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Feb/March 08 Volume 11 Issue 1 £3.00 ISSN 1466-4984

                              International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine enclosed

                                                 Anniversary edition

                                                      GENERAL OSTEOPATHIC COUNCIL
                    NCOR adverse events project:
                    new research post for osteopath
                    This NCOR adverse events research project will investigate trends in
                    insurance claims and complaints to the regulator by osteopathic patients.
                    Funding has been awarded to the CONDOR team, a collaboration between
                    the Universities of Brighton and Greenwich, the European School of
                    Osteopathy, and the College of Osteopaths.

                    The Principal Investigator is Janine Leach, who can be contacted to discuss
                    the following post on tel: 07946 509 523 or email:

                    Research Officer
                    0.27 full-time equivalent

                    From £25,134 to £28,289, pro rata

                    In this interesting role you will create a profile of the complaints that have
                    been made by patients against osteopaths over the past decade. Travel to
                    insurance company offices at four sites in southern England will be necessary,
                    as well as regular attendance at the Clinical Research Centre in Eastbourne. You
                    will need a good (1 or 2:1) honours degree or equivalent qualification in a
                    health profession, research experience, the ability to extract data from legal
                    records, and experience in using spreadsheets.

                    This post is fixed-term for one year, as funding from the National Council for
                    Osteopathic Research is limited to this period.

                    For further information, tel: 01273 642 849 (24 hours) or visit
           for further information.
                    Please quote the appropriate reference number, HH4034.

                    Closing date for applications: 25 February 2008                    Ref: HH4034

                                                 NCOR-funded project

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                                                                                                                                      Feb/March 08
4   Key contacts
    Chairman’s & Registrar’s reports
                                                   23 in practice > Osteopathy at work
                                                                  CPD resources
6 GOsC news
    > In Council
                                                                  > 4th International Evidence Based Physical
                                                                    Therapy Conference
                                                                  > 3rd Annual Children’s Complementary
    > Madeleine Craggs: an appreciation
                                                                    Therapy Network (CCTN) conference
    > HRH The Prince of Wales renews
      patronage of GOsC                                           > Immotion: the role of emotion in
                                                                    somatic dysfunction
    > 2008 Register: anniversary edition
    > Osteopathy – 10 years of                                    Bookshelf
      statutory recongnition                                      Backchat
    > The Osteopath – 100 issues                                  Courses 2008
    > Submit your CPD online
    > NOA: preserving osteopathic heritage
    > More on Advancing the Osteopathic
      Educational Foundation 2008!                 30 marketplace
16 health matters
    > European plans to boost health tourism
    > Sexual boundaries guidance launched                                                     Send editorial to:
    > New voluntary regulator for                                                             General Osteopathic Council
                                                   Volume 11 | Issue 1 | Feb/March 08         Osteopathy House
      complementary therapies                                                                 176 Tower Bridge Road
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                                                                                The General Osteopathic Council
key contacts

                                                                                Osteopathy House
                                                                                176 Tower Bridge Road
                                                                                London SE1 3LU
                                                                                tel | 020 7357 6655
                                                                                fax | 020 7357 0011
                                                                                email |

                                                                                Chairman of Council: Professor Adrian Eddleston
                                                                                Chief Executive & Registrar: Evlynne Gilvarry

               Key GOsC services                                                GOsC staff contacts

               Freephone helpline                                               Monika Bojczuk (ext 235)             Margot Pinder (ext 228)
                                                                                Professional Standards Assistant     Assistant Registrar
               for osteopaths                           0800 917 8031
               Communications & Osteopathic                                     Brenda Buckingham (ext 256)
               Information Service   ext 242 / 226 / 222                        Registration Secretary               Jane Quinnell (01580 720 213)
                                                                                  Clerk to Council
               Enquiries about conferences, workshops & events,
               The Osteopath, GOsC websites, Certification Mark, locum list,
               the media, NHS, leaflet & publication orders (including GP       Vince Cullen (ext 223)
                                                                                Director of Professional Standards   Anna Ripley (ext 249)
               consent forms & off-work certificates), presentation material,
                                                                                   Regulation Assistant
               Regional Communications Network.
                                                                                Dana Davies (ext 224)
               Development                        ext 238 / 235 / 240           Professional Conduct Officer         Matthew Redford (ext 231)
               Enquiries about Continuing Professional Development,                 Head of Finance & Administration
               osteopathic education, standards of practice, Assessments                                   
               of Clinical Competence, Recognised Qualification process,        Marcus Dye (ext 240)
               NCOR.                                                            Professional Standards Manager       Abdul Saadeddin (ext 251)
                                                                                  Facilities Officer
               Finance & Administration                            ext 227                                 
               Enquiries about registration fees, VAT, payments.                Sarah Eldred (ext 245)
                                                                                Public & International Affairs       Marcia Scott (ext 246)
                                                                                Manager                              Assistant to Chief Executive
               Public affairs                             ext 245 / 247             & Registrar
               Enquiries about national healthcare policy, parliamentary                                   
               and international affairs.                                       Kellie Green (ext 236)
                                                                                Regulation Manager                   Nicole Tripney (ext 222)
               Registration                                        ext 256            Communications & Events Officer
               Enquiries about annual renewal of registration, updating
               your Register details, non-practising status, practising         Sonia van Heerden (ext 242)
                                                                                Information Officer                  Brigid Tucker (ext 247)
               abroad, graduate registration, retiring/resigning from the
                                                                                  Head of Communications
               Register, professional indemnity insurance.
                                                                                Gillian O’Callaghan (ext 233)
               Regulation                                 ext 224 / 249                                              Joy Winyard (ext 238)
                                                                                Head of MIS [Registration]
               Enquiries about the Code of Practice for Osteopaths, dealing           Professional Standards Officer
               with patient concerns, ethical guidance & consent forms,                                    
               fitness to practise, Protection of Title.

               Clerk to Council                         01580 720 213
               Enquiries about Council Members and meetings, GOsC
               Committee business.

               Chairman / Chief Executive & Registrar ext 246

               page 4 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                             chairman’s & registrar’s reports
Chairman’s report                                                    Registrar’s report

                                 Like the Chief Executive and                                            When news of my
                                 Registrar, I would like to                                              appointment as Chief
                                 provide a more personal                                                 Executive of the General
                                 piece as my first contribution                                          Osteopathic Council
                                 to The Osteopath. I was                                                 became known, many
                                 introduced to osteopathy                                                people revealed to me that
                                 22 years ago by Fiona Walsh                                             they attended an osteopath
                                 when I was Curriculum Sub-                                              regularly. Nothing strange
                                 Dean at King’s College and                                              there you may say and I
                                 she was helping in the                                                  agree. But I was taken
                                 redesign of the medical                                                 aback by one thing. All,
                                 undergraduate curriculum.                                               without exception, heaped
                                 She was able, through her                                               praise on the quality of care
                                 osteopathic practice in an                                              they received and many
                                 NHS integrated health clinic,                                           claimed that attending their
                                 to introduce medical                                                    osteopath was central to
students to the osteopathic model of practice. I was                 maintaining wellbeing. I was less struck by the many reports
particularly impressed by the emphasis placed on listening and       of effective symptom relief and more by the glowing
empowering, and the holistic approach to patients.                   testimonials of excellent patient care.

Six years ago, she persuaded me to apply for the registered          I formed a very favourable view of the osteopathic profession
medical practitioner position on the Council. I have very much       – a view that has been repeatedly underscored since I took up
enjoyed working with the other Members of Council and have           my position just over two months ago. It is a privilege to be
continued to be impressed, not just by osteopathy, but also by       involved with a profession that has demonstrated time and
the whole enlightened attitude of the profession to regulation.      again in its first decade of regulated existence that it
This was one of the reasons why we were able to make such a          recognises the value of high standards, and is prepared to
strong case during submissions to the Foster Review. It is a real    adapt and change in the interests of patient care and public
honour and privilege to be elected as Chairman of such an            protection.
                                                                     Against this backdrop, the profession can look with confidence
Of course, there are major challenges ahead in meeting the           to the next decade. The reforms to healthcare regulation,
requirements of the new legislation affecting healthcare             arising from the current Government White Paper, Trust,
regulation, but I know that while the Department of Health and       Assurance and Safety, will need to be considered carefully and
Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence will, rightly, insist   implemented in a way that is practical and proportionate. But
that we meet the principles outlined, they will expect us to         there is nothing to fear for a progressive profession. In my role
develop the practical solutions which will meet these principles     at the GOsC, I look forward very much to working with the
in a way that is appropriate for osteopaths. There is a very         profession to maintain its high standing and, with the
close working partnership between the osteopathic and lay            emphasis on continuing high standards, to facilitate its
members of Council, which enables decisions to be fair and           growing role in health care in the UK.
effective, and with just under 4000 registrants, and a well-
organised regional structure, it is also possible for us to remain   Evlynne Gilvarry
in close touch with practising osteopaths. I am confident that       Chief Executive & Registrar
these strengths will ensure a bright future for osteopathy.

Professor Adrian Eddleston

                                                                                            the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 5
GOsC news

             In Council
             Jane Quinnell, Clerk to Council

             4 December 2007, 56th meeting of the General Osteopathic Council.

             Healthcare Regulation                               Registering and removing                          Resignations from Council
In Council

                                                                                                                   Miss Anne Jones has reluctantly resigned
             Reforms to healthcare regulation, outlined in       osteopaths from the                               from Council due to ill health. Anne has
             the Government’s White Paper, Trust,                                                                  served as a Council Member since 1998 and
             Assurance and Safety, were considered by the
                                                                 Register                                          was thanked by Council for her valued
             Council as the GOsC prepares its response to        With the growing number of osteopaths             contribution. Mr Andrew Popat has also
             the Department of Health’s consultation on          applying to join the Register, it is now not      resigned from Council.
             the first tranche of proposals. These include:      possible for the Registrar to have sight of all
                                                                 applications, restorations and removals from      Nigel Clarke chaired his final meeting as
             > A revision of the wording of the main
                                                                 the Register. The Osteopaths Act 1993 makes       Chair of Council, but will remain a Council
               objective of all regulators to place an
                                                                 no reference to the scrutiny of applications      Member.
               added emphasis on patient protection.
                                                                 or delegation of responsibility. Having
             > A change in the constitution of Councils          sought legal advice, Council has agreed that:     Minutes
               so that they are smaller, with members                                                              The full minutes of this Council meeting
               independently appointed by the                    > applications meeting a pre-determined
                                                                                                                   will be posted on the GOsC public and
               Appointments Commission.                            set of criteria will be registered
                                                                                                                   registrants’ websites (
                                                                   automatically by an appropriate member
                                                                                                                   following approval at the next Council
             These changes are expected to take effect by          of the GOsC executive;
             May 2009.
                                                                 > applicants not meeting the criteria will be
             The next set of reforms will deal with:               reserved for the Registrar’s consideration,
                                                                   along with those applying from outside of
             > A separation of regulators’ adjudication
                                                                   the UK; and
               procedures and the establishment of an
               independent adjudication body.                    > removals from the Register, where the
                                                                   osteopath concerned fails to respond to
             > The introduction of a scheme of
                                                                   prescribed notices, will also in future be an
               revalidation for all health care professionals.
                                                                   automatic procedure overseen by an
                                                                   appropriate member of the executive.
             In response to these reforms, the Council has
             established a number of working groups to
             prepare for the required governance changes
             and to begin work on developing a                   Strategic Plan 2008-2012
             revalidation scheme suited to the particular        The draft Strategic Plan for 2008-2012,
                                                                                                                    Future Council meetings
             needs of the osteopathic profession. The            setting out the GOsC’s vision and goals for
             GOsC is also participating in two cross-            the immediate future, was considered by
             professional working groups charged with            Council and will be formally adopted at the        >    12 March 2008
             considering the implications of revalidation
             for regulated health professionals.
                                                                 next Council meeting in March.                     >    10 June 2008
                                                                                                                    >    16 September 2008
             The consultation on the first tranche of
             changes (Section 60 Order 1A) closes on             Council matters                                    >    4 December 2008
             22 February 2008, at which time the GOsC’s          Election of Acting Chairman                        >    10 March 2009
             response will be made available on the              Osteopath Robin Shepherd has been elected
             public website:              for a second term as Acting Chairman of            Meetings commence at 10.00am at
                                                                 Council. Speaking of his appointment, Robin        Osteopathy House and agendas for the
                                                                 Shepherd said: “I believe osteopaths can feel      public session are available on the GOsC
             Osteopathy House                                    justly proud of their achievements over the        public website, or
                                                                 past 10 years as a statutorily regulated           from Jane Quinnell, approximately seven to
             The Council has given the green light to a          profession; many have taken in their stride a      10 days before the meeting. Public sessions
             major restructuring of Osteopathy House.            rigorous re-examination of their skills, the       of Council meetings are open to members
             A key aim is to ensure the building is fully        formalisation of Continuing Professional           of the public, including osteopaths.
             accessible to people with disabilities, as          Development and have also survived an
             required by the Disability Discrimination Act.      attempt to merge us with an umbrella
             This major project will also involve an                                                                Contact Jane Quinnell on
                                                                 regulatory body.                                   tel: 01580 720 213 or
             extension of the building and a more
             effective use of existing space to create an                                                           email:
                                                                 “Osteopathy now takes its rightful place
             appropriate HQ and resource for the                                                                    for further information, or if you
                                                                 alongside other `mainstream` healthcare
             osteopathic profession.                             providers, ensuring greater access and             would like to attend the next
                                                                 increasingly high standards of care for our        Council meeting.

