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               2006 - 2007
  Candidates                           Program
Hanan A. Ahmed                               Opticianry
Jessica L. Airington                        Accounting
Cheryl Akram                    CIS Database Specialist
Samaia Alamin                                Opthalmic
Kenneth Alderman                            Accounting
Kimberly N. Alford                    Paralegal Studies
Malik S. Ali                 CIS Networking Specialist
Dana M. Allemani                      Paralegal Studies
Gozers R. Antionette                   Criminal Justice
Winston AppletonElectronics/Comp Engineering Technology
Sherry L. Arnold***                    Criminal Justice
Carmecia Kayonne AskewEarly Childhood Care & Education
Shrala R. Askin*     Early Childhood Care & Education
Calvin L. Augustus           CIS Networking Specialist
Stephanie A. Aycox    Administrative Office Technology
Leslie A. Ayo                   Marketing Management
Kenneth N. Bailey               Marketing Management
Claudette B. Baker           CIS Networking Specialist
Anthony T. Barnes                              Drafting
Rochella M. Barnes                          Accounting
Elizabeth R. Bassue                         Accounting
Lindsay N. Battle     Administrative Office Technology
Michelle Frances Beck          Automotive Technology
Kristen M. Beckett**                         Opticianry
Melissa A. Bell                       Paralegal Studies
Jimah D. Bello                         Criminal Justice
Corinthians C. Benjamin                Criminal Justice
Bertley A. Bernard              Marketing Management
Randa S. Billings     Administrative Office Technology
Melissa D. Bing                             Accounting
Niketa S. Bing        Administrative Office Technology
Jaclyn R. Blackwell                    Criminal Justice

Jarrett A. Blakley                     Paralegal Studies
Jerrod A. Blakley                               Drafting
Teresa K. Blevins                      CIS Programming
Ayana A. Boston                              Accounting
Larry M. Brooks                        CIS Programming
Bridgette D. Brown    Early Childhood Care & Education
Steven D. Brown                  Marketing Management
Uniquka L. Bryant                      Paralegal Studies
Douglas P. Bucci                Automotive Technology
Ashley I. Bush                         Paralegal Studies
Ruthie Kavneat Byrd Early Childhood Care & Education
Darla D. Caldwell                     Banking & Finance
Donald E. Caldwell            CIS Networking Specialist
McKinley R. Campbell          CIS Networking Specialist
Tasha M. Caston                         Criminal Justice
Myoung H. Cha                                 Opticianry
Alyce M. Chambers                       Criminal Justice
Antidell Chambers                            Accounting
Artesha J. Chaney                      Paralegal Studies
Mignon L. Clark                              Accounting
Gregory E. Clayton            CIS Networking Specialist
Christy N. Cleghorn**                 Banking & Finance
Mary Jean Cobb                         Paralegal Studies
Joi D. Cochran                               Accounting
Elijah C. Conn                CIS Networking Specialist
Hillery T. Conroy**                          Accounting
Stacey W. Cook***                            Accounting
Valerie D. Cook                              Accounting
Lee A. Corrales       Administrative Office Technology
Harvey A. Cross                              Accounting
Robin Nicole Crowe               Marketing Management
Mapillar W. Dahn**                           Accounting
Andrea N. Darden                 CIS Database Specialist
Cathleen E. Davis***                         Accounting
LaTonya N. Davis                             Accounting
Patricia A. Day                              Accounting
Teresa B. Deas*                              Accounting
Marlon S. Dill                CIS Networking Specialist
Lois H. Downey***                            Accounting

