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									Harry’s Story
          A father dealing with autism                                             Contact us at:
                                                                                                                                   Piecing the Puzzle
I have ten-year-old twins, David and Alexandra. When my                                       FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER
son was 18 months old, he was diagnosed with autism. It                            123 West Main Street
rocked my world.                                                                  Bloomsburg, PA 17815

I'd always felt as if I had control over almost every aspect of                     Call: 570-784-1234
my life, and especially my business life. But after spending
hours reading about autism on the Internet that first day,
was silent and I was scared.
                                                                  Our staff:
My wife, Laura, had been traveling on business in Texas. I
had to break the news to her that night when she arrived          Carissa Harp, M.A., MFT License MFC 33494, Carrie is       What’s on your mind?
home. We cried ourselves to sleep in each other’s arms,           the Director and one of the founders of Piecing the            Since opening in 1997, Piecing the Puzzle Family Counseling has
knowing that our lives would never be the same and that our       Puzzle Family Counseling                                       provided counseling to individuals, children, couples, and
son's life would be a battle.                                                                                                    families; specializing in overcoming the challenges of autism
                                                                  Heather Coleman, MA, MFT License MFC 33434,                    within the family.
The next day, Laura decided to get every book, paper, and
anything else she could get her hands on that had been            Barbara is one of the founders of Piecing the Puzzle
written about autism. We learned the different degrees of         Family Counseling
autism spectrum disorders from Asperger to autism and all
that lies in between. We read things that I wish we hadn't. Too   Robert Smith, M.A., MFT License MFC 39257, Bob is
much information can sometimes be a hazard--like knowing          Piecing the Puzzle’s Clinical Director
that some children smear and/or eat their feces or have wild
tantrums. It went on and on.                                      Jessica Brooks, M.A., MFT License MFC 42374, Jessica
                                                                  is the Program Director at Piecing the Puzzle Family
I would wait to see if those moments would happen.
And over time, of course, they did.
                                                                  Interns, Registered with the Board of Behavioral
                                                                  Science, Our goal is to provide you with the best
                                                                  therapy possible at an affordable price. We recruit only
                                                                  the best candidates for licensure from the hundreds of
                                                                  interns registered with the BBS.
What we did for Harry and his family:
                                                                  Graduate Students, B.A., M.A. in progress, When an
We received a call from Harry in mid-summer, frantic that he
                                                                  individual decides to become a therapist they face a
needed help. Upon the first appointment Harry and his wife
                                                                  long road. You must have a BA/BS degree and then
had with us, they displayed a high level of worry, and
                                                                  spend close to two more years in school for your
helplessness. It was then our job to show them that yes,
                                                                  Master's degree
there will be stress, but there are ways of coping with it.
Between the numerous sessions of discussion, videos,
research, and even discussions with other parents dealing
with similar situations, Harry and his wife were able to
overcome their struggles. Do they still face the everyday
battle they had before with their son? The answer to that
question is yes, they do. But the more important matter is                                   Piecing the Puzzle
that they now know how to face it, and look at their son’s                                   FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER
disorder in a positive light.

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