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                                                                                                        Summer Edition 2011

                                            from the
                                            Head…                                     Mrs Fenn with Mr Hicks

                                            This summer term has been as hectic as ever! Exam season has been and
                                            gone; KS3 started in week 3,Year 11 started their GCSEs in week 4, KS2 after
                                            half-term and the ongoing Year 10 exams (which now incorporates controlled
Mac Suite now                               assessments and the onset of GCSE a year early), means we have only just
                                            returned to normality…
fully operational                           Normality at Westbourne means that on any typical day one year group could be out
                                            on an educational visit, sports matches could be taking place and the music department
Technology is becoming more                 could be rehearsing for one of their many musical shows and events. Of course we
integrated in our everyday lives            wouldn’t want it any other way. Children at Westbourne are expected to provide
and the same is certainly true              energy and enthusiasm to their studies and we encourage our students to go the extra
of the classroom.                           mile and to engage in a wide variety of activities.
 97% of parents think that our ICT          There have been many positive things to celebrate this term but the early retirement of
provision is good, according to the         Mrs Fenn will not be one of them. I am sure you will agree that her departure will be
Parents Survey from Spring 2011.            a sad loss to the school. Mrs Fenn joined Westbourne 26 years ago in 1985 when she
Well, it has just got better!               first taught Year 3. She became a qualified ISI inspector in 2000 and when we bought
                                            Ashdell Grove in 2007, Mrs Fenn was appointed Head of Junior School.
This term saw the opening of our
fourth designated ICT suite - a brand       Continued on page 2...
new fully networked Apple Mac suite

                                                e h eaisdtirebyeaarcatkWestbooume on e pa ra grapwh?henI I
in Senior School with revolutionary
video editing software. We have also
installed a brand new A3 colour            As w                         h in
printer and will soon benefit from a                                           rn
                                                        en                                            ost
new super fast broadband system.           How ca n I su m up th th e word s or ph ra se s th at co m e to m in d m st ro ng
“With a bank of Mac PCs, pupils            su ppos e I ca n jot down re:: sm all cl ass si ze s, well-rou nd ed ed ucat io n, ra y
across the school will benefit from this   look ba ck on ou r ti m e he open m in ded, cu ltu red, ch arita ble, a va st ar s,
state of the art technology and leave      em ph as is on pa st oral cad sports, acco rdin g to th e ki ds: ex ce lle nt lu nche dote s
Westbourne with experience on both
Windows and Mac platforms”. Said
                                            of outd oo r ex erci se s an d si ncerely fu n! I coul d sh are hu m orou s an l private
Paul Hinchliffe Head of ICT.                ch alle ng in g, ex cit in g, an m a la rg e pu blic A m erican school to a sm al word s lik e
                                            about ou r adju st m ent fro ou r co nf us io n over th e different m ea ni ng s ofeeti ng!
                                             school in Eng la nd. Fro m , to m y hu sban d an d I cras hi ng an F.O.W m
INSIDE THIS ISSUE...                         “h all”, “foot ba ll”, an d “te
                                                                                                               tie nt, an d un de rst an di
Abby Newton fastest girl
                                                                             e ha s be en he lp fu l, ki nd, pa e I ca n de scribe it be st by
in Sheffield - page 6                         Everyo ne at Westbou rn d of adju st m ent! I su ppos                                  ile ge to
                                              du rin g ou r on goin g pe rioents, sa yi ng it ha s be en an ho no r an d a priv on s, give n
Maddie comes in 3rd in Race                   echoin g m y so n’ s se nt im at Westbou rn e. It ha s broa de ned ou r ho riz Sh ef fi el d.
for Life! - page 6                             ex pe rie nce even on e year will alwa ys be in ou r fo nd est m em orie s fro m
                                               us ne w pe rs pe ct ive s, an hearts, th an k you.
Broomhill Festival for
                                                Fro m th e bott om of ou Ja red, Y ea r 6 an d Ally so n, Y ea r 4)
Westbourne - page 5                             M rs Schroede r (m u m of
                                                Letter from the Head Continued from front page...