             page 6 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                                      GOsC news
Madeleine Craggs:                                                                            HRH The Prince of Wales
                                                                                             renews patronage of GOsC
an appreciation
Nigel Clarke, former Chairman, General Osteopathic Council                                             In conjunction with
                                                                                                       Advancing Osteopathy
Few people leap at                                                                                     2008, His Royal Highness,

                                                                                                                                                      Madeleine Craggs: an appreciation
the opportunity to                                                                                     The Prince of Wales, has
become the only                                                                                        generously renewed his
employee of an
organisation with a                                                                                    patronage of the General
large bank loan and                                                                                    Osteopathic Council for a
stark serviced offices,                                                                                further five years.
accountable to
Parliament for what
they do. But on
1 April 1997 that is
exactly what
Madeleine Craggs
did; and armed with
the standards set by the first General         weaker characters would have done.
Osteopathic Council, she set about             In doing so, she earned the respect of
creating the structures that allowed the       Council Members and osteopaths more
                                               widely, and has enabled the GOsC to

profession of osteopathy to ensure that

                                                                                                                                                      HRH The Prince of Wales renews patronage of GOsC
its standards of regulation stand              play its part in the development of
comparison with any other healthcare           regulatory policy nationally.
profession in the UK.
                                               Any Chairman is very dependent on
Ten years on, that work has been               their Chief Executive. I learned to value
proved in the heat of the debate               Madeleine’s extraordinary attention to
following the Foster Review. A team of         detail, her experience of the profession,
                                               her encyclopaedic knowledge of the                      For nearly three decades, from the
first-class staff operate in a dedicated
                                               Osteopaths Act 1993 and its attendant                   earliest efforts to win statutory
building, and the public can have
                                               rules and regulations. But above all, I am              recognition through the 1993
confidence in the care provided by a
                                               grateful for her patience, resilience,                  Osteopaths Act, HRH has supported
growing, much valued profession.
                                               friendship and the many kindnesses                      and encouraged the progress of the
                                               she has shown both to me and to                         osteopathic profession in the UK, and
This was not always easy. Regulators
                                               Council Members.                                        the work of the General Osteopathic
are not there to be popular, and tough
                                                                                                       Council, of which he has been Patron
decisions have to be made. And
                                               The public and osteopathic profession                   since its inception.
Madeleine was prepared to do this –
she had the courage to take the                have been lucky to have had such an
                                               excellent pilot for the first stages of the             Addressing guests at a formal reception
Council’s case to osteopaths, rather
                                               GOsC’s voyage.                                          on 31 January to mark the 10th
than hide behind dictat, as some
                                                                                                       anniversary of the opening of the UK
                                                                                                       Statutory Register for Osteopaths, HRH
                                                                                                       confirmed his continuing interest in the
                                                                                                       profession, saying:
2008 Register published:
                                                                                                       “I remain enormously proud to be
                                                                                                                                                      2008 Register published: anniversary edition

anniversary edition                                                                                    Patron of the General Osteopathic
                                                                                                       Council – especially, if I may say so, as it
You will shortly be receiving your copy of the 2008                                                    seems to me that the whole profession
Statutory Register of Osteopaths. This anniversary edition                                             is moving into a new era, having
marks 10 years of statutory regulation of osteopathy and                                               established itself so effectively as a
is the largest edition to date. There are 3,985                                                        source of leadership and knowledge
osteopaths in this year’s Register (2192 male and                                                      within the international osteopathic
1793 female), representing a net gain of 140 since                                                     community and across healthcare
the 2007 edition.                                                                                      disciplines.”

Stocks are limited, but if you wish to receive an
extra copy to pass on to your local health centre,
please contact the Communications Department
on ext. 242.

If your copy is surplus to requirements, please
donate it to your local library or health centre.

                                                                                                  the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 7
                                                 Osteopathy – 10 years of statutory recognition:
GOsC news

                                                 Brigid Tucker, Head of Communications

                                                 To mark the 10th
Osteopathy – 10 years of statutory recognition

                                                 anniversary of statutory
                                                 recognition for osteopaths,
                                                 the GOsC has published a
                                                 new illustrated report, Good
                                                 Health in Good Hands –
                                                 UK Osteopathy Today.

                                                                                                  Produced to coincide with Advancing
                                                                                                  Osteopathy 2008, the report was publicly
                                                                                                  launched at a royal reception on 31 January
                                                                                                  in the presence of the GOsC’s Patron,
                                                                                                  HRH The Prince of Wales, and over 250 guests
                                                                                                  representing interests across healthcare,
                                                                                                  government and the nationals and
                                                                                                  international osteopathic community.

                                                                                                  Public awareness has struggled to keep
                                                                                                  pace with the rapid and wide-ranging
                                                                                                  developments in UK osteopathic practice
                                                                                                  over the past ten years and this report seeks to
                                                                                                  meet a need for a simple, but comprehensive
                                                                                                  overview of the current status of the

                                                                                                  With a view to providing the public and
                                                                                                  patients with the assurances they need and
                                                                                                  expect when seeking professional care for their
                                                                                                  health, the review aims to reflect the high
                                                                                                  standards of osteopathic education, training
                                                                                                  and practice, of which the profession is
                                                                                                  justifiably proud.

                                                                                                  Also important to osteopaths and patients alike
                                                                                                  are the key areas of development as a
                                                                                                  profession, including the growth of post-
                                                                                                  graduate education and research activity, and
                                                                                                  the enhancement of cross-border healthcare

                                                 page 8 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
Good Health in Good Hands

                                                                                                          GOsC news
 There is a need also for the profession to address

                                                                                                          Osteopathy – 10 years of statutory recognition
 some of the questions frequently asked, not only
 by patients but also by commissioners of public
 healthcare: how quickly are patients able to access
 an osteopath?; what is the spread of osteopathic
 services across the UK?; as an average, how much
 does treatment cost, and what does this entail?
 Drawing on registration data and recent pilot
 practice surveys, it has been possible to provide a
 basic profile of current osteopathic practice. Also
 included are contact details of osteopathic
 stakeholder groups.

 Good health in Good hands endeavours to
 convey the breadth of patients who benefit
 from osteopathic care, from the very young to the
 elderly, as well as specific applications, such as in
 sports care or through occupational health
 schemes. It also reflects the trend towards
 increasing collaboration between osteopaths
 and other health professionals and the need for
 mutually-respected referral pathways.

 As part of Advancing Osteopathy 2008, the GOsC
 has initiated an extensive awareness campaign,
 targeting this report at a wide range of key
 audiences: the media, policy-makers, including
 Parliamentarians at national and international level,
 consumer and patient representative groups, post-
 graduate educational institutions, research funding
 bodies, other healthcare regulators and
 professional bodies.

 We are also targeting international osteopathic
 bodies and the World Health Organization. A full
 distribution list will be posted on the o zone
 website in due course.

 All within the profession, representative
 organisations and individual practitioners, are very
 welcome to participate in this awareness-raising
 exercise. A copy of the Good Health in Good Hands
 will shortly be sent to all on the Register.

  Further copies can be obtained from the
  GOsC Communications Department and will
  be supplied at cost price. We hope you will
  find Good Health in Good Hands useful to make
  contact with, for example, your local media,
  GP or business community.

                                                         the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 9
GOsC news
The Osteopath – 100 issues …

                               The Osteopath –
                               100 issues …
                               More than 3,000 pages – documenting 10
                               years of osteopathy as a UK statutorily
                               regulated healthcare profession.

                               page 10 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                      GOsC news
                                                                                                                      The Osteopath – 100 issues …
Recording the milestones and achievements
Establishing the UK Statutory Register of Osteopaths; adoption of a robust Continuing
Professional Development scheme; the developing evidence base and founding of the National
Council for Osteopathic Research; widening patient access; and informing osteopathic
standards throughout Europe.

Reporting the challenges
The PPP process; the Foster Review of non-medical health professions; NHS osteopathy; and
improved public understanding of osteopathic practice.

                                                                    the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 11
GOsC news

                                                                           Submit your CPD online

                         Completing and submitting your annual CPD                    A personalised record
                         summary form will in future be a faster and

                         more convenient process, as it can now be
Submit your CPD online

                                                                                      When you access the My CPD Record section,
                                                                                      you will find it already contains personalised
                         done online through the o zone website.                      details of your CPD year; required number of
                                                                                      hours for the year; and submission date for
                                                                                      your CPD annual summary form. This record
                         Launched in January, My CPD Record is a new                  can be accessed at any point during the CPD
                                                                                      year and details of the learning activities you
                         interactive function on the o zone, allowing                 have undertaken can be added simply by
                         you to record your CPD learning activities                   clicking on Add record.

                         throughout the year and then to submit your                  Once these records are added to your online
                                                                                      CPD annual summary form, they will be
                         annual summary form directly to the GOsC.                    displayed sequentially and your total number
                                                                                      of learning hours will be automatically
                                                                                      updated. Individual learning activity records
                                                                                      can also be filtered by type: learning by
                                                                                      oneself or learning with others. A copy of your
                                                                                      complete record can also be printed for your
                                                                                      files, prior to submission.

                                               Log on to the o zone now:
                         page 12 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                                          GOsC news
Editing your record                               CPD resources                                      Comments and access

                                                                                                                                                          Submit your CPD online
Additionally, these records can be edited right   The courses section of the website                 Comments or feedback on the CPD section of
up until your CPD annual summary form is          (Education>CPD online>CPD                          the o zone can be emailed to:
submitted to the GOsC. After this time, you       resources>Courses) has now been          
will no longer have access to it or be able to    redesigned to allow you to search a database
edit it. The GOsC is unable to access your        of forthcoming courses by title, speaker, date,
record prior to submission – it is for your own   location or keyword. Course providers can
use only.                                         also submit details of their courses using an
                                                  online form and, if appropriate, these will be
                                                  added to the courses database and posted
                                                  on the website. This up-to-date and relevant
                                                  resource is designed to help you identify
                                                  courses of interest.

                                                  As in this journal, course listings are provided
                                                  for information purposes only, and their
                                                  inclusion does not imply accreditation by the
                                                  General Osteopathic Council.

                                                  To assist in the ongoing planning, reviewing
                                                  and evaluating of your CPD activities, you can
                                                  still download forms for each of these
                                                  components from the o zone, along with the
                                                  CPD Guidelines themselves.

CPD goes green

Electing to submit your annual CPD summary
form online via the o zone, means that you
will no longer be required to submit a paper
version to the GOsC.