Brittany LaShun Duncombe              Banking & Finance
Ryah T. DupreElectronics Comp Engineering Technology
George T. Duren Jr.**                        Accounting
Marijan Dvizac                 CIS Networking Specialist
Raymond M. Earls               CIS Networking Specialist
Amanda N. Ekanem           CIS Microcomputer Specialist
Undrea O. Falconer               Automotive Technology
Tamara Y. Fife                               Accounting
Tamara Y. Fife         Administrative Office Technology
William W. Fink Jr.***         Air Condition Technology
Geovanna Y. Fiske                 Marketing Management
Obadiah Flores                               Accounting
Tarsha Lashun Flournoy                       Accounting
LaToya R. Foster                      Banking & Finance
Tiffany N. Franklin    Early Childhood Care & Education
Kevin Franquinez           CIS Microcomputer Specialist
Anthony Freeman                                  Drafting
Carrie E. Fuller                             Accounting
Sandra Gambiroza                                 Drafting
Melody N. Garner                       Paralegal Studies
Meklit T. Geberetsadik                Banking & Finance
Mechelle L. Geiger     Administrative Office Technology
Jessica N. Gilliam                       Criminal Justice
Rochelle F. Glover                           Accounting
Sonita M. Golden       Early Childhood Care & Education
David J. Gordon                Air Condition Technology
Darrell D. Grant                       Paralegal Studies
Ann M. Green               CIS Microcomputer Specialist
Lakeenya D. Greenlee                         Accounting
Vickie E. Grier**                            Accounting
Vincent E. Grimes*             CIS Networking Specialist
Rochelle D. Grisson            CIS Networking Specialist
Joyce Lynn Gruber                      Paralegal Studies
Marcus K. Guidry               CIS Networking Specialist
Toni S. Hall***                              Accounting
Robert Michael Hamilton           Marketing Management
Nieman Lashun Hammond                    Criminal Justice
Darmeka C. Harris      Administrative Office Technology
Ericka D. Hartzfield              Marketing Management

Alice A. Head        Early Childhood Care & Education
Stephanie M. Heath                    Paralegal Studies
Julie S. Hedrick                     Banking & Finance
Candace Y. HewittManagement         &      Supervisory
Patricia A. Hicks    Administrative Office Technology
Donna Rhnea Hood                            Accounting
Rodney J. Hudson                       Criminal Justice
Avery C. Huff                CIS Networking Specialist
LaTashia F. Hughes                    Paralegal Studies
Dwonna B. Jamison Early Childhood Care & Education
Aretha Johnson                              Accounting
Jarrid D. Johnson                              Drafting
Merian S. Johnson            CIS Networking Specialist
Najla T. Johnson                      Paralegal Studies
Robert J. Johnson               DIS Database Specialist
Jaquillia R. Jones                    Paralegal Studies
Natasha M. Joseph                           Accounting
Deborah A. Kelly     Early Childhood Care & Education
John B. Kerr                    Marketing Management
Edith T. Kindell     Early Childhood Care & Education
Dominique S. King    Early Childhood Care & Education
Edward F. Kiszka             Machine Tool Technology
Nick K. Knapp                   Marketing Management
Melesia M. Knight                    Banking & Finance
David Lai                              Criminal Justice
Inger Lambert                        Banking & Finance
Carmen B. Lewis      Administrative Office Technology
Joseph P. Lewis II*          CIS Networking Specialist
Lisa K. Little       Early Childhood Care & Education
Helen R. Long*                        Paralegal Studies
Courtney M. Lupoe                      Criminal Justice
Chrishona Mack                              Accounting
Blane M. Magee               CIS Networking Specialist
Barbara R. Mahotiere Administrative Office Technology
Jamie Nicole Malcom                   Paralegal Studies
Harry C. McCann***                     Criminal Justice
Alberta C. McGhee*              CIS Database Specialist
Alberta C. McGhee*       CIS Microcomputer Specialist

