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									                                                                                                                                      updated: 2-10-2009

UB 40
7":   I think it's going to rain today • My way of thinking                                                                           Graduate Records, 1980
7":   Food for thought • King                                                                                                         Graduate Records, 1980
7":   The earth dies screaming • Dream a lie                                                                                                            Epic, 1980
THE UBC feat. The Eskispectacular Show, D-Nasty, The Blitz, Caelove & Mike Air
LP: "2 All Serious Thinkers"                                                                                                          EMI, 1990
Harlem $2.50 pyramid / UB style (extended) / Mop the floor / Bring back the funk / Mail it Frosty / Let's dance / Da actual fact /
Intermission / A hard day • U treat me right (radio edit) / 2 all serious thinkers / Burning bridges / Soul food / We get lifted / Mike Air and
his mind / Take it to the top (needle drop).
ÜBERZONE feat. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
12": 2kool4skool: Original mix • Rennie Pilgrem's Thursday club mix                                                                         City of Angels, 1999
CD: "Super Tight"                                                                                                                     Jive, 1994
Return / Underground / It's supposed to bubble / I left it wet for you / Feds in town / Pocket full of stones, pt. 2 / Front, back & side to
side / Protect & serve / Stoned junkee / Pussy got me dizzy / Three sixteens.
UGLY DUCKLING feat. Young Einstein, Dizzy & Andy
12":   Everybody c'mon (main / ins.) / Einstein's open mic (main / ins.) • Lay it on ya (main / ins.) Bad Magic, 1999
12":   I did it like this (vocal / instrumental) / Einstein's open mix (part 4) •
       Friday night (vocal / instrumental) / Einstein's open mix (part 5)                               1500 Records, 2000
2x12": A little samba • Do your thing / A little samba (instr.) ••
       Another samba • A little salsa remix [feat. People Under The Stairs] / Another samba (instr.)        XL promo, 2001
12": Smack (main / instrumental) • Let it out (SDP remix / SDP remix instrumental)                   Handcuts Records, 2005
CDs: Eye on the gold chain / Cardiff / Eye on the gold chain (Cut Chemist remix)                        XL Recordings, 2001
LP: "Fresh Mode"                                                                                           Bad Magic, 1999
Fresh mode / Now who's loughin' / Get on this / Einstein's takin' off • Everybody c'mon / Do you know what I'm sayin' / Everything's
alright / We're here.
CD: "Fresh Mode" (U.S.)                                                                                                       1500 Records, 1999
Fresh mode / Now who's loughin' / Get on this / Einstein's takin' off / Everybody c'mon / Do you know what I'm sayin' / Everything's
alright / We're here.
CD: "Fresh Mode" (U.K.)                                                                                                          Bad Magic, 1999
Fresh mode / Now who's loughin' / Get on this / Einstein's takin' off / Everybody c'mon / Do you know what I'm sayin' / Everything's
alright / We're here.
2LP: "Journey To Anywhere"                                                                                                    XL Recordings, 2001
Out of a groovy site (interlude) / Introduckling / I did it like this / Journey to anywhere • Friday night / A little samba / The pike / If you
wanna know •• Eye on the gold chain / Pick up lines / Rock on top / Visions [bonus track] • By your command (interlude) / Oasis / Dizzy /
Down the road / Lay it on ya.
12": Bizarre (clean / instr. / a cappella) • Shell shock (gritty street / instr.)                                            Wu-Tang Records/Priority, 1999
2LP: "Golden Arms Redemption"                                                                                            Wu-Tang Records/Shellshock, 1999
Enter U-God / Turbulence / Glide [feat. Leatha Face] / Dat's gangsta / Soul dazzle • Bizarre / Rumble [feat. Leatha Face, Inspectah Deck &
Method Man] / Pleasure or pain [feat. Hell Razah of Sunz Of Man] •• Stay in your lane / Shell shock [feat. Leatha Face, Raekwon & Hell Razah] /
Lay down / Hungry • Turbo charge / Knockin at your door [feat. Leatha Face] / Night the city cried.
ULTICUT UPS! b/w Matsumoto Hisataakaa
EP: Overdose suite 1 •                                                                             Delic Records Japan, 2003
12": Cuts like these: Vocal • Instrumental                                                            Hip-Hop Records, 1986
ULTIMATE FORCE feat. Master Rob & Diamond D
12": I'm not playing: Vocal version / Instrumental • Dub version / Accapella                               UNI Records, 1989
2LP: "I'm Not Playin'"                                                (Strong City 1988) / Traffic Entertainment Group, 2007
Another hit / C'mon [feat. Fat Joe] / Girls • I gotta go / I'm in effect / Oh shit [feat. Fat Joe] •• I'm not playing / One of the all time greats /
Revolution of the mind • Smooth as suede / Supreme Diamond D / Tuf (so damn).
2CD: "I'm Not Playin'"                                                                                (Strong City 1988) / Traffic Entertainment Group, 2007
Another hit (vocal / instr. / a capella) / C'mon [feat. Fat Joe] (vocal / instr. / a capella) / Girls (vocal / instr. / a capella) • I gotta go (vocal / instr. / a
capella) / I'm in effect (vocal / instr. / a capella) / Oh shit [feat. Fat Joe] (vocal / instr. / a capella) •• I'm not playing (vocal / instr. / a capella) / One of
the all time greats (vocal / instr. / a capella) / Revolution of the mind (vocal / instr. / a capella) • Smooth as suede (vocal / instr. / a capella) /
Supreme Diamond D (vocal / instr. / a capella) / Tuf (so damn) (vocal / instr. / a capella).
12": Ultimate III live!: Club mix / Radio mix • Dub / Instrumental                                                                 N.V./Cutting Records, 1986
12": I want you back / I need some money • I need some money (Instr. / Dub)                                                                           Sutra, 1987
12": The real beat: Vocal • Instrumental / Dope beats                                                                                           G Records, 1988
ULTRA feat. Kool Keith & Tim Dogg
2LP: "Big Time"                                                                                                       Funky Ass Records, 2001
Selling my DAT's (intro) / Super luv / NYC street corner battle / Big time • Bitin' my space shit (skit) / Get off the dick / Who rocks? /
Peeping Tom (skit) / Private eyes •• The industry is wack / Moving out of the projects? (skit) / Keep it real… Represent (full original
version previously unreleased) / Ain't nobody happenin' [feat. Motion Man] • Fat lady / Visit to the zoo (skit) / Bizarre / No face / To the real
Ultra fans (outro).
7":  Gotham City boogie • Indigo country                                                      Contempo Records, 1976
ULTRA LIVING feat. Mike Ladd
12": Preppy MC. Death of hip hop vol. 1 (main / instr.) / The rhyme immortal •
     Preppy MC. Death of hip hop vol. 1 (remix / remix instr.) / The rhyme immortal (instr.)              Ozone, 2001
ULTRAMAGNETIC MC's feat. Kool Keith, Ced Gee, T.Love & Moe Love
7":  Bait • Funky                                                                         Let's Go Records, 1987/2008
12": Ego tripping / Ego bits • Funky potion / Funky extension                                       Next Plateau, 1986
12": Funky (vocal / instrumental) • Mentally mad (vocal / instrumental)                             Next Plateau, 1987
12": Travelling at the speed of thought / Travelling dub • M.C.'s ultra (part II) / B-boy bonus breakCitybeat, 1987
12": Travelling at the speed of thought / Travelling dub • M.C.'s ultra (part II) / B-boy bonus breakNext Pl, 1987
12": Watch me now (vocal / instrumental) • Feelin' it (vocal / instrumental)                        Next Plateau, 1988
12": Give the drummer some (vocal / remix / instr.) • Moe Luv's theme (vocal / remix / instr.)      Next Plateau, 1989
12": Poppa large: East coast mix / East coast instrumental •
                            West coast mix / West coast instrumental / East coast acapella                                           Mercury, 1992
12":    Mechanism nice (born twice) (explicit / clean / instrumental / vox only) •
        Nottz (explicit / clean / instrumental "TV mix version" / vox only)                                                DMAFT Records, 2006
EP:     "Original Ego Trips EP"                                                                                               Strictly Bizness, 2003
Ego trippin' (full original) / Funky (full original) / B boy bonus break (rare DJ beats) • Chorus line (full original) / Chorus line (rare DJ
instrumental) / Ease back (rare DJ instrumental).
LP: "Critical Beatdown"                                                                                                         Next Plateau, 1988
Watch me now / Ease back / Ego trippin' (ultra remix) / Moe Luv's theme / Kool Keith housing things / Travelling at the speed of thought
(remix) / Feelin' it / One minute less • Ain't it good to you / Funky (remix) / Give the drummer some / Break north / Critical beatdown /
When I burn / Ced-Gee (Delta Force One).
2LP: "Funk Your Head Up"                                                                                                    white label, 1992/2000
Introduction to the funk / Intro / MC Champion / Go 4 yourz / Blast from the past / Funk radio / Message from the boss • Pluckin cards /
Intermission / Stop jockin me / Dolly & the rat trap / The old school / Bust the facts / Murder and homicide •• You ain't real / Make it
happen / I like your style / Bi-lingual teaching / Poppa Large • Moe Love on the 1 & 2 3 / Porno star / The P.M.R.C. ID / Chorus line pt. 2.
CD: "Funk Your Head Up"                                                                                                                Mercury, 1992
Introduction to the funk / Intro / MC Champion / Go 4 yourz / Blast from the past / Funk radio / Message from the boss / Pluckin cards /
Intermission / Stop jockin me / Dolly and the rat trap / The old school / Bust the facts / Murder and homicide / You ain't real / Make it
happen / I like your style / Bi-lingual teaching / Poppa Large / Moe Love on the 1 & 2 3 / Porno star / The P.M.R.C. ID / Chorus line pt. 2.
CD: "The Four Horsemen"                                                                                                   Wild Pitch Records, 1993
We are the horsemen / Checkin my style / Two brothers with checks (San Francisco Harvey) / Raise it up / Saga of Dandy, the Devil &
Day / Delta Force II / Adventures of Herman's Lust (Moe Love III) / See the man on the street / Bring it down to earth / Don't be scared /
One, two, one, two / Time to catch a body / Yo black / Big booty.
LP: "New York What Is Funky" [all previously unreleased studio recordings]                                                            Tuff City, 1996
Grip the mic / New York what is funky / Black potions / Join the party / Biscuits and eggs / Cathin' bodies • I'm fuckin' flippin' / Chuck
Chillout / Poo poo wreckers / Here I go again / I ain't takin' no shorts.
LP: "The B-Sides Companion"                                                                                                     Next Plateau, 1997
Ego trippin' 2000 (remix) / Watch me now ('97 remix) / A chorus line 2000 (remix) / Live at Tramps (July 11, '97) / Feelin' it (radio promo
remix) / Ultra reunion / MC's ultra part 2 (remix) • Mentally mad ('97 remix) / Break north ('97 remix) / Message from the source (remix) /
I'm on / Bait ('97 remix) / Kool Keith model android #406 / Funky (12" version remix).
