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									Structural Engineers Association of
Southern California
5360 Workman Mill Rd.
                                                    Founded in 1928  NEWS     Vol. 14 January 2004
Whittier, CA 90601
Tel: (562) 908-6131 Fax:(562) 692-3425
E-mail: seaosc@seaint.org Website: www.seaint.org

                                             President's Message                            L.A. Seminar &
                                                                                               Dinner Mtg.
    O      n November 15th, I at
           tended a very interest-
ing seminar put on by the Exist-
                                                    quakes, respectively. However,
                                                    only 62 private practice and gov-
                                                    ernment engineers attended the
                                                                                                        Wednesday, Jan. 7

                                                                                           Program: Part 3 of PDD: Engineering
                                                                                                       Alliance & Coordination
ing Buildings Committee of                          seminar out of the many hundreds                   Between CELSOC/BOPELS
                     SEAOSC,                        who are responsible for their de-      Speaker: Shahn Ahmad, President,
                                                                                                     ASCE L.A.
                     in which we                    sign and plan checking.                Location: Luminarias Restaurant,
                     learned                           Two other things come to                      Monterey Park
                     more about                     mind, which I will discuss in rela-    Time: 5 p.m. Social Hour
                                                                                                 6 p.m. Dinner
                     the retrofit                   tion to that fact; they are the ob-         7 p.m. Program
                     design of                      servance in January of the 10th an-    Menu: Chicken (Vegetarian dinner
                     large non-                     niversary of the disastrous                  available if requested by Noon
                                                                                                  Jan. 5)
ductile concrete and steel build-                   Northridge earthquake, and a re-       Cost: $30 (Students $15)
ings. Major changes were made to                    cent newspaper article discussing              (See blue insert for reservation
the building code for these build-                  reasons for losses of over 3 billion                 form and details.)

ings after the 1971 San Fernando
                                                                (Continued on Page 4)
and the 1994 Northridge earth-
                                                                                                        Seminar &
                       PD&D Seminars Jan. 7, 14                                                       Dinner Mtg.
                                                                                                        Wednesday, Jan. 14
                                                                                           Program: Part 3 of PDD: Wood Roof
   The following PD&D Seminar
                                                    David Breiholz of Breiholz Qazi                 Systems
and Dinner Meeting will be held                                                            Speaker: Jennifer Cover, APA
                                                    Engineering. The third topic, “En-
Jan. 7 in Monterey Park and Nov.                                                           Location: Radisson Hotel, Santa Maria
                                                    gineering Alliance and Coordina-       Time: Social hour: 5 p.m.
10 for the Tri-Counties Chapter:
                                                    tion Between CELSOC/                           Dinner: 6 p.m.
“Non-Technical Differences Be-                                                                     Program: 7 p.m.
                                                    BOPELS” by Shahn Ahmad,
tween Building Codes” by Melvyn                                                            Menu: Petite Prime Rib (Vegetarian
                                                    ASCE-LA President will be pre-                   dinner available if requested by
Green of Melvyn Green Associates;
                                                    sented after dinner. (See blue in-               Noon Jan. 12)
and “Quality Assurance Differ-                                                             Cost:       $30 (Full-time students $15)
                                                    sert for details.)
ences Between Building Codes” by                                                               (See yellow insert for reservation
                                                                (Continued on Page 3)                  form and details.)

                                           January & February Calendars
      7 Noon         SEAOSC Board Meeting                 Luminarias Restaurant, Monterey Park
         3:30 p.m.   L.A. PD&D Seminar                    Luminarias Restaurant, Monterey Park
         5 p.m.      L.A. Dinner Meeting                  Luminarias Restaurant, Monterey Park

      13 2 p.m.      Quality Assurance Committee          SEAOSC Offices, Whittier
         4 p.m.      Existing Buildings Committee         SEAOSC Offices, Whittier

      14 3:30 p.m.   Tri-Counties PD&D Seminar            Radisson Hotel, Santa Maria
         5 p.m.      Tri-Counties Dinner Meeting          Radisson Hotel, Santa Maria

      17 9 a.m.      SEAOC Board Meeting                  LAX Marriott, Los Angeles

      20 1 p.m.      Code Committee Meeting               SEAOSC Offices, Whittier

      27 2 p.m.      Non-Ductile Concrete Committee       Taylor & Gaines Offices, Pasadena

      3 3 p.m.       SEAOSC Board Meeting                 SEAOSC Offices, Whittier

      4   5 p.m.     L.A. Dinner Meeting                  Luminarias Restaurant, Monterey Park

      10 2 p.m.      Quality Assurance Committee          SEAOSC Offices, Whittier

          4 p.m.     Small Existing Buildings Committee SEAOSC Offices, Whittier

      11 3:30 p.m.   Orange County PD&D Seminar           Costa Mesa Country Club, Costa Mesa
         5 p.m.      Orange County Dinner Meeting         Costa Mesa Country Club, Costa Mesa

