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A l u m n i   M a g a z i n e

                                          business in
                                         the extreme”
                                       Huntsman students take
                                             on big challenge
                                                    in Egypt.

               Jon M. Huntsman School of Business   Spring 2009
                                               Message from the dean...
                                               By Douglas D. Anderson
                                               Dean and Professor, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

                                               from this downturn as a business school      Edwin Stafford and Cathy Hartman,
                                               that is more innovative and effective        played pivotal roles in the launching
                                               than it ever was before. We owe that         of a new wind plant in Spanish Fork,
                                               much to the students we now serve and        Utah. And, if you’d like a burst of fresh
                                               to the students we will guide tomor-         optimism, check out the story about our
                                               row – and we owe it to you, our alumni       students whose entrepreneurial instincts
                                               and friends, who provide us such             won’t let them wait until they graduate.
                                               valued support.                              They have already launched their own
                                                     With this issue of the Huntsman        businesses.
The financial weather has been stormy,         Alumni Magazine we intend to part                  We continue to invite exemplary
but the clouds aren’t all dark.                these dark economic clouds for a few         business leaders to come and speak
      It is true that dark headlines have      moments and shine some light on some         to our students. One of our Dean’s
been coming daily for months now.              of the good things that our students         Convocations featured Larry Gelwix,
The talk of layoffs, cutbacks, financial       and alumni are doing. For example, on        the rugby coach who inspired the movie
meltdowns, recession and a faltering           page 2, you can read about how our           “Forever Strong” and who has guided
economy has become our daily diet.             Field Studies program sent a team of         the Highland Rugby team in Salt Lake
      Utah State University has not been       students to Cairo, Egypt, to develop         City, Utah, to 18 national champion-
immune to such bad news. Budget cuts           vital training materials for the United      ships. Gelwix, who is also the CEO of
in the millions have already been made,        States Agency for International Devel-       Columbus Travel and the “Getaway
and we know more will be expected in           opment (USAID). It was an unusual            Guru” on radio and television, delivered
fiscal year 2009 – 2010.                       experience that tested our students in all   a powerful message about ethical leader-
      At the Jon M. Huntsman School            four areas. You’ll be proud to read how      ship to students who filled the George
of Business we are subjecting each and         they developed more than 1,200 pages         S. Eccles Business Building auditorium
every program and priority to a seri-          of instructional material in a changing,     and watched on LCD screens in other
ous review. But we have already come           complex and challenging international        parts of the building.
up with one conclusion that will not           situation.                                         Our student-led Partners In
change. We will move forward, not fall               You can also read about some of        Business Annual Finance Seminar was
backward during this challenging time.         the impressive things our students are       built around the theme, “Weather-
      Shortly after I started as dean, we      accomplishing as they serve internships      ing the Financial Storm.” It featured
decided that our focus would center on         in Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany,          Frank Nothaft, vice president and chief
developing ethical leaders, inspiring the      Ireland, Italy, Peru and Sweden. One of      economist of Freddie Mac, who spoke
entrepreneurial spirit within each of our      our students who worked in Germany,          on housing and mortgage conditions.
students and helping them gain a global        Josh Kerkmann, started out with an           During the seminar we gave a Profes-
vision of what they could accomplish.          assignment to organize business cards.       sional Achievement Award to Univer-
In 2007, we decided to add a fourth            By the time he left, his advice was being    sity of Chicago economist, Lars Peter
focus. We want to be sure our students         sought out by coworkers who grew to          Hansen, a 1974 graduate of USU. This
develop mastery in critical thinking           respect what he brought to the table.        brilliant award-winning economist was
skills; we have called this pillar “analyti-   In fact, one of his coworkers was so         the concluding speaker of the seminar.
cal rigor.”                                    impressed with Josh that he named his              In fall 2008, we presented Crystal
      We see our current economic chal-        newborn son after him.                       Maggelet, who is co-owner of Crystal
lenge as an opportunity to refine our                While many universities have a         Inn and is the new CEO of Flying J,
focus and to be sure we are investing in       healthy supply of professors who can         with a Distinguished Executive Alum-
the things that will benefit our students      talk about going green and developing        nus Award. Crystal offered the more
most. We are confident the choices we          alternative power sources, you will read     than 500 guests at our Annual Awards
make now will enable us to emerge              about how two of our professors, Drs.        Banquet some valuable insight on how
                                                                           2       Field-study students experience “international
                                                                                   business in the extreme.”
to balance work, family and community                                      5       Crystal Maggelet is honored with Distinguished
commitments.                                                                       Executive Alumnus Award.
      The full list of business leaders
who have visited campus to invest in                                       6       Young-Chul Hong never forgets his USU roots.
our students is impressive and too long
to include here. It’s gratifying to know                                   8       Huntsman entrepreneurial students are not waiting
that so many successful business leaders                                           for graduation.
agree that we are focusing on the right
things and are so willing to invest in our
                                                             pg. 6         9       Award-winning economist, Lars Peter Hansen,
students by sharing their time, talents                                            returns to USU.
and financial resources.
      As you know, our purpose at the                                      10      Huntsman students excel on international internships.
Huntsman School of Business is to be a
career accelerator for our students and
                                                                           12      Cathy Hartman and Edwin Stafford help kick-start new
an engine of growth for our communi-                                               industry in Utah.
ties, the state, our nation and the world.
In a very real sense, we are about the
                                                                           13      Business Ambassadors are entrusted with VIP work.
business of creating the economic head-                                    14      Dwight Israelsen and Chris Fawson teach in Russia.
lines of tomorrow. With your continued                       pg. 8
support, the dark clouds will part, and                                    16      Larry Gelwix, winning coach and successful CEo,
the sun will shine on. And, we’ll become                                           visits USU.
recognized as a business school that not
only teaches our students how to cope                                      18      Business leaders offer Huntsman students example
effectively with tough times, but even                                             and insight.
more importantly, how to make their
own weather.                                                               20      Twenty new inductees to the old Main Society have
                                                                                   Huntsman ties.
                                                                           21      Keep in Touch
                                                           pg. 14
                                                                           23      Gary Anderson earns new award.
                                                                           24      Ross Robson honored with new scholarship.
                                                                           25      Steve and Ross Stokes fund scholarships for single
                                                                           26      Brady and Andrea Murray work to establish an
The Huntsman Alumni Magazine is written and                                        endowed scholarship.
edited by Steve Eaton, the director of com-
munications for the Jon M. Huntsman School                                 BACK CoVER             Huntsman students fix up
of Business. It was also reviewed, filtered, ana-                                  amphitheater on old Main Hill.
lyzed, purified and homogenized by many oth-
ers who try to keep Eaton out of trouble. The
editing assistance of Maren Cartwright, Ryan
Hall, Mary Price, Taci Watterson and McKenzie
Rees was especially helpful. The magazine
was designed by Holly Broome-Hyer. The
Huntsman Alumni Magazine is posted on line.         On the cover:
The online version includes longer versions         Rosalie Gricius, an MBA student, takes a rare break from work to go see the Pyramids of
of some stories and additional photos. www.         Giza, near Cairo, Egypt. The picture was taken by the camel’s owner who probably had no
huntsman.usu.edu/alumnispring2009                   idea he was taking a cover shot for a magazine.

                                                                                                HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009 1
                          USU Field Studies students experience
“international business in the
                                          extreme”  One could have argued that Mark
                                                    Thomas went too far with this project.
                                                         While it’s true that Thomas, the
                                                    director of Field Studies, seems to have
                                                    unrestrained confidence in the Jon M.
                                                    Huntsman School of Business students
                                                    he works with, sometimes he lines up
                                                    some unusually challenging projects for
                                                         He called this job “international
                                                    business in the extreme.” This Field
                                                    Studies project had a team of students
                                                    traveling to Egypt to help the United
                                                    States Agency for International De-
                                                    velopment (USAID) prepare trainers
                                                    who would be coming into Cairo from
                                                    dozens of countries. The trainers would
                                                    be expected, in turn, to train those they
                                                    work with on proper USAID account-
                                                    ing procedures.

      Students from the Huntsman                   Thomas and Dr. Bentley weren’t
School of Business teamed up with stu-       the only ones who had faith in USU
dents from the Instructional Technology      students to deliver. Jed Barton, a
and Science Learning Department in           Huntsman School of Business alumnus,
the Emma Eccles Jones College of Edu-        turned to Field Studies after he couldn’t
cation and Human Services at USU.            find the type of expertise he needed
      Joanne Bentley is an assistant pro-    elsewhere, Thomas said.
fessor of instructional technology who             “This is an Aggie who believes in
specializes in accounting for individual     Utah State,” Thomas said of Barton,
and cultural differences in instruction.     a USAID controller who graduated in
She mentored the students at USU and         1982 with a bachelor’s degree
traveled with them to Egypt to run the       in marketing.
evaluation of the project.                         Dr. Bentley and Thomas put
      “It was a great opportunity for        together an exceptional interdepart-
students from two colleges to come           mental team to meet the challenge.
together and work as a team,” Bentley        Two sub-teams were formed, each made
said. “Their strengths complemented          up of both business and instructional
each other, and they learned that work-      technology students.
ing together they could accomplish                 Often students will pursue a gradu-
some remarkable things – more than           ate degree after spending a few years in
they could have individually.”               the workforce.                              James Hinkle, MBA student.
      It was a project that would require          “We had people on the teams
not just an understanding of a single        who have been out in the industry for
new culture but sensitivity to many
different cultures. It also required
                                             several years,” Thomas said. “These were
                                             impressive teams. They were hustlers.”
                                                                                         “It was a great opportunIty
mastery of the specialized governmental            The students spent six weeks on          for students from two
accounting subject matter that was to        campus developing the materials they
be taught.                                   would use to train the trainers. They        colleges to come together
      “It’s ten times harder to do a proj-   worked to be sure none of their illustra-
ect like this in an international setting    tions or language would be offensive          and work as a team.          theIr
than it would be to do it in the United      to those they were training. But before
States,” Thomas said. “That’s part of the    they could begin they had to first learn       strengths complemented
fun and part of the learning and also        the subject matter.
part of what it means to be in a global            “It was a self-taught crash course    each other and they learned
business.”                                   in USAID accounting,” said Bonnie
      Students who participate in Field      Villarreal, a MAcc student. “When we        that workIng together they
Studies projects are hired by companies      received the materials, before we could
to solve problems for them, and the          do anything, we had to teach ourselves.”       could accomplIsh some
reputation of the program is on the                Rosalie Gricius, an MBA student,
line each time a new project is tackled.     said that for three weeks they just            remarkable thIngs – more
Thomas said while the students know          read to gain a better understanding of
it will be a learning experience, they       USAID accounting practices. The busi-            than they could have
set their standards high and meet            ness students were in Egypt for a week
expectations.                                and a half and the other students were                 IndIvIdually.”
      “Like a top consulting firm, we de-    there for three weeks.
liver and meet the needs of our clients,”          And despite all of the students’               —Joanne bentley
he said.                                     preparations, they still faced obstacles.
                                                                                                  assIstant professor
                                             Shortly after arriving in Egypt, the stu-
                                             dents were asked to completely revamp
            t Lisa Rajigah, a Ph.D.
            student in instructional tech-   half the PowerPoint presentations they
            nology, seems to have the        had created. They were told the slides,
            camel under control. Bonnie      which were in outline form, didn’t
            Villarreal, a MAcc student, is   include enough content. Those who
            along for the ride.              would be using the presentations, they

                                                                                         HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   3
                          “we learned to work In a group wIth dIfferent dIscIplInes
                                 and how to recognIze people’s IndIvIdual skIlls and

                                effectIvely use them.”           —James hInkle, mba student
                          learned, had very little teaching experi-     ing works out just the way you think it
                          ence and planned to rely more on the          will,” Bentley said. “To be opened to a
                          content of the slides themselves than had     new view of the world and be trans-
                          been previously expected.                     formed by it, that’s what this is about.
                                While they had been planning            It’s about personal transformation. You
                          to spend their time doing research,           have to be adaptable under pressure,
                          evaluating their program and offering the     because there will always be surprises.”
                          trainers tips on how to use their student-          The students ended up developing
                          friendly materials, their focus suddenly      more than 1,200 pages of instructional
                          shifted toward revamping and developing       materials and hundreds of PowerPoint
                          more content-heavy materials that would       slides for two different specialized ac-
                          help the trainers get up to speed on what     counting courses.
                          they would be expected to teach.                    “It was an enormous task,” Vil-
                                Dr. Bentley said it wasn’t until near   larreal said. “You had one presentation
                          the end of their visit they had a chance      on cash reconciliation, one on how
                          to work with instructors and teach them       the United States government budget
                          how to effectively train others. She had      works. We had another one on how you
                          predicted – even before they left the         actually process an obligation through
                          country – there would be surprises that       the software. These were very detailed,
                          would bring out the best in the teams.        process-oriented presentations, and
                                “International projects are a won-      there were nearly 70 of them.”
                          derful opportunity to be surprised – noth-          The students said the work exposed
                                                                        them to the type of challenges one
                          p Mark Thomas and Joanne Bentley,
                                                                        might face working for a company that
                            faculty members.
                                                                        deals with multiple cultures and com-
                          t A USAID trainer teaches.
                                                                        munication barriers. It also taught them
                          q Lisa Rajigah gets an earful from a          how to work as a team.
                                                                              “We learned to work in a group
                                                                        with different disciplines and how to
                                                                        recognize people’s individual skills and
                                                                        effectively use them,” said James Hinkle,
                                                                        an MBA student. “We learned to work
                                                                        as a team even though we came from
                                                                        various backgrounds.”
                                                                              Thomas is not surprised that the
                                                                        students rose to the call and delivered.
                                                                        He said the materials they developed
                                                                        are now being used in South Africa,
                                                                        Thailand, Hungary and El Salvador.
                                                                              “You deserve an A,” he told them
                                                                        in their last meeting. “I am terribly
                                                                        proud of what you have done. I will
                                                                        brag about you for a long, long time.”

                                                                        For more photos of the trip go
                                                                         to: www.huntsman.usu.edu/

 Huntsman School of Business
   recognizes co-founder of
       Crystal Inn with
            top alumni award
This year the Jon M. Huntsman School          11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in            shareholder, along with my brother, of
of Business gave its highest award to a       December 2008.                               a large corporation with thousands of
successful business woman, recognizing             “Even though Flying J has been a        employees.”
her not only for her vocational success,      successful company, it faced near-term             Crystal talked of her supportive
but for her work as a mother.                 liquidity pressure from an unprec-           husband. She said Chuck, who works
      Crystal Maggelet, co-founder of         edented combination of factors: the          full-time leading MacCall Management,
Crystal Inn, managing director for            precipitous drop in the price of oil and     is patient, understanding, analytical and
MacCall Management and new CEO                the lack of available financing from its     “over-the-top intelligent.”
and president of Flying J, was pre-           traditional sources due to disrupted               “I’m very lucky that I found him
sented with the Distinguished Executive       credit markets,” the company said in a       and that I married him,” she said.
Alumnus Award by Dean Douglas D.              statement posted on its Web site. “With            Crystal also made it clear how
Anderson at the school’s Annual Awards        a sudden and unanticipated inability to      much she values her role as mother of
Banquet on Oct. 2, 2008. Crystal and          meet its liquidity needs, the company        her children
her husband, Chuck Maggelet, are              had no other choice than a Chapter                 “I’m a Girl Scout leader, a coach,
managing directors of the company that        11 filing to provide the time to work        a theater and ballet mom, an avid run-
now operates 14 properties, 11 of which       through a solution.”                         ner, a traveler but most of all, I’m a wife
are Crystal Inns.                                  If anyone can help a company            and a mother,” Crystal said at the event
      “All of us at one time or another,      “work through a solution,” it’s Crystal,     that drew more than 500 people. “I
struggle to strike a healthy work-life        according to Natalie Morgan, direc-          know that my horizon will change again
balance,” Dean Anderson said. “Crystal        tor of sales and marketing for MacCall       soon, and I’ll have the opportunity to
is someone who has done an impres-            Management.                                  pursue other endeavors as my children
sive job of juggling and balancing while           “Crystal has an ability to be very      pursue theirs.”
excelling vocationally and raising some       focused and productive with the time               The Maggelets have four children:
great kids.”                                  she has,” Morgan said.                       a son, Drew, who is 13-years-old, an
      Crystal partnered with her father,           “She just gets to the heart of the      11-year-old daughter, Lexi, and two
Jay Call, the founder of Flying J, to         matter and figures out what’s going to       eight-year-olds, Hailey and Erica.
open her first Crystal Inn in 1994 in         make it work and goes at it,” Morgan               “If I can leave you with three ideas
Salt Lake City. She supervised the build-     said. “She’s so organized and has such       tonight they would be, believe in what
ing, staffing and operation of the new        a great mind and such compassion for         you want and go for it,” she said at the
hotel and it proved a success. Shortly        people. She has really good insight. She’s   banquet. “Leave all your options open,
thereafter, she and her husband founded       a phenomenal human being.”                   work hard and believe in yourself. And,
MacCall Management, expanding the                  At the Annual Awards Banquet,           most of all, remember that balance
business.                                     which was made up of scholarship re-         doesn’t happen day-to-day but over a
      In January 2009, Crystal, who had       cipients and Huntsman School of Busi-        lifetime.”
been chairwoman of the Flying J Board         ness supporters, Crystal talked about              The Distinguished Executive
of Directors, became its CEO and presi-       some of the personal challenges she has      Alumnus Award honors alumni who
dent, adding yet another responsibility       faced, including the death of her father     have shown integrity, set a good ex-
to her plate. Flying J Inc., one of the na-   who was killed in an airplane crash in       ample, demonstrated powerful leader-
tion’s largest privately held companies,      2005.                                        ship and given valuable service to their
and its Big West refining and Longhorn             “In an instant my life changed,” she    community.
Pipeline subsidiaries, had filed voluntary    said. “Not only had I lost a man I loved
petitions to reorganize under Chapter         and respected, I was now the majority

                                                                                           HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   5
(From left to right) Katherine Anderson, her husband, Dean Douglas D. Anderson, Young Chul-Hong and, his wife, Mira Wie Hong.
Dr. Hong received an honorary doctorate in business from USU at commencement in May 2007.