LP: "Smack My Bitch Up"                                                                                                               Tuff City, 1998
Intro / Moe Love's original 'Poppa Large' / Because you are so funny / Dog this is for you [feat. MC Precepter & Jay Cee] / NBA Allstars •
Positive beams / I like your style (rmx) / Bonus beats / TR Love the Superstar (freestyle) / Smack my bitch up / Moe Love is on the mix.
THE U.M.C.'s
12": Blue cheese (U-n-I-verse-All / Smooth / Vocaless) •
     Any way the wind blows (Whirlwind / Boom of the Typhoon / Bassinterface / Vocaless) Wild Pitch (re-issue), 1991
CD: "Fruits Of Nature"                                                                             Wild Pitch, 1991
One to grow on / Kraftworks / Morals / Blue cheese / Swing it to the area / Never never land / You got my back / Jive talk / Feelings /
Any way the wind blows / Pass it on / Woman be out / Hey here we go / It's gonna last.
CD: "Unleashed"                                                                                                               Wild Pitch, 1994
Time to set it straight / We go / Evil ways / Hit the track / What's up / Staten Island comes firts / Ill Demonic Clique / Some speak ill
thoughts / Whoa now / Pleasure in the dark / Can you feel it / How it gotta be / Gotta be sure / My thing.
CD: "Psyence Fiction"                                                                                                                  MoWax, 1998
Guns blazing (drums of death part 1) [feat. Kool G Rap + Lyrics Born & Lateef The Truth Speaker] / UNKLE <main title theme> / Bloodstain
[feat. Alice Temple] / Unreal / Lonely soul [feat. Richard Ashcroft] / Getting ahead in the lucrative field of artist management / Nursery rhyme
[feat. Badly Drawn] / Celestial annihilation / The knock (drums of death part 2) [feat. Mike D.] / Chaos [feat. Atlantique] / Rabbit in your
headlights [feat. Thom Yorke] / Outro.
2LP: "Together Again"                                                                            Jazzman Records [#017 of 500], 2008
Uncle Funkenstein / Uncle Funkenstein (pt. 2) • Uncle Funkenstein (cont.) •• Together again / Blue robe / Where does life come from? /
Rock my cradle / Third bosinova / 500 finished.
p7": Love ya • Slowdown                                                                                                      Virgin Records, 2007
12": The roach is on the wall: Regular / Fast • Slow instrumental rap yourself                                          Freak Beat/Macola, 1985
UNCLE JAMM'S ARMY feat. Mr. Prince & Miss Nysa
12": Naughty boy • What's your sign (vocal / instrumental)                                                              Freak Beat/Macola, 1985
UNCLE JAM'S ARMY feat. The Egyptian Lover
12": Dial-a-freak (10 minute remix) • Yes yes yes / Dial-a-freak (original)                                           Dunk Yer Funk/JDC, 1988
UNCLE LOUIE b/w Brothers Johnson
12": I like funky music (1978 original 12" version)                                                                    School Yard Breaks, 2005
UNCLE LUKE feat. No Good But So Good
12": Raise the roof: Party time version • Game time version / Instrumental                                                   Luke Records, 1998
U.B.'s (Undercover Brothers)
7":   Synthetic substitution: Instrumental • Melody mix                                                      First Cut/Undercover Brother, 2009
7":   Melting pot                                                                                                                white label, 2008
LP: "The Undisputed Truth"                                                                                             Gordy (re-issue), 1971
You got the love I need / Save my love for a rainy day / California soul / Aquarius / Ball of confusion (that's what the world is today) •
Smiling faces sometimes / We've got a way out love / Since I've lost you / Ain't no sun since you've been gone / I heard it through the
grapevine / Like a rolling stone.
LP: "Back To The Future"                                                                                        Warlock Records, 1989
Protected by the red, black and green / Blackwatch / Lumumba / House is taking over / Poet in his own time • Three the hard way /
Brutalization / Versatility / Double trouble.
12": I can't understand: Radio mix • Dub version / Long version                        Unique MC's Productions, 1986
EP: Weight for the bass (the safe chill mixture / bonus beats) •
     Musical melody / The theme (Unique re-edit)                                                    10 Records, 1990
UNITED MC'S feat. DTS & Leon Love
EP: Get right / Love glide • Every jam we say / We rock hard                   Future Productions/FCC Records, 1987
UNITED STATE feat. Rodney P
12": All my love (goes your way): Raw love return mix/Ins. • Atomic Dread vs United State mix/Ins. Futureproof, 2003
EP: "Crawling Wind EP"                                                         Chaos International Series Japan, 1982
Toujours plus a l'est / Before the heat • Central Belgium in the dark (live).
UNIVERSAL SOLDIERS feat. Ricochet & Ultra
12":      "Street Veterans" EP                                                                                    Tongue Tied Records, 2001
Intro / Immortal kombat (anthem mix / anthem instr.) • Battle beyond stars / Ghetto rose / Battle beyond stars (instr.) / Ghetto rose (instr.)
12": "Street Veterans Part 2" EP                                                                                  Tongue Tied Records, 2001
Immortal kombat II (dark vibes mix) / War stories / Immortal kombat II (dark vibes instr.) / War stories (instr.) • Street veterans / Dark
apples / Street veterans (instr.) / Rotten apples (instr.).
12": 808 beats: Radio mix • Club mix                                                              Techno Hop Records, 198?
12": Let's jam: Vocal • Instrumental                                                              Techno Hop Records, 198?
12": Breakdown (dance your ass off): Party / Radio • Scratch / Bonus beats                                Techno Kut, 1988
12": X-men • X-men (instrumental) / X-men (bonus-x)                                                       Techno Kut, 1988
THE UNKNOWN D.J. b/w The World Class Wrecking Crew
12": 808 beats: 1987 remix / Club mix                                                                       Streetheat, 1987
12": Vol. 1 (ʻCrush On You') • ditto                                                                      White Label, 1997
12": Better (butter) (extended vocal / abbreviated hold your breath for the radio vocal / instr.) •
     Smiley (the who who song) (extended vocal / shortened vocal / instr. / acapella)               7 Heads/BUDS Int'l, 1998
12": Jamboree (all ages admitted / jamstrumental) / The music (vocal appropriate for Djali's ears) •
     Trackrunners (tidied up) / The music (instr.) / Dream-birth (absolutely no bad words)              7 Heads/Buds, 1999
EP: "Cosmology: The E.P."                                                                      7 Heads Entertainment, 2000
Mid Atlantic (Ferris Dula mix) / Setting su (part 2; Blue Light mix) / Nigga like me (dirty version; it's so easy mix) / It's about time (it cost $
to practice mix) • Mid Atlantic (Warwick Dunn instrumental) / Setting sun (Blue Light instrumental) / Nigga like me (Eye Level
instrumental) / It's about time (stay tuned instrumental) / It's about time (acapella).
ASHERU of The Unspoken Heard
12": Mood swing [feat. Talib Kweli] (clean / instr. / accapella) •
     Soon come (Koolade remix / remix instrumental) / Mood swing (The Courts remix)                                           7 Heads Ent., 2002
ASHERU and BLUE BLACK of The Unspoken Heard
12": Elevator music (clean / instr.) • B-boy (we get shit) (clean / instr. / accapella)                               7 Heads Enterprises, 2001
2LP: "Soon Come…"                                                                                                       7 Heads Enterprises, 2001
Welcome / Meals to dinner time prelude / Truly unique / Live at home • B-boy / Theme music [feat. Big Rock] / Soul / This is me [feat. Chill
Will, DJ Bolex, Big Rock] •• Jamboree [feat. Big Rock, Grap Luva, Samuel Sondia, DJ Bolex, Tracee Branch, Tonya Clark] / Dear you / Smiley (the
woh, woh song) • Soon come / Think about [feat. J-Sands] / Elevator music.
12": What would you do? [feat. J-Live, Mr. Complex & L-Fudge] (original / instr. / acappella) •
     Work it out [feat. Siah] (original / instr.) / Transatlantic [feat. Siah & Yeshua Da Poed] (remix)             75 Ark, 2000
12": The next degree [feat. Siah & Karime Kendra] (original / remix feat. Siah & cuts by Shiver & DJ L.G. / original instr.) •
     Daily intake [feat. Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts, Shiver, J1200 & Reality] / The next degree (rmx bonus beats)       75 Ark, 2000
2LP: "Unleashed: B-Boy Mayhem In A Universe Gone Mad" (U.S.)                                               75 Ark/Scenario, 2000
Magnificent [feat. Rob-O] / Ken Boogaloo freestyle [feat. Ken Boogaloo] / Crushed velvet [feat. Ty] / A brief case (interlude) / Amateurs get
hung [feat. Frankenstein] / Transatlantic [feat. Siah & Yeshua Da Poed] • Never underestimate [feat. Killa Kela, Dick Dastardly aka Dr. Vox] / What
would you do? [feat. J-Live, Mr. Complex & L-Fudge] / The norm / WJAM (interruption) / The next degree [feat. Siah & Karime Kendra] / Dummy
[feat. J-Live & L-Fudge] •• A word from Roy (interlude) / Work it out [feat. Siah] / The path is narrow [feat. Frankenstein, The Visitors & The
Phantom] / A changed man [feat. L-Fudge] / Here to make a difference [feat. Godfather Don] • Universal [feat. The Visitors & The Phantom] / Daily
intake [feat. Yeshua Da Poed] / Just relax (interlude) [feat. Prime Cuts, Tony Vegas, Shiver, J1200] / High on nothing [feat. Karime Kendra].
2LP: "Unleashed: B-Boy Mayhem In A Universe Gone Mad" (U.K.)                                                                           Scenario, 2000
Magnificent [feat. Rob-O] / Ken Boogaloo freestyle [feat. Ken Boogaloo] / Crushed velvet [feat. Ty] / A brief case (interlude) / Amateurs get
hung [feat. Frankenstein] / Transatlantic [feat. Siah & Yeshua Da Poed] • Never underestimate [feat. Killa Kela, Dick Dastardly aka Dr. Vox] / What
would you do? [feat. J-Live, Mr. Complex & L-Fudge] / The norm / WJAM (interruption) / The next degree [feat. Siah & Karime Kendra] / Dummy
[feat. J-Live & L-Fudge] •• A word from Roy (interlude) / Work it out [feat. Siah] / The path is narrow [feat. Frankenstein, The Visitors & The
Phantom] / A changed man [feat. L-Fudge] / Here to make a difference [feat. Godfather Don] • Divine gifts [feat. The Visitors & The Phantom] /
Daily intake [feat. Yeshua Da Poed] / Just relax (interlude) / High on nothing [feat. Karime Kendra].
c12": I spy for the FBI • Whiplash / Shine on                                               Stiff Records [orange vinyl], 1985
12": Freak in the street: Extended mix • Radio edit / Instrumental / Un-touch-apella mix / Bonus beats             Stiff, 1986
7":   Infamy (a/k/a David Bowie's "Fame") • Tarpey tunnel syndrome                                      Zirkus Records, 2008
7":   Wild majesty [feat. Black Roots (Ras Jabulani & Rudi)]: Main / Dub                    Unique Records, Germany, 2002
12": Hip hop barrio (who's gonna take the weight): Descagra con Café / Mariel Port, Spanish Harlem •
      Hip hop barrio (Smith & Mighty 'Be for real' mix / Moodubi 'Party talk' mix / Smith & Mighty 'Back the deal' mix) /
      Chevrolet Verde y Blanco.                                                                                    Zen, 2000
2LP: "Music Sessions 2"                                                                                 Zen/Ninja Tune, 2001
Peaceful: Coffee contamination / Sane man surround / Mariel Port, Spanish Harlem • Desert: Estudio sonocaribe - 2 / Descarga
caramelo / Anímate María / Picazón / Órgano de Bayamo •• Rebels: Barrio beats / Rough plough, diamond needle / Dominoe boys •
Crowd: Siempre me levanto / Peñalver, El Hombre / Jazz sepulchre / Made in Cuba, part 2.