      21 8 a.m.      Macro Seminar on Seismology Topics Wyndham Hotel, Commerce

      24 2 p.m.      Large Existing Buildings Committee   Offices of Taylor & Gaines, Pasadena

                                      PD&D Seminars Jan. 7, 14
   The following PD&D Seminar and Din-           Wood I Joist Design and Application” by
ner Meeting will be held Jan. 14 in Santa        Terry Metzger of TrusJoist. The third topic,
Maria for the Tri-Counties Chapter: “Glu-        “Wood Roof Systems” by Jennifer Cover of
Lam Beam Design, Repair and Retrofit” by         APA will be presented following dinner. (See
Steve Calletti of Standard Structures; and       yellow insert for details.)

                                                               New Members
                                                    SEAOSC welcomes its newest members:
                                                    Jeff Canfield, Member, KPFF Consult-
                                                 ing Engineers, Irvine
                                                    Eric J. Freund, Member, Ficcadenti &
                                                 Waggoner, Irvine
                                                    Anthony Ronca, Associate, Risha Engi-
                                                 neering Group, Burbank

             SEAOSC Assists High School Students
    At its November meeting, the SEAOSC           Engineering (ACE). The program is now
 Board of Directors renewed financial sup-        in six schools and involves about 150 stu-
 port for the ACE Mentor Program in the           dents. Terry Dooley chairs the effort in this
 Los Angeles Metro Area. In the school year       area, and there are 10 other members of
 ending last May, SEAOSC helped the pro-          SEAOSC actively involved. For informa-
 gram to get started in three high schools and    tion on this national program, see
 introduced about 50 students to career pos-      www.ACEMentor.org.
 sibilities in Architecture, Construction and

                                    World Conference Aug. 1-6
  The 13th World Conference on Earth-            ference Services Ltd., #645-375 Water St.,
quake Engineering will be held Aug. 1-6,         Vancouver, BC, V6B 5C6 Canada. Phone:
2004, in Vancouver, British Columbia,            (604) 681-5226; fax: (604) 681-2503;
Canada. For more information contact 13th        email: congress@venuewest.com; website:
WCEE Secretariat, care of Venue West Con-        www.13wcee.com.

                                   President's Message (Continued From Page 1)
dollars and many lives in the recent Southern Cali-           fications of buildings that have the potential of caus-
fornia fires.                                                 ing thousands of deaths and many tens of billions of
                                                              dollars of damage in Southern California. It is going
   Although fires are a very different kind of disaster       to happen, and some of those deaths and much of
than earthquakes, the extent of damage and the num-           that economic loss could be mitigated and prevented
ber of lives lost is affected by the same conditions: ei-     if more effort were invested in applying solutions to the
ther the existence, or lack thereof, of a program of          affected structures that we live and work in and in the
                                      remediation, and        construction of new buildings.
                                      sound preparation
                                      for disaster based on       I use the word “effort,” not “money.” I also use the
                                      the advice of experi-   words “applying solutions” rather than “finding solutions.”
                                      enced professionals     It doesn’t cost more money for building departments
                                      in that field.          to see that their plan checkers attend and understand
                                                              these seminars, nor for practicing engineers to take time
                                       I read that much       out to attend them. Nobody paid me to go to that
of the damage and the deaths that occurred in the fires       seminar. Nobody paid Chukwuma Ekwueme to Chair
could have been avoided if proper preparations had been       the committee, to organize the seminar, and to give
taken; preparations that were recommended by profes-          one of the presentations. Nobody paid the other speak-
sionals in the field of fire prevention. In what I con-       ers, all of whom spent many hours and did a wonder-
sider to be a similar vein, we know that a great many         ful job. Nobody paid the other participants to go there.
mid- and high-rise buildings in Southern California are       They did it because they wanted to learn, and I think
susceptible to severe damage and possible collapse in         they did it because they feel a responsibility to use their
the event of a moderate to large earthquake in this           knowledge to save lives and reduce economic loss by
densely populated and highly seismic urban area. We           preventing damage due to faulty construction.
know the earthquake will come, and we know these
buildings are vulnerable. We also know that, unless              In the ‘80’s, members of the SEAOSC Existing
design engineers and plan checkers understand the com-        Buildings Committee, including many from the City
plexities of the new codes, buildings will continue to        and County of Los Angeles and from some other juris-
be built with these defects and attempts to remediate         dictions, spent a great deal of time analyzing and pre-
them will be unsuccessful. This was the topic of the          paring an ordinance to retrofit unreinforced masonry
seminar described above.                                      buildings that were built prior to 1933. Those build-
                                                              ings had been there for 50 years, and had caused much
   These non-ductile steel and concrete buildings, along      damage and some deaths in previous earthquakes. This
with soft-story two- and three-story multi-family and         ordinance was developed and implemented, and in the
commercial wood-frame buildings, are the two classi-          1994 Northridge earthquake no deaths occurred from