    If you haven’t yet accessed the o zone and
    are unsure of your username and password,

Log on to the o zone now:
                                                                                                        the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 13
GOsC news

                                                                                      National Osteopathic Archive:
                                                                                      preserving osteopathic heritage
                                                                                      Martin Collins PhD MSc DO

                                                                                      The National Osteopathic                     I mentioned that I
National Osteopathic Archive: preserving osteopathic heritage

                                                                                                                                   would be pleased
                                                                                      Archive (NOA) is now in                      to hear from any
                                                                                      existence to preserve, for                   individual or
                                                                                      the future, historical                       organisation
                                                                                                                                   willing to
                                                                                      documents and materials                      contribute to the
                                                                                      (rather than animals, as did                 archive. I apologise
                                                                                      Noah) relating to                            to those who did
                                                                                                                                   contact me in that
                                                                                      osteopathy.                                  I did not follow-up
                                                                                                                                   these offers, as I
                                                                                      Establishing an osteopathic archive has      was reluctant to
                                                                                      been a personal ambition of mine since       receive material
                                                                                      writing my book on the history of            personally until I
                                                                                      osteopathy in Britain, during which, with    could be sure that
                                                                                      great difficulty, I managed to collect and   the archive would
                                                                                      was donated relevant material. I             be a reality. Now
                                                                                      subsequently became concerned about          that its future is confirmed, I should be       Once it is established, you will be
                                                                                      the future of these artefacts.               pleased to hear from you again.             able to visit the archive by
                                                                                          Preservation aside, the archive will         As mentioned before, the source of      appointment; every effort will be made
                                                                                      also be a nucleus for historical material    all material will be catalogued and         to find a convenient date and time for
                                                                                      possessed by other individuals and           acknowledged. I am aware that some          you to visit. Material will only be
                                                                                      organisations, providing a central and       organisations may be reluctant to part      available for inspection on site, but it is
                                                                                      accessible resource for researchers. It      with their ‘crown jewels’, but material     hoped in due course to scan material so
                                                                                      will also be a statement of the              given solely on loan will be noted and      that it can also be accessed
                                                                                      profession’s pride; celebrating over 100     the donors given written agreement          electronically. A National Osteopathic
                                                                                      years of osteopathic history in the UK.      that it will be returned as and when        Archive website is also planned, which
                                                                                      Of course, today’s events will be            required.                                   may be linked to the Still National
                                                                                      tomorrow’s history and so I hope the             I am very pleased that a significant    Museum. We urgently need help with
                                                                                      archive will continue to grow.               contribution to the archive will be made    building a website and would
                                                                                          There has been much discussion as        by John O’Brien, who is currently           appreciate any assistance you can offer.
                                                                                      to where the archive should be located,      interviewing on videotape older
                                                                                      in that its residence should be                                      members of the      I hope that for the sake of future
                                                                                      permanent, secure and accessible but                                  profession to      generations of osteopaths you will give
                                                                                      not ‘owned’ by any one individual or                                   preserve their    the archive your full support.
                                                                                      organisation. I am very pleased that                                    recollections.
                                                                                      the GOsC has agreed to house it in
                                                                                      Osteopathy House.
                                                                                          I am currently
                                                                                      exploring the
                                                                                      conditions under which
                                                                                      archival material should
                                                                                      be kept and am in
                                                                                      communication with the
                                                                                      archivists of the Wellcome
                                                                                      Library, British Medical
                                                                                      Association, Royal
                                                                                      Pharmaceutical Society of
                                                                                      Great Britain and the Still
                                                                                      National Museum. I am aware
                                                                                      that archiving requires
                                                                                      specialist experience and,
                                                                                      although I have agreed to lead
                                                                                      this project, I am seeking the
                                                                                      assistance of someone who is
                                                                                      training to become a professional
                                                                                          In my previous article,‘Towards
                                                                                      a National Osteopathic Archive’
                                                                                      (The Osteopath, May 2007, p8),

                                                                page 14 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                           GOsC news
More on Advancing the
Osteopathic Educational Foundation 2008!
Maurice J Hills DO, Executive Secretary, OEF

In my previous feature, I hinted that the Osteopathic

                                                                                                                                           More on Advancing the Osteopathic Educational Foundation 2008!
Educational Foundation (OEF) was hoping to support
‘Advancing Osteopathy 2008’. I am now delighted to be
able to announce that the Trustees have agreed that the
Foundation should be a major sponsor.

This conference and celebration             It is not the remit of the GOsC to make
coincides with the Trustees’ decision to    funding available to individuals for
relaunch the charity to play a central      research and further education and the
role within the profession as the major     National Council for Osteopathic
fundraiser and fund-holder.                 Research does not hold such funds. The
                                            OEF, on the other hand, is well-placed to
The new strategic plan is currently         provide this function and new initiatives
under development and this                  will enable it to tap into the significant
sponsorship seeks to highlight the          funding that is available – not only from
OEF’s purpose as:                           the profession itself, but through
                                            grateful patients, and companies and
‘Furthering osteopathic                     industry with an interest in osteopathy.

learning and research’.                     To enable you to have a stake in the
                                            OEF, we will be asking for your feedback
This, broadly, we will achieve by:          and ideas on the initial draft of the
                                            revised strategic plan. We hope that
> raising funds                             this will be ready for dissemination in
                                            the summer. I will also be introducing
> promoting productive partnerships         the Trustees to you through my future
                                            OEF features in The Osteopath.
> making funds more widely available
                                            Any offers to help in any way would
> supporting individual professional        also be gratefully received.

I am confident that the Trustees will use
their best endeavours to make these
aspirations a reality, but your support
will be essential.

                                                                                         the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 15
health matters |

                                            European plans to boost health tourism
                                            Sarah Eldred, Public & International Affairs Manager

                                            Plans to give patients wider access to                control over what is a politically and              For any questions, please contact
                                            healthcare in countries other than their own          financially sensitive area. For this reason, the    Sarah Eldred on ext 245 or
                                            are currently being considered by the                 proposed directive on cross-border care is          email:
                                            European Commission. Whilst this initiative is        already proving to be contentious. It is no
                                            likely to have a more immediate impact on             surprise that the expected launch of this
                                            NHS care, this could still see European               directive (19 December 2007) has been

                                            patients, funded by national insurance                postponed until later this year.
                                            systems, seeking osteopathic care in the UK.
                                                                                                  Whilst from a regulatory perspective it is still
                                            This new directive recognises that the public         unclear what measures will be legislative in
                                            today is more inclined to travel, work or live        nature, there are some positive aspects to this
                                            abroad, which poses cross-border problems             proposal. This includes facilitating
                                            about healthcare provision. It also follows a         cooperation across Europe on information for

                                            series of judgements by the European Court            patients and health professionals. A number
 EC plans to boost health tourism

                                            of Justice in favour of patients who have             of common principles, such as setting and
                                            sought treatment abroad. Member States are            monitoring professional standards, complaint
                                            keen, therefore, to find a political solution –       mechanisms and professional liability
                                            rather than a legal one – to clarify what             insurance for all healthcare providers are also
                                            patients are entitled to, and the responsibility      expected. Such measures will help to provide
                                            of national health systems to fund care and           greater patient protection, particularly in
                                            provide a means of redress.                           those countries currently without regulation.

                                            Currently, the European Commission has                Update reports will follow, together with
                                            limited power to legislate on health policy           proposed lobbying activity, once this directive
                                            and Member States are reluctant to surrender          has been published.

                                             Sexual boundaries guidance launched
 UK | Sexual boundaries guidance launched

                                             New guidance setting out clear                       professionals and patients: responsibilities of     professionals receive effective training on
                                                                                                  healthcare professionals offers common sense        clear sexual boundaries. All Osteopathic
                                             sexual boundaries between                            advice on how to avoid situations that lead         Educational Institutions have also received a
                                             healthcare professionals and                         to real or perceived violations of sexual           copy of the guidance.
                                             patients has been launched by                        boundaries. This document is also intended
                                                                                                  to protect healthcare professionals by helping      Speaking about the new guidance, CHRE
                                             the Council for Healthcare                           them identify and manage inappropriate              Chief Executive Harry Cayton said:
                                             Regulatory Excellence (CHRE)*,                       sexualised behaviour by patients so that             “The relationship between a healthcare
                                             to enhance public protection.                        professional boundaries can be maintained.          professional and a patient or carer depends
                                                                                                                                                      on confidence and trust. A healthcare
                                             Aimed at both practitioners and healthcare           The second report, Clear sexual boundaries          professional who displays any form of
                                             regulators, the set of three guidance                between healthcare professionals and patients:      sexualised behaviour towards a patient
                                             documents advises that healthcare                    guidance for fitness to practise panels, provides   breaches that trust, acts unprofessionally, and
                                             professionals should take care not to stray          guidance to healthcare regulators’ fitness to       may, sometimes, be committing a criminal
                                             into unacceptable sexual behaviour with              practise panels on the special considerations       act.
                                             patients and suggests that professional              they should bring to bear when hearing a
                                             regulators should offer clear guidance and           case involving an alleged sexual boundary           “We hope that this common sense guidance
                                             support.                                             breach. It offers a framework for healthcare        will bring clarity to a difficult area, helping
                                                                                                  regulators to adapt, as necessary, to fit the       those who work in regulation and healthcare
                                             The work, commissioned by the Department             circumstances of its particular professional        to prevent sexual boundary breaches by
                                             of Health in response to a series of inquiries       group. Members of the GOsC fitness to               healthcare professionals.”
                                             into serious breaches of sexual boundaries by        practise committees have received the
                                             healthcare professionals, was carried out in         guidance and will refer to it in future             To accompany these documents, the CHRE
                                             consultation with patient groups, professional       conduct cases.                                      has also published a review of the literature
                                             bodies and healthcare regulators, including                                                              about sexual boundary violations by health
                                             the GOsC.                                            Learning about sexual boundaries between            professionals. All four documents are
                                                                                                  healthcare professionals and patients: a report     available to download from
                                             The principles set out in the new guidance           on education and training is designed to            Specific guidance for patients is also planned.
                                             mirror those contained in the GOsC’s existing        encourage higher education institutes and
                                             Code of Practice. Specific to practitioners, Clear   training providers to consider ways of              * CHRE is the watchdog for all nine UK healthcare
                                                                                                  ensuring that student healthcare                    regulators, including the GOsC.
                                             sexual boundaries between healthcare

                                            page 16 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                                          health matters
New voluntary regulator for
complementary therapies
A new voluntary regulator for                         standards of osteopathic training, practice and
                                                      conduct; and that osteopaths who breach
nine complementary therapies,                         professional standards may have their
the Complementary and Natural                         registration denied and lose the right to legal
Healthcare Council (CNHC), will                       practice.
be launched in the UK in April

                                                      The Times subsequently published the GOsC

2008.                                                 response from Evlynne Gilvarry, the GOsC’s new
                                                      Chief Executive & Registrar, on 8 January and

                                                                                                                                                           New voluntary regulator for complementary therapies
This umbrella body will initially regulate            United Press International responded promptly
practitioners of the Alexander technique,             to the receipt of the press statement and
Bowen technique, cranial therapy,                     corrected its story. The GOsC press statement
homeopathy, massage therapy, naturopathy,             can be read on the public website –
nutritional therapy, shiatsu and yoga therapy. and the o zone.
Practitioners of aromatherapy, reflexology and
reiki will also be eligible to join, although their   Misleading reports extended beyond
professional bodies are not formally involved         references to osteopathy, with acupuncture
in the council.                                       also in the spotlight. Acupuncturists and
                                                      herbal medicine practitioners, including
Whilst the establishment of the CNHC is being         the majority of Chinese medicine
facilitated by The Prince’s Foundation for            practitioners, have in fact been looking
Integrated Health (FiH), who received funding         into the feasibility of statutory
for the initiative from the Department of             regulation for some time, and a joint
Health, it will be an independent body led by         working group will shortly present
the professions involved. The best practice           a report on the subject to the
model set out in the Government’s White               Department of Health.
Paper, Trust, Assurance and Safety: the regulation
of health professionals, will inform the shape of     The Society of Homeopaths, in a
the new regulator.                                    letter to the Guardian, also stated
                                                      that whilst it welcomed the creation
As it is voluntary, practitioners will not be         of a Complementary and Natural
obliged to register, but the CNHC hopes to            Healthcare Council, it was concerned
highlight to practitioners that it is in their        about the proposed inclusion of
interest, as well as the public’s, to be part of      homeopathy, apparently without
the scheme.                                           consultation, since in 2006 homeopathy
                                                      as a profession had concluded that this
GOsC responds to                                      voluntary register was not appropriate
                                                      either for its needs or those of the public.
misleading media reports
News of this new voluntary regulator was              To find out more about the new
reported widely in the media on Saturday              Complementary and Natural Healthcare
5 January 2008 and many of you will                   Council, read the news release from The
probably be aware that a number of the                Prince’s Foundation for Integrated
national newspapers erroneously referred to           Health – There are also
cranial osteopathy as being one of the                stories about the Complementary and
therapies included in the Complementary and           Natural Healthcare Council and the
Natural Healthcare Council.                           GOsC’s response to the media reports
                                                      on the o zone website.
The GOsC press office responded rapidly to
these misleading reports by issuing a press
statement and by writing directly to the
media outlets/journalists responsible for
publishing the news inaccurately. It is
understood the media had, in fact, confused
cranial (or craniosacral) therapy, one of the
professions included in the voluntary register,
with cranial osteopathy or osteopathy.

