The exercise soft hematerial Simple Present Vs Simple Past

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					A. Identify the following centences by choosing one of the options below:
   A. Verbal, Simple Present
   B. Verbal, Simple Past
   C. Nominal, Simple Present
   D. Nominal Simple Past

1.    Every morning they clean this floor.
2.    Every night he studies until eleven.
3.    Last night he went to bed at half past eleven.
4.    Two day ago we were in danger.
5.    Now I am tired.
6.    Now I don’t need your help.
7.    Yesterday we didn’t have any class.
8.    Yesterday we were at home all day.
9.    They are not at the canteen this moment.
10.   Mr. Catur was not angry with me yesterday.

B. Identify the following sentences; whether they are false or correct. If the sentences are true,
   just write true, but if they are false write false and make them true (correct them).
   1. I am not love you now.
   2. They don’t disturb me any more.
   3. He didn’t eat every morning.
   4. We were not satisfied with the service now.
   5. Sinta is not have a motorcycle now.
   6. We are not want to go out today.
   7. My parents advises me to stop smoking every day.
   8. My uncle is disappointed with you yesterday.
   9. I am not at home today.
   10. She was not healthy last week.

C. Say in English!
   1. Aku minum kopi setiap malam.
   2. Aku nonton TV tadi malam.
   3. Dia tidak suka kamu sekarang.
   4. Mereka tidak sakit hari ini.
   5. Kami tidak datang kemarin.
   6. Dedi tidak menangis tadi malam.
   7. Mereka mebantu aku kemarin.
   8. Mereka marah kemarin.
   9. Aku tidak siap kemarin.
   10. Aku tidak menggunakan ruangan ini sekarang.

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