                                  President's Message (Continued From Page 4)
the collapse of that type of building, and much of the       and priorities have changed. Neither these engineers
economic loss that would have occurred was prevented.        nor most of the practicing engineers in this area even
This retrofit procedure for unreinforced masonry build-      attend the seminars given to demonstrate how to solve
ings that was adopted in Los Angeles is now a national,      these problems; problems that we now know how to
and in some cases international, standard, and it is Chap-   solve.
ter 1 of an Appendix in the soon-to-be-adopted 2003
International Existing Building Code.                            A great deal of money is spent by our government
                                                             in telling people what to eat and to avoid second-hand
    In the early 1990’s, members of the Existing Build-      smoke, for example; however, when has anyone seen a
ings Committee again spent a great deal of time ana-         public awareness advertisement telling people to demand
lyzing and developing procedures for the retrofit of tilt-   that the buildings they live and work in are designed,
up concrete buildings. That ordinance was adopted in         plan checked, and constructed by professionals who take
the City and the County of Los Angeles as a voluntary        the time to learn from past mistakes and new technical
retrofit ordinance prior to the 1994 earthquake. Un-         development.
fortunately, it did not become a mandatory ordinance
until the day after the earthquake, and since then it has       For the engineers, contractors, building officials, ar-
found widespread use in the retrofit of these buildings,     chitects, and other construction professionals who read
which had a flaw that became evident in the 1971 San         this, I urge you to participate in these committee meet-
Fernando earthquake. That ordinance is the basis for         ings and come to our seminars, to learn more about
what is now Chapter 2 in the Appendix of the 2003            what must be done to mitigate future disasters. I also
IEBC. Chapter 5 of that Appendix is the basis for the        urge you to demand that your elected public officials
seminar that was given on November 15, 2003, and             take action on this vital matter.
Chapter 4 covers soft- and weak-story wood-frame                                                             Hess,
                                                                                                     Richard Hess
buildings.                                                                                                  President

    We do not have the number of practicing engineers
or engineers from the cities and counties of this area
participating in this committee to the extent we did
before. They apparently are not given the time to par-
ticipate in the meetings, even if they were to make the
time up themselves. They certainly are not urged to do
so by most of the jurisdictions that are responsible for
understanding and approving the plans both for new
buildings and the retrofit of existing buildings. It has
been 10 years now since the Northridge earthquake,