                  Successful South Korean business leader
                     never forgets his
Years ago it was a simple act of kindness
                                                                   USU roots
                                             leading makers of specialty steel wire.     world’s economy. That understanding
that impressed Young-Chul Hong.              Even though he leads a firm that owns       has strengthened my company.”
     During his time at USU, while he        20 plants worldwide and employs 4,200             In 2005, Dr. Hong paid to bring
was going after his MBA degree, Hong         people, he has not forgotten USU and        Dr. Kartchner and his brother Eugene,
said he didn’t keep track of special dates   the individuals who helped him while        who was also one of Dr. Hong’s profes-
like his birthday but apparently his         he was here.                                sors, and their wives to South Korea as
roommates, Harry Miller Jr., Richard               For example, Dr. Hong still           his guests for 10 days.
Hall and Steve Gonzales, did. Hong           remembers Professor Allen Kartchner’s             “It was an absolutely wonderful
said he came home to discover his            statistics class.                           trip,” Dr. Kartchner said. “We had a
roommates had “kindly prepared a sur-              “His lectures were unlike any other   great time there. It was an experience of
prise party for me. I was so impressed       professor’s in that he turned the boring    a lifetime.”
and that pleasant memory is still very       numbers into something more interest-             Dr. Kartchner said Dr. Hong, who
clear in my mind. The smiles on their        ing,” Dr. Hong said. “The mathematical      is president of the South Korean chapter
faces that day, remain in my heart,          procedures I learned from him aided         of the USU Alumni Association, has
even today.”                                 me as a CEO in my company in various        been a strong advocate of USU in South
     Dr. Hong is now the chairman            ways by providing me the methods I          Korea.
and CEO of Kiswire, one of the world’s       would need to predict the flow of the

     “He’s a person who remembers           $1.5 billion. In 1995, he was awarded         able nature of the future,” he said.
people,” Dr. Kartchner said. “I thought     the Gold-Tower Industrial Contribution             Harry Miller, ’73, personnel man-
it was just amazing that he would           Decoration by the president of South          agement, was one of Dr. Hong’s room-
remember a professor he had 35              Korea. It is the highest honor given          mates when Dr. Hong was at USU. He
years ago.”                                 by the South Korean government for            said he remembers how surprised Dr.
     A group of Huntsman Scholars that      contributions to the economic welfare         Hong was when they threw a party for
traveled to Asia last summer also expe-     of the country. In 2004, the Huntsman         him. He said Dr. Hong was shy, humble
rienced some of Dr. Hong’s hospitality,     School of Business recognized him with        and very smart.
according to Vijay R. Kannan, director      a Professional Achievement Award.                  “We all thought he was a little
of international programs at the Jon M.                                                   computer,” he said. “He was so focused.
Huntsman School of Business.                                                              He’d learn things; they went into that
     “Dr. Hong was instrumental in                                                        computer bank, and he would spit them
not only enabling the group to visit and                                                  out later, verbatim, no problem. He
learn about Kiswire, but through his                                                      was more than willing to help his fellow
contacts, he arranged visits to a Sam-                                                    students with any kind of statistics or
sung research and development facility                                                    mathematical problem.”
as well as Hyundai’s largest car assembly                                                      Dr. Hong said his time at USU
plant,” Dr. Kannan said. “Both he and                                                     paid off.
his colleagues went out of their way to                                                        “The invaluable knowledge and ex-
ensure the group had a memorable ex-                                                      perience I acquired at USU influenced
perience and gained an appreciation for                                                   my business and life and became the
Korean culture and society. The South                                                     basis of today’s Kiswire,” he said.
Korea part of the trip could not have                                                          In a recent interview, Dr. Hong
been done without Dr. Hong’s support                                                      shared some advice about succeeding
and dedication to helping the Hunts-                                                      in business:
man School of Business.”                                                                  1. Leadership is not something that
     Dr. Hong recently donated                                                            a person is born with. “It comes with
$250,000 to support programs of
excellence in the Huntsman School of        “dr. hong demonstrates                        continued practice and endless effort.”
                                                                                          2. Leaders need to think about the big
Business and another $250,000 to the                                                      picture and long-term goals. They need
Department of Sociology at USU.                  to our students that                     to have what he calls “a global mindset.”
     “All I wish for is that my small                                                     3. Don’t make decisions on instinct
contribution will aid the students in         humIlIty, compassIon and                    alone. “Always think ahead and list
becoming better professionals and in                                                      the potential problems that may arise
serving society in better ways,” he said.    IntegrIty are prIncIples that                before proceeding with a decision.
     Dean Douglas D. Anderson visited                                                     Think scientifically.”
Dr. Hong in South Korea in 2007 and           can lead to success on a                         He said one of the reasons he was
was given a VIP tour of the Kiswire                                                       willing to ensure the Huntsman Schol-
plant in Hongduk, South Korea. (See a       global scale.       that’s the kInd           ars had a good experience is because he
video of the tour at Huntsman.usu.edu/                                                    thinks it’s important that they develop a
hong)                                          of example we want our                     “global mind.”
     “There is nothing small about Dr.                                                         “Students get special experiences
Hong’s contributions or the impact                  students to see.”                     from visiting overseas countries where
he continues to have at Utah State                                                        they learn about different cultures and
University,” Dean Anderson said. “He         —dean douglas d. anderson                    develop relationships with business,
demonstrates to our students that                                                         government and academic leaders,” he
humility, compassion and integrity are      In 2007, USU awarded Dr. Hong an              said. “This is the beginning of what
principles that can lead to success on a    honorary doctorate.                           they need to know to enter into a global
global scale. That’s the kind of example         Dr. Hong said he came to USU             marketplace. Those experiences will
we want our students to see.”               because he was looking to “experience a       definitely help the students develop
     When Dr. Hong took over his            greater diversity, both cultural and intel-   their business potential in the future.”
father’s business in 1988, it employed      lectual.”
only 2,300 people and had sales of               “I also wanted to challenge myself
$160.4 million. It now boasts sales of      further by confronting the unpredict-

                                                                                          HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   7
                                                                      or find new opportunities,” said Weese. “Seeing these opportu-
                                                                      nities is what makes times like these both interesting
                                                                      and exciting.”
                                                                            Dan Holland teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneur-
                                                                      ship and likes to see his students do more than talk.
                                                                            “While many of the businesses students start while in
                                                                      school may not be considered high-growth opportunities,
                                                                      a large part of entrepreneurship is action, and I am always
                                                                      excited to see students act entrepreneurially,” he said. “Their
                                                                      experiences prepare them to obtain greater value in the class-
                                                                      room and ultimately prepare them for a higher level of success
                                                                      in future new ventures.”
                                                                            Taking advantage of opportunities, however, often isn’t
                                                                      easy. Brandon Kartchner, a senior majoring in entrepreneur-
                                                                      ship and business administration, purchased a tanning and
                                                                      hair salon called The Rage, with his wife, Shantai. At the time,
                                                                      Brandon was carrying nine credits, had a full-time job on the
                                                                      side and realized he needed to remodel the business they had
                                                                      acquired, in addition to getting it up and running.
                                                                            “I didn’t sleep much for three or four months, but you
                                                                      just have to make it work,” he said.
Nate Bradshaw, a senior majoring in entrepreneurship and
Adam Brown, a junior majoring in entrepreneurship, look over                With so much on their plates, these entrepreneurial stu-
some shirts made by their company, Sentimental Clothing.              dents said their interest in the Huntsman School of Business
                                                                      goes way beyond getting good grades and a diploma. They are
Huntsman entrepreneurs                                                intent on seizing the value from everything offered in
                                                                      the classroom.

aren’t waiting for                                                          Justin Harding, a senior majoring in entrepreneurship,
                                                                      teamed up with Brandon Kartchner to start Logan Deals.

                                                                      The company has developed a list of thousands of people who
                                                                      welcome a daily text message about a good deal being offered
                                                                      by a local merchant. He said when he goes to class, he wants to
                                                                      make sure what he is learning can be put to use in his business.
While the faltering economy is causing many to fret about
                                                                            “I’m sitting there in class and I’m thinking about my busi-
keeping their jobs, there are a handful of Huntsman students
                                                                      ness and I’m wondering, ‘How can I apply this right now?’” he
who don’t seem to be paying attention to the news. They
                                                                      said. “And I walk out of class and, seriously, two hours later,
are convinced that if there are layoffs, they’ll be the last
                                                                      I’m changing something about my business because of what I
ones affected.
                                                                      learned in class.”
     That’s because, even though these students haven’t gradu-
                                                                            Harding and others interviewed said their motivation to
ated, they’ve already launched their own businesses. And, while
                                                                      stay in class is driven more by the knowledge they are after
some of them work two jobs, when it comes to their own busi-
                                                                      than the grade they will receive.
nesses, they answer only to themselves.
                                                                            “I’m there because I think the professor has something
     Nate Bradshaw is a senior majoring in entrepreneurship,
                                                                      valuable to offer, otherwise I would leave because I consider
who markets his own apparel line called Sentimental Clothing,
                                                                      my time very valuable,” Harding said.
and who has his own screen-printing business. He runs the ven-
                                                                            All the students interviewed had taken Dr. Holland’s
tures with Adam Brown, a junior majoring in entrepreneurship.
                                                                      class, the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and said the class
      “There are always going to be hard times, and I don’t want
                                                                      offered them valuable insight about how to be successful.
to sound like I don’t feel for the people who have lost their jobs,
                                                                            “I believe in the entrepreneurship program the school
because that is definitely not my point,” Bradshaw said. “My
                                                                      has,” Bradshaw said. “I believe in the next 10 years, it’s going
point is that there are always opportunities, and entrepreneurs
                                                                      to be a top-tier entrepreneurial school in the western
are the ones who look at the mess and find the opportunities
                                                                      United States.”
that have presented themselves.”
     Matt Weese, a senior majoring in entrepreneurship, runs
his own lawn care business.
     “With the economy being down, we are driven to go out                  For a longer version of this story go to:
and create new ways to be successful in our own businesses                    www.huntsman.usu.edu/inovation

                                                                                   returns to

When Lars Peter Hansen graduated from Logan High School            doctorate in economics. He started his academic career teach-
he was told by a counselor that, based on his recent academic      ing at Carnegie-Mellon University.
performance, he could expect to be a C+ student and, if he               Since 1981, Dr. Hansen has been on the faculty of the
studied very, very hard, a B+ student.                             University of Chicago’s Department of Economics, where he
     “I would bring home report cards with double check            served as director of graduate studies and as department chair-
marks by, ‘Does not respect authority,’” he said. “I was not a     man. He is the recipient of the 2006 Erwin Plein Nemmers
very inspired high school student.”                                Prize in Economics from Northwestern University. He has
     Hansen said his father and mother had both gone to            also been recognized with the Faculty Award for Excellence in
USU. In fact, his father, R. Gaurth Hansen, was the provost at     Graduate Teaching at the University of Chicago and was a co-
the time. Hansen decided to go to USU.                             winner of the Frisch Medal from the Econometric Society.
     “Several professors at Utah State University helped me              In the 1980s, Dr. Hansen became established as the
reorient my thinking to career possibilities and intellectual      leading contributor to the development and application of
pursuits,” Dr. Hansen said. “They started me on a path that        rigorous estimation and testing methods for financial data. His
has proven very challenging and rewarding.”                        1982 paper, “Generalized Methods of Moments” fundamen-
     Apparently, there were a number of professors at USU          tally altered the way that empirical research is done in finance
who could see his potential. Dr. Hansen said Mike Windham,         and macroeconomics.
a mathematics professor, and Bartell Jensen, an economics                Dr. Hansen was honored in October with the 2008 CME
professor, gave him valuable professional advice. He said that     (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) Group-MSRI (Mathematical
Doug Alder, a history professor, suggested Hansen always find      Sciences Research Institute) Prize in Innovative Quantitative
ways to take advantage of his strengths and to do it in a unique   Applications.
way.                                                                     In January 2009, Dean Douglas D. Anderson presented
     It would be an understatement to say that Dr. Hansen          him with a Professional Achievement Award during the Part-
went beyond the expectations of those who thought him des-         ners In Business Finance Seminar where he was the concluding
tined to be a C+ student.                                          speaker. There, the “trouble maker” spoke before an attentive
     After graduating with a dual degree in political science      audience of business professionals and students, giving an ad-
and mathematics in 1974, Dr. Hansen went on to attend the          dress entitled, “Financial Fragility and the Macroeconomy.”
University of Minnesota in Minneapolis where he earned his

     “several professors at utah state unIversIty helped me reorIent my thInkIng to career
       possIbIlItIes and Intellectual pursuIts.             they started me on a path that has proven very
                           challengIng and rewardIng.”              —dr. lars peter hansen

                                                                                         HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   9
Erik Kaltschmidt, a senior majoring in international business, works on a PowerPoint while company leaders at Xi’an Beta Market
Research look on.

Huntsman students tackle challenging
                           international internships
                           A Jon M. Huntsman School of Business student, who recently served an internship in Brazil, said he
                           came back with a Brazilian heart.
                                No, he had not just completed an internship as a surgeon. Cohen Summers had been working at
                           Banco Itaú S.A. in Sao Paulo.
                                “I would love to return to Brazil,” Summer said. “It is an amazing country, and my heart is now
                                His work included helping a number of employees with their business English, in part, by develop-
                           ing and teaching a bi-weekly business communications course. Another student, Tyler Smith, a senior
                           majoring in managerial economics and Spanish, worked at the same bank. He also said he enjoyed and
                           benefited from his experience. However, he came back convinced he would like to work for a smaller
                           company but found the international experience “stimulating and beneficial.”
                                Paige Geslin and Krystn Clark have heard this kind of feedback before. Geslin is the internship
                           director for the Huntsman School of Business and Clark is the internship coordinator. They would
                           consider both reactions positive.
                                “We tell students if you get into an internship and you find yourself wondering, ‘Why did I ever
                           think this major was for me?’ that’s good,” Geslin said. “You were able to test drive your major. Now, if

                    “the most Important thIng I developed was an Inner confIdence
                            that   I can do Just about anythIng I put my mInd to.”
                       — erIk kaltschmIdt, senIor maJorIng In InternatIonal busIness
you want to tweak or change your goals       the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-          new to me. I managed to do this despite
before you graduate, you can refocus on      day Saints in its Perpetual Education          the fact that I had no language abilities
something more fulfilling to you.”           Department in Lima, Peru. There, in            and I had never before visited China.”
      Geslin and Clark know what they        addition to the daily accounting and                 Employers seem to appreciate the
are talking about. During 2007 – 2008        audits he performed, he taught classes at      business-world experience students gain.
academic year, 351 Huntsman students         various locations.                             Nationwide, more than 65 percent of
completed internships. This number                 “Every night I taught hundreds of        students are offered jobs after they serve
doesn’t count internships students com-      students who wanted to learn how to            their internships, Geslin said.
pleted without taking the corresponding      start a business,” Norton said. “That was            “In business, you have to have
internship course.                           strange.”                                      practical experience,” Clark said.
      Clark said increasing numbers of             Geslin said she has confidence                 Joseph Ure, who served an intern-
students are interested in doing interna-    Huntsman students will rise to the chal-       ship at the U.S. Consulate Commercial
tional internships. In the 2006 – 2007       lenge when she lines up internships for        Service, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, gradu-
year, only five students did international   them.                                          ated in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in
internships. The next year there were              “For the most part, our interns are      international business and operations
16 students who went abroad and this         given very real responsibilities,” Geslin      management. He said he received offers
year that number will continue to grow.      said. “That’s why the internship course        from five major companies in late 2008
Students have served internships in          is so valuable. It ensures students are        and went to work for BAE Systems, the
China, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Germany,      given quality work and will not be stuck       world’s third largest defense contractor.
Belgium, Peru and Brazil.                    filing or fetching coffee. During the first          “Utah State students should not
      The vast majority of students report   couple of weeks, the interns sit down          feel intimidated or inadequate,”
the internships are challenging and re-      with their work supervisors and set very       he said. “They can compete in the
warding. Some are surprised at just how      structured goals or projects they will         business world if they are driven and
much trust is invested in them once          accomplish during the internship expe-         determined to accomplish their goals.
they prove themselves.                       rience. Students then complete weekly          We can achieve success at the highest
      Josh Kerkmann said when he             assignments for internship credits. We         possible levels even in the hardest of
initially arrived at his internship with     also arrange an onsite or phone visit          economic times.”
Bosch in Waiblingen, Germany, his            with every intern and with their work                At Banco Itaú, Summers and Smith
supervisor was away. They put him to         supervisor for a progress check.”              were asked to complete some significant
work organizing business cards. Kerk-              In addition to learning a new job,       assignments, in addition to teaching
mann was beginning to think he’d made        students serving international intern-         business English. They created opera-
a big mistake because he had passed          ships often have to learn to be flexible       tional flow charts of all the services
up an opportunity to be CFO of a             and work with people from varying              that their area provided for the custom-
local company so he could serve the          cultural backgrounds.                          er, and they created and implemented
internship.                                        Erik Kaltschmidt, a senior ma-           two databases. The two students were
      “My internship at Bosch started        joring in international business and           the first international interns at Banco
off slow, but as my responsibilities         economics, said his internships in Xi’an,      Itaú, and helped develop the internship
increased, people grew to trust me,”         China, gave him confidence. He worked          program for future Huntsman interns.
Kerkmann said. “In fact, my opinion          for Xi’an Beta Market Research and the               “From this internship I now have a
was eventually sought out by the vice        King Dynasty Hotel.                            better idea of who I am, what I want to
president of packing technology. What              “The most important thing I devel-       do, and by working in such an environ-
really surprised me was that one of my       oped was an inner confidence that I can        ment I have the skills to be successful,”
coworkers even named his son after me.       do just about anything I put my mind           Summers said. “So, to sum it up in
I must have done something right.”           to,” said Kaltschmidt. “I found success        one phrase: an internship helps open a
      Eddie Norton, a senior in ac-          in a completely different culture, work-       doorway to your future.”
counting and economics, worked for           ing two jobs, in two industries that were

                   For more photos of the internships go to: www.huntsman.usu.edu/tackle

                                                                                           HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   11
                                                                                        Two Huntsman
                                                                                        professors help
                                                                                          kick-start a
                                                                                        new industry in
Cathy Hartman and Edwin Stafford pose in front of the new Spanish Fork wind
power plant.

