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									           AG in ACTION
           February 10 – 11 2011

Exhibitor Prospectus


Background of Demonstration Days                         3

The Ag in Action Event                                   4

Site Infrastructure                                      5

Target Audience                                          5

Exhibitor Opportunities                                  5

Plots Available                                          6

Site Map                                                 7

Plot Sizes and Prices                                    8

Earth Moving Demonstrations                              8

Stacking Demonstrations                                  8

Bale Handling Demonstrations                             9

Business Alley - Semi Static Display Area                9

Business Alley - Static Sites                           10

Terms                                                   12

Site Conditions (Health & Safety, General Conditions)   13

Infrastructure                                          14

Ag in Action Director Profiles                          16

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Background of Demonstration Days
Dedicated demonstration type events are now held in most countries allowing potential buyers to get up close and
see the machine in action. Being able to see a machine working, seeing the result and talking with the operator
means the potential buyer can have all their questions answered and buying hesitations nullified bringing him
closer to the actual purchasing decision.

It is well known that current farming shows have limited ability to allow for full blown demonstration type displays.
Because of this dealer “drive” days have become common place to showcase equipment in a working style as
clients who see the equipment working are more likely to purchase.

Overseas trends have proven that the static display type show is not as effective as a moving demonstration type
event. The best known is undoubtedly Grasslands and Muck in England. Running every 3 years its next show is
May 2011. From small beginnings as a breakaway from the Royal Show this event is now well established in the
farming calendar as a must see event for viewing new machinery in action. Run by the Royal Agricultural Society
of England this show is considered the leading industry event focusing on forage and muck.

Data from the 2005 Grasslands and Muck show revealed:

           12,000 visitors attended
           42% were decision making owners
           71% attended to gather product information to help make a purchasing decision
           62% intended to make a purchase as a result of their visit.

Static display shows are still an important factor in
cementing customer relationship and prove a great
opportunity to provide customer hospitality without the
“selling” pressure however demonstration shows allow
the buyers to see the machines running, showcasing the
performance so they see the benefits for themselves,
increasing their potential to purchase.

Ensure you can demonstrate your equipment dong what
it does best.     Mowing, Raking, Baling, Wrapping,
Chopping, Ploughing, Digging, Ripping, Loading,
Stacking, and more, it can all be done at Ag in Action.
Don’t delay, book your space today. All plots are sold on
   st   st
a 1 in 1 served basis and will sell fast.

                                                                                                Images: Grasslands & Muck 2008

The Ag in Action Event
The event is dedicated to getting machinery moving and providing
space, crop and infrastructure to showcase the latest and greatest
machines in action. Taking into consideration the already full
calendar of Field day shows, A&P shows, etc and the need for crop
and suitable weather the month of February has been selected.
                             th               th
The days of Thursday 10 to Friday 11 February 2011 have
been selected to minimise the general public attendance to ensure
a good quality of genuinely interested attendees.
It is envisage dedicating Wednesday the 9 to dealer networks only
to provide staff a full day of familiarisation with the machinery
maximising their knowledge and selling potential to ensure your
event is a success. Safety during demonstrations must also be
covered at this time to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all

Unlike existing static or limited demonstration shows Ag in Action
is dedicated to demonstrating equipment. Large demonstration
plots to showcase even the largest of machines will be made
available. Areas up to 10ha (or more if required) will be available to
purchase to ensure your demonstration lasts long enough to fully
demonstrate your machinery.

Crops of Grass or Maize (or other crop by negotiation) will be
grown to request for exhibitors who sign up before August 20th
2010. Maize or other specialist crop establishment costs are
additional to listed plot costs. All plots are multi use areas and are
available for forage harvest, cultivation, drilling and other activities.
With little in the way of restrictions on the type of activity you can
perform on your site you are free to demonstrate the full range of
machinery you have making Ag in Action the best value event
you will attend!

The event will be broken into 5 areas:

       Demonstration Plots - with forage, maize or other
        requested crop and cultivation.

       Earth Moving/Diggers - Earth moving equipment, diggers
        and loaders.