                                                                                         Past Due Members
Although SEAOC/SEAOSC dues are due July 31, SEAOSC extends a grace period until Oct. 28, when the following 207members
became past due and delinquent. All membership benefits, including the monthly newsletter, have ceased as of the above date. If you see
your name or that of a friend or co-worker, please alert him or her. To reinstate or cancel a membership, call the SEAOSC office at
(562) 908-6131.
Salem Abderrahman          Bruce Cohen                 Alexander Javier-           M. Russell Nester          Angie Sommer
Jenny Adams                Jeffrey Conrad              Kalzor                      Doc Nghiem                 Insuck Song
Robin Akers                Kirk Cross                  Mark Johnson                Triet Ngo                  Eugene Suk
Ken Alasti                 Kelsey Deering              Salim Kaddorah              Marisa Nolasco             Peter Swanson
Alejandro Alatorre         Chad Deupser                Shawn Kelley                Drew Norman                Joseph Swec
T. William Allen           Susan DeVaux                Krista Kelly                Jim Norum                  Arpan Tailor
John Allys                 Ashwani Dhalwala            Michael Kerstetter          John O’Doherty             Narendra Taly
Dominica Alvarez           Henry Downey                Shehzad Khaliq              Roberto Ortiz              Max Tapia Sr.
Mansour Amid               Loretta Duvall              Edward Kong                 Robert Pacheco             Julie Thompson
Jeremy Andreasen           Joseph Eden                 John Koo                    Anthony Palmas             Eric Tolles
Jim Andrews                Robert Eldridge             Dennis LaChaine             Joel Pancoast              Robert Trivison
Lorena Arce                R. Ross Ellena              Blake Lander                Cristobal Paniagua         Miriam Tu
Peter Arencibia            Allen Ely                   Jason Lee                   Steven Patton              Susan Tuong
Armin Arminak              Harold Epstein              Donlong Lee                 Maria Pavlovsky            Eugene Twarowski
Edward Arrington           Erik Espinoza               Jameson Lee                 Frank Perri                Emily Ueda
Philip Ashamallah          Heidi Faison                Suradej Leeruangsri         Mark Pierepiekarz          Shafqat Ullah
James Ashby                Bijan Farhad                Miroslav Lhotsky            Joshua Pilorin             Matthew Valentine
Francisco Avila            Jared Ferini                Kang Lin                    Keith Porter               Gregory Van Sande
Yolanda Avila              Maria Fuentes               Timothy Lindsey             Ali Pouraghabagher         Lionel Vincent
David Awrey                Larry Garrett               Timothy Liu                 Mehran Pourzanjani         Rob Vonarb
Michael Bayan              Kamyar Ghods                Peter Liu                   Tom Purkiss                Sam Vong
Farshid Behshid            Susanta Ghosh               Ta-Wei Lu                   Jose Quinones Jr.          John Wallace
Paul Belmont               Samir Ghosn                 Frank Lucas                 Rangaswamy                 Jeffrey Ward
Marcia Berchenko           Anthony Giammona            Philip Manalo               Ramadev                    Williston Warren IV
Julie Birtcher             Bret Green                  Stephen Marotto             Rahul Rana                 Denise Watts
Robert Bonner Jr.          Raeann Griffith             Steven Matt                 Robert Randall             Catherine Wells
Mike Brown                 Montgomery                  Robert Mayer                Steve Ratchye              Sean Westbrook
Michael Bryson             Griffiths                   James McDonald              Margarita Rivera-          Brian Wiens
Dragan Buha                Andrew Grundstrom           Glen McDonald               Smith                      Tommy Wilson
Gerald Bustrum             Gilberto Guevara            Mark Mihara                 Edward Rock                Yip Ling Wong
Erin Callaghan             Elmer Guillermo             Basil Mikaati               Roxanne Romo               Kenneth Wong
John Caprarelli            Diaa Guirguis               Kevin Monroe                Mike Roseberry             Tatiana Worotko
Kent Carlson               Pratyush Gupta              Matthew Montgom-            Kamy Rouintan              Raymond Yau
Paul Carr                  Douglas Haavik              ery                         Kamaleddin                 Rory Zack
Brian Caruso               Katrina Hagg                Walter Moscicki             Sadeghi                    Iftakhar Zaidi
Dan Cermak                 John Haigh                  Ryan Mosse                  Ramon Sanchez              Eduardo Zarate
Gary Chang                 Richard Halfon              Abraham Moyer               Jock Scott                 Eugene Zeller
Peter Chiu                 Peter Hatalsky              Brian Murdock               A. D. Shah                 Leslie Zerbe
Bronwyn Ciccone            Jennifer Hoag               Samuel Myovich              Darshan Shah               Wenbin Zhuang
Michael Ciortea            Lawrence Hoak               Derek Nastase               Shakti Singh
Patrick Clinton            Anhtuan Hong                Thomas Negen                Stan Slavoff
Steve Cloke                Chin-Wei Huoh               Ben Nelson                  Leslie Smith
Norman Cluley              Rachael Janda               Jeff Nespor                 Richard Snyder

     SEAOSC Seeks Support for Student Night
    The annual Student Night Dinner              Association. Please support the scholarship
 Meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2004.        program by sending your support to the
 At this meeting outstanding students from       Association office. Firms or individuals who
 the local universities will be recognized and   give $1,000 or more are invited to assist in
 scholarships will be presented.                 the presentation of the scholarship awards
    The scholarships are funded by the gen-      at the Feb. 4, 2004 dinner. All contribu-
 erous support of members of the                 tors will be acknowledged.

                                       ATC-13-1 Report Available
   The ATC-13-1 Report, Commentary on            on the experiences of 70 earthquake-engi-
the Use of ATC-13 Earthquake Damage              neering experts to develop the facility clas-
Evaluation Data for Probable Maximum Loss        sification scheme that has been used with
Studies of California Buildings is now avail-    some modification since that time. Esti-
able from the Applied Technology Council         mates of physical damage, as a percentage
(ATC). The Henry J. Degenkolb Memo-              of replacement value, caused by ground
rial Endowment Fund funded the report            shaking for 78 facility classes, were devel-
production, and all proceeds from its sale       oped through questionnaires to the experts.
are returned to the Fund.                        FEMA intended to use this data to estimate
     The original ATC-13 was funded by           the economic impacts of major earthquakes
FEMA and was published in 1985. It drew          in California and the nation.

