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    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2007
           STAR BEACON
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Quality Maytag Home   Ashtabula County    Tony’s Catering         Sonny Lanes        Basic Ingredients
 Appliance Centre      Medical Center        and Deli
2 — Women in Business                                              Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

         SONNY LANES
     LEAGUE                 Since Christmas is just around the                            SONNY’S
    BOWLERS                 corner, think of Sonny ’ s for great                           ROCKS!
     NEEDED!                 gifts from our pro shop. We have
                           something for every level of bowler!
                           Accessories, bags, shoes and custom
                                fit and drilled bowling balls.

                    COMING SOON....
                           Our Thanksgiving No-Tap Tournament, And By
                        Popular Demand, Our Famous New Years Eve Party!
                         Bring In The New Year With Us And A Very Limited
                         And, Shall We Say, “ Seasoned ” Bunch Of Partiers!
                        Watch For Advertising For These And Other Events!
              Another huge thank-you to our league sponsors this year. They include:
   RVK Mechanical, Major True Value Hardware, Mindy Kerzic, LMT., W.S.A. Weather Sealco,
 Ryan Insurance Agency, Main St. Diner, REO Trucking/David Rapp Services, Wayne Jones, CPA,
    Cardinal Woods Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center, Massucci’s Geneva Ford, Winners Circle
     Trophy Shop, Tropicana Tanning, Callender Insurance Agency, Raymond Builders Supply,
            American Auto Salvage, The Andover Bank, & all our team sponsors too!
    Now Accepts Credit & Debit Cards For All Your Pro Shop, Bowling, Bar & Snackbar Needs!

Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                                                                       Women in Business — 3

         Sonny Lanes
Sandy Lloyd transforms love for
bowling into strike-ing business
By MARGIE TRAX PAGE                   what I love,” she said.
Staff Writer                           The leaguers and customers                  have become like family over the
                                      years, Lloyd said.
  HARPERSFIELD TOWNSHIP                “The people are just awesome.
—The crash of bowling balls           They become your family, they
meeting bowling pins is the           really do. I see them 34 weeks a
sound of business for Sandy           year, and we have a lot in com-
Lloyd.                                mon,” she said.
  Lloyd owns and operates Sonny        Ron Lloyd does maintenance
Lanes, an eight-lane family ori-      and repairs at the alley and runs
ented bowling alley on Route 534.     the pro shop, but the rest of the
  “I have been bowling since I was    work falls to Sandy.
15 y ears old. I just love the         “I always wanted a business for
sport,” Lloyd said.                   myself, but I never thought it
  Lloyd took the wooden lane of       would happen, especially not a
faith in 1995 when she quit her       bowling alley,” she said.
                                                                                                                                   BILL WEST / Star Beacon
job and needed employment. Hus-        Sandy Lloyd manages the lanes,
                                                                             SANDY LLOYD of Sonny Lanes in Harpersfield.
band Ron Lloyd purchased Sonny        the large bar and books parties
Lanes from family friend Tony         year round. She also coordinates       coming back,” she said.               tradition,” Lloyd said. “I can wait
Kosicek for Sandy to manage.          the bowling leagues and billiards       Lloyd is putting bowling balls in    around for them to take over. I’ll
  “I couldn’t believe I was doing     and dart throwing leagues. She         her grandchildren’s hands and         probably be working for them
this. I couldn’t believe this was     says bowling is a growing sport.       hopes to pass on the bowling          some day,” she said.
happening, because I never would       “Bowling is a great sport for         alley as a family business.
                                                                                                                     Sonny Lanes, located at 696
have seen myself actually owning      kids and families. Keeping people       Will, 11, Holly, 7, Lane, 2, and
a bowling alley,” Lloyd said. “But    interesting in bowling and league      Liam, 10, all love bowling, she       Route 534, is open seven days a
I thought, if I am going to kill      bowling is our bread and butter.       said.                                 week. For more information on
myself at a job, I might as well be   Bowling has been on the decline         “They love being at the bowling      leagues, booking lanes or parties,
working for myself and doing          over the last 20 years, but it is      alley. I hope it will be a family     call (440) 466-4371.

    Entrepreneurial Advancement: It's Not Just a Guy Thing
   They say that men and women         premature, certain trends have          It also appears that the hierar-   around. But it also may be due
  are quite different in many          emerged.                              chy present in many male-front-      to the less access to funding or
  aspects, hence the "mars and           It appears that women entre-        ed businesses is different when      availability to resources for
  venus" jokes.                        preneurs prefer profitability,        women are in charge. Women           growth.
   This may also be the case with      quality assurance, and con-           prefer a collaborative effort and      Additionally, some women go
  the way men and women run            tained growth over rapid              see themselves as the center of
                                                                                                                  into business for what some say
  businesses and the rate of           growth.                               a "hub" rather than an authori-
  entrepreneurial growth.                Women tend to make conserva-        ty figure at the top of the corpo-   are the wrong reasons: not for
   Over the last 12 years, the         tive decisions geared toward          rate ladder.                         immediate profit, but to escape
  Entrepreneurial Research Con-        long-term advancement. They             Women do have some factors         corporate glass ceilings or
  sortium has discovered that          prefer to cultivate and nurture       that can be disadvantages. Gen-      work/family balance.
  women-owned business have            relationships to provide quality      erally, the capital available to       All things considered, however,
  doubled in numbers.                  work, because they cannot com-        women-owned startups is less         as women-owned entrepreneurs
   In the 36- to 45-year-old age       pete on volume to larger busi-        than for men.                        continue to multiply, the public
  group, more women than men           nesses.                                 Women-owned businesses also        should see a re-evaluation of
  have started businesses. What's        Many women are also interest-       tend to be smaller and less prof-
                                                                                                                  these trends and can figure out
  also proven true is that women       ed in limiting family-work con-       itable than those owned by men.
  run businesses differently from      flicts, realizing that, in the long   This could be because women          for themselves whether men or
  men.                                 run, aggressive management            want more time to spend with         women have the advantage in
   While research into the com-        styles or inability to compromise     families and don't want to give      business.
  parisons between women- and          may infringe on quality of life       up control to an outside party to                     ■
  men-owned businesses is still        both in and out of the office.        run things when they're not                         Source: MetroCreative
4 — Women in Business                                                                                      Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

  Cruise Planners
Diana Chike ensures some
smooth sailing on calm waters
By MARK TODD                          great backing for the company.”
Staff Writer                           Cruises offer a lot of bang for                  the buck, Chike said.
                                       “Customers now see the value in
  CONNEAUT — Diana Chike’s            a cruise,” he said. “There are so
job is to make sure vacation          many different ports of call, and
cruise plans encounter calm seas,     they can be very affordable. I’m
not choppy waters.                    seeing more and more people
  Chike serves as a local agent for   interested in cruises.”
Cruise Planners, which — like          Destinations favored by Con-
the name implies — specializes in     neaut area clients are varied,
putting people on big boats           Chike said. The Caribbean is a                                                              BILL WEST / Star Beacon
steaming to exotic destinations       very popular choice for cruise        DIANA CHIKE of Conneaut operates an internet travel business.
like Alaska and the Caribbean.        rookies, she said.
  After a slow start, Chike has                                             she said.                             to Disney (theme parks) and Dis-
                                       “No doubt it’s the number one
created a sizable list of clients                                             People book cruises for a variety   ney cruises.”
                                      destination for first-timers,”
who rely on her to plan the trip of                                         of reasons. From family reunions       Friends wishing to kick back
                                      Chike said.
a lifetime.                                                                 to special getaways, people are       together, as well as organizations,
                                       Alaska is also proving an irre-
  “It’s been three years since I                                            finding more fun on the water,        are also calling, Chike said. “We
                                      sistible choice for many travelers.
bought a Cruise Planners fran-                                              Chike said.                           also help groups who want to cel-
                                      The Panama Canal is also
chise,” she said. “Now I’m getting                                            “There are grandparents who         ebrate a special occasion,” she
                                      increasingly popular, Chike said.
repeat customers. I’ve received                                             want to take the kids on a trip,”
                                       “Not so much Europe — yet,”
                                                                            she said. “We’re seeing more trips          See CRUISE, Page 17

