and third years, and identifying funding
sources. This would connect in an ongoing manner those who have participated in support of Heritage,
encourage other churches to become a part of that effort, and give heightened validity to the support level
requests brought to presbytery in the second and third years. We anticipate creation of that Task Force, and
its facilitation of a series of meetings with pastors and elder representatives of member churches to identify
additional funding sources, in the very near future.

The AC believes that funding Heritage’s needs for the current and the next two fiscal years is eminently doable.
Consider the following: the current FY presbytery budget assumes aggregate undesignated church benevolences of
$1,236,261. $125,214 is 10.13% of that aggregate member church benevolence amount (and an even smaller
percentage of overall church giving, if one adds in their per capita), and $150,000 is only 12.13%, not allowing for
subsequent year increases in the overall benevolence number. The first year remaining-to-be-funded number,
$52,000, is only 4.21% of overall church undesignated giving! The AC believes it is not too ambitious to ask the
churches, at a minimum, to tithe their own undesignated benevolences by increasing them to 110% in each of the

  The budget for FY 2008 – 2009 adopted by the AC, acting as the Heritage Session, and presented to the Heritage congregation,
projects a need for outside funding of approximately $131,000.
three years (or at least 105% in the current year and 110% in the latter two).4 We submit that member churches,
having already committed to do so, should be able to come up with those amounts to preserve an actual, functioning
church with a facility of its own and significant growth potential,. Heritage is the only PCUSA church in its growing area
of the City.

The thread that runs through the visions that God provided this congregation is the conviction that as they serve others
they serve the church and their own discipleship is strengthened and this once-fragmented body of believers will be
reconstituted and growing not only in numbers but more importantly in relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus
Christ. It is up to the members and member churches of this presbytery to work together to bring this to fruition. In so
doing this presbytery will be truly living into the its Vision: ―growing congregations that passionately engage their
community to make disciples.‖


This report was prepared, agreed to and submitted August 23, 2008, to the Presbytery of New Covenant,
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) by the Heritage Presbyterian Church Administrative Commission/Session

                  Elder Jim Bushong (Westminster, Houston) – AC Vice Moderator
                  Elder Jeanie Flowers (St. Philip, Houston)
                  Elder Mary Lee Going (Memorial Drive, Houston)
                  Elder Mary Herlitz (St. John’s, Houston)
                  Elder Sidney Holderness (ChristChurch, Bellaire)
                  Rev. Winfield (―Casey‖) Jones (Pastor, First, Pearland) – AC Moderator
                  Rev. Jack Lancaster (Honorably Retired)
                  Rev. Debbie Measells (Pastor, First, Brazoria)
                  Elder Scott Meddaugh (Southminster, Missouri City)
                  Elder Rupert Turner (Memorial Drive, Houston)

 On the subject of tithes, we note that each of the presbytery’s 2008 Vision Initiatives Fund grant recipients has already tithed its
grant to spin off a $9,000 grant to Heritage. The “tithed” grant to Heritage for 2008 is included in the $73,500 current year
shortfall reduction number set forth in text above.
the publication that highlights the events and business conducted at the presbytery
meeting, will be published on the presbytery’s website.

An e-mail will be sent notifying you when the Postlude is available. Commissioners are
encouraged to share it with their sessions.

Those churches not having internet access will be mailed a copy of The Postlude.

Comments and suggestions should be directed to:
                                   Helen Wolf at hwolf@pbyofnewcovenant.org

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                                       will be

                 Saturday, November 15, 2008


                      First Presbyterian Church
                           Pasadena, Texas

                           9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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