BENSON HILL PTA GAZETTE
                                                         LETTER FROM LINDA
          Benson Hill PTA 9.11.5
                                     Spring is a busy time for our      of reasons to attend the Auction:
                     March 2002
                         Issue 6     PTA. We have our Spring
                                     Flower Sale, a Skate Night on      10. All the cool class projects.
President:     Linda Kawamura        the 20th, Family Math Night on     9. To acknowledge all the hard work
                (425) 227-6568       the 21st and of course the BIG         Carrie Wong, Kelley Pfluger, Carrie
                                     event on Saturday, April 6th:          Uhl and Heather Moore and the
Vice President:        Kerry Holt    the PTA Auction! I hope a lot          whole auction committee has done.
                  (425) 255-7985     of you are making plans to         8. You get to outbid your neighbors.
                                     attend this fun event. The         7. To meet cute PTA babes.
Treasurer:           Carrie Uhl
               (425) 2226-2904
                                     auction committee has worked       6. There’s usually chocolate stuff to
                                     hard to have a wide selection of       bid on.
Secretary:    Heather O’Hanlon       items up for bid. Remember         5. It’s a nice evening out without the
                (425) 255-7014       you must purchase tickets in           kids.
                                     advance.                           4. If you buy so much stuff you can’t
Editor:        Heather Moore                                                transport it all home, you have an
              (425) 228-7595         The April 1st PTA meeting is a                              excuse to buy a          general membership meeting                                  new car.
                                     where we will                                               3. You get to
                                     elect next                                                  listen to the
   Inside this Issue                 years’                                         auctioneer.
                                     officers.                                           2. There’s nothing
                                     Thank you                                           good on TV Saturday
                                     to the Nominating                                  night anyway.
!    Books for Bingo Thanks
                                     committee (Merry                                    1. To get rid of all that
                                     Rumpel, Heather                                    pesky extra money!
!    Golden Acorn Committee
                                     Moore, Catherine
!    Membership Form                 Dart and Tracey Smith) for         PTA will be beginning to work on the
                                     finding us such a hard working     2002-2003 budget right after the
!    10,000 Steps to Better Health   slate of officers. President:      auction. If you have ideas or
                                     Carrie Wong, Vice President:       suggestions or are interested in serving
!    Reading All-Stars Update        Heather O’Hanlon, Treasurer:       on the budget committee let any PTA
                                     Carrie Uhl, Secretary: Lisa        board member know.
!    Benson Hill PTA Website         Cozart.
                                                                        Remember the PTA General
!    Family Math Night               The School District has decided    Membership meeting is Monday, April
                                     to rerun the bond levy since it    1st at 7:00 p.m. in the school library.
!    King County Superior Court
                                     failed by such a slim margin.      Babysitting is provided. Everyone is
     Luncheon Series
                                     The new election will be           welcome.
!    General Membership Meeting      Tuesday April 23rd. If you’re
                                     interested in doing any phone
!    Host a Foreign Exchange         calling for the levy please        See you at school,
     Student                         contact me.
                                                                        Linda Kawamura
!    Auction 2002                    Since I’m so excited about the
                                     Auction here is my top ten list

MARCH 2002                                                                                   BENSON HILL PTA GAZETTE

     BOOKS FOR BINGO THANKS                                               GOLDEN ACORN
Thank you to everyone who helped out at Books for            Each year, the Benson Hill Elementary PTA recognizes
Bingo Night. It was a rousing, fun evening for all!          exemplary volunteer service to children and youth in our
Thanks to Corrine Beal, Lisa Reiter, Heather and Steve       community. Recognition will be made at the PTA
Moore, Catherine Dart, Todd Kawamura, Carrie Wong,           general membership meeting in May, in the form of a
Carrie and Kevin Uhl. Thanks to Kelly Pfluger for            Golden Acorn Award and additional awards. Between
picking up the soda and door prizes and to Heather           now and then, a Golden Acorn Award Committee will
O’Hanlon for helping me get the bottled water.               work to solicit and review nominations for these awards.

Also, a big thanks to our Bingo Callers: Mrs.                We need volunteers to participate as committee
Blackwood, Miss Pikes, Mrs. Armour, Mrs. Lind, Mr.           members, and encourage you to consider being a part of
Anderson and Mrs. Herbel. Thanks also to Ann Walters         this wonderful opportunity to become intimately
for all her help in the library passing out so many books!   acquainted with the inspiring work of our friends and
                                                             colleagues. If you are interested please contact John
                                                             Dart at (425) 271-7493 or with your
                                                             willingness and/or questions.

