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									                                                                               The mISSIOnof the Sons of
                                                                               Norway is to promote and to
 Solglimt Posten                                                               preserve the heritage and culture
Volume XLIX, No.9                                                              of Norway, to celebrate our
     October 2010                                                              relationship with other Nordic
                                                                               Countries, and to provide quality
                                                                               insurance and financial products
                                                                               to its members.

    Special Membership Recruitment Meeting              the "80s. Carol worked as a registrar and librarian
            Tuesday, October 12,2010                    at Vesterheim for l7 years. During this time, she
          Information on the Next Page!                 studied many special topics related to traditional
                                                        Norwegian culture, such as courtship customs, ale
               Regular Lodge Meeting                    bowls and festive events, silver makers and marks,
              Tuesday, October 26, 2010                 and artwork by Norwegian-American women.
              Cedar Falls Woman's Club
        3rd and Clay Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa          In her program, Hasvold will chronicle the
                   Dinner: 6:30 pm                      traditions and gifts as a young couple moves from
                    Cost: $11.00                        flirtation to a wedding in the country neighborhoods
                                                        of our Norwegian ancestors.
              Orange glazed pork loin                   To add to the festivities, Lodge members will be
           Cheesy garlic mashed potatoes                participating in the wedding!    Plus, we will be
                  Ambrosia salad                        honoring Solglimt's Charter members!
                  Roll and butter
               Peanut butter brownie                                                                       21.

Carol Hasvold

   Wedding                                                                                                  \

  Traditions                                            What a wonderful, fun program on Norwegian
                                                        folklore at the September Lodge meeting! If ever
                                                        there was a high energy presentation, Kris Meyer
                                                        gave one! Plus, in the telling of each of the tales
Carol Hasvold grew up in the Norwegian-American         she gave us the foundation or "lesson" to be learned
community of Jefferson Prairie, on the border           from it. Much fun, yet informative. If you are at all
between Wisconsin and lllinois, east clf Beloit,        able to attend Lodge meetings, last evening would
Wisconsin. She has always been interested in the        be good reason to consider doing so regularly!
roots and origins of people, earning a pachelors
degree in history at the University of Kansas, and an   October brings heightened focus to membership
additional major in anthropology at Luthe~ College      recruitment.     October 12th is the Membership
in Decorah, along with minors in museum studies         Dinner. The Lodge is just holding its own in terms
and Norwegian language.                                 of membership. We are a financially sound, active
                                                        lodge, but membership requires the attention of all
Digging even deeper into the past, she worked as an     of us to continue in this manner.
archaeologist in Iowa and Israel during summers in            (Fra Presidenten continues on last page.)
      Special Membership Recruitment
                  Meeting                                                                                       Reminder!
         Tuesday, October 12, 2010                                                                     Silent Auction in November!
                                                                                                     Bring items to sell and $$$ so you
          Cedar Falls Woman's Club                                                                          can purchase items!
              3rd and Clay Street
              Cedar Falls, Iowa
               Dinner: 6:30 pm
        Cost: Free to Guests and Hosts                            Book Club
               Others: $11.00
                                                    The October Book Club meeting will
                    Menu                            be on Monday, October 18th at the
             Beef Burgundy over                     home of Alice Hanson, 1807 4th
           Homemade egg noodles                     Avenue NW in Waverly.                         Editor's Note:      Please send any
              Steamed broccoli                                                                    changes in phone numbers or
            Mandarin orange salad                   The book for discussion is Deep               addresses to me. Some of you may be
               Roll and butter                      Harbor by Lisa Tawn Bergren. It is            going "south" for the winter months.
         Coconut blueberry coffee cake              Vol. 2 of "The Northern Lights"               We would like to keep you informed
                                                    series.   Following a danger-filled           by sending you the Posten to your
                  Program                           voyage from Bergen to Maine, the              winter address, so please let us know
    Information about Sons of Norway                saga of perseverance, pain and faith          where you will be.
    and Solglimt Lodge in particular will           continues, from the forested banks of
    be shared.                                      the Washington Territory to the city of       Send news about yourself or other
                                                    Yokohama.                                     topics that you would like to see in the
    Questions of potential members will                                                           November newsletter to me by
    be answered, as well as the importance           The Book Club will meet Tuesday,             November 1. Send the information to:
    of learning more and sharing more                November 16th at 3:30 at the Women's
    about our Scandinavian Heritage.                 Club to set up to do the program for                    Gloria Tehven
                                                     that evenings regular Lodge Meeting.             1507 Hickory Heights Drive
     Please contact by Friday, Oct 8 any             The memb:r.s will be hi~lighting the                 Waverly, IA 50677
     of the followinz to tell them if you are        newest additions to our library. There       (319) 352-6094 or tebven@msn.com
.- ---comirrgio-me-;eeting;-and-if-you-are--    --3..wl-also-be-an-opportunity- to-.-ordel'----
     bringing a guest or if you are a non-           books for yourself, or for Christmas
     member interested in learninz more
                                                     gifts, with a 10% discount.
     about our Sons of Norway Lodge.
     You can also contact these folks if you                                                                   Sons of Norway Benefits
     have     questions.         (Remember,