                                     ATC-29-2 Report Available
    The Applied Technology Council (ATC)             This 574-page report documents the tech-
announces the availability of ATC-29-2           nical presentations made at the Oct. 23, 2003
Report, Proceedings of Seminar on Seismic        ATC-29-2 Seminar on Nonstructural Com-
Design, Performance and Retrofit of              ponents. It includes 43 technical papers and
Nonstructural Components in Critical Facili-     is available as a spiral-bound volume ($65)
ties.                                            or in PDF format on CD-RO ($35). Call
                                                 (65)        595-1542           or      email
                                                 ATC@ATCouncil.org. Online store:

                                                                                         JA 2004
                                                                                 Issue: No. 14

                       Editor's Message                        The Structural Engineers Association of Southern
                                                               California Younger Members (SEAOSC YM) is
    Welcome to the fourteenth issue of Younger                 pleased to announce the success of our first annual
    Member Journal (YMJ)! We wish all of our devoted           Student Chapter Executive Board Members Meeting,
    readers a Happy New Year!                                  It was held on Saturday, November 8, 2003, at the
                                                               office of KPFF Consulting Engineers in Los
    In this issue we are displaying some exciting              Angeles.
    SEAOSC Younger Member activities that have
    taken place this fiscal year. The SEAOSC YM                The meeting was a huge success as nearly 20
    Committee hopes to increase its involvement with           students from local universities attended. The
    the young professions and students who are                 meeting focused on the startup or increased
    structural engineering enthusiasts. Come join us at        involvement of SEAOSC Student chapters in various
    our next event, and see for yourself what a great time     Southern California Universities.
    we are having.
                                                               YM Student Chapter Coordinator, Avik Ghosh, led
                                                               the meeting and facilitated the process of beginning a
    Attention all readers! Attention all readers! There are    SEAOSC Student chapter, After seeing presentations
    two critical YM Committee positions open that are          from the active student chapters at Cal Poly San Luis
    just waiting to be filled. The two positions are           Obispo and Cal Poly Pomona, the students from
    Younger Member Journal Editor-In-Chief and Feild           UCSD and UCLA were very excited about starting
    Trip Coordinator. For more information contact YM          their own student chapters. YM's look forward to our
    Committee Chairman David Corman at                         next annual meeting and hope to have more
    dcorman@kpff-irvine.com.                                   universities participate. SEAOSC Student chapters is
                                                               the next big thing!

                     Quotes of the Month                       Next YM Committee
    "Give me a museum and I'll fill it."
    - Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)                                Meeting:
                                                               Our next meeting will be held on Saturday January
    "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be
                                                               31th from 11:00am to 1:00pm at Gouvis Engineering
    childish sometimes."
                                                               in Irvine CA. Saeed Bekam will be speaking about
    -Dr. Who
                                                               the details of some current projects. Lunch will be
    "Some editors are failed writers, but so are most
    - T. S. Eliot (1888-1965)                                     YM Distribution List Count
    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent   The number of SEAOSC Younger Members who are
    one."                                                      now receiving YM Committee updates by way of the
                                                               YM distribution list (i.e. via e-mail) is now:

    - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

    "The truth is more important than the facts."
    - Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)

    "The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction             Disclaimer:
    has to make sense."                                              Opinions and statements made in YMJ
    - Tom Clancy                                                     are not necessarily those of SEAOSC.


  Participants of the first annual SEAOSC Student
    Chapter Executive Board Members Meeting.
Younger Member Committee Positions:
 Chairman                            David Corman         dcorman@kpff-irvine.com
 Vice-Chairman                       Sam Hensen           shensen@strongtie.com
 Secretary                           Edgar Plazola        eplazola@msm1.com
 Student Chapter Coordinator         Avik Ghosh           aghosh@kpff-la.com
 Field-Trip Coordinator              VACANT               VACANT
 Co-Web-Master                       Tolga Yaprak         tyaprak@degenkolb.com
 Co-Web-Master                       Alex Candaleria      ceeseven@pacbell.net
 OC Representative                   Axel Kruger          axel@amp-world.com
 YM Journal Editor-in-Chief          VACANT               VACANT
 Special Event Coordinator           Ann Duty             amduty@csupomona.edu
 Treasure                            Nikhil Kalghatgi     nkalghhatgi@kpff-la.com
 YM Representatives
   Disaster Relief                   Liberty Lewis        llewis@knaconsulting.com
   All other SEAOSC Committees       VACANT               VACANT
 YM Mailer Coordinator               Jason Oakley         joakley@strongtie.com

  Spread the word... We invite all SEAOSC Younger Members (35 yrs and under)
  to come join the YM Committee and enjoy all the benefits of being a young engineer!
  TO BE ADDED TO THE YM MAILER: Send your contact info to joakley@strongtie.com

        Students from the Cal Poly Pomona SEACPP Student Chapter
     enjoying an on-site educational workshop at Villa Siena Apartments.

     Dale Long, Project Superintendent for Western National Construction
          relays on site knowlege to Students who are very inquisitive.