                             It’s not too late to join!!
                   Information is available in the school office.

                                         PTA M EMB ERSH IP F O RM
         Please return to Benson Hill Elementary                Make checks payable to Benson Hill PTA

     I HAVE ENCLOSED:                                        WE NEED HELP IN THE FOLLOWING TIME INCREMENTS:

             Family Membership (for two) $16.00                     30 minutes / month
             Single Membership            $9.00                     One hour / month
                                                                    30 minutes / week
     YOUR PTA MEMBERSHIP IS IMPORTANT TO OUR SCHOOL!                One hour / week
                                                                    Call anytime
     Name(s):                                                       Help only occasionally
     City/State/Zip:                                         PLEASE INDICATE YOUR AREAS OF VOLUNTEER INTEREST:


            Name          Grade        Teacher

BENSON HILL PTA GAZETTE                                                                                   MARCH 2002

             10,000 STEPS TO                                             BENSON HILL
             BETTER HEALTH                                            READING ALL-STARS!
To Benson Hill Elementary School Community, Staff,            The PTA’s Reading All-Star program kicked off on
Parents, and Students:                                        Friday, March 1, 2002. The program will continue until
                                                              April 26, 2002.
After attending the West’s Best Physical Education
Workshop in February and using the DIGI-WALKER,               On May 9th at 9:30 a.m. we will have an assembly where
(a pedometer that records the steps you take and              top readers will receive their t-shirts and the Reading
calculates the distance and calories burned) I would like     Cup Trophy will be awarded to the top class (adjusted
to use this piece of technology in my physical education      for grade level).
and movement classes. In the intermediate elementary
classes, we will be utilizing the 200 model that         Remember; if we reach our goal of ONE MILLION
calculates steps only.                                   MINUTES Mr. Anderson AND Mrs. Herbel have
                                                                                   agreed to dye their hair red,
The Digi-Walkers record                                                            white and blue! Watch the
daily life activity as well as   B ENSON ILL      H         PTA WEBSITE            !
                                                                                   poster in the library to see
help motivate persons                                                              our progress toward this
becoming more active.            Did you know you can access this newsletter       goal!
Most people think that they        and other PTA information through our
are more active than they      website? If you haven’t already, please surf               Get ready to READ, READ,
really are. Research has                      on over to our turf:                        READ, and get your name
shown that walking 10,000                                                                 in the Benson Hill Reading
steps a day has significant                                                               Hall of Fame!
health benefits, reducing
the risk of certain diseases
and reducing obesity, an
increasing concern in our         If you have any questions or comments
society today. Digi-            regarding the website, please contact our
Walkers motivate a more              website coordinator, Dan Morgan at
active life style and        
directly addresses the
Health and Fitness
Essential Academic Learning Requirements for our state.

For every 35 Digi-Walkers sold, I will have the
                                                                      FAMILY MATH NIGHT
opportunity to purchase a 15-count curriculum pack of
                                                              Please join the PTA for our next family night celebrating
Digi-walkers for student use in physical education
                                                              Math. This will be an enjoyable evening for parents and
classes. I will be selling the 701 model for adult use.
                                                              children alike.
The cost is $35 plus tax and shipping. Watch for
information regarding the Digi-Walkers and how to
                                                              Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 21st and watch
obtain them. Order forms will be sent home. The
                                                              for a flyer with more information.
requirement to earn the money for purchase of the
curriculum pack requires a pre-sale of the Digi-walker. I
                                                              We hope to see you there!
will collect the money and then send in a bulk order.
For more information please contact Mrs. Kullberg,
Health & Physical Education Teacher at (425) 204 3343.

MARCH 2002                                                                                                  BENSON HILL PTA GAZETTE

                                             KING COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT
                                             CRIME FREE FUTURES PROJECT
                                                     in collaboration with


                                           Tuesdays from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m.

                                      Renton School District Administration Building
                                              300 Southwest Seventh Street

Join us for a free lunch and great information/resources for parents of teens. The series runs from March 29th through
June 4th. Please call Susie Bridges Weber, Crime Free Futures Project for more information at (206) 205-9448.

                            PTA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
       The PTA meeting on Monday, April 1 will be a General Membership meeting. Be sure to come and vote for
       your 2002-2003 PTA officers. The nominating committee presents the following candidates for office:

                                                 President:      Carrie Wong
                                          Vice President:        Heather O’Hanlon
                                                Treasurer:       Carrie Uhl
                                                Secretary:       Lisa Cozart
                  Please come show YOUR support for PTA by voting for the officers on April 1 . Thank you!