    members, you can come even if you
    don't have a guest, or you can "send"
    a guest if you are

         Keitb Jorgensel
                            to attend.)

                                                                                                  To learn more about the many
                                                                                                  financial products and services offered
                                                                                                  by the Sons of Norway, contact:

         kjorgensenI5@mcbsi.com                              Higbway Clean-up

          Helen Rostar85-li192
                                                   It's time for the fall clean up of our
                                                    section of Highway 20!          Dave
       Karolyn Haugeb~k-277-2294                   Haugebak, 277-2294 would like to
           dkhaugebak@cfu.net                      encourage ambitious workers to join
                                                   him on October 16 for this important
           Jon Tehven+352-6094                     job-and it's actually fun!                     Ole went to the Minnesota Vikings
              tebven@msn.com                                                                      football game. When he came home,
                                                   Meet under the bridge (like the Troll          Lena asked him, "Vell, how did it
    If you know of a Jotential member,             in Three Billy Goats Gruff, but this           go?"
                          i     •                  time for a good reason!!) at Exit 220
    but can't come to the meeting, nor can
    your friend, feel freclto bring them to        on Highway 20 west of Cedar Falls at           Ole replied, "Vell, I tink it vas really
    any meeting! We can invite folks to            9 am, ready to hunt the highway for            vierd. Dey vere so vorried about
    attend and/or joiJ at any time!                trash.                                         money, but yust a small bit."
    (However, the free Jeals are available
    only at this special meeting.)                 If you can help, or if you have                "Vhat dew yew mean?" asked Lena.
                                                   questions, call Dave. If the weather is
                                                   bad on October 16th, the clean-up will         "Dey kept yellin' Git duh quarter
                                                   be postponed to October 23.                    back! Git duh quarter back!"
    Secretary's Notes, Sept 14, 2010       and Keith will develop plans for the                Lodge Member News
            Business Meeting               October Membership Dinner in the
                                           absence of a VP/Membership Chair.          John Hagen, the son of Al and Pat
 President   Keith Jorgensen called                                                   Hagen and a member of the famous
 Solglimt's business meeting to order      Discussion continued regarding a           Texas Tenors, recently had a concert
 on Tuesday, September 14, at              "traveling" award using the District 1     in Waverly. The group then went to
 Advanced Systems, Inc. Present were       Convention medal.                          Branson, Missouri. AI, in response to
 Clare Palmer,      Harold Sundet,                                                    Lodge member questions, said the
 Dorothy Sundet, Duane Lindberg,           It was decided to note the Lodge's 35th    Tenors would be back in the area on
 Jon Tebven, Gloria Tehven, Cheryl         anniversary and recognize Charter          December 11 for an appearance with
 Moore and Eunice Becker.                  Members at the October meeting             the W F Symphony.
                                           rather than in September.           A
 As there were no additions or             committee was named to coordinate
 corrections, it was moved and             this event and a meeting scheduled.
 seconded (Harold/Jon)     that the
 Minutes of the August meeting be         President Jorgensen will contact
 approved. Motion carried.                individuals suggested to serve on the
                                          nominating committee as to their                            I     I
 Treasurer Harold Sundet reviewed         availability and willingness to serve.     Sunsbine     Cbair     Bev Haugen
 expenses and receipts since the last                                                reported that get well wishes are
 meeting and reported a balance of        The next business meeting is               needed for Sbeila Bergmann and
 $5,100.83 in the Lodge operating         scheduled for Tuesday, October 5; at       Marilyn Young, both recuperating
 account to date. Treasurer's report      ASI.    (Note:   Later changed to          from recent surgeries.
 accepted.                                Monday, October 4.)        Meeting
                                          adjourned.                                 If you know of anyone else who could
Social Director Jon Tehven noted                                                     use a little sunshine, contact:
that plans were in place for the          Respectfully submitted,
September program and that he would                  Eunice Becker, Secretary                    Bev Haugen
be meeting with next year's Social                                                           3524 Cbapman Court
Co-Directors Diane Hamer and                                                                 Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Cheryl Moore to discuss 2011                                                             299-2269 or bbaugen@cfu.net
programming ideas.