Shonda S. McIntyre Early Childhood Care & Education
Keith D. McNeilManagement & Supervisory Development
Tamiko S. McRae                 Medical Lab Technology
Sajid A. Merchant                Marketing Management
Bianca F. Migneault**                   Criminal Justice
Lisa Miller                      Marketing Management
Zina C. Monroe                CIS Networking Specialist
Jennifer H. Morgan    Early Childhood Care & Education
Myya A. Morgan                               Accounting
Holiston T. Murphy                     Paralegal Studies
Celesta A. Murray                            Accounting
Ice L. Murry           Administrative Office Technology
Shell L. Myrick-Brown                        Accounting
Patricia E. Neal      Early Childhood Care & Education
Britni Nix                              Criminal Justice
Vu Van Nuguyen                   Marketing Management
Athenia L. Nigel      Early Childhood Care & Education
Shirley A. North-Carten                Paralegal Studies
Natalie J. Oram                         Criminal Justice
Timothy Osbie                          Paralegal Studies
Monica R. Owens                       Banking & Finance
Gerome Payne                                 Accounting
Christopher Pendleton                  Paralegal Studies
Clive T. Pilime                        CIS Programming
Wilfredo J. Ramos        Industrial Systems Technology
Carl Ray Jr.    Management & Supervisory Development
Benjamin J. Reeves                    Banking & Finance
Sarah V. Reid                          Paralegal Studies
Daren R. Richards             CIS Networking Specialist
Mark W. Richardson                      Criminal Justice
Bridget C. Riley                       Paralegal Studies
Erik E. Robinson***                           Opticianry
Rita Evans Rowell***                         Accounting
Regina D. Rushing     Early Childhood Care & Education
Amama Saaka                                   Opticianry
Ghazal Sabeti                                 Opticianry
Nicole V. Sanders                      Paralegal Studies
Jonathon R. Sandiford         CIS Networking Specialist
Tammy R. Sawyer                              Accounting

Amiinah S. Shakir*     Early Childhood Care & Education
Holly D. Sheldon-DixonManagement         &    Supervisory
Chunlian Shi                      Medical Lab Technician
Musie G. Shibeshi                 Electronics Technology
Chikita L. Simmons                      Paralegal Studies
Carol F. Simpson                              Accounting
John E. Small                             Criminal Justice
Andrea A. Smith                           Criminal Justice
Keisha M. Smith                   Marketing Management
Natalie R. smith                        Paralegal Studies
Ursula R. Smith                CIS Networking Specialist
Cowetas Snellings                   Networking Specialist
Sandra C. Spears                        Paralegal Studies
Michael R. Spotts              CIS Networking Specialist
Akiva D. Stallings                        Criminal Justice
Yolanda L. Stone           CIS Microcomputer Specialist
Rusty L. Storey                Machine Tool Technology
Wanda J. Sullivan                 CIS Database Specialist
Danielle E. Sulpy*                Marketing Management
Carmella Thomas                               Accounting
Jeanne M. Thompson**Administrative Office Technology
Nikeisha M. Titus                         Criminal Justice
Carmin R. Tuggle                  Marketing Management
Danielle A. Tulloch    Administrative Office Technology
Michael D. Tyler               CIS Networking Specialist
Alene H. Tyree**       Early Childhood Care & Education
Maxine T. Upchurch                            Accounting
Shatana R. Varner              CIS Networking Specialist
Megan A. Vaughan                       Banking & Finance
Zachary A. Vaught                             Accounting
Jennifer L. Vazquez**                         Accounting
Gabriela M. Villanueva                 Banking & Finance
Serena F. Vines                           Criminal Justice
Huy Vo                                            Drafting
Pamela J. Wall***      Administrative Office Technology
Johneska E. Walls Early Childhood Care & Development
Malcholm W. Walton Management           &     Supervisory

Tina L. Ward*                                Accounting
Shanitra M. Ware                             Accounting
Edith Y. Weaver                        Paralegal Studies
Iris J. Westbrooks     Administrative Office Technology
Belinda S. Whatley                           Accounting
Tiffany C. Whidby      Administrative Office Technology
Dashawn L. White              CIS Networking Specialist
Maynard A. White                                Drafting
Ayrica L. Williams                   Banking & Finance
Dianna Fortin Williams                 Paralegal Studies
La`Von I. Williams Management        &      Supervisory
Shariff D. Williams             Automotive Technology
Tammy D. Williams                            Accounting
Vanessa A. Williams                     Criminal Justice
Angela M. Wynn        Early Childhood Care & Education
Tou C. Yang                                  Accounting
Keith Lamar Zackery*          CIS Networking Specialist