CSs: Do it like this / Basketball • ditto                                                                                                 xxx, 1989
CSs: Stormy weather • Stormy weather (projector dub)                                                                                      xxx, 1991
12": Dope on plastic (vocal / plastippella) / It's my turn (vocal / acappella) •
     Dope on plastic (instrumental) / It's my turn (instrumental)                                                               Tommy Boy, 1989
7":  N.O.W. [feat. Juan Rozoff] • Boogie                                                                                              Soulab, 2008
2LP: "Breaks Of Dawn"                                                                                        Hong Kong Records, 2001
Breaks of Dawn tourguide / Up & down / In the morningtime • Banana Joe / Huh ?! / Interlude 1 •• Intro Record 2 / On & on / Cruel •
Kleinkind (w/ intro) / Interlude 2 / Back in the days / Won't stop.
THE URBAN ALL STARS b/w The Jackson Sisters & Maceo & The Macks
12": It began in Africa (Norman Cook mix feat. ʻI believe in miracles' and ʻCross the track')             Urban 23, 1988
CDs: Happy go fucked up: Reluctant, yet cooperative radio edit / Cyborg Squad with a vengence cut /
                           Excluded from the trendy flock remix / Reluctant, yet cooperative lp version       Virgin, 1999
mCD: "Dresscode"                                                                                        Virgin/BMG, 1996
Dresscode / Picture perfect / Forgery / Tabloid say / Natural born communicator.
12": My kung fu: Radio edit / Original version / Original instrumental •
                 Salaam's remix (clean version) / Salaam's remix / Salaam's remix instrumental                                           UTD, 1999
2LP: "Urban Thermo Dynamics"                                                                                                 white label, 199?
World wide / Manifest destiny / Hardcore nights • Victory / Luv it liv it / You can run •• Moon in Cancer / Do it / My kung fu • Flight to
Puerto Rico / Frontlines / Like that.
LP: "Atma"                                                                                                             CBS Australia, 1974
Mazurka / Butterfly / Largo / Ilex • New York batsa / Kama (pt. 1) / Kama (pt. 2) / Atma - yesterday / Atma - today / Atma - tomorrow.
LP: "Fusion III"                                                                                                           Columbia, 1975
Chinatown (pt. 1) / Kuyaviak goes funky / Roksana / Crazy kid / Prehistoric bird • Bloody kishka / Cameo / Stretch / Metroliner /
Chinatown (pt. 2).
LP:     "Serenade For The City"                                                                                      Motown/Astor Australia, 1980
Circular road / Nanava / Sometimes / Serenade for the city • Samba miko / Fall / Joy / Vanessa.
CD:    "Manhattan Man"                                                                                                 Milan America, 1992
Manhattan man / Street talk / Paris groove / Don't wait / City lights / Torn apart / Beauty & hope / You only love once / Zephyrus /
Manhattan man (reprise).
LP: "In Concert" - Polish Jazz vol. 36                                                                                      Polskie Nagrania, 1973
Bengal / Spokój • Lato / Seresta / Theme.
12": Love don't grow on trees: Instrumental version • Vocal version                                 Sonet Records, 1985
12": Chameleon: Mutiny remix extended / Mutiny remix edit •
                  Album version / Album version edit / Mutiny remix instrumental extended Silva Screen/Hip Bop, 1994
LP: "Urbanator"                                                                      Silva Screen/Hip Bop Records, 1994
Chameleon [feat. Muckhead & Herbie Hancock] / Hopscotch / Cats / Hot jazz biscuits [feat. Solid] / Watermelon man • First flight / Here I go
again [feat. Muckhead & Sziko] / Sack o' woe / For my mother / Square Park Sunday [feat. Muckhead].
CD: "Urbanator III"                                                                                                     Silva Screen Records, 2005
J.A.Z.Z. [feat. O.S.T.R. & Mika] / Sam sobie [feat. WWO] / Mike out [feat. O.S.T.R.] / Manhattan [feat. Solid & Mika] / Momentary lapse of reason
[feat. Mika] / Urbanate the area [feat. Solid] / Cats / Magic / Chameleon / Now's the time [feat. Mika] / Here I go again [feat. Dziko (voc) &
Muckhead (rap)] / Hot jazz biscuits [feat. Tom Browne] / Can't buy me love [feat. Mika] / Human Orchestra Kenny Muhammed.
CD: "Just A Funky Feeling"                                                                                             UBX Net Inc., 2001
Want's ta make you feel good / Ecstasy / Free / Body rub / Just a funky feeling / Don't wait baby / I want to know your name / Ilumination
[feat. Ronnie Helper] / Mission [feat. 4Kham] / It's hard.
LP: "Wrong Side Of The Road", O.S.T.                                                                     Black Australia Records, 1981
NO FICED ADDRESS side: We have survived / Get a grip / The vision / Black mans rights / Greenhouse holiday / The vision (version) •
US MOB side: Genocide / Wrong side of the road / Suicidal contemplation / Sunshine / Tough living / Survive.
12": Come on everybody (get down): Album mix / Youth in Asia remix / Q-Burn's abstract message remix •
                 Radio edit / Tunnel remix / Rickidy raw urban mix / Peppermint lounge remix       Blue Note promo, 1997
12": Come on everybody (get down): Album mix / Youth in Asia remix / Q-Burn's abstract message remix •
                 Radio edit / Tunnel remix / Rickidy raw urban mix / Peppermint lounge remix      Blue Note/Capitol, 1997
12": You can't hold me down (lp / Us3 Bossa remix • Black Voices remix) / Modern fuckin' jazz Universal Jazz, 2001
12": Cantaloop 2004: Soul mix / El Barrio mix • B47 bid-de-bop refix / J Rawls remix           US3/Kudos Records, 2004
CDs: Cantaloop: Flip fantasia / Radio edit / Remix / Instrumental                                           Capitol, 1992
CDs: Tukka Yoot's riddim: Radio edit / Riddim / Roberto's riddim / Bu's riddim                              Capitol, 1993
CDs: I got it goin' on: Radio / LP / Blue's got it / Cantaloop (Nellee Hooper mix)                          Capitol, 1993
EP: "Say What!?"                                                                            Us3 (Japan only edition), 2007
ABC (listen up) / I don't care • How bout it baby? / If you don't know.
CD:      "Hand On The Torch"                                                                                                          Blue Note, 1993
Cantaloop (flip fantasia) [feat. Rahsaan] / I got it goin' on [feat. Kobie Powell & Rahsaan] / Different rhythms different people / It's like that /
Just another brother [feat. Kobie Powell] / Cruisin' [feat. Rahsaan] / I go to work [feat. Kobie Powell] / Tukka Yoot's riddim [feat. Tukka Yoot] /
Knowledge of self [feat. Rahsaan] / Lazy day [feat. Kobie Powell] / Eleven long years [feat. Tukka Yoot] / Make tracks [feat. Kobie Powell] / The
darkside [feat. Rahsaan].
CD: "Broadway & 52nd"                                                                                                        Blue Note/Capitol, 1997
Intro / Come on everybody (get down) [feat. KCB] / Caught up in a struggle [feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq] / True to the game [feat. KCB] / Snakes
[feat. KCB] / I'm thinking about your body [feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq] / Grand groove [feat. KCB] / Nowadays [feat. KCB] / Sheep [feat. Shabaam
Sahdeeq] / Doin' a crime [feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq] / Recognise and realise [feat. KCB & Shabaam Sahdeeq] / Time and space [feat. Shabaam
Sahdeeq] / Soul brother [feat. KCB] / Hymn for her.
LP: "An Ordinary Day In An Unusual Place"                                                                                       Universal Jazz, 2001
An ordinary day in an unusual place (part 1) / Get out [feat. Alison Crockett] / You can't hold me down [feat. Michelob] / An ordinary day in an
unusual place (part 2) • Let my dreams come true [feat. Alison Crockett] / India [feat. Michelob] / Sittin' on my park bench [feat. Alison Crockett]
/ Dead end street [feat. Michelob] •• Enough [feat. Alison Crockett] / Enough (bonus beats) / World no more [feat. Michelob] / Pay attention [feat.
Alison Crockett] • Sugar sugar (she she wah wah) [feat. Alison Crockett] / Why? [feat. Alison Crockett] / Shady people [feat. Michelob].
CD: "Questions"                                                                                                                              Us3, 2004
A new beginning / Whatcha gonna do? [feat. Mpho] / Get it together [feat. Mpho, Amad Jamal Washington] / What does that mean? [feat. Reggi
Wyns, DJ First Rate] / Believe in yourself [feat. Mpho, Reggi Wyns] / Cantaloop 2004: soul mix [feat. Reggi Wyns] / Can U feel it? [feat. Reggi
Wyns] / When she's dancing [feat. Mpho] / Why not? [feat. Reggi Wyns] / The truth [feat. Mpho] / Goodbye [feat. Reggi Wyns, Mpho] / Give
thanks [feat. Reggi Wyns, DJ Furst Rate] / The healer / Cantaloop 2004: bossa mix [feat. Reggi Wyns] [bonus track].
US69 b/w Eddie Warner
7":  Yesterday's folks                                                                                Finders Keepers, 2004
CDs: Nice and slow (Live mix / B-Rock's basement mix [feat. Tung Twista & Leevirt Agee] / Album version) /
     You make me wanna... (T&J classic garage mix)                                                       LaFace/Arista, 1998
12": Beastie wrap: Radio mix / Party mix / Beer mix • Hot mix / Titanic mix                              Erika Records, 1987
UTFO feat. The Kangol Kid, Doctor Ice, The Educated Rapper / EMD & Mix Master Ice
12": Roxanne meets UTFO (special mix) • Roxanne' s backside (beat it mix)                                   Streetwave, 1984
12":    We work hard • Kangol & Doc                                                                                            Select, 1986
12":    Split personality: The remix • The remix dub                                                                           Select, 1986
12":    Lethal: Intro / Mondo bass / Stupid bass • S.W.A.T. (get down): Re-mix                                                 Select, 1987
12":    Let's get it on: Re-mix / Lp version • Radio edit / House mix                                                          Select, 1988
LP:     "UTFO"                                                                                                       Select Records, 1985
Leader of the pack / Bite it / Calling her a crab (Roxanne part 2) / Hanging out / Beats and rhymes • Roxanne Roxanne / Lisa Lips /
Fairytale lover / The Real Roxanne.
LP: "Skeezer Pleezer"                                                                                                Select Records, 1986
Just watch / Where did you go? / We work hard / Kangol & Doc • The house will rock / Split personality / Pick up the pace / Bad luck
LP: "Lethal"                                                                                                         Select Records, 1987
Mo' bass / Ya cold wanna be with me / Lethal [feat. Anthrax] / Diss / S.W.A.T. (get down) • The ride / Ask yo mama / Let's get it on / So be
it / Burning bed / Master-Baby.
LP: "Doin' It!"                                                                                                      Select Records, 1989
Cold abrasive / Wanna rock / Rough and rugged / Battle of sexes / My cut's correct • Master of the mix / Don't you hate it when... / Bits
and pieces / All about technic / Doin' it!
12": Nightlife: Vocal • Instrumental                                                                                  U.T.I. Records, 1987
UZI $ BROS (Will Roc, Ken Strong & Bob Dog) feat. DJ Battlecat
EP: Nothin' but a gangster (vocal) / We got mo' soul (vocal) •
       People make the world go around (vocal / bonus beats / instrumental)                                      Original Sound Ent., 1989