       Stacking/Bale Handling Equipment - Stacking forage
        and maize provided from forage and maize

       Semi Static Display - for smaller demonstrations not
        requiring a large area of land.

       Static Display Area - for complementary businesses that
        who do not require forage or demonstration space yet
        demonstrate a synergy to the target audience

               A total demonstration area of over 60ha will be available on a first in first served basis
                                        - don’t let this opportunity pass by.

Site Infrastructure
Not only is demonstration space available but the Ag in Action site will also be able to provide licensed bar
facilities, fast food outlets and conference facilities ensuring your clients are kept entertained, informed and
happy for the duration of the day. Conference facilities must be booked in advance.

Infrastructure such as security, insurance, health & safety, public amenities, site shuttles, accommodation
packages, etc are all in place allowing you to concentrate on your task of demonstrating your equipment and
making the sale.

Importers and manufactures of forage, cultivation and harvesting machinery and equipment will be offered a
sunrise period of registration before other interested parties to ensure required areas are available and the calibre
of the event is maintained. There will be no “non Ag” or “lifestyle” exhibitors allowed.

For more information on the site infrastructure see page 14 of this prospectus.

Target Audience
It is expected that a mixture of farming and contracting clients will present as the target audience.

We aim to provide to the target audience a “not to be missed” opportunity to talk with suppliers without the large
crowds of general public associated with other shows. Suppliers will in turn enjoy the concentrated nature of those
in attendance, allowing meaningful and productive interaction.
From demonstrations of machinery to meeting with suppliers of fuel, fertiliser, tyres, etc the event will provide an
opportunity to “work smarter” and reduce costs.

Centrally located in the Waikato, this event is accessible to a large section of the central North Island. With a travel
time of around 2.5 hrs this gives a reach from approximately Taupo in the South to Warkworth in the North. Close
proximity to Hamilton Airport allows easy access from further afield. An airport shuttle service can be arranged if
required at minimal cost.

It is anticipated that individual exhibitors will market to their existing database of clients. Ag in Action will
undertake a comprehensive marketing program aimed at exposing the show, its location and its demonstration type
nature to appropriate target groups.

Exhibitor Opportunities
Ag in Action offers a superb opportunity to showcase your brand offering enough space to display your equipment
and allow your clients to see the equipment in action. Setup your own hospitality on your site or take advantage of
the event hospitality sites scattered around the venue to ensure your clients are well catered for. Each site
includes self contained 3kVA generator. This is enough to run display equipment, laptop, phone chargers, etc and
small catering requirements (small urn, pie warmer, etc).

Other demonstration based shows from around the world have proven that the target audience is heavily favoured
towards the purchaser/decision maker as opposed to interested parties with no purchasing intentions or power.
This allows more time and resources to be targeted towards the actual purchaser and less towards the “tyre

Importers and manufactures of forage, cultivation and harvesting machinery and equipment will be offered a
sunrise period of registration before other interested parties to ensure required areas are available and the calibre
of the event is maintained. Book now for $1000 commitment deposit to ensure you are included in the sunrise
period! All commitment deposits are fully refundable should the final price and/or plot selection not be agreed
upon. The sunrise period will expire on the 15th July 2010 when other potential exhibitors will be given an
opportunity to secure exhibition space. All unsold plots after this date will be opened to other machinery and
equipment suppliers nationwide. Closing date for all exhibitors is 1 November 2010.

A static display area will be made available to non-machinery focused companies who demonstrate a synergy to
the target audience. There will be no “non Ag” or lifestyle exhibitors allowed.

Plots Available
Plots are available as per the attached site plan. Please note no plot is guaranteed until paid for in full. Areas of all
plots are measured against Environment Waikato GIS mapping system but are subject to final confirmation. Ag in
Action will not be held responsible for discrepancies in proposed area and actual area provided. All effort is made
to ensure areas are as accurately mapped as possible. .

Exhibition Plots             Crop - annual grass ready for harvest. Maize can be grown on any plot or part plot as
                             required. Exhibitors requiring access to stacks are required to consider the proximity to
                             the stacking area when selecting plots.

