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					                                        Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines
    Missing a test or having to do make up work is NOT an excuse to miss class practice. It is the
       student’s responsibility to arrange time with the teacher after or before school. Do not ask to go to
       a teacher’s room during the cheer class.
    There is no time during the school year for the piercing of body parts including ears,
       eyebrows, noses, belly buttons, tongues, etc.
    No cell phones on during practice or games. Cell phones will be taken away during practice if the
       cheerleader is constantly checking it.
    An unexcused absence is an absence that has not been preceded by phone call or a note from the
       parent/guardian, prior to the practice. A phone call has to be made to the coach of the squad you
       are on. You cannot tell a friend to tell the coach you will be absent. This will be unexcused.
       Notification of doctor’s appointments should be made the day prior to the practice. Telling the
       coach 5 minutes or even an hour before practice will not be permitted.
    If member is repeatedly absent, the member may be dismissed from the squad.
    Stunting will follow NFHS Spirit guidelines.
    After cheering, preparing signs, practice, etc, members should clean area of any and all
       materials. i.e. leave it as you found it.
    Stunting or practicing when coaches are not present should never occur
    Complaining and/or indifference will not be tolerated, you will be asked to leave practice
    Behavior that results in repeated disciplinary action will result in dismissal from the squad.
    I will favor you the way you favor me! For example, if you are consistently tardy, I will handle you
       differently from one that is always on time and only needs to be late one practice.
    The member is to be present at all games, and initiate positive crowd involvement. If member is
       unable to attend, the advisor/coach should be notified by the parent either the night before or the
       morning of the activity.
    Students are responsible for all the information in the Student Handbook and the Cheerleading
    No student is to remain at school more than 15 minutes after the appointed time to leave. Please
       be sure that your child has a ride so that he/she may leave immediately after the game or activity.
    Conviction of any violation of law other than traffic violation is reason for immediate dismissal. This
       includes minor in possession, driving under the influence, etc.
    You may not wear any type of jewelry
    You must have all hair up (not half up/half down). Hair should be worn back from the face and up
        (in a pony tail, French braid, etc.) when in uniform. No hair should fall in the face. This rule will be
        enforced during practice and games. Short hair must be pulled back off the face.
       You may not wear finger nail polish
       You must have nails trimmed (when holding hand palm up, nails must not be seen)
       You may not use tobacco or alcohol or any other drug while in uniform.
       On game days, cheerleaders are expected to be in complete uniform including hair pulled up and
        correct shoes.
       No profanity in uniform (on or off campus).
       No chewing gum while in uniform or during practice/games.
       No displays of public affection in uniform.
       No negative and /or bad attitudes.
       No drama will not be tolerated; we are athletes at all times.
       You will treat captains, coaches and team members with respect at all times
       Tardiness is not acceptable, 5 minutes early is on time. Tardiness will result in additional
        conditioning for your entire team.
       You must maintain a 2.0 GPA throughout school year.
       Lying or fabricating the truth will not be tolerated and can result in immediate termination from the
       Part of a coach’s job is to know where you are at all times during practices, games, and special
       Points may be deducted for failure to follow the coach’s direction or to stay in assigned areas
        during events.
       While safety is our number one goal, please understand that you should expect bumps, bruises,
        and other occasional minor injuries. This is all part of cheerleading.
       All official cheerleading decisions and activities will be made by the coach. The coach is to be
        given respect and cooperation by cheerleaders and parents at all times. Lack of respect by anyone
        will not be tolerated and can be grounds for dismissal.

    Everyone must attend all practices. One person’s absence disrupts the entire routine.
    Practices are set at the discretion of the coach, based on schedule and availability of facilities at
        the school.
    If you are sick, you are still required to come to practice but you may not have to participate.
    Missing practice for clubs and other extra-curricular activities is not considered excused, although
        the coach will try to work with other teachers on students’ schedules.
    Having a job is not an excuse to miss practice. If you have a job, you need to make sure it fits with
        your cheerleading commitment.
    Appropriate attire must be worn to all practices. Tennis shoes must be worn to all practices. No
        sandals or street shoes of any type will be allowed. Clothing should be non-restrictive, such as
        shorts, sweats, and t-shirts. No short shorts or tummies can be showing during practices.
    No cell phones, friends, family or boyfriends will be allowed at practice.
    The following are not reasons for missed practices or early departure: Work, hair appointments,
        boyfriend/girlfriend going out of town, starting a vacation early, or it being your birthday.
    If there is a need to see a teacher after school please do so on days without practice.
    Work is not considered an excused absence.
    Please pay close attention to the practice schedule. You must be flexible if we put in extra
        practices during competition time.