                                                Many children have benefited from her excellent tutelage:
                                                she is a first class teacher and has a bedrock of experience
                                                that she has shared with so many. Mrs Fenn has high
                                                standards in all aspects of education. She is a consummate
                                                professional. She has given her heart and soul to fostering
                                                and nurturing children’s development. Mrs Fenn knows how
                                                to engender a good work ethic for our pupils and shows           Mrs Fenn and Mr Clark
                                                them how to be kind and considerate to each other. Not
                                                one to shirk a challenge, she practises what she preaches
                                                and takes on any new initiative with enthusiasm and passion. One major personal
                                                challenge will be joining our Year 11 expedition to Kilimanjaro next summer.
                                                I would like to add my personal thanks to Mrs Fenn for her support to me and the
                                                Senior Management Team. I shall always remember her for her focus on “what’s
                                                good practice” and of course for her unbridled loyalty to our children.
Tom Humphrey
                                                Mrs Fenn will hand over the reins to her deputy of four years, Mr Jon Clark, who will
                                                take over as Head of Junior School in September – I wish them both all the very
The work of                                     best.

a professional
Tom Humphrey in Year 11
produced a GCSE media project
that was so good, the examiners
                                                Adios Westbourne!
                                                The sad closure of Brantwood School shocked the whole independent school
questioned its provenance!                      community, and significantly changed the lives of its former pupils. We were
Tom spent a day at the Land Rover               delighted to have been able to offer places to some of those girls, some of whom
experience in Solihull, where he filmed         now prepare to leave us.
a Range Rover Sport on the move. This
footage was then combined with clips            They have been an asset to Westbourne School; logistically they created the perfect
of his parents’ Range Rover, taken on           girl boy ratio in their year group but more importantly, Westbourne has benefitted
the roads near his Derbyshire home.             from getting to know some great characters and teaching some very hardworking
He produced a short Land Rover                  girls. They have been a credit to Westbourne and we wish them, along with all
advert to a very professional standard.         our Year 11 leavers, every success for the future.
The video was edited using his own              Please keep in touch!
Mac computer and the school’s new                                                                                                 a ve ry big
fully networked Apple Mac suite in                                                           u s. We wou      ld lik e to sa y              st aff, kit ch e n
Senior School with its revolutionary
                                                    I writ e on b      e h a lf o f a ll o f                           t h e t ea chin g
                                                                                                    h e g o ve rn ors,                    ou rn e Sch ool
video editing software.
                                                                   Y OU t     o M r Hick s, t                        on e at We st b
                                                    T HAN K                                      ils - ju st eve ry
Being of such a professional standard
the examiners from the AQA board                     st aff, g rou n d     st aff a n d pu p
                                                                                       m ont h s a g o.                                   h a lf wa y
queried Tom’s advert as it was ‘’of such
an exceptionally high quality’’.                      for w    e lco min g u s 18                                   h a n g e s ch ools
                                                                                                  , h a vin g to c                     u s. T h e y
Finally satisfied that this project, which
                                                       It wa s     a diff  icu lt t ra n sition                   n ’t give u p on
                                                                                                st bou rn e did                     ll t h e wa y.
was part of his GCSE media studies
                                                               u gh Y e   a r 10, but We                        u pport ed u s a
production piece, was indeed all the                    t h ro                                a rm s a n d s                                      h rou g h out
work of this talented young man, the
                                                           e lco m e   d u s wit h ope n                                    rt, e spe cia lly t
examiner concluded that Tom’s work                       w                                                 chin g s u ppo                                   t e fu l
is ‘outstanding’ and he was awarded an                                          loa  ds o f ext ra t ea u l. We a re a ll ext re m e ly g ra
                                                          We h a ve h a d                               y h e lpf
                                                                                   h a s be e n rea ll                              give n u s.
                                                           Y  ea r 11, which               s u pport a n d    s kills you h a ve
                                                                     o f you for t h e                                               we m e et, we
                                                           to a ll
                                                                                              t eve r we do,    a n d wh oeve r                rg et
                                                             Wh e re   ve r we g o, wh a o f We st bou rn e a n d n eve r fo
                             online Math
                                          s                                        ea k fon dly                                   ll o f u s!
                   on to this ns and at                      will a lwa y s sp                               n k you, Fro m a
     Why not lo r use in lesso                                                            e rie n ce. T h a
      resou rces fo
                        you to rev
                                  ise for                     the   won d e rfu l exp
       hom  e? It helps sh up on areas of
                   to bru
      exams and ase ask your form tu
                 Ple                   .
                                                              Ch a rlott e He witt
     weakness. login and password
           for the      
                                                               Y ea r 11
Westbourne Young Leaders
help at St Maries Sports Day
On Friday 27th May 2011 seven young leaders from
Westbourne went to the EIS Sheffield to help out at the
sports day of St Marie’s Catholic Primary School.
The young leaders were Daniel Jackson; Joel Mason; Jessica Heywood;
Alex Russell; Edward Anderson; Liam Gilbert and Leo Gibson. The
young leaders were given charge of the javelin event for Years 3-6
whilst Liam assisted in organising pupils for the track heats and
finals. Edward put his photography skills to great use as official
photographer taking some fantastic shots. John Fernandes, Deputy
Head Teacher at St Marie’s who organised the day said ‘The leaders
from Westbourne were extremely helpful and they worked well with our            Young leaders meet up with Mr. Lawrie at 08.00 each
pupils, giving them advice and cheering them on.They were a credit to           Thursday morning and work with Junior School pupils.
Westbourne School.’