                       SEAOC 75th Anniversary Awards of Excellence
              •    To be presented at the 2004 - 75th Anniversary SEAOC Convention as a PowerPoint slide
              •    To celebrate 75 years of SEAOC major accomplishments and major designs
              •    To be included in a publication on the history of SEAOC
              •    Celebration will include top 75-100 entries.

              •    Project was designed between 1929 to present by a SEAOC member
                        o Design firm had SEAOC member
                        o One of the project engineers was a SEAOC member
                        o Engineers on a committee were SEAOC members
              •    Major accomplishments by SEAOC or SEAOC related organizations such as BSSC, ATC, FEMA
                   etc. which have occurred since 1929 in which SEAOC members were major contributors
                        o Such as Blue Book, ATC-3, ATC-14, ATC-20, FEMA 178, FEMA 273/356, BSSC, ASCE-7,
                           formation of ATC, formation of BSSC, AISC Seismic, Seismic Provisions of NEHRP, UBC,
                           IBC, ASCE, NFPA etc.……committee chairs or members or people who
                           remember…….please enter these!!!!

Entry Categories
                              •   Projects…..major buildings, structures, monuments, or infrastructure…..ENTRANT
                                  NEED NOT BE THE DESIGNER.
                              •   Major Accomplishments by SEAOC or SEAOC related organizations

                      •   Will be included in 75th Anniversary presentation at 2004 Convention
                      •   A SEAOC Commemoration Award will be given

Judging Criteria
                              •   Team of judges from each SEAOC Section will judge the entries. The SEAOC
                                  Public Relations Committee will create a presentation for convention.
                                     • Significance of building, structure, monument or infrastructure project.
                                     • Historical significance of event (in SEAOC terms).
                                     • Significance of accomplishment (in SEAOC terms).
                                     • Application of innovative design approaches
                                     • Use of innovative construction methods
                                     • Significance of engineering achievement
                                     • Elegance of the design
                                     • Creative solutions to the project program requirements

Submittal Requirements

                              •   One entry cover letter with: name and location of project; structural firm(s)
                                  responsible; architect; general contractor; owner; size; and construction cost.
                              •   One MS Powerpoint slide w/ digital picture, design team + project statistics.
                              •   One page (maximum) write up in Microsoft Word about project and why it was a
                                  major contribution.

How to Enter
           •       Send entry to SEAOC Office, 1730 I St., Sacramento, CA 95814 by end of day 4/30/2004.
           •       Send entry on diskette or CD.
           •       No fax or e-mail entries.

For more information, contact SEAOC PR Committee or Jon Kiland, 2004 SEAOC Convention Chair.


                                                                    JACOBS Engineering in Cypress, CA is one of the world’s
                                                                    largest and most diverse professional technical services

                                                                    organization. We are seeking motivated & energetic Structural
                                                                    Engineer & CADD Designer as follows:

 ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                   ==============================================
                                                                    *Structural Engineer
 STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS                                               Requires BS in civil engineering, PE registeration in CA
                                                                    prefered. Requires 2 to 5 years experience in structural
                                                                    engineering in specific field of commercial buildings and long-
                                                                    span facility design. Proficient in analysis and design of
                                                                    concrete, steel , and masonry utilizing UBC code and FEMA
                                                                    publications. Knowledgeable with Microsoft office softwares and
 We are seeking motivated college graduates and                     use of structural engineering programs such as SAP, ETABS,
 experienced Structural Engineers with good                         and RISA. Perepares plans, specifications, reports, and
                                                                    calculations for commercial and industrial buildings. Makes
 communication skills and a professional attitude                   priodic field visit to review development of design in
 to join our exceptional team. We provide an                        construction. Reviews and approves shop drawings and
 independent work environment, flexible work
                                                                     *Cadd Structural Design
 schedules, opportunities for growth and                            Minimum 8 years of experience in drafting using Auto Cad for
 interesting projects. Our firm offers a great                      commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Perepares
                                                                    detailed and lay out drawings of complex, or original designs
 benefit package, including medical insurance,                      requiring application of theoratical and practical drafting
 401(k) plan and a profit sharing plan.                             knowledge. Regularly interfaces with other departments to
                                                                    support project production.
                                                                    No Relocation Package Available
 Visit our website: www.grossmanspeer.com                           ================================================
                                                                    To learn more about us or to apply for a position, please visit
 Fax or e-mail your resume to Loyd Speer:                           www.jacobs.com. Jacobs is an Equal Employment
           lspeer@grossmanspeer.com                                 Opportunity Affirmative Action employer.

                 (818) 507-1556 Fax                                 Send resumes to CypressJFIjobs@jacobs.com; fax 714-
                                                                    503-3990. Jacobs, HR Dept., 5757 Plaza Dr., Cypress, CA

Advertisements, announcements and inserts are for the information of readers and are not intended as endorsements by SEAOSC.

