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					                                             thai bistro & sushi

Pla Mauk Pad Prik                          $14.95          Koh Samui Mussels                                   $12.95
Thai Squid with Chili Paste                                Steamed green mussels and herbs,
Sauteed squid, basil, vegetables,                          served on the half shell
in prik king chili sauce
                                                           Steamed Shrimp Samilla                              $13.95
Mahi Mahi Rad Prik                         $13.95          Shrimp, tofu, soy noodles and
Mahi Mahi topped with basil garlic sauce                   vegetables steamed in a clay pot

Devil’s Chicken                            $12.50          Grilled Salmon                                      $13.95
Chicken stir-fried with Asian herbs,                       Grilled, marinated salmon �let with
coconut milk and cabbage                                   Thai herbs & served with sautéed vegetables

Korat Beef                                 $14.95          Grilled Chicken Teriyaki                            $12.95
Grilled marinated rib-eye served with                      Served with sautéed vegetables
sauteed vegetables and chili sauce
                                                           Grilled Beef Teriyaki                               $14.95
Talay Pad Ped                              $15.50          Served with sautéed vegetables
Stir-fried mixed seafood and
vegetables with chili paste                                Angel Shrimp                                        $13.95
                                                           Battered and fried shrimp topped with
Pang Na Scallops                           $15.95          a sautéed mixture of scallions, ginger,
Sauteed scallops and vegetables                            garlic & black bean served with
in a yellow curry sauce                                    Honey Wasabi Sauce

Chinese Dinner Menu                                        Side Dishes
Sesame Chicken                              $9.50          Steamed Jasmine Rice                                $1.75

Kung Pao Chicken                            $9.50          Sticky Rice (unsweetened)                           $3.00

General Tso Chicken                         $9.50          Sushi Rice                                          $2.00

Sweet & Sour Chicken                        $9.50          Egg Fried Rice (bowl)                               $5.00

Orange Chicken                              $9.50          Steamed Mixed Vegetables                            $4.00

Kung Pao Beef                               $9.75          Steamed Broccoli                                    $4.00

Beef Pepper Steak                           $9.75          Sauces                                              $1.00
                                                           (Sweet & Sour, Peanut, Cucumber,
General Tso Beef                            $9.75          Ginger, Chile, spicy mayo, eel, etc.)

Kid’s Menu
Chicken Fried Rice                          $6.50
Served with 3 Fried Thai Butter�ies

Shrimp in a Blanket & French Fries          $6.95

Lo Mein Plate                               $6.50
Served with 3 Fried Thai Butter�ies

Wings & French Fries                        $5.95


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