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					                                                                  GLUTEN-FREE MENU
           KEY LARGO, FLORIDA KEYS                                             Today’s Fresh Catch
                                                                       All of our fresh catch species are gluten free
                                                                           and can be prepared grilled, broiled,
             A P PETIZERS                                                     or any of the ways listed below:
Mussels Diablo                                                       Mahi Mahi - Excellent; never shy 22.99
Spinach & mushrooms sauteed in a spicy tomato broth                  Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna - A hearty “steak”
(GF dish comes with out garlic toast) 12.99                           sh; best grilled or blackened 23.99
Blackened Tuna Sashimi                                               Yellowtail Snapper - A light, delicate sh.
Served with wasabi and pickled ginger                                Best when sautéed or topped with mango salsa;
(GF dish comes without soy sauce) 13.99                              we do not recommend grilling 23.99
                                                                    Island Style - Poached in coconut milk with basil,
                    S ALADS                                         chiles, garlic and fresh ginger
                                                                    Fernando - GF - Fish of your choice "naked" and
Mangrove Honey Thai Chicken Salad                                   pan sautéed in garlic butter. Topped with diced
                                                                    tomatoes, scallions, and jumbo lump crab; add 4.99
Grilled chicken and mixed greens tossed with
Mangrove Honey-lime vinaigrette. Finished with                      Blackened - Blackened and sautéed in an iron skillet
   ai peanut sauce. (Gluten Free dish comes without                 Mango Salsa - GF - Sauteed naked or grilled, and
tortilla strips) 14.99                                              topped with fresh mango salsa
Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, creamy Caesar                   Key Lime Seafood over Minute Rice
dressing. (GF dish comes without croutons) 8.99
                                                                  Lobster, shrimp, & crab sautéed in Key lime juice
Add chicken 4.99; Mahi Mahi 5.99; tuna 6.99                       with tomatoes, scallions, & garlic, nished with a
(your choice of grilled or blackened)                             hint of Tabasco 27.99
House Salad or Wedge Salad                                        Shrimp Scampi over Minute Rice
(GF dish comes without croutons) 7.99                             Sauteed with mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce 21.99
                                                                  Florida Keys Lobster Grilled or broiled 28.99
  We do our best and take every possible care to provide you
  with a gluten-free meal. We have researched all of the          Jumbo Scallops Sautéed, grilled, broiled, or
  ingredients on our gluten-free menu to con rm that these        blackened 24.99
  items are gluten free. Our ordering system allows our sta
  to clearly mark gluten-free orders. Our kitchen sta is          Steak & Seafood Kabobs - GF - Served over
  trained to use designated gluten-free utensils and clean        Minute Rice or with your choice of gluten-free side 19.99
  work surfaces to prepare your meal. Although we take
  every precaution to make sure your meal is gluten free, we
                                                                  Filet Mignon 8 oz. Served with bernaise 30.99
  cannot guarantee that the foods we serve are actually           New York Strip 14 oz. Grilled at 1200 F 27.99
  gluten free due to the changes in brand, supplier, ingredient
  formuation and/or cross contact caused by human error. In
  the event that an error occurs, our sta has been trained to
  replace your entire plate of food. Sundowners does not
  assume any liability for the foods o ered.                       White Chocolate Creme Brule

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