Cultural Director Clare Palmer is                                                    While attending the International
finalizing plans for the Lodge trip to                                               Convention     in   Idaho,     Duane
Little Norway on Saturday, October 9.                                                Lindberg participated in a two-day
Van rental and cost was discussed as                                                 Music and Musicians of Norway
were other attractions to visit in the        Solglimt Officers and Contacts         session and earned Cultural Skills pins
area. fifteen members had signed up                                                  on all three levels.
for the trip.                             President: Keith Jorgensen
                                            265-6685 kjorgensen15@mchsi.com          Jon and Gloria Tebven recently
Newsletter Editor Gloria Tehven           Secretary: Eunice Becker                   attended anniversary celebrations of
requested items and reports for the         233-1316 beckerwoodwkg@aol.com           two lodges.       Valdres Lodge in
next issue no later than October 1. An    Treasurer: Harold Sundet                   Decorah was celebrating its 40th
early edition is planned due to the           352-1392 harold.sundet@me.com          Anniversary and Vonheim Lodge in
Membership Dinner on October 12.          Membership Secretary:                      Minneapolis its ioo" Anniversary.
                                              Helen Rostad cell (319) 231-7353)      Jon brought greetings to the lodges
Counselor Duane Lindberg shared           Counselor: Duane Lindberg                  from the Sons of Norway International
information regarding the upcoming                 234-4987 aalclindy@aol.com        Board.
observance of Leif Erikson Day on         Social Director: Dianne Peterson
October 9 and gave some background             268-0318 cardsbydianne@cfu.net        Sonja Lynch will be leading four
on its creation by Congress in 1964.      Social Director: Jon Tehven                "Keep on Learning" sessions at
(See article elsewhere in Posten.)                   352-6094 tehven@msn.com         Wartburg College October 7, 14, 21,
                                          Cultural Director: Clare Palmer            and 28.        It will be a hands-on,
Jon gave an update on the transition to         266-8635 dandcpalmer@cfu.net         interactive     class   focusing    on
an electronic Posten.        Also, he     Editor: Gloria Tehven                      reminiscence, the value of stories and
requested additional copies of the                   352-6094 tehven@msn.com         storytelling, and memoirs. The classes
Lodge brochure to enclose with letters    Sports/Youth: Steve Pederson               begin with coffee at 9 a.m., and the
being sent to prospective members,                          (319) 827-6520           presentation from 9:30-11:30. For
inviting them to the October 12                     swp1l211954@hotmail.com          more information, call Wartburg at
dinner. A committee was assembled         Telephone Chr. Karolyn Haugebak            (319)352-8491.
to follow up with telephone calls. Jon         277-2294 dkbaugebak@cfu.com
                                            definite proof that the stories of the   who settled the new lands of the
                                            Sagas are true.                          United States and Canada in the 19th
                                                                                     and 20th centuries, we can point with
                                            The statement by early historians that   pride to the contribution which we
                                            Leif Eriksson's discovery of American    have made to the building of the
                                            brought no results is not quiet true.    Western World. We are in truth heirs
                                            The Vikings from Greenland and           of the Viking pathfinders and
                                            Iceland did not stop with the :first     pioneers. We continue to carry on
                                            voyages of discovery. Positive efforts   their traditions. Weare still engaged in
                                            to colonize the new land were made,      the big task of building the western
                                            and     contacts    with     America-    culture and civilization. We have
                                            particularly    from     Iceland   and   much to offer in the rich heritage of
                                            Greenland--continued for nearly 400      our Norwegian culture.
            Leif Eriksson                   years.
    Viking Explorer Extraordinary                                                     There are greater frontiers than ever,
                                           We can only speculate about what           although they are not physical in the
 For centuries prior to the· year 1000,    happened to the Norse settlers in         sense of the American frontier of the
 the Viking Norsemen had sailed their      Vinland. Did they all go back to           19th century. As citizens of the New
 ships into practically all ports of the   Greenland? Or did they make Vinland       World, we have a responsibility to
 known Western World. History has          their new homeland? Early Spanish         continue our untiring efforts in
 shown that the ancient Scandinavian       explorers reported the natives of this    exploring these new frontiers and in
 sagas were fairly accurate historical     area to be of an unusually fair           helping to make our new lands
 records-seven if the details weren't      complexion. Does this mean that           stronger and better--econornically,
 always correct.                           Norsemen and Indians not only             physically, and culturally-as we face
                                           existed side-by-side, but that the        the critical problems of the twenty-
  In making his voyage of discovery,       newcomers blended with the original       first century.
  LeifEriksson was not acting blindly-     population? We don't know.
 he had the records of Bjarne                                                                      Sources
 Herjulfson, who first saw these distant   Some sources say that Greenlander         Heritage Programs Department, Sons
 shores after a storm had driven his       Thorfinn Karlsefni intended to start a    of Norway, 1455 West Lake Street,
 ship from its course during a voyage      settlement in Vinland        His party    Minneapolis, MN 55408
.from.Iceland.to.Greenland,                consisted of15_Lmen_and3_ women,
                                           and a number of cattle and sheep.         Nordisk  Tidende. Norse News Inc.,
In contrast, when Columbus started         They arrived in Vinland around 1000       Brooklyn, NY October 6, 1977
out, he didn't know where he was           and remained there for three years, but   (Courtesy of Duane Lindberg)
going; when he got there, he didn't        due to hostilities of the Indians, they
know where he was; when he returned        were compelled to return to               Picture of stamp from Wikipedia,
to Spain, he reported that he had been     Greenland. During the expedition
in the Far East, and this belief           Thorfinn and his wife Gudrid had a
persisted for many years among the         son they named Snorre, born in
Spanish Explorers who followed him.        Vinland, the first white native
In 1964 the National Geographic
Society arranged a press conference        As we on October 9,2010 observe the
for the Norwegian author and explorer      annual Leif Eriksson Day, we are not
Helge Ingstad and his wife Anne Tine,      paying tribute merely to a dangerous
an archeologist. They announced that,      voyage made by a courageous
after several expeditions to the           Norwegian-Greenlander about the
Northern coast of American, they had,      year 1000. We are paying tribute to
at the northern tip of Newfoundland,       all of the exploits of the Viking
at a place called L'Anse aux               voyagers of the past and to their
Meadows, excavated eight house-sites.      descendants    who     settled   and
They also found boat sheds, and a          developed wilderness areas from
bronze, ring-headed pin of the late        Shetland, Orkney, and Faeroe Islands
Viking type. A number of carbon tests      to Iceland and Greenland, and who
have dated the finds at about the year     made the first settlements and
1000-the time when Leif Eriksson           explorations by Europeans of the
and other Norsemen made their              North American continent.
voyages to the New World. This site
has been officially recognized as a        As the descendants of the ancient
Norse Viking Age Settlement is             Norse Vikings and the hundreds of
                                           thousands of Norwegian emigrants
                Kris Meyer - Storyteller                                    Three Billy Goats Grufffffff!

