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(A Unit of Security Printing & Minting Corporation of India Limited)
              Wholly owned by Government of India

                       D-2, SECTOR-1,
                       NOIDA - 201 301

                  TENDER DOCUMENT


                      SECTION -1 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT)
                                             No. NM/220/II/04/2011-Pur
                                         INDIA GOVERNMENT MINT
                    (A Unit of Security Printing & Minting Corporation of India Limited)
                                 (Wholly owned by Government of India)
                                 D-2, SECTOR-1, NOIDA-201301 (U.P.)
Phone : 0120-2520563, 2533504                                                                    Fax No.0120-2537609
E-mail, Website
Tender No. NM/220/II/04/2011-Pur                                                                            dt.15.07.2011

      Sealed tenders are invited from eligible and qualified tenderers for supply of following
goods & services:

  Schedule           Brief Description of                 Quantity (with        Earnest Money                Remarks
    No.               Goods/ Services                        unit)              (in Rs.)
                  Gunny Bags                              620000 Nos.               Rs.1,86,000/-
                                                                                (Rupees One Lakh
                                                                                      eighty six
                                                                                   thousand only)

 Type of Tender                               Two Bid Tender
 Dates of sale of tender documents:           18.07.2011
 Price of Tender Document                     Rs.250/- (Rupees Two hundred fifty only) non-
 Place of sale of tender documents            IG Mint, D-2, Sector-1, Noida
 Closing date and time for receipt of tenders 22.08.2011 at 3.00 P.M.
 Place of receipt of tenders                  IG Mint, D-2, Sector-1, Noida
 Time and date of opening of tenders          22.08.2011 at 3.30 P.M.
 Place of opening of tenders                  IG Mint, D-2, Sector-1, Noida
 Nominated Person / Designation to Receive Administrative Officer (Purchase)
 Bulky Tenders

1.       Interested tenderers may obtain further information about this requirement from the
above office selling the documents. They may also visit our website mentioned above for further
2.    Tender documents may be purchased on payment of non-refundable fee of Rs.250/-
(Rupees Two hundred fifty only) per set in the form of account payee demand draft/ cashier’s
cheque/ certified cheque, drawn on a scheduled commercial bank in India, in favour of General
Manager, India Govt. Mint, Noida.
3.      If requested, the tender documents will be mailed by registered post/ speed post to the
domestic tenderers for which extra expenditure per set will be Rs.150/- (Rupees One hundred
fifty only). The tenderer is to add the applicable postage cost in the non-refundable fee
mentioned in Para 3 above.
4.     Tenderer may also download the tender documents from the web site
and submit its tender by utilizing the downloaded document, along with the required non-
refundable fee as mentioned in Para 3 above.
5.     Tenderers shall ensure that their tenders, duly sealed and signed, complete in all
respects as per instructions contained in the Tender Documents, are dropped in the tender box
located at the address given below on or before the closing date and time indicated in the Para
1 above, failing which the tenders will be treated as late and rejected.

6.     In the event of any of the above mentioned dates being declared as a holiday/ closed
day for the purchase organisation, the tenders will be sold/ received/ opened on the next
working day at the appointed time.

7.     The tender documents are not transferable.

                                                                            (Santosh Jethi)
                                                           Administrative Officer (Purchase)
                                                                       For General Manager
                                                                    India Government Mint,
                                                                             D-2, Sector -1,
                                                                       NOIDA - 201 301 UP

                             SECTION II : COVERING LETTER
REGD OFFICE                        :   INDIA GOVERNMENT MINT,
                                       (A UNIT OF SECURITY PRINTING &
                                       MINTING CORPORATION of INDIA Ltd.)
                                       WHOLLY OWNED BY GOVT. OF INDIA
                                       D-2, SECTOR-1,
                                       NOIDA (U.P.)
                                       PIN CODE : 201 301 INDIA
FROM :                                 GENERAL MANAGER,
                                       INDIA GOVERNMENT MINT,
                                       D-2, SECTOR-1,
                                       NOIDA-201 301 (U.P.)
                                       TELEPHONE :           0120 2520563
                                       FAX       :           0120 2537609