                                                                                                 Sheffield Young Artist
                                                                                                 of the Year exhibition
                                                                                                 Westbourne once again had an
                                                                                                 impressive display of art at the
                                                                                                 recent Sheffield Young Artist of
The Moorlands Discovery Centre at the                                                            the Year exhibition held at Ponds
National Trust’s Peak District Longshaw Estate                                                   The event, opened by the Lord Mayor
                                                                                                 of Sheffield on Friday 13th May, was
One of the main tasks for Year 5 students and geography                                          certainly not an unlucky day for two
teacher Miss Lilley was testing river flow strength.                                             of our students. Lizzie Housley in Year
                                                                                                 10 and Eliza Heywood in Year 1 had
As well as all the usual scientific instruments – metre rules, tape measures and                 their paintings chosen out of over 800
stopwatches – the equipment also included dog biscuits!                                          pieces to be on show at the Art in the
The biodegradable biscuits proved perfect for dropping into the water to test the speed          Gardens exhibition in the Botanical
of the flow – rather like a canine treat version of familiar childhood game Pooh Sticks.         gardens in July!
“The clear favourite of the day was the dog biscuits, especially when it gave the children the
chance to make friends with a passing walker and dog!” said Miss Lilley.
“More importantly, we now have fieldwork measurements and invaluable evidence
of a real life river to back up all the classroom work we have
done so far this term.”

glamour comes                            The cast of Alice

to Westbourne
It was the day that
                                         All children in Year 3 - 6
Bollywood came to                        performed in Alice the
school, as we celebrated                 Musical (by Mark & Helen
World Culture Day.                       Johnson) to a packed audience,
Pupils chose an Indian theme for their   which due to demand was shown
day looking at international arts and    over two nights at the end of June.
culture.                                 The show, directed by Mrs. Sallianne Foster-Major
The day began with demonstrations        featured magical songs, music, costumes and
of Tabla drums and Bollywood dance       make-up. A technical team of Year 10 students
for Year 7 and 8 students and was        helped with lighting, sound and backstage.
followed by an investigation of Indian   Special mentions must go to Holly Beeby, who
culture and literature.                  played the lead role of Alice with panache and
For Years 9 and 10 there was a special   to Abby Newton, who provided us with a                Holly with Lucy Stern,
assembly led by Westbourne parent        confident narrative to the story.                   as the White Rabbit
Indranil Chakrabarti, who spoke about
his experiences of Indian life.
Mrs Stuti Kaul was also on hand to
explain to junior pupils the correct
                                                                                     Pirates at
way of wearing a sari.
With Tabla and Bollywood workshops
throughout the day and every lesson
tailored to the Indian theme, even                                                   Reception to Year 2 entertained
lunchtime took its inspiration from                                                  us with their end of term show
the day’s subject, serving an Indian                                                  – Pirates.
themed menu with a special musical
accompaniment!                                                                       This was a colourful, vibrant musical, set
                                                                                     on the decks of a pirate ship. Captained
                                                                                     by Black Beard, played convincingly by
                                                                                     Harrison Cundy, the crew set sail in
                                                                                     search of diamonds. Molly, Black Beard’s
                                                                                     demanding wife - confidently played by
                                                                                     Josephine Paul
                                                                                     - was the reason for
                                                                                     the voyage. They
                                                                                     played to an
                                                                                     which included
                                                                                     a local nursery
                                          Harrison and Josephine                     school.