Two Jon M. Huntsman School of Business professors played a         tablish the project, a process that required backers to adapt to
key role in the launching of a wind power plant at the mouth       changing municipal, state and federal policies.”
of Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah, in 2008.                                   It includes a description of the siting issues encountered,
     Their research shows that the construction alone generated    how a power purchase agreement with Rocky Mountain Power
more than $4 million in economic output to the state of Utah.      was negotiated and how developers addressed objections raised
The project supported 38 jobs with a total payroll of almost       by some local residents.
$1.4 million.                                                            “Wind developers in Utah need to be persistent, flexible
     “Wind power can create attractive economic opportunities      and responsive to community concerns,” Dr. Stafford said.
for a local community in terms of new jobs, lease payments to      “Energy policy also needs to be consistent to expedite wind
landowners and new property tax revenues,” said Cathy Hart-        development as well.”
man, marketing professor and one of the co-authors of the                Spanish Fork has paved the way for more wind power
study.                                                             development throughout the state, according to Dr. Hartman.
     In 2009, the wind power plant is expected to generate               “This will bring both economic and environmental ben-
more than $74,000 in land lease payments to Spanish Fork           efits and foster a rural renaissance across the state,” she said.
landowners. It will also generate more than $112,000 in lo-              The Spanish Fork wind project is owned and operated by
cal property taxes for Utah County, of which approximately         Edison Mission Energy based in California.
$84,000 will support the Nebo School District, the study                 “We were so excited,” Dr. Hartman said. “We feel like we
concludes.                                                         are a part of it and the broader renewable energy movement in
     The report, “Generating Economic Development from a           the state.”
Wind Power Project in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah: A Case                  When the Spanish Fork project was dedicated, Hartman
Study and Analysis of State-Level Economic Impacts,” is avail-     and Stafford were guest speakers at the opening celebration.
able by clicking on “News and Research” at: www.cleantech.         They are also sought out on a weekly basis by reporters who
usu.edu                                                            are interested in what they have to say about green marketing
     The economic impacts were estimated using the Job and         and wind power.
Economic Development Impact (JEDI) model developed by                    “Our expertise is in the marketing of clean technology,”
the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable En-             Dr. Stafford said. “What we have here is a case study that
ergy Laboratory in Golden, Colo. Sandra Reategui, a USU            Cathy and I have witnessed over the last four years of all the
graduate, and Dr. Edwin Stafford, marketing professor, were        policy barriers, and the market barriers and the cultural mis-
co-authors of the study.                                           perceptions that had to be overcome to get this project off the
     “The developers faced obstacles at every turn and had to      ground. In many respects, Cathy and I feel honored that we
break new ground on many fronts,” said Dr. Stafford. “The          helped kick-start a whole new industry in the state.”
report includes a case history of the four-year struggle to es-

Business Ambassadors meet on the ninth floor of the George S. Eccles Business Building to plan upcoming events.

                                 Business Ambassadors host
                                                  VIP visitors
When Jon M. Huntsman came to USU in December of                    innovative and dependable students who have consistently
2007 to announce he was giving the College of Business $25         proven they are worthy of such trust.”
million, he came with some important guests in tow. They                 Business Ambassadors are called upon to give tours, host
included Utah Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr., three apostles from        important guests and do more mundane things like usher for an
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a former       important event.
dean from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsyl-               “We are here to help the Dean’s Office,” said Josh Kerk-
vania, Thomas P. Gerrity. That’s not to mention the spouses        mann, a Business Ambassador.
and other carefully selected people who made the trip to USU             “We even pulled staples out of bulletin boards before
on two private jets or another LDS apostle, Elder Joseph B.        school started,” said Cox, who now serves as president of the
Wirthlin, who would be waiting for them at the university.         Business Ambassadors.
      Among the small group there to greet the in-bound party            He jokes that after his experience greeting the Huntsmans
of VIPs at the airport were Morgan Cox, a Business Ambassa-        at the airport it was inevitable he’d be selected to lead the group.
dor, and Eddie Norton, Business Senator.                                 “I was the ‘anointed one’ after that point,” Cox said,
      Cox said he ended up on one of the two buses that took       laughing.
the group to the USU campus with Jon M. Huntsman, Presi-                 Business Ambassadors are also drafted to go on recruiting
dent Boyd K. Packer, Elder M. Russell Ballard and Gerrity.         trips and share their experiences with potential students.
      “I was sitting right across from the two apostles and Jon          One might think that Business Ambassadors serve in hopes
Huntsman was sitting next to me,” he said.                         of padding their resumes or making connections that might
      As they drove to campus, Cox answered questions about        help them after graduation. Those interviewed, however, talked
himself and the school. Cliff Skousen, senior associate dean for   of how much they appreciate what they’ve gained from their
faculty development and administrative affairs, was also at the    time at USU and how they want to share that with others and
airport but did not ride on the same bus with Cox to USU. He       help shape the future of the school.
said he knew that Cox and Norton would represent the school              “It gives me an opportunity to make a difference,” said
well.                                                              Brian Francom, a Business Ambassador. “Not necessarily to
      “The Business Ambassadors play a crucial role in support-    gain recognition but just to be able to change the School of
ing the Huntsman School of Business and in shaping the way         Business, to represent something that I feel is important
others view us,” Dr. Skousen said. “We have total confidence       to me.”
in each of them because they are a select group of intelligent,

                                                                                         HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   13
                                    The students at North Ossetia State Uni-
                                    versity probably didn’t expect a profes-
                                    sor visiting from the Jon M. Huntsman
                                    School of Business in America to know
                                    much about Russia.
                                          Few had met a native English
                                    speaker. They were just delighted to have
     Two Huntsman professors        a chance to test out their ideas and Eng-
                                    lish on the visiting professor.

     teach in
                                          They didn’t know that Dwight
                                    Israelsen graduated from USU in 1969
                                    with a degree in economics and a minor
                                    in Russian language. Dr. Israelsen ended
                                    up writing his dissertation on fiscal policy
                                    in Czarist Russia when he earned his doc-
                                    torate at the Massachusetts Institute of
                                    Technology. He has taught courses on the
                                    economic history of Russia, the political
                                    economy of the USSR and the economic
                                    transition of Russia and Eastern Europe.
                                          Chris Fawson, senior associate dean
                                    for academic and international affairs,
                                    made the trip with Israelsen. He said
                                    students appreciated the fact that Dr.
                                    Israelsen knew so much about Russia.
                                          “To have an American come over
                                    who loved and respected their culture was
                                    just an incredible experience for them,”
                                    Dr. Fawson said.
                                          Dr. Israelsen and Dr. Fawson were
                                    invited to be visiting professors for two
                                    weeks in late 2008 at North Ossetia State
                                    University. The school is located in the
                                    Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, part
                                    of the Russian Federation and located in
                                    the northern Caucasus region bordering
                                          The rector of the university and
                                    the dean of the School of International
                                    Affairs, where students are taught in
                                    English, invited them to be guest lectur-
                                    ers. Dr. Fawson taught econometrics and
                                    economic theory. Dr. Israelsen taught
                                    international economics and the history
                                    of economic thought.
                                          “It’s a unique part of the world,” Dr.
                                    Fawson said of North Ossetia. “There’s
                                    not a lot of outside access because it’s a
                                    part of the world that has had a lot of
                                    political unrest.”
                                       t The two professors stopped in
                                       Moscow on the way home where they
                                       visited St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red

      Fawson said it is an area where the
Huntsman School of Business can have
a significant impact.
      “It’s where a visit can really change
the lives of the students and the faculty
we interact with,” he said. “We have a
broad mission to reach out and help
draw people from around the world
into a global community and help
them feel empowered. Our trip was an
outgrowth of the Huntsman School’s
focus on global vision.”
      Dr. Fawson said the students
were very open to learning new
ideas and “looking at the world
through a different lens.”
      “The students couldn’t have been
more generous and accommodating
with their time,” Dr. Fawson said. “They      p Some of the North
                                              Ossetia State University
would pick us up in the evenings and
                                              economics students that
we’d walk through the city and they           Chris Fawson and Dwight
would show us the things they loved           Israelsen taught pose in
about it.”                                    the Kurtat Valley.
      Dr. Fawson and Dr. Israelsen
                                              u Dwight Israelsen
had worked with North Ossetia State
                                              and Ashar Dzampaev, a
University in 2001 when they sought           student, stand in front of
USAID funding to establish an institu-        an Ossetian sepulcher in
tional relationship with the university.      an ancient village of Tsmiti
Because of the political unrest in the        in the Kurtat Valley.
area, the program wasn’t funded, but the      q Chris Fawson teaches
relationships were established.               a econometrics class
      Dr. Israelsen said on their recent      at North Ossetia State
trip they were exploring the possibilities    University.
of establishing a cooperative degree pro-
gram like the Jon M. Huntsman School
has done in China. Dr. Israelsen is the
director of academic initiatives for Asia.
      Dr. Fawson and Dr. Israelsen said
the experience proved valuable profes-
sionally, giving them insight they would
not otherwise have had.
      “For us it was an educational
adventure,” Dr. Israelsen said. “I had
not been to North Ossetia before. We
were interested in knowing what had
happened to education in Russia since
the breakup of the Soviet Union; what
their educational system was like, how
they teach and how well prepared the
students are. We were very impressed.”

 For more photos of the trip go to:

                                                                             HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   15
It’s not every day a business school looks to a rugby coach for advice.                         “See the finished product.” He also
And yet, the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business invited Larry Gelwix, coach of            said to recognize people for the potential
the Highland Rugby team and the inspiration for the movie “Forever Strong,” to be a       they have and treat them as equals.
Dean’s Convocation speaker last January.                                                        “It’s about seeing the potential in
      Dean Douglas D. Anderson, who has worked with some of the best known                people,” he said. “As you go on to your
business leaders in the country, introduced Gelwix, who is also CEO of Columbus           leadership role, see the end from the
Travel, as “one of the finest leaders I have ever met.”                                   beginning, as Stephen Covey would put
      While Gelwix spoke he was filmed by three different film crews. One of them         it. See the potential. See the finished
was gathering footage which could eventually be used as part of a special feature on      product.”
the “Forever Strong” DVD. Students packed the auditorium, watched on a video                    “Focus on the final score.” Gelwix
feed pumped to the student lounge and other areas of the building and then stood in       encouraged the students to think about
line afterward to get a chance to talk with him.                                          not what they are going to be, but in-
      Gelwix shared with the students what he called the “five pillars of success.”       stead, who they are going to be.
      Practice “horizontal leadership.” He said the most common type of leadership              “Be men and women of integrity,”
is “ego driven.” With a horizontal philosophy, he said, “Everyone has the right of hu-    he said. “Be men and women of honesty.
man dignity, of human respect, of not being humiliated in front of their peers, of not    You’re going to get some penalty flags
being ripped apart.”                                                                      and fouls and missed shots along the way.
      “There’s no such thing as negative motivation,” he said. “There is not. You can     You’re going to have some people take ad-
terrorize someone; you can threaten an employee with his job; you can threaten a          vantage of you, but you determine what
student; you can terrorize someone within your organization, and you will get a           the final score of your life is by not what
short-term behavior change. But you’ll never capture their heart and their loyalty.”      you want to be but who you want to be.”
Gelwix emphasized the importance of respecting everyone.                                        “Get out of the boat and drive the
      “If you want to know what a person’s character is really like, I’m going tell you   wagon.” Gelwix told the Biblical story in
the secret; it never fails,” he said. “Watch how a person treats someone they don’t       Matthew of Peter getting out of the boat
need.”                                                                                    in a storm and trying to walk across the
      “Don’t play with snakes.” Gelwix told a story of a friend who was playing with      water to Jesus Christ.
a rattlesnake and got bit. He told the students there is a right and wrong, and they            “I think that Peter gets a bum rap
should resist the temptation to choose an unethical path just because it promises         with this story,” he said, “because we al-
more profit.                                                                              ways talk about his failure and his sinking
                                                                                          … Peter got out of the boat.”
                                                                                                He also told a story of Salt Lake
                                                                                          pioneer Brigham Young crossing a river
Winning rugby                                                                             as the frozen ice started to crack. When
                                                                                          a follower suggested they stop and pray,

 coach shares
                                                                                          Young said, according to Gelwix, “Broth-
                                                                                          er, we said our prayers this morning, now
                                                                                          you drive that wagon!”
success secrets                                                                                 “Some of us spend so much time
                                                                                          in planning, paralyzed by fear, afraid we

                                                                                          may look dumb, afraid we may fail, that
                                                                                          we don’t get out of the boat and we don’t

                                                                                          drive the wagon,” he said.
                                                                                                “The five things I have told you are
                                                                                          true,” he said. “They are pillars of success

                                                                                          that not only will not fail you, but cannot
                                                                                          fail you.”

                                                                                          For a longer version of this story
                                                                                                 go to: www.huntsman.usu.
                                                                                                 edu/rugbycoach or to see
                                                                                                      a video of the convo-
                                                                                                         cation go to http://

                                                                                                     Bob Nilsen is a former player who
                                                                                               went on to become president of Burger
                                                                                               King and chief operating officer of Taco
                                                                                               Bell. He is now the president, COO
                                                                                               and owner of Café Rio.
                                                                                                     He said Larry has “the whole pack-
                                                                                               age” when it comes to leadership. “He is
                                                                                               not an in-your-face coach, but he cap-
                                                                                               tivates your mind, your passion – you
                                                                                               want to win for the man, you want to
                                                                                               excel and you want to live a good life.”
                                                                                                     John Kimball is now the senior vice
                                                                                               president of business operations at Réal
                                                                                               Salt Lake. He said he still teaches and
                                                                                               applies what he learned from Gelwix in
                                                                                               his work.
Larry Gelwix talks with Vladimir Sosa, a senior majoring in operations management and                “The principles the coach taught
human resources.                                                                               make perfect sense in business,” Kimball
                                                                                               said. “He taught us to leave it all on
   Rugby players credit Gelwix with                                                            the field. He taught us to be unified
                                                                                               as a team and focus on a worthy goal.

       helping them become                                                                     He demonstrated leadership by caring
                                                                                               about individuals. If you could get just

          champions off the field
                                                                                               those three principles into play in a
                                                                                               business, it would drive performance
                                                                                               unlike anything the world has seen.”
                                                                                                     Gelwix keeps former players
Mark Nelson said he remembers the first time his Highland Rugby team played Utah
                                                                                               involved by asking them to write letters
State University.
                                                                                               and send pictures to players who will be
      He said he was so afraid that he was physically shaking before the game, fearing
                                                                                               wearing their jersey numbers and play-
they would “get killed” by the college players.
                                                                                               ing their positions.
      “The first five minutes of our first game were terrible,” he said. “Three of my
                                                                                                     “He made me want to work, to
teammates were literally carried off the field from injuries that included a broken leg
                                                                                               want to sweat and die for the team,”
and a dislocated collar bone.”
                                                                                               said Andrew Carver, who is a freshman
      Gelwix, however, seemed confident his high school club team could win. He
                                                                                               at Snow College. “It was an honor to
encouraged them on and, after their “initial shock,” the team started to play hard,
                                                                                               play for this team. To wear the same
Nelson said. They won.
                                                                                               jersey as so many before you have.”
      However, the real victories, if Gelwix is to be believed, happened later in Nelson’s
                                                                                                     Before major rugby contests, the
life as he reaped the benefits from applying the principles Gelwix taught him.
                                                                                               team does the Haka, a Maori choreo-
      “I remember him putting his arm around me,” Nelson said, “and telling me that
                                                                                               graphed war chant on the field. They
he is expecting big things out of me in life, that I had the potential to do amazing
                                                                                               do so knowing hundreds of former
                                                                                               players around the world are stopping at
      Nelson said he went on to get his MBA from Harvard and to found his own
                                                                                               the very same time to participate with
private equity fund and consulting firm, “Value Added.”
      It’s clear Gelwix is proud of the way his teams have played; in 33 years of coach-
                                                                                                     Gelwix often says if his coaching
ing, his teams have earned a 379 – 9 record. The USA Rugby association has held
                                                                                               were just about Rugby he would have
national championships for 24 years and Highland Rugby has won 18 national
                                                                                               retired years ago. He says he finds it
                                                                                               most rewarding when a player tells him,
      Gelwix’s rugby success was the inspiration for the movie “Forever Strong,” a film
                                                                                               “You changed my life.”
that was released in fall 2008 and is due out on DVD in April 2009. Gelwix said the
                                                                                                     “When you change one person’s
movie combines true stories from several seasons and puts them all into one season.
                                                                                               life,” he said, “you change generations.”
      Gelwix is the CEO of Columbus Travel and former CEO of WinAir. Gelwix was
one of the principal owners of Morris Travel, a firm he and his partners sold in 1995.
He is the “Getaway Guru” on KUTV, 2 News This Morning, and on his syndicated                   For a longer version of this story go to:
radio program “Travel Show.”                                                                    www.huntsman.usu.edu/champions

                                                                                             HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   17
Business leaders emphasize
    the importance of
       ethics, gratitude and
           global vision                                                                                DaVID
                                                                                                              C    aY Jo
Editor’s note: Here is listing of just some of the speakers who have visited the Huntsman                                    on
School of Business in recent months.
Sam ClaRk                                                                                   SCOtt HuSkinSOn
The president and CEO of the Dale Barton Agency, Sam Clark, told a Dean’s Con-              A Logan businessman, Scott Huskinson,
vocation audience in October 2008 how consistently choosing an ethical path has             who started a company that has be-
helped him build the kind of reputation that has led to his company’s success and           come a leading supplier of wrist bands
growth.                                                                                     traditionally used in fund raising, was
     He told numerous stories about how holding to high ethical standards has paid          presented with a Professional Achieve-
off in his business and suggested each student make a decision now to be a “man or          ment Award in September 2008.
woman of integrity.”                                                                             Huskinson’s biggest entrepreneurial
     “It takes 30 years to build a reputation,” he said, “and you can lose that reputa-     move came when he started a company
tion in 30 seconds.”                                                                        with a friend, Clay Broadbent, called
lew CRameR                                                                                  Reminderband just after Lance Arm-
Lew Cramer, president and CEO of the World Trade Center Utah, told the students             strong made the “Live Strong” bands
they will need to think globally to succeed.                                                popular. Huskinson and Broadbent
     Cramer served as the director general of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial               have since launched ifrogz, a company
Service, leading the United States’s commercial staff of 1,400 employees at more than       that is now the leading supplier of iPod
120 embassies overseas and in 65 offices throughout the United States. Utah Gov.            accessories. Huskinson, ’01, marketing
               Jon M. Huntsman Jr. drafted him to be the president and CEO of the           education, is now the CEO and presi-
                  World Trade Center Utah, in 2006.                                         dent of Reminderband and iFrogz.
                               “You may not all be going global,” he said, “but you all
                      need to be globally
                       competitive. This
                        is a world where
                        globalization is
                        like a tsunami,
                       sweeping across
                      the landscape.”