      Agent Name
     Diana Chike
      Cruise Specialist
     Where your dream vacation begins...
      Your Tag Line Can
     1.866.852.9389 Go Here
                                THEN CRUISE YOUR DREAMS!”                                                                                  FST#ST36334

     Best Values on all Cruise Lines Individual & Group Cruise Rates
  • •Best Values on all Cruise Lines •• Individual & Group Cruise Rates • •
                • Worldwide Cruises • Exotic Destinations •
                • Worldwide Cruises • Exotic Destinations •
         For a Free Brochure Call Toll Free: 1.800.555.5555
           Carnival • Celebrity • Holland America Princess NCL • Royal Caribbean...
     Carnival • Celebrity • Holland America • •Princess ••NCL • Royal Caribbean...
Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                                                                                                           Women in Business — 5

  Basic Ingredients
Cathy Lovas supplies community
with variety of bulk food items
By ELLEN KOLMAN                                       Lord wanted everything would
Staff Writer                                          fall into place and so many things                                were going wrong with the tea
 ASHTABULA — Cathy Lovas’                             room,” she said.
mission for her bulk food store is                      Then came the call of destiny.
basic — to serve and glorify God.                       “Bernadette Nolan called and
 Lovas, who owns and operates                         said she was selling her bulk food
Basic Ingredients, Purveyors of                       store and I thought that is some-
Fine Bulk Foods, located at 1610                      thing I could do. We talked and
W. 11th St., has been supplying                       30 days later the store was
the community with a variety of                       mine,” Lovas said.
bulk food items since December                          Lovas kept the name Basic                                                                                      BILL WEST / Star Beacon
2002.                                                 Ingredients and the logo, and has                      CATHY LOVAS of Basic Ingredients.
 “I would never have pursued                          never regretted her decision to
                                                                                                              What does Basic Ingredients              loose leaf tea supplier in the
this business on my own. I                            sell bulk food items which does
                                                                                                            have to offer?                             area), spices, pasta, soups, beans,
always wanted my own business,                        include tea — lots of different
                                                                                                              An expanded gluten-free section          dried fruit, flour, grains, rice,
but I really wanted to open a tea                     kinds of tea in fact.
                                                                                                            to meet this growing need in the           nuts, trail and snack mixes, pret-
room,” Lovas said.                                      Everyday there are free samples
                                                                                                            county, as well as many other              zels, organic items, baking prod-
 When the deal to purchase a tea                      of tea, coffee and a food item in
                                                                                                            items to accommodate those with            ucts, chocolate, jellos and pud-
room fell through, Lovas was dis-                     the store.
                                                                                                            special diet needs.                        dings, sprinkles, fresh ground
appointed but decided it was not                        “The Lord has blessed this store
                                                                                                              Other items include: coffee,             peanut butter, candy, custom gift
what the Lord had for her.                            so much, I have wonderful cus-
                                                                                                            (fresh ground), tea (the largest
 “I knew that if it was what the                      tomers,” she said.                                                                                     See BASIC, Page 17

   Gingerbread House Contest                                                                ❆ At least 50% of all ingredients in your house must
                                                                                              be purchased from

                                                                                                basic INGREDIENTS.
                                                                                            ❆ Applications must be received by Nov. 17, 2007.
                                                                                              (base size restriction 17”x15” so we can make room
                               “The Bulk Food Store with a Twist!”                            for all!)
                                   1610 West 11th Street, Ashtabula                         ❆ Creations will be brought to the store on Nov. 23 or
                                           964-2002                                           24 and will remain on display until judged. Judging
                                                                                              will be Dec. 15, 2007 and everyone is welcome to
                  COME JOIN THE FUN!!                                                         attend this event.
                                                                                            ❆ Categories: Children, Family, Individual/
   This holiday season   basic      INGREDIENTS is hosting a Gingerbread house                Professional
   contest. Other sponsors include The Lodge & Conference Center, Lakehouse                 ❆ For more information please call:
   Winery B&B, Bridge Street Bistro, The Ashtabula Arts Center, Quality Imaging
   and Swedish Pastry. The contest is open to all ages. There will be 3 categories and        (440) 964-2002
   this year our sponsors will be the judges! Pre-registration is required. Prizes will     ❆ Sponsors will be the judges and are providing some
   be awarded to first, second and third place winners in each category.                      of the prizes.
      HAVE FUN! BE CREATIVE! GET YOUR                                                            Stop In and Pick Up Your
       FAMILY AND FRIENDS INVOLVED!                                                               Pre-Registration Form!
                                                                                   1610 West 11th Street, Ashtabula                                     • Coffee
                                                                                    (West 11th St. is located directly across from the Northern most
                                                                                                                                                        • Tea
                                                                                     exit of the Dasco Paper Plaza by the Northwest Savings Bank)       • Nuts
                                                                                                                                                        • Jams/Jellies
                                                                                          When you turn onto west 11th look left we’re right there!
                                                                                                                                                        • Candy
                                                                                            440-964-2002                                                • Fresh Ground Peanut Butter
                                                                                                                                                        • Pretzels
                                                                                                                                                        • Trail Mixes
                                                                   HOURS:                                                                               • Flour • Baking Supplies
                                                    Open Tues-Fri 9am-6pm • Sat.9am-4pm                                                                 • Sprinkles
                “The Bulk Food Store with a Twist!”      Closed Sunday & Monday                                                                             Gluten-Free Products
6 — Women in Business                                                                                                Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Team of
women add
flare to
Staff Writer
  JEFFERSON — Following in
her father’s footsteps, Marybeth
Nassief prides herself on running                                                                                                     WARREN DILLAWAY / Star Beacon

a small-town, family-oriented                    THE WOMEN of Nassief gather in front of the Jefferson car dealership. (From left) Jane Lachey, office
business.                                        manager, Ann Nassief, company officer, Mary Lou Motylewicz, service manager, Tonya Belnap, finance
  In a male-dominated industry,                  manager, Marybeth Nassief, general manager, Melinda Schimley, sales, Sandy Tuttle, service advisor,
                                                 Sue Adams, parts advisor, Donna Cartner, car detailer, Chris McBee, receptionist, Darla Vargo, title clerk
Nassief Ford Mercury Toyota
                                                 and Kathy Booher, bookkeeper.
Hyundai’s team of women add
flare to the dealership and offer                Nassief said.                         ed working for her father part-      joining the team in Jefferson in
choices to clients.                                                                                                         1985, she said.
                                                   Nassief was born and raised in      time while she was in high
  Statistically, 84 percent of car
                                                 the car business. Her father, the     school. She started at the Ashtab-     Nassief said it’s the people that
purchases are directly influenced
                                                 late George Nassief opened the        ula dealership, Nassief Chevrolet    keep her in the car business.
by women and 49 percent of car
purchases are made by women,                     dealership in 1955. Nassief start-    Pontiac Cadillac Honda, before            See NASSIEF, Page 18

                                             PLEASE HELP US HELP OUR LOCAL APL!
                                                                         WITH THEIR IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL NEEDS
                                                  For every new or used vehicle purchased between Oct. 18th
                                                  and Nov. 24th, Nassief’s will make a $100 donation in your                                  The APL
                                                                      name to the APL!                                                    shelter, located
                                                                                                                                          at 5970 Green
                                                                                         Oct. 18 - Nov. 24, 2007
                                                        Your Name Here!                                                                   Road, is open
                                                                                                                                          Mon., Thurs.,
                                                                                                                                          Fri. & Sun. 1 -4
                                                        Pay to         Animal Protective League
                                                                                                           10000        p.m., Tues. 1-6 p.m., Wed. -
                                                        the order of                                                    Closed, Sat. 1-5 p.m.
                                                                 One Hundred Dollars                                       The APL Mall Adoption
                                                                                                                        Center is open at the Ashtabula
                                                                    To help
                                                                                  assief Automotive
                                                                                                                        Mall every Saturday from 11
                                                                 Save the APL! X N                                      a.m. to 7 p.m. Call 224-1222.
                                                        Memo:                                                               Check out all the cats and dogs
                                                                                                                             available for adoption at
                                                         10% of your Service Business will go to APL in your      
                                                            name if you mention this ad upon check-in!