Tender Notice No.                      NM/220/II/04/2011-Pur Date 15.07.2011

                                   INVITATION TO TENDER
Brief Description           Qty.           Last date & for    Code No. for          Earnest Money
                                           sale of tender     correspondence
                                                              (to be indicated on
                                                              the sealed cover)
Gunny Bags                  620000         19.08.2011         NM/220/II/04/2011-    Rs.1,86,000/- in
D.W. Tarpaulin, Jute Bags   Nos.            at 3.00 P.M.      Pur due on            the form of
As per Specification                       India Govt.        22.08.2011 at 3.00    Account Payee
No. IS 3344-1965 with                      Mint, Noida        P.M.                  Demand
amdt. No. 3
Weight : 210 grms                                                                   Deposit
(+ 20 grms / - 15 grms.)                                                            Receipt/Banker's
Size : 47 x 35 cms.                                                                 cheque and Bank
                                                                                    Guarantee issued
(for             detailed                                                           /confirmed by
specification please see                                                            scheduled
Section VI )                                                                        commercial bank
                                                                                    of India (only in
                                                                                    case of ICB) in
                                                                                    favour of General
                                                                                    Manager, India
                                                                                    Government Mint,
                                                                                    Noida and it
                                                                                    should be valid for
                                                                                    a minimum period
                                                                                    of 165 days from
                                                                                    the date of
                                                                                    opening of tender
Dear Sir,

         The following items are enclosed in the tender document for the above work to enable
you to submit your binding offers :
        i)     Submission of Tender
       ii)     Instructions to tenderers
       iii)    Terms and conditions
       iv)     Technical Specifications
        v)     Annexures vide Table 1

2.      The techno-commercial bid and price bid will be submitted separately in sealed cover
on or before the due date of opening of tenders. Please note that price will not be quoted in the
techno-commercial bid. If price is quoted in techno-commercial bid then the tender will be
summarily rejected. The envelop containing tenders should be super scribed Techno-
Commercial / Price Tender for Gunny Bags due on 22.08.2011 at 3.00 P.M. Late tenders and
tender not in prescribed form will not be accepted. Tenders/ tender by fax /E-mail will not be
accepted. Tenders/tender by post /hand/ courier service on or before the due date and time will
only be accepted. Postal delay/ delay by courier service will not be condoned.


        Technical literature if any, in duplicate is required to be submitted along with techno-
commercial tender, with detailed list of similar type of item supplied in reputed
Company/PSU/Government Organization with complete reference of supply order, value and
full address together with the certificate of satisfactory performance past users.

         Price should be quoted in price tender only along with other details as per detailed
instructions given in Section IV.

4.      EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT : Rs.1, 86,000/- in the form of Account Payee Demand
Draft/Fixed Deposit Receipt/Banker's cheque and Bank Guarantee issued /confirmed by
scheduled commercial bank of India (only in case of ICB) in favour of General Manager, India
Government Mint, Noida and it should be valid for a minimum period of 165 days from the date
of opening of tender. The tenderers who are currently registered and, also, will continue to
remain registered during the tender validity period with Directorate General of Supplies &
Disposals or with National Small Industries Corporation, New Delhi are exempted from payment
of earnest money. In case the tenderer falls in these categories, it should furnish certificated
copy of its valid registration details (with DGS&D or NSIC, as the case may be)

5       The Techno-Commercial bid will be opened at 3.30 P.M. on 22.08.2011 in the office of
the General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida (U.P.) in the presence of tenderers or
their duly authorised representative who wish to be present.

5.1.    The part II, i.e. Price bid of acceptable and responsive tenderers will be opened after
evaluation of techno-commercial bids in the presence of the tenderers or their authorised
representative whose techno-commercial tenders have been found acceptable. The date of
opening of Price Bid will be communicated separately.

6.      Any modification which may become necessary in the interim period will be intimated to
the tenderers as soon as possible and such modifications will be deemed to be a part of original
tender issued.

7.       The General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida shall have the right to reject any or
all the tenders wholly or in part without assigning any reason.
8.     Validity of Tender: The tender should be valid for 120 days from the date of opening of
techno-commercial bid.

9.     Please acknowledge receipt of the tender.

Encl: As above.                                                            For and on behalf of
                                                                              General Manager
                                                                        India Government Mint,
                                                                                 D-2, Sector-1,
                                                                           Noida (U.P.)-201301






                                            SECTION – III

                                     SUBMISSION OF TENDER



        The General Manager
        India Government Mint
        D-2, Sector-1,
        NOIDA -201 301 ( U.P.)