    Every member on the team must compete, no exceptions. If you do not want to compete, do not try
    Cheerleaders must travel to and from competitions with parent drivers or on the bus – No

    Cheerleaders must wear the designated uniform to school on the day of a game (only cheerleader
      warm-ups may accompany the uniform. No shirts, sweatshirts, or sweatpants allowed).
    Cheerleaders must be dressed in full uniform and arrive for all games at least 30 minutes prior to
      game time.
    Cheerleading is your only concern during the game.
    Talking, unrelated to cheer, with squad members or crowd is not permitted.
    You are required to sit with team during entire game.
    No public displays of affection at games
    If you commit to cheerleading you are committing to attend every game.
       Cheerleaders are NOT permitted to talk with family members or friends while in stand formation
        during football games or basketball games. If an emergency arises, you must clear it with the
       Cheerleaders may not receive food or drinks while in stand formation. Each member may bring a
        bottle of water to the game in her bag.
       If a squad member is benched from a game or event, he/she is still required to attend the game in
        complete uniform and support the squad by sitting with the coaches and squad during the entire
       The following will not be tolerated:
             o Interfering with players, coaches, or officials during the game.
             o Arguing with anyone, i.e., coaches or fellow squad members in front of the spectators, or
                 other members of the squad. If there is a problem, see your coach and we will discuss
                 after game or practice.
             o Practicing in front of spectators.
             o Sitting/talking with spectators (including relatives and friends) during the game.
             o Allowing spectators to use cheerleading materials. (Uniforms, megaphones, pom-poms,
       No discourteous behavior toward spectators, coaches (of any team), opposing squad members,
        your squad members or other faculty members. This includes the school day! It also includes
        games where you do not necessarily agree with calls and decisions made. We are here to promote
        positive school spirit!
       On game days, cheerleaders are expected to be in complete uniform including hair pulled up and
        correct shoes.
       The complete uniform must be worn to all home and away games. This includes the school day
        as well as to and from the game so arrive with the uniform on in its entirety.

Football games
    Football games are on Friday nights excepting the last game of the season which is usually played
       on a Thursday.
    Games start at 7 pm. Cheerleaders are required to be at the game by 6:30 pm.
    Games are usually over around 9:30 pm. If it is an out of town game, students will call home at an
       appropriate time to tell parents that they are almost home.

Basketball games
    Basketball games are on Tuesday and Friday nights excepting tournaments and a few re-
       scheduled games.
    Games start at 6 pm. Cheerleaders are required to be at the game by 5 pm.
    Games are usually over around 9 pm. If it is an out of town game, students will call home at an
       appropriate time to tell parents that they are almost home.

    Cheerleaders are expected to travel to and from away games/events on the bus.
    No cheerleader will be allowed to drive to or from a game or ride with other students.
    Cheering is not allowed on the bus. It distracts the driver, coaches, and other team members.
    Buses will be left spotless.
    We will always respect the bus driver and do as he or she asks.
    Students will ride with parent drivers or on the bus to all competitions.
    Students will be respectful to parent drivers.
                   Acknowledgement and acceptance of WMHS Cheer Program Guide

   If selected, I will make a commitment to the team and not quit due to a change of mind or other
   If selected, I understand that my coaches make their decisions based on the best interest of the
    team as a whole.
   If selected, I will follow all rules established in the Cheerleading Constitution.

    I have attended a meeting where the rules were explained to me in detail, and I’ve spoken with the
    coach/my parents about any concerns I may have related to the terms of this agreement. I agree to
    abide by all terms/conditions previously described for the duration of the 2012-2013 cheer season.

    ________________________________                          _______________________
    Signature                                                        Date

    I have read the WMHS Cheer rules and guidelines, and have discussed any concerns/questions
    with my child and the coach. I agree to support all of the terms/conditions for the 2012-2013
    season set forth by these terms and guidelines.

    ________________________________                          _______________________
    Signature                                                        Date

    If you have any questions regarding the West Memphis High School Cheer Program, please
    contact me to discuss the circumstances directly.

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