               Frank nothaFt                                                SaM CLark                     SCott hUSkInSon

DaRwin JOHn                                   DaviD Cay JOHnStOn                                  “I wish I had better news to share
The former CIO of the FBI, Darwin             David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-          with you,” he said at the beginning of
John, told students that they need to         winning reporter and author, spoke at          his presentation. “I just want to prepare
develop their “soft skills.”                  the Partners In Business Intermountain         you. I’ve got a lot of grim news on the
      John spoke to one of Katherine          Accounting Seminar in October 2008             macro outlook and on the housing and
Chudoba’s management information              about some of the problems that he said        mortgage markets.”
systems classes in 2008, and told the         have evolved with the U.S. tax system.              He predicted that the recession
students, “The hard skills, the technical          Johnston was awarded the 2001             would last until the mid part of 2009,
skills, those kinds of skills are what get    Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting “for his     maybe longer.
you in the door,” he said. “The soft skills   penetrating and enterprising reporting
                                                                                             BRaD RiCH
are what cause you to succeed. If you         that exposed loopholes and inequities in
                                                                                             Brad Rich, executive vice president and
don’t have the soft skills, you’ll drop out   the U.S. tax code, which was instru-
                                                                                             chief financial officer of SkyWest, may
early. ”                                      mental in bringing about reforms.”
                                                                                             be the only Professional Achievement
      John served for more than 12 years           After he spoke Johnston summed
                                                                                             Award recipient who had no idea he was
as the managing director of information       up his message.
                                                                                             about to be honored until Dean Doug-
and communication systems world-                   “Our current economic policies do
                                                                                             las D. Anderson started to introduce
wide for the Church of Jesus Christ of        violence to the most conservative, time-
Latter-day Saints. He has also served as      tested principles of markets, taxes and
                                                                                                   Dean Anderson asked everyone
the CIO of the FBI, as a special advisor      spending policies,” he said. “And if we
                                                                                             to stand and then explained that they
to the director of the FBI and a member       don’t get out of the sound bites and the
                                                                                             would all learn who had been selected
of the FBI’s Science and Technology           myths they have created, it will eventu-
                                                                                             for the award through a process of elim-
Board. He is now a strategic advisor to       ally destroy our country.”
                                                                                             ination. First, everyone who was not a
Blackwell, Management and Informa-
tion Technology Consultants.
                                              FRank nOtHaFt                                  USU graduate was asked to sit down.
                                              Frank Nothaft, vice president and chief        Then, everyone who wasn’t a grandfa-
      John, who is also the chair of the
                                              economist for Freddie Mac, spoke at the        ther was asked to sit down. It didn’t take
Advisory Board for the Management In-
                                              Partners In Business Finance Seminar in        long to narrow things, especially after
formation Systems Department, talked
                                              January 2009 and predicted this reces-         everyone who had not been named a
with the students on a range of topics,
                                              sion will be the longest and most severe       finalist for CFO of the year in 2008 by
nearly all of them relating to ethical
                                              the nation has had since the 1980’s.           Utah Business Magazine was asked to sit
                                                                                                   Rich, ‘85, accounting, said some
                                                                                             graduates enter the workforce
                                                                                             with a grateful attitude
 For longer versions of these stories and links to videos of the convoca-                    about the opportuni-
         tion addresses go to: www.huntsman.usu.edu/leaders                                  ties they’ve been given
                                                                                             and others come
                                                                                             with a feeling of
                                                                                             entitlement. He said
                                                                                             he hopes students
                                                                                             will understand the
                                                                                             benefits of being grate-
                                                                                             ful for their
                                                                                             their parents,
                                                                                             the quality of
                                                                                             their education,
                                                                                             their professors
                                                                                             and for their
                                                                   DarWIn John

                           BraD rICh

                                                                                           HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   19
Twenty new inductees to the old Main Society have connections to the
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
In 2008, 20 people who were inducted         •	 Reed	and	Cindy	Gardner.	Reed is             •	 Jason	and	Melanie	Pond. Jason,
into the Old Main Society had ties           the owner of Electrical Wholesale Supply       who received a bachelor’s degree in
with the Jon M. Huntsman School of           (EWS) in Salt Lake City. EWS has been          marketing from the Huntsman School
Business.                                    a family business since 1961 where his fa-     of Business in 1997, is the president of
To become a member of the Old                ther, Ken, started it in Idaho Falls, Idaho.   the Logo Shop, Inc., in Logan. Melanie,
Main Society, a donor’s lifetime giving      Reed took over the business in 1988 and        who graduated with a bachelor’s degree
to Utah State University must have           it now has eight branches and employs          in human resource management in
reached a total of $25,000 or more.          more than 150 people. The Gardners are         1996 and an MBA in 1998 from USU,
                                             recognized for their ongoing gifts to fund     is director of human resources for the
The most recent inductees include:           the Electrical Wholesale Supply Schol-         USU Space Dynamics Laboratory. The
•	 Alan	K.	and	Kathleen	Allred.	             arship, which supports students in the         Ponds are recognized for their gift to the
Alan, who graduated with a bachelor’s        Huntsman School of Business.                   Big Blue Scholarship Fund.
degree in finance from the Huntsman          •	 Richard	and	Julie	King. Dick, who           •	 E.	Floyd	and	Hazel	Ross. Floyd
School of Business in 1974, was the          graduated with a bachelor’s degree in          Ross joins the Old Main Society for the
president and CEO of Questar Gas and         management information systems from            contribution he made in memory of his
the executive vice president of the Que-     USU in 1972, is vice president of Associ-      wife, Hazel. Hazel graduated from USU
star Gas Corporation. Kathleen gradu-        ated Foods in Salt Lake City. He received      with a bachelor’s degree in elementary
ated with a bachelor’s degree in English     a commission in the U.S. Army through          education in 1939. He helped build a
from the College of Humanities, Arts         the USU ROTC program. He serves on             telephone cooperative that became the
and Social Sciences in 1972. The             the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business         Uintah Basin Telephone Association.
Allreds’ gifts support the Utah Business     National Advisory Board. Julie, who at-        Floyd and Hazel went on to purchase
Week Scholarship and provide general         tended USU and Boise State University,         and manage a phone system company
support for the Huntsman School.             is the historian of Associated Foods. The      in Parker, Ariz..The Rosses are recog-
•	 Marc	and	Debbie	Bingham.                  Kings are recognized for their gifts to the    nized for a scholarship to the Uintah
Marc, who graduated with a bachelor’s        Huntsman School of Business and the            Basin Regional Campus, which will
degree in wildlife management from the       USU libraries.                                 support students seeking a degree in the
College of Natural Resources in 1963,        •	 Shauna	and	Tom	Mabey. Shauna                area of business entrepreneurship.
started Phone Directories Company and        was the director of sales and marketing at     •	 Vonetta	S.	and	Woody	B.	Searle.	
is a five-time winner of the “Publisher      The Pasha Group, a transportation and          Vonetta made her gift in honor of her
of the Year” award from the Association      logistics company. She was also the first      late husband, Woody. Woody owned
of Directory Publishers. He is currently     woman to be a national account sales           and operated a number of businesses
the CEO of Blue Diamond Capital, an          manager for Ryder Systems Inc. Tom             including: Searle Hide & Fur, Searle
investment firm. Debbie is a mem-            owns Sahara Inc., a development and            Savings Center, Searle Gas Company,
ber of the Foundation Board of Utah          construction company. The Mabeys are           Diamond Hills Motel and Restaurant
Valley University. The Bingham’s are         recognized for their gifts to the Jon M.       and the Searle Saddle Shop. Vonetta was
recognized for their gift to construct the   Huntsman School of Business National           a member of the Business and Profes-
Bingham Entrepreneurship and Energy          Advisory Board Scholarship.                    sional Women’s Club. Vonetta is recog-
Research Center on the Uintah Basin                                                         nized for her gift to the Woody B. and
Campus.                                      •	 William	G.	and	Billie	L.	Murray.	
                                             Bill, who graduated cum laude from             Vonetta S. Searle Faculty Endowment
•	 Kem	C.	and	Carolyn	Gardner.               USU in 1972 with a bachelor’s degree in        at the Uintah Basin Campus which will
Kem was the co-founder and president         political science, is a partner in the law     be used to hire faculty teaching business
of the Boyer Company L.C. a firm with        firm of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe         management, accounting, finance, mar-
development projects all over the Inter-     and is the chair of the Global Real Estate     keting and related business programs.
mountain West, including the Gateway         Group in San Francisco, Calif. The
in downtown Salt Lake City. He is now        Murrays are recognized for their sup-
chair of Gardner Properties L.C. Kem         port of the Billie L. Murray and William
and Carolyn were recognized for their        G. Murray Jr. Scholarship and another                 For longer versions
gift to the Jon M. Huntsman School of        scholarship, which supports global busi-             of these stories go to:
Business.                                    ness initiatives.                                www.huntsman.usu.edu/oldmain

                                                                                                                           Keep in Touch
‘50’s ‘50, works
                                   Ronald Cetraro, ‘68, works as      Max Berry, ‘72, works as a        Dynix and lives in Springville,      Thomas Rattle, ‘77, is an ac-
                                   a senior advisor for The Claro     superintendent with Perini        UT.                                  count executive at Robert Half
Calvin Jorgensen,                  Group and makes his home in        Building Company and lives in     Nancy Potter, ‘74, is a partner      International, Inc. and lives in
in sales at Montana RV Center      Pleasant Hill, CA.                 Las Vegas, NV.                    at Bennion Group and lives in        West Linn, OR.
and lives in Helena, MT.           John McKinnon, ‘68, is presi-      Michael Fletcher, ‘72, is CFO     Provo, UT.                           J. Scott Clark, ‘77, is owner of
Reed Berntson, ‘56, works in       dent and owner for McKinnon        of Energy Corporation of          Joseph Richards, ‘74, is a consul-   Impact Commercial Solutions
advertising at Crawford Doors      CFO Services, LLC and resides      America and makes his home        tant for Farmers and Irrigators      and makes his home in Hyde
and resides in Murray, UT.         in Waukesha, WI.                   in Englewood, CO.                 Rights and lives in Milton-          Park, UT.
Albert Kimber, ‘56, is             Val Bangerter, ‘69, is employed    Gary Gneiting, ‘72, is VP and     Freewater, OR.                       James Thomas, ‘77, is an opera-
employed as a bus driver for       by V & J Holdings, LLC and         manager at The Bank of Com-       Larry Welsh, ‘74, is owner and       tions manager at Boise, Inc. and
Weber Company Transporta-          lives in Lake Oswego, OR.          merce and makes his home in       president of Gold Key Realty,        resides in Meridian, ID.
tion and resides in Roy, UT.       Thomas Barker, Jr., ‘69, is        Rigby, ID.                        Inc. and lives in Logan, UT.         Bill Ward, ‘77, is an associate
Sherman Tingey, ‘58, works         director of Medical Hearing        Erle Oman, ‘72, is a utility      Gregory Erickson, ‘75, is em-        dean for Cal State University –
as a statutory agent with Taxi     Clinic, Inc. and resides in Oro    analyst for the State of Utah     ployed by Factor 10, LLC and         San Marcos and resides in San
Tops, LLC and lives in Tempe,      Valley, AZ.                        and lives in Ogden, UT.           lives in River Falls, WI.            Marcos, CA.
AZ.                                William Brinton, ‘69, is em-       T. Jed Speth, ‘72, is CFO of                                           Chris Allison, ‘78, is a sales
                                                                                                        Brent Meikle, ‘75, is employed
Gordon Beckstead, ‘59, is own-     ployed by IPC Construction         Phoenix Consulting Group,         as a business manager with           marketer at Digital Bridge and
er of Amherst Partners, LLC        Co. and makes his home in          Inc. and makes his home in        DATC and resides in Farming-         resides in Salt Lake City, UT.
and chairman of the board and      Midvale, UT.                       Huntsville, AL.                   ton, UT.                             Larry Bywater, ‘78, is president
treasurer at V2K International     Kurt Larsen, ‘69, is president     Curtis Steele, ‘72, is owner of                                        of LMB and a mortgage consul-
                                                                                                        Scott Nelson, ‘75, is president
Inc. and resides in Parker, CO.    and CEO for Resource Man-          Office Equipment Company,                                              tant for NorthPoint Financial
                                                                                                        for Woodside Group, Inc. and
Kay Christensen, ‘59, is           agement, Inc. and resides in       Inc. and makes his home in        resides in Ogden, UT.                Services and resides in Park
president and CEO for K &          Midvale, UT.                       Price, UT.                                                             City, UT.
                                                                                                        Jeanette Pitcher, ‘75, is em-
D Marketing and resides in                                            Kent Wakefield, ‘72, is                                                Marie Larson, ‘78, works as a
                                   ‘70’s ‘70, is owner
                                                                                                        ployed as a realtor for R & R
Lehi, UT.                                                             president and CEO for The                                              special education teacher with
                                                                                                        Realty and makes her home in
                                   Russell Fjeldsted,                 Wakefield Company, LLC and        Pleasant Grove, UT.                  Edith Bowen School and makes
                                                                      resides in New York, NY.                                               her home in Logan, UT.
‘60’s ‘60, is em-                  of Mountain Place Properties,                                        William Windle, ‘75, is an IT
                                   LLC and makes his home in          Dennis Watson, ‘72, serves as     project manager with City of         Douglas Anderson, ‘79, is owner
Vernal Sessions,                   Logan, UT.                         a faculty member at Salt Lake     Carson City and makes his            of Anderson Glass and resides in
ployed at Wachovia Securities,     Harold Hess, ‘70, is a sales as-   Community College and lives       home in Reno, NV.                    Rigby, ID.
Inc. and lives in Mesa, AZ.        sociate at Coldwell Banker and     in Salt Lake City, UT.                                                 Brad Bearnson, ‘79, is owner of
                                                                                                        Michael Dunn, ‘76, is president
Gene Jensen, ‘63, works for        lives in Ogden, UT.                Bruce Anderson, ‘73, works as     and executive secretary for Sigma    WZKO Enterprises, LLC and
Alamo Community College            Sharon Parker, ‘70, is employed    a senior healthcare consultant    Chi International Corporation        resides in Providence, UT.
and lives in San Antonio, TX.      as a realtor for At Home Realty    at Pfizer, Inc. and makes his     and resides in Evanston, IL.         Richard Bell, ‘79, is president
Richard Gordon, ‘64, owns          Network and makes her home         home in Riverton, UT.                                                  and CEO for Six Star Solutions
                                                                                                        Kenneth Hammerle, ‘76, is
Westgate Lofts and makes his       in Wellsville, UT.                 Robert Bench, ‘73, is employed    CFO of Equinox Land Group            and resides in Park City, UT.
home in Salt Lake City, UT.        Lois Price, ‘70, is an archivist   as a CEO and director for         and makes his home in Little-        Kendall Brough, ‘79, is CFO of
Steve Bailey, ‘65, is a co-owner   at Logan Library and resides in    BayHill Capital Corporation       ton, CO.                             Star Valley Medical Center and
of Powderhorn Ski Resort and       Logan, UT.                         and resides in Orem, UT.                                               makes his home in Afton, WY.
                                                                                                        Don Johnson, ‘76, is a
lives in Ridgway, CO.              H. Bert Ashcroft, ‘71, works       Jenean Gross, ‘73, works as a     manager of special projects for      Larry Carlson, ‘79, works as a
Karren Peterson, ‘65, is an        as a tax manager at Utah State     substitute teacher with Pomona    The Church of Jesus Christ of        commercial insurance agent at
assistant director with San        Tax Commission and lives in        School District and lives in      Latter-day Saints and lives in       Hub International and makes his
Joaquin Delta Community            Salt Lake City, UT.                Diamond Bar, CA.                  Centerville, UT.                     home in Idaho Falls, ID.
College and resides in Stock-      Vicky Hammond, ‘71, is a self-     Steve Perreault, ‘73, is owner    Terry Oliver, ‘76, is senior VP at   Paula Kjar, ‘79, is employed as
ton, CA.                           employed piano instructor and      and president of Farm Basket      Cache Valley Bank and lives in       an instructional assistant for
Steven Reeder, ‘65, is owner of    lives in McKinney, TX.             and lives in Las Vegas, NV.       Logan, UT.                           Folsom Cordova Unified School
Trails West of Idaho, Inc. and     Gary Kelley, ‘71, works in pur-    Mel Workman, ‘73, is owner of     Paul Reese, ‘76, is employed as a    District and resides in Folsom,
lives in Thatcher, ID.             chasing at Bio-Rad Labs and        Insurance Network and lives in    treasurer, director and secretary    CA.
Gaylen Hoyt, ‘66, is a secretary   makes his home in El Dorado        South Jordan, UT.                 with Big “J” Milling & Elevator      Kay Monroe, ‘79, is a manager
with Logan Cache Rich Federal      Hills, CA.                         Randy Anderson, ‘74, is           Company, Inc. and makes his          for Hinton Burdick and lives in
Credit Union and makes her         Brent Payne, ‘71, serves in        president and CEO for STI         home in Brigham City, UT.            Monroe, UT.
home in North Logan, UT.           emergency medicine with            Automation Sensor Division        Scott Ulbrich, ‘76, is owner of      Jim Simkalo, ‘79, is a partner
Mike Dryden, ‘67, works in         Intermountain Healthcare and       and resides in Providence, UT.    Arrowhead Consulting, LLC            at Meadowbrook Court Apart-
sales at TestAmerica Labo-         makes his home in Riverton,        Gary Cornia, ‘74, is dean         and makes his home in Salt Lake      ments and lives in Mill Valley,
ratories, Inc. and resides in      UT.                                for the Marriott School of        City, UT.                            CA.
Discovery Bay, CA.                 Lowell Rex, ‘71, works in          Management at Brigham             Joe Bailey, ‘77, is VP of finance    Terrell Sparks, ‘79, is VP of The
Dennis Parker, ‘67, serves as      marketing at Investment Advi-      Young University and resides in   and controller at BBVA               Argent Group and resides in
an executive vice president for    sors International and lives in    Orem, UT.                         Bancomer and lives in Chino          Sandy, UT.
Thermo King Northwest, Inc.        Camarillo, CA.                     Wayne Crawford, ‘74, is           Hills, CA.                           Nancy Tillotson, ‘79, is a
and lives in Portland, OR.         David Shaw, ‘71, is employed       co-founder of Fast Market         James Hall, ‘77, is employed as a    secretary and treasurer with SST
Bill Skidmore, ‘67, works as       at Academy Mortgage Corpo-         Focus and makes his home in       business manager with Claresh-       Management, Inc. and makes
a stock broker with First Finan-   ration and resides in Sandy,       Whittier, CA.                     olm Medical Center and resides       her home in Sandy, UT.
cial Equity and lives in Sun       UT.                                Rep. Gage Froerer, ‘74, is        in Claresholm, AB.