     Sub :     Supply of Gunny Bags against Tender No. NM/220/II/04/2011-Pur dt.15.07.2011


1.     Having carefully examined all the documents attached to your invitation to tender No.
NM/220/II/04/2011-Pur dated 15.07.2011, we offer to supply Gunny Bags, in conformity with all
the conditions stated in invitation to tender, instructions to tenderers, terms and conditions of the
tenderers, technical specifications, time scheduled of completion of supply and other
documents and papers, all as detailed in the tender documents.
2.     We enclose herewith Earnest Money of : Rs.1, 86,000/- in the form of Account Payee
Demand Draft/Fixed Deposit Receipt/Banker's cheque and Bank Guarantee issued /confirmed
by scheduled commercial bank of India (only in case of ICB) in favour of General Manager,
India Government Mint, Noida, as required by the tender inquiry.
3.      We certify that we have carefully read each and every condition and technical
specifications given in this tender documents and understood the same, and we confirm our
acceptance of the same.
4.      We agree to abide by this tender initially valid for a period of 120 days from the date of
opening of tender by India Government Mint, Noida and it shall remain binding on us and order
will be accepted at any time before the expiry of that period.
5.       We hereby undertake not to withdraw this tender, during this period of 120 (one hundred
twenty) days from the date of opening of the tender. However, if we withdraw it, General
Manager India Government Mint, Noida (hereinafter referred to as Purchaser) shall have the
right to invoke the Earnest Money without reference to us.
6.       Should this tender be accepted for which initial intimation will be given by letter of
intent/Purchase order by purchaser, we hereby agree to abide by it and fulfill all terms and
conditions of tender documents and in default thereof, I / We undertake to indemnify purchaser
or its successor in office or the authorized nominee to pay such sums of money as indicated in
        However, if more than one price is offered, the higher price offered will be ignored.
7.     Letter of intent / Purchase Order for all purposes will be a formal binding contract of all
terms and conditions stipulated in the tender documents and supplier has to abide by these
terms and conditions.

8.     We enclose herewith evidence of our experience of execution of contracts of similar
nature and magnitude carried out by us during the last five years.

9.     Unless and until a formal CONTRACT is prepared and executed, the duly executed
tender documents together with written acceptance thereof by Purchaser shall constitute a
binding CONTRACT between Purchaser and ourselves.

                               Dated this __________day of ________2011
                                                      for and on behalf of

                                                           (with seal)

                              Siganature __________________________

                             Name       ___________________________

                             In the capacity of ______________________


                                DULY AUTHORISED TO SIGN TENDER

Witness :                    ____________________________________

Name in Block Letters         ____________________________________

Address                       ____________________________________


                                              SECTION – IV

                                     INSTRUCTION TO TENDERERS

1.0. SUBMISSION OF TENDER               :

1.1      One complete set of tender document shall be issued to each tenderer. All tenders shall
be prepared by typing or printing with indelible black ink on letter head (on white paper)
consecutively numbered pages in solid binding and each page signed along with duly filled
format given in the annexure. The number of copies of each bid to be submitted are stipulated
in following paragraphs.
1.2     All amendments / revisions to tender documents issued by the India Government Mint,
Noida, if any, must be signed and submitted along with the tender, the tender submitted by the
tenderer shall take into account all such amendments revisions. The tenderers are advised to
submit the tender strictly as per the terms and conditions and specifications contained in the
tender documents, and not to stipulate any deviations. If acceptance of the terms and
conditions given in the tender document has any price implications the same should be
considered and included in the price part. The General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida
shall have the right to reject/accept tender containing deviation to the terms and conditions and
requirement stipulated in the tender documents.
1.3     Tenders shall be prepared and submitted in double sealed envelope marked ―Tender for
Supply of Gunny Bags‖ due on 22.08.2011 at 3.00 P.M. Non-adherence to this may liable to
your tender for rejection. The full name, postal address, telephonic address and fax/ telephone
No. of the tenderer shall be written on the sealed cover.
1.4     The tenders so submitted shall be in two separate sealed envelops in two parts as


                  Containing un-priced tender consisting of complete techno- commercial
                  packages including all terms and conditions one original and one duplicate
                  copies shall be submitted with EMD. No price details will be given in this tender.
Part-II   :       PRICE TENDER          :

                  Containing price with details along with the applicable taxes, freight, insurance
                  and unloading and stacking of material at Mint site. if any as per format (Table 1
                  annexed) as applicable both in figures and words. One original and one
                  duplicate copy shall be submitted.