                2006 – 2007

    Candidates                           Program
Henok L. Abebe                        Practical Nursing
Wegayehu T. Abebe                           Accounting
LaKesha D. Adams                      Practical Nursing
Roderick L. Adams             Air Condition Technology

Seble A. Ademe                      Surgical Technology
Faith Alexander       Early Childhood Care & Education
Dillon W. Alinyoh*                      Practical Nursing
Dana M. Allemani                        Paralegal Studies
Roy R. Allen                   Air Condition Technology
Francis E. Alu-Mensah                   Practical Nursing
Carmella R. Anderson                    Practical Nursing
Amanda L. Andrews                           Cosmetology
Joan J. Apparicio           Business Office Technology
Daniel E. Atkins        Motorcycle Service Technology
Laura A. Atkinson                           Cosmetology
Sabino E. Ator              Welding & Joint Technology
Sandra M. Austin                              Accounting
Mohan S. Bagga                 Air Condition Technology
Pamela M. Bailey                        Practical Nursing
Maria Baker                                   Accounting
Christopher Barker                   Printing & Graphics
Jacqueline V. Barnes        Business Office Technology
Kenneth E. Barnett    Early Childhood Care & Education
Caperria M. Battle*                         Cosmetology
Carmen Latrice Battle                       Cosmetology
Teesha Q. Battle                   Networking Specialist
Thomas Baumgardner             Air Condition Technology
Samuel C. Beasley              Air Condition Technology
James L. Bell               Welding & Joint Technology
Melissa a. Bell                         Paralegal Studies
Loretta A. Berry      Early Childhood Care & Education
Luchia B. Bisrat                       Medical Assisting
Jarrett A. Blakley                      Paralegal Studies
Katherine L. Blank                          Cosmetology
Melissa Bowen-Webster                       Cosmetology
Delasandra Boyce                            Cosmetology
Ashley N. Braswell                  Surgical Technology
Alton P. Bridgewater           Air Condition Technology
Raymond Brinson               Electrical Control Systems
Alton R. Broach                Air Condition Technology
Brandon H. Brown        Printing & Graphics Technology
Greg D. Brown                  Machine Tool Technology
Lakeba S. Brown*                            Cosmetology

Aurelia L. Bryant                       Practical Nursing
Austin H. Burchardt      Motorcycle Service Technology
Aminah T. Burgette                            Accounting
Ashley I. Bush                          Paralegal Studies
Nadine Cadet                 Business Office Technology
Taieasha D. Caldwell                        Cosmetology
Janice F. Campbell           Business Office Technology
Aleechia Cannon                         Practical Nursing
Gillian R. Cannon      Early Childhood Care & Education
Jacqueline Y. Carr** Early Childhood Care & Education
Shontrice M. Carter                      Criminal Justice
Jason S. Cato***          Industrial Systems Technology
Artesha J. Chaney                       Paralegal Studies
Daniel C. Cherry               Air Condition Technology
Amanda L. Clark        Early Childhood Care & Education
Raymond A. Clunie              Air Condition Technology
Joi D. Cochran               Business Office Technology
Harlan T. Cofer                Air Condition Technology
Regina F. Cofer**                             Accounting
Misdy D. Coleman                        Practical Nursing
Tayona L. Coleman                       Practical Nursing
Curtis Cooper                  Air Condition Technology
Chestina L. Crawford                        Cosmetology
Beverly Davis          Early Childhood Care & Education
Cathleen E. Davis***                          Accounting
Evelyn Starr Davis*                         Cosmetology
Jillaina Jade R. Davis**       Machine Tool Technology
Josefina DeJesus             Business Office Technology
Marilyn Ann Denny-Bourne                Practical Nursing
Betty J. Dickson**     Early Childhood Care & Education
Tina M. Dillard                         Practical Nursing
Ariel L. Dorsey              Business Office Technology
Brittany Lashun Duncombe               Banking & Finance
Sylandow Dyer                  Air Condition Technology
Connie L. Ealy                 Air Condition Technology
Florence A. Ebwe-Jordan          Medical Lab Technology
Joshua I. Edwards              Air Condition Technology
Russell W. Eggers        Motorcycle Service Technology
Theresa Fay Ferguson                    Practical Nursing