                                                                                                                                             ‘80’s ‘80, is a pro-
City, AZ.                          Gayle White, ‘71, is director      president for Gage Froerer and    Ronald Hitchcock, ‘77, works
Karl Worthington, ‘67, is an       of air, missile and national       Associates, Inc. and lives in     as the superintendent for the
interim VP for academic affairs    defense with the Computer          Huntsville, UT.                   Multnomah Education Service          Dale Anderson,
at Utah Valley University and      Sciences Corporation and           Shauna Hicken, ‘74, works as      District and lives in Gresham,       grammer at Flying J and makes
makes his home in Orem, UT.        resides in Monument, CO.           a senior accountant for Sirsi-    OR.                                  his home in Ogden, UT.

                                                                                                                   HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009               21
Keep in Touch
 Hamid Reza Azad, ‘80, is an           his home in Daniel Island, SC.      cipal advisor at Rio Tinto and       ment at United Way of Salt Lake      at Century 21 and resides in
 accountant and lives in Foster        Randall Bambrough, ‘82, is          resides in Sandy, UT.                and makes her home in North          Providence, UT.
 City, CA.                             CFO of NextG Networks,              Kent Huzzey, ‘83, is the man-        Salt Lake, UT.                       Mark James, ‘86, is senior VP at
 Paul Beard, ‘80, is owner of          Inc. and makes his home in          ager of gas supply for Michigan      Kerri Rawlins, ‘84, works for        Honeywell International, Inc.
 Community Management, Inc.            Fremont, CA.                        Gas Utilities and lives in Green     The Church of Jesus Christ of        and lives in Morristown, NJ.
 and R. Paul Beard and Associ-         Jonathon Bunker, ‘82, is            Bay, WI.                             Latter-day Saints and lives in       Dixie Madsen, ‘86, is employed
 ates and resides in Sandy, UT.        president and COO for Sierra        Anne Klemm, ‘83, is employed         Orem, UT.                            as a public education coordina-
 Bruce Davis, ‘80, is vice provost     Health Services and resides in      as an installation coordinator       Michael Valenza, ‘84, is VP and      tor for Intermountain Donor
 for continuing education and          Las Vegas, NV.                      for JMR Cabinets and resides in      controller for RBF Consulting        Services and makes her home in
 career and technical education        Scott Dansie, ‘82, is owner of      Henderson, NV.                       and resides in Peoria, AZ.           Layton, UT.
 at Weber State University and         Comcast and makes his home in       Gary Mauger, ‘83, is senior VP       Gregory Dye, ‘85, is VP of hu-       Brett Merrell, ‘86, is senior VP
 resides in Layton, UT.                Park City, UT.                      of client services at TIAA-CREF      man resources at Mity-Lite and       at Giant Eagle, Inc. and lives in
 Kent DeHart, ‘80, is a SBA            Richard Greene, ‘82, serves as an   and resides in Arvada, CO.           resides in Springville, UT.          Sewickley, PA.
 manager with Far West Bank            executive director and president    Kathleen Neal, ‘83, serves as an     Kurt Fullmer, ‘85, is VP of          Kamarudin Bin Min, ‘86, is
 and lives in North Salt Lake,         at Naperville Chamber of Com-       executive assistant for Crown        American CareSource Holdings         employed as lead of the strategic
 UT.                                   merce and makes his home in         Castle and makes her home in         and lives in Southlake, TX.          unit at Malaysian Ministry of
 David Geary, ‘80, is CFO of           Naperville, IL.                     Chandler, AZ.                        Elizabeth Hale, ‘85, is a televi-    Science and resides in Kuala
 Cache Valley Specialty Hospital       Steven Horne, ‘82, is director of   Cynthia Smith, ‘83, works as a       sion personality and resident        Lumpur, Malaysia.
 and resides in Logan, UT.             market research for Trans Union     commercial coordinator at Alfa       psychologist for KSL-TV/KSL-         Burke Plummer, ‘86, is presi-
 Bruce McMurdie, ‘80, is a senior      Marketing Services and makes        Mechanical and makes her home        AM/VideoWest/BSC/KCSG and            dent for Qqest Software Systems
 tax manager for Ticketmaster          his home in Naperville, IL.         in Ririe, ID.                        makes her home in Salt Lake          and resides in Draper, UT.
 and resides in Glendale, CA.          David Ivarie, ‘82, serves as a      Tasha Swahn, ‘83, is employed        City, UT.                            Robert Rasmusson, ‘86, is a
 Shawn Meador, ‘80, is a               financial advisor for Merrill       at the Nath Law Group and            Todd Hogan, ‘85, is a corporate      partner at Mellotti & Rasmus-
 shareholder with Woodburn and         Lynch & Company, Inc. and           makes her home in Carlsbad,          strategist for LANDesk and lives     son and lives in Laguna Niguel,
 Wedge and lives in Reno, NV.          lives in Bakersfield, CA.           CA.                                  in Alpine, UT.                       CA.
 James Pehrson, ‘80, works as          Kenneth Johnsen, ‘82, is direc-     Robert Young, ‘83, works as          Michelle Kerkman, ‘85, works as      Craig Ricks, ‘86, is CFO of
 a controller at Magnum Opes           tor and CEO of Sweetwater           a state agent with Cincinnati        a controller at Barricade Services   Reminderband Inc. and resides
 Corporation and lives in Las          Technologies and resides in Salt    Insurance Company and lives in       and lives in West Jordan, UT.        in Smithfield, UT.
 Vegas, NV.                            Lake City, UT.                      Salt Lake City, UT.                  Darrell Marchell, ‘85, serves as a   Cindy Archibald, ‘87, is owner
 Shirley Smart, ‘80, is employed       Jeanne Kerbs, ‘82, is a counselor   Greg Burton, ‘84, is an academic     VP of engineering for Panelized      of Exceed Systems, LLC and
 at Bear River Head Start and          for Burley High School and lives    accounting fellow at the Securi-     Structures, Inc. and lives in        resides in Smithfield, UT.
 makes her home in Logan, UT.          in Burley, ID.                      ties and Exchange Commission         Modesto, CA.                         Benjamin Brown, ‘87, is director
 Richard Stachon, ‘80, is senior       Alan Kjar, ‘82, works in sales at   and lives in Rockville, MD.          Daniel Nixon, ‘85, is a manager      of corporate real estate at Ameri-
 VP of wealth management at            Eli Lilly and Company and lives     Richard Collins, Jr., ‘84, is se-    for Windsor Square Associates,       can Pacific Corporation and
 Smith Barney and makes his            in Folsom, CA.                      nior VP of wealth management         owner of Lock-It-Up Self Storage     resides in Henderson, NV.
 home in Urbandale, IA.                Delerie Moore, ‘82, serves as an    at Smith Barney and resides in       and VP and partner with Nixon        Quinn McKenna, ‘87, is COO
 Thomas Beck, ‘81, is employed         elementary school proctor and       Draper, UT.                          and Nixon, Inc. and lives in         of the University of Utah
 as a trading finance and system       makes her home in Victorville,      Joseph Crum, ‘84, works as a         Ogden, UT.                           Hospital and makes his home in
 director at Pacificorp and lives in   CA.                                 Southwest area credit manager        Deann Price, ‘85, works as a         Farmington, UT.
 Vancouver, WA.                        Darlin Nielsen, ‘82, is employed    with Wilbur-Ellis Company and        teacher at Monticello Elementary     David Miller, ‘87, is president
 Dean Cottle, ‘81, is employed         as a general contractor for         makes his home in Austin, TX.        School and lives in Monticello,      for Hawks Bay, LLC and resides
 as a branch manager for Smith         La-Di-Dolls, Inc. and resides in    Scott Donars, ‘84, is a sales        UT.                                  in Seal Beach, CA.
 Barney, Inc. and resides in           Tremonton, UT.                      associate at Coldwell Banker and     Scott Rhees, ‘85, works for Raser    Larry Ricks, ‘87, works for VSR
 Farmington, UT.                       Mark Paraskeva, ‘82, is             lives in Hinsdale, IL.               Technologies and makes his           Logistics and makes his home in
 April Develyn, ‘81, is employed       employed as a business unit         Bret Ellis, ‘84, is VP of informa-   home in Heber City, UT.              Los Alamitos, CA.
 as a registered investment            manager for Worthen Industries,     tion technology at Weber State       Jon Richards, ‘85, is president      Brian Schroeder, ‘87, is
 assistant for Wedbush Morgan          Inc. Upaco Division and resides     University and lives in Laie, HI.    and COO of Industrial Supply         employed at Black Hawk and
 Securities and resides in Scotts-     in Contoocook, NH.                  Lawrance Evans, ‘84, is em-          Company, Inc. and makes his          makes his home in Caldwell,
 dale, AZ.                             Les Patterson, ‘82, is a lieuten-   ployed as a relationship manager     home in Sandy, UT.                   ID.
 Ladd Hall, ‘81, serves as an          ant colonel in the Air Force        at Met Life Home Loans and           Paul Taylor, ‘85, is the senior      Terry Speth, ‘87, is VP of
 executive VP for Nucor Steel          Reserves and lives in Gooding,      lives in Mound House, NV.            district executive for Pacific       finance at Horizon Financial &
 Company and lives in Waxhaw,          ID.                                 Kevin Forsgren, ‘84, is a math       Harbors Council with the Boy         Insurance Group and resides in
 NC.                                   Darcie Allan, ‘83, serves as an     teacher and assistant principal at   Scouts of America and resides in     Gilbert, AZ.
 Scott Hansen, ‘81, is a financial     elementary teacher at Millard       White Pine Middle School and         Lacey, WA.
                                                                                                                                                     Pamela Wingard, ‘87, is owner
 advisor for Kraft Business and        County School District and          resides in Richmond, UT.             Martin Bushman, ‘86, is an           of Carolina Design Studios,
 lives in Centerville, UT.             makes her home in Oak City,         Marc Halley, ‘84, is owner of        assistant attorney general for       LLC and makes her home in
 Kathy Munns, ‘81, is a librarian      UT.                                 Halley Consulting Group and          the State of Utah and resides in     Charlotte, NC.
 for the Carbon County School          Dorilee Clegg, ‘83, is a manager    makes his home in Dublin, OH.        Farmington, UT.
                                                                                                                                                     Richard Arata, ‘88, is a senior
 District and makes her home in        for South Cache Market, Inc.        Alan Hansen, ‘84, is a secretary     Doug Bywater, ‘86, is employed       manager for Accenture and
 Price, UT.                            and lives in Soda Springs, ID.      and treasurer with Bowen             as a system analyst with Siemens     resides in Greeley, CO.
 Marcie Schaap, ‘81, is employed       Wynn Hall, ‘83, is a financial      Petroleum and makes his home         Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                     Daniel Bell, ‘88, is owner of
 as an attorney and resides in Salt    planner for Cambridge Financial     in Kearns, UT.                       and makes his home in Park
                                                                                                                                                     Retirement Plan Solutions
 Lake City, UT.                        and lives in West Point, UT.                                             City, UT.
                                                                           Mike Liptrot, ‘84, is director                                            Administrators and makes his
 James Wall, ‘81, is a plant opera-    Daniel Harawa, ‘83, is a senior     of human resources for Parker        Jennifer Ya-chin Cheng, ‘86, is a    home in Bountiful, UT.
 tor at Chevron-Texaco and lives       lecturer for Mzuzu University       Hannifin Corporation and             manager for Sun Microsystems,
                                                                                                                                                     Suzette Eickman, ‘88, is owner
 in Vernal, UT.                        and makes his home in Mzuzu,        makes his home in Ogden, UT.         Inc. and lives in San Jose, CA.
                                                                                                                                                     and executive director of cus-
 Bert Young, ‘81, is CFO of Ben-       Malawi.                             Kristine Pepin, ‘84, is VP for       Kent Dunkley, ‘86, is an as-         tomer service of Voice Plus, Inc.
 efitfocus.com, Inc. and makes         Craig Houmand, ‘83, is a prin-      partner and community engage-        sociate broker and manager           and lives in Roseville, CA.

Jill Frew, ‘88, is the managing     Community Clinic and lives in
director of Cain Brothers and       Akron, OH.
lives in New York, NY.              Samuel Gleason, ‘89, works as
Greg Hardester, ‘88, is a CPA       a senior financial analysis for
with Comprehensive Financial        Barrick Gold Corporation and
Management and lives in San         lives in Preston, ID.
Jose, CA.                           Kirk Greenhalgh, ‘89, is CFO
Kip Harris, ‘88, is the manag-      and VP of Sahara, Inc. and
ing director of student support     resides in Layton, UT.
services at BYU Idaho and lives     Leon Nelson, ‘89, is an
in Sugar City, ID.                  operations manager at Big-D
Rex Harris, ‘88, is president for   Construction and resides in
SignThis Sign Shop and lives in     American Fork, UT.
Hyrum, UT.                          Robert Phillips, ‘89, is presi-
Charles Leonhardt, ‘88, is          dent for Hawkins Companies
VP of university relations at       and resides in Meridian, ID.
the University of Northern          Captain James Plastow, ‘89, is
Colorado and makes his home         employed as a project manager
in Spokane, WA.                     for Perot Systems and makes
Corey Miles, ‘88, is owner          his home in Chandler, AZ.
of Miles CPA and makes his                                             Gary Anderson talks with students at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.
                                    Gordon Raymond, ‘89, is the
home in Afton, WY.
                                                                       Gary Anderson wins third Heart and Hands Award
                                    manager of municipal services
Monica Montgomery, ‘88,             and government affairs for
is senior VP and compli-            Allied Waste Services and lives
ance manager at Community           in Bountiful, UT.                  By Ryan Hall
Bancorp and makes her home          Todd Rich, ‘89, is owner of
in Phoenix, AZ.                     Rich Investments, LLC and
                                                                       When the economy falters, contributions to even the most worthy causes
Lance Morton, ‘88, works for        makes his home in Fruit            may drop off.
Anadarko Petroleum Corpora-         Heights, UT.                             However, Gary Anderson, who graduated in 1978 with an account-
tion and lives in Vernal, UT.       Julie Simmons, ‘89, is VP of       ing degree from USU, is one alumnus who feels now is not the time to
Carl Nielsen, ‘88, is CFO of        information services at Market-    pull back support.
PES Payroll and makes his           Star Associates and resides in
home in Corona, CA.                 Ogden, UT.                               “I think this is when philanthropists need to step up,” said Anderson.
Alan Raymond, ‘88, is VP            Toni Walker, ‘89, is employed      “You try to look for more that you can do.”
for America sales at SCO            as a resource aid for the Gran-          In December 2008, Anderson received the Heart and Hands Award
Operations, Inc. and lives in       ite School District and lives in   for the third time. The award is sponsored by the Utah Nonprofits As-
Draper, UT.                         Salt Lake City, UT.
                                                                       sociation and the Utah Society of Fund Raisers. It recognizes people who
Paula Rosson, ‘88, is VP and        Max Walters, ‘89, is a manager
controller for Fischer Imag-        for Tesoro West Coast Com-
                                                                       make significant contributions through their volunteer or philanthropic
ing and makes her home in           pany and lives in Schertz, TX.     service.
Aurora, CO.                                                                  Anderson contributes to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
Loren Squire, ‘88, is VP of
Bear Energy and makes his
                                    ‘90’s‘90, is CFO                   National Advisory Board Scholarship, the Big Blue Scholarship and the
                                                                       Huntsman School of Business Dean’s Fund.
                                    Mike Arbon,
home in Houston, TX.                of Winbro Group, Ltd. and                Anderson came up with the idea to host an Entrepreneur Day or
Daniel Walker, ‘88, is director     makes his home in Princeton,
of human resources for W.W.                                            eDay each year and he has been a major supporter of the event since
Clyde & Co and resides in           Brien Caulfield, ‘90, works as a
                                                                       he founded it. This year eDay has become eWeek and, in addition to
Spring City, UT.                    supervisor with Fresenius USA      the Elevator Pitch competition, it will feature a new “Business Creation
David Willie, ‘88, is executive     and lives in Willard, UT.          Event.” The event will give students the chance to compete in a 72-hour
VP and CFO of Southwest             Casey Claybaugh, ‘90, is           contest that will test each team’s ability to promote and sell a product or
Washington Medical Center           employed as a publisher for
and makes his home in Camas,                                           service based on a common item such as a water bottle. The Elevator
                                    Box Elder News & Journal and
WA.                                 makes his home in Brigham          Pitch competition gives students a chance to pitch their best ideas to a
John Worley, ‘88, is employed       City, UT.                          panel of successful entrepreneurs and win cash to help get their ventures
as a CEO for Cache Valley           Keven Clemens, ‘90, is             off the ground.
Specialty Hospital and resides
in Providence, UT.
                                    employed as a project manager            The eDay event, which is organized by the USU Entrepreneur Club,
                                    for Ventyx, Inc. and lives in
Dwayne Allen, ‘89, is a self-
                                                                       exposes students to entrepreneurial experiences, opens them to new
                                    Morgan, UT.
employed mortgage broker and                                           possibilities and helps them better understand the free enterprise system.
                                    Stephen Friedrich, ‘90, is a
resides in Tooele, UT.              physician and practice risk        The event also gives students an opportunity to interact with successful
Derek Coulter, ‘89, owns his        manager at Sentara Health          entrepreneurs, like Anderson, on a one-on-one basis.
own law firm and resides in         System and lives in Williams-            Anderson also serves on the National Advisory Board for the Hunts-
Draper, UT.                         burg, VA.
                                                                       man School of Business, the Advisory Board for the Athletic Department
Dennis Crouch, ‘89, is an asso-     Randall Halley, ‘90, is senior
ciate director for Aegis Sciences   VP of branch delivery at
                                                                       and is the chairman of the Entrepreneurial Founders’ Board.
and resides in Sandy, UT.           America First Credit Union               “I got my degree and that got me a job,” Anderson said. “I just feel
Diane Daniels, ‘89, is a part-      and lives in Clearfield, UT.       I owe something to those who have helped me along the way.”
time advisor with Canton            Brad Hicken, ‘90, is a sales

                                                                                                          HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009   23
Keep in Touch
 manager at Associated Materi-     Shaunalee Stanger, ‘90, is a       Brett Fitzgerald, ‘91, is em-     Service and makes his home in      Mark Rich, ‘92, is director of
 als, Inc. and resides in Roy,     senior solutions architect for     ployed by Delta Air Lines and     Pocatello, ID.                     information systems for Ashley
 UT.                               Sun Microsystems, Inc. and         makes his home in Wellsville,     Annette Herman, ‘91, is direc-     Valley Medical Center and
 Steven Jackson, ‘90, is an        lives in West Haven, UT.           UT.                               tor of national accounts for       resides in Vernal, UT.
 accountant at Pacific Strategic   David Stump, ‘90, is CFO of        Gregory Folta, ‘91, is a fiscal   Zane Benefits and makes her        Jennifer Sanford, ‘92, works for
 Fund Group, Inc. and lives in     Global Sanitation Solutions        administrator for Salt Lake       home in Park City, UT.             Autoliv ASP, Inc. and makes her
 Irvine, CA.                       and resides in Salt Lake City,     County and lives in Erda, UT.     Gordon Jeppson, ‘91, works         home in Clearfield, UT.
 Johnny Keyes, ‘90, works as a     UT.                                Daniel Good, ‘91, is a database   for New Dawn Technologies          John Stockham, ‘92, is VP of
 tax manager at Zions Manage-      Sunny Huang Talbot, ‘90, is an     administrator at the University   and resides in Hyrum, UT.          Aculis Inc. and makes his home
 ment Services Company and         accountant at Rayonier, Inc.       of Iowa and resides in Rowley,    Sarath Kakani, ‘91, works for      in Salt Lake City, UT.
 makes his home in Ogden, UT.      and lives in Cosmopolis, WA.       IA.                               Unifi Wealth Management and        Chris Vaterlaus, ‘92, is owner of
 Dean Rich, ‘90, works for         Keith Andersen, ‘91, is VP of      Wayne Hardinger, ‘91, is          makes her home in Chennai,         Crescendo Properties and lives
 Georgia-Pacific Corporation       Travelers Insurance and lives in   district sales manager for        Tamil Nadu India.                  in Roseville, CA.
 and lives in Petal, MS.           Aurora, CO.                        Nicholas & Company Food           Nate Peterson, ‘91, is director    Michelle Vaughn, ‘92, is a sales
                                                                                                        of health care operations for      representative with Penford
                                                                                                        Adaptis and resides in Seattle,    Corporation and lives in Aurora,
                                                                                                        WA.                                CO.