       Secretary's Notes, Sept. 28,2010 Lodge Meeting               representative. He also commended Jon and Gloria Tehven
                                                                    for their active involvement at the International level.
The September Lodge meeting was called to order by
President Keith Jorgensen on Tuesday, September 28, at the         Fraternal benefits counselor Dave Tesdahl, a new grandfather,
Cedar Falls Woman's Club. Following the welcome the                commented on the Viking Voyager product offered by Sons of
anthems, Pledge of Allegiance and table prayer were sung and       Norway, as well as on SON annuities and long term care
recited.                                                           provisions. As always, Dave welcomes questions regarding
                                                                   SON products and services.
As dinner was being served, Keith noted the rescheduling of
the Lodge's 35th Anniversary/Charter Member recognition to         Reminders of upcoming meetings were shared (see _Posten
the October meeting. He also reminded members of the               calendar) and the observance of Leif Erikson Day on October
upcoming Membership Dinner on October 12 and had Lodge             9 encouraged. The Lodge web site has been updated at
brochures for handing out to prospective members.                  www.solglimt.org and the transition of the Posten to an
                                                                   electronic format continues. The Lodge nominating committee
Several responses were given to Keith's question, "What was        is at work compiling a slate of officers for the coming year.
the most interesting thing you did when you visited Norway?"
                                                                   Carol Schultz had Iefse for sale following the meeting and
Musicians Sonja Lynch and Pat Hagen led the group in               shared information regarding the 36th annual Osborne Heritage
singing A kjere vatten and Kari and Ola. Those celebrating         Days event at which she will be demonstrating her lefse-
birthdays in June, July, August and September were                 making skills on October 9 and 10.
recognized with the Happy Birthday song.
                                                                   Social Director Diane Hamer encouraged all attending next
Social Director Jon Tebven introduced Dr. Kris Meyer who           month's Bunads and Norwegian Weddings program to come
interrupted the night class she was teaching at UN! long           dressed in festive wedding guest attire to note the occasion.
enough to come and share her love of storytelling with the         Diane, Jon Tehven, and Cheryl Moore welcome ideas for
Lodge. Her tales from Norwegian folklore remind us of "who         next year's programming.
we are and where we came from." Assisted by Keith,
Harold, Jon and Eunice, the story of the Troll and the Three       Congratulations to AI Hagen, winner of the drawing for a free
Billy Goats was retold as never before!                            dinner.