                             All forage areas will be ready for harvest with suitable crop cover. Due to weather or
                             other factors outside of Ag in Actions control no guarantee is given, implied or other for
                             suitability, quality, or condition of crops.

Earth Moving/Digger          Nonexclusive space, shared between exhibitors allowing scooping, digging material
Demonstration Area:          handling etc. Approximately 2 ha available. Also includes area for display tents,
                             hospitality, etc.

Stacking/Bale                Stacking forage and maize provided from forage and maize demonstrations. Loaders
Handling:                    and tractor mounted equipment for stacking. Bale handling in bale storage area.
                             Nonexclusive space, shared between exhibitors applying for stacking demonstration
                             space. Also includes area for display tents, hospitality, etc.

Semi Static Area:            Plot size from 900m2 to 1750m2. Moving displays not requiring large areas. E.g. bale
                             wrappers, trailers, stationary balers, wood splitters, etc.

Static Display Area:         Companies who provide goods or services to the target audience but do not require
                             demonstration space. All static displays exhibitors will be grouped together in one area
                             (Business Alley) beside HQ. Static displays sites are not permitted to have moving

Site Map

       Parking           HQ   Headquarters, Main Hospitality Area

       Shuttle Circuit        Static Display Walkway

       Shuttle Stop

Plot Sizes and Prices Remaining for Sale

            PLOT                   AREA (ha)                  PRICE

              9a                        .5                   $2500.00

              9b                        1.2                  $3500.00
                                                                                   PGG Wrightson seeds
              9c                        1.3                  IBP Area
                                                                                  Best Practise Demo Plot
              9d                        1.6                    SOLD                         SOLD
              9e                        1.8                    SOLD                         SOLD

All plot sizes are estimate only. Final plot sizes will be advised on signing on contract. Until signing of contract all
commitment deposits are fully refundable. Final plot sizes are expected to be within 20% of the listed price.

Earth Moving Demonstrations:
Earth moving demonstrations including diggers, scoops, loaders, mulches’, etc will be confined to the designated
2ha earth moving area. This area is used on a shared area basis and is a non-exclusive area. Scoops, diggers,
loaders etc will be permitted to move and dig material within the area.

This shared space will be used working co-operatively with other exhibitors and includes display space in the area.

Cost: $2500.00 for 1st machine and $1000.00 per subsequent machine demonstrated to be paid in full on signing.

Stacking Demonstrations:
Companies requiring stack demonstration space will be able to demonstrate equipment on stacks of Maize and
Forage crops harvested by harvesting exhibitors. Operators of stacking equipment must demonstrate a level of
competence to ensure good stacking practise is observed while maintaining a safe working environment. Every
machine operating in the stacking area must have a company representative onsite who is in control of the site to
ensure safety and co-ordinate the stacking machine with others working within the same site.

This shared space will be used working co-operatively with other exhibitors and includes display space in the area.

Cost: $1500.00 per machine/attachment demonstrated to be paid in full on signing.

Bale Handling Demonstrations:
Companies requiring bale handling demonstration space will be able to demonstrate equipment on bales stored in
the bale store/stack area. Operators of equipment must demonstrate a level of competence to ensure good
practise is observed while maintaining a safe working environment. Every machine operating in the bale handling
area must have a company representative onsite who is in control of the site to ensure safety and co-ordinate the
machine with others working within the same site.

This shared space will be used working co-operatively with other exhibitors and includes display space in the area.

Cost: $1000.00 per machine demonstrated to be paid in full on signing.

Business Alley (Static & Semi Static Displays)

Semi Static Sites:

                                                                    Site         Size (m2)          Price       Status

                                                                    F1        50x30 (1500m2)      $4000.00       Sold
                                                                    F2        50x30 (1500m )      $4000.00       Sold
                                                                    F3        30x30 (900m )       $2750.00
                                                                    F4        30x30 (900m )       $2750.00
                                                                    F5        50x35 (1750m2)      $4500.00
                                                                    F6        35x35 (1225m2)      $3250.00
                                                                    F7        35x35 (1225m )      $3250.00

                                                                    F8        35x35 (1225m2)      $3250.00       Sold

Semi Static sites allow exhibitors to provide demonstrations of equipment that do not require large areas of land.
Examples are wood splitters, stationary balers, bale wrappers, tipping trailers, etc.