                            New scholarship honors                                                      Greg Rasmussen, ‘91, is a
                                                                                                        sales representative with Bayer
                                                                                                                                           Sharon Weyland, ‘92, is
                                                                                                                                           employed as a health emergency

                            Ross Robson, benefits students
                                                                                                        Healthcare Pharmaceuticals         response planner at County
                                                                                                        and resides in Franklin, TN.       Health Department and resides
                                                                                                        Robert Smith, ‘91, is employed     in Vernal, UT.
                                                                                                        at Smith Excavation & Con-         Tifani Williams, ‘92, is an office
                         The man who is credited with building the Shingo
                                                                                                        crete, Inc. and lives in Brigham   manager at Dr. Kelly Kuburbs
                         Prize’s national reputation is still working to give stu-                      City, UT.                          and resides in Logan, UT.
                         dents a competitive edge despite the fact that he is no                        Shawn Thomson, ‘91, is owner       Bradley Armstrong, ‘93, is em-
                         longer on campus.                                                              of Brave USA and makes his         ployed as a recreation coordina-
                                   Ross Robson retired from his position as                             home in Logan, UT.                 tor for Gem County and makes
                                                                                                        Farrell Thurston, ‘91, is owner    his home in Ammon, ID.
                         executive director of the organization that is now
                                                                                                        of Thurston Reality and Farrell    Jerry Bovee, ‘93, is an assistant
                         called the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence in                          Thurston Construction and          VP for Weber State University
                         2008. The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business has                               resides in Las Cruces, NM.         and resides in Kaysville, UT.
                         established the Ross & DaNece Robson Scholarship in                            Troy Ashcraft, ‘92, is employed    Mark Just, ‘93, is the manager
    Lean Management to recognize Robson’s contributions. The Shingo Prize                               by ABM and resides in Lake         of chemical plant for BQ Corp.
                                                                                                        Jackson, TX.                       and lives in De Soto, KS.
    and the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business contributed $100,000 to
                                                                                                        Kimberly Averett, ‘92, is CFO      Nicole Lengel, ‘93, is senior VP
    get the scholarship started, with the hope that Professor Robson’s many
                                                                                                        of STI Automation Sensor           and CFO at Republic Bank and
    admirers will contribute to its growth and maintenance. The scholarship                             Division and resides in Logan,     lives in Salt Lake City, UT.
    will be targeted at students who are interested in making “lean” a part of                          UT.                                Julie Palmer, ‘93, works for ATK
    their educational focus.                                                                            Penny Bivens, ‘92, is owner        Aerospace Company, Inc. and
         The lean philosophy was originally articulated by Shigeo Shingo, an                            of Coldstone Creamery and          makes her home in Brigham
                                                                                                        makes her home in Herriman,        City, UT.
    industrial engineer in Japan whose teachings have been key to Toyota’s                              UT.                                Dale Pincombe, ‘93, is em-
    success. In 1988 he came to USU and was recognized with an honor-                                   Thomas Carter, Jr., ‘92, is VP     ployed as a fuel hauler at Pilot
    ary doctorate in business. The Shingo Prize organization was created not                            for contracts management           Travel Centers and resides in
    long after that visit.                                                                              at Ciber, Inc. and makes his       Honeyville, UT.
         “I’m pleased to see this scholarship established,” Robson said. “I                             home in Ashburn, VA.               Scott Snow, ‘93, is a partner at
    want to see students have the opportunity to make a study of lean prin-                             Rod Goode, ‘92, is a principal     ProVision and lives in Gilbert,
                                                                                                        for Northwest Middle School        AZ.
    ciples part of their curriculum. The application of lean can benefit com-                           and resides in Clearfield, UT.     Sarah VanKovics, ‘93, is
    panies, organizations and government entities by helping them become                                Eric Hoth, ‘92, serves as an       employed as an HR manager
    more efficient and profitable. That’s something this struggling economy                             enterprise network planner         with Williams International and
    desperately needs.”                                                                                 at Intermountain Healthcare        resides in Bountiful, UT.
                                                                                                        and makes his home in West
         Robson said that when he was at USU he saw students benefit from                               Jordan, UT.
                                                                                                                                           Michael Weber, ‘93, is a project
    their work with the Shingo Prize. Some made high-level connections                                                                     lead with The Church of Jesus
                                                                                                        D. Scott Hyatt, ‘92, works for     Christ of Latter-day Saints and
    at Shingo conferences that led to work with major companies such as                                 Stryker Instruments and lives      makes his home in Layton, UT.
    Toyota, Ford and Boeing. Many students have gained a competitive edge                               in Highland, UT.                   Ignacio Felipe Birkner, ‘94, is
    from their lean training at USU.                                                                    Blake Kirby, ‘92, is president     CFO of Juniper Systems and
         Since retiring, Robson has founded DnR Lean, LLC, a consulting                                 and COO for inthinc and            lives in Logan, UT.
                                                                                                        resides in Logan, UT.
    firm, and is a representative with Autoliv Lean Consulting. He is working                                                              Nancy Cooley, ‘94, is employed
                                                                                                        Anand Lakshmipathi, ‘92, is a      as a business teacher for Briar
    on two books with previous Shingo Prize companies about applying lean                               senior manager for AT&T and        Woods High School and resides
    principles.                                                                                         lives in Santa Monica, CA.         in Ashburn, VA.
         Those interested in donating to the Ross & DaNece Robson Scholar-                              Kyle Palmer, ‘92, serves as an     Heather Davis, ‘94, is an
    ship in Lean Management may phone McKenzie Rees at 435-797-2449,                                    engineer with Northrop Cor-        assistant controller with Iden
                                                                                                        poration and makes his home        Trust, Inc. and resides in San
    or contact her via email at mckenzie.rees@usu.edu.
                                                                                                        in Temecula, CA.                   Francisco, CA.

Charles Degraffenried, ‘94, is a    Andrew Osborn, ‘94, is senior      with Kent’s Market and resides     Cort Christensen, ‘96, is an      Jill Ann Pack, ‘96, is owner and
materials and planning manag-       VP and national sales manager      in Brigham City, UT.               ATM manager for Transporta-       director of TaVavci and lives in
er at Watson Pharmaceuticals,       at Summit Financial Resources      Heidi Gorup, ‘95, is an ac-        tion Alliance Bank and resides    Mendon, UT.
Inc. and lives in Kearns, UT.       and lives in Draper, UT.           count manager at FDB and L         in Hyde Park, UT.                 John Patterson, ‘96, works for
Julie Erickson, ‘94, is an opera-   Hoyt Skabelund, ‘94, is em-        and lives in Santa Ana, CA.        Jonathan Duersch, ‘96, is an      Adams & Petersen CPA’s, LLC,
tions manager at Intermoun-         ployed as a hospital administra-   Charles Hobson IV, ‘95, is a       assistant chief accountant at     is a major in the Utah Army
tain Healthcare and resides in      tor for Dan C. Trigg Memorial      senior project manager for RR      the US Security and Exchange      National Guard and resides in
Hyde Park, UT.                      Hospital and resides in Clovis,    Donnelley & Sons Company           and resides in Centreville, VA.   Morgan, UT.
Zane Heninger, ‘94, is              NM.                                and resides in Logan, UT.          Brian Ebright, ‘96, is CFO        Kyle Snow, ‘96, serves as an
president of Rocky Mountain         Agneta Westen-Sullivan, ‘94,       Candace Isaacs, ‘95, is em-        of Arizona Spine & Joint and      executive director for North-
Medical Management and              is an assistant manager with       ployed as a HR director with       resides in Mesa, AZ.              eastern Counseling Center and
resides in Denver, Colo.            Smith’s Marketplace and            Holcim, Inc. and resides in        Chiu-yang Lee, ‘96, is a man-     lives in Roosevelt, UT.
Karen Hinds, ‘94, is a develop-     resides in Logan, UT.              Layton, UT.                        ager for Wei Chuan USA, Inc.      Jason Vernon, ‘96, serves as
ment director for the Ogden-        Jason Baker, ‘95, is VP of         David Jenkins, ‘95, is president   and lives in Fresh Meadows,       an excise tax project lead for
Weber Applied Technology            Allied Home Corporation and        and CEO for Conservice and         NY.                               Sunoco and lives in East Fal-
College and makes her home          makes his home in Katy, TX.        resides in Logan, UT.              Colette Mortenson, ‘96, is        lowfield, PA.
in Ogden, UT.                       Troy Bise, ‘95, is president for                                      employed as a CPA for Dodge       Brad Wilson, ‘96, is employed
                                                                       Matthew Martinez, ‘95, serves
Scott Knell, ‘94, is owner of       Ideal Resource Group and lives     as an executive director for       Evans & Co CPAs and makes         as an HR manager with
Jack’s and makes his home in        in Newman Lake, WA.                Nightclub Entertainment for        her home in American Fork,        Glanbia Food Inc. and resides
San Francisco, CA.                  Kirk Bourne, ‘95, works for        Revolution and lives in Fort       UT.                               in Rupert, ID.
Tho Huu Nguyen, ‘94, is             Zions Management Services          Lauderdale, FL.                    David Mortenson, ‘96, works       Jared Winburn, ‘96, is an
owner of Thomas Nguyen In-          Company and makes his home         Todd Wilson, ‘95, is an ac-        as a senior hospital sales        accountant at Bard Access
surance Agency and makes his        in Highland, UT.                   count manager at The Scooter       representative with Merck         Systems and lives in Salt Lake
home in Westminster, CA.            David Briggs, ‘95, works as a      Store and lives in Kaysville,      & Company and resides in          City, UT.
Oak Norton III., ‘94, is CFO        senior IT and business analyst     UT.                                Highland, UT.                     Jose Blanco, ‘97, is a partner at
of Gregory & Swapp, PLLC            for Safeco Insurance Compa-        Daniel Brackner, ‘96, works as     Glen Obray, ‘96, is a program-    Gael Partners, LLC and lives in
and resides in Highland, UT.        nies and lives in Mountlake        a commercial and compli-           mer analyst at Questar Corpo-     Davis, CA.
Jeffrey Olsen, ‘94, is a develop-   Terrace, WA.                       ance manager at Rio Tinto          ration and makes his home in      Blake Bodell, ‘97, is an area
ment manager for Nu Skin            Jeffery Gleed, ‘95, is an assis-   and makes his home in West         Tooele, UT.                       builder manager with Black
International, Inc. and resides     tant meat department manager       Jordan, UT.                        Brian Owens, ‘96, is a plant      and Decker and resides in
in Spanish Fork, UT.                                                                                      manager at Pacific Cheese and     Apache Junction, AZ.
                                                                                                          lives in Amarillo, TX.

                                           Two Huntsman alumni fund scholarships for single women
                                     Two brothers who attended                           these women have to push forward and get their education
                                     USU together and started their                      despite the obstacles.
                                     own company while at the                                 “These people aren’t looking for hand outs,” Steve
                                     Jon M. Huntsman School of                           said. “They are just looking for a hand up. They want to do
                                     Business, are now paying for                        the best they can. We recognize that we are just scratching
                                     four scholarships each year                         the surface. You’d like to be able to help every one of those
                                     that help single mothers get                        reentry mothers.”
                                     through school.                                          Steve and Ross started Stokes Brothers while they were
Betty and Steve Stokes                    Steve and Betty Stokes                         at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, a company
                                     and Ross and JoAnn Stokes                           that initially rented out used TVs to college students. Steve,
have been contributing to help out single mothers reentering                             who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing with
USU for years now.                                                                       a minor in economics in 1972, is now the CEO of Struc-
      Steve said they get to meet those they help and have                               tured Finance Corporation, d.b.a. as Team Properties and
been impressed with how dedicated these women are to                                     Finance. Betty attended USU in 1985 and, with Steve, has
their children, to the “process of advancing themselves” and                             raised two children. They now have six grandchildren.
with how much they want to set an example for their children                                  Ross got his bachelor’s degree in business administra-
about the value of education.                                                            tion in 1975. Ross now owns a private finance company.
      “I don’t understand how a single mother going back to                                   A team of Huntsman students prepared a Real Estate
school can raise children, study and earn enough money to                                proposal last year as part of the Utah Real Estate Challenge
pay for their schooling,” he said. “We have a place in our                               for the possible development of a piece of Logan property
heart for these women and we’d like to see if we can help                                owned by Steve, and the Huntsman team won first place.
them.”                                                                                   The students received $20,000 for their winning efforts.
      They started donating through the Cache Valley Cham-                               Steve said he and Betty also contribute to Enterprise Men-
ber of Commerce that has a program that promotes women                                   tors International, a non-profit organization that provides
in business. Scholarship recipients, who are selected by an                              business training, mentoring and microfinance services to
independent committee, can get up to two-years of assistance                             struggling entrepreneurs in developing nations.
if they qualify for it. Steve said they admire the determination

                                                                                                                    HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009              25
Keep in Touch
 Mayu Chijina, ‘97, works as a       Loop Commercial, LLC and           Melissa Archibald, ‘98, is         Kevin Davidson, ‘98, is a sys-    Scott Shepherd, ‘98, is em-
 software productivity engineer      lives in Morgan, UT.               a senior marketing project         tems administrator with Flying    ployed at ING North America
 with Agilent Technologies, Inc.     Thomas Richards, ‘97, is senior    manager for FreeMotion Fit-        J and lives in Clearfield, UT.    Insurance Corporation and
 and lives in Santa Rosa, CA.        VP of national sales at Peak5      ness, Inc. and lives in Colorado   Heather Doman, ‘98, is em-        lives in East Granby, CT.
 Amber Crowell, ‘97, is owner        and resides in Logan, UT.          Springs, CO.                       ployed as an HR manager with      Lisa Thatcher, ‘98, is employed
 of MemoryWorks and makes            Julie Robbins, ‘97, is VP for      Marina Balabaeva, ‘98, works       Sento Corporation and resides     at Prudential Financial and
 her home in Ogden, UT.              regional private banking at        as a senior business analyst for   in Herriman, UT.                  lives in Logan, UT.
 James Davenport, ‘97, is a          Wells Fargo and resides in         Johnson & Johnson and makes        Shan Edwards, ‘98, is VP of       Todd Thompson, ‘98, is a
 financial advisor for Lincoln       Layton, UT.                        her home in Fullerton, CA.         finance at Zars, Inc. and lives   program manager at EMC
 Financial Advisors Corporation      Derek Smith, ‘97, is VP of         Jeanna Ball, ‘98, is employed      in West Bountiful, UT.            Corporation and makes his
 and lives in Centerville, UT.       sales and marketing at ZAGG        by Wells Fargo and makes her       Jean-Anne Erickson, ‘98, is a     home in Conway, AR.
 Gregory Graham, ‘97, is a           Inc. and lives in Alpine, UT.      home in Salt Lake City, UT.        procurement analyst at Hill       Jason Thompson, ‘98, is the
 landscape architect at Earth-       Craig Spencer, ‘97, works as       Michael Banta, ‘98, is director    Air Force Base and resides in     manager of web analytics for
 scape Design Associates and         a controls manager at Intel        of sales - western region for      Eden, UT.                         Spark Network and lives in
 makes his home in Riverton,         Corporation and lives in Pay-      MSI Systems Integrators and        Stacey Kirsch, ‘98, is an ac-     American Fork, UT.
 UT.                                 son, UT.                           makes his home in Layton,          countant at Cheyenne Distrib-     Marc Allen, ‘99, is a creative
 Richard Henrie, ‘97, works for                                         UT.                                uting and lives in Cheyenne,      services director at Phillips
                                     Timothy Tingey, ‘97, is
 Construction Truck and Trailer      director of community and          Heather Bennett, ‘98, is direc-    WY.                               Printing Company and lives in
 Company and makes his home          economic development with          tor of financial planning and      Bruce Koch, ‘98, is an inven-     Old Hickory, TN.
 in Logan, UT.                       Murray City and resides in         analysis at Toys “R” Us and        tory manager with Rhodes          Matthew Alston, ‘99, is VP of
 Ray Hussey, ‘97, is owner and       Pocatello, ID.                     resides in Wayne, NJ.              Bake N’ Serve and makes his       sales at Apto Solutions, Inc.
 broker of Uintah Basin Insur-       Craig Adams, ‘98, is director of   Bradley Bishop, ‘98, is an         home in Sandy, UT.                and resides in Smyrna, GA.
 ance and lives in Roosevelt,        customer experience for Aka-       annual fund supervisor with        Afrodit Malek-Birkner, ‘98, is    Benjamin Anawalt, ‘99, serves
 UT.                                 mai Technologies and resides in    Southern Utah University and       employed as an HR consultant      as an engineer with NES As-
 Rebecca Loutensock, ‘97, is         Dedham, MA.                        resides in Cedar City, UT.         with Logan Regional Hospital      sociates and makes his home in
 employed as a systems analyst       Michael Allee, ‘98, is an          Jared Cheney, ‘98, is a senior     and resides in Logan, UT.         Silver Spring, MD.
 at Paetec and makes her home        investment representative with     software engineer for TSheets.     Nathan Millward, ‘98, is direc-   David Bailey, ‘99, is employed
 in Salt Lake City, UT.              Edward Jones Investments and       com and resides in Star, ID.       tor of budget & finance for the   as a regional controller for Nu
 David Lund, ‘97, is owner of        makes his home in Vass, NC.        Brenda Christiansen, ‘98,          State of Utah and resides in      Skin International, Inc. and
 Rivermill Cabinet and makes         Scott Allen, ‘98, works as         works as a senior integration      Bountiful, UT.                    resides in Mapleton, UT.
 his home in Smithfield, UT.         a senior HR manager for            consultant with Siemens Medi-      Brian Nelson, ‘98, is employed    Amber Bell, ‘99, works as a tax
 Rachel McPhail, ‘97, is             Comcast and makes his home         cal Solutions USA, Inc. and        at Nelson Financial Group,        manager at First Data and lives
 employed as an instructional        in Herriman, UT.                   makes her home in Sandy, UT.       Inc. and makes his home in        in Broomfield, CO.
 designer for Allen Communi-         Brian Anderson, ‘98, is director   Aronn Crozier, ‘98, is director    American Fork, UT.                Wade Bradshaw, ‘99, is the
 cation Learning Services and        of operations for Red Bridge       of player development for Pep-     Jason Pond, ‘98, is president     northwest district manager
 resides in Salt Lake City, UT.      Capital and makes his home in      permill Hotel & Casino and         of the Logo Shop, owner           at Healthpoint and resides in
 Tyler Quigley, ‘97, is a finan-     Sandy, UT.                         lives in West Wendover, NV.        of Locker 42 and resides in       Puyallup, WA.
 cial representative for Trapper’s                                                                         Logan, UT.