The GOsC’s response pointed out that
osteopathy, including the practice of cranial
techniques, has been statutorily regulated for
over 10 years; that the GOsC maintains strict

                                                                                                        the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 17

                      NCOR research hub news                                                                                    Conference
                                                                           Hub meetings                                         > 10 May 2008

                                                                           For further information about the work being         4th International Conference
                                                                           undertaken by these groups, contact Carol            in Evidence Based Medicine
                                                                           Fawkes, NCOR Research Development Officer
                                                                           on tel: 01273 643 457 or                             Venue: Imperial College, London.

                                                                           email:                    Further information is available at
Research hub news

                                                                                                                       – see also
                                                                                                                                article on page 20.
                                                                                                                                > 5–7 September
                                                                                             > HAYWARDS HEATH                     2008
                                                                                             Sunday 16 March, 10am to 12
                                                                                             noon                               7th International Conference
                                                                                             a Developing a case series         on Advances in Osteopathic
                                                                                               looking at osteopathic           Research (ICAOR)
Conference calendar

                                                                                               treatment during pregnancy
                                                                                                                                Venue: Bradenton, Florida.
                                                                                             b Literature review of
                                                                                                                                Full details are available on the
                                                                                               contraindications to
                                                                                                                                British College of Osteopathic
                                                           Perth                               osteopathic treatment
                                                                                                                                Medicine’s website:
                                                                                             > LEEDS
                                                     Glasgow                                 See for next       Call for papers: the ICAOR
                                                                                             meeting date                       Organising Committee is
                                                                                             Developing a patient               currently inviting submissions of
                                                                                             satisfaction questionnaire for     abstracts of original osteopathic
                                                                   Leeds                     osteopathic practice               research – see
                                                                                                                                for further information.
                                                                                             > LONDON                           Submission deadline:
                                   Dublin                      Keele                         See for next
                                                                                                                                30 March 2008.

                                                                   BBENSCH                   meeting date
                                                                                             Discussion of small project        > 25 October 2008
                                                              Oxford                         work and case studies
                                                                     London                                                     5th Chiropractic, Osteopathy

                                                                          Kent (planned)     > OXFORD                           and Physiotherapy Annual
                                                          Bristol                            See for next
                                                                                                                                Conference: ‘Moving forward
                                                                                                                                through research and practice’
                                               Exeter                Sussex                  meeting date
                                                                                             a Demonstration of research        Venue: Anglo-European College
                                                                                               laboratory equipment at          of Chiropractic, Bournemouth.
                                                                                               Oxford Brookes University        Further information will soon be
                                                                                             b Small group work:                available on the British School
                                                                                               developing an audit tool to      of Osteopathy’s website:
                                                                                               assess changes in treatment
                                                                                               approaches to the cervical
                      > BRISTOL                             > EXETER                           spine
                      Thursday 28 February, 7–9pm           Saturday 16 February, 10am to
                                                                                                                                > 14–16 November
                      Small project work                    12 noon                          The group is investigating           2008
                      An audit of case records from         Developing a patient             whether changes have occurred
                      the past 20 years, looking at how     information sheet for clinical   in the number of cervical HVTs     British Osteopathic Association
                      the incidence of cervical spine       practice through a consensus     carried out by osteopaths since    annual convention & trade
                      symptoms compared to low back         process                          the introduction of Clause 20 of   exhibition
                      symptoms has changed as work                                           the GOsC Code of Practice for      Venue: Marriott Forest of Arden,
                      demands and computer use                                               Osteopaths.                        Meriden, near Birmingham.
                      have changed during this period.                                                                          Further information is available
                                                                                                                                on the BOA website:

                      page 18 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
Research news in brief

Topical or oral NSAIDs for knee pain

                                                                                                                                                             NCOR |
Practising osteopath and health       number of key features                  worked internally and could
services researcher, Dr Dawn          concerning patients’ choices. Oral      affect the rest of the body. While
Carnes PhD, has recently had the      NSAIDs were regarded as being           mild risks were regarded as

paper ‘Influences on older people’s   stronger and required for               tolerable and transient,

                                                                                                                                                             Research news in brief
decision making regarding choice      constant pain, which was viewed         continuous and unmanageable
of topical or oral NSAIDs for knee    as structural in nature and arising     risks such as headache, swelling
pain: a qualitative study’,           from irreversible damage to             and dizziness were regarded as
published in the British Medical      bones and cartilage. Transient          unacceptable. Patients
Journal. The study was carried out    pain was regarded as being              demonstrated strong preferences
to explore the factors that           caused by weakness in the knee          for particular types of preparation
influence the decision-making         and occurring from overuse, for         and were prepared to validate
process for patients using oral or    example; this was thought to be         their choice based on their
topical non-steroidal anti-           less degenerative. Topical              beliefs concerning the degree of
inflammatories (NSAIDs), such as      preparations were also regarded         pain relief, adverse effects and
ibuprofen, for the management         as having a lower dose, a more          improved function.
of their knee pain.                   local, rather than generalised,             Although osteopaths do not
    The study used qualitative        effect, and would take effect more      prescribe medication, many
research methods and took place       quickly and be less toxic. Patients     patients ask advice concerning
within a randomised controlled        with multiple sites of pain were        the appropriateness of use of
trial comparing advice                happier to take oral preparations.      certain preparations in the
concerning the use of oral or             Risks of adverse effects also       management of musculoskeletal
topical NSAIDs. A total of 30         played a role in patients’ decision-    symptoms. This paper underlines
patients aged 50 or over with         making processes. Patients were         the importance of patients using
knee pain participated in the         willing to tolerate some adverse        preparations that are practical,
study; they were interviewed to       effects, for example a rash,            appropriate and acceptable to
explore the rationale behind their    occasional stomach upset and            the patient.
decision-making processes when        change of bowel habits, if they
choosing oral or topical              believed their treatment delivered      Carnes D, Anwer Y, Underwood M
medication. Patients were also        some benefit. The majority of           et al. Influences on older
interviewed concerning whether        patients interviewed expressed          people’s decision making              Link between
they had experienced any              scepticism about the possibility        regarding choice of topical or
adverse effects from the different    of experiencing adverse effects         oral NSAIDs for knee pain: a
                                                                                                                    vitamin D deficiency
types of medication or whether        from topical preparations. Oral         qualitative study. British Medical    and lung cancer
they had any particular beliefs       preparations were, however,             Journal – published online 4 Dec
concerning adverse effects.           believed to have greater risks          2007. doi:10.1136/bmj.39401.          Researchers at the University of
    The research team identified a    attached to them since they             699063.BE                             California have investigated the
                                                                                                                    incidence of lung cancer compared
                                                                                                                    with exposure to sunlight. The
                                                                                                                    study found that rates of lung
                                                                                                                    cancer were highest in countries
Treating asthma using the Papworth method                                                                           where exposure to sunlight is
                                                                                                                    lowest. While exposure to sunlight
Techniques integrating the use of     continued to receive usual care.        significant differences between       remains the major cause of skin
breathing and relaxation              Assessments were made at the            the groups when measuring             cancer, it is thought that vitamin D,
techniques (the Papworth              start of the trial (baseline), at six   objective respiratory function,       generated by exposure to sunlight
method) have been used by             months and at twelve months.            except for relaxed breathing rate.    (UVB light), can promote factors
physiotherapists to treat patients    Four outcome measures were                 The authors suggest from           responsible for cell death, thereby
with asthma since the 1960s.          used: the St George’s Respiratory       their study that the Papworth         halting tumour growth. Higher
Breathing exercises are also          Symptom Questionnaire (SGRQ),           method appears to improve             cloud cover and airborne aerosol
frequently recommended by             the Hospital Anxiety and                respiratory symptoms,                 levels were also associated with
osteopaths in clinical practice.      Depression Scale (HADS), the            dysfunctional breathing and           higher rates of the disease in the
This study investigated the           Nijmegen Dysfunctional Breathing        adverse mood, compared with           study. Smoking, however, remains
effectiveness of the Papworth         Questionnaire, and objective            usual care.                           the greatest cause of lung cancer,
method in a selection of 85           measures of respiratory                                                       accounting for 85% of cases.
patients (36 men and 49 women).       dysfunction.                            Holloway EA and West RJ.
46 patients were randomised to           The researchers found that the       Integrated breathing and              Mohr SB, Garland CF, Gorham ED et
a control group and 39 were           group receiving the Papworth            relaxation training (the Papworth     al. Could ultraviolet B irradiance and
randomised to the intervention        method had made significant             method) for adults with asthma        vitamin D be associated with lower
group, receiving five sessions of     improvements when using the             in primary care: a randomised         incidence rates of lung cancer?
treatment incorporating the           SGRQ and HADS outcome                   controlled trial. Thorax.             Journal of Epidemiology and
Papworth method. Both groups          measures; there were no                 2007;62:1039-1042.                    Community Health. 2008; 62: 69-74.

                                                                                                       the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 19

                                                 NCOR: developing the osteopathic evidence base

                                                 When NCOR was                        NCOR Research Development              > Information concerning the             > Bristol: examining patient

                                                                                      Officer, Carol Fawkes, and Research      manner in which data is                  referral patterns by osteopaths.
                                                 founded in 2003, it was

                                                                                      Administrator, Shirly Mathias, have      gathered and the need for              > Haywards Heath: investigating
                                                 widely recognised that               since been developing such               adequate protection of                   the osteopathic management
                                                 considerable resources               resources for the profession. A          sensitive patient data to                of patients during pregnancy.
                                                                                      significant amount and diverse           comply with current

                                                 were required to                     range of information is now              legislation.                           Ongoing studies are described in
NCOR: developing the osteopathic evidence base