                    Sales Hours:
                                                   NASSIEF  The Name is Your Guarantee... Since 1955                               SHOP 24
                                                                                                                                  HOURSsA DAY
             Mon. & Thurs. 9a.m.-9p.m.
     Tues., Wed., Fri. 9a.m.-6p.m. • Sat. 9a.m.-4p.m.       1059 St. Rt. 46 North, Jefferson, Ohio
                  Service Hours:                                                                                                      a
          Mon. - Fri. 7:30a.m.-5:30p.m.
              Sat. 7:30a.m.-Noon
                                                                       (440) 576-1010
Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                                                                   Women in Business — 7

     Glasses To You
Kimberly Jepson provides
personal optical services
By ELLEN KOLMAN                       anywhere else for my business.”
Staff Writer                            In fact, with the wonderful sup-                port of her husband, Steve, Kim-
                                      berly has taken the leap of faith
  ASHTABULA — Kimberly Jep-           and purchased the whole build-
son is living the American dream.     ing.
  As the owner of Glasses To You,       “I started out of my home and
located at 4421 Main Ave., Jepson     would make house calls to the
opened her downtown shop in           homebound or nursing homes,
August of 2005, with a small          but due to insurance criteria I
budget and large determination.       had to have a store front which
  “The American dream is the          scared me to death, but I came
ability to own your business if       right here and it has worked out
you wish. I started with very lit-    great,” Jepson said. “I have really
tle and everything I make, I put      tried to have a homey yet profes-
back into the business to contin-     sional atmosphere.”
ue to build it,” she said.              Today, Jepson offers 21 years of                                                WARREN DILLAWAY / Star Beacon
  A licensed optician, Jepson had     optical service experience in cor-
no trouble choosing the location                                            KIMBERLY JEPSON of Glasses to You operates on Main Avenue in
                                      rective eye wear, including glass-
as she is a fan of the charm of the                                         Ashtabula.
                                      es, (retail, adjustments and
downtown business district.           repairs). A local optometrist has
  “I love it here, this is the only                                         house calls to the homebound and   continue to do it,” she said. “As
                                      hours two days a week to give
place I went to look, you can’t                                             nursing homes.                     part of my long-term expansion
                                      exams and prescribe lenses. On
beat the rent — I wouldn’t go                                                “This is a service that is so
                                      Mondays, Jepson continues her
                                                                            appreciated, I really needed to         See GLASSES, Page 17

                            Glasses to You     “Personal Optical Services”

                                                                               Affordable Glasses and
                                                                                  Great Service by
                                                                             your own Personal Optician
                                a local optician                                        Kimberly Jepson
                                                                                       Licensed Optician/Owner
                                that accepts your
                                                                                         “I am here for you.”
                       Proud to be your provider for:                                   Eye exams available by
                       Wellcare, Medical Mutual,                                        Dr. Burt Carlson
                       Eyemed, NVA and more.
                                                                            Call us today for your appointment!

                                           4421 Main Avenue (Downtown Ashtabula)
                                                         (440) 998-4720
8 — Women in Business                                                                                     Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

 87% of our                                                                       Andover Bank
 staff are
  Is that any way
  to run a bank?

   That’s a                                                                                                                      BILL WEST / Star Beacon

 great way to                                                               THE WOMEN of the Andover Bank Operations Center in Andover,
                                                                            left to right seated, Patty Mason, Nancy Cook and Stacey Skarlinsky.

 run a bank!                                                                Left to right standing, Mary Trask, Diana Engelhardt, Mary Mitchell,
                                                                            Stefanie Parker and Jo Rowley.

                                                                            Women find careers at
                                                                            Andover Bank chose them
                                                                            By STACY MILLBERG                    ager, started her banking career
                                                                            Staff Writer                         right out of high school as a tell
         ANDOVER BANK                                                          and worked her way through the
                                                                                                                 system. The one thing she enjoys
             is still                                                         ANDOVER — People spend a
                                                                            lot of time choosing a career, but
                                                                            for nine women at Andover Bank,
                                                                                                                 about her job is the small com-
                                                                                                                 munity atmosphere of Andover

         ANDOVER BANK                                                       their career chose them.
                                                                              Jo Ann Rowley, Stephanie Park-
                                                                                                                   “I’ve gone to bigger banks but
                                                                                                                 always find myself back at a
                                                                            er, Mary Mitchell, Diana Engel-      small bank,” she said. “There is
      If you’re concerned about the future of your Banking                  hardt, Stacey Skarlinsky, Patty      more focus on the customer. The
 relationship, now may be the Time to consider Andover Bank.                Mason, Nancy Cook, Mary Trask        people who run the company
                                                                            and Kathy Britton have all found     know what’s going on in the com-
                                                                            themselves in the banking busi-      munity and truly care. They
                                                                            ness.                                work with their market and truly
          SAME BANK. SAME NAME.                                               Rowley, the assistant branch       cater the services to them.”
           SAME GREAT SERVICE                                               manager at Andover Bank’s Jef-         Mitchell, training and market-
                                                                            ferson Branch, has been in the       ing officer, has been with
                                                                            banking business for 17 years.       Andover Bank for 26 years.
                                                                            She has been with Andover Bank         “It kind of found me,” she said.
                                                                            for five of those years.             “I was a customer and came in
                                                                              Rowley started her career as a     and they asked me if I was look-
                                                                            teller and worked her way up to      ing for a job.”
                                                                            become assistant branch manag-         Mitchell started as a teller and
      A local bank making local decisions since 1884.                       er.                                  worked her way up through the
                                                                              “I wanted to get out of waitress   ranks. She said being willing to
     Andover Bank             Ashtabula Harbor            Austinburg        work,” she said. “I started off      learn and wanting to learn has
     440-293-7605              440-964-8999             440-275-3333        with banking because I was good      been crucial to her success.
       Conneaut        Geneva              Jefferson      Pierpont          with money. (My career) basically
     440-593-6595   440-466-3040         440-576-2265   440-577-1124                                               “Andover Bank was a great
                                                                            found me.”
                                    FDIC     Parker, Austinburg branch man-         See ANDOVER, Page 18
Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                                                                         Women in Business — 9