                                                                        True blue Aggies waste no time in giving back to USU
                                                                        Brady and Andrea Murray have only been out of school since 2005, but
                                                                        they have already begun contributing to establish an endowed scholarship
                                                                        to help those who will follow them.
                                                                             Brady graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and
                                                                        Andrea graduated from USU in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in physical
                                                                        education and a minor in sociology.
                                                                             Brady said that he and his wife have always planned on giving back
                                                                        as soon as they were able. Many have influenced them over the years,
                                                                        and they would like to mentor and help someone else. Brady said they are
                                                                        starting now, while they are young, and plan to continue to contribute so
                                                                        that they can build an endowment that will prove a blessing to others in the
                                                                             Brady works as a certified financial planner and associate manager
                                                                        for the Beneficial Financial Group. Andrea, who is active in community
                                                                        service, cares for a three-year-old, Brynlee, and a one-year-old, Nash, who
                                                                        has Down’s syndrome. The Murray’s also volunteer to support the Special
                                                                             They now live in Boise, Idaho, where Brady has become “a very vocal
                                                                        Aggie fan up here amidst a lot of Boise State fans.”
                                                                             “Oh, I’ll tell you what, there is no question, I’m true-blue, die-hard
                                                                        Aggie,” he said.

Danette Brooks, ‘99, is an ap-     Trevor Rawlings, ‘99, is           and resides in Salt Lake City,       John Young, ‘00, serves as a        LLC and resides in Steamboat
praiser in Uintah County and       an SBA loan officer with           UT.                                  VP of sales and part owner of       Springs, CO.
resides in Vernal, UT.             Continental Bank and Trust         Wayne Guymon, ‘00, works as          the Shop Site and resides in        Michelle Schwartz, ‘01, is
Burke Brown, ‘99, is employed      Company and makes his home         a national sales director with       Orem, UT.                           employed as a CPA for Rudd
as an HR manager with              in Ogden, UT.                      Oklahoma City Thunder and            Joseph Bennett, ‘01, is             & Company, PLLC and makes
Interior Solutions and resides     Bryan Rhodes, ‘99, is a prod-      resides in Norman, OK.               employed as a business analyst      her home in Idaho Falls, ID.
in Midway, UT.                     uct manager with Symantec          James Hiltbrand, ‘00, is an          with WPP and resides in             Ryan Smith, ‘01, is a financial
Chik-Meng Chong, ‘99, serves       Corporation and resides in         integration manager with Borat       Wayne, NJ.                          analyst for The Church of Jesus
as an executive in charge for      Alpine, UT.                        Longyear and makes his home          Kristen Bice, ‘01, is a credit      Christ of Latter-day Saints and
Singapura Finance Limited and      Michael Rich, ‘99, is an associ-   in Layton, UT.                       analyst at Banner Bank and          lives in Bountiful, UT.
lives in Singapore.                ate director for KPMG Austra-      Todd Jenkins, ‘00, is a database     lives in Meridian, ID.              Ryan Snow, ‘01, is CFO of
Andrew Croshaw, ‘99, works         lia and resides in Madison, NJ.    administrator for Cache              Gregory Brenchley, ‘01, is a        Burdick Paving and resides in
as a senior executive advisor      Michael Shepherd, ‘99, works       County and resides in Hyrum,         plan administrator at Basicgrey,    Roosevelt, UT.
to the secretary for the depart-   in software sales with Xactware,   UT.                                  LLC and lives in Kaysville, UT.     Nick Aiello, ‘02, works in tech-
ment of health and human           Inc. and lives in Lehi, UT.        Larry Kloepfer, ‘00, is owner        Nathan Campbell, ‘01, is            nical support for the Computer
services for the United States     Corey Waddoups, ‘99, is a          and treasurer for Kloepfer,          employed as a supply chain          Marketing Corporation and
Government and resides in          production manager with            Inc. and makes his home in           analyst with Convatec and           makes his home in Sandy, UT.
Arlington, VA.                     ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.        Burley, ID.                          makes his home in Winston-          Nathan Ashby, ‘02, is an
Danielle Crosland-Nielson,         and resides in Preston, ID.        Terry Kunz, ‘00, is a produc-        Salem, NC.                          assistant professor for the
‘99, is a co-owner of Diamond      Troy Watts, ‘99, is the market-    tion manager with Ducworks,          Ryan Cannell, ‘01, is employed      University of Texas and resides
Wireless and lives in Salt Lake    ing director at Ensign Federal     Inc. and resides in Logan, UT.       by Old Navy and makes his           in El Paso, TX.
City, UT.                          Credit Union and lives in Hen-                                          home in Hyde Park, UT.
                                                                      Xiapqin Li, ‘00, works as a                                              Jason Bice, ‘02, is COO and
Timothy Daines, ‘99, is owner      derson, NV.                        telecom controller for Affiliated    Bryan Christensen, ‘01, is a        controller of Community
of Red Gate Consulting and         Nolan Wood, ‘99, is em-            Computer Services, Inc. and          loan officer for Zions First        Development, Inc. and lives in
makes his home in San Diego,       ployed at Dennis Miller Gas        resides in Salt Lake City, UT.       National Bank and lives in          Meridian, ID.
CA.                                Company, Inc. and resides in                                            Cleveland, UT.
                                                                      Scott Meacham, ‘00, is a man-                                            Colin Booth, ‘02, is an
Ryan Dent, ‘99, is a senior        Mendon, UT.                        ager for Deseret Industries and      Lee Christensen, ‘01, is em-        international coordinator with
manager for Pricewater-                                               lives in Kaysville, UT.              ployed as a general manager at      USANA, Inc. and makes his
houseCoopers and lives in
Morris Plains, NJ.                 ‘00’s                              Justin North, ‘00, works as a
                                                                      computer technician at Hill
                                                                                                           Nuset Industries and resides in
                                                                                                           American Fork, UT.
                                                                                                                                               home in West Jordan, UT.
                                                                                                                                               Brian Bowcutt, ‘02, is the
Karin Floyd, ‘99, is a security    Kenneth Albrechtsen, ‘00, is
                                                                      Air Force Base and makes his         Casey Coleman, ‘01, is em-          manager of fuel management
adjudicator with the United        employed as a training coordi-
                                                                      home in Syracuse, UT.                ployed as an independent real       solutions for Flying J Inc. and
States Air Force and resides in    nator for Northrop Grumman
                                                                      Scott Olsen, ‘00, works as a         estate professional and resides     resides in Ogden, UT.
Fairfax, VA.                       and makes his home in Pleas-
                                                                      commercial loan officer at           in Clearfield, UT.                  John Cole, ‘02, is a lending su-
                                   ant View, UT.
Sarah Gardner, ‘99, is owner of                                       Zions First National Bank            Maxine Deeter, ‘01, is chair        pervisor at Zions First National
Zen Print and makes her home       Brian Armstrong, ‘00, is an
                                                                      and makes his home in Castle         of the Human Resources De-          Bank and makes his home in
in Sandy, UT.                      internet business coach with
                                                                      Dale, UT.                            velopment Committee at the          Layton, UT.
                                   Prosper Team, Inc. and makes
Jason Knapp, ‘99, is CFO of                                           Jeffrey Petersen, ‘00, is director   Bureau of Land Management           Daniel Conger, ‘02, works
                                   his home in Eagle Mountain,
Pinnacle Security, LLC and                                            of golf at Sun Valley Resort         and resides in La Sal, UT.          as a tax analyst at RedGear
makes his home in Spanish                                             and resides in Idaho Falls, ID.      Brett Derricott, ‘01, is presi-     Technologies and resides in
Fork, UT.                          Sherman Bronson, ‘00, is
                                                                      Silke Pierson, ‘00, works as a       dent for Agency Fusion and          Kaysville, UT.
                                   director of project managers
Stock Longhurst, ‘99, is a sales                                      senior consultant for Deutsche       lives in Salt Lake City, UT.        Rod Cook, ‘02, is a CPA with
                                   for Target and makes his home
representative with Forest                                            Borse Systems AG and lives in        Erik Larsen, ‘01, is a private      Cook Martin Poulson, P.C.
                                   in American Fork, UT.
Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and                                             Logan, UT.                           banker at Citibank and resides      and resides in Heber City, UT.
resides in Kaysville, UT.          Matthew Bryant, ‘00, is CFO
                                                                      Jeremy Raulinaitis, ‘00, is VP       in South Pasadena, CA.              M. Baxteen Dilsaver, ‘02,
                                   of Northwest Cosmetic Labo-
Todd MacDonald, ‘99, works                                            of customer service at Spillman      Richard Linton, ‘01, is             works as a clerk at BJ Services
                                   ratories and makes his home in
as a controller at Summit                                             Technologies Inc. and lives in       employed as an instruc-             and lives in Vernal, UT.
                                   Rigby, ID.
Group of Utah and lives in                                            Herriman, UT.                        tional systems specialist for the
                                   Chase Bybee, ‘00, is an auditor                                                                             Ryan Ellis, ‘02, is employed as
Pleasant Grove, UT.                                                                                        United States Navy and resides
                                   with The Church of Jesus           Cory Rhoades, ‘00, is CFO                                                a business development man-
Daniel Miller, ‘99, is a cost                                         of Willamette Valley Medical         in Annapolis, MD.                   ager with Supervalu, Inc. and
                                   Christ of Latter-day Saints and
analyst for STL and lives in                                          Center and makes his home in         Ricky Monroe, ‘01, is senior        resides in Chaska, MN.
                                   resides in Farmington, UT.
Ogden, UT.                                                            McMinnville, OR.                     VP and senior debt officer at
                                   Rachel Caldwell, ‘00, is an                                                                                 Shane Ellis, ‘02, works with
Bibhudutta Mohapatra, ‘99,                                            Scott Ward, ‘00, is owner of         Bank of America and makes his       livestock at the Iowa State
                                   associate at WTAS and resides
is owner of Bibhu Mohapatra                                           Logan Coach, Inc. and makes          home in Spanish Fork, UT.           Extension Service and makes
                                   in San Francisco, CA.
Design Studio and makes his                                           his home in Lewiston, UT.            Scott Monson, ‘01, is an ad-        his home in Ames, IA.
home in New York, NY.              Taylor Crockett, ‘00, works
                                                                      Jessica Wells, ‘00, is director      ministrator with Williamsburg       Andy Haws, ‘02, is a leadership
                                   in information technology at
Clark Nielsen, ‘99, is an                                             of brand strategy at MTV             Retirement Community and            management associate at Na-
                                   Aspen Valley Hospital and
insurance agent with Allstate                                         Networks Nickelodeon Inter-          resides in Logan, UT.               tionwide Insurance Company
                                   resides in Layton, UT.
Insurance Company and makes                                           national Division and resides        Jordan Needles, ‘01, is a prin-     and lives in Hilliard, OH.
his home in Eagle, ID.             Ryan Day, ‘00, serves as a web
                                                                      in New York, NY.                     cipal for CMF Associates and        James Jenkins, ‘02, is an as-
                                   developer for Intermountain
Nikola Philpott, ‘99, is an                                           Tommy Wijaya, ‘00, is a mar-         resides in South Jordan, UT.        sistant controller with CAO
                                   Healthcare and lives in River-
officer with the United States                                        keting manager at PT Wijaya          Travis Nelson, ‘01, is the Java     Group and resides in Salt Lake
                                   ton, UT.
Marine Corps and resides in                                           Mandiri Sentosa and resides in       programmer with TheraDoc            City, UT.
Quantico, VA.                      Jeremy Dearden, ‘00, is a
                                                                      Logan, UT.                           and makes his home in Tooele,       Jared Miller, ‘02, is an accoun-
                                   financial advisor for Ameriprise
Cami Rasmussen, ‘99, is                                               Thomas Willie, ‘00, is a service     UT.                                 tant and auditor at Rayburn
                                   Financial and lives in Salt Lake
employed as an HR director                                            manger with Green Line               Mary Page-Allen, ‘01, is prin-      Bates and Fitzgerald and lives
                                   City, UT.
with North Davis Cabinet and                                          Equipment Sales and lives in         cipal and managing member           in Spring Hill, TN.
resides in Ogden, UT.              Grant Gold, ‘00, is a loan of-
                                                                      Malad City, ID.                      with Page-Allen Associates,
                                   ficer for Residential Acceptance