Oliver S. Ferreira              Air Condition Technology
Wilbert L. Ferrell                 Marketing Management
William W. Fink Jr.***          Air Condition Technology
Tiffany D. Floyd                               Accounting
James L. Folsom*                Air Condition Technology
Patricia K. Forgue                       Practical Nursing
Marcus Fortson                  Air Condition Technology
Latoya R. Foster       Banking & Finance and Accounting
Orrin K. Fraser                                Accounting
Johnathon S. Freer              Air Condition Technology
Carrie E. Fuller*                              Accounting
Scott Gibson                             Practical Nursing
Etenesh G. Giday                               Accounting
Janell L. Gillis                         Medical Assisting
Bobby L. Gleaton                Air Condition Technology
Sonita M. Golden        Early Childhood Care & Education
Faye N. Gordon*               Business Office Technology
Darrell D. Grant                         Paralegal Studies
Miriam E. Greene        Early Childhood Care & Education
Christina L. Gregory                  Surgical Technology
Joyce Lynn Gruber                        Paralegal Studies
Mehari T. Habtemariam           Air Condition Technology
Teklebrhan Hailu                Air Condition Technology
Carol B. Hall**                                Accounting
Jasmine M. Hammonds                          Cosmetology
Matthew L. Hann***        Motorcycle Service Technology
Nicole G. Hanson                         Practical Nursing
David C. Harden                 Air Condition Technology
LaShondra M. Harrell                         Cosmetology
Billy L. Harris*                Air Condition Technology
Dante J. Harris                                    Drafting
Lenora Harris                 Business Office Technology
Felicia w. Harrison                      Paralegal Studies
Danielle P. Hart                     Networking Specialist
Juanita R. Haskins                       Medical Assisting
Rita K. Hawkins                          Practical Nursing
Michael P. Hegwood**       Industrial Systems Technology
Erin E. Hill                                 Cosmetology
Bruce M. Hoard                        Surgical Technology

Deanna L. Hohnhorst                  Database Specialist
TaTamikia T. Holombe                       Cosmetology
Jonathan B. Holdorf     Motorcycle Service Technology
Sandra K. Howard                    Surgical Technology
Corey A. Howell                         Criminal Justice
Shaina L. Hughey                           Cosmetology
Firdos A. Hussein           Business Office Technology
Hien T. Huynh                  Air Condition Technology
Trung G. Huynh                                   Drafting
Clayton G. Ivey***      Motorcycle Service Technology
Toni L. Jackson                         Criminal Justice
Jacquelyn M. Jefferis       Welding & Joint Technology
Jennifer J. Jenkins         Business Office Technology
John G. Johnson***             Air Condition Technology
Sharon A. Jones                            Cosmetology
Steven M. Jones                   Paramedic Technology
Leeneeka Bell Jones-Morgan                 Cosmetology
Mary Joyner*                               Cosmetology
Hussein D. Kamayo              Air Condition Technology
Benjamin O. Kareem              Automotive Technology
Ahmed G. Kayad                  Medical Lab Technology
Alicia Keller                              Cosmetology
Christopher R. Kelly            Medical Lab Technology
Tamiko T. King                         Paralegal Studies
Jessica L. Kline                           Cosmetology
Kerima Kolakovic                      Medical Assisting
Rita D. Lauderdale          Business Office Technology
Jason R. Lauth                 Air Condition Technology
Brandon T. Lee          Printing & Graphics Technology
Sahnika T. Lester     Early Childhood Care & Education
Michael D. Lewis**      Motorcycle Service Technology
Zeritu G. Liche                     Surgical Technology
Alesia B. Lilly                Air Condition Technology
Lee G. Lim                            Medical Assisting
Phuong B. Lo                                 Accounting
Jamie Lynn Lofton                      Practical Nursing
Helen R. Long*                         Paralegal Studies
Cherita L. Longenecker                     Cosmetology
Clemencia Lopez       Early Childhood Care & Education