Semi Static sites require 50% deposit on booking site and 50% final payment by the 20 December 2010.

Static Sites:
All Business Alley sites will have power supplied. Load is not to exceed 10amps. If you require more than 10amp
supply please enquire.

Covered space (Marquee) may be available if demand is forthcoming. Ag in Action reserves the right to use any
sites within Business Alley to erect marquee space to resell to smaller/interested exhibitors. If you feel you would
like this service please enquire for further details.

Static Sites are allocated on a first in first served basis and require full payment on booking.

Do not delay, act now! To view plots remaining available and to ensure you secure the plot you want visit

                                                                                Site           Size        Price

                                                                                A1            10X10      $1000.00
                                                                                A2            15X10      $1500.00
                                                                                A3            15X10      $1500.00
                                                                                A4            15X10      $1500.00
                                                                                A5            15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A6            15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A7            15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A8            15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A9            15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A10           15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A11           15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A12           15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A13           15X15      $2000.00
                                                                                A14           15X15      $2000.00

                                                                      PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to
                                                                      www.agaction.co.nz Business Alley page for
                                                                      availability of individual site listings. All
                                                                      applications are subject to site availability.

Site   Size     Price     Site    Size        Price
B1     10X12   $1250.00   C1     10X12       $1250.00
B2     10X12   $1250.00   C2     10X12       $1250.00
B3     10X12   $1250.00   C3     10X12       $1250.00
B4     10X12   $1250.00   C4     10X12       $1250.00
B5     10X12   $1250.00   C5     10X12       $1250.00
B6     10X12   $1250.00   C7     10X12       $1250.00
B7     10X12   $1250.00   C8     10X12       $1250.00
B8     10X12   $1250.00   C9     15X12       $1750.00
B9     15X12   $1750.00   C10    15X12       $1750.00
B10    15X12   $1750.00   C11    360 M
                                 (APPROX)     POA
B11    15X12   $1750.00
B12    15X12   $1750.00

Site    Size    Price     Site    Size        Price

D1     15X12   $1750.00   E1     15X12       $1750.00
D2     15X12   $1750.00   E2     15X12       $1750.00
D3     15X12   $1750.00   E3     15X12       $1750.00
D4     15X12   $1750.00   E4     15X12       $1750.00
D5     15X12   $1750.00   E5     15X12       $1750.00
D6     15X12   $1750.00   E6     15X12       $1750.00
D7     15X12   $1750.00   E7     15X12       $1750.00
D8     15X12   $1750.00   E8     15X12       $1750.00
D9     10X12   $1250.00   E9     10X12       $1250.00
D10    10X12   $1250.00   E10    10X12       $1250.00

To allow for crop requests and to ensure you get the space you require we strongly recommend you do not delay.
A refundable commitment deposit of $1000.00 is payable before 20th July to give you priority in plot selection. If
plot selection, crop requests or final price cannot be agreed on the deposit will be refunded in full.

All exhibitors who pay the $1000.00 deposit will be given advance notice of final price and selection of plots.
Unsold plots remaining at the end of the sales period will only be offered to these exhibitors (at a reduced rate) in
the order deposits were received by Ag in Action.

Plot Sizes:

All plot sizes are estimate only measured from Environment Waikato’s GIS mapping service. Ag in Action will not
be responsible for discrepancies in final plot areas. Final plot areas and locations will be surveyed and exhibitors
will be notified in due course.

Payment schedule for Plots 1-14:

Commitment deposit due before 20th July 2010 ($1000.00)

Plot security deposit due 20th August 2010 (25% of final plot costs)

Crop security deposit due 20th October 2010 (25% of final plot costs)

Progress payment due 20th December 2010 (25% of final plot costs)

Final payment due 20th January 2011 (remaining amount)


Cancellation due to adverse weather is covered by Ag in Action’s event Insurance. An administration fee of 5% will
be charged and refunds will be issued on acceptance of insurance claim. Full conditions and policy wording will be
provided on formal acceptance of a contract being entered into between Ag in Action and the exhibitor.