A great career
for women who
have outgoing
Staff Writer
Jay Hybert, of North Kingsville,
joined the Realty One team more
than 10 years ago after retiring                                                                                                     BILL WEST / Star Beacon
from a successful teaching career.     REALTY ONE staffers, left to right, Susan Stoneman, Melissa Brown, E. Jay Hybert, Cindy St. Angelo,
  “I got bored and decided to get      Darla Zawacki, Beverly Martin, Tiffany Miller, Joan Curtis and Marietta Lipps.
my real-estate license and choose
my own hours,” said Hybert.            newer agents.                          huge responsibility,” she said.        involved, the buyers, sellers,
  Realty One, located at 2916 N.         “Our manager, Robert Long, has         To other women considering           appraisers, and mortgage compa-
Ridge E., is a full service realty     been very supportive,” she said.       real-estate as a career, St. Angelo    nies.
association that follows the             An interest in rental properties     offers this advice, “Get proper          An opportunity to utilize her
mantra of customer service, fami-      led Darla Zawacki, of Ashtabula,       training and research the compa-       teaching skills, brought Marietta
ly, innovation and results. A Real-    to the real-estate business 15         ny you are going to work for and       Lipps, of Concord Township to
ty One agent is able to aid cus-       years ago.                             research their management team.        the world of real-estate in 2002.
tomers in buying, selling or leas-       “I like the challenge. Every deal    We are very fortunate to have a          “I am a retired Spanish teacher.
ing commercial, residential and        presents a different problem and       wonderful management team              After 34 years of teaching, I
rural farm properties, according       a new opportunity for learning         here at Realty One.”                   worked with a Spanish ministry
to the Web site, (realtyone.realliv-                                                                                 and found myself interpreting for
                                       more about the business,” Zawac-         Flexibility is also the reason                                                                                                            Hispanic citizens needing hous-
                                       ki said, who has been an agent at      Beverly Martin, of Rock Creek,
  “I enjoy people. Every transac-                                                                                    ing,” said Lipps, who has been a
                                       Realty One for 10 years.               started in real-estate 28 years
tion is different, it is definitely                                                                                  Realtor for Realty One since
                                         The most satisfying part of          ago.
never boring,” Hybert said.                                                                                          2005.
                                       being an agent for Zawacki is            “I had small children at home
  Hybert credits the management                                                                                        “Becoming a Realtor was a nat-
                                       when she can help find the right       and I wanted to set my own
team at the Realty One office for                                                                                    ural transition and I could main-
making her job less stressful by       house for the right people.            hours,” Martin said who has been
                                         “Walking them through the            with Realty One for 10 years.          tain part-time hours and help
making available helpful                                                                                             Hispanic people avoid pit falls
resources.                             process from ‘step A’ all the way        “I really enjoy the people I help.
                                                                                                                     and navigate through the home
  “This can be a great career for      to ‘step Z’ is very gratifying,” she   When you hand over the keys to
                                                                                                                     buying process.”
women who are flexible and have        said.                                  their first new home, there is
                                                                                                                       Lipps finds enormous satisfac-
outgoing personalities,” she said.       Zawacki is proud to be a agent       nothing like it.”
                                                                                                                     tion in handing the keys to a sin-
  Following a real-estate family       for Realty One because it is the         Martin offers this advise to
                                                                                                                     gle parent who thought they
tradition, Tiffany Miller, 23, of      largest real-estate company in         young couples who are looking to       wouldn’t be able to own their own
Geneva, made the natural career        this area and it provides the most     buy their first home.                  home.
choice.                                useful technology.                       “I ask them to pre-approve, then       “This is a service that can tran-
  “My family has been in real-           Cindy St. Angelo, of Ashtabula,      we know what their realistic           scend language barriers,” she
estate for almost 100 years. My        has been a Realtor/consultant for      price range is for us to work          said.
great-grandfather started Miller       Realty One for nine years special-     within. Right now it is definitely       Lipps chooses to drive the dis-
Realty in 1908,” Miller said, who      izing in residential sales, reloca-    a buyers market, a lot of deals        tance to be a part of the Ashtabu-
has been an agent for Realty One       tion and commercial properties.        out there right now.”                  la Realty One office because she
for three years.                         St. Angelo chose the real-estate       As a veteran in the real-estate      wanted a smaller office with all
  “I love it when the deal goes        profession 18 years ago for the        world, Martin advises new Real-        the technology and resources
through and both parties are           flexibility while raising her young    tors to roll with the punches.         available.
happy,” she said.                      family.                                  “You never know what is going          “There is such a fabulous group
  Miller also enjoys the fact that       “I enjoy helping people. When        to happen. It is a very interest-      of people here,” she said.
although Realty One is an active,      clients say thank you for a job        ing, but an up and down busi-            Call Realty One at 440-998-
busy office, everyone still takes      well done it means a lot because       ness,” she said. “You have to love     5591.
the time to be helpful to the          we work very hard and it is a          working with all the people
10 — Women in Business                                                    Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

                 Sue Stoneman     Cindy St.Angelo      Bev Martin             Joan Curtis
                   964-7609          997-9855          563-3066            (740) 816-2512
    Dianna Crowther       E.Jay Hybert      Darla Zawacki    Brenda Niemi             Marietta Lipps
       992-5476            224-0564          992-3399         218-0297               (440) 346-5601
                                                                     Tiffany Miller

                                                               2 916 N . R i d ge E .
                                                                Ashtabula, OH
                                                                ( 4 4 0 ) 9 9 8 - 5 5 91
Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                                                                                                                    Women in Business — 11

                                                                                    Ultimate Appearance
                                                                 Jane Haines works at making it a beautiful day
                                                                  By SHELLEY TERRY                                          cosmetologist.                        things I don’t like,” she said.
                                                                  Staff Writer                                                “I took accounting at Kent State      One part of the salon business
                                                                                                                            University’s Ashtabula campus,”       Haines never liked was the idea
                                                                                             she said. “After a year of account-   of renting booths to stylists, so
                                                                    ASHTABULA — Many young                                  ing, I knew I wanted to do some-      she doesn’t work that way. She
                                                                  entrepreneurs from small towns                            thing fun with my life.”              offers her employees health
                                                                  dream of making their fortunes                              Haines enrolled at Lake Erie
                                                                                                                                                                  insurance, a 401K plan and paid
                                                                  by setting up shop in the big city.                       Academy of Cosmetology in
                                                                                                                            Willoughby, thus beginning her        vacation. She now boasts six full-
                                                                    But Jane Haines made her suc-
                                                                  cess in her hometown. The                                 love affair with hair. She spent      time, four part-time employees
                                                                  Ashtabula native and owner of                             the next three years working at       and the salon is open six days a
                                                                  Ultimate Appearance hair salon                            local salons, but really wanted       week.
                                                                  has done great for herself in the                         more “chair time” than the salons       Haines routinely schedules in-
                                                                  business and city she knows best.                         could offer, she said.                house training on the newest
                                                                    “I was 23 years old and I took a                          In 1983, she married Douglas        styles and techniques. At least
                                                                  seven-year lease on the building                          Haines, a certified public            once a year, the stylists and
                                                                  (at her current location),” she                           accountant, and in 1984, she          Haines travel — usually to New
                                                                  said. “I wanted to work until I                           opened Ultimate Appearance at         York City — to meet with famous
                                                                  was 30, but it didn’t work out.”                          4702 Main Ave., with three            stylists.
                                                                    One could say Haines got so                             employees. She then coined the
                                                                                                                                                                    Ultimate Appearance specializes
                                                                  busy she forgot to move.                                  slogan, “It’s a beautiful day at
                                                                    When she graduated from                                 Ultimate Appearance.”                 in cuts and color, as well as spe-
                                                                  Ashtabula High School in 1979,                              Haines soon discovered she          cial occasion hair. Haines said
                           DANIEL KRAUS / Star Beacon             she had no idea that one day her                          enjoyed running her own busi-         she likes to believe it’s “the shop
JANE HAINES, owner of Ulti-                                       salon would become one of the                             ness and eventually bought the        to go to in this area.”
mate Appearance Hair Salon in                                     busiest in the city. She didn’t                           building.                               For more information, call the
Ashtabula.                                                        even know she wanted to be a                                “I like the ability to change       salon at (440) 992-7733.

             K a p la in                          H a in e
A s h le y                                 Jane                                 o
                                                                                                      S u z a nt
                                       h                                                                  K is

                                                                                                                                        er   ry
                                                                                                    P a te te                    y Carb
                                                                                    M a r ie ll
                                                                                                a                   C h r is s

   The ladies from Ultimate Appearance recently returned from New York City,                                                                             Call 992-7733
    after training with “ WHAT NOT TO WEAR’S ” celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo.                                                                     Today For Your Appointment
12 — Women in Business                                                                                  Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