                                                 support research                     available through NCOR. This           > Advice on how to avoid                 the research hub news section.
                                                 within the UK                        resource will continue to grow as        misconduct in research and
                                                                                      new publications emerge and as           procedures for dealing with            Conference information
                                                 osteopathic profession.              resources expand and reconfigure.        such activity.                         NCOR’s inaugural national
                                                 There was a clear need                  Parallel to the accumulation of     > Sources of additional                  osteopathic research conference
                                                 for more high quality                research resources, NCOR has             information which may be               took place on Friday 1 February
                                                                                      been undertaking a number of             helpful to researchers with
                                                 and easily accessible                activities, as outlined below.           diverse levels of experience.
                                                                                                                                                                      2008 at the Queen Elizabeth II
                                                                                                                                                                      Conference Centre, London. A
                                                 information concerning                  NCOR supports osteopaths in         > Ethical issues and the                 number of keynote speakers from
                                                 osteopathic research,                three key ways:                          considerations that must be            the world of osteopathy and
                                                                                      > providing information and              taken into account when
                                                 not only to enhance                     support;                              conducting research in an
                                                                                                                                                                      biomechanics featured on this
                                                                                                                                                                      diverse and stimulating
                                                 best practice and                    > allowing access to a database          ethical manner.                        programme. A series of free
                                                 patient safety, but also                of relevant evidence; and           > Key principles to be                   papers were also presented by
                                                                                      > identifying opportunities for          considered when conducting
                                                 to support aspiring                     research skills training.             research of high quality.
                                                                                                                                                                      osteopaths engaged in research
                                                                                                                                                                      as part of their ongoing PhD or
                                                 researchers and to                                                                                                   post-doctoral studies. In order to
                                                 assist the profession in             Information and support can be         This comprehensive guidance is           allow osteopaths the opportunity
                                                                                      sought from NCOR either by             also supported by A short guide to
                                                 responding to                        telephone or via the dedicated         the Research Governance
                                                                                                                                                                      to have their say and shape
                                                                                                                                                                      future research priorities, a series
                                                 questions from                       website – Some        Framework for practising                 of debates and a symposium
                                                 patients, the media,                 of the resources currently available   osteopaths, which offers an              were organised.
                                                                                      via the NCOR website include:          introduction to the concepts of
                                                 health commissioners                                                        research governance and ethics.
                                                                                                                                                                          An in-depth report on the
                                                                                                                                                                      event will feature in a
                                                 and the general public.              Research tutorials                                                              forthcoming issue of The
                                                                                      > Introduction to searching the        National network of                      Osteopath and some of the
                                                                                        Internet                             osteopathic research                     conference papers and poster
                                                                                      > Useful websites when                                                          presentations will shortly be
                                                                                        searching the Internet
                                                                                                                             hubs                                     published on the Event website –
                                                                                      > Further searching on the             In order to encourage and       The
                                                                                        Internet                             facilitate widespread engagement         International Journal for
                                                                                      > Jargon in research                   in osteopathic research, NCOR            Osteopathic Research will also
                                                                                      > Outcome measures                     has been developing a national           feature some of the keynote
                                                                                      > Critical appraisal skills            network of research hubs.                papers in coming issues.
                                                                                      > Systematic reviews – a brief         Groups have so far been
                                                                                        overview                             established across the country in
                                                                                                                             Exeter, Bristol, Oxford, Leeds, Perth,
                                                                                                                                                                      Access to evidence
                                                                                      > Randomised controlled trials –                                                Fact sheets detailing evidence for
                                                                                        an introduction                      Glasgow, Sussex (Haywards
                                                                                                                             Heath), south Wales, London, and         different areas of the body and
                                                                                      > The research process                                                          for different symptoms have been
                                                                                      > Ethics and osteopathic               in conjunction with the BBENSCH
                                                                                                                             regional osteopathic society.            compiled and are available to all
                                                                                        research                                                                      osteopaths. A database of
                                                                                      > How to write a case report               Most of the hubs are involved
                                                                                                                             in small research and audit              osteopathic research, providing
                                                                                      > Clinical governance for                                                       information on studies listed in
                                                                                        practising osteopaths                projects of their choosing. A
                                                                                                                             number of hubs have already              international databases such as
                                                                                                                             completed studies and are now            PubMed, AMED and CINAHL, is
                                                                                      Research Governance                    in the process of writing them up        currently under development.
                                                                                      Framework                              for publication. These projects          This central resource will offer
                                                                                      In order to outline best practice      are outlined below.                      osteopaths convenient access to
                                                                                      in osteopathic research, NCOR          > Exeter: creating a consent             current research and will also
                                                                                      has developed the Research                 form for osteopathic practice        include information not currently
                                                                                      Governance Framework for                   through consensus.                   available on the Internet or that
                                                                                      Osteopathy. Key areas of this          > Oxford: identifying the                has not been published (eg
                                                                                      document include:                          minimum requirements of              undergraduate research,
                                                                                      > Responsibilities of individuals          case notes for osteopathic           conference presentations).
                                                                                         involved with the research              practice.

                                                 page 20 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                      The NCOR               four research projects                 Clinical Excellence (NICE:

                                                  Information Centre is      investigating adverse events. The and the

                                                  contacted frequently       process of developing the call for     European Federation of
                                                  by osteopaths,             proposals, selection of successful     Osteopaths (research division:
                                                  students of                proposals and monitoring of   amongst others.
                                                  osteopathy, journalists,   work is being undertaken by a

                                                  government agencies,       sub-committee of NCOR.                 Communication

                                                                                                                                                          NCOR: developing the osteopathic evidence base
                                                  other healthcare           The four areas of investigation        NCOR publishes articles in each
                                                  professionals and the      are:                                   issue of The Osteopath magazine.
                                                  general public seeking     Project 1: Adverse events              These articles focus on research
                                                  unbiased and sound         associated with physical               methods, research activities
                                                  evidence related to        interventions in osteopathy and        undertaken by the NCOR hubs
                                                  osteopathic practice       relevant manual therapies.             network and short summaries of
                                                  and manual therapy.        Project 2: Communicating risk          current evidence relating to
                                                                             and obtaining consent in               clinical practice.
Identifying research                   Standardised data                     osteopathic practice.
skills training                                                              Project 3: Insurance claim
                                       collection                            trends and patient complaints to
opportunities                          One of NCOR’s main projects is to     the profession's regulator.            researchers’ group
Growing interest in research           develop a standardised data           Project 4: Investigating               The number of osteopathic
amongst the osteopathic                collection (SDC) tool for             osteopaths' attitudes to               researchers in the United
profession has resulted in an          osteopaths. This will provide a       managing and assessing risk in         Kingdom is steadily increasing,
increased interest in research         relevant and useful mechanism         clinical settings, and patients'       and more and more osteopaths
training. NCOR is frequently           for capturing data about              experiences and responses to           are undertaking postgraduate
contacted by members of the            osteopathy in the UK today,           osteopathic treatment.                 training at Master’s and PhD level.
profession enquiring about             offering a systematic way for all                                            NCOR has, as a result, created a
research training at various levels.   interested osteopaths to collect
                                       the same data about patients
                                                                             Press responses                        research forum, providing a
Consequently, a number of                                                                                           source of expertise, mentoring
                                       and practice, and helping to          Publication of articles in peer-
relevant training courses have                                                                                      and advice. Currently, this group
                                       provide information the               reviewed journals has in recent
been identified. These include:                                                                                     meets twice a year.
                                       profession urgently needs about       years seen an increased amount
> Conversion courses: to give
                                       itself.                               of press coverage concerning
    the award of a BSc degree for                                                                                   Heads of osteopathic
                                           Information can be collected      osteopathy and other similar
    osteopaths who have already
                                       using the tool over short periods     professions which, unfortunately, is   research group
    been awarded their DO.
                                       of time on a snapshot basis to        not always accurate or positive.       The research leads from each of
> MSc courses: in areas of
                                       look at discrete topic areas, which   NCOR has subsequently published        the osteopathic educational
    osteopathic practice, research
                                       can assist you with:                  responses to articles in The Times,    institutions (OEIs) attend the
    methods, legal aspects of
                                       > profiling your patients             Galloway Gazette, Peak Performance,    bimonthly NCOR meetings. This
    healthcare, etc.
                                       > profiling your practice             Journal of the Royal Society of        group of experienced researchers
> Centres of interest in
                                       > designing your own audits           Medicine and The Lancet in an          also meets as a separate
    musculoskeletal medicine and
                                       > compiling service delivery          attempt to clarify certain points      committee in an attempt to
    primary care: PhD
                                           information to inform insurers,   and improve understanding of           identify and develop collaborative
    opportunities for osteopaths
                                           healthcare commissioners and      osteopathic practice                   research projects, utilising and
    interested in pursuing research
                                           primary care trusts, etc              Journalists preparing              sharing research supervisors’
    at doctoral level.
                                       > developing research questions       occasional pieces featuring            particular areas of expertise.
                                       > improving patient safety and        osteopathy also frequently             Representatives of the group also
Up-to-date information on short
                                           enhancing wider                   consult the NCOR office for            participate regularly in research
courses has also been identified
                                           understanding of adverse          information.                           workshops.
for osteopaths who may not be
able to commit to long-term                reactions, informed consent
study.                                     and clinical governance.          Supporting other
Additional NCOR                        Adverse events                        In order to enhance
projects                               proposals                             understanding of osteopathy and
                                       Evidence concerning the               its role in primary care, and to
When NCOR was originally
                                       frequency of adverse events           improve patient care, NCOR
created, it developed a five-year
                                       associated with osteopathic           representatives also support other
strategic plan; nearly all of the
                                       treatment is currently limited and    organisations affiliated with the
activities identified in the plan
                                       the profession has to date had to     osteopathic profession and public
have been fulfilled. NCOR’s work
                                       rely on contributions from the        health. These organisations
continues as new resources are
                                       chiropractic and physiotherapy        include the National Electronic
identified in response to the
                                       professions. To address this          Library for Health (NeLCAM:
needs of the profession, staff in
                                       deficit, the General Osteopathic, the
the OEIs and osteopaths currently
                                       Council last year agreed to fund      National Institute for Health and
in training.

                                                                                                       the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 21

                                                        10 years of IJOM

                                                                                              Osteopathic RTB, which has been        perspective. The authors suggest

                                                                                              produced for several years by the      that for patients with chronic

                                                                                              British School of Osteopathy and       pain, functional tasks that affect
                                                                                              consists of condensed reviews of       everyday living are, from the
                                                                                              current literature of particular       patient perspective, important
                                                                                              relevance to clinical practice         markers for treatment success.
                                                                                              together with edited                       Howard and Gosling
10 years of IJOM

                                                                                              commentary. The pressures of           contribute a study that aimed to
                                                                                              practice life can make keeping in      identify patient characteristics that
                                                                                              touch with the literature nearly       might indicate improved
                                                                                              impossible, particularly with the      compliance with exercise
                                                                                              apparent explosion of                  prescriptions for rehabilitation.
                                                                                              information now available. We          Many osteopaths provide exercise
                                                                                              hope the RTB will provide an           advice to augment treatment, and
                                                                                              efficient method of keeping in         more clearly defining who is
                                                                                              touch with the wider literature        more (or less!) likely to follow
                                                                                              without the need to do all the         such advice is useful information
                                                                                              ‘leg work’ yourself. The RTB is        that has potential to improve
                                                                                              prepared by a pool of                  clinical outcomes. This area of
                                                                                              contributors, under the direction      investigation could be easily
                                                                                              of Paul Blanchard (BSO), who           expanded in future to include a
                                                                                              actively monitor a large number        broader range of patients and
                                                                                              of journals. We hope you find          settings. An exploration of
                   Front (LtoR): IJOM Editors           The year 2008 marks the               this addition to the journal to be     patient perspectives towards
                   Nicholas Lucas & Robert Moran        10-year anniversaries of the          useful and interesting.                practitioner-delivered advice
                   Rear (LtoR): NCOR Chair              International Journal of                                                     would also be a welcome
                   Professor Ann Moore and Elsevier     Osteopathic Medicine (IJOM)           CPD activity section                   addition to the field and would
                   Publisher Melanie Burton             and the GOsC and also                 A second innovation introduced         better inform practitioners who
                                                        coincides with the 100th issue        in this issue of IJOM is a             consider that treatment extends
                                                        of The Osteopath.                     complimentary Continuing               far beyond the consultation room.
                                                            The anniversary issue of IJOM,    Professional Development (CPD)             The final original investigation
                                                        enclosed with this issue of The       activity. We have long                 in this issue of IJOM is a reliability
                                                        Osteopath, commences with an          considered adding a CPD activity,      study investigating asymmetry of
                                                        editorial that recounts the origins   and informal talks with various        anatomical landmarks indicative
                                                        of the journal and celebrates the     parties indicated that a short,        of pelvic somatic dysfunction.
                                                        efforts of all those involved –       easy-to-complete activity relating     The results will be of particular
                                                        readers, subscribers, contributors,   to the issue content would be          interest to practitioners who rely
                                                        reviewers and editors. A second       welcomed by many readers.              on assessment of anatomical
                                                        editorial, prepared by UK editor      Where appropriate, answers to          landmarks as part of a diagnostic
                                                        Dr Janine Leach PhD, provides         multiple-choice and true-false         process and also to those who
                                                        some ‘food for thought’ regarding     questions will be available in the     teach clinical examination and
                                                        the place of evidence in              subsequent issue. We have also         osteopathic technique in
                                                        osteopathy, a topic also being        included questions that facilitate     education programmes.
                                                        reviewed by several speakers at       reflection on the reader’s own             We hope you have an
                                                        the ‘Advancing Osteopathy 2008’       clinical practice and, although        opportunity to read the enclosed
                                                        conferences. This issue marks a       these questions can’t be marked,       issue and would be particularly
                                                        change of responsibility for Jan      they do serve as a method of           interested in any feedback about
                                                        who now moves to a position on        more formally reviewing your           the new Research and Treatment
                                                        the Editorial Board, with             own thoughts, opinions and             Bulletin and the CPD activity now
                                                        osteopath Steven Vogel taking on      personal practices.                    in each issue.
                                                        a co-editor role. Jan has been            In this issue we present
                                                        instrumental in developing the        three articles of original research.   Robert W Moran