Part-I should be submitted under a covering letter indicating clearly the summary of tender
chapters, annexures/schedules of the complete tender. The part II should also be submitted
along with Part-I leaving blank the price portion together with list of annexures.
Non-adherence to the above instructions will liable the tender to be rejected.

1.5    Insertion, postscript, addition and alteration shall not be recognized unless confirmed by
the tenderer’s signature.
1.6  The tenderer shall submit the earnest money deposit along with part-I (Techno-
commercial), failing which tender will be rejected.

1.7.     All copies of tenders should be complete in all respect with all their attachments/
enclosures duly numbered.
1.9.           The techno-commercial tender as submitted will consist of the following:
        i)         Earnest Money in the form of pay order/demand draft.
        ii)        Power of Attorney/authorization with the seal of the company of person signing
                   the tender documents.
        iii)       Detailed time schedule indicating various activities tenderer proposes to
                   complete within the time of completion of the Supply/Work.
        iv)        Details of similar past supplies/works executed by the tenderer with certificate of
                   satisfactory performance from those firms i.e. reputed Company/PSU/Govt.

        v)         Any other technical information the tenderer wishes to furnish.
1.10. The tenderer shall also satisfy the purchaser that he possesses the necessary
experience and qualifications and that he has at his disposal suitable modern facilities and
specialized employees to ensure that his work is of best quality and workmanship according to
the latest technology and engineering practices. The tenderer shall satisfy the purchaser that
the firm is financially sound to fulfill contractual obligations offered to be undertaken by him.
1.11 The tenderer shall clearly indicate in the Techno-commercial tender that whether any
patent rights are involved for the offered work or in the manufacturing technology of the requisite
components. In case of such patents being involved, the supplier will have to indemnify the
purchaser from the infringement of such patents.
1.12 The tenderer shall also satisfy the purchaser that he is competent and legally authorised
to submit the tender and/or to enter into a legally binding contract with the purchaser.
2.      Last date of receipt of tender       : 22.08.2011 by 3.00 P.M.

3.     Date and place of opening the          : 22.08.201 at 3.30 P.M.
       Techno-commercial part
                                                      At the office of
                                                The General Manager
                                               India Government Mint
                                          (A unit of Security Printing & Minting
                                             Corporation of India Limited)
                                                     D-2, Sector-1,
                                                NOIDA-201301 (U.P.)

4. Validity of tender                        : Tender shall remain open for acceptance for a period
                                               of not less than 120 days from the date of opening of
                                               techno-commercial tender i.e. 22.08.2011.

5. Details of requirements                  : As per annexure i.e. Section VI - as per
   /items for which tender                    ―TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS‖ attached.
   is invited

6.        The tenderer is required to carefully examine the technical specifications, and other
details relating to description of item given in the tender document and be informed himself to all
terms and conditions and matters which may in any way affect the supply of item or the cost
thereof. The tenderer shall be deemed to have him independently obtained all necessary
information for the purpose of preparing the tender and his tender as accepted shall be deemed
to have taken into account of all contingencies that may arise due to such information or lack of
the same.

       Clarifications, if any, can be obtained in person from purchaser with prior appointment
well in advance between 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM till 18.08.2011 (Except Saturday/
Sunday/Holiday). All clarifications and/or interpretation given during the above discussion shall
form part of the specification and documents and shall accompany the tender who shall be
submitted by the tenderer within time and date specified in the invitation to tender. However, the
above discussion will be held only to facilitate the tenderer but arranging or not arranging the
discussion will in no way affect the date of submission of tender.

8.     PRICE:
8.1     The tenderer shall quote price as per Table 1 (Annexed) and total price offered
indicating separately taxes and duties, if any, alongwith prevailing rates for such taxes and
8.2     The tenderer may give the break up of price viz. total cost of stores including taxes and
duties F.O.R. destination basis including unloading & stacking of material at Mint site.

       No negotiation will be carried out. The prices should be firm and final.

10.    TAXES & DUTIES:
       The total quoted price for the supply of material required shall also include sales tax
(Central or State), octroi and other taxes, if any.
       If the tenderer fail to include taxes & duties in the tender the Purchaser thereof will
consider no claim afterwards.

      Within 10 months from the date of issue of Letter of Indent (to be supplied monthly
62000 Nos. of .Jute Bags.)


       Tenders will be received at the office of the General Manager, India Government Mint,
D-2, Sector-1, Noida (U.P.) Pin-201301 as per the date & time specified in the Tender Notice.