10": Ultra Rare Grooves vol. 2                                                                           Funky Forty Fives FFF 002, 2007
    BENNY POOLE                                                  – Pearl baby pearl
    SPANKY WILSON                                                – You
    MICKY & THE SOUL GENERATION                                  – Iron leg

10": Ultra Rare Grooves vol. 3                                                                           Funky Forty Fives FFF 003, 2007
    ESQUIRE                                                      – Think
    WILLARD BURTON                                               – Funky in here
    ANN ALLFORD                                                  – Gotta get me a job

7": Upstate Rockers                                                      Upstate Remixes, 2008
    SUPER LOVER CEE & CASANOVA RUD vs THE WINNERS – Super-Casanova (Don Lorenzo's mix)
    OUTKAST vs JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON                              – Ms. Jackson (Don Lorenzo's mix)

EP: Urban Allstars Vol. 3                                                                                             Urban Allstars, 2008
    SHIRLEY ELLIS                                                – Clapback (Isley L. Relish's "The clapping song" re-edit)
    XXX                                                          – Grace (Isley L. Relish re-edit)
    CAROL KING                                                   – Earth movin (Nick Galor's "I feel the earth move" re-edit)
    XXX                                                          – Missy strut (Nick Galor re-edit)

CD: UHB Vol. IV: Stop & Retaliate (We Can't Be Stopped)                                                     Outhouse/Revenge Ent., 1999
    SUNSPOT JONZ                           – Enter
    SUNSPOT JONZ                           – Stand off
    ELIGH, PSC, DESTRUKTO                  – Stop & retalliate
    427, KIRBY DOM, BFAP                   – Secrets
    BEATDIE DELITE                         – The toy beat maker
    LIVING LEGENDS                         – Attack of the killer sheeple
    BORED STIFF                            – My everyday
    BEATDIE DELITE BUTT                    – Foxhole
    PSC                                    – Momentos
    BEATDIE DELITE                         – Her eyes
    MYSTIK JOURNEYMEN                      – Destinations
    LIVING LEGENDS (NIGEN REVISITED)       – Nitroglycerin
    BEATDIE DELITE                         – Ain't going out
    SUNSPOT                                – Dramachild
    SUNSPOT JONZ                           – Cauldron
    GROUCH, PSC, BFAP                      – The matrix
    MURS                                   – Catch 22
    SUNSPOT JONZ                           – Warp
    SPOT & MUK                             – Prisoners
    G-PAC, BFAP, SLANT from Cali-9         – Paint a picture
    THE GROUCH                             – Allstar
  MYSTIK JOURNEYMEN                            – Always interplay
  BFAP, K-ONE                                  – Fire in the sky
  SUNSPOT JONZ                                 – Exit the battlefield
  SUNSPOT JONZ                                 – ID me

LP: U.K. Hip Hop '87                                                                                    Serious, 1987
  DEREK B                                      – Get down (extended remix)
  HARDROCK SOUL MOVEMENT                       – Elaweaser, just a skeezer (serious mix)
  C.J. MACKINTOSH & EINSTEIN                   – The tables are turning (extended mix)
  RUTHLESS RAP ASSASSINS                       – We don't care (raw & rare)
  DJ DOUBLE TROUBLE                            – U.K. hip hop mega mix

LP: Paul Nice: Ultimate Block Party Breaks Volume 1                                        Super Break Records, 1988
  PIECES OF A DREAM                            – Mt. Airy groove
  L.T.D.                                       – Back in love again
  D TRAIN                                      – You are the one
  xxx                                          – Let's get it together
  CENTRAL LINE                                 – Walking into sunshine [bonus track]
  GEORGE DUKE                                  – Reach for it
  STEVE ARRINGTON (Hall of Fame)               – Nobody can be you
  FIRST CHOICE                                 – Love thang
  xxx                                          – Act like you know
  WHATNAUTS                                    – Help is on the way
  LAKESIDE (???)                               – Ever ready [bonus track]

7x7": Ultimate Breaks & Beats 45 Box Set                                               Street Beat Records, 1987/2007
  ALL THE PEOPLE                               – Cramp your style
  ALL THE PEOPLE                               – Whatcha gonna do about it
  BANBARRA                                     – Shack up
  BANBARRA                                     – Shack up (pt. II)
  MELVIN BLISS                                 – Reward
  MELVIN BLISS                                 – Syntetic substitution
  BROTHER SOUL                                 – Cookies
  BROTHER SOUL                                 – Do it good
  DYNAMIC CORVETTES                            – Funky music is the thing (pt. 1)
  DYNAMIC CORVETTES                            – Funky music is the thing (pt. 2)
  THE MOHAWKS                                  – The champ
  THE MOHAWKS                                  – Landscape
  THE VILLAGE CALLERS                          – Hector (pt. 1)
  THE VILLAGE CALLERS                          – Hector (pt. 2)

LP: Ultimate Breaks & Beats vol. 7                                                          Street Beat Records, 1986
  JAMES BROWN                                  – Give it up, or turn it loose (live)
  FUNKY CONSTELLATION                          – Street talk
  PLEASURE                                     – Let's dance
  JOHN DAVIS & THE MONSTER ORCHESTRA           – I can't stop (12" version)
  MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA feat. John McLaughlin   – Planetary citizen
  FUNKADELIC                                   – Good ole music
  MAGIC TOUCH                                  – You are what you are

CD: Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol. 8                                                          Street Beat Records, 1987
  THE INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND                    – Sing, sing, sing
  J.J. JOHNSON                                 – Parade strutt (Louis Flores remix)
  BLOWFLY                                      – Sesame Street
  MANZEL                                       – Midnight theme (Louis Flores remix)
  MIKE CURB CONGREGATION                       – Burning bridges (Louis Flores remix)
  JOHNNY JENKINS                               – Two pigs & a hog
  THE FATBACK BAND                             – Fatbackin'
  JESSE GREEN                                  – Flip

CD: Ultimate Breaks & Beats – The Complete Collection (2xCD + DVD)                          Street Beat Records, 2006
SBR 501

  MONKEES                                      – Mary, Mary
  WILBUR 'BAD' BASCOMB                         – Black grass
  THE WINSTONS                                 – Amen Brother
  7TH WONDER                                – Daisy lady
  D.C. LA RUE                               – Indiscreet
  RUFUS THOMAS                              – Do the funky penguin

SBR 502 

  WILSON PICKETT                            – Get me back on time, engine #9 (re-edit)
  JUICE                                     – Catch a groove (re-edit)
  THE ROLLING STONES                        – Honky tonk woman (re-edit)
  FUNKADELIC                                – You'll like it too (re-edit)
  ROY AYER'S UBIQUITY                       – Boogie back (re-edit)
  DISCO ITALIANO                            – Chella Lla (re-edit)
SBR 503

  CHERYL LYNN                               – Got to be real
  INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND                     – Apache
  HERMAN KELLY & LIFE                       – Dance to the drummer's beat
  INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND                     – Bongo rock
  UPP                                       – Give it to you
  JACKIE ROBINSON                           – Pussy footer
SBR 504

  SYL JOHNSON                               – Different strokes (re-edit)
  BOBBY BYRD                                – I know you got soul (re-edit)
  Z.Z. HILL                                 – I think I'd do it (re-edit)
  GAZ                                       – Sing sing
  ISAAC HAYES                               – Break through
  TOM JONES                                 – Looking out my window (re-edit)
  DYNAMIC CORVETTES                         – Funky music is the thing pt. 2 (re-edit)
SBR 505 

  JOHNNY HAMMOND                            – Shifting gears (re-edit)
  BO DIDDLEY                                – Hit or miss (re-edit)
  THE WILD MAGNOLIAS                        – (Somebody got) Soul, soul, soul (re-edit)
  MELVIN BLISS                              – Synthetic substitution
  FREEDOM                                   – Get up and dance (re-edit)
  20TH CENTURY STEEL BAND                   – Heaven and hell (re-edit)
  BANBARRA                                  – Shack up (re-edit)
SBR 506 

  PLEASE                                    – Sing a simple song
  JAMES BROWN                               – Cold sweat
  DENNIS COFFEY                             – Son of Scorpio (re-edit)
  MAGIC DISCO BAND                          – Scratchin' (re-edit)
  FAT LARRY'S BAND                          – Down on the avenue
  UNCLE LOUIE                               – I like funky music
SBR 507

  JAMES BROWN                               – Give it up or turnit a loose
  FUNKY CONSTELLATION                       – Street talk (Madam Rapper) [instrumental]
  PLEASURE                                  – Let's dance
  JOHN DAVIS & THE MONSTER ORCHESTRA        – I can't stop
  JOHN McLAUGHLIN w/ Mahavishnu Orchestra   – Planetary citizen
  FUNKADELIC                                – Good ole music
  MAGIC TOUCH                               – You are what you are

SBR 508

  THE INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND                 – Sing, sing, sing
  J.J. JOHNSON                              – Parade strutt (Louis Flores remix)
  BLOWFLY                                   – Sesame Street
  MANZEL                                    – Midnight theme (Louis Flores remix)
  MIKE CURB CONGREGATION                    – Burning bridges (Louis Flores remix)
  JOHNNY JENKINS                            – Two pigs & a hog
  THE FATBACK BAND                          – Fatbackin'
  JESSE GREEN                               – Flip

SBR 509 

  INGRID                                    – Easter parade
  ESG                                       – U.F.O.
  BILLY SQUIER                              – Big beat
  LIQUID LIQUID                             – Cavern
  MOUNTAIN                                  – Long red
   THE WHOLE DARN FAMILY f/ Tyrone Thomas   – Seven minutes of funk
SBR 510 

  JAMES BROWN                               – Funky President
  DEXTER WANSEL                             – Theme from "The Planets" (re-edit)
  RHYTHM HERITAGE                           – Theme from "S.W.A.T."
  THE JACKSON FIVE                          – It's great to be here (re-edit)
  THE BROTHERS JOHNSON                      – Ain't we funkin' now
  LA PREGUNTA                               – Shangri La (re-edit)
  ESTHER WILLIAMS                           – Last night changed it all (re-edit)
SBR 511

  THE HONEY DRIPPERS                        – Impeach the President (re-edit)
  THE HEADHUNTERS                           – God made me funky
  LUCY HAWKINS                              – Gotta get out of here
  ORANGE KRUSH                              – Action (re-edit)
  FUNK INC.                                 – Kool is back
  FAUSTO PAPETTI                            – Love's theme (re-edit)
SBR 512

  JUNIE                                     – Granny's funky Rolls Royce
  JAMES BROWN                               – Funky drummer (re-edit)
  THE MOHAWKS                               – The champ
  AEROSMITH                                 – Walk this way (re-edit)
  THIN LIZZY                                – Johnny the Fox (re-edit)
  THE SOUL SEARCHERS                        – Ashley's roachclip (re-edit)
  CHICAGO GANGSTERS                         – Gangster boogie (re-edit)
  T-CONNECTION                              – Groove to get down
SBR 513 

  BABE RUTH                                 – The Mexican
  BABE RUTH                                 – Keep your distance (re-edit)
  COKE ESCOVEDO                             – (Runaway) I wouldn't change a thing (re-edit)
  EASTSIDE CONNECTION                       – Frisco disco
  IN SEARCH OF ORCHESTRA                    – "Phenomena" theme
  THE METERS                                – Handclapping song
SBR 514 

  STANLEY TURRENTINE                        – Sister sanctified
  J.J. JOHNSON                              – Willie Chase ("Willie Dynamite", O.S.T.)
  KID DYNAMITE                              – Uphill peace of mind
  RALPH MacDONALD                           – Jam on the groove
  E.U. (EXPERIENCE UNLIMITED)               – Knock him out Sugar Ray
  FRED WESLEY & THE J.B.'s                  – Blow your head

SBR 515 

  DONALD BYRD                               – Change (makes you wanna hustle)
  ROY AYERS                                 – Brother Green (The Disco King)
  GROVER WASHINGTON, JR.                    – Mister Magic (short)
  DAVID MATTHEWS                            – Main theme from "Star Wars"
  JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP                    – Jack & Diane (re-edit)
  PLEASURE                                  – Bouncy lady (re-edit)
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP                        – Rock music
SBR 516 

  COMMODORES                                – The assembly line
  JOHNNY JENKINS                            – I walk on gilded splinters
  LE PEMPLEMOUSSE                           – Gimme what you got (re-edit)
  MARVIN GAYE                               – "T" plays it cool ("Trouble Man", O.S.T.)
  LYN COLLINS                               – Think (about it) (re-edit)
  THE GALACTIC FORCE BAND                   – Space dust (re-edit)
  STEVE MILLER BAND                         – Take the money and run (re-edit)
SBR 517 

  BABY HUEY                                 – Listen to me
  BOBBIE KNIGHT & THE UNIVERSAL LADY        – The lovermaniacs (sex) (re-edit)
  THE POINTER SISTERS                       – Yes, we can can
  MONK HIGGINS & THE SPECIALITES            – One man band (plays all alone)
  KOOL & THE GANG                           – N.T.
  DYKE & THE BLAZERS                        – Let a woman be a woman, tet a man be a man (re-edit)
  BRAM TCHAIKOVY                            – Whiskey and wines
SBR 518 

  BAR-KAYS                          – Let's have some fun
  YELLOW SUNSHINE                   – Yellow sunshine
  THE JIMMI CASTOR BUNCH            – It's just begun (re-edit)
  MARVA WHITNEY                     – It's my thing (you ca't tell me who to sock it to) (re-edit)
  THE KAY-GEES                      – I believe in music
  DENNIS COFFEY                     – Ride Sally ride
SBR 519 

  THE BLACKBYRDS                    – Rock Creek Park
  K.C. & THE SUNSHINE BAND          – I get lifted
  BROTHER SOUL                      – Cookies
  FOSTER SYLVERS                    – Misdemeanor
  WILD SUGAR                        – Bring it here
  MIAMI                             – Chicken yellow (let me do it to you) (re-edit)
  OLYMPIC RUNNERS                   – Put the music where your mouth is
  LIGHTNIN' ROD                     – Sport (re-edit)
SBR 520