                          HOST A FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT
Interested in hosting a high school exchange student for the school year? CASE (Cultural Academic Student Exchange) is a non-
profit organization started with the belief that one by one, we can make a difference in the world. Hosting an international
exchange student can be a very rewarding experience for families who have a genuine interest in people of other culture—their
language and customs. As a host family, you provide room, board and a loving and supportive home for a teenager from a
foreign country. These students are between the ages of 15 and 18 and come from Europe, Australia and Asia. They are carefully
selected and screened and must have a favorable recommendation from a teacher in their present school. Only those students who
achieve high academic achievement, have exemplary character, curiosity, adaptability and good command of the English
language are accepted. Ach student is personally interviewed by a qualified representative. Students provide their own insurance
and spending money. Host families may claim $50 each month as a charitable contribution. Interested families may screen
potential candidates to see that each student and each home is a perfect match. You may specify specific countries as well. If you
would be interested in knowing more about having an exchange student for the 2002 – 2003 school year, please call or e-mail
Marilyn Springgay at (425) 868-6227 or

BENSON HILL PTA GAZETTE                                                                                           MARCH 2002

                              AUCTION 2002                                                   CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                      Benson Hill PTA’s 5th Annual Dinner & Auction, scheduled
                      for Saturday, April 6, 2002, is coming up! If you haven’t
                      turned in your RSVP yet, there is an RSVP form in this
                      newsletter following the Auction Donors. If you purchase          March 20
                      your tickets by FRIDAY, MARCH 15TH, the price is only
                      $15.00 (table of eight people for $120.00). After March             Skate Night
                      15th, the price will be $17.50 (table of eight for $140.00). A      TLC Skate Rink, Kent\
                      good time, excellent food, and lively entertainment is in store     6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
for everyone! Tickets will be available until March 26th. TICKETS WILL NOT BE
                                                                                        March 21
The doors at Renton Technical College open at 5:00 p.m., dinner will begin at
approximately 6:30 p.m., and the Live Auction begins after dinner.
                                                                                          PTA Family Math Night
                                                                                          Watch for details
Other Auction News:

" We have procured over $18,000 in donations! Businesses have been very
                                                                                        April 1
  generous. We’ve also received personal donations from Benson Hill parents and
  grandparents! There are so many generous donors to thank—please look at the
                                                                                        General Membership PTA Meeting
  list of donors attached. One of our most exciting donations is from Southwest
  Airlines—two roundtrip tickets to anywhere Southwest flies! Thank you to
                                                                                         7:00 p.m.
  Kelley Pfluger for procuring this donation.

" We also want to take the opportunity to thank the following people for helping
                                                                                        April 6
  out at our February 22nd working meeting: Carrie Uhl, Heather Moore, Kelley
  Pfluger, Linda Kawamura, Lisa Muller, Lisa Reiter, Jan Matsumoto, Marcie
                                                                                        Auction Night
  Gronenthal, Susie Lattanzio, and Sherrie Herbel!
                                                                                         Renton Technical College
                                                                                         5:00 p.m.
" Class projects have been selected and are in place at each classroom. All we
  need are parent volunteers to help with initial preparations, supervision of the
  kids, and adding the finishing touches. Let Carrie Uhl (425-226-2904) know
                                                                                        April 15 - 19
  which class you are in, and she can give you information on the project.

" If you would like to help out the day of the auction, please call Susie Lattanzio     Spring Break
  at (425) 227-9593.                                                                     No School

" If you have any last minute donations or contacts, please let Carrie Wong or
  Kelley Pfluger know ASAP. Deadline for the Auction program is March 15th.             April 26

" Our next committee meetings will be as follows: March 22nd, 29th and April 5th.       Reading All-Star Ends
  All meeting times will be 2:00 p.m. at school. The March meetings will be
  working meetings (bid sheets, certificate displays, etc.), and the April 5th
  meeting will be our final, last minute preparation meeting. If you have any
  suggestions for the Auction and cannot make the committee meetings, e-mail
  them to Carrie Wong at

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact any of the

  Carrie Wong          Heather Moore          Kelley Pfluger          Carrie Uhl
 (425) 917-8606        (425) 228-7595        (425) 277-0614         (425) 226-2904

MARCH 2002                                                                                         BENSON HILL PTA GAZETTE

                                                  AUCTION DONORS
Without the following generous donors, our auction would not be possible. Please support our sponsors with your patronage! Names
                           in bold indicate a Benson Hill parent, grandparent, teacher or administrator.

