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yesterday_ today and tomorrow


									  y’s words                  For friends, members and the Greater St. Paul community
 eliminating racism
 empowering women
 St. Paul                                                                                                                   Winter 2007/2008

yesterday, today and tomorrow
Anniversary Celebration Highlights 100 Years of Hope!
                                                                            share our story and celebrate how      being honored in a video presenta-
                                                                            the work of our founders continues     tion, each woman was presented
                                                                            today.                                 with flowers and an engraved crys-

                                                                            Hosted by WCCO-TV reporter,                 Story Continues on Page 3
                                                                            Angela Davis, it was a wonder-
                                                                            ful evening. Rich with historical
                                                                            photos and stories, the night was
                                                                            especially meaningful because it
                                                                            was held at Travelers – the former
                                                                            site of the YWCA St. Paul. Mayor
                                                                            Chris Coleman was in attendance
                                                                            to recognize the YWCA for leader-
                                                                            ship and service to community. His
                                                                            proclamation declared September
                                                                            27, 2007 to be YWCA St. Paul
                                                                            100th Anniversary Day in the City
                                                                            of St. Paul.
Centennial Honorees: Ruth Tanbara & Betty Tiffany

September 27, 2007 was our day         er that evening nearly 200 friends   The evening was an occasion for
– literally. The celebration got       and supporters of the YWCA St.       celebration and also a time for giv-
an early start when at 6:30 am,        Paul gathered for “Sharing Stories   ing thanks. Centennial Honorees
WCCO-TV reporter, Angela               of Hope”– an anniversary celebra-    Ruth Tanbara and Betty Tiffany         Angela Davis, WCCO-TV (top);
Davis wished the YWCA a happy          tion a century in the making. The    were honored for their outstanding     Mayor Coleman and Council-
100th anniversary live, on-air. Lat-   celebration was an opportunity to    leadership and dedication. After       woman Debbie Montgomery

                                                                                                                                       Non - Profit Org.

02                                                                           YWCA St. Paul
                                                                             375 Selby Avenue
                                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                        Permit No. 446
envisioning the road to success                                              St. Paul, Minnesota 55102-1822                              St. Paul, MN

exploring the urban wilderness

planning your legacy
Winter 2007/2008       YWCA St. Paul

  envisioning the road to success
  Congresswoman Helps Youth To Imagine the Possibilities

                                                     Congresswoman Betty McCollum and the           with people is “to be quiet and listen.”
                                                     YWCA, St. Paul share a passion for help-
                                                     ing families and youth achieve success.        The boys came prepared with questions
                                                     Recently, boys from our Youth Achievers        about the congresswoman’s journey to
                                                     Program had the opportunity to meet the        success. She stressed staying in school
                                                     congresswoman and learn more about how         and developing good study habits as two
                                                     she works to represent Minnesota on a          things everybody can do in order to be-
                                                     national level.                                come a success.

                                                     She told the boys that the teamwork they       She reminded the group that you don’t
                                                     practice each day at the YWCA will serve       need to be a member of Congress to make
                                                     them well in life. “None of us is as smart     an impact on your community and urged
                                                     or as strong as ALL of us,” she said. Mc-      them to look for simple things they can
                                                     Collum told the boys that in Congress          do to make a difference each day. Before
                                                     and in life, there are often times when one    departing, she presented each participant
                                                     must work with people who have different       with an official letter from her office con-
                                                     views and ideas. She advised that some-        gratulating them for their participation in
  Betty McCollum & YAP Participants                  times the best way to successfully work        YWCA’s Youth Achievers Program.

  great neighbors; great support
  Volunteers Make a Real Difference in the Lives of Women, Children and Families