  ROY AYERS                         – Lonesome cowboy (re-edit)
  DUKE WILLIAMS                     – Chinese chicken
  SIR JOE QUARTERMAIN & FREE SOUL   – I'm gonna get you (re-edit)
  FRIEND AND LOVER                  – Reach out of the darkness (re-edit)
  THE CHUBUKOS                      – House of rising funk
  EDDIE BO                          – Hook & sling pt. 1
  BILL WITHERS                      – Kissing my love

SBR 521

  THE POLITICIANS                   – Free your mind
  JOE TEX                           – Papa was too (re-edit)
  THE VILLAGE CALLERS               – Hector
  SOUND EXPERIENCE                  – Devil with the bus
  JAMES BROWN                       – Soul pride
  ALL THE PEOPLE f/ Robert Moore    – Cramp your style (re-edit)
  JOHNNY PATE                       – Shaft in Africa (OST)
  BARRY WHITE                       – I'm gonna love you just a little bit more, baby (re-edit)
SBR 522

  BARRABAS                          – Woman
  CREATIVE SOURCE                   – Corazon
  SOUTHSIDE MOVEMENT                – Save the world
  THE J.B.'s                        – The grunt (pt. 1) (re-edit)
  RUFUS THOMAS                      – Do the funky penguin (pt. 2) (re-edit)
  SHOTGUN                           – Dynamite (the bomb) (re-edit)
  GARY NUMAN                        – Films (re-edit)
SBR 523

  RUFUS THOMAS                      – The breakdown (pt. II) (re-edit)
  JIM DANDY                         – Country cooking
  PLEASURE                          – Joyous
  SOLOMON BURKE                     – Get out of my life, woman (re-edit)
  ALPHONZE MOUZON                   – You don't know how much I love you
  DELEGATION                        – Oh honey
  FRIEDA PAYNE                      – The easiest way to fall (re-edit)

SBR 524

  LOWELL FULSOM                     – Tramp
  FREDDIE SCOTT                     – (You) Got what I need
  LYN COLLINS                       – You can't love me, if you don't respect me
  THE EMOTIONS                      – Blind alley
  LONNIE LISTON SMITH               – Expansions (pt. 1)
  OTIS REDDING                      – Hard to handle (re-edit)
  THE GRASSROOTS                    – You and love are the same
  TOM SCOTT                         – Sneakin' in the back

SBR 525 

  SOUTHSIDE MOVEMENT                – I've been watching you
  LOU DONALDSON                     – Pot belly
  SAMBO SOUL                        – Mambo #5
  5 STAIRSTEPS                      – Don't change your love
  LAMONT DOZIER                     – Take off your make-up
  IKE WHITE                         – Love and affection
  JAMES BROWN                                  – The payback (re-edit)

7x7": El Michels & Others a/k/a The Ultimate Breaks & Beats Band                          Street Beat Records, 2009
  SKULL SNAPS                                  – It's a new day (instrumental)
  SKULL SNAPS                                  – It's a new day (drums)
  ALL THE PEOPLE                               – Cramp your style (instrumental)
  ALL THE PEOPLE                               – Cramp your style (drums)
  RUFUS THOMAS                                 – Do the funky penguin (instrumental)
  RUFUS THOMAS                                 – Do the funky penguin (drums)
  THE JACKSON SISTERS                          – I believe in miracles (instrumental)
  THE JACKSON SISTERS                          – I believe in miracles (drums)
  OHIO PLAYERS                                 – Funky worm (instrumental)
  OHIO PLAYERS                                 – Funky worm (drums)
  BOBBY BYRD                                   – I know you got soul (instrumental)
  BOBBY BYRD                                   – I know you got soul (drums)
  THE JIMMI CASTOR BUNCH                       – It's just begun (instrumental)
  THE JIMMI CASTOR BUNCH                       – It's just begun (drums)
  MELVIN BLISS                                 – Synthetic substitution (instrumental)
  MELVIN BLISS                                 – Synthetic substitution (drums)

CD: Ultimate Breaks & Beats Instrumentals                                          Traffic Entertainment Group, 2008
  RUFUS THOMAS                                 – Do the funky penguin
  JAMES BROWN                                  – Funky president
  WILSON PICKETT                               – Get me back on time (engine number 9)
  THE JACKSON SISTERS                          – I believe in miracles
  BOBBY BYRD                                   – I know you got soul
  ALL THE PEOPLE                               – Cramp your style
  SKULL SNAPS                                  – It's a new day
  THE JIMMI CASTOR BUNCH                       – It's just begun
  ESTHER WILLIAMS                              – Last night changed it all
  MELVIN BLISS                                 – Synthetic substitution
  OHIO PLAYERS                                 – Funky worm
  BABE RUTH                                    – The Mexican
  LYN COLLINS                                  – Think (about it)

LP: Ultimate Brazilian Breaks & Beats #2                       Disco E Cultura/Adventures In Paradise Records, 2007
  NONATO E SU CONJUNTO                         – Terecô
  BANDA ERÓTICA                                – Flash
  DOM SALVANINI                                – St Tropez
  ZITO RIGHI                                   – Poema ritmico do malandro
  OS TREMENDÕES                                – Nome do jogo
  DONA MARIA                                   – Solidão
  COUTINHO E SU CONJUNTO                       – Papa Jimmy
  DILLA                                        – Festa para um rei negro
  A PONTE                                      – Nós
  SEU GUILHERME                                – Tributo a mim mesmo
  FREESOM ORQUESTRA                            – Rush
  BANDA BRASIL FELIZ                           – Africá
  bonus track #1                               – Tornado twister
  bonus track #2                               – San san
  bonus track #3                               – Tributo dois

LP: Ultimate British Breaks And Beatz Vol. 1                                                           UBBB, 2007
  THE FERRIS WHEEL                             – What is soul
  HOT STUFF                                    – Shack up
  JOHN L WATSON w/ White Mouse                 – Rockin' chair
  BOBBY JOHNSON & THE ATOMS                    – Tramp
  THE MPB MIX                                  – Light my fire
  O.S.T.                                       – Are you being served
  WALRUS                                       – Never let my body touch the ground
  MATUBMI                                      – Law of the land
  GENO WASHINGTON                              – Different strokes
  JOHNNY ALMOND'S MUSIC MACHINE                – Solar level
  HOT ROCKS                                    – Chopper
  NIRVANA                                      – Rainbow chaser
LP: Ultimate British Breaks And Beatz Vol. 2                                                           UBBB, 2007
  OWEN GREY                                    – Groove me
  THE IVOR RAYMONDE ORCHESTRA                  – It's the real thing
  ROSETTA HIGHTOWER                            – What do I do
  SIMON DUPREE                                 – What is soul
  THE AMBOY DUKES                              – Marquis
  SHAG                                         – Bongo rock
  SID PHILLIPS & THE SIMON SOUND               – Drums away
  OLYMPIC RUNNERS                              – Don't let up
  PETE MOORE & HIS ORCHESTRA                   – For whats it's worth
  THE OOSH BAND                                – My good woman
  SALENA JONES                                 – Do I love you
  ROY BUDD                                     – 'Avarice' from "The Magnificent 7 Deadly Sins" OST

2LP: The Unbound Project, volume 1                                          Realized LLC/Ground Control/NGA, 2000
  REFLECTION ETERNAL feat. Te'                 – The human element
  MIKE LADD feat. Seein' I                     – Social policy derelicts
  MEDINA GREEN                                 – Full court press
  ACEYALONE                                    – Ms AmeriKKKa
  J ROCC                                       – Degregation
  BLACKALICIOUS                                – Soul in flesh
  URSULA RUCKER                                – Soon
  MUMS THE SCHEMER                             – Lincoln's lie
  POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS                      – Slaves in America
  J ROCC                                       – Us kids doing it
  RAKAA-IRISCIENCE                             – Caution
  JERRY QUICKLEY                               – Strata
  J ROCC                                       – The objective
  SAUL WILLIAMS                                – Dance of the dead
  THE UNBOUND ALLSTARS                         – Mumia 911
  MIKE LADD                                    – Feb 4th, 1999 (for all those killed by the cops)

2x12": Under The Influence: DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid                                 SixDegreesRecords, 2002
  MIX MASTER MIKE                              – Surprize packidge (Automator remix)
  ANTI POP CONSORTIUM                          – Laundry (DJ Spooky remix)
  THE DECKWRECKA                               – Sycosis
  THE DECKWRECKA                               – Double zero zero
  TINO                                         – Monster dub
  DJ SPOOKY vs THE DUB PISTOLS                 – Peace in Zaire (Dub Pistols inna NYC style)
  SUSSAN DEYHIM                                – Bade saba (DJ Spooky remix)
  ALTER ECHO                                   – Sebsi dub

2LP: Untouchable Hip Hop – Episode I                                                        Vinyl Resurrection, 2000
  PUBLIC ENEMY                                 – Fight the power (extended)
  ERIC B & RAKIM                               – Juice (know the ledge)
  DE LA SOUL                                   – What's more
  GANG STARR                                   – Jazz thing (video mix)
  NOTORIOUS B.I.G.                             – Party & bullshit
  SHOWBIZ & A.G.                               – Soul clap
  BLACK SHEEP                                  – Still in the ghetto
  ORGANISED KONFUSION                          – Stress (Large Professor remix)
  DREAM WARRIORS & GANG STARR                  – I lost my ignorance (Gang Starr remix)
  MAIN SOURCE                                  – The atom
  PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH                      – Good life (Group Home remix)
  ABOVE THE LAW                                – Untouchable
  RESIDENT ALIEN                               – Ooh the dew doo man

2LP: Untouchable Hip Hop – Episode II                                                       Vinyl Resurrection, 2000
  SHOWBIZ & A.G.                               – Fat pockets (rare radio remix)
  RAKIM                                        – Heat it up (DJ promo Wiz mix)
  PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH                      – The creator (Surfboard remix)
  SUGAR BEAR                                   – Don't scandalise mine (remix)
  THE DOC                                      – Portrait of a masterpiece
  SWAY & KING TECH                             – Follow for now (extended)
   A TRIBE CALLED QUEST                        – If the papes come (remix)
   O.C. & ORGANISED KONFUSION                  – You won't go far
   DR. DRE & SNOOP DOGGY DOGG                  – Deep cover (soundtrack mix)
   MASTA ACE                                   – Go where I send thee
   COMMON                                      – Soul by the pound (thump mix)
   TUFF CREW                                   – What you don't know

2LP: Untouchable Hip Hop – Episode III                                                      Vinyl Resurrection, 2000
   ERIC B & RAKIM                              – No omega (exclusive extended remix)
   TIM DOG & KRS 1                             – I get wrecked (original extended 12" mix)
   THE NEW STYLE                               – Scuffin those knees (rare 12" mix)
   K SOLO                                      – Real Solo stand up (rare B side)
   DOUG E. FRESH                               – Spirit (rare extended remix)
   LORD FINESSE                                – Party over here (rare remix)
   GETO BOYS                                   – Mind playing tricks on me
   MARKEY FRESH                                – Mac of rap (rare 45 King production)
   COMMON                                      – The bitch in you (rare Ice Cube diss)
   CHILL ROB G                                 – Court is now in session (rare remix)
   ROXANNE SHANTE                              – Big mama
   MAIN SOURCE                                 – Fakin the funk

EP: Unwrapped – The DJ sampler                                                       Hidden Beach Recordings, 2001
   PAUL JACKSON JR.                            – Loungin (who do you love)
   PATRICE RUSHEN                              – Ms. Jackson
   JOHNNY BRITT of Impromp2                    – What's it gonna be
   LOUIS VAN TAYLOR                            – I get around

LP: Uptown Is Kickin' It                                                                         MCA Records, 1986
   HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ                          – Mr. Big Stuff
   GROOVE B. CHILL                              – Why me
   FINESSE & SYNQUIS                            – Bass game
   THE UPTOWN CREW                              – Uptown is kickin' it
   THE BROTHERS BLACK                           – I can't stop
   D.J. MARLEY MARL                             – He cuts so fresh
   WOODY ROCK                                   – Stress