    5th Avenue Theatre Association                Contois, Patty                         Inn at Spanish Head
    94.1 KMPS-FM                                  Cookies By Design                      Innisbrook Wraps/Kathy Scanlan
    A Contemporary Theatre                        Cottage Treasures                      Island Adventures
    Anderson, Fred                                Cougar Mountain Zoo                    Ivar's, Inc. - Kidd Valley
    Anthony's Jewelry & Goldsmiths                Crowne Plaza Hotel                     J.C. Penney Portrait Studio
    Applebee's Neighborhood Grill                 Deiglmeier, Jay, D.D.S.                Jasper's Steakhouse
    Argosy Cruises                                Dilettante Chocolates                  Jillian's
    Armour, Kristen                               Dimitriou's Jazz Alley                 Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse
    Auburn Avenue Dinner Theater                  Display & Costume Supply               Kahler Glen Golf & Ski Resort
    Auburn Family Fun Center                      Donaldson, David                       Kathy's WaxWorks
    Azteca Mexican Restaurants - Kent             Doogers Seafood Restaurant             Kawamura, Linda
    B&B Auto Parts                                Dr. Buff Boat & Auto Detail            Keg Steakhouse & Bar, The
    Bally 's Total Fitness                        Dr. Daniel O'Brien, D.D.S.             Kent East Hill Nursery
    Bartell Drugs                                 Dunn Lumber                            Kimberly Cline Photography
    Bear Creek Golf Course, Winthrop              E.B. Foote Winery                      KING 5 Television
    Beauty Wave/Jiayi Ye                          Eastside Pediatric Dental Group        King County Fire District 40
    Bed, Bath & Beyond                            El Gaucho Restaurant                   KIRO TV
    Bellevue Art Museum                           Elliott Grand Hyatt                    Knowledge Adventure - Vivendi
    Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra               Embassy Suites Hotel                      Universal Games
    Benson Center Subway Sandwich                 Emerald Downs                          La Hacienda Restaurant
    Best Western Plaza by the                     Empty Space Theatre                    Land's End
      Green/Kathy Madison                         Enchanted Forest                       Lane Bryant
    Bicycles West                                 End of the Oregon Trail,               Lee's Martial Arts
    Big 5 Sporting Goods                             Interpretive Center                 Lisa Frank, Inc.
    Big Wheel Auto Parts                          Ethel M. Chocolates                    Little Gym, The
    Bill Nye, the Science Guy                     Fairwood Cleaners                      Locker Room for Kids/Athlete's
    Bill Speidel's Seattle Underground            Fairwood General Rental Center            Foot
      Tour                                        Fairwood Martial Arts                  Loews Cineplex
    Billy McHale's                                Family Fun Centers                     Malibu Grand Prix
    Black Angus Restaurant                        Ferguson, Mike                         Malone's Landscape & Nursery
    C.S.R. Marine South, Inc./Marion              Finkbiner, Martha                      Maplewood Golf Course
      Streifel                                    Flower World, Inc.                     Marcie Maxwell, Realtor
    Carpinito Brothers, Inc.                      Freddie's Club                         Marine Discovery Tours
    Cedar Grove Composting                        Full Sail Brewing Company              Mary Kay/Pam Gidlund
    Center for Wooden Boats, The                  Gibbons, Dr. Dolores, Renton           McClean, Steven P., Dr.
    Children's Bookshop & Teaching                   School District Superintendent      McCormick & Schmick's
      Supplies                                    Golden Steer Restaurant                McLendon Hardware, Inc.
    Children's Museum - Seattle, The              Good Chevrolet & Oldsmobile, Inc.      Mel's Yard Craft
    Children's Museum 2nd                         Grazie Ristorante                      Melting Pot, The
      Generation, Portland, OR                    Gymnastics East                        Microsoft
    Chinook Winds Casino &                        H.D. Hotspurs                          Mosquito Fleet
      Convention Center, an Enterprise of         Happy Trails Horseback Riding          Mount Hood Railroad
      the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians      Ranch                               Muller, Neil & Shirley
      of Oregon
                                                  Helmer's Music                         Museum of Flight
    Circuit City                                  Herbel, Sherrie                        Museum of History & Industry
    City Beverages                                Highlights for Children                Newport Hills Swim & Tennis
    City of Kent Parks, Recreation &              Holiday Inn Select                        Club
      Community Services                          Hollywood Video                        Nordstrom, Southcenter
    Civic Light Opera                             Hong's Garden                          Northwest Chamber Orchestra
    Clark Chiropractic Clinic                     Hudson's Designer Portraits            Northwest Outdoor Center
    Columbia River Maritime Museum                IKEA                                   Northwest Puppet Center
    Comedy Underground, The                       Illusionz Magical Entertainment        Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
    Continental Mills/Krusteaz                       Center                              Oaks Amusement Park

BENSON HILL PTA GAZETTE                                                                                            MARCH 2002

                                     AUCTION DONORS, CONTINUED
 Without the following generous donors, our auction would not be possible. Please support our sponsors with your patronage!
                     Names in bold indicate a Benson Hill parent, grandparent, teacher or administrator.

