Senior School Uniform List - Northampton High School by cuiliqing


									                                 SCHOOL UNIFORM (YEARS U3-U5)

Girls are required to wear their uniform with pride, as smart representatives of the school, whilst
at school and when out and about. Full details of the school uniform are provided and we expect
girls to adhere to those requirements.

In addition, please remember that:

          All articles of clothing and personal possessions must be clearly marked with the name
           of the pupil.
          Flat or low-heeled shoes should be worn to avoid accidents.
          Tights should be black, navy or flesh coloured and should not be patterned, laddered or
           contain holes.
          Non-uniform scarves should not be added to the uniform.
          No jewellery is permitted other than a small pair of ear-rings. Any other piercings should
           be removed during the school day.
          No jewellery of any kind may be worn during any P.E. or Food Technology lessons
          Make-up should only be worn by Sixth Form.
          Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back when required, for health & safety
           reasons including Science, DT and PE. Hair should be styled neatly.
          Hair accessories should be simple and in keeping with the uniform.
          Unnatural hair colours, such as pink, green and purple, are unacceptable, as are
           dramatic differences, such as bright blond highlights in very dark hair.

Girls or parents who would like further guidance should consult with tutors or Head of Lower or
Middle School.

All items in italics are only available from our uniform stockists, Schoolblazer. Please go to: and click on the crest for Northampton High School.


                              Kilt – plain navy.
Blouse                        Blouse - long sleeve or short sleeve, navy NHS stripe
                              Sleeveless V neck
Socks/Tights                  Flesh coloured, navy or black tights or navy, black or white knee-
                              length/short socks (no trainer socks)
Fitted Jacket
                              Dark Navy – to be worn in school
Optional Items                Navy fleece scarf with embroidered crest
                              Navy fleece gloves
                              Navy fleece ski-style hat with embroidered crest
                              Winter coat – must be navy or black
SUMMER UNIFORM (Girls may continue to wear winter uniform if they prefer)

                      NHS blue/yellow check summer dress (optional)
                      As for winter
                      Beige tights or white, navy or black ankle/knee-length socks (no thick
                      blue/black tights with dresses or trainer socks)
                      As for winter
Fitted Jacket
                      As for winter – but during certain summer months will not be required
                      to be worn
                      As for winter

Skirt              Plain navy skirt
Blouse             School white PE polo-shirt

Fitness Shorts         Plain navy shorts (not long cycling shorts)
Footwear               Trainers for outside use (Must have laces)
                       Trainers for indoor use (not black soles)
Sweatshirt             School hooded jumper
Socks                  Hooped hockey socks
                       White ankle sports socks

SWIMWEAR               One-piece costume (navy or black) and swimming hat

OTHER PE ITEMS         School Tracksuit – Top and Bottoms – needed for team players
                       Games shirt – needed for team players
                       White thermal base layer – optional
                       Games bag
                       Shin pads and gum shield for hockey
                       Hockey stick
                       Tennis racket
JEWELLERY              Watch
                       Religious symbol on chain
                       Plain ear stud or sleeper (one in each ear)
                       No body piercings, other than in the ears are allowed in school

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