                                                                                        Home Care
   Keeping Families Together                                             Phyllis Savel
     in Dignity and Love                                                 is making a
    RN ADMINISTRATOR                                                     positive
      Announces Our                                                      difference
       Relocation...                                                     By ELLEN KOLMAN
                                                                         Staff Writer
                                                                           ASHTABULA — Two significant
                                                                         factors contributed to Phyllis
                                                                         Savel decision to enter the nurs-
                                                                         ing field — family example and
                                the street to
               has moved across e look forward to
                                                                           “There are a lot of nurses in my
                                                                         family and they shared their
                           e. W
           1100 Lake Avenur new, expanded location.
                                                                         experiences,” said Savel, who has
                                                                         been a nurse for 13 years and the              PHYLLIS SAVEL
        serving you from ou                                              administrator for Continuum
                                                                         Home Care for the past year and
                                                                                                                       Administrator of
                                                                                                                     Continuum Home Care
                                                                         a half.
                                                                           “There was a nursing shortage         “Even though insurance guide-
       Help the people you love                                          at the time I considered nursing      lines do dictate what clients can
                                                                         for a career and I knew I could       receive, people need to under-
  with Nurturing Home Health Care.                                       get a job in this area,” she said.    stand there are services available
                                                                                                               to them,” Savel said.
   Continuum Home Care is a Medicare/Medicaid certified                    Continuum Home Care is cur-
                                                                         rently located at 1047 Lake             Savel’s responsibilities as Con-
     agency, following their conditions and standards. They have         Avenue, but will soon be moving       tinuum’s administrator include
 pioneered private duty services in the Great Lakes area with the most   across the street at 1100 Lake        overseer of operations, employees,
              compassionate caring personnel.                            Avenue due to a steady growth of      finances and clinical.
  Their respected clients ranging from pediatrics to elder care          service and clients.                    “What makes my job easier is
                                                                           Continuum is a home care            we have employees that have
           have the privacy and comfort of home.                         agency that provides skilled nurs-    been with Continuum for years.
      Our goal is providing high-quality care to meet your needs,        ing as well as aide services, and a   They know their job, they are
                        whatever they may be.                            variety of home therapy services      dependable and they do their job
    Medicare/Medicaid/                 Private Duty Services             including physical, speech and        well,” she said.
                                                                                                                 Savel said it is very satisfying to
   Private Insurance/VA/              • Companionship Care               occupational therapies. “We serve
                                                                                                               know that Continuum’s cus-
                                       • Light Housekeeping              all age groups. Many people have
      Workers Comp.                                                      a misconception that home care is     tomers are happy. “We provide a
            • RNs                          Homemaking                    only for the elderly, but many of     service. It is very satisfying to
           • LPNs                       • Meal Preparation               our clients are children and          know that we are making a posi-
          • HHAs                     • Laundry & Linen Care              young adults,” Savel said.            tive difference in people’s lives
    • Physical Therapy                   • Errand Services                 Continuum serves patients with      and how they function.”
                                        • Grocery Shopping               Medicare, Medicaid and private          What advise does Savel have for
            • OT                                                                                               young women considering the
     • Speech Therapy                      • Respite Care                insurances. Private pay services
                                                                                                               nursing profession? “The home
                                     • Grooming & Dressing               are also available such as com-
         • Infusion                                                      panion, aide or nursing.              care field can be very rewarding
       • Infant Care                         Guidance                      There are more than 160             because you are one on one
                                     • Medication Reminders              employees with Continuum Home         instead of one to however many
     Lori                             440-964-3332                       Care serving Ashtabula and parts
                                                                         of Lake Counties.
                                                                                                               you may be responsible for,” she
    Jones                             800-952-6236                         “In this building are the office
                                                                         people, most of our employees are
                                                                                                                 “Locally, there are severe short-
                                                                                                               ages in the therapy fields. No
   Community                        1100 Lake Avenue                     out in the field,” she said. “We      matter which avenue you go,
    Educator                                                                                                   there will always be opportunities
                                     Ashtabula, Ohio                     currently serve almost 300
                                                                         clients.”                             in the medical field,” Savel said.
Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                      Women in Business — 13

Tina Stasiewski
has a passion
for community
Staff Writer
  ASHTABULA — Tina Stasiews-
ki is passionate about Ashtabula
County Medical Center (ACMC)
and community involvement.
  As Vice President of Business
Development for ACMC,
Stasiewski, believes in order to
best serve the people of Ashtabu-
la County, she must become con-
  “I am very impressed with this
executive and management team
and their level of involvement
with the community. When Kevin
Miller (Chief Executive Officer               TINA STASIEWSKI
for ACMC) came on board, he                    Vice President of
required all of us to be active in a    Business Development for ACMC
least one community organiza-
                                         So what does a vice president of
                                       business development for ACMC
  Since ACMC is the only full-
                                       actually do?
service hospital in the county,
                                         The business development
Miller felt the teams have a
                                       department is responsible for all
responsibility to understand
                                       of the marketing; media rela-
what the health care needs are in      tions; community events and edu-
the community, Stasiewski said.        cation classes; employee commu-
  “I am proud of that level of com-    nication; oversees the strategic
mitment to the people we serve,”       plan for the hospital; the ACMC
she said.                              Foundation reports through this
  Some of the community organi-        department; also supports the
zations Stasiewski is involved         efforts of Glenbeigh and Ashtabu-
with are: Leadership Ashtabula         la Regional Home Health.
County, Growth Partnership,              “The executive team will get
Ashtabula Downtown Develop-            together for meetings to share
ment Association, and the media        ideas which is very stimulating
chairperson for the Ashtabula          because we all respect and listen
County Heart Walk.                     to each other,” she said.
  Stasiewski has been an execu-          Even though ACMC is the
tive for ACMC since 2004 and           largest private employer in
has a total of 15 years experience     Ashtabula County, it must be fis-
in the marketing field.                cally responsible to keep the
  A graduate of Gannon Universi-       doors open.
ty in Erie, Pa., Stasiewski has a        “We run a lean hospital with
masters degree in business             not a lot of excess staff; so the
administration and an bachelors        philosophy of ‘give back and be
degree in communication with an        connected’ to the people we are
English emphasis.                      serving helps us to pin point and
  “My job is never boring whatso-      meet the specific medical needs
ever,” she said. “There is never a     in Ashtabula County,” Stasiewski
‘typical’ day.”                        said.
14 — Women in Business                                                                           Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

       Jayne Colin’s Travel Centre
                                                                         Travel Centre
                Proudly Presents...                               Join Jayne
                                                                  for a journey

       2008 ESCORTED TOURS
        Escorted by our own: Jayne Colin
                                                                  By ELLEN KOLMAN
                                                                  Staff Writer
                                                                    ASHTABULA — Travel is Jayne
                                                                  Colin-Currie’s passion and it also
                                                                  happens to be her business.
                                                                    As the owner/operator of Jayne
                                                                  Colin’s Travel Centre, located at
                                                                  2320 Lake Ave., for 21 years,
          FEB. 15-18     Baby Boomers 60th Birthday               Colin-Currie has traveled the
                                                                  globe while loving every mile of
                         4-Day Bahama Cruise on Royal             it.
                         Caribbean Cruise Line                      “I have been on 104 cruises,
                                                                  have traveled every continent
          MAR 23-30 Easter Break 7 Day Caribbean                  except Antarctica, and have been
                                                                  in all 50 states,” she said.               JAYNE COLIN-CURRIE
                         Cruise on Princess Cruise Line             Thirty-eight years ago, Colin-               Owner/Operator
                                                                  Currie was in the right place at
          JUN. 15-19 Tri-City Bus Tour New York City              the right time when she began
                                                                                                            Jayne Colin’s Travel Centre

                         Philadelphia and Atlantic City           her journey in the travel agency
                                                                                                          Technology and the 9/11/2001
                                                                                                        tragedy have created the most
          JUL 14-27 Alaska Cruise/Tour 7 Day Glacier                “I started at AAA (American
                                                                  Automobile Association) while
                                                                                                        change. “The introduction of the
                                                                                                        home computer and the Internet
                         Cruise and 6-Day Wilderness Tour         going to college. During spring       changed the whole travel concept.
                                                                  break, Bill and Jean Regner who
          AUG 10-16 Cape Cod Bus Tour & Marthas Vineyard          owned AAA at that time, asked
                                                                                                        Because I am established, a lot of
                                                                                                        people will look on the computer
          SEP 13-28 Sound of Music 16 Day ALPS Tour               me to stay because they were
                                                                  opening a new travel agency.
                                                                                                        for prices and reservations, and
                                                                                                        then bring it to me to find out if
                         Germany, Austria, Swiss, Italy, France   They sent me away for training
                                                                  and changed my life,” she said.
                                                                                                        it is a good deal or if I will meet
                                                                                                        or beat it,” she said.
          OCT. 19-NOV. 2 10 Day Tahiti Cruise & 2 Day Over          The travel bug bit, Colin-Currie      “Right after 9/11, 45 percent of
                                                                  packed her bags and has never         the travel industry went under. I
                         Water Bungalow Stay                      looked back.                          survived because I am in a small
                                                                    A safari to South Africa is her
          OCT (TBA) Las Vegas Casino Package                      very favorite trip of all time. “It
                                                                                                        town,” said Colin-Currie. “I had a
                                                                                                        tough couple of years, but people
          DEC 5-8        New York City Christmas Shopping         was like visiting God’s back yard
                                                                  — I can’t describe how beautiful
                                                                                                        trust me. The whole travel sys-
                                                                                                        tem has changed, but this is what
                                                                  it was.”                              we have to work with, so we
           SPACE IS LIMITED!! CALL TODAY!                           Colin-Currie has used her
                                                                  extensive travels as her educa-
                                                                                                        adjust and keep going forward.”
                                                                                                          Part of this adjustment, is the