                                                                                         George enjoys
                                                                                         the sound of brass
                                                                                         Music student George Newbould
                                                                                         is far from brassed off with his
                                                                                         latest achievement…he’s been
                                                                                         awarded a place in the Yorkshire
                                                                                         Youth Brass Band!
 Music for a Summer’s Evening                                                            George, in Year 9, achieved a Grade 5
                                                                                         distinction in his cornet studies last year
 Music and midsummer…it proved the perfect combination for pupils,                       and is delighted to have been given the
 parents, neighbours and friends of Westbourne School.                                   opportunity to play with the band that
                                                                                         was established by the world famous
 Our Music for a Summer’s Evening – now so popular that it features in the programme     Black Dyke Band to encourage new
 for the Broomhill Festival – was held in the grounds of Ashdell House on 15th June.     talent.
 Taking part were musicians from across the school who entertained with examples of      George has already participated in
 classical, jazz, rock and contemporary pieces.                                          three full day workshops with Black
 Guests enjoyed a glass of champagne as our school’s newly formed Brass Band – made      Dyke players, culminating in concerts
 up of senior and junior school pupils as well as one parent and an Old Westbournian -   at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester
 played their version of George Gershwin’s seasonal favourite, Summer Time.              and Leeds Town Hall, where the Youth
                                                                                         Band not only played their own pieces
 Another highlight was entertainment from the school’s vibrant and energetic Samba       but also had the chance to join the
 Band, who led the audience into our secret garden – the Dell. It was now time to turn   Black Dyke musicians in performance.
 up the volume and be entertained by pieces from the Westbourne Rock Band and
 performers. It was perhaps as well that many of our neighbours had come to join us!     George’s band pursuits have also
                                                                                         enabled him to combine his passion for
                                                                                         music with his love of sport when he
Samba Band                                                                               was asked to play at the opening of the
                                                                                         Rugby final at Old Trafford in front of a
                                                                                         capacity crowd back in 2009!
                                                                                         He has also been a member of the
                                                                                         Ireland Colliery Band in Chesterfield
                                                                                         for the past three years where he plays
                                                                                         Repiano Cornet alongside his Mum, Joy,
                                                                                         on Tenor Horn!
                                        Broomhill Festival artist, Simon Clements,       This year the Chesterfield musicians
                                        has painted some original watercolours of        won their way through to the National
                                        our musicians at work.                           Brass Band Championships of Great
                                        The paintings are available to purchase          Britain, competing against 22 of Britain’s
                                        from school. Please contact Mr Woodward,         best bands in their section.
                                        Head of Junior School music.