                                                     while mothers attending life and work skills   of our families haven’t had the chance to
                                                     trainings. During 2006, 266 caring people      celebrate a birthday in a long time, so it’s re-
                                                     contributed over 5,131 hours of service to     ally special for the moms and the kids,” said
                                                     the YWCA. In 2007 we are already set to        Stephanie Battle, Director of Housing and
                                                     surpass last year’s numbers with over 300      Supportive Services.
                                                     outstanding individuals giving over 5,000
                                                     hours of their time!                           This fall, the children in Y’s Kids Club
                                                                                                    received a wonderful new dramatic play area
                                                     Corporate volunteerism is on the rise and      thanks to volunteers from the United Way’s
                                                     groups of employees from the Twin Cities       Emerging Leaders program. After consulting
                                                     have been rolling up their sleeves to lend a   with YWCA staff to develop a wishlist, the
                                                     hand at the YWCA. Groups from 3M and           group mapped out a plan for a new dramatic
                                                     Target helped IMPACT students perfect          play area that includes a stage, props, a pup-
                                                     their interviewing skills by conducting mock   pet stage and puppets. The new area is hit
  Great communities take great neighbors and         interviews. While practicing interviewing,     with the children and will play a key role in
  in the Twin Cities we are lucky to have some       volunteers also had a chance to connect with   upcoming programming for Family Nights
  of the very best. In fact, a recent study by the   youth and hear about their ambitions for the   and the Annual Friendship Dinner.
  Corporation for National Service ranked the        future.
  Twin Cities as the number one metro area for                                                      Many thanks to each of our stellar volun-
  volunteerism in the nation! Research found         Volunteers from Target helped ensure hap-      teers! Your efforts make a real difference in
  that 40.5% of adults in the Minneapolis/St.        pier birthdays for families in our Housing     the lives of women, children and families
  Paul metro volunteer their time.                   and Supportive Services programs by as-        and help build a stronger, healthier com-
                                                     sembling and donating “birthday parties in a   munity.
  At the YWCA St. Paul, volunteers do                bag.” Each bag contained a cake mix, frost-
  everything from helping young job seekers          ing, baking pan, birthday hats and streamers
  prepare for interviews to providing childcare      – all the fixings for a great party! “Some

                                                                                                       Winter 2007/2008        YWCA St. Paul

exploring the outdoors                                                                          yesterday,
A Wilderness Adventure Without Leaving the City                                                 today and
Camping isn’t allowed in St. Paul parks,         The first-time campers gave the experience     tomorrow
but this fall, girls from the YWCA’s Youth       an all-star rating. They’re proud to have
Achievers Program (YAP) got a once-in-a-         been the first group invited to experience     Continued From Page 1
lifetime opportunity when they were invited      overnight camping in the city and hope other
to spend a night under the stars at Lilydale     youth groups will be able to have similar
Regional Park.                                   adventures in years to come.

Sponsored by St. Paul REI, Partners for Vio-
lence Prevention and Friends of Lilydale,
the two-day Urban Peace and Environment
camp was an adventure for all!

With help from staff and volunteers, girls
pitched tents, cooked over an open fire,
hiked, biked and paddled. What’s more, they
learned the history of the riverfront and the                                                   Author Sharon G. Flake
importance of practicing the principles of
“Leave No Trace” when enjoying the great                                                        tal vase. Tanbara’s read, “For teaching us
outdoors.                                                                                       to live our values and principles.” Tiffany’s
                                                                                                read, “For teaching us that philanthropy and
On Saturday, they were joined by Mayor                                                          volunteerism are a privilege and an honor.”
Coleman, Congresswoman Betty McCollum
and other community leaders for a ribbon-                                                       After dinner, guests enjoyed a passionate
cutting ceremony celebrating the park’s                                                         keynote address by author Sharon G. Flake.
recent renovations and the opening of new                                                       A Corretta Scott King Book Award winner,
trails. Although rain set in shortly after the                                                  Flake helps young people celebrate dif-
ceremony, the girl’s eagerly embraced their                                                     ferences, come to terms with challenges,
final adventure – paddling a nine passenger      Setting up tents for the night (top); Ex-      and nurtures their hopes for the future. Her
voyager canoe.                                   ploring the river by canoe (bottom)            stories touch on the issues facing young
                                                                                                people and families today and have been the
                                                                                                inspiration for the Lovin’ the Skin I’m In

                 thank you!
                                                                                                Movement and an upcoming feature film.