   5th Avenue Theatre Association             Seattle Lumber Company                      Thai Ginger Restaurants, Inc.
   Oberto Sausage Co.                         Seattle Marriott Hotel                      Thistle Theatre
   Ocean Terrace Condominiums                 Seattle Police Harbor Patrol                Thriftway
   Oregon Coast Aquarium                      Seattle Seahawks                            Thrifty Airport Parking
   Oregon Zoo                                 Seattle Sounders                            Tillamook Air Museum
   Pacific Coast Feather Company              Seattle Symphony Orchestra                  Tillicum Village & Tours, Inc.
   Pampered Chef/Tracey Smith                 Seattle Youth Symphony                      TLC Skate Center
   Paolo's Italian Restaurant                 Secret Garden Statuary                      Tony Roma's
   Philips Oral Healthcare                    Service Linen Supply                        Topics Entertainment
   Platinum Wholesale Auto                    Silver Cloud Inn                            University of Washington School
   Play It Again Sports - Bellevue            Six Flags Magic Mountain,                     of Drama
   Play It Again Sports - Renton                California                                University of Washington Dept. of
   Pleasant Company                           Skyway Park Bowl                              Intercollegiate Athletics
   Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium              Slide Waters - Chelan, WA                   Vertical World
   Port of Seattle                            Small & Sons Oil Dist. Co.                  Video Vault/Kathleen Yoppolo
   Print Time                                 Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater             Village Theatre
   Puetz Golf                                 Southwest Airlines                          Vopak USA/Steve Moore
   Red Lion Hotel                             Spectrum Dance Theater                      Waffle, Pamela
   Red Robin - Southcenter                    Spirit of Puget Sound, The                  Wal-Mart
   Redhook Ale Brewery                        Stagg's Precious Metals                     Walt Disney World Co.
   Regal Cinemas                              Starbucks                                   Walters, Ann
   Relax the Back Store                       Steamer's Seafood Café                      Wendy's International, Inc.
   Renton Civic Theatre                       Steve Martin Management                     West Coast Game Park
   S.A.K.S. on 2nd Hair Salon                   Company                                   Wild Ginger Asian Restaurant &
   Salon Works                                Stevens, Cynthia                              Satay Bar
   Scalf Management Group                     Studio East                                 Wilsonville Family Fun Center &
   Seattle Art Museum                         Sunset Books                                  Bullwinkle's Restaurant
   Seattle Art Museum                         Sweet Kitty - The Animazing                 Work-Sports & Outdoors
   Seattle Children's Theatre                 Sykart Indoor Racing Center,                Zoopa's Restaurant
   Seattle Imax Dome Theater                    L.L.C.

                                                 AUCTION RSVP

                           Please return the bottom portion of this page, along with payment, to:
                               Benson Hill Elementary School, Attention Auction Committee

   Name:                                                           Phone:
   Address:                                                        Child’s Teacher:
   Number of Tickets Purchased:                                    Amount Enclosed:

                           Tickets are $15 per adult, or $120 for a table of eight, by March 15th.
                         After March 15 , tickets are $17.50 per adult, or $140 for a table of eight.
                        No tickets available after March 26       - No Tickets Will Be sold at the Door

                                     Please make checks payable to Benson Hill PTA.

MARCH 2002                                                                                            BENSON HILL PTA GAZETTE

                                              DONATION FORM

Please complete and return to:                                                           Item No.:
Attention: Auction Committee                                                                  Date:
18665 - 116th Avenue Southeast
Renton, Washington 98058

DONOR / COMPANY INFORMATION                                   Please fill out completely

Company:                                                      Contact Person:
Mailing Address:                                              e-mail address:
City:                            State:                       Zip Code:                      Phone:
ITEM:                                                                                      VALUE:

ITEM DESCRIPTION FOR CATALOGUE                                Include any limitations, conditions, expirations

DOES A CERTIFICATE NEED TO BE MADE?                           If yes, complete the description above

         # YES              # NO

DOES THE DONATION NEED TO BE PICKED UP?                       If yes, we will contact you to make arrangements

         # YES              # NO


                                  THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATION!
                           Benson Hill PTA is registered as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.
                                   All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

For Office Use Only:


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