                                                                                                                      HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009              27
Keep in Touch
 Nathan Miller, ‘02, is an attor-     Laboratories and resides in         the Community Dental Center        Automotive Systems and lives        Isaac Draxler, ‘05, is an ac-
 ney for business law with Jensen,    Lehi, UT.                           and resides in Logan, UT.          in Berkley, MI.                     countant executive at College
 Duffin & Dibb, LLP and resides       Mont James, ‘03, is a credit        Melissa Webster, ‘03, is a part-   Brandon Searle, ‘04, is an          Times Publishing and lives in
 in Bountiful, UT.                    administrator at Zions Bancor-      ner at Red Tree Accounting,        account executive at JPMorgan       Phoenix, AZ.
 Trent Nelson, ‘02, is employed       poration and lives in Layton,       LLC and lives in North Salt        Chase & Co. and lives in            Braydon Hall, ‘05, works for
 as an attorney and lives in          UT.                                 Lake, UT.                          Provo, UT.                          ATK Aerospace Company,
 Kaysville, UT.                       Adebola Jimoh, ‘03, is a profes-    Jayne Williams, ‘03, serves as     Nancy Sisson, ‘04, is employed      Inc. and makes his home in
 Wendy Poppleton, ‘02, is em-         sional football player with New     an English teacher at Green        by the City of Orem, Utah,          Logan, UT.
 ployed as a benefits compliance      England Patriots and makes his      River High School and makes        and makes her home in               Kay Holmes, ‘05, is a seventh
 officer at the University of Utah    home in Salt Lake City, UT.         his home in Sandy, UT.             Brigham City, UT.                   grade keyboarding teacher at
 and resides in Wellsville, UT.       Steven Kindred, ‘03, serves as      Ryan Andersen, ‘04, is em-         Rickie Stewart, ‘04, is em-         Vernal Middle School and lives
 Issac Rands, ‘02, is an assistant    an equity analyst with Janus        ployed as an HR administrator      ployed as a business teacher for    in Vernal, UT.
 operations manager for ACS and       Capital Group and makes his         with Automation Product            North Sanpete High School           Michael Holt, ‘05, works as
 resides in West Jordan, UT.          home in Denver, CO.                 Group and resides in Logan,        and resides in Fairview, UT.        a commercial loan officer at
 Benjamin Riley, ‘02, is the          Douglas McKee, ‘03, serves          UT.                                Dallas Tyler, ‘04, is a customer    Brighton Bank and makes his
 managing director of Australia       as a field manager for Zerorez      Scott Anderson, ‘04, works         service representative at Nucor     home in Bountiful, UT.
 and New Zealand with 4Life           Franchising Systems, Inc. and       as a senior auditor for Cherry     Vulcraft Group and resides in       Nathan Holyoak, ‘05, is a
 Research and lives in Sandy, UT.     lives in Henderson, NV.             Bekaert & Holland, LLP and         Ogden, UT.                          lead tool engineer at ATK
 Curtis Schiller, ‘02, serves as a    Allen McNeil, ‘03, is an attor-     lives in Raleigh, NC.              Ann Marie Wallace, ‘04, is a        Aerospace Company, Inc. and
 field sales representative for Ab-   ney for Goodsell & Olsen and        Tristan Anderson, ‘04, is em-      sales manager at The Yarrow         makes his home in Logan, UT.
 bott Diabetes Care and lives in      resides in Las Vegas, NV.           ployed by Pace Custom Cases        Resort Hotel & Conference           Shayne Howell, ‘05, is owner
 Victorville, CA.                     J. Matthew Miller, ‘03, is          and resides in Logan, UT.          Center and lives in Salt Lake       of Nature’s Design Log Homes
 Shauna Theobald, ‘02, is a man-      employed as a regional sales        John Bushman, ‘04, works as a      City, UT.                           and makes his home in Center-
 aging partner at Springboard         manager for Conservice and          division liaison for Wiscon-       Brent Wallis, ‘04, is the loan      ville, UT.
 Solutions Consulting Group and       lives in Logan, UT.                 sin Department of Natural          analyst for Cache Valley Bank       Bryan Hurd, ‘05, is employed
 lives in Orem, UT.                   James Nell, ‘03, is an insurance    Resources and makes his home       and makes his home in Provi-        as a realtor for RE/MAX
 Dean Thompson, ‘02, works in         and investment agent with           in Madison, WI.                    dence, UT.                          Results and makes his home in
 the private wealth management        Farm Bureau Insurance and           Nathan Etherington, ‘04, is        Brian Webster, ‘04, works as        Salt Lake City, UT.
 division at UBS Financial Ser-       makes his home in Hyde Park,        employed by Pacific Coast          a commercial loan officer at        Michael Jackson, ‘05, is an
 vices Inc. and resides in Beverly    UT.                                 Feather and makes his home in      First Utah Bank and makes his       accountant at Deloitte Founda-
 Hills, CA.                           Tyler Olson, ‘03, is an             Seattle, WA.                       home in North Salt Lake, UT.        tion and lives in North Salt
 Paul Amidon, ‘03, is a medical       economist for the Bureau of         Bracken Henderson, ‘04, works      Jonathan Winn, ‘04, is an           Lake, UT.
 device sales representative with     Reclamation and makes his           as a Soil conservationist with     attorney for Henriksen & Hen-       Brandon Jamison, ‘05, is em-
 Stryker Orthopaedics and resides     home in Moscow, ID.                 UACD Auxiliary and makes           riksen and resides in North Salt    ployed as a trading representa-
 in Ogden, UT.                        Johnnie Rosser, ‘03, is em-         his home in Tremonton, UT.         Lake, UT.                           tive for Wells Fargo and makes
 Chris Bingham, ‘03, is a product     ployed as a real estate agent for   Kristen Hill, ‘04, works as a      Josh Yonk, ‘04, is a program-       his home in Clearfield, UT.
 manager at Medtronic Cardio-         RE/MAX Excel and makes his          senior media planner with          mer at Intelli-Choice and           Angela Johnson, ‘05, is a CPA
 vascular and resides in Santa        home in Providence, UT.             Datamark, Inc. and makes her       makes his home in Smithfield,       and lives in Orem, UT.
 Rosa, CA.                            Vito Russo, ‘03, is employed        home in Hyde Park, UT.             UT.                                 Russ Labrum, ‘05, is an inven-
 Melissa Bingham, ‘03, serves as      as a hydrologist with St. Joans     Rex Keller, ‘04, is director       Stephen Abu, Jr., ‘05, is owner     tory manager with Western
 an engineer with Biogen Idol         Water Management and resides        of Bio-Fuels and resides in        of Ghana Journeys and makes         Petroleum, Inc. and makes his
 and makes her home in San            in Palatka, FL.                     Brigham City, UT.                  his home in Salt Lake City,         home in Vernal, UT.
 Diego, CA.                           Matthew Sadowski, ‘03, works        Jeff Krommenhoek, ‘04, is          UT.                                 Randy Meek, ‘05, works in
 Alan Bosh, ‘03, is an account-       in HR at Honeywell and              a loan officer for Envision        Nathan Bailey, ‘05, is a            irrigation sales at Valley Imple-
 ing manager with Advantage           resides in Glendale, AZ.            Lending Group and lives in         financial analyst for Rocky         ment Company, Inc. and lives
 Control and lives in Saratoga        Justin Smith, ‘03, is a financial   Riverton, UT.                      Mountain Power and lives in         in Preston, ID.
 Springs, UT.                         analyst for Transportation          Travis Lish, ‘04, works for        West Jordan, UT.                    Jason Nelson, ‘05, is a financial
 Kevin Daly, ‘03, is employed         Alliance Bank and lives in          Woodbury Corporation and           Larry Belnap, ‘05, works as a       advisor for Edward Jones
 by the Department of Financial       Hooper, UT.                         resides in Sandy, UT.              senior associate in assurance for   Investments and lives in Trem-
 Institution for the State of Utah    Anthony Smoot, ‘03, is              William Miller, ‘04, works         PricewaterhouseCoopers and          onton, UT.
 and resides in Farmington, UT.       employed as a purchaser for         for Online Data Processing,        lives in Tooele, UT.                Nanami Ohata, ‘05, is a sales
 Kelly Dangerfield, ‘03, is a self-   SCS and makes his home in           Inc. and makes his home in         Kiel Berry, ‘05, is an associate    coordinator at M-Tek, Inc. and
 employed financial consultant        Ogden, UT.                          Spokane, WA.                       at Cohen Kennedy Dowd &             lives in Murfreesboro, TN.
 and lives in Bozeman, MT.            Jacob Stevens, ‘03, is employed     Spencer Nelson, ‘04, is a          Quigley and resides in Phoe-        Shawn Peterson, ‘05, is the
 Don Darrington, ‘03, is an           as a publisher for The Big Sky      professional basketball player     nix, AZ.                            marketing manager at Thatcher
 operations manager at Prime          Sun and makes his home in           with Fortitudo Bologna, a          Scott Black, ‘05, is a senior       Company and lives in Clear-
 International and resides in         Salt Lake City, UT.                 prominent Italian League           Oracle database administrator       field, UT.
 Logan, UT.                           Allyson Thompson, ‘03, is an        professional basketball club.      for The Church of Jesus Christ      Jenny Quinn, ‘05, is an inter-
 Robert Freeman, ‘03, is a            assistant property manager for      David Perry, ‘04, is owner of      of Latter-day Saints and resides    active developer with Crowell
 financial planning director for      CIM Group, Inc. and resides         Legacy Lending Group and           in West Jordan, UT.                 Advertising, Marketing & PR
 Lakemont Homes and lives in          in Beverly Hills, CA.               resides in Nampa, ID.              Kyle Brown, ‘05, is a sales and     and makes her home in Salt
 Citrus Heights, CA.                  Jacob Warner, ‘03, is an            Barton Petersen, ‘04, is a secu-   account manager with Ash-           Lake City, UT.
 Richard Hall, ‘03, is employed       accounting manager with             rities broker and advisor with     grove Cement Company and            Jeffrey Reece, ‘05, works for
 by Parker Hannifin Corporation       Beehive Telephone and lives in      Morgan Stanley and resides in      resides in Morgan, UT.              Ewing Management Group
 and resides in Ogden, UT.            Salt Lake City, UT.                 Logan, UT.                         Andrew Crosby, ‘05, is an in-       and makes his home in Shang-
 Doug Horton, ‘03, is a medical       Brooke Webber, ‘03, is              Mark Romney, ‘04, is an            ternal auditor with State Bank      hai, China.
 device representative at Abbott      employed as a bookkeeper for        accounting analyst at Delphi       of Southern Utah and makes
                                                                                                             his home in Cedar City, UT.

Michele Sauk, ‘05, is VP and        Dennis Cox, ‘06, is a technical    for Hill Air Force Base and        and makes his home in Big          makes his home in Salt Lake
business development officer at     writer for ICON Health & Fit-      makes his home in Hooper,          Piney, WY.                         City, UT.
U.S. Bank of Utah SBA Divi-         ness, Inc. and makes his home      UT.                                Jill Bruins, ‘07, is a market-     Marc Hamson, ‘08, works for
sion and lives in Sandy, UT.        in Logan, UT.                      Shayla Quarnberg, ‘06, works       ing researcher at Hardwick         Nucor Steel Company and
Stephanie Smith, ‘05, is em-        Nathan Cressall, ‘06, is           in the department of transpor-     Research and resides in            makes his home in Brigham
ployed at Summit Group and          employed as a branch manager       tation for the State of Utah and   Bremerton, WA.                     City, UT.
makes her home in Salt Lake         for Intermountain Staffing         resides in Richfield, UT.          Mikkal Butterfield, ‘07, is        Daryl Holdaway, ‘08, is an
City, UT.                           Resources and resides in           Kerry Shepherd, ‘06, is an as-     employed by Stevens-Henager        internal auditor with Cyprus
Sherri Stoddard, ‘05, is            Ogden, UT.                         sistant relationship manager for   College and resides in Logan,      Credit Union and makes his
employed as a billing clerk         Steven Delong, ‘06, serves         Zions First National Bank and      UT.                                home in Lehi, UT.
for UBNC and resides in             as an executive director for       resides in Kaysville, UT.          Chris Bybee, ‘07, is employed      Mark Holguin, ‘08, is a soft-
Roosevelt, UT.                      American West Heritage Foun-       Linda Speer, ‘06, works as a       by Envision Lending and            ware engineer with New Dawn
Craig Swenson, ‘05, is an IT        dation and makes his home in       community relations assistant      resides in Ogden, UT.              Technologies and resides in
manager with Civil Science          Logan, UT.                         at Energy Solutions Envi-                                             Smithfield, UT.
                                                                                                          PJ Dean, ‘07, is an internal
and makes his home in Pleas-        Clayton Empey, ‘06, is an          ronmental Foundation and           reporting analyst with Itron-      Rachel Holyoak, ‘08, works as
ant Grove, UT.                      accountant at Schmitt Griffiths    makes her home in Salt Lake        Accountemps and lives in           a conference manager at ATK
Zachary Takos, ‘05, is an           Smith & Co., PC and lives in       City, UT.                          Hayden, ID.                        Aerospace Company, Inc. and
attorney for Brownstein Hyatt       Ogden, UT.                         Victor Staley, ‘06, works as an                                       makes her home in Nibley, UT.
                                                                                                          Jacob Dettinger, ‘07, works as
Farber Schreck and lives in         Brandon Foote, ‘06, is             accountant and HR manager          a staff accountant with Tanner,    Kelly Johnson, ‘08, works for
Henderson, NV.                      president and manager for          and lives in Orangeville, UT.      LLC and resides in North Salt      Global Accessories, Inc. and
Sarah Wiren, ‘05, works as a        Redmond Minerals, Inc. and         Melanie Stoddard, ‘06, is          Lake, UT.                          lives in Rigby, ID.
staff accountant with ACS and       resides in Aurora, UT.             employed at Country Lane           Andy Hernandez, ‘07, works in      James Jones, ‘08, works for Box
resides in Chandler, AZ.            Boyd Gerber, ‘06, is a senior      Assisted Living and makes her      accounting at Jones Simkins,       Elder County Federal Credit
Adam Anderson, ‘06, is em-          project manager for Spillman       home in Brigham City, UT.          LLP and lives in Collinston,       Union and makes his home in
ployed by Edward Jones Invest-      Technologies, Inc. and resides     Daniel Subramanian, ‘06, is an     UT.                                Tremonton, UT.
ments and lives in Logan, UT.       in Woods Cross, UT.                IT support with Trizetto and       Jason Jones, ‘07, works as a       Kristopher Jones, ‘08, works
Jessica Andreasen, ‘06, serves      Justen Hansen, ‘06, is em-         lives in Mesa, AZ.                 software engineer with Inter-      as a construction manager and
as an email marketing coor-         ployed as a project manager        Heather Vangrimbergen, ‘06,        mountain Healthcare and lives      lives in Renton, WA.
dinator with Spark Networks         for WesTech Engineering and        is a cost analyst for EG and G     in Salt Lake City, UT.             Daniel Lindberg, ‘08, is the
Limited and makes her home          makes his home in Stansbury        Defense Materials, Inc. and        Danielle Nelson, ‘07, serves as    marketing analyst at Thermo-
in American Fork, UT.               Park, UT.                          lives in Tooele, UT.               an employment counselor with       Fisher Scientific and lives in
Dustin Armstrong, ‘06, works        Penny Hegerhorst, ‘06, is a        Tiffany Vega, ‘06, is owner of     the Utah Department of Work-       Providence, UT.
as a teacher at Pocatello School    financial service representative   Casper’s Ice Cream, Inc. and       force Services and makes her       JP Murdock, ‘08, works for
District and lives in Pocatello,    for Fidelity Investments and       makes her home in Smithfield,      home in Stansbury Park, UT.        ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.
ID.                                 lives in Bruneau, ID.              UT.                                Dylan Olsen, ‘07, is a credit      and resides in Silver Spring,
Darren Arnold, ‘06, is em-          Troy Holland, ‘06, is owner        Holly von Niederhausern, ‘06,      analyst at Wasatch Finance and     MD.
ployed by Jones Simkins, LLP        and operator of Empire Pest        is an accounting specialist with   Credit and lives in Logan, UT.     David Newton, ‘08, is an
and resides in Logan, UT.           Defense and lives in Orlando,      Diebold ISS and resides in         Brett Reeder, ‘07, works as a      accountant at White & Ras-
                                    FL.                                Bountiful, UT.
Ben Brown, ‘06, works as a tax                                                                            talent specialist at Deer Valley   muson, LLC and lives in Salt
accountant at Jones Simpkins,       Jon Homer, ‘06, works for          Terrance Washington, ‘06, is       Resort and makes his home in       Lake City, UT.
P.C. and lives in Logan, UT.        Latham & Watkins, LLP and          employed at Allstate Insurance     Preston, ID.                       Danielle Polokoff, ‘08, is a
                                    lives in Washington, DC.           Company and lives in Ogden,
Janica Bruno, ‘06, is in IT                                                                               Kris Stewart, ‘07, is employed     sales representative with Swire
support with Merit Medical          Chris Huber, ‘06, is employed      UT.                                at Cottonwood Insurance and        Coca-Cola, USA and lives in
Systems, Inc. and makes her         as a branch manager for            Janelle Wilson, ‘06, is em-        resides in Vernal, UT.             Denver, CO.
home in Salt Lake City, UT.         Golden West Credit Union           ployed at Deloitte Foundation      Clinton Tyler, ‘07, is employed    Brittany Rowley, ‘08, works
                                    and resides in Enterprise, UT.     and resides in Seattle, WA.
Wade Burnett, ‘06, works in                                                                               as a supervisor with Dickinsons    for Cook Martin Poulson, P.C.
the finance and accounting          Tammy Jorgensen, ‘06, works        Darrin Zingleman, ‘06, is an       Frozen Foods and resides in        and makes her home in Salt
division at CR England Truck-       for North Sanpete School           underwriter for Nevada State       Nampa, ID.                         Lake City, UT.
ing Company and lives in Salt       District and lives in Mount        Bank and makes his home in         Trevor Walker, ‘07, is an as-      Ryan Shaw, ‘08, is employed
Lake City, UT.                      Pleasant, UT.                      Las Vegas, NV.                     sistant manager with T-Mobile      at Advent Creative Marketing
Lorna Calder, ‘06, is a financial   Adam Larsen, ‘06, works for        Ryan Abplanalp, ‘07, works as      USA, Inc. and resides in           Group and lives in Logan, UT.
analyst for Transportation          Squire & Co. and makes his         a computer technology teacher      Alpine, UT.                        Trevor Watkins, ‘08, is a man-
Alliance Bank and lives in          home in Payson, UT.                at Duchesne County School          Dave Brewer, ‘08, is an insur-     agement trainee for Enterprise
Clearfield, UT.                     Courtney Mills, ‘06, is an as-     District and makes his home in     ance agent with State Farm         Rent-A-Car and lives in West
Markham Carroll, ‘06, works         sistant controller with ACS and    Roosevelt, UT.                     Mutual Automobile Insurance        Jordan, UT.
on the tax staff at Deloitte &      resides in Salt Lake City, UT.     Cole Arnold, ‘07, works as a       and makes his home in Ogden,       Alicia Yarger, ‘08, works as a
Touche, LLP and resides in          Daniel Neeley, ‘06, works for      controller at MTF, Inc. and        UT.                                senior finance representative at
Syracuse, UT.                       Harold Dance Investments and       lives in Mesa, AZ.                 Mikol Christensen, ‘08, is         Washington Mutual Bank and
Joshua Combe, ‘06, is a phar-       resides in Logan, UT.              John Atamanczyk, ‘07, works        employed by ICON Health            resides in Irvine, CA.
maceutical sales representa-        Keri Pallesen, ‘06, is employed    as a tax associate at J D Clark    and Fitness, Inc. and resides in
tive with Daii Chi Sankgo           with Daggett County and lives      & Co. and lives in Ogden, UT.      Logan, UT.
Pharmaceuticals and lives in        in Manila, UT.                     Douglas Banks, ‘07, is a           Whitney Ennis, ‘08, is an ac-
Las Vegas, NV.                      Jared Petersen, ‘06, works in      painter for Wall to Wall Paint-    countant at Musicare, Inc. and
Brandon Cowley, ‘06, is an          flooring at Castleman Tile and     ing and lives in Smithfield, UT.   lives in Farmington, UT.
assistant controller with Impact    resides in Cornish, UT.            Corey Bennett, ‘07, serves as      Trevor Garrett, ‘08, works as
Payment Systems and resides in      Robert Pilarczyk, ‘06, works       an excavation services manager     a staff accountant with Craig
Wellsville, UT.                                                        with C & A Construction, Inc.      Hancey & Company and

                                                                                                                    HUNTSMAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE I SPRING 2009             29
                                                                                                    Non Profit Org
                                                                                                     US Postage
                                                                                                     Utah State

    Dean’s Office
  3500 Old Main Hill
Logan UT 84322-3500

                                                                     Students in David Herrmann’s management and hu-
                                                                     man resources class are divided up into teams each
                                                                      semester and each team is expected to undertake a
                                                                       project that has a service component.
                                                                           One of those teams decided an old and somewhat
                                                                         neglected fixture on the USU campus, the amphi-
                                                                          theater on Old Main Hill, could use some love and
                                                                                     They drafted about 40 people and they
                                                                             all went to work on the amphitheater that was
                                                                             constructed with the help of student donations
                                                                  from the USU classes of 1925 and 1926.

           Students fix up the                                       They swept it out, blasted it with a power-washer,
                                                                sanded down and stained the wood benches, according to
                                                                Nicole Brown, a junior in public relations, who was on the
            amphitheater on                                     team.
                                                                     And then to christen the makeover they held a benefit

         old Main hill
                                                                concert in fall 2008 that raised money for the school’s Small
                                                                Enterprise Education and Development (SEED) program.
                                                                The program trains entrepreneurs in Peru and offers them
  The USU classes of 1925 and 1926 teamed up with some Jon M.        Herrmann said he’s inspired by the good his students
  Huntsman School of Business students to bring music to Old    are able to accomplish each semester with their innovative
  Main Hill and hope to Peru.                                   approaches to service.

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