                440-992-4770                                      tion to pass on to others what she
                                                                  has learned. “I inspect what I
                                                                  deliver; if I haven’t been there,
                                                                                                        escorted tours which has now
                                                                                                        become Colin-Currie’s forte. “I

                                                                                                        personally escort right from my
                                                                  you don’t want to go there,” she      front door. People are constantly
                                                                  said.                                 saying to me, ‘this is the most fun
                                                                    Jayne Colin’s Travel Centre is a    I have ever had,’” she said. “The
                                                                  full service agency, and the only     escort tours have been a big turn-
       2320 LAKE AVE., ASHTABULA, OH 44004                        locally owned and operated travel     ing point. I am back to a full
                                                                  agency in northeast Ohio. “The
       Serving your travel needs for over 25 years                people of Ashtabula County must
                                                                                                          Visit Jayne Colin’s Travel Cen-
                                                                  get behind our small business         tre Monday through Friday from
                                                                  owners and support them.”             9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10
                                                                    Over the years the travel indus-    a.m. to 1 p.m. or call at 440-992-
                                                                  try has gone through significant      4770.
Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                                                                                          Women in Business — 15

         Quality Maytag                                                         Ready for Delivery!
 Home Appliance Center                                                                                       •   MADE IN USA
                                                                                                             •   HEAVY DUTY WASHERS & DRYERS
Lois Dutton                                                                                                  •   3 YR. WARRANTY PARTS & LABOR
                                                                                                             •   SPEED QUEEN
sells, repairs
large and small
appliances                                                                                                                 Washers
                                                                                                                       $                      * $                         *
                                                                                                                          339 149
Staff Writer                                                                                          NEW                              USED
Lois Dutton supplies Laundromat
and appliance repair services
from Ashtabula County to Belize.
  Dutton, owner of Quality May-
                                                                                Gas or Electric Dryers
                                                                                             $                          * $                           *
                                                                                                       329 139
tag Home Appliance Center on
Route 45, balances the business
books for the store and fixes trou-                                             NEW                                       USED
bled appliances for Ashtabula                         BILL WEST / Star Beacon
and Lake County residents.            LOIS DUTTON of Quality Maytag
                                      Home Appliance Center on
  But when she isn’t in Austin-                                                                           •NEW RANGES START AT $369*
burg Township, Dutton is in
Belize soaking up some sun and
                                      Route 45 in Austinburg.
                                                                                 IN                       •NEW REFRIGERATORS START AT $499*
                                      worked together for 30 years and
installing washers and dryers in
                                      Lois Dutton said they are the                                       •NEW MICROWAVES START AT $249*
  “We are actually the first Laun-
                                      perfect team.
                                        “You have to be a good team to
                                                                                                          •NEW DISHWASHERS START AT $369*
dromat in Belize,” Dutton said.       work together every single day,”
“It was a challenge because we
had to fabricate our own coin
                                      she said.
                                        The Duttons have three adult
                                                                                                                 We Offer:
slides to accommodate their cur-
rency,” she said.
                                      children and all are as handy as                                  Largest Selection of Used
  Dutton’s career in appliances
                                      their parents, Lois Dutton said.                                         Appliances
                                      The Duttons enjoy grandson                                                                                        We Service All
began 30 years ago when hus-                                                        Good Used Parts
                                                                                                                                                       Major Appliances
                                      Alex, 7, and are eagerly antici-              Dishwasher Racks                                                          Maytag
band Byron Dutton purchased a
Laundromat rental company.
                                      pating the arrival of two new                 Washer Agitators                      Haul Away                          Amana
                                                                                                                                                            Magic Chef
Fourteen years later, the couple
                                        Quality Maytag Home Appli-
                                                                                     Range Burners
                                                                                     Range Elements
                                                                                                                          Hook Up                          Whirlpool
began selling new and used
appliances.                           ance Center, located at 2121                  Range Drip Pans                       30 Years of                        Crosby
  “I was pre-med in college, but I    Route 45 in Austinburg Town-                                                          Experience
was always a very handy person,       ship, sells new and used large                                   Parts in Stock for All Makes & Models!
more so than the other wives in       and small appliances. The store
                                      is also a full-service repair and                                              *All Prices in Ad Cash & Carry
the neighborhood,” Dutton said.

                                      maintenance shop and offers in-                    ee Us                          UALITY
  Soon Dutton was performing                                                      Come Sr The
surgery on washing machines in        home services.                                Unde wning!
a shop behind her house.                “I honestly think if people com-
                                      pare our prices to those of the big
                                                                                    Blue A
                                                                                  Quality Maytag
                                                                                                                          AYTAG                                      • SALES
  “I do everything from repairs                                                                                                            We have factory
                                      box stores, they will find we come
                                                                                   2121 Rt. 45
                                                                                                                                                                     • SERVICE
and maintenance to the book-                                                    Geneva       Ashtabula
                                                                                                                                        authorized technicians!
work. I really do it all,” Dutton     in well under big box costs and
                                                                                             Rt. I-90
                                                                                                                                                                     • PARTS
                                                                                                                    (Free Service Rental)
                                                                                             Rt. 45

said. “My job changes from day to     we offer repairs and service,”                     #    Clay St.
                                                                                                              2121 Rt. 45 (corner of Clay St) Austinburg
day or even hour to hour. It just     Lois Dutton said.                          Rt. 307
                                                                                Austinburg    Jefferson
                                                                                                             “We sell the Best and Service the Rest!”
depends on what I am needed to          For more information about                                    Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-1 or call for an appointment
do,” she said.                        Quality Maytag Home Appliance
  Byron and Lois Dutton have          Center, call (440) 275-2100.
                                                                                         440-275-2100 • 440-275-3294
16 —Women in Business                                                                                    Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tony’s Party Center
Tony’s Party Center makes
occasions a little more special
By MARK TODD                        the center is ready to roll.
Staff Writer                          “We’ve already booked four par-                ties,” Colin said.
                                      Tony’s Party Center will provide
  CONNEAUT — Special occa-          customers with a more elegant
sions can now become a little       alternative to the other banquet
more special, thanks to Tony’s      halls in the area. Clients can
Party Center, 1001 Harbor St.,      choose to pamper their guests
which recently opened in the Port   with glassware — not plastic                                                             BILL WEST / STAR BEACON
of Conneaut, a short walk from      cups and plates — as well as         JOANN COLIN and Tony Silva of Tony's Catering and Deli on State
Lake Erie.                          linen tablecloths and napkins.       Road in Ashtabula.
  The business, operated by           “We want to be a little more
JoAnn Colin and veteran caterer                                            The party center contains two          If desired, Tony’s Party Center
                                    upscale,” she said.
Tony Silva, offers another choice                                        rooms can comfortably accommo-         can also arrange cakes and flow-
                                      The price for the extra touch,
for people planning wedding                                              date more than 200 people. Parti-      ers to match the occasion with an
                                    however, will be reasonable and
receptions, reunions, showers and                                        tions can create a more intimate       all-inclusive package. The center
                                    affordable, Colin said.
other gatherings.                                                        setting for guests. Tony’s staff can   is affiliated with Cakes by
                                      Silva, who operates Tony’s
  The center can be found inside                                         arrange a buffet or full, sit-down     Dianne, operated by Dianne
                                    Catering and Deli on State Road
the former Golden Anchor                                                 dining experience.                     Silva, and Designs For You By
                                    in Ashtabula, is the in-house
Restaurant, which has been                                                 People can choose from small         Bernie, owned by Bernie Muto.
                                    caterer. He brings more than 22
vacant for several months. After                                         group packages or design their
                                    years experience to the business.
an investment of time and money,                                         own dinner buffet.                          See TONY'S, Page 19
Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                                                                                          Women in Business — 17