       The tenderer has the option of sending the tender by Registered Post/Courier Service or
submitting the tender in person so as to reach the place of tender opening given in the invitation
of tender on or before the date and time set out for the same. Tender submitted in soft copy or
E-mail or Fax will not be accepted. Postal delay will not be condoned.

       The tenders will be opened at the time and date set for opening of tenders, in the
presence of authorised representatives of tenderer, who wish to attend the tender opening. Not
more than two representative of each tenderer shall be permitted to attend the tender opening.


        Transfer of tender documents purchased by one tenderer to another is not permissible.
Similarly transfer of tender submitted by one tenderer to another is not permissible under any
circumstances. The alteration of essence of tender once submitted is also not permissible.

      The tender shall be submitted in English language only.
16.1 The tender must be accompanied by the Earnest Money of : Rs.1, 86,000/- in the form of
Account Payee Demand Draft/Fixed Deposit Receipt/Banker's cheque and Bank Guarantee
issued /confirmed by scheduled commercial bank of india (only in case of ICB) in favour of
General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida. The EMD should be valid for a minimum
period of 165 days from the date of opening of tender. If the tenderer after submitting his tender
withdraws from his offer or modifies the terms & conditions thereof in a manner not acceptable
to the purchaser, the EMD will be forfeited. Tenders not accompanied by the EMD will not be
considered and summarily rejected.
16.2 On non-acceptance of tender, but not earlier than the expiry date of the period for which
the tender is kept open, the EMD shall be returned.
16.3 Should the invitation to tender be withdrawn or cancelled by the purchaser, which he shall
have the right to do at any time, the EMD will be returned.
16.4 Should the successful tenderer fail or refuse to duly sign the contract within the period
fixed by the purchaser or fails /refuses to furnish the 10% Security Deposit, the EMD shall be
invoked without prejudice to his being liable for any further loss or damage incurred in
consequence by the purchaser.
16.5 Exemption from EMD will be allowed to NSIC/SSI Units as per rules, regulations, orders
and instructions issued by the Government of India from time to time relating to procurement. In
that case, copy of valid certificate in the name of firm offering tender should be enclosed with
the tender.

       The tenderer whose tender is not accepted shall not be entitled to claim any costs,
charges and expenses of and incidental to or incurred by him through or in connection with his
submission of tenders, even though the purchaser may elect to modify/ withdraw the invitation
of tender.
        The purchaser is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender or to assign any reason
for non-acceptance. The purchaser also reserves the rights to accept the tender either in whole
or in part.
        Wherever applicable, the tenderer have to furnish the latest Income Tax Clearance
Certificate signed by the concerned Income Tax Officer/ Authority with Techno-commercial Bid.


        As per the recent amendments to Schedule VI of the Companies Act 1956, companies
are required to make certain disclosure pertaining to vendors registered under Micro, Small and
Medium Enterprises Development Act 2006 (MSMED Act 2006), if your firm / company is
registered under MSMED Act 2006, please furnish a copy of the registration certificate with
Techno-commercial bid.
21.1 Notice and certificate on behalf of the purchaser in connection with the contract may be
given by duly authorised representative of the purchaser whose name shall have been
previously communicated in writing to the contractor.
21.2       Any modification which may become necessary in the interim period will be intimated
to the tenderer as soon as possible.


22.1   GENERAL

       Tenders received and accepted will be evaluated to ascertain the best lowest evaluated
responsive tender in the interest of the purchaser, for the complete scope covered under the
Technical specifications and Tender documents.


         For the purpose of evaluation and comparison of the tenders the following meaning and
definition will apply:-

       i)      ―TENDER PRICE‖ shall mean the best price quoted by each tenderer in his
               proposal for his complete scope of supply/work F.O.R. site price for goods and
       ii)     Evaluated tender prices shall be summation of the tender price.


        Techno-commercial and Price evaluation of tenders offered by the tenderers shall be
the basis for award of the contract.