                                                                                  Westbourne School
                                                                                  Educating girls and boys for life
                                 SPORT MATTERS
Abby is Sheffield’s                                                  Westbourne’s Maddie comes in 3rd in Race for Life!
fastest schoolgirl                                                   It was a blistering hot day, approximately 6,500 entrants and a
You have to be quick off the                                         brand new course this year, but that didn’t stop Maddie Pearce
mark to keep up with Year 6                                          (Year 7) from flying across the finish line in an amazing 3rd
pupil, Abby Newton.                                                  position!
For the 11-year-old is now
officially the fastest girl of
her age in Sheffield!
Abby took part in the
Sheffield Federation Primary
Athletics meeting, where she
was the winner of the girls’
80 metre sprint, coming
home ahead of competitors
from 28 other city schools.
“We are delighted with Abby’s incredible achievement,” said Mrs
Mirfin, who added “Abby crossed the finish line in a time of just
10.9 seconds, beating the fastest Year 6 boy, who came in shortly
behind on 11.1”.
“This level of excellence at such an early age suggests that Abby
has a great athletics future ahead of her.”
Abby was presented with this year’s new ‘Rod Clark trophy’ for
athletics, the first person to be awarded it.                         (From L-R) Daina Ali, Mrs Mirfin, Sophie Brotherston
                                                                      and Maddie Pearce
Abby qualified, along with six fellow Westbourne pupils for the
City finals-
                                                                     This all happened on Sunday 3rd July, when 14 Westbourne girls
Leo Cossham, Julian Slater, Amy Martindale, Joshua Hallam, Holly     from across Year 5-8, ran with their teachers, Mrs Mirfin, Miss
Beeby, and Charlie Proctor.                                          Heyes and Miss Lilley in the Race for Life.
Amy Martindale in Year 6 came second overall at long jump,
jumping a distance of 3.67m.
Julian Slater, also in Year 6 came second in the 800m, with a time
of 2min 41secs.
Congratulation to all our athletes, this was a fantastically
successful evening enjoyed by both pupils and parents.

Tennis Win for Westbourne
On Saturday 21st May our team won the Invitational
School ‘Mini Green’ Tennis Tournament at Fulwood L.T.C.
Congratulations to our players -Tom Smart, Ethan Brain, Ceri
Rogerson and Tristan Gale.
                                                                       Mrs Mirfin gains on Maddie...
Tom Smart is also currently 2nd in Yorkshire for ‘Mini Orange’
and 6th in Yorkshire for ‘Mini Green’ tennis.
                                                                     The 5K race took place in the Sheffield city centre to raise
                                                                     money for Cancer Research. The girls target was to raise at least
  The Winners!                                                       £50 sponsorship money each, several raised much more for this
                                                                     fantastic cause.
                                                                     Maddie Pearce did incredibly well coming 3rd overall with a
                                                                     time of 20mins16secs. Mrs Mirfin was only a couple of seconds
                                                                     behind her and managed to keep her title of 4th place from last
                                                                     The girls thoroughly enjoyed being part of this fun, yet
                                                                     inspirational race and raised lots of money for a wonderful
                                                                     Well done to everyone involved!

                                                                     Basketball Coaching Year 2
                                                                     In this, the final half term of the summer, a group of children
                                                                     from Year 2 have been taking part in basketball coaching
                                                                     sessions led by a Level 2 coach from the Hatters Women’s
                                                                     Basketball team. Shannon, an American coach, has been teaching
                                                                     the children a variety of skills from ball control, to passing and
                                                                     shooting, finally bringing the sessions together with a miniature
                                                                     tournament. This has been a fantastic opportunity for some
                                                                     early professional training and a great experience for
                                                                     the children.