       Cancellation by Ag in Action, for factors other than weather or acts of God will result in all monies
        refunded less a 2% administration fee.

       Cancellation by an Exhibitor more than 90 days before the event will result in a refund equivalent to 50% of
        monies paid.

       Cancellation by Exhibitor less than 90 days before the event will forfeit all monies paid.

No sub-letting is permitted at the Ag in Action event, where a number of distributors/agents are represented on
participants’ stand these distributors/agents should exhibit only those products/services they sell or distribute on
behalf of the participant and not other products they might handle for non exhibitors. Final decisions will be made
by Ag in Action.
The organizers will check displays and where breaches in this rule occur the organizers have the right to charge
the participant a full fee for each sub-letting. Only the official site holder can display signage.


All exhibitors must have adequate public liability insurance cover. Ag in Action will not be responsible for any
claim. A certificate of insurance must be submitted before the event.


All prices quoted in this document are EXCLUSIVE of GST.

Site Conditions

Health & Safety:

A comprehensive Health & Safety policy must be submitted before the event. Each exhibitor must be familiar with
and comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and all amendments. All Health
& Safety policies must detail all hazards within the site and the demonstration. It must detail all steps taken to
reduce, minimise or remove risks involved with the exhibitor’s site and demonstration.

General conditions:

    1. All precautions must be taken at all times to ensure public safety. Each exhibitor must be familiar with and
       comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

    2. All equipment must be in good condition with all guards fitted and all safety equipment in place.

    3. The delivery of equipment and erection of displays must be completed by 5.00 pm on Tuesday 8 February

    4. Nothing may be removed from sites before 5.00 pm on Friday 11th February 2011.

    5. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to clear their site. Any holes dug must be filled in. All sites are to be
       cleared by 5.00pm on Tuesday 15th February 2011. There will be a charge of $100.00 per man hour to any
       site holder not complying with these conditions.

    6. There will be no vehicle access to sites after 8.00am and before 5.00pm each day the event are open to
       the public. If goods are to be delivered to sites during the event then arrangements will need to be made
       with the organisers.

    7. Ag in Action arranges security but shall not be liable for loss of, or damage to the exhibitors property whilst
       on the Ag in Action site.

    8. Each exhibitor must keep all display equipment, signs etc within their allocated site boundaries.

    9. Exhibitors must have a fire extinguisher available on their site, and are required to connect to the electricity
       using a residual current device (RCD). All electrical equipment and leads must comply with NZ Electrical
       Regulations and carry current proof of testing. This is normally an electrical test tag.

    10. Due to cancellation Ag in Action will not be liable for any losses incurred.

    11. Exhibitors cancelling their site contract are not eligible for any refunds except as outlined in the cancellation
        clause of this document.

    12. Right of admission reserved.

Ag in Action will provide the following infrastructure at the event.

Security                          Night patrols starting 2 nights before the event and finishing 1 night after. Giving
                                  a total of 3 days pre and 2 days post event that the site is security patrolled. 2
                                  mobile guards’ onsite from 9pm to 6 am.

Insurance                         Cancellation insurance for weather related cancellation will be in place to ensure
                                  your investment is protected should the event be cancelled due to adverse
                                  weather. Public and Statutory liability insurance cover to appropriate amounts will
                                  also be in place. Exhibitors will require their own insurance cover and must
                                  provide a certificate of insurance prior to the event.

Stacking                          Bulk forage harvest will be stacked free of charge. Exhibitors demonstrating
                                  loader wagons, choppers etc will be required to deposit harvested forage crop in
                                  the stacking area where it will be stacked. Trailers can be provided if required at
                                  extra costs.

Bale Handling                     Bales can be removed from or delivered to your site outside of show hours to
                                  ensure your plot is not cluttered with surplus bales. No bales can be moved
                                  during the show’s opening hours unless part of your demonstration.

