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Hugh Jackman Workout Routine Explained by ChrisEvansWorkout


									Hugh Jackman Workout Routine Explained

Ever wondered why people are so crazy about workout routines designed to bring results like those you see on
celebrities? Well, be it the Chris Evans workout or Dwayne Johnson workout or Jessica Biel workout, you need to
be willing to work out and follow the routine religiously for the prescribed amount of time if you want to have a
body just like that of the celebrity on whom the workout routine you are following is based.

Have you always desired to have a ripped and macho-looking body like Hugh Jackman or one that would surely
make all girls drool over? In order to have a body as strong as that of Jackman you need to follow the Hugh
Jackman workout which is based on a multi-phase approach. The first phase of this workout concentrates on
building the muscle mass while the second phase concentrates on improving the person’s strength. Each phase can
last anywhere between 3-4 months where a person has to work out for 1-2 hours for five days a week. That is a lot
of workout but if you consider the results then you will feel that it is the right amount of workout needed for your
body to develop and become like that of Hugh Jackman.

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The first day of the workout consists of various exercises such as the chest press (using dumbbell), push-ups, lat
pull downs, shoulder rotation (external), side raise, bar curl and bar push up. These are very exhaustive exercise
moves therefore you need to ensure that your body is properly fed before you start doing this kind of workout.
You can drink something like a protein shake for the purpose of increasing your stamina and enabling you to
perform all the exercise moves.

Day 2 of your Hugh Jackman workout would require you to do some leg squats, leg box jump (split), jack knife,
board lunge and Swiss ball. Day 3 of the Hugh Hugh Jackman workout is extremely demanding and exhaustive as
you need to perform three sets of each exercise one after another without taking any rest in between. The exercises
required to be performed are Swiss Ball crunch, push-ups, walking lunges, sprint, lat pull downs, stairs, inch
worms etc. Incorporating this kind of advanced exercise schedule into your everyday life could be tough,
especially if you lead a busy life, but you need to remember the age-old adage: ‘no pains, no gains’. Therefore be
prepared to make some sacrifices and the results would be equally rewarding.

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