 Jessica Ennis pictured with Emmie and Holly Beeby

Westbourne Sports Day at the EIS Sheffield 2011
After a long preparation period sports day had finally arrived,
and for the first time in Westbourne history, Years 5-11 were
ready to compete cohesively in their House teams.
Sports day 2011 took place at the EIS which is one of the most
well known athletics venues in the UK. Throughout the day our
pupil’s adrenaline kept rocketing and even more so when we
were joined on the track by local athlete, Jessica Ennis - a once
in a lifetime experience for our pupils, one which they will never    Junior Sports Leaders
Listed below are the top scoring boy and girl athlete from each      Junior Sports Leaders
year group, who showed athletic potential in a variety of events:    Throughout the Summer term all pupils in Year 6 have worked
YEAR 5: ROHIN PATEL AND LUCY STONE                                   towards completing the Junior Sports Leader Award. This has
                                                                     involved working in small groups to plan and deliver a fun, safe
YEAR 6:    JULLIAN SLATER AND ABIGAIL NEWTON                         sports lesson to Year 2 children. The aim has been to develop
YEAR 7: ALEX WATHEY AND GEORGIA OLDFIELD                             their leadership, teamwork and communication skills. It is an
                                                                     extremely rewarding course which also prepares them for the
                                                                     Senior Sports Leaders that is on offer at Westbourne in Year
YEAR 9: CHARLES BOARD AND JESSICA HEALD                              10. They all passed with flying colours and were fantastic role
                                                                     models for our younger Junior School pupils who really enjoyed
                                                                     the lessons that had been planned for them.
William Strong (Year 11) received the award for his all round
contribution to sport, during his time at Westbourne.
                                                                                                                 Sam selected
                                                                                                                 for Yorkshire
House winner for sports day 2011 was Holmes with 888 points,
                                                                                                                 Congratulations to
2nd place was Johnson followed by Whitfield and Mercer.
                                                                                                                 Sam Wolstenholme
                                                                                                                 in Year 7 who has
                                                                                                                 been selected to
                                                                                                                 play in the Yorkshire
                                                                                                                 County Cricket

                                William Strong and Mr Hicks
                                                                                      Westbourne School
                                                                                      Educating girls and boys for life
                                                                                          Westbourne School
                Westbourne School                                                         60 Westbourne Road
                Educating girls and boys for life                                         S10 2QT

                                                                                          Call 0114 266 0374


                                           In the pink
                                           at Westbourne School
                                                                              WESTBOURNE was in the pink on the
                                                                              afternoon of Friday 24th as pupils from
                                                                              both our Senior and Junior Schools
                                                                              served a Breast Cancer Awareness
                                                                              Strawberry Tea.
Ice cream straight                                                                The event in the Junior Hall had a pink theme
                                                                                  and saw pupils service up their own home made
from the cow                                                                      cakes, buns and scones along with strawberries
                                                                                  and cream. “The addition of cakes this year,
The Year 2 children experienced            made by my GCSE cookery class went down a treat and it was a delight to be able
an exciting new science trip to            to show off their culinary skills”, said organiser Mrs Loasby.
the Our Cow Molly Farm at                  Mums from the Friends of Westbourne group helped to serve drinks to parents,
Dungworth near Sheffield.                  families and members of the Broomhill community, whilst they were entertained by
                                           our Reception and Year 1 choir.
They were treated to a tour of the
farm, met the chickens, rabbits and        “We are really pleased to see how this event has grown” said co-organiser Mrs
the newly born calves and the all          Whittington.
important cows themselves. Whilst          “The event, which also included a raffle, raised more than £250 for the charity”.
at the farm they saw the milking
parlour, the dairy and the ice cream
making workshop. The children learnt
about the milking, pasteurizing and
ice cream making processes in a very
                                           Business Breakfast numbers boom
practical way. The high light of the       Our Broomhill Business Breakfast event is proving to be even more
visit was choosing a sample of the         popular than ever. The event has grown, forcing us to change venues
finished product - the ice cream. It was   from the popular French Café to the larger Ashdell Grove Hall in
delicious! The children were so well       order to accommodate the 50 delegates.
behaved and so polite that both the        The networking event gave people the chance to chat about their business interests
staff at the farm and the coach driver     and to form links with others. Miss Lilley was on hand to discuss work experience
said that this was the best class they     placements for our Senior School pupils, some of whom were on hand to help host
have ever worked with and they were        the event. We received many positive comments about the maturity, politeness and
a credit to the school.                    confidence that these pupils demonstrated.
                                           Many thanks to Charles Board, Jess Heald, Emily Pickford, Toni Butcher, Meagan Hall
                                           and Aaron Yesudian for their assistance.
Summer magic with the
world of Roald Dahl
The magic of Roald Dahl comes
to Broomhill as we prepare
for our fourth annual summer
The week-long event runs from 25th –
29th July and is open to all children in
the Year 2 to 8 age group, and not just
Westbourne pupils. Places are strictly
limited and demand is already high so to
find out more or to make a booking call
us on 0114 266 0374.

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