                                           Lovas loves a challenge, and the
Basic                                    daily diversity of a store definite-                                                          Conneaut area are still able to
                     From Page 5
                                         ly fits the bill.
                                           Basic Ingredients employs three
                                                                                                   Cruise                              reward themselves with a nice
                                                                                                                                       trip once or twice a year, she
                                         part-time helpers and one very                                               From Page 4      said.
baskets and gift items.                  important volunteer; Lovas’ hus-                                                                “There are still a lot of people
 “Customers are welcome to               band, John, of 30 years is a won-                         said.                               who have flexible funds,”
bring gift items to add to their         derful support.                                             Of course, not too many peo-      Chike said. “They like to treat
gift basket to make it personal,”          “It is such a joy to come here                          ple need an excuse to escape        their families.”
                                         everyday to work. To have a place                         northeast Ohio for a few days         Chike can also help people
Lovas said.
                                         where I can come and open my                              in the dead of winter. “A lot of
 Once again Basic Ingredients is                                                                                                       more interested in a vacation
                                         Bible, greet my customers and                             people just want to get away
hosting a Gingerbread House                                                                                                            on soil. “We do a lot of land
                                         have such a peaceful atmosphere                           from the cold,” Chike said.
Contest with an appearance by                                                                                                          packages, too,” she said.
                                         is truly a blessing,” she said.
Mrs. Clause. All applications                                                                        For awhile, Chike’s phone           Cruise Planners is a member
                                           And what is the secret to Lovas’
must be in by Nov. 17, and are                                                                     was ringing with inquiries          of Cruise Line International
available at the store.                                                                            about new passport regula-          Association, National Associa-
                                           “I let the Lord run the busi-
 “Last year it was so huge, every        ness.”                                                    tions imposed by Homeland           tion of Cruise Only Agencies
year (the contest) grows with              Call Basic Ingredients at 440-                          Security. A publicity blitz that    and the American Society of
more creativity and enthusiasm,”         964-2002 or look up <www.basic-                           accompanied the rules, along        Travel Agents . The company
she said.                      >                                          with extended compliance            does business with all the top
                                                                                                   deadlines, have helped ease         cruise lines.
                                                                                                   the fears about travel out of         For information, contact
                                         include a full-service lab for the
Glasses                                  fabrication of lenses. This will
                                         allow for same day service.
                                                                                                   the country, she said.
                                                                                                     “The passport situation has
                                                                                                                                       Chike at 440-599-7585 (toll-
                                                                                                                                       free at 866-852-9389) or via e-
                     From Page 7                                                                   died down a little,” Chike said.    mail at dchike@cruiseplan-
                                           Since Jepson is a licensed opti-
                                                                                                     Despite deals, travel can still Interested travelers
                                         cian, she can dispense and fabri-
                                         cate lenses.                                              be an expensive proposition.        can learn more about Cruise
goals I would love to have a fully         “When people come in we sit                             The dollar’s declining value in     Planners and the company’s
equipped van so I can bring the          down and talk while we look at                            other countries isn’t helping,      offerings at their Web site,
doctor with me.”                         frames; everyone has a dream                              Chike said. Still, people in the
  The upstairs of her building will      but they are afraid to go after it.
someday boast of three suites to         There are so many things people
accommodate corporate travelers          can do to start a business that
and Western Reserve Greenway             does not require a lot of money,”
Trail riders.                                                                                                                         Spieth Realty Broker Mary J.
                                         she said. “I would love to guide
  Jepson’s mantra is “If there is a      other women who are nervous                                                                  Hockran has been an Andover
will, there is a way.”                   about getting started.”                                                                      Resident since 1969. She
  In the very near future, the             “So many women are afraid to                                                               obtained her real estate license
present store front will become a        put themselves out there — they
high-end glasses boutique at rea-                                                                                                     in 1977 and began her career
                                         just need to go for it!”                                                                     working with Associates
sonable prices.                            Visit Jepson at Glasses To You
  “I can bring in frames for half        on Tuesday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.,                                                                 Diversified Services Inc.
the price of what the big cities         Wednesday & Friday 1 p.m. - 6                                                                Spieth Realty was started in
charge, this way everyone can            p.m., and Thursday & Saturday                                                                Andover in 1963. Mary joined
afford the best,” she said.              from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., closed
  After the remodeling of the                                                                                                         Spieth Realty in 1980 and
                                         Sunday and Monday.                                                                           purchased the business in
store front next door is complete,         Call 440-998-4720 for more
Glasses To You will have three           information. Glasses To You                                                                  1986. Spieth Realty is licensed
times the floor space which will         accepts most major insurance.                            to sell real estate in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, very
                                                                                                  convenient since the business is 2 miles from the Pennsylvania
                                                                                                  Border. Mary’s real estate firm currently employs 5 agents and a
                                                             The Girls of                         full time secretary. Spieth Realty is frequently the top real estate
                                                             Old Reserve,                         agency in the Pymatuning Valley Area. Mary and her agents sell
                                                        A Team you can count                      vacant land, residential properties and commercial businesses as
                                                        on for all of your Real
                                                            Estate needs!                         well as managing several rental units in the area. Living and
                                                         Debbie Karbacka, Office Administrator;   working in the Pymatuning Valley Area has added to Mary’s
                                                         Tara Dean, Realtor;
                                                         Kris Fulwiler, Associate Broker;
                                                                                                  expertise as one of the best real estate brokers in Ashtabula
                                                         Carol Fulwiler, Owner/Broker;            County. To get in touch with Mary or any of her agents at Spieth
                                                         Cathy Welsh, Realtor (Not pictured);
                                                         Kirsten Boczar, Realtor (Not pictured)   Realty, call, stop by the office or e-mail them.

                                                                                                                                               Give Us A Call Today!
               Old Reserve Realty
                                                                                                                                                       or email
                                Jim Case Realty, Inc.                                                                                          198 East Main • PO Box 190
                                   On The Square                                                                                                  Andover, Ohio 44003
                        1 Lawyers Row • Jefferson, OH 44047
               Office: (440) 576-6985 •                                                      REALTY                 (440) 293-6212
18 — Women in Business                                                                                                      Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