                                                        journal’s network of UK and           The first is by Carnes and             School of Health Sciences
                                                        European contributors and we          Underwood, who undertook a             Unitec NZ
                                                        are very pleased that she will        qualitative study of people            Auckland, New Zealand
                                                        continue to participate.              experiencing chronic                   Email:
                                                                                              musculoskeletal pain in order to
                                                        Research and Treatment                explore patient communication          Nicholas P Lucas
                                                        Bulletin                              about pain. This study is amongst      School of Biomedical and Health
                                                        The anniversary issue also sees       the first qualitative investigations   Science
                                                        the launch of a new standard          to be published in the journal         University of Western Sydney
                                                        section in the journal: Research      and serves as a reminder of the        Sydney, Australia
                                                        and Treatment Bulletin (RTB). The     importance of this type of work        Email:
                                                        RTB has evolved from the              in capturing the patient’s

                   page 22 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                                      in practice
Osteopathy at work
Neil Shotton BSc (Hons) Ost Med, London

Innumerable factors contribute to
our patients’ ill-health and injury

onset – lack of exercise, the wrong

                                                                                                                                                      Osteopathy at work
exercise, genetics, psychosocial
barriers, previous injury, etc. But as
the hours spent at work each week
continues to rise, it is evident that
this too can play a significant role.
Added to this, it is estimated that more than half
the UK working population now spend more than
six and a half hours every working day in front of
a computer. The fact that we were seeing a
notable number of patients with injuries that were
in some way caused or aggravated by workstation
use in our London practice was therefore not
surprising. A more proactive package of care was
obviously required; we needed to address the core
of the problem. We needed to see our patients in
their working environments.
    Our first step was to undertake adequate
training in occupational health and ergonomics.
Here we learned about equipment/aids (different
types and when to use them), conducting
workplace assessments, research and best practice,
such as the processes involved with managing large      workstation assessments for new, injured and
amounts of data. We also needed to be aware of          pregnant staff, and providing manual handling
the relevant law; for instance, in order to limit the   training and treatment, where required.
risk of occupational ill-health due to computer use,        We have also now developed an online training
the Health and Safety Executive has developed the       and assessment system, allowing companies to train
Display Screen Equipment Regulations (DSE               and assess large numbers of staff in-house. This
Regulations), which set out a basic framework for       package offers the employer an effective,
healthy computer use. These guidelines require that     convenient and cost-effective way of managing
all operators or users have:                            their staff’s health and wellbeing at work. And,
> adequate training and information;                    importantly, it also acts as a screen for vulnerable
> proper breaks or changes of activity;                 and injured staff. The day-to-day compliance
> workstations suitable for them which meet,            management can be handled easily in-house, while
    where necessary, the standards in the               we deal with the more complex cases. To further
    schedule; and                                       support our results, we are also now developing an
> eye tests, if they request them.                      audit process. Capturing the outcome data will
                                                        help to highlight the effectiveness and
While some companies adhere to these                    cost-effectiveness of our service.
requirements closely and have dedicated, on-site            I believe that, as osteopaths, we are in a unique
professionals, others conduct self-assessments and      position to help the working population. By
then file them, do nothing at all, or react only        combining ergonomics training with our clinical
following an injury. As trained consultants we need     skills and knowledge of physiology, we can help
to ensure that our clients know how to comply           people work more safely and efficiently, and help
with these laws.                                        prevent injury and ill-health. I recently saw a client
    With the training completed, it was time to get     who felt he needed a new chair; he is now being
to work … our first major client was a partner at a     treated for ankylosing spondylitis.
law firm who was suffering from back pain and was
concerned that his workstation was exacerbating         If you too are interested in expanding your
the condition. Following an assessment, some            practice and would like to specialise in
reasonably simple layout changes and providing          occupational health, contact Neil Shotton on
extra equipment/aids (such as a document holder,        email: or visit
which improved his posture), we managed to make         our website:
his situation much more comfortable. We were            osteopath for further information.
subsequently invited to provide assessments for
more and more of their staff, and now look after the
entire company – sourcing equipment, conducting

                                                                                                    the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 23
in practice |

                                              4th International Evidence Based                                                                                   3rd Annual
                                              Physical Therapy Conference                                                                                        Complementary
                                                                                                                                                                 Therapy Network
                                              This cross-professional conference     Ost, researcher and practising        Physiotherapist, St George’s          (CCTN) conference
                                              for osteopaths, physiotherapists,      osteopath, School of Health and       Hospital, London.
 CPD Resources

                                              chiropractors and other                Rehabilitation, Keele University
                                              healthcare professionals with an       and British School of Osteopathy      Outcome measures for LBP.
                                              interest in physical therapy will      Research Centre.                      What should we be using?
                                              take place on Saturday 10 May                                                Elaine Maughan MSc MMACP
                                              2008 at Imperial College, South        Treatments for musculoskeletal        MCSP, Head of Musculoskeletal
                                              Kensington, London. Bringing           conditions: current state of          Physiotherapy, Lambeth PCT,
                                              together clinicians and                play and what’s on the horizon        London.
                                              researchers to present lectures        Dr Nadine Foster DPhil, Senior

                                                                                                                                                                 Studies have shown that the use
 Evidence Based Physical Therapy Conference

                                              on current research in the field       Lecturer (Pain Management) &          The neurological examination          of complementary therapies is
                                              of musculoskeletal health, this        DoH Primary Care Career               in musculoskeletal assessment:        higher amongst children with
                                              event will aim to provide a            Scientist, Primary Care Sciences      Is it reliable? Is it valid?          chronic health conditions than
                                              review of the current physical         Research Centre, Keele University.    Dr Mark Roberts MBBS,                 those without. As the usage of
                                              therapy evidence base.                                                       Consultant Neurologist, Greater       complementary therapies has
                                              Presentations will either support      Food supplements for patients         Manchester Neurosciences              increased, medical teams
                                              or challenge current practice.         with musculoskeletal                  Centre, Hope Hospital, Salford.       increasingly find themselves being
                                                                                     conditions. Does                                                            asked for information and advice
                                              Programme highlights:                  supplementation improve               Early-bird bookings                   about complementary treatments.
                                              Achilles tendinopathy: aiming          outcome?                              Delegate fee: £115 + VAT (if          This year’s CCTN conference,
                                              for the best outcome.                  Professor Ron Maughan, School         booked before 28 February 2008).      ‘Childhood Conditions: Asthma,
                                              Dr Jill Cook PhD, Associate            of Sport and Exercise Sciences,                                             Eczema and Cerebral Palsy’, will
                                              Professor in Musculoskeletal           Loughborough University.              For full conference details           provide an opportunity for
                                              Health, School of Exercise and                                               contact: Health Education             healthcare professionals and
                                              Nutrition Sciences, Deakin             Exercise therapy for the              Seminars, 42 Richmond Road,           complementary therapists to share
                                              University, Victoria, Australia,       conservative management of            Poole BH14 0BU.                       knowledge and experiences in the
                                                                                     full thickness tears of the           Tel/fax: 01202 568 898,               conventional and complementary
                                              Joint manipulation: is it all it’s     rotator cuff: Is there any            email:,           therapy management of children
                                              ‘cracked’ up to be?                    point? A systematic review.           website:          with asthma, eczema and cerebral
                                              Dr David Evans PhD BSc (Hons)          Dr Jeremy Lewis PhD, Consultant                                             palsy.

                                                                                                                                                                 Call for abstracts and posters
 3rd Annual CCTN conference

                                                                                                                                                                 This year’s full-day conference will
                                              Immotion: the role of emotion in somatic dysfunction                                                               be held at the Birmingham
                                              John Lewis BSc(Hons) Ost, Blaenau Ffestiniog                                                                       Children’s Hospital on Saturday 17
                                                                                                                                                                 May 2008. Abstracts and posters
                                                                                                                                                                 are currently being invited and
                                              It has long been recognised that the mind can              developed an osteopathic approach to address and        should be submitted by 1 April
                                              profoundly affect the body’s physiology. I think it fair   treat somatic dysfunction.                              2008. For further information,
                                              to assume that most, if not all, of us have                    Last November, 16 osteopaths gathered for a         including submission criteria,
                                              encountered patients whose condition is either             weekend of CPD in the spectacular setting of            contact Dr Pankaj Shah, Children’s
                                              caused or compounded by psychosocial factors –             Tal-y-llyn Lake, north Wales, to learn about the role   Medical Officer, Freshwinds,
                                              worry, stress, loss, etc. But what of the deeply           of emotion in somatic dysfunction. We explored          Prospect Hall, 12 College Walk,
                                              entrenched hurts from earlier events that are locked       the rudiments of mind-body interaction, the             Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6LE or
                                              in the tissues and continue to unconsciously affect a      importance of recognising emotional factors in the      email:
                                              person’s health in the present? This is a subject that     patient’s presenting symptoms and signs, their
 Immotion  |

                                              osteopath and lecturer Christine Conroy has been           significance to prognosis, approaches to treatment,     Book now
                                              investigating for the past 15 years and it now forms       and when to refer. We learned that understanding        CCTN members: £45 (early-bird
                                              the basis of a PhD she is undertaking at the               our own character structure as well as the patient’s    rate: £40 for bookings received
                                              University of Lampeter, Wales, and a course for            has implications for the therapeutic encounter and      by 29 February).
                                              osteopaths, ‘Immotion: an introduction to the role of      can also protect us – the practitioner – from fatigue   Non-members: £55 (early-bird
                                              emotion in the clinical manifestation of somatic           and burnout.                                            rate: £50 for bookings received
                                              dysfunction’.                                                  Dr AT Still once said that DO stands for ‘Dig On’   by 29 February).
                                                  Psychologists have long classified people              and encouraged every osteopath to ‘search for
                                              according to character structures – patterns of            scientific facts as they relate to human mechanism      For further information about
                                              behaviour resulting from repressed, instinctual            and health.’ He wanted us all to conduct original       the event, the network or to
                                              emotional drives – generated by myriad factors.            research and share our findings to better enable        book, tel: 0121 415 6670,
                                              Extending this knowledge into the osteopathic field,       osteopaths to serve humankind. The better we            email:
                                              Christine has found that different emotional states        understand the functioning of the human organism,       or visit: www.freshwinds
                                              manifest in consistently similar patterns of structural    the better able we will be at meeting the complex
                                              change, which alter function in palpably similar           and fascinating challenge of improving the health of
                                              ways. With consideration of the patient’s psycho-          our patients.
                                              emotional history, and drawing upon the work of                The next immotion course will be held on
                                              Drs Sutherland, Becker, Fulford and Jealous, she has       16–19 April 2008. Highly recommended!