  M. W. SAUSSÉ & CO., INC.

  Employee owned manufacturer and steel
  fabricator is seeking a motivated structural
                                                                                          OPENING POSITIONS
  engineer for our expanding consulting
  engineering department.                                               Innovative, mind challenging, cutting edge and fast growing
                                                                        Consulting Structural Engineering Firm is offering outstanding
  If you have at least a B.S. in Civil                                  career opportunities to work on challenging projects.
  Engineering and a minimum of two years                                    Structural Project Manager. Minimum 7+ years of
  experience in steel and seismic design, we                                experience in structural/seismic design of all variety of
                                                                            buildings. M.S. Degree and California S.E. license
  would like to hear from you. PE or SE                                     required.
  (preferred) license would be great plus.                                  Structural Designer. Minimum 3+ years of experience in
                                                                            structural/seismic design of all variety of buildings.
  We offer an excellent benefit package and                                 M.S. Degree and California P.E. license required, (S.E.
  competitive salary based on experience and                                license preferred or able to obtain it within one year.
                                                                            Junior Engineers: 0 to 3 years experience. M. S. degree
  qualifications.                                                           & EIT license required (P.E. preferred or able to obtain
                                                                            P.E. license within one year)

  Send your resume via e- mail or fax to:                               Previous DSA/OSHPD experience is a plus. Verbal and written
                                                                        communications skills, teamwork skills, computer proficiency
  Torbjørn Helland                                                      and self-motivation are essential. Projects include Seismic
  tqhelland@mwsausse.com                                                Retrofit and New Construction of Schools, Hospitals and High-
                                                                        Rise Commercial Buildings.
  Fax: 661 257 7673
                                                                        Send cover letter and resume to: Juan Carlos Esquivel, S.E.
                                                                                             E-mail: jc@jcesegroup.com

                                              INTEGRATED DESIGN SERVICES, INC.
                        IDS                                     Structural Engineers

      IDS, a leading orange county structural engineering firm
      has immediate openings for:

            Structural Engineers, S.E.
            Structural Analysts and Designers, P.E.

      This is an outstanding career opportunity to work on very challenging
      projects covering:
                               Structural Design of Major Structures
                               Structural Assessment and Seismic Retrofit
                               Risk Analyses & Building Research

     We provide a nice working environment & an excellent compensation package.

                        IDS: 13891 Newport Ave., Suite 110, Tustin, CA 92780
         Tel: 714-368-5080 Fax: 714-368-5088, e-mail resume to: jenny.warren@idsse.com

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     “Repair, Strengthening & Protection of Concrete Structures”
             Concrete & Masonry Restoration                                   Epoxy Crack Injection
             Seismic Repairs                                                  Grouting
             Composite Strengthening – FRP                                    Shotcrete
             Seismic Expansion Joints                                         Waterproofing Systems

     California                                Washington                                 Oregon
   (714) 557-6425                              (206) 763-9877                            (503) 223-9817
                      Contractors Licenses: CA # 707880 NV # 0051493
                    www.contechservices.com     brian@contechservices.com

                      The Great American Cable Company II, Inc.
                     Specialists in the Design and Installation of External
                    Post-Tensioning Systems for Strengthening and Repair
                          of Existing Concrete and Steel Structures

                                 Contact Dirk Bondy at (949) 595-8182
                                 E-Mail: Dirk@senecastructural.com

                                      CA Contractor License #812081

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                    Saiful/Bouquet Invites Goal-Oriented Thinkers to
                               Join our Expanding Team.
     Participate in the growth of one of the fastest growing, multiple award-winning engineering firms in
     Southern California. Experience the challenge and pride of being responsible for a variety of projects
     from new unique buildings to strengthening of existing structures. Execute state-of-the-art
     performance-based engineering, fast track design and construction projects, historical renovations,
     implementing energy dissipating systems, and much more.

     Multiple positions available for engineers with 0 to 10 years of experience in the following areas:
     • Concrete, steel and wood design of new buildings
     • Seismic Strengthening
     • Conventional to cutting-edge computer analysis
     • Project Engineer and Management level experience

        Join us in a personable and stimulating environment, exchange ideas with a creative,
                dynamic and forward thinking team, and realize your career potential.

                                     Send resumes by fax or e-mail to:
                                           Mehran Pourzanjani
                                  Mehran@sbise.com | Fax: 626.304.2676

     150 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 350 Pasadena, California 91105            |    Tel: 626.304.2616     Fax: 626.304.2676   |   www.sbise.com

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                                                             SEA Auxiliary Celebrates 50 Years
                                   The Structural Engineers Auxiliary will celebrate its Golden Anniversary with a
                               Valentine’s luncheon Feb. 13, 2004 at the Glendora Country Club. All current members
                               of the Auxiliary will receive an invitation. If your spouse is a former member, please call
                               Sue Kanda at (323) 257-6858 so that your spouse can receive an invitation. The Auxiliary
                               is hoping many former members and old friends will turn out to celebrate its 50th year!