Site Power                        Generator power is included in your site cost. Each Forage site will have a 3kVA
                                  generator provided. A technician will be onsite during the event to ensure your
                                  power is reliable and to help with any issues. If you require more than 3kVA
                                  please advise us of your requirements to ensure they can be meet. No private
                                  generators allowed onsite without consent. Charges for power over 3kVA will be
                                  discussed when booking plots. Static & Semi static sites will have 10amp power
                                  provided to each site. Loads must not exceed 10amps. If more than 10amps are
                                  required please discuss this at time of booking.

Ticketing                         Ag in Action will provide ticketing services. Public ticket purchase will be
                                  available online and at the gate. Exhibitors will receive a complementary ticket
                                  package in line with plot size and be able to purchase additional tickets for clients
                                  etc at a reduced rate.

Marketing Templates               With design and marketing skills available “in house” Ag in Action can provide
                                  preformatted templates for you to add your logo and key text then send. A
                                  customised design service can also be arranged if required. Signage, banners,
                                  flags etc are all able to be designed and printed for you by the Ag in Action team
                                  if required at very reasonable rates.

Site Shuttles                     Due to the size of the venue free site shuttles will continually circumnavigate the
                                  site. Visitors will be able to take shuttle rides to move from one side of the site to
                                  another effortlessly.

Airport Shuttles                  Shuttle service to and from Hamilton airport can be arranged for a minimal

Conference Facilities   Conference facilities can be available onsite or at a location of your choice and
                        can be booked through Ag in Action. Conference speakers on a vast range of
                        topics can also be arranged if required. Conference facilities and speakers are
                        available on a first in first served basis and costs will be negotiated on a case by
                        case basis depending on requirements.

Accommodation           Accommodation packages are available for you, your staff, out of town clients,
                        etc. We have secured several 4 star plus accommodation venues to ensure
                        reasonable rates and space is available. Please contact Ag in Action for further

Licensed Premises       A liquor license will be in place for the event and bar facilities will be available for
                        public during the event. After hours staff access etc is also provided to ensure a
                        friendly relaxed end to each day is achieved. No alcohol is to be sold on
                        individual sites.

Onsite Catering         Ag in Action has negotiated a great rate with a local a catering company who
                        can provide your exhibit onsite catering for any number. Menu and costs can be
                        provided on request. Taking the hassle out of organising your catering
                        requirements by letting Ag in Action take care of it for you.

Food Outlets            Onsite food outlets supporting local community groups will provide general
                        catering to the public during the event.

Toilets                 Portable toilet facilities will be available and spread across the site. No
                        independent toilet facilities are permitted onsite. If exhibitors wish to have toilet
                        facilities on their site please contact us to discuss.

Traffic Management      Full traffic management and plan will be in place.

Director Profiles
Key personnel are a major strength of Ag in Action Ltd. With the diverse mix of talents Ag in Action has
the ability to provide a well rounded and capable team to run the event seamlessly. From strong
business development through to corporate hospitality our team covers all your requirements.

Directors Andrew Reymer and Vaughan Coy provide a dynamic partnership covering both areas of
Event and Business Management.

With farming and contracting in his blood from childhood, it is no surprise Andrew has been a strategic
voice in the formation of Ag in Action. Heavily involved with contracting and machinery for many years
Andrew is passionate about agriculture in NZ and its development.

Vaughan also has a background of driving machinery before moving into marketing where he found his
niche. He has now found himself drawn back to the agricultural arena where he is now focussing on the
marketing and business development side of Ag in Action.

Both Andrew and Vaughan are committed to producing an event where exhibitors have the ability to
demonstrate their machinery to its fullest potential and buyers get to see the machines in action as this is
the purest form of sales and marketing possible. In the current economy exhibitors must think outside the
square and take a bold step to break out of the doom and gloom cycle some want to drag us back into.

Andrew and Vaughan are supported by the talents of Liz Stolwyk and Denise Coy.

Liz has a strong background in the tourism/event management industry with senior management roles
both here and internationally. She has joined the Ag in Action to help manage the logistics of the event
and co-ordinate corporate and sponsor hospitality.

Denise has extensive experience in graphic design and business management. She provides pivotal role
at Ag in Action ensuring consistent brand and quality of all promotional material, marketing and branding.


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