                                              page 24 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                              in practice
                         a selection of illustrated reference books for the osteopathic bookshelf

                          Arthritis: The
                          complete guide

                          to relief using

                          methods that                         (my) Dying is fun:
                          really work                          a comedy of
                          Arthur C Klein                       disabled
                          Published by Robinson, revised       misadventures
                          edition, 2005
                          ISBN: 1-84529-073-9                  Christopher Day
                          Price: £9.99                         Published by Trafford
                                                               Publishing, 2007
                          A book aimed at patients, which      ISBN: 1-425-0622-6
                          includes information about a         Price: £9.99
                          range of treatments for arthritis,
                          including osteopathy and             This book was written after the
                          nutrition, and which contains a      author was diagnosed with a
                          substantial section on exercises     form of motor neurone disease
                          to help people with arthritis.       called amyotrophic lateral
                                                               sclerosis (ALS), sometimes called
                                                               Lou Gehrig's disease. The book
                                                               describes how he felt when he
                          Third World Health:                  was first diagnosed and how his
                                                               attitude changed so that he was
                          hostage to first                     able to find humour in the things
                          world health                         that happened to him because of
                                                               his illness and declare that “My
                          Théodore H MacDonald                 dying is fun.”
                          Published by Radcliffe
                          Publishing, 2005
                          ISBN: 1-85775-769-6
                          Price: £39.95                        Acupuncture,
                          With a foreword by Archbishop        Trigger Points and
                          Desmond Tutu, this volume            Musculoskeletal
                          examines the health inequities
                          between the peoples of the third     Pain
                          and first worlds and asks, “But      Peter E Baldry
                          what can we do about it?” One
                          of the author’s key points is that   Published by Elsevier Churchill
                          individuals can only be effective    Livingstone, 3rd edition, 2005
                          in the context of community          ISBN: 0-7506-7350-8
                          action.                              Price: £54.99

                                                               A comprehensive textbook on
                                                               the use of acupuncture (dry
                                                               needling) in the treatment of
If you would like to review any of the                         myofascial trigger point pain.
books featured here – in exchange for                          Dr Baldry reviews the history of
                                                               acupuncture, sets out the
a free copy – contact the editor on                            principles of trigger point
tel: 020 7357 6655 ext 222 or                                  acupuncture and looks in detail
                                                               at its practical application,
email:                               including case studies.
You can also now request a book to
review through the o zone website.

      Texts are available from Osteopathic Supplies Limited –
      T: 08449 840325 F: 08449 840326 E:
      OSL (1988-2008): supplying the osteopathic profession with books, specimens and practice equipment for the past 20 years.

                                                                                            the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 25
in practice


               This section is intended            Dear Editor                          Returning to research, what do        waves in their own specialist
                                                                                        we ask of it? I suppose two           fields. One such is Donald
               to provide a forum for              Our students are often our           basic things:                         Ingber, a professor in vascular

               professional debate.                biggest challengers. They ask        1. To prove that osteopathy – its     biology whose work on

               The views and opinions              tough questions – quite rightly      approaches and methods – are          mechanotransduction is for me
                                                   – as if to test and put under        effective either in general or in     one of the most interesting
               expressed here do not               scrutiny the profession to which     the treatment of certain              areas of research with
               necessarily reflect those           they’re in the process of            conditions.                           osteopathic resonances. Here
               of the publishers.                  committing themselves. We in         2. To demonstrate to the world        we have a scientist of
                                                   the profession have a                that osteopathy, as a principle, is   impeccable credentials, in an
                                                   compulsion to do the same,           valid.                                academic position with research
                                                   driven by a desire to validate                                             funding, expertise and
                                                   ourselves under an often             The first poses certain               experience that we, inside the
                                                   exaggerated notion that any          difficulties in that osteopathy is    profession, may find it hard to
                                                   self-respecting profession has to    not a standard product.               emulate. His work is 21st
                                                   prove itself through research.       Whether we’re comfortable with        century structure and function,
                                                                                        the idea or not, it is based on a     demonstrating the vital
                                                   In our enthusiasm, we seem           unique interaction between the        importance of structure as the
                                                   compelled to squeeze our             individual patient and the            arena in which mobility, motility
                                                   discipline through a ‘validatory     individual practitioner. Aside        and cellular function are
                                                   sieve’ fashioned by medicine of      from the possible agreement           mutually expressed. (Critics of
                                                   a different kind, which is based     over the dynamics of a                the cranial model may not like
                                                   on a similar science but on very     particular clinical syndrome or       the way his work eloquently
                                                   different principles.                presentation, it is highly likely     reflects the relevance of
                                                                                        that individual practitioners will    connective tissue motility,
                                                   Osteopathy, in essence,              see and interpret the holistic        tension to cell function and
                                                   exemplifies what is sometimes        contextual picture (on which          disease causation. So what if
                                                   called ‘top-down logic’. What        successful treatment so often         Sutherland’s terminology was
                                                   does this mean? It means its         depends) in different ways,           old-fashioned?)
                                                   practice is based on an umbrella     along with different treatment
                                                   of principles, comprising a set of   preferences and perspectives.         It is my view that we as a
                                                   concepts from which we               This means that osteopathy            profession should spend our
                                                   extrapolate our model and            happens in the moment, cannot         efforts on yoking our enquiry to
                                                   methods.                             be standardised, and is hard to       the work of scientists of this
                                                                                        evaluate using conventional           stature. Many practising
                                                   The models that have been            research methods and                  osteopaths do not have the
                                                   expounded throughout our             paradigms. Results and                resources to emulate the work
                                                   history should often be read as      outcomes might simply prove           of these researchers/academics,
                                                   ‘signposts’ concealing great         (or not) the efficacy of the          but their cutting-edge science
                                                   truths that are at times at odds     approach as executed by the           needs to be integrated into our
                                                   with current scientific              practitioner(s) performing the        knowledge-base, rather than our
                                                   pragmatism – but not                 treatment in the experiment or        feebly trying to employ research
                                                   necessarily less valid for that.     sample under consideration.           models that suit more
                                                   They, like many concepts, are                                              interventionist and objectifiable
                                                   open to interpretation and           As regards the second point, I        procedures.
                                                   reinterpretation and are             would make two observations.
                                                   fundamentally of great value.        The first is that I hope by now       Returning to our principles, it is
                                                                                        the profession does not feel it       time that we as a profession
                                                   If on the other hand we as a         has to prove its principles to        freed ourselves from the
                                                   profession doubt our principles,     itself. However, if, as I suspect,    delusion that we can only
                                                   one might question why we are        we’re keen to prove our               update ourselves by abandoning
                                                   here at all! Sadly, such doubt       principles to everybody else, I       the basic concepts that have
                                                   has spawned internecine              would say that our research           been zealously misinterpreted
                                                   conflict, as osteopathy has          efforts have not always been          and rejected by many amongst
                                                   exemplified the behaviour of the     well conceived.                       us. Certainly, we can refine them
                                                   oppressed minority, aggressively                                           through greater understanding,
                                                   seeking to justify itself by         This brings me to my next             but if they had simply been
                                                   becoming over-critical of those      point. Research supporting            wrong, it is doubtful we’d have
                                                   within its own group. Surely it’s    osteopathic concepts is being         survived this long.
                                                   time to abandon this trait.          undertaken by cutting-edge
                                                                                        scientists outside of our             Robert Lever BA (Hons) DO,
                                                                                        profession; mavericks making          London

              page 26 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                                    in practice
Dear Editor                          I was also required to complete      I am delighted that I completed
                                     a research project in osteopathy     the course and would certainly        Have your say
They say one is never too old to     at my practice in Co Mayo,           encourage others to give it a

learn and perhaps I am living        Ireland (where I have been for       go. I think it is certainly worth

                                                                                                                If you would like to share
embodiment of this. Thanks to        the past six years) and write a      it, and you can never be too
                                                                                                                your views or comments
the British College of               12,000 word dissertation. For        old!
Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM),         this, I investigated osteopathic                                           with other readers of
under the auspices of Principal      treatment with and without           Dr Tom Murray BSc PhD                 The Osteopath, write
Dr Ian Drysdale, I was afforded      customised foot orthotics.           (Physics) DO BSc(Hons) Ost,           to the editor at
the opportunity – and privilege      Three groups of patients were        Co Mayo                               Osteopathy House, email:
– to undertake the course to         compared simultaneously – one                                    
convert my Diploma in                group received osteopathic
                                                                                                                or send your letter via
Osteopathy (DO) to a Bachelor        treatment and customised foot
of Science award. This               orthotics, the second received                                             the o zone website.
culminated last year on              osteopathic treatment with                                                 Letters may be edited
Saturday 20 October when I was       placebo orthotics, and the third                                           for length and clarity.
conferred with an upper              was provided with customised
second-class honours BSc in          orthotics only. Pain levels were
Osteopathy by the University of      recorded for each group at
Westminster, in association with     equal intervals over a period of
BCOM, at the tender age of 66.       time and the ANOVA model was
                                     used to indicate any differences
I approached osteopathy as a         between the groups as time
second career with a                 progressed. Some limitations
background in physics                were identified with the this
(University of Birmingham) and       tool and so a post-hoc analysis
a career in the British Scientific   was also required. There are
Civil Service. Having studied        several post-hoc analysis
osteopathy through a five-year       software systems available but
part-time course, in 1990 I          for my purposes, due to the
gained my DO and commenced           sample sizes, the Scheffe post-
full-time practice in London. In     hoc analysis was most
1998, I was admitted on to the       appropriate.
first UK Statutory Register of
Osteopaths.                          For those contemplating doing
                                     this conversion course, you can
I had long aspired to upgrade        rest assured that the BCOM staff
to a degree award and the            offer full support in helping you
BCOM course was certainly            prepare your dissertation and
challenging, but also very           with the statistical analyses
enjoyable. We were given a           (though in my own case I was
thorough grounding in research       fortunate in having the services
methodology and statistics, and      of a statistician nearer to home
I quickly became familiar with       to help) to ensure successful
ANalysis Of VAriance (ANOVA) –       completion. The college library
a general method for studying        facilities are also of a very high
sampled-data relationships –         standard and so a useful
and post-hoc analysis. This level    resource.
of education has provided us
with basic research skills,          The experience gained on this
making us better able to             course has enabled me to
critically evaluate studies          approach articles in the
published in peer review             osteopathic research journals
journals and to appreciate the       more critically, thereby
importance of evidence-based         enhancing my clinical practice;
osteopathic practice. Other          an outcome that is most
topic areas covered ranged from      rewarding.
questionnaire design to the use
of hydrotherapy – a varied and
interesting course!

                                                                                                  the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 27
in practice
in practice

               Courses 2008
               Courses are listed for general information.
               This does not imply approval or accreditation by the GOsC.
                                                    > 27–31                            > 16–19
               March                                Module 2/3: Osteopathy             Immotion: An                      May

