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					               Using Word's Borders and Shading Dialog Box (Format/Borders)
There are three tabs at the top of the Borders and Shading dialog box
• Borders
• Page Border
• Shading

The Borders Tab
On the left had side of the dialog box you will see the setting choices. Select from None, Box, Shadow, 3D, or
Custom Setting.

The centre of the dialog box gives you the options to select the border style, colour of the border lines, and the
width of the line.

A preview box is displayed in the right panel of the dialog box to help you visualize your selections. The right
panel also contains buttons to use when designing a custom border.

To apply a custom border:
• choose custom from the setting selections
• select the style, colour and width
• click on the combination of top, bottom, left or right boarders you desire.

Page Border Tab
This tab offers the same selection as the border tab except it applies to the page border. You choose whether to
apply the page border to a single page, the first page, or the whole document.

Shading Tab
Choose a preset colour and/or pattern to apply to the active paragraph or a pre-selection of text. You can also
access a wider selection of colour choices or customize a colour by clicking on More Colours on the shading

On the custom tab of the More Colours choice, the slider points to the colour that was selected when the dialog
box was activated. Use the slider to lighten the shade of the colour by dragging up, or to darken the shade by
dragging down.

Inserting a Horizontal Line in Your Word Document
Horizontal Lines

You will find a command in the Format/Borders and Shading dialog box that will insert a horizontal line in
your document. To insert the horizontal line:
• place your insertion point on the line in your document where you want to place the horizontal line
• open the Borders and Shading Dialog box (Format/Borders and Shading)
• click on the Horizontal Line button found at the lower left hand corner of the dialog box
• choose the style line you want to insert
• click on OK

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