LP: Urban Exposure: Rappin' From The Streets (full length versions)                     K-tel International (US), 1986
   RUN-D.M.C.                                   – Jam-Master jammin' (remix)
   THE CHICAGO BEARS SHUFFLIN' CREW             – The Super Bowl shuffle
   SCHOOLLY-D                                   – P.S.K. – what does it mean?
   MANTRONIX                                    – Bassline
   THE FORCE M.D.'S                             – Forgive me girl
   WHODINI                                      – Escape (I need a break)
   THE KARTOON KREW                             – Inspector Gadget
   DISCO FOUR                                   – Get busy

12": Urban Renewal Program                                                     Ninja Tune/Chocolate Industries, 2002
   MOS DEF & DIVERSE                           – Wylin out
   AESOP ROCK                                  – Train buffer
   AESOP ROCK                                  – Train buffer (instrumental)
   RJD2                                        – True confessions
   TORTOISE                                    – C.T.A.
   MOS DEF & DIVERSE                           – Wylin out (instrumental)

3LP: Urban Renewal Program                                                          Chocolate Industries promo, 2002
   PREFUSE-73                                  – Radio attack pt. 2 re-edit
   AESOP ROCK                                  – Train buffer
   CAURAL                                      – interlude
   MOS DEF & DIVERSE                           – Wylin out
   DIVERSE                                     – Time
   MR. LIF                                     – Wanted
   SOULS OF MISCHIEF                           – Spark
   RJD2                                        – True confessions
   PREFUSE-73                                  – interlude
   WHILE                                       – Haze-3
  EL-P                                         – Deadlight
  DJ FOOD                                      – Aerosoliloque pts. 1-3
  VIA TANIA                                    – interlude
  MIHO HATORI                                  – Night light
  TORTOISE                                     – C.T.A.
  CAURAL                                       – Our solstice walk
  PREFUSE-73                                   – interlude
  THEMSELVES feat. JEL & DOSE-ONE              – Thisboutthecitytoo

3LP: Urban Revolutions: The Future Primitive Sound Collective
      Exploring Progressive Breaks And B-Boy Culture                                  Future Primitive Sound, 2000
  AROMADOZESKI THERAPY feat. Romanowski & Devious Doze – Strudel strut
  DJ FAUST & SHORTEE                        – Scientific breakthrough
  DJ ZEPH                                      – 24 hour notice
  MAMMAL                                       – Warrior dance
  TINO                                         – Liquid dub (remix)
  PRESAGE feat. Mr. Dibbs & JEL                – Invitation to hell
  interlude                                    – DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist live at the '45 Session
  DJ DESIGN                                    – Soul power '70
  ROB SWIFT                                    – Funky listening
  J-BOOGIE'S DUBTRONIC SCIENCE                 – Conga rock
  DJ Z-TRIP                                    – Downtime
  STELLAR TRAX SOUND SYSTEM                    – Whatever's clever
  DJ Z-TRIP                                    – Further explorations into the black hole
  PHONOSYCOGRAPHDISK & BUCKETHEAD              – Pelican exhaust pipe wipes

CD: Urban Series: August '94                                                                Promo Only CD's, 1994
  AALIYAH                                      – At your best
  ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT                         – United front
  BOYS II MEN                                  – I'll make love to you
  CHANGING FACES                               – Stroke you up
  ETERNAL                                      – Sweet funky thing
  FUGEES                                       – Nappy heads
  LALAH HATHAWAY                               – Let me love you
  K-7                                          – Move it like this
  GERALD LEVERT                                – I'd give anything
  LIGHTER SHADE OF BROWN                       – If you wanna groove
  MAD LION                                     – Love woman so
  PRINCE RAHIEM                                – Rock wit' it
  RAYON                                        – No gunn no murder
  R. KELLY                                     – Summer bunnies
  69 BOYZ                                      – Tootsee roll
  SUKIYAKI                                     – 4 p.m.
  KEITH SWEAT                                  – When I give my love

CD: Urban Series: September '94                                                             Promo Only CD's, 1994
  ATLANTIC STARR                               – Everybody's got summer
  ANITA BAKER                                  – Body & soul
  BRANDY                                       – I wanna be down
  BROWNSTONE                                   – Pass the lovin'
  CRAIG MACK                                   – Flava in ya ear
  ILL AL SKRATCH                               – I'll take her
  MAD LION                                     – Take it easy
  CINDY MIZELLE                                – I've had enough
  THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G.                         – Juicy
  PATRA feat. YO-YO                            – Romantic call
  RAJA-NEE'                                    – Turn it up
  SABELLE                                      – Where did the love go
  SOUND OF BLACKNESS                           – Everything is gonna be alright
  STYLZ & THE J.I.Z.                           – Smack it up
  KEITH SWEAT feat. KUT KLOSE                  – Get up on it
  TERROR FABULOUS                              – Action
  WHITEHEAD BROS.                              – Your love is a ...
  XZCAPE                                       – Who's that man
  ZHANE'                                       – Vibe
CD: Urban Series: October '94                                        Promo Only CD's, 1994
  BONE THUGS N HARMONY           – Thuggish ruggish bone
  DA BRAT                        – Fa all y'all
  TONI BRAXTON                   – How many ways
  C&C MUSIC FACTORY              – Do you wanna get funky (remix)
  COOLIO                         – I remember
  DEVASTATOR X                   – You can't come in
  DIS N DAT                      – Party
  ARETHA FRANKLIN                – Honey
  FU-SCHNICKENS                  – Breakdown
  HEAVY D.                       – Black coffee
  INI KAMOZE                     – Here comes the hotstepper
  LUCAS                          – Lucas with the lid off
  QUO                            – Blowin' up
  RAPPIN' 4-TAY                  – Playaz club
  SIR MIX-A-LOT                  – Ride
  TONY TERRY                     – When a man cries
  BARRY WHITE                    – Practice what you preach
  DA YOUNGSTA'S                  – Hip hip ride

CD: Urban Series: November '94                                       Promo Only CD's, 1994
  AALIYAH                        – Age ain't nothing but a number
  CARLEEN ANDERSON               – Mama said
  MARY J. BLIGE                  – Be happy
  CHANGING FACES                 – Foolin' around
  CRAIG MACK                     – Flava in ya ear (remix)
  E.V.E.                         – Groove of love
  DJ MAGIC MIKE                  – Get on it dog gone it
  KEITH MURRAY                   – The most beautifullest thing...
  NAS                            – One love
  NINE                           – Whutcha want?
  NOTORIOUS B.I.G.               – Unbelievable
  NUTTIN' NYCE                   – Down 4 whateva
  OUTKAST                        – Git up, git out
  SILK                           – I can go deep
  69 BOYZ                        – Kitty kitty (remix)
  TLC                            – Creep
  ZHANE'                         – Shame

CD: Urban Series: December '94                                       Promo Only CD's, 1994
  ANITA BAKER                    – I apologize
  BLACKSTREET                    – Happy home
  BOYZ II MEN                    – Thank you
  BRAND NUBIAN                   – Word is bond (clean edit)
  DA BRAT & BIGGIE               – Dirty b-side (clean edit)
  BROWNSTONE                     – If you love me
  CHANNEL LIVE                   – Mad izm
  TRISHA COVINGTON               – Why you wanna play me out
  CRAIG MACK                     – Get down
  HAMMER / DEION SANDERS         – Straight to my feet
  HEAVY D                        – This is your night
  ICE CUBE                       – What can I do? (Westside remix)
  NOTORIOUS B.I.G.               – Big poppa
  PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH        – Take you there (clean edit)
  SLICK RICK                     – Behind bars (Warren G. mix)
  SUPERCAT                       – South Central (outstanding mix)
  WARREN G                       – Do you see
  WHITEHEAD BROS.                – Forget I was a "G"

CD: Urban Series: January '95                                        Promo Only CD's, 1995
  ALKAHOLIKS                     – Daaam!
  BAR-KAYS                       – Old school mega mix
  BONE THUNG-N-HARMONY           – Foe tha love of $
  BRANDY                         – Baby
  COOLIO & THE 40 THEVZ          – Dial a jam
  DRU DOWN                       – Mack of the year
  ADINA HOWARD                   – Freak like me
  IMMATURE                       – Constantly
  JAMECIA                        – Rodeo style
  JEWELL                           – Woman to woman
  KING TEE                         – Way out there
  METHOD MAN                       – Bring the pain
  N II U                           – I miss you
  95 SOUTH                         – Rodeo
  RAYVON                           – Pretty 'before I go to bed'
  USHER                            – Think of you
  VICIOUS                          – Nika

CD: Urban Series: February '95                                               Promo Only CD's, 1995
  BAR-KAYS                         – Slide
  BREAKDOWN                        – Dip baby dip
  THE B.U.M.S.                     – Elevation
  CAPLETON                         – Tour
  DIGABLE PLANETS                  – Dial 7
  E.V.E.                           – Trip around your body
  FU-SCHNICKENS                    – Sum dum monkey
  MONTELL JORDAN                   – This is how we do it
  GERALD LEVERT                    – Answering service
  LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND         – What I'm after
  MOBB DEEP                        – Shook ones
  ANGEL MOORE                      – Ecstacy
  NONCE                            – Mix tapes
  RAPPIN' 4-TAY                    – I'll be around
  SHABBA RANKS                     – Let's get it on
  DJ SMURF & P.M.H.I.              – Ooh lawd (party people)
  SLICK RICK                       – Sittin' in my car

CD: Urban Series: March '95                                                  Promo Only CD's, 1995
  BARRY WHITE                      – Come on
  BLACKGIRL                        – Let's do it again
  BLACKSTREET                      – Joy
  BLACK PANTA                      – Do what you want
  FABU                             – Just roll
  HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ              – Sex with you
  FREDDIE JACKSON                  – Rub up against you
  MISS JONES                       – Where I wanna be boy
  KEITH MURRAY                     – Get lifted
  NAUGHTY BY NATURE                – Craziest
  PORTRAIT                         – I can call you
  SAM SNEED                        – U better recognize
  TLC                              – Red light special
  DJ TRANS                         – Ride out
  2PAC                             – Dear mama
  VYBE                             – Take it to the front
  CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS             – Dance 4 me

CD: Urban Series: April '95                                                  Promo Only CD's, 1995
  GERALD ALSTON                    – Devote all my time
  BIG L                            – Put it on
  FRANKIE CUTLASS                  – Boriquas on da set
  DIS 'N' DAT                      – Freak me baby
  DOUBLE XX POSSE                  – Money talks
  ILL AL SKRATCH                   – Chill with that
  LOST BOYZ                        – Lifestyles of the rich and shameless
  METHOD MAN feat. MARY J. BLIGE   – All I need (Puff Daddy radio mix)
  MONTECO feat. IMMATURE           – Is it me?
  NINE                             – Any emcee
  DJ QUICK                         – Safe + sound
  ROTTEN RAZKALS                   – Oh yeah!
  RAPHAEL SAADIQ                   – Ask of you
  SCARFACE feat. ICE CUBE          – People don't believe (M Dean radio remix)
  TOTAL                            – Can't you see
  LUTHER VANDROSS                  – Love the one you're with
  WHITEHEAD BROS.                  – Sex on the beach
  ZHANE'                           – You're sorry now

CD: Urban Series: May '95                                                    Promo Only CD's, 1995
  FELICIA ADAMS                    – Thinking about you
  DA BRAT                          – Give it to you
  BROWNSTONE                          – Grapevine
  CHANGING FACES                      – Keep it right there
  DR. DRE                             – Keep their heads ringinh
  DR. DRE & ED LOVER                  – For the love of you
  DRU DOWN                            – No one loves you
  HEATHER B.                          – All glocks down
  JOYA                                – I like what you're doing to me
  DIANA KING                          – Shy guy
  KUT KLOSE                           – I like
  MEGA BANTON                         – Money first
  MEN AT LARGE                        – Holiday
  MOBB DEEP                           – Survival of the fittest
  MONICA                              – Don't take it personal
  NEMESIS                             – Drop tha bottom
  NUTTIN' NYCE                        – Froggy style
  SOUL FOR REAL                       – Everything I do

