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Ice Rink Staff 2010


									                                                         Ice Rink Staff 2010-2011
First       Last         Jacket   Email                              Phone
Jesse       Meadors      M             513-520-2075
Matt        Morgano      L             815-762-3059
Brian       Rhorer       L               (859) 409-0984
Brett       DiMarcello   XL                 609-477-9173
John        Reider       XL                   513-885-1406
Kyle        Scheck       M           859-380-6157
Gina        Gonzales     S         313-418-0608
Julie       Williams     M            937-219-1871
Shamekko    Early        L                 513-319-6276
Ryan        Doan         M                 513-509-1779
Jamey       Meehan       L            513-240-9779
Andrew      Yunker       M             513-484-5311
Jill        Huber        S         513-237-4597
Randy       Blaker       XXL               330-268-8110
Francesca   Bonapart     L                609-668-9492
Josh        Gold         L           513-678-9491
Alison      Yunker       M                 513-503-0190
Holly       Tungate                   859-801-1950
Morgan      Merrell      M or S
Dan         Hostiuck     XL               513-615-6603
Chris       Rosselot     XL 614-395-2386

                                                                   Interested People
First       Last         School   Email                             Phone
John        Reynolds     XU
Bryan       Massong      MSJ
           Address    City       State     Zip         notes
                                 OH                    MGR
                      Cincinnati OH              45220 MGR
                      Ft. Thomas KY              41075 MGR
                      Cincinnati OH              45230 MGR
                                                       Sat mornings/weeknights after 530

                                                       Sundays and Xmas eve
                                                       Wants to work 40 hours open for holidays
                                                       Wants 30 hours a month nights and weekend nights
                      Cincinnati   OH
                                                       Wants 40 or more hours a week
                                                       30-40 hours a week no wed nights open for holidays
                                                       15-20 hours a week open nights, weekends and holidays
                                                       Available from 11/22-12/30
                                                       10/25 at 10:00
                                                       Nights vand weekends until 12/10 10-15 hours until 12/10
                                                       As many hours as possible

rested People
            Address   City         State   Zip
                                                       Maybe next year.
pen for holidays
 ights and weekend nights

d nights open for holidays
nights, weekends and holidays

 l 12/10 10-15 hours until 12/10

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