Brief summary of dates:

       1.     Last date of receipt of Tender              :     22.08.2011 at 3.00 P.M.

       2.     Date of opening Techno-commercial           :      22.08.2011 at 3.30 P.M.

       3.     Date of opening of Price bid                :      will be intimated

                                        SECTION – V

                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS


             Unless otherwise required by the subject or context the terms here in below shall
      have the following meanings:
              a)     PURCHASER means The General Manager, India Government Mint, D-
                     2, Sector-1, Noida (U.P.) -201301.
              b)     TENDER DOCUMENTS means all documents supplied to the tenderer
                     with a covering letter signed by the General Manager, India Government
                     Mint, Noida or his authorised representative including all modified terms
                     and conditions of supply of materials required, if any, issued by the
                     purchaser in terms of the of instruction to tenderers i.e. Clause-Notice
                     on behalf of Purchaser.
              c)     SUPPLIER/CONTRACTOR means a successful tenderer with whom
                     Letter of intent/ Purchase Order is placed and /or an agreement is
              d)     LETTER OF INTENT means written communication in the form of
                     letter/fax for the acceptance of tender, which the supplier is bound to
                     honor as formal contract till agreement is signed.
              e)     INDENTOR means the General Manager, India Government Mint, D-2,
                     Sector-1, Noida-201301 (U.P.), (A Unit of Security Printing & Minting
                     Corporation of India Limited), Wholly owned by Government of India.
              f)     Site means India Government Mint, D-2, Sector-1, Noida.
              g)     Material required as specified in technical specifications vide Section- VI.
              h)     SPECIFICATIONS as per Section – VI.


      (i)    Details of similar past supplies by the tenderer with certificate of satisfactory
             supply from reputed firm/PSU/Govt. Organization.


             (a) The General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida reserves the right to
             reject one or all the tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.

             (b)      Offers received from the tenderers shall be summarily rejected on
             national security consideration without any intimation thereof to them.

      Within 10 months from the date of issue of Letter of Indent (to be supplied monthly
62000 Nos. of .Jute Bags.)

       On the tender being accepted by the purchaser, a formal contract may be signed and
executed by and between the purchaser and the successful tenderer, within a time to be fixed
by the purchaser.


        The purchaser shall have to option to purchase 25% of the ordered quantity at the same
rate and terms and conditions by exercising option clause. The option will be exercised with in
the currency of the contract.


        The purchaser shall have the right to short close the contract with prior notice of 30 days
to the supplier.

7.     PAYMENT:

7.1    All the payment to the supplier for supply of Gunny Bags would be made as under:

      100% payment on receipt of the each lot of 62000 Nos. of Gunny Bags in good condition
and found suitable, duly certified by the General Manager or his authorized representative, will
be made within 20 -25 days though e-payment. The bill in duplicate shall be submitted to India
Government Mint, NOIDA in original. The supplier will be required to intimate details of bank
account along-with a copy of cancelled cheque leaf.

7.2   If any Government policy changes in tax structure at the time of actual receipt of item will
be paid by the purchaser according to bill.


       On placement of letter of intent, the supplier shall furnish Security Deposit within 15 days
of issue of Letter of intent in the form of unconditional Bank Guarantee from any Nationalized
Bank of India in favour of the General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida, for 10% of the
value of Letter of intent valid for a period of 16 months from the date of issue of Letter of intent
to ensure satisfactory acceptance completion of stores ordered as per the Purchase Order.


       Quality certificate from In-house/approved Laboratory should be provided along-with the
supply of every lot of Gunny Bags. The supplier shall ensure that the material supplied is
manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications given in Section – VI of this
tender document.


      The delivery shall be commence within 30 days from the date of issue of letter of intent /
Purchase order and the entire supply should be completed within 10 months at the rate of
62000 Nos. of Gunny Bags per months.


      The PURCHASER shall have the authority to inspect the material at any stage as and
when required at a regular frequency.


       The contractor will not be allowed to assign and/or transfer his/their obligation or benefit
under the contract either in full or in part to other agencies. However, under extreme
circumstances where sub-contracting of part of the contract is unavoidable, prior written
permission of the General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida shall be taken by the

13.        INSURANCE:

       The firm (supplier) will arrange transit insurance directly, as LOI will be placed on F.O.R.
India Govt. Mint, Noida basis and if considered necessary.

14.        WARRANTY:
        The stores are to be supplied in accordance with the order, complete in all respect of
good materials and workmanship throughout and in the event of any goods and works being
found not in accordance with the specification, the supplier has to replace them free of cost
inclusive of all freight, duties taxes and handling charges at the ultimate destination of India
Govt. Mint, Noida. This warranty shall survive acceptance of goods and workmanship and
payment, but shall expire (except in respect of complaints notified to the supplier within 90 days
after the expiry of warranty period) twelve months from the date of supply and acceptance of the
store at India Government Mint, Noida (U.P).