Chenay R. Lucas       Early Childhood Care & Education
Dorothea L. Lucas                          Cosmetology
Monicka S. Lyons                            Accounting
Terakesha K. Maddox                        Cosmetology
Kerry Ann Maduro                      Practical Nursing
Barbara R. Mahotiere        Business Office Technology
Vanessa Mai                                Cosmetology
Tatiana S. Marcus                          Cosmetology
Larry K. Mathis               Air Condition Technology
Teneshiya M. Matthews                   Criminal Justice
Rashida E. Matthias             Medical Lab Technology
Cornell T. Mattox        Motorcycle Service Technology
Nathaniel R. Mauldin     Motorcycle Service Technology
Lasima T. Mbilashaka          Air Condition Technology
Sherrina M. McCloud                        Cosmetology
Allison L. McDonald***                     Cosmetology
Essalen R. McFarland                       Cosmetology
Melissa G. Meadows                    Practical Nursing
Christopher W. Meehan Printing & Graphics Technology
Brahim Bechir Mejri           Air Condition Technology
Rhonda Merriweather             Medical Lab Technology
Anthony Middlebrooks                       Cosmetology
Altrish C. Milton*                         Cosmetology
Jamika R. Minter                           Cosmetology
Andrew W. Mobley         Motorcycle Service Technology
Yusuf A. Mohamed                      Paralegal Studies
Corinne J. Mollah                  Surgical Technology
Rita R. Mooney                        Medical Assisting
Jennifer Moore                             Cosmetology
Paul Morley**            Motorcycle Service Technology
Holiston T. Murphy                    Paralegal Studies
Annie N. Mwangi                       Practical Nursing
Shell L. Myrick-Brown                       Accounting
Wendy C. Nash                              Cosmetology
Michelle L. Neely                  Surgical Technology
Patricia A. Neloms-Clark                    Accounting
Beatrice A. Ngoje*                    Practical Nursing
Bang D. Nguyen                  Automotive Technology
Phong T. Nguyen               Machine Tool Technology

Charles R. Nichols          Welding & Joint Technology
Clyde Nipper                Business Office Technology
Keder M. Nuru                   Automotive Technology
Isaac A. Ofori                 Air Condition Technology
Christiana A. Ojongnfong               Practical Nursing
Abosede Olaniran                Medical Lab Technology
Muata K. Onyemachi                      Criminal Justice
Timothy Osbie                          Paralegal Studies
Orrasa Othman                                Accounting
Katherine H. Parker*                       Cosmetology
Shannon D. Patrick          Business Office Technology
Thomas E. Peek                 Air Condition Technology
John E. Pennington             Machine Tool Technology
Qwan D. Perry                              Cosmetology
Erica V. Peterson               Medical Lab Technology
Althea A. Pinnock                          Cosmetology
David R. Porter                Air Condition Technology
John Michael Powell                              Drafting
Anis P. Premji**      Early Childhood Care & Education
Deloris Pringle       Early Childhood Care & Education
Rhonda C. Quinn                            Cosmetology
Ayak A. Reec                    Medical Lab Technology
Nicole M. Reed                             Cosmetology
Tamera N. Rhodes                       Practical Nursing
James R. Robinson                 Paramedic Technology
Marcella Robinson                      Paralegal Studies
Kristin W. Rodgers                           Accounting
Annessia D. Roland          Business Office Technology
Anna S. Rucker                         Paralegal Studies
Michael G. Russell**        Welding & Joint Technology
Ghazal Sabeti                                 Opticianry
Fatoumata E. Sallah*                   Practical Nursing
Michael A. Samms                Automotive Technology
Audra M. Schwarz***                    Paralegal Studies
Nicole A. Seaton                           Cosmetology
David L. Severcool***              Networking Specialist
Abdirahman M. Sheikh            Automotive Technology
Alferid K. Shukrala     Printing & Graphics Technology
Victor M. Shvets               Air Condition Technology