                                                    in the cranial field               introduction to the role
Courses 2008

                                                    Course Director Carl Surridge.     of emotion in the clinical
               >1                                   Organised by the Sutherland
                                                    Cranial College. To be held at
                                                                                       manifestation of somatic
                                                                                                                         > 1–3
               Managing tendinopathies                                                 dysfunction (through the
               Speaker Glen Hunter. To be held
                                                    Hinsley Hall, Leeds.               medium of osteopathy in           Visceral osteopathy: the
                                                    tel: 01291 689 908                                                   thorax
               at Middlesex University, Archway
                                                                                       the cranial field)
               Campus, Holborn Union Building,                                         Speaker Christine Conroy.         Speaker Jean-Pierre Barral.
               Highgate Hill, London N19.                                              To be held at the Tynycornel      To be held at Middlesex
                                                                                                                         University, Archway Campus,
               tel: 020 7263 8551                   29–30                              Hotel, Talyllyn, mid Wales.
                                                                                                                         Holborn Union Building,
               email:                  Osteopathic education              tel: 01654 761 435
                                                                                       email:       Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                    Facilitator Alison Brown.                                            tel: 020 7263 8551
               > 1–2                                Organised by the Sutherland                                          email:
               Craniosacral therapy                 Cranial College. To be held at
                                                    The Piersian Centre, Bristol.
                                                                                       > 26
               introductory weekend                                                    Cranio-sacral therapy –
               Organised by the Craniosacral
                                                    tel: 01291 689 908
                                                                                       introductory day
                                                                                                                         > 15
                                                                                       How to treat: Frozen
               Therapy Educational Trust.                                              Speaker Thomas Atlee.
               To be held at the Yoga Therapy                                          Organised by the College of       shoulder
               Centre, 90–92 Pentonville Road,                                         Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CCST).     Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.
               London N1.
               tel: 07000 785 778
                                                    April                              To be held in London.
                                                                                       tel: 020 7483 0120
                                                                                                                         To be held at Middlesex
                                                                                                                         University, Archway Campus,
                                                                                                                         Holborn Union Building,
                                                                                                                         Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                                                                         tel: 020 7263 8551
                                                    > 5–6                                                                email:
               >2                                   Dentistry and cranial              > 26–27
               Laser therapy training:              work                               Neuromuscular
               Hands-on treatment                   Speakers Wojciech Tarnowski and    ‘re-abilitation’
                                                                                                                         > 15–18
               training, understanding              Chris Castledine. Organised by                                       The cranial nerves: An
                                                                                       (parts I & II)
               dosage, safety,                      the College of Cranio-Sacral                                         exploration of function
                                                                                       Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.
               contraindications &                  Therapy (CCST). To be held         To be held at Middlesex           and dysfunction for
               regulations                          in London.                         University, Archway Campus,       craniosacral therapists
               Course leader Karen Carroll.         tel: 020 7483 0120                 Holborn Union Building,           and cranial osteopaths
               Organised by Photomedicine           email:             Highgate Hill, London N19.        Organised by the Craniosacral
               Academy. To be held in                         tel: 020 7263 8551                Therapy Educational Trust.
               Edinburgh.                                                              email:               To be held at the Yoga Therapy
                                                                                                                         Centre, 90–92 Pentonville Road,
               tel: 01494 431 481
                                                    > 10                                                                 London N1.
                                                    How to treat: Chronic              > 26–27                           tel: 07000 785 778
                                                    lower back pain                    Cognitive behavioural             email:
               > 6–9                                Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.        approach to chronic pain
               Module 5: In reciprocal              To be held at Middlesex            in physical therapies
               tension                              University, Archway Campus,
                                                                                       Speakers Heather Muncey and
               Course Director Peter Cockhill.      Holborn Union Building,
                                                                                       Peter Gladwell. To be held at
                                                                                                                         > 15–19 (evening)
               Organised by the Sutherland          Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                                       Middlesex University, Archway     Module 4:
               Cranial College. To be held at       tel: 020 7263 8551                                                   WG Sutherland’s
                                                                                       Campus, Holborn Union Building,
               Hawkwood College, Stroud.            email:                                                  osteopathic approach to
                                                                                       Highgate Hill, London N19.
               tel: 01291 689 908                                                      tel: 020 7263 8551                the body as a whole
                  > 12–13                            email:               Organised by the Sutherland
                                                                                                                         Cranial College. To be held at
                                                    Touch as a therapeutic
               > 15–16                              tool                                                                 Hawkwood College, Stroud.
                                                                                                                         tel: 01291 689 908
               IOT II: Lumbar & thoracic            Speakers Tsafi Lederman and Prof
               spine and ribs                       Eyal Lederman. To be held at
               Speaker Prof Laurie Hartman.         Middlesex University, Archway
               To be held at Middlesex              Campus, Holborn Union Building,
               University, Archway Campus,          Highgate Hill, London N19.
               Holborn Union Building,              tel: 020 7263 8551
               Highgate Hill, London N19.           email:
               tel: 020 7263 8551

               page 28 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08
                                                                                                                                             in practice
> 17                            > 14–15
Biomechanics research –
the clinical implications
                                                                   September October
for manual and physical         (parts I & II)
therapists                      Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.
                                To be held at Middlesex
                                                                   >6                                  > 9–11
Speaker Prof Jaap van Dieën.                                       Osteopathic care of small           New visceral course:
To be held at Middlesex         University, Archway Campus,
                                                                   animals revisited                   vascular visceral
University, Archway Campus,     Holborn Union Building,
                                                                   Speaker Tony Nevin. To be held      manipulation

Holborn Union Building,         Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                   at Middlesex University, Archway    Speaker Jean-Pierre Barral.

                                                                                                                                             Courses 2008
Highgate Hill, London N19.      tel: 020 7263 8551
                                                                   Campus, Holborn Union Building,     To be held at Middlesex
tel: 020 7263 8551              email:
                                                                   Highgate Hill, London N19.          University, Archway Campus,
                                                                   tel: 020 7263 8551                  Holborn Union Building,
                                > 14–15                            email:                 Highgate Hill, London N19.
> 24–25                         Sports rehabilitation –                                                tel: 020 7263 8551
Meditation, emotion and         managing the injured                                                   email:
                                                                   > 25
the eight transverse            athlete                            Process centred
diaphragms                      Speaker Chris Boynes. To be held
                                at Middlesex University, Archway
                                                                   osteopathy – a new                  > 10–12
Speaker Andrew Stones.                                             clinical model                      Pregnancy care
Organised by the College of     Campus, Holborn Union Building,
                                                                   Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.         Speaker Averille Morgan.
Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CCST).   Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                   To be held at Middlesex             To be held at Middlesex
To be held in London.           tel: 020 7263 8551
                                                                   University, Archway Campus,         University, Archway Campus,
tel: 020 7483 0120              email:
                                                                   Holborn Union Building,             Holborn Union Building,
e-mail:                                                                                Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                   Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                > 21–22                            tel: 020 7263 8551                  tel: 020 7263 8551
                                Osteopathic care of small          email:

June                            Speaker Tony Nevin. To be held
                                at Middlesex University, Archway
                                Campus, Holborn Union Building,
                                                                   > 27
                                                                   Psychosocial factors in
                                                                   pain conditions: how to
                                                                                                       > 16
                                                                                                       How to treat: Whiplash
                                Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                   construct a consultation            Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.
>5                              tel: 020 7263 8551
                                email:                Speaker Dr Jeremy Chase.            To be held at Middlesex
The place for creativity                                           To be held at Middlesex             University, Archway Campus,
within evidence-based                                              University, Archway Campus,         Holborn Union Building,
practice                        > 21–22                            Holborn Union Building,             Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                                                       tel: 020 7263 8551
Speaker Glenn Hunter.           Neuropathic arm pain:              Highgate Hill, London N19.
To be held at Middlesex                                            tel: 020 7263 8551                  email:
                                diagnosis to treatment
University, Archway Campus,     Speaker Philip Moulaert.           email:
Holborn Union Building,
Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                To be held at Middlesex                                                > 25
tel: 020 7263 8551
                                University, Archway Campus,
                                Holborn Union Building,
                                                                   > 27–28                             Managing headaches
email:                                                IOT III: SI joints, pelvis          Speaker Dr Hazel O’Dowd.
                                Highgate Hill, London N19.                                             To be held at Middlesex
                                tel: 020 7263 8551                 and LEX
                                                                   Speaker Prof Laurie Hartman.        University, Archway Campus,
> 12                            email:
                                                                   To be held at Middlesex             Holborn Union Building,
How to treat: Tennis                                               University, Archway Campus,         Highgate Hill, London N19.
elbow                           > 26                               Holborn Union Building,             tel: 020 7263 8551
Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.     Structural osteopathy: is          Highgate Hill, London N19.
To be held at Middlesex         it still valid?                    tel: 020 7263 8551
University, Archway Campus,
Holborn Union Building,
                                Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.        email:                 > 25–26
                                To be held at Middlesex                                                Integrated manual
Highgate Hill, London N19.
tel: 020 7263 8551
                                University, Archway Campus,
                                Holborn Union Building,
                                                                   > 27–28                             therapy and naturopathic
email:                                                Harmonic technique                  approaches to the pelvis
                                Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                   (parts I & II)                      Speaker Leon Chaitow.
                                tel: 020 7263 8551
                                                                   Speaker Prof Eyal Lederman.         To be held at Middlesex
                                                                   To be held at Middlesex             University, Archway Campus,
                                                                   University, Archway Campus,         Holborn Union Building,
                                > 28–29                            Holborn Union Building,             Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                                                                                       tel: 020 7263 8551
                                What colour is your pain?          Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                Speaker Prof Mooli Ladad.          tel: 020 7263 8551                  email:
                                To be held at Middlesex            email:
                                University, Archway Campus,
                                Holborn Union Building,
                                Highgate Hill, London N19.
                                tel: 020 7263 8551

                                                                                           the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 29


               Classifieds:                             RECRUITMENT                                                      COMMERCIAL
               Up to 40 words – £40 + VAT,
                                                       Osteo/cranial osteopath required to cover maternity             Business opportunity, and it may be one to beat the
               thereafter 20p per word.                leave to April 08 in London N14. Flexible hours, would          CGT changes! METIS is an expanding company
               Please email, fax or post your          suit local person. Call 020 8440 3629.                          specialising in musculoskeletal/physiotherapy and active
               copy to:                                                                                                rehabilitation with 2 state-of-the-art centres based in
                                                       Canadian practice. Osteopath required for established           London and Liverpool. Website:
               Rebecca Hunt
                                                       busy Canadian practice, located in beautiful Bridgewater,       Metis is currently seeking opportunities to acquire or
               Wealden Printing                        Nova Scotia. The clinic handles a large and varied scope        merge with other musculoskeletal/ physiotherapy clinics
               Cowden Close                            of patients. Local membership fees provided for.                in the country. If you are interested in pursuing this
               Horns Road                              Assistance with relocation costs. Dual                          exciting opportunity, send details in confidence:
               Hawkhurst                               citizenship/Canadian citizenship required. Contact              Business Development Director, Metis (UK) Ltd, 65 Drury
               Kent TN18 4QT                                                      Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5SP or email:
               tel: 01580 753 322                      Locum required to cover maternity leave, April to
                                                       December 2008, in a friendly multidisciplinary practice         Premises and practice for sale. Dungarvan, Co
               fax: 01580 754 104
                                                       working a busy list 1.5 days a week. Good structural and        Waterford, Ireland. Structural and cranial. Prime location.
               email:                                                                        Waiting room. Three treatment rooms. Toilets, and store
                                                       soft tissue skills needed and a working knowledge of
                                                       IVM techniques would be an advantage. To apply, send            room which could be used as reception. Plenty scope to
               Box number replies:                     CV to S Hibber, email: dalescomplementaryhealthcare             develop practice and increase patient flow. Owner
               £7.50 + VAT per box number per                                          relocating. Tel. 00353 87 253 0635.
               issue. Please contact Rebecca Hunt                                                                      Goodwill for sale Surrey/Hampshire border due to
               on the above details.                   Locum/associate post available in Benfleet, Essex.              practitioner relocating. Established rural practice
                                                       Experienced osteopath required to cover maternity               between three major towns. Excellent reputation for
                                                       leave from February/March 2008, opportunity for                 cranial/paediatrics. Average 135 consultations per
                                                       associate position thereafter. Preferably 3-4 days per          month, potential for expansion. Ample parking, low
               Marketplace display                     week (including evenings). Contact Anna Guthrie,                overheads. Contact Saffron Ray on 07788 725 538 or
               advertisement rates:                    01268 569 639.                                        
                                                       Metis (UK) Ltd is looking for an enthusiastic and               Light, airy room for rental in a multidisciplinary clinic
                                                       motivated musculoskeletal physician to join its                 with a dominance of osteopaths. This Harley Street
                             Mono or         Full                                                                      practice would ideally suit someone with a pre-existing
                                                       expanding business in Croydon, central London and
                             2 colour       colour     Liverpool. Both full/part-time applicants considered.           list. Please contact 020 7487 4568 or 07712 667 349.
                                                       Please send a covering letter with your CV and expected
              Inside back                              salary/fee structure to or to The
                                                                                                                       Four-bedroomed detached freehold property with
                                                                                                                       osteopathic structural practice within, Cambridgeshire.
              cover            N/A              £370   Director of Physiotherapy, Metis (UK) Ltd, 65 Drury Lane,
                                                                                                                       Has permanent planning permission. Est. five years with
                                                       Covent Garden, London WC2B 5SP (
              Full page        £275             £330                                                                   a good rate of income and growth potential. Ideal
                                                                                                                       location, owner relocating. Further details: Box No. 104.
              1/2 page         £220             £240   Metis (UK) Ltd is looking for enthusiastic and motivated
                                                                                                                       The Osteopath, Wealden Advertiser, Cowden Close,
                                                       osteopaths to join their expanding business in Croydon,
                                                                                                                       Horns Road, Hawkhurst, Kent TN18 4QT.
              1/4 page         £155             £180   central London and Liverpool. Both full/part time
                                                       applicants considered. Private practice experience              London (West End). Pleasant air-conditioned treatment
              1/8 page         £100             £110   preferred. Please send a covering letter with your CV and       room available part-time at attractive rates in ideal
                                                       expected salary/fee structure to or to          location near Baker Street station, with excellent
               The publishers reserve the right to     The Director of Physiotherapy, Metis (UK) Ltd