Treasurer Harold Sundet reported a balance of $4,988.83 in         Adopt a Highway Coordinator Dave Haugebak announced
the Lodge operating account to date.                               the 3rd Saturday in October as the date for the fall highway
                                                                   clean up. This project takes about two hours and volunteers
Cultural Director Clare Palmer had itineraries and final           are welcomed.
instructions for those participating in the Lodge trip to Little
Norway on the 9th of October.                                      Thanking those in attendance for their presence and
                                                                   expressing his wish for peace and harmony within the Lodge,
Delegate Duane Lindberg            shared some additional          President Jorgensen declared the meeting adjourned.
impressions of the International Convention in Coeur d' Alene,
Idaho, and thanked the Lodge for the privilege of being its             Respectfully submitted, Eunice Becker, Secretary
                                          Solglimt Posten
                                          Gloria Tehven, Editor
                                          1507 Hickory Heights Drive
 Oct. 4: Lodge Business Meeting
                                          Waverly, IA 50677
 Oct. 9: Lodge Trip to Little Norway
                                          Return Service Requested
          Leit Erikson Day
 Oct. 11: Norwegian Language Class

Oct. 12: Membership Recruitment
Oct. 16: Highway Clean Up.

Oct. 18: Book Club

Oct. 26: Lodge Meeting
            Carol Hasvold
     Norwegian Wedding Traditions
Oct. 31: Happy Halloween!

Nov. 8: Language Class

Nov. 9: Lodge Business Meeting

Nov. 16: Lodge Meeting
        Silent Auction
        Solglimt Book Club
Nov. 22: Norwegian Language Class
                                                                   j I j IiI j ilJII iiI! j IIII j III iIII i ij iI! Ill;   ii i iIi i;! illj! iI
                                                                                                                             I Ii   III    1

     (Fra Presidenten, continued)         Haugebak or myself know by
I urge you to be aware of the people      October 8th so we can order a meal for
around you in your everyday activities    them. Our telephone numbers are in
and consider the possibility of one or    the Lodge directory and elsewhere in                                The Solglimt            Norwegian Language
more ofthem being a Lodge member.         this edition of the Posten.                                         Class          will   meet       at   6:30   pm   on
                                                                                                              Monday, October II at Valley
 Engage prospective members in            October 9th! Leif Erickson Day!                                     Lutheran High School. This will be
conversation to uncover their heritage,   Don't forget, we Norwegians beat                                    the only October class, but the fOup
likes and dislikes, current activities    Columbus by about 500 years! Be                                     will meet in November on the 8 and
outside of work or home. Get to know      proud!                                                              the 22od.    If you have questions,
them, something that I would hope                                                                             contact Steve Pederson, 319-827-
you would be doing anyway. When           This time, I promise it will happen!                                6520.
comfortable, open a conversation          The focus of our October 26th meeting
about the Sons of Norway. Share with      will be Carol Hasvold and a Viking
them the reason you became a              Wedding, but we will set aside some                                 A Little
member. Then ask if they might like       time to celebrate the Lodge's 35th                                  Humor
to consider membership. You may           Anniversary and recognize those
need to ask more than once, and it        Charter Members able to attend. It                                  Lena got a job in a dress shop. One
may take a while before they respond      will be a fun meeting!                                              day a lady asked if she could try on
positively. Don't be a pest, but you                                                                          the dress in the window. Lena said,
can be persistent.                        Hilsen fra,                                                         "No, I'd really prefer you use the
                                                        Keith Jorgensen, President                            dressing room."
If you have a prospective member
who might be ready to consider
membership now, invite them to the                                                                           Sven asked Ole, "Have you had
Membership Dinner on October 12tb.                                                                           measles or chicken pox?"
It is free of charge to them. Just let                                                                       "No," replied Ole. "But I've had Rice
Jon Tehven, Helen Rostad, Karolyn                                                                            Krispies!"

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