CD: Urban Series: June '95                                                     Promo Only CD's, 1995
  BRANDY                              – Best friend (character remix)
  D & D ALLSTARS                      – 1, 2 pass it
  DOMINO                              – Tales from the hood
  FAITH                               – You used to love me
  GRAND PUBA                          – I like it
  JODECI                              – Freek 'n you
  JOHN B. feat. BABYFACE              – Someone to love
  MASTA ACE INC.                      – The I.N.C. ride
  NAUGHTY BY NATURE                   – Feel me flow
  NOTORIOUS BIG feat. MARY J. BLIGE   – One more chance (stay with me radio edit)
  OL' DIRTY BASTARD                   – Shimmy shimmy
  PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH             – Searching
  69 BOYZ                             – Five-0, Five-0
  SHABBA RANKS                        – Shine eye gal
  TLC                                 – Waterfalls (darp remix)
  TONY THOMPSON                       – I wanna love like that
  VICIOUS & SHYHEIM                   – Life of a shortie
  WARREN G                            – So many ways (bad boys mix)

CD: Urban Series: July '95                                                     Promo Only CD's, 1995
  BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY                – 1st of the month
  BROWNSTONE                          – I can't tell you
  BUJU BANTON                         – Champion
  CELLA DWELLAS                       – Good dwellas
  IV XAMPLE                           – From the fool
  GROOVE THEORY                       – Tell me
  HERBIE HANCOCK                      – Call it '95
  ADINA HOWARD                        – My up and down
  ICE CUBE                            – Friday
  LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND            – What I'm after (remix)
  JR. MAFIA                           – Player's anthem
  LUNIZ                               – I got 5 on it
  N II U                              – There will never be
  ONYX                                – Live
  SMOOTH                              – Mind blowin'
  2 PAC                               – So many tears
  USHER                               – The many ways
  XSCAPE                              – Feels so good

CD: Urban Series: August '95                                                   Promo Only CD's, 1995
  AZ                                  – Sugarhill
  BEENIE MAN                          – Slam
  BIG L                               – MVP
  CRAIG MACK                          – Making moves with puff
  D'ANGELO                            – Brown sugar
  GURU                                – Respect the architect
  MACK 10                             – Foe life
  MONTELL JORDAN                      – Somethin' 4 da honeyz
  METHOD MAN / REDMAN                 – How high
  KEITH MURRAY                        – This that hit
  NAUGHTY BY NATURE                   – Clap yo' hands
  SMOOTH                              – It's summertime
  SUPER CAT                                     – Girlstown
  TWINZ                                         – Round & round
  U.N.V.                                        – How can you walk away
  VYBE                                          – Warm summer daze
  WHITEY DON                                    – Artical

CD: Urban Series: September '95                                                           Promo Only CD's, 1995
  A FEW GOOD MEN                              – Tonite
  BOYZ II MEN                                 – Vibin' (the new flava)
  BRANDY feat. WANYA MORRIS                   – Brokenhearted
  CHEF RAEKWON                                – Ice cream
  CROOKLYN DODGERS feat. Chubb Rock, O.C. & Jeru the Damaja – Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers
  DAS EFX                                     – Real hip hop
  DOUG E. FRESH                               – Where's da party at?
  HODGE                                       – Head nod
  IMMATURE                                    – Feel the funk
  KOOL G RAP                                  – It's a shame
  KUT KLOSE                                   – Lovely thang
  MIILKBONE                                   – Where'z da' party at?
  MR. MIXX                                    – Make ya boy holler
  MOKENSTEF                                   – He's mine
  PATRA                                       – Pull up to the bumper
  PURE SOUL                                   – We must be in love
  SKEE-LO                                     – I wish
  24K                                         – Don't go there

CD: Urban Series: October '95                                                             Promo Only CD's, 1995
  AFRIKA BAMBAATAA                              – Throw your funky hands up
  BLAHZAY BLAHZAY                               – Danger
  MARIAH CAREY feat. ODB                        – Fantasy (remix - bad boy mix)
  DEVANTE                                       – Gin & juice
  TERRY ELLIS                                   – Where ever you are
  FAITH EVANS                                   – You used to love me (remix - Puff Daddy mix)
  GRAND PUBA                                    – A little of this
  JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A.                             – I need you tonight
  DIANA KING                                    – Love triangle
  KRS-ONE                                       – MC's act like they don't know
  GERALD & EDDIE LEVERT                         – Already missing you
  MOBB DEEP                                     – Give up the goods
  MONICA                                        – Like this and like that
  MYSTIKAL                                      – Ya'll ain't ready yet
  ERIC SERMON                                   – Bomdigi (remix feat. Tommy Gunn)
  SMOOTH                                        – Blowin' up my pager
  SOUL FOR REAL                                 – If you want it
  STYLZ & THE J.I.Z                             – Swing low

CD: Urban Series: November '95                                                            Promo Only CD's, 1995
  SHAI                                          – Come with me (Duff-mix)
  KOOL G RAP feat. NAS                          – Fast life
  FAITH EVANS                                   – As soon as I get home
  GURU feat. CHAKA KHAN                         – Watch what you say
  GROOVE THEORY                                 – Tell me (spark plug mix)
  P.M. DAWN                                     – Sometimes I miss you so much (Dallas Austin radio edit)
  L.V.                                          – Throw your hands up
  KRISS KROSS                                   – Tonite's tha nite
  KUT KLOSE                                     – Surrender
  THE LUNIZ                                     – Playa hata
  WHITNEY HOUSTON                               – Exhale (shoop shoop)
  KID FROST                                     – East side rendezvous
  ADINA HOWARD                                  – It's all about you (Mecca's "Paid in full" remix)
  CYPRESS HILL                                  – Throw your set in the air (club mix)
  INTRO                                         – Funny how time flies
  MARIAH CAREY feat. BOYZ II MEN                – One sweet day
  MOKENSTEF                                     – In the rain
  TOTAL                                         – No one else

CD: Urban Series: December '95                                                            Promo Only CD's, 1995
  AZ                                            – Gimme yours
  BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY                          – E. 1999
  BOYZ II MEN                                   – I remember
  BUSTA RHYMES                         – Everything remains raw
  CAPELTON feat. METHOD MAN            – Wings of the morning
  COOLIO                               – Too hot
  DAS EFX                              – Microphone master
  DOGG POUND                           – Let's play house
  GOODIE MOB                           – Cell therapy
  IMMATURE                             – We got it
  J'SON                                – Take a look (remix))
  KRS–ONE                              – Rappaz r n dainja
  LL COOL J feat. BOYZ II MEN          – Hey lover
  THE PHARCYDE                         – Runnin'
  POISON CLAN                          – Fire up this funk
  PURE SOUL                            – I want you back
  3T                                   – Anything
  JASON WEAVER                         – I can't stand the pain

CD: Urban Series: January '96                                         Promo Only CD's, 1996
  MARY J. BLIGE                        – Not gon' cry
  BRANDY                               – Sittin' up in my room
  CHANGING FACES                       – We got it goin' on (remix)
  DEBORAH COX                          – Who do U love?
  DOGG POUND feat. RAGE                – Do what I feel
  DOUG E FRESH feat. BEENIE MAN        – Hands in the air
  FUGEES                               – Fu-gee-le (remix)
  GROOVE THEORY                        – Keep tryin'
  R. KELLY                             – Down low
  KOOL G RAP feat. NAS                 – Fast life (remix)
  YVETTE MICHELIE                      – Everyday & everynight
  95 SOUTH                             – Heiny Heiny
  REDMAN                               – Funkorama
  ERIC SERMON                          – Welcome
  SMIF N' WESSUN                       – Wreckonize (remix)
  SOLO                                 – Where do U want me
  SUPERCAT                             – My girl Josephine
  2PAC feat. DR. DRE                   – California love

CD: Urban Series: February '96                                        Promo Only CD's, 1996
  REGINA BELLE                         – You make me feel brand new
  BUSTA RHYMES                         – Woo-hah
  MARIAH CAREY                         – Always be my baby
  CELLA DWELLAS                        – Perfect match
  COOLIO                               – 1, 2, 3, 4 (sumpin new)
  RANDY CRAWFORD                       – Give me the night
  D'ANGELO                             – Lady
  DISCO & THE CITY BOYZ feat. CLAY D   – Da train
  EAZY–E                               – Sippin' on a 40
  TERRY ELLIS                          – What did I do to you
  INTRO                                – Feels like the first time
  R. KELLY                             – Down low (remix)
  GERALD & EDDIE LEVERT                – Wind beneath my wings
  LL COOL J                            – Doin' it
  MONA LISA / LOST BOYZ                – Can't be wasting my time
  RAPPIN' 4–TAY                        – Ain't no playa
  CHANTEY SAVAGE                       – I will survive
  SILK                                 – Don't rush

CD: Urban Series: March '96                                           Promo Only CD's, 1996
  AZ                                   – Doe or die
  THA DOGG POUND                       – New York, New York
  FAT JOE                              – Envy
  FUGEES                               – Killing me softly
  GHOST FACE KILLER                    – Motherless child
  GOODIE MOB                           – Soul food
  JACKYL THE BEAR                      – For real
  JON B.                               – Isn't it scary
  JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A.                    – Get money
  k.d. lang                            – Sexuality
  LOST BOYZ                            – Renee
  MC LYTE feat. XSCAPE                 – Keep on keepin' on
  THE NEW POWER GENERATION             – Girl 6
  PATRA w/ AARON HALL                        – Scent of attraction
  PHARCYDE                                   – Drop
  QUAD CITY DJ's                             – C'mon n ride it
  QUINCY JONES                               – Slow jams

CD: Urban Series: April '96                                                           Promo Only CD's, 1996
  ART N' SOUL                                – Ever since you went away
  BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY                       – Crossroads (remix)
  CAPLETON                                   – Heathen rage
  FAITH EVANS                                – Ain't nobody
  GZA feat. Method Man                       – Shadowboxin'
  IMMATURE                                   – Please don't go
  JODECI                                     – Get on up
  JOE                                        – All the things
  KRIS KROSS                                 – Live and die for hip hop (remix)
  L.V.                                       – I am L.V.
  YVETTE MICHELE                             – Loud hangover (remix)
  MOKENSTEF                                  – Baby come close
  MONICA                                     – Why I love you so much
  LIONEL RICHIE                              – Don't wanna lose you
  SHAI                                       – I don't wanna be alone
  SKIN DEEP                                  – No more games
  SOUTHSYDE B.O.I.Z.                         – Get ready, here it comes: The choo-choo (remix)
  TOTAL                                      – Kissin' you

CD: Urban Series: May '96                                                             Promo Only CD's, 1996
  HORACE BROWN feat. FOXXY BROWN             – One for the money (remix)
  FRANKIE CUTLASS                            – You and you and you (remix)
  DE LA SOUL feat. COMMON SENSE              – The bizness
  FAITH EVANS feat. QUEEN LATIFAH            – Ain't nobody (remix)
  FUGEES                                     – Killing me softly (remix)
  GETO BOYS                                  – The world is a ghetto
  MICHAEL JACKSON                            – They don't care about us (Charles Roane remix)
  PUFF JOHNSON                               – Forever more
  JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A. feat. NOTORIOUS B.I.G.   – Gettin' money (the 'Get money' remix)
  DJ KOOL                                    – Let me clear my throat
  LADAE! feat. CHUBB ROCK                    – Party 2 nite (remix)
  LUKE                                       – Scarred
  MEN OF VIZION                              – House keeper
  MISTA                                      – Blackberry molasses
  MONA LISA                                  – You said
  69 BOYZ feat. QUAD CITY DJ's               – Hoop n yo' face (remix)
  3T                                         – Tease me
  XSCAPE feat. MC LYTE                       – Can't hang