                                             out of high school and has
Nassief                                      remained with the dealership for                                                         to a lot of hard work.
                       From Page 6
                                             the past 18 years. Motylewicz
                                             started at the bottom and worked
                                                                                      Andover                                           Cook, director of human
                                                                                                                                      resources and marketing, got
                                             her way up to become the service                                From Page 8              her start in the banking busi-
  “Dealing with not only the cus-            manager at the Jefferson dealer-                                                         ness while she was in college.
tomers, but the people I work                ship. She attributes her success         place to work and raise my                        “I thought I was just visiting,
with,” she said. “Everybody is an            to a lot of hard work and perse-         children,” she said. “The flexi-                but I’ve been in the banking
important piece of the puzzle.”              verance.                                                                                 industry ever since,” she said.
                                                                                      bility has been a good fit for
  Nassief left the family business             Motylewicz has earned the Toy-                                                         Cook has been with Andover
                                                                                      me all these years.”
for a short time and did a two-              ota Service Excellence Award and                                                         Bank for almost a year. She
                                                                                        Engelhardt, vice president
year stint working in sales for              is Master Certified with Ford                                                            spent eight years in the public
                                                                                      and chief financial officer, was
Mariott, in Hilton Head, S.C.                Motor Company as a service                                                               sectors when a position opened
                                             manager. She is Master Certified         working as a public accountant
  “I thought it would be a good                                                       when she saw an advertise-                      up and she jumped at the
idea to work for someone else,”              with Hyundai America as a serv-                                                          chance to get back into the
                                             ice manager and Master Certified         ment in the paper for an open-
she said. “I realized very quickly,                                                   ing at Second National Bank.                    banking business.
I didn’t want to work for a big              with Toyota as a service manager                                                           Cook said she owes her suc-
                                             and vehicle delivery quality.            At the time, Engelhardt was
corporation.”                                                                                                                         cess to the great mentors she’s
                                               Most recently, Motylewicz              working 80 hours a week and
  So Nassief came back to where                                                                                                       had over the years.
                                             received a vacation to the               wanted to decrease her hours
she was meant to be. Under the                                                                                                          Trask, loan clerk, has been
                                             Bahamas compliments of Toyota            to spend more time with her
direction of her father, she                                                                                                          with Andover Bank for 21
                                             for her service excellence.              family.
worked her way up to eventually                                                                                                       years.
                                               Jane Lachey, office manager,             She was hired with Second
become the dealership’s general                                                                                                         “It was supposed to be tempo-
                                             has been with the Nassief organi-        National and has been in the
manager. “I love the business,                                                                                                        rary,” she said. “I was pursu-
                                             zation for the past 25 years. She        banking business ever since.                    ing a nursing degree. I felt I
and I got to work with my dad,”              also started her career with             She has been with Andover
she said. “He was my mentor.”                                                                                                         did a good job here and when
                                             Nassief right out of high school         Bank just less than one year.                   it came time to quit, I was
  Giving back to the community is            and has worked in pretty much              Skarlinsky, assistant vice
a legacy Nassief has carried on.                                                                                                      offered a job at a doctor’s
                                             the same position ever since, she        president of operations/IT, has                 office. I realized I didn’t want
The most recent donation                     said.                                    been in the business for 16
includes a van that was donated                                                                                                       to be a nurse.”
                                               “I started as entry level and was      years. She started out as a                       Trask said Andover Bank is
to the Ashtabula County Humane               promoted up to office manager,”          part-time teller while attend-
Society. The dealership also                                                                                                          like a family.
                                             she said.                                ing college.                                      “I’m glad I stayed,” she said.
donates vehicles to the Ashtabula              Lachey said she was lucky                “Once I graduated, I made a
County Joint Vocational School                                                                                                        “I’m not sorry I did.”
                                             enough to be trained by Ann              conscious decision to make a                      Britton, branch operations
for its automotive program.                  Nassief, who served as the office        full-time career here,” she                     supervisor, has been in the
Nassief ’s also hosts blood drives           manager for many years. She              said. “After attending college                  banking industry for 31 years.
for the American Red Cross three             attributes her success to the            in Cleveland, I knew I didn’t                     “I enjoy working with the
times a year in both dealership              training she received.                   want to sit in traffic or fight                 employees and customers,” she
showrooms, she said.                           “The training I received from          for parking downtown. I want-                   said. “I’ve always been in the
  All of Nassief ’s hard work also           Ann at a very young age (con-            ed to come back to my home-                     area, I know a lot of people
earned her a spotlight in a                  tributed to my success),” she            town to work.”                                  and the hours are great for
national car dealer magazine,                said. “I feel very fortunate. Even         Mason, accounting officer,                    taking care of families.”
“Dealer World.” The article out-             if I ended up in a different busi-       has been with Andover Bank                        Britton said she applied for a
lined her leadership abilities.              ness, she set me up for success.         for 17 years. She also started                  part-time job because she was
  “I judge myself by the longevity           She gave me some really good
                                                                                      out as a teller.                                bored.
of the people that work here,” she           ground rules for any job.”
                                                                                        “I’ve been with Andover Bank                    “I’ve never worked a part-
said.                                          Lachey is a 12-year recipient of
                                                                                      from the beginning and moved                    time day and I’ve been with
  Longevity is something the                 the Toyota Comptrollers Award
women at Nassief ’s have in com-                                                      up from there,” she said.                       Andover all those years,” she
                                             for Excellence and a 17-year
mon. Mary Lou Motylewicz start-              recipient of the Ford Accounting           Mason attributes her success                  said.
ed her career with Nassief ’s right          Excellence Award.

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                                                                                                                       Mon.-Fri. 10-7 • Sat. 10-4
Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007                                                                                                                              Women in Business — 19

 RE/MAX                                                                                                                                              Tony’s
                                                                                                                                                                                          From Page 16

Hagerdon and                                                                                                                                           “We offer package deals,”
Dlugos make                                                                                                                                          Colin said. “We’re trying to
                                                                                                                                                     make it easy on people.”
up dynamic                                                                                                                                             The building, which is in
                                                                                                                                                     Colin’s family, had been
selling team                                                                                                                                         empty several months when
                                                                                                                                                     Colin and Silva decided to
By STACY MILLBERG                                                                                                                                    launch the business this
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                         past summer. The interior                                                                                                                             was given a complete
                                                                                                                                                     facelift, including fresh
  JEFFERSON — Raegan Hager-
                                                                                                                                                     paint and new ceilings,
don and Clorice Dlugos make up
one dynamic selling team.                                                                                                                            Colin said.
  These two women make up the                                                                                                                          “We started over,” she
Country Living Connection of the                                                                                                                     said. “We made a lot of
Jefferson RE/MAX Destinations                                                                                                                        improvements.”
office. The office opened two years                                                                                                                    Colin credited contractor
ago and has quickly come to be                                                                                                                       Tony Kubichek for many of
the busiest real estate office in the                                                                                                                the renovations.
county, Dlugos said.                                                                                                                                   “He did a lot of work for
  Hagerdon has been in the real                                                                                                                      us,” she said. “We really
estate business for 12 years and                                                      WARREN DILLAWAY / Star Beacon
                                        RAEGAN HAGERDON (right) and Clorice Dlugos operate the                                                       appreciated it.”
Dlugos has been selling real                                                                                                                           Recently, the partners held
estate for six years. The low real      RE/MAX Destinations office at 38 S. Chestnut St. in Jefferson.
                                                                                                                                                     an open house to show off
estate market has not even effect-      long hours and very supportive       real estate for as long as she can
ed this team.                                                                                                                                        the improvements to friends
                                        families have been the keys to       remember.
  “We’ve been constantly steady                                                                                                                      and associates. Everyone
                                        their success.                         “I always looked at houses and
for the last two years,” Hagerdon         “Ninety-five percent of the time   enjoyed seeing the different fea-                                       was glad to see the building
said.                                   we’re answering our phones,” she     tures they have to offer,” she said.                                    bustling with activity, but
  The women usually hold around         said.                                  Hagerdon received a bachelors                                         none were more pleased
100 listings at a time and have           “There are many a night we         degree in communication from                                            than Colin and Silva.
closed about 100 deals this year in     don’t get to tuck our children in    Kent State University and utilizes                                        “We wanted to keep it
Ashtabula, Lake, Geauga and             bed,” Hagerdon said.                 her degree in her career. The real                                      going and keep the harbor
Trumbull counties. They work              Another key to the women’s suc-    estate business also gives the                                          going,” Silva said.
with their customers to fulfill         cess is working for the leading      women a flexible schedule for                                             Colleen agreed.
their needs taking the clients          real estate company in the world.    their families.                                                           “We had to do something
step-by-step through the buyers           “RE/MAX offers so much technol-      Hagerdon and Dlugos had a five-
                                                                                                                                                     with it,” she said. “We just
process.                                ogy for our buyers and sellers,”     year plan for sales goals when
  Their Web site, www.countryliv-       Dlugos said.                         they started two years ago. Within                                      couldn’t let it go.”, even has a link        RE/MAX serves 65 countries,        six months they exceeded their                                            For more information, call
where clients can get a pre-            with 7,061 offices and more than     goals and have kept going strong                                        Tony’s Party Center at 440-
approved for a mortgage.                119,000 employees.                   ever since.                                                             593-3320
  Dlugos said hard work, a lot of         Dlugos has been interested in

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20 — Women in Business                                                           Star Beacon, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

            The Country Living Connection Team means
            not just providing our clients with outstanding
            customer service, real estate experience, and
            reputable industry service providers, but going
            above and beyond to take the stress out of
            buying or selling your home.

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