        2003-2004 SEAOSC Officers and Committee Chairs
      Get involved! Members and interested parties are invited to join a SEAOSC committee. Contact the
                  chairperson for information on current projects and meeting times, dates and locations.
   SEAOSC Officers
   & Board Members          Name           Phone           Fax             Email
   President                        Richard Hess1,2      562-799-9787   562-799-4973   rlhess@hesseng.com
   President-Elect                  Larry Brugger1,2     562-570-6921   562-570-6205   lawrence_brugger@longbeach.gov
   Treasurer                        Martin Johnson 2     714-734-4242   714-734-4272   mwjohnson@absconsulting.com
   Secretary                        Henry Huang          626-574-0941   626-979-5376   hhuangpe@yahoo.com
   Immediate Past President         Dan Novak1,2         626-683-0941   626-683-0060   dan.novak@ttisg.com
   Directors                        Daniel Bayless       805-642-3636   805-642-7874   dbsengr2@sbcglobal.net
   (1Delegate to SEAOC)             David Cocke          310-323-9924   310-323-9924   dcocke@structuralfocus.com
   (2Member of Exec. Cmte)          Jeff Crosier         714-567-2458   714-567-2729   jeff.crosier@dmjm.com
                                    Juliet DeMoss        310-212-5778   310-212-0993   julietdemoss@caaprofessionals.com
                                    Juan C. Esquivel     626-585-1822   626-585-1824   jc@jcesegroup.com
                                    Robert Lyons         213-484-8950   213-483-5550   rlyons@bjase.com
                                    Eric Stovner         714-505-2751   714-505-1689   estovner@lzatechnology.com

   Committee                        Chairperson          Phone          Fax            Email
   Building Code                    Carl Sramek          562-597-5756   562-597-5756   sramek@aol.com
   Business Operations & Practice   Dave Breiholz        310-530-3050   310-530-0184   dave@bqe.com
   Certification                    Bill Warren          949-722-0185   949-722-0661   bill@sesol.com
   Computer Applications            Shafat Qazi          310-530-3050   310-530-0184   shafat@bqe.com
   Convention                       Tom Harris           805-499-4484   805-499-7303   harrisengr@aol.com
   Disaster Emergency Services      Brenda Guyader       213-596-5000   213-596-5960   bguyader@degenkolb.com
   Existing Buildings               David Pomerleau      949 474-0502   949 474-1801   dpomerleau@fwse.com
   Field Day                        Amer Soudani         626-962-8751   626-962-8752   amer@ddcms.com
   House                            Amy Duink            714-505-2751   714-505-1689   aduink@ttengineers.com
   Large Existing Buildings         Chuk Ekwueme         310-998-9154   310-998-9254   ekwueme@hart.wai.com
   Legislative                      (open)
   Membership                       Juan C. Esquivel     626-585-1822   626-585-1824   jc@jcesegroup.com
   Professional Practices           Gerald Lehmer        626-796-3217   626-796-6512   lehmer@att.net
   Public Relations                 Michael Cochran      310-207-6638   310-207-6188   mlcse@aol.com
   Quality Assurance                Cecil Teoh           818-986-4326   818-986-4262   cecil.teoh@ladwp.com
   Research                         Bahram Zarin-Afsar   949-261-6988   949-251-8727   zarinafsar@usa.com
   Seminar                          Eric Stovner         714-505-2751   714-505-1689   estovner@lzatechnology.com
   Seismology                       Bob Lyons            213-484-8950   213-483-5550   rlyons@bjase.com
   Speakers Bureau                  Herb Stockinger      909-595-0840   909-598-9204   herbstock@aol.com
   Steel Structures                 Peter Maranian       213-484-8950   213-483-5550   pmaranian@bjase.com
                                    Yeuan Chou           213-368-7258   213-368-7227   n/a
   Younger Member                   David Corman         949-252-1022   949-252-8082   dcorman@kpff-irvine.com
   Website Administrator            Shafat Qazi          310-530-3050   310-530-0184   shafat@bqe.com
   SEAOSC Office                    Don Gilbert          562-908-6131   562-692-3425   seaosc@seaint.org

Structural Engineers Association of Southern California                                                      PRESORTED
                                                                                                           STANDARD RATE
5360 Workman Mill Rd.                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
Whittier, CA 90601                                                                                              PAID
                                                                                                            TORRANCE, CA
                                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 203

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