                                                                                                Flake’s keynote featured an original poem
                                                                                                titled, “A Tribute to Hope.” In the poem
                                                                                                hope calls out to us “To believe/ To reach
           The Centennial year simply wouldn’t have been possible                               out/ To hold on/ To lift up/ To teach… To do
               without the generous support of our sponsors:                                    what hope always does: Endure…”

                              Gold                         Silver                               With thoughts of enduring hope and full bel-
                                                                                                lies, guests mingled sharing both dessert and
                                                                                                YWCA memories. During closing remarks,
                                                                                                YWCA Executive Director, Billy Collins
                                                                                                thanked guests for their support and remind-
                                           Bronze                                               ed them that yesterday, today or tomorrow
              Anchor Bank • Bremer Bank • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN
                                                                                                there will always be a YWCA St. Paul.
               Ecolab • Larson•King, LLP • Patricia A. Hvidston & Associates
                           U.S. Bank • Wellington Management
                                                                                                The complete poem, A Tribute to Hope
                                            Media                                               by Sharon G. Flake is available online at
                                       Insight • Avenues                              

Winter 2007/2008           YWCA St. Paul

  planning your legacy
  Heritage Circle Ensures a Bright Future for Generations to Come

  The dictionary defines “heritage” as                      make a difference. Even the smallest gifts          ing in the next 100 years and ensuring our
  something that is passed down from                        make a big difference!                              traditions live on. With passionate support
  preceding generations – a tradition. At the                                                                   from the community, our Centennial
  YWCA St. Paul we are proud to have strong                 Deferred giving offers a variety of flexible        Campaign – a three-year initiative to raise $5
  traditions. For 100 years, we’ve been                     arrangements and allows donors to leave a           million to enhance and endow programs and
  providing housing and supportive services;                legacy to the women, children and families          services – is already more than halfway to
  skills for life and work; opportunities for               of St. Paul. Says one member of the                 goal. To date, more than $2.71 million has
  health and wellness and so much more!                     Heritage Circle, “I have always wanted to           been raised!
  We’ve been moved by how much the YWCA                     make a large gift but on a limited income I
  means to friends and supporters and wanted                felt restricted. With a bequest, I was able to      We greatly appreciate the individuals and
  to create a special recognition for those                 make the size gift I had previously thought         families that have chosen to support our
  passionate about ensuring our traditions                  that I could not afford.”                           mission through a planned gift. If you
  continue to serve the community for years to                                                                  would like to join our Heritage Circle and
  come.                                                     Whether by bequest, a planned gift of stock         commit to continuing our traditions for
                                                            or by naming the YWCA St. Paul as the               future generations, please contact Deputy
  Introduced as a part of the Centennial                    beneficiary of an insurance policy, Heritage        Director, Connie Bowers-Capen at (651)
  Campaign, our Heritage Circle                                             Circle members are invest-          222-3741.
  distinguishes donors who have
  chosen to make a planned gift
  to the YWCA through their
  will or estate plan.
  Contrary to popular
  belief, you don’t have
  to be fabulously
  wealthy, own a lot of
  property, or have a
  giant bank account to

  YWCA Board of Directors
  Officers:                      Members-at-Large:
                                                               The Young Women’s Christian
  President                      Susan Ault                    Association of the United States
  Deborah Montgomery             Toni Duberry                  of America is a women’s mem-
                                 Joyce Eyerly
  Vice President                 Laura Helmueller              bership movement nourished by
  Robin Hickman                  Shannon Hoagland              its roots in the Christian faith and
                                 Katie Mattis
  Treasurer/Asset                Nancy Watson                  sustained by the richness of many
  Management Chair                                             beliefs and values. Strengthened
  Aileen Conlon Lyle
                                                               by diversity, the Association draws
                                                               together members who strive to
  Theresa Neal
                                                               create opportunities for women’s
   Newsletter & Class Catalog                                  growth, leadership and power in
   Production Staff:                                           order to attain a common vision:
                                                               peace, justice, freedom and dignity
   Executive Director:    William L. Collins, Jr.
   Managing Editor:       Connie L. Bowers-Capen
                                                               for all people.
   Editor:                Darcie L. Moore
   Production:            Alija Triviski                                                                     eliminating racism
                                                               The Young Women’s Christian
   Contributors:          Chesay Colson
                                                                                                             empowering women

                                                               Association will thrust its collec-
   This newsletter is a publication of the YWCA St. Paul.      tive power toward the elimination
   For more information on YWCA programs and ser-
   vices, please call 651-222-3741 or check out our web        of racism wherever it exists.
   site at                                                                             St. Paul
   This document is available in alternative formats.


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