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									                              13_The Soothing Effects of Acupuncture
The Soothing Effects of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years.
Commonly used to treat bodily pains, acupuncture actually has a wide range of uses that range from
addictions, to injuries, to disease prevention. If you are thinking about trying acupuncture, the following
will give you a better idea of its many benefits.

Acupuncture is most commonly known to treat bodily pains such as muscular pains and arthritis. There
are many types of arthritis, and each have a different acupuncture procedure. However, the healing
effects may vary from person to person. Acupuncture for arthritis usually takes several sessions and
takes a lot of cooperation your therapist for best results.

Other pain related ailments that can be cured by acupuncture are severe headaches and migraines, acute
backaches, shoulder and neck aches, leg pains, trapped nerves, muscle related injuries, after surgery,
carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, menstrual pains, tooth aches, abdominal pains, and rheumatic

Acupuncture is widely recommended for symptoms of depression and anxiety such as irritability,
insomnia, loss of appetite, loss of interest in social activity and suicidal tendencies. Acupuncture is
thought to relieve stress and improve flow of energy that may be causing the depressive symptoms.
Improvement in symptoms can be seen as early as the first session. Experts have found acupuncture to
be a beneficial complement to other forms of depression therapy such as psychological counseling, and
healthier than chemical alternatives such as anti-depressants.

Acupuncture has become a popular alternative to common remedies such as sleeping pills. It works at
the nerve levels, relaxing and soothing your senses. Acupuncture is thought to be a safer route for
insomnia because it brings back your natural sleeping cycle through natural means and not through
chemicals, which can turn into an addiction. Using acupuncture for insomnia usually starts working after
the very first session. The treatment is usually stretched out for a period of time, until your body returns
to its natural sleeping cycle.

Studies show that acupuncture is a beneficial form of complementary therapy for women who are having
undergoing treatments for fertility problem. Acupuncture is believed to relieve the anxiety of women
undergoing fertility treatment. Also, acupuncture's success in aiding fertility is more pronounced in
in-vitro fertilization. In addition, the rate of miscarriages has been found to be lower for women who do

The following are other ailments that acupuncture has been known to remedy:

· Menopausal problems such as hot flushes, infertility, and premenstrual tension.
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                                13_The Soothing Effects of Acupuncture

· Bladder or bowel problems, difficulty or pain in urination, and urinary infections.

· Digestive disorders including nausea, indigestion, heartburn, and diarrhea.

· Respiratory problems such as rhinitis, hay fever, prickly heat, rashes and ulcers, eczema, and some
types of dermatitis and psoriasis.

· Conditions of the eyes and mouth such as cataracts, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, retinitis and toothache, and
post extraction pains.

· Heat problems such as poor circulation, stroke recovery, and hypertension.

· Addictions such as smoking, drinking, or other harder drugs.

If you as suffering from any of the ailments mentioned above, acupuncture may just be the remedy for
you. Acupuncture is harmless, and is known to promote health and a sense of well-being. It is a healthy,
chemical-free alternative to traditional forms of medical treatment.

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