CD: Urban Series: June '96                                                            Promo Only CD's, 1996
  TONI BRAXTON                               – You're makin' me high
  BUSTA RHYMES feat. ZHANE                   – It's a party
  TEVIN CAMPBELL                             – Back to the world
  CASE feat. FOXXY BROWN                     – Touch me, tease me
  CRUCIAL CONFLICT                           – Hay
  CYPRESS HILL feat. FUGEES                  – Boom biddy bye bye
  D'ANGELO                                   – Me and those dreamin' eyes of mine
  GHOST TOWN DJ's                            – My boo
  JAY Z                                      – Ain't no nigga
  MONTELL JORDAN feat. SLICK RICK            – I like
  LUCIANO feat. JUNGLE BROS.                 – Who could it be
  'O' TOWN BOYZ                              – Where da party at!!??
  PASSION                                    – Where I'm from
  SHADES                                     – Tell me (I'll be around)
  KEITH SWEAT                                – Twisted
  2PAC feat. SNOOP DOGGY DOGG                – 2 of Amerikkaz most wanted
  WHITEHEAD BROS.                            – Feel your pain
  XZIBIT                                     – Paparazzi

CD: Urban Series: July '96                                                            Promo Only CD's, 1996
  HORACE BROWN                               – Things we do for love
  CHINO XL                                   – Kreep
  THE COVER GIRLS                            – I am woman
  DE LA SOUL                                 – Stakes is high
  112                                          – Only you (remix)
  THE ISLEY BROTHERS                           – Floating on your love
  DONELL JONES                                 – In the hood
  LL COOL J                                    – Loungin (remix)
  MAD COBRA                                    – Big Long John
  NAS                                          – If I ruled the world
  NNEKA                                        – Say it again
  NONCHALANT                                   – Until the day
  OUTKAST                                      – Elevators
  GINA THOMPSON                                – The things that you do (Bad Boy remix)
  THE TONY RICH PROJECT                        – Like a woman
  A TRIBE CALLED QUEST                         – 1nce again
  THA TRUTH                                    – Red lights
  T-BOZ                                        – Touch myself

CD: Urban Series: August '96                                                              Promo Only CD's, 1996
  A+                                           – All I see
  AALIYAH                                      – If your girl only knew
  BLACKSTREET feat. DR. DRE                    – No diggity
  DO OR DIE feat. TWISTA                       – Po pimp
  4U                                           – Home
  JAY Z & MARY J. BLIGE                        – Can't knock the hustle
  JOHNNY GILL                                  – Let's get the mood right
  JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A.                            – We don't need it
  MAXWELL                                      – Ascension don't ever wonder
  MC LYTE                                      – Everyday (remix)
  MONIFAH                                      – Nobody's body
  NEW EDITION                                  – Hit me off
  PHARCYDE                                     – She said
  SHAI feat. JAY Z                             – I don't wanna be alone (remix)
  SOUTHSYDE B.O.I.Z.                           – Get ready, here it comes (it's the choo-choo)
  YOUNG MC                                     – Get your boogie on
  WARREN G feat. ADINA HOWARD                  – What's love got to do with it
  FAITH EVANS                                  – Come over

CD: Urban Series: September '96                                                           Promo Only CD's, 1996
  BEATNUTS                                     – Find that
  BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY                         – Days of our lives
  THE BRAXTONS feat. JAY Z                     – So many ways
  CASE                                         – More to love
  CRUCIAL CONFLICT                             – Ride the rodeo
  FUGEES                                       – Ready or not (Handel's Yaard vibe mix)
  GROUP THERAPY                                – East Coast/West Coast killa
  DJ HONDA                                     – Out for the cash
  QUINCY JONES                                 – Stomp
  MONTELL JORDAN                               – Falling
  NEW EDITION                                  – I'm still in love with you
  ORGANIZED NOIZE                              – Set it off
  RAEKWON                                      – Rainy dayz
  SALT-N-PEPA                                  – Champagne
  SHADES                                       – Love means more
  SOUL FOR REAL                                – Never felt this way
  WRECKX N EFFECT                              – Top billin'
  YO YO                                        – Same ol' thang (everyday)

CD: Urban Series: October '96                                                             Promo Only CD's, 1996
  BABYFACE feat. LL COOL J                – This is for the lover in you
  THE BRAIDS                              – Bohemian rhapsody
  DA BRAT                                 – Sittin' on top of the world
  TONI BRAXTON                            – Un-breal my heart
  BUSTA RHYMES                            – Do my thang
  MARIAH CAREY                            – Underneath the stars (drifting)
  E-40 feat. TOO SHORT & K-CI             – Rapper's ball
  FUGEES                                  – No woman. no cry
  K-CI & JOJO of JODECI                   – How could you
  NATE DOGG feat. SNOOP DOGGY DOGG        – Never leave me alone
  OUTKAST                                 – ATLiens
  69 BOYZ                                 – Down low
  T-BOZ feat. RICHIE RICH                 – Touch myself (remix)
  TOTAL                                         – Do you think about us?
  A TRIBE CALLED QUEST                          – Stressed out (Baby Phife version)
  WESTSIDE CONNECTION                           – Bow down

CD: Urban Series: November '96                                                         Promo Only CD's, 1996
  A+                                          – Party joint
  BOYZ II MEN                                 – You're not alone
  FOXY BROWN                                  – Get me home
  DIPLOMAT                                    – Boom-shak-atak
  FUGEES                                      – No woman, no cry (remix)
  R. KELLY                                    – I believe I can fly
  MC LYTE                                     – Cold rock a party (remix)
  MO THUGS FAMILY                             – Thug devotion
  MOBB DEEP                                   – Front lines (hell on earth)
  NAS                                         – Street dreams
  SHAQUILLE O'NEAL feat. BIGGIE SMALLS        – Still can't stop the reign
  SNOOP DOGGY DOGG                            – Snoop's upside your head
  SWV                                         – Use your heart (remix)
  THE TONY RICH PROJECT                       – Leavin'
  TONY TONI TONE! feat. DJ QUICK              – Let's get down
  TOTAL                                       – When boy meets girl
  XZIBIT                                      – The foundation

CD: Urban Series: December '96                                                         Promo Only CD's, 1996
  AALIYAH                                       – One in a million
  BABYFACE                                      – Every time I close my eyes
  THE BRAXTONS                                  – Only love
  D'ANGELO                                      – Higher
  DEJA GRUV feat. RAKIM                         – You're not around (remix)
  DR. DRE                                       – Been there done that
  DRU HILL                                      – In my bed
  GINUWINE                                      – Pony (ride it mix)
  IMMATURE                                      – Watch me do my thing
  LIL' KIM                                      – No time
  LL COOL J                                     – Ain't nobody
  LUKE                                          – Bounce to da beat (remix)
  MONA LISA                                     – Just wanna please you
  NEW EDITION                                   – I'm still in love with you (remix)
  PUFF DADDY                                    – Can't nobody hold me down
  QUAD CITY DJ's                                – Space jam
  REDMAN                                        – That's how it is
  THE ROOTS                                     – What they do

CD: Urban Series: January '97                                                          Promo Only CD's, 1997
  A+Z                                           – A+
  BLACKSTREET                                   – Never gonna let you go
  DA BRAT feat. T-BOZ                           – Ghetto love
  CAMP LO                                       – Luchini
  FRANKIE CUTLASS                               – The cypher part 3
  JOHNNY GILL                                   – Love in the elevator
  TASHA HOLIDAY                                 – Just the way you like it
  MONTELL JORDAN                                – What's on tonight
  MACK 10 & THA DOGG POUND                      – Nothin but the cavi hit (remix)
  MAXWELL                                       – Sumthin' sumthin
  MISTA                                         – Lady (remix)
  KEITH MURRAY                                  – Hot to def
  NAS                                           – Street dreams (remix)
  NEW EDITION                                   – You don't have to worry (remix)
  SHAQ O'NEAL                                   – Straight playin'
  RASHAN PATERSON                               – Stop by
  702                                           – Get it together
  TRE                                           – Tre

CD: Urban Series: February '97                                                         Promo Only CD's, 1997
  ALLURE feat. NAS                              – Head over heels
  ERYKAH BADU                                   – On & on
  FOXY BROWN                                    – I'll be
  BROWNSTONE                                    – 5 miles til empty
  E-40                                          – Things will never change
  FREAK NASTY                                    – Da' dip
  HEAVY D                                        – Big daddy
  KULCHA DON feat. THE FUGEES                    – Bellevue "da bomb'
  MAKAVELI                                       – Hail Mary
  YVETTE MICHELE                                 – I'm not feeling you
  MONICA                                         – For you I will
  MARK MORRISON                                  – Return of the mack
  OUTKAST                                        – Jazzy Belle
  REDMAN                                         – Whateva man
  KEITH SWEAT                                    – Just a touch
  SWEETBACK feat. AMEL LARRIEUX                  – You will rise (remix)
  TELA feat. EIGHTBALL & MJG                     – Sho' nuff
  GINA THOMPSON feat. BABYFACE                   – You bring the sunshine

CD: Urban Series: March '97                                                                Promo Only CD's, 1997
  AFTER 7                                    – Sara smile
  ASSORTED PHLAVORS feat. BIG DADDY KANE – Make up your mind
  DA BARNYARD CLICK                          – 2 D frutti
  BLACKSTREET                                – Don't leave me
  BUCKSHOT                                   – No joke
  GINUWINE                                   – Tell me do U wanna
  ALFONZO HUNTER                             – Weekend thang (remix)
  KRS-ONE                                    – Step into the world
  THE LADY OF RAGE                           – Sho shot
  TRACEY LEE                                 – The theme
  LEVERT                                     – True dat
  QUAD CITY DJ's                             – Let's do it
  SCARFACE feat. DR. DRE, ICE CUBE & TOO $HORT – Game over
  SOUL ASSASINS feat. DR. DRE & B REAL       – Pupper master
  SWV                                        – Can we
  TAFKAP                                     – Somebody's somebody
  VERONICA feat. CRAIG MACK                  – No one but you
  WARREN G                                   – I shot the sheriff (remix)

CD: Urban Series: April '97                                                                Promo Only CD's, 1997
  AALIYAH                                  – 4 page letter (remix)
  LAKIESHA BERRI                           – Like this and like that (remix)
  MARY J. BLIGE                            – Love is all we need
  ADRIANA EVANS                            – Seein' is believing
  DOUG E. FRESH                            – Superstition
  GHOSTFACE KILLAH feat. MARY J. BLIGE     – All that I got is you
  GYRL                                     – Get your groove on
  JOE                                      – Don't wanna be a player
  KENNY LATTIMORE                          – For you
  LIL' KIM feat. LIL' CEASE                – Crush on you
  REFUGEE CAMP ALL-STARS feat. LAURYN HILL – The sweetest thing
  SNOOP DOGGY DOGG                         – Vapors
  REGGIE STEPPER                           – Woman got it goin' on
  3 X KRAZY                                – Keep it on the real
  TONY TONI TONE'                          – Thinking of you (remix)
  TWISTA                                   – Emotions
  THE 2 LIVE CREW                          – Do the damn thing

CD: Usta Miasta Kast                                                             Gigant Records/Koch Poland, 2001
  MEA vs. FOKUS                                  – Intro
  ZAPIS-C RYTMU                                  – Statyści
  PROHIBEATE '97                                 – Jak w jabłku pestka
  EMCEFALOGRAF                                   – Kilka słów o sobie
  FOKUS                                          – Stem tutaj
  BAS                                            – Dla tych (rude boys salute)
  GUTEK                                          – Tysiąc lat
  FOKUS                                          – Śmietan(k)a
  PŁONĄCY SQUOT                                  – Wokal prześladowca
  P.A.K.T.                                       – Czas robi swoje
  JAJONASZ, FOKUS, BAS, DENE                     – Witam na majq
  ANDREFOROS                                     – Życie
  DENE, GUTEK                                    – Miro mikrofoni
  P.A.K.T.                                       – Warto$ci
  JAJONASZ, ŁODZIANIN                            – Mikroforte '97
MAGIK, TYMI, FOKUS, PIH, RAHIM              – A robi się to tak…
FOKUS                                       – 100 wersów
                                            – bit sot

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