Enid M. Silvestre                     Practical Nursing
Carol F. Simpson                            Accounting
Keba M. Siwemuke                           Cosmetology
John E. Small                           Criminal Justice
Amy Lesioun Smith                     Medical Assisting
Jacqueline G. Smith                        Cosmetology
Nyesha T. Smith                       Practical Nursing
Cathy D. Smothers** Early Childhood Care & Education
Tsige W. Sorga                        Practical Nursing
Joel H. Spencer*              Air Condition Technology
Serna M. Spikes                            Cosmetology
Patsy J. Stearns**    Early Childhood Care & Education
Yolanda S. Sterling**                      Cosmetology
Polly A. Sturdivant*        Business Office Technology
Richard A. Swift        Motorcycle Service Technology
Shavonne D. Terrell                     Criminal Justice
Jivka P. Terzieva               Medical Lab Technology
Alvarez J. Thomas             Air Condition Technology
Wiley Thomas                  Air Condition Technology
Dolores M. Thrash                Paramedic Technology
Debbie P. Topin             Business Office Technology
Vivian Y. Tran**                            Accounting
Nguyen C. Trinh***                          Accounting
Marlin R. Tuck                Air Condition Technology
Amanda K. Turner                 Paramedic Technology
Gloria Turner         Early Childhood Care & Education
Jennifer L. Vasquez**                       Accounting
Kristy M. Walker                   Surgical Technology
Valdon Reneeda Wallace                Practical Nursing
Robyn R. Walters-Simmons              Practical Nursing
Alice N. Wanyonyi                     Practical Nursing
Jack D. Ward***         Motorcycle Service Technology
Shaidra D. Washington                        Opticianry
Erica R. Watson       Early Childhood Care & Education
Edith Y. Weaver                       Paralegal Studies
Lena D. Weaver**                      Paralegal Studies
Katie L. Weesner**                         Cosmetology
Monique S. Welch                           Cosmetology
John H. Werner                Air Condition Technology

Dante D. West                         Criminal Justice
Samara A. White                      Practical Nursing
Joshua K. Whiters            Air Condition Technology
Clara Y. Williams          Business Office Technology
Crystal L. Williams                      Cosmetology
Dianna Fortin Williams**             Paralegal Studies
Lawrence D. Williams         Air Condition Technology
Thaddeus M. Willis         Welding & Joint Technology
Gormon R. Wilson*                    Practical Nursing
Genene W. Woldemedhin        Air Condition Technology
Kelem H. Woldergebriel       Air Condition Technology
Cynthia M. Woname                    Practical Nursing
Sylvia E. Woodford                         Accounting
Lydia L. Wooten                          Cosmetology
Kosta R. Yankov*             Air Condition Technology
Amina M. Yusuf             Business Office Technology

* Honors
** High Honors
***Highest Honors

§ - Phi Theta Kappa - Gold
♦- National Technical Honor Society - Purple and White

NOTE: Because of program deadlines and the inability to

 remove a name at the last moment, students are listed
    as candidates for graduation and honors. A list
     showing official graduates with honors earned
         is maintained in the Registrar's Office.

               BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                   Mr. Grady Gill, Chair
                  Chief Financial Officer
                Pennington Seed Company

                Ms. Sandra Font, Vice Chair
                  Chief Operating Officer
         Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

                  Judge Gregory Adams
                      Superior Court
                      DeKalb County

     Ms. Delores Crowell, Regional Manager, Regulatory
             & External Affairs, AT&T Georgia

                     Dr. Susan Eckert

                 Associate Dean for Administration
Emory University, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

                             Mr. Michael H. Lott
                             Executive Director
Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council – Retired

                         Mr. Jack L. Manning, Jr.
             Comptroller, General Motors Corporation
                        Doraville Assembly Plant

                           Mr. Santiago Marquez
                       Director of Latino Outreach
                    Boys & Girls Clubs of America

                               Mr. Jerry Silvio
                     Silvio Development Company

                            Mr. Cory Thompson
                              News Personality

        It is the policy of DeKalb Technical College not to discriminate on
 the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, academic or economic
                              disadvantage, or disability.


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