        In the event of the supplier’s failure to supply the store or any installment thereof within
the DP or at any time repudiates the contract before expiry of such period, the purchaser may
without prejudice to the right of SPMCIL to recover damages for breach of contract may recover
from the contractor as agreed L/D and not by way of penalty the sum equivalent to 0.5% of the
prices of any stores which the contractor has failed to deliver within the period agreed for
delivery in the contract, for each week or part thereof during which the delivery of such stores
may be in arrears where delivery thereof is accepted after expiry of the aforesaid period. The
total damages shall not be exceed value of 10% of undelivered goods. The LD cannot exceed
the amount stipulated in the contract. But if the delay arises from any cause which the supplier
should promptly notify the purchaser and the purchaser admits it as reasonable ground for
further time, and delay is not attributable to the supplier, no liquidated damages will be leviable
during the additional time thus agreed. In the event of the supplier’s failure to have the store
ready for delivery by the date/dates specified under delivery schedule clause of Section – V,
the General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida, may at his discretion recover from the
supplier liquidated damages out of the Security Deposit.


       If the supplier after submission of tender and duly acceptance of the same i.e. after
placement of Letter of intent fails to abide by the terms and conditions of these tender
documents, or fails to supply the material as per delivery schedule given or at any time
repudiates the contract, the purchaser will have the right to:
      a.     forfeit the E.M.D.
      b.     invoke the security deposit-cum-performance guarantee if deposited by the supplier
             and procure the stores and works from other agencies at the risk and consequence
             of the supplier. The cost difference between the alternative arrangement and
             suppliers tender value will be recovered from the tenderer along-with other incidental
             charges. For all the purpose the letter of indent will be considered acceptance of
             tender and formal contract pending signing of formal agreement. Tenderer has to
             abide by all terms and conditions of tender.
      c.     In case of procurement and works through alternative sources and if others price is
             lower, no benefit on this account will be passed on to the supplier.

        If at any time during the continuance of this contract the performance in whole or in part
by either party of any obligation under this contract is prevented or delayed by reason of any
war, hostility, acts of public enemy, civil commotion, sabotage, fires, flood explosion, epidemics,
quarantine restriction, strikes, lockouts or act of God (hereafter referred to as EVENTS)
provided notice of happenings of any such eventuality duly endorsed by the appropriate
authorities notice is given by party seeking concession to the other as soon as practicable but
within 21 days from the date of occurrence and termination thereof and satisfies the other party
adequacy of the measures taken by it, neither party shall be reason of such event be entitled to
terminate this contract nor shall either party have any claim for damages against the other in
respect of such non-performance or delay in performance, and deliveries under the contract
shall be resumed as soon as practicable after such event has come to an end or ceased to exist
and the decision of the General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida shall be final and
conclusive, provided further that if the performance in whole or in part or any obligation
under this contract is prevented or delayed by reason of any such event for a period exceeding
60 days, the General Manager, India Government Mint, Noida may at his option to terminate the

       If any time during the continuation of this contract the ordered store is completely
banned or due to drastic change in Government policy its use is declared hazardous to public
health or cause rising to civil commotions, epidemics, wide-spread strikes and 21 days notice of
such eventualities is given by purchaser to the supplier, the supplier without any right to enforce
the contract will agree to the fore-closure of performance of balance portion of this contract and
no claim for damages or loss will be lodged against the purchaser.


        If the tenderer is in default in carrying out any of the terms & conditions, covenants or
obligations of the contract, the purchaser may give notice of default to the supplier and request
the supplier to rectify such default within 30 (Thirty) days of receipt of said notice of default.
Should the supplier not rectify the default within the said period, the purchaser may, within 30
(Thirty) days, terminate the whole or any part of the contract. In such event, the supplier shall
not be entitled to the payment of charges on any account or any portion thereof with respect to
any part not completed by the supplier in accordance with the term of the contract at the time of
said notice in writing to the supplier. Upon termination of the contract under this clause, the
purchaser shall require the supplier to deliver the purchaser any finished work that has not been
delivered prior to such termination. The purchaser, however, shall pay the supplier for all such
store delivered and accepted.


20.1   In case of any dispute or difference arises out of or in connection with or in carrying out
       of the contract (whether during the progress of the contract or after their completion and
       whether before or after the determination, abandonment or breach of the contract)
       except as to any of the accepted matters, provided hereunder, the parties hereto, shall
       first endeavor to settle such dispute or difference amicably.

20.2. If both the parties fail to reach such amicable settlement, then either party (the purchaser
       or contractor) may (within 28 days of such a failure) give a written notice to the other
       party requiring that all matters in dispute or differences as be arbitrated upon. Such
       written notice shall specify the matters which are in difference or of differences of which
       such written notice has been given and no other shall be referred to the arbitration of a
       single arbitrator to be appointed by both the parties or in case of disagreement as to the
       appointment or a single arbitrator, to that of two arbitrators, one to be appointed by each
       party or in case of said arbitrators not agreeing the, to the umpire to be appointed by the
       arbitrators in writing before entering upon the references. Provisions of Indian Arbitration
       Act, 1940 or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof and rules framed there-
       under from time to time shall apply to such arbitrations.

20.3   Venue of arbitration shall be Noida/New Delhi at the choice of purchaser.

20.4   The arbitrator or arbitrators appointed under this article shall have the power to extend
       time to make the award with the consent of the parties.

20.5   Pending reference to arbitration, the parties shall make all endeavors to complete the
       contract/work in all respect and all disputes, if any, will finally be settled in the arbitration.

20.6   Upon every or any such reference to the arbitration, as provided herein the cost of any
       incidental to the reference and award respectively shall be in discretion of the arbitrator
       or arbitrators or the umpire, as the case may be.
20.7   The award of the arbitrator or arbitrators, as the case may be, shall be final and binding
       on the parties. It is agreed that the contractor shall not delay the carrying out of the
       contract/works by reason of any such matter, question or dispute being referred, to
       arbitration, but shall proceed with the contract/work with all due diligence. The
       purchaser and the contractor hereby also agree that arbitration under this clause shall
       be a condition precedent to any right of action under the contract.

     All information, correspondence letters and details that accompany the tender
documents and all further correspondence in connection with tender be submitted in two copies
to :

       The supplier has to dispatch the stores under their own inspection, and on receiving the
goods at India Government Mint, Noida, inspection will be carried out by the General Manager,
India Government Mint, Noida or his authorised representative.

       The contract shall be governed by the Laws of India.

                SECTION VI


D.W. Tarpaulin, Jute Bags
As per Specification
No. IS 3344-1965 with amdt. No. 3

Weight per bag : 210 grms
(+ 20 grms / - 15 grms.)
Size : 47 x 35 cms.

                              TABLE -1


                                                      (In Rupees only)

               SUPPLY OF GUNNY BAGS

1.      Cost of the material per no.

2.      Excise Duty, if applicable

3.      Central/State   Sales    Tax/Service

4.      Freight & insurance

5.      Other (unloading & stacking of
        material at Mint site)

6.      Total Cost (1+2+3+4+5)

7.      Total Cost for 620000 Nos.
        (6X 620000 Nos.)


                                               Signature of the tenderer
                                                With designation & seal
                           Section XIII: Bank Guarantee Form for EMD

Whereas                …………………………………………………………………………………………
(hereinafter called the ―Tenderer‖) has submitted its quotation dated ………………….. for the
supply of ………… …………………………………………………………………….. (hereinafter
called the ―tender‖)

against SPMCIL’s tender enquiry No. ……………………………………………..…..

Know all persons by these presents that we ……………………………………………..…. of

(hereinafter called the ―Bank‖)

having our registered office at …………………………………………………………………

are bound unto ………………….

(hereinafter called the ―SPMCIL)

in the sum of ……………………………………………………………………………………..
for which payment will and truly to be made to the said SPMCIL, the Bank binds itself, its
successors and assigns by these presents.
Sealed with the Common Seal of the said Bank this…………… day of …………….20……
The conditions of this obligation are —
(1) If the Tenderer withdraws or amends, impairs or derogates from the tender in any respect
within the period of validity of this tender.

(2) If the Tenderer having been notified of the acceptance of his tender by SPMCIL during the
period of its validity:-

a) fails or refuses to furnish the performance security for the due performance of the contract.

b) fails or refuses to accept/ execute the contract.

We undertake to pay SPMCIL up to the above amount upon receipt of its first written demand,
without SPMCIL having to substantiate its demand, provided that in its demand SPMCIL will
note that the amount claimed by it is due to it owing to the occurrence of one or both the two
conditions, specifying the occurred condition(s).

This guarantee will remain in force for a period of forty five days after the period of tender
validity and any demand in respect thereof should reach the Bank not later than the above date.

(Signature of the authorized officer of the Bank)



Name and designation of the officer


Seal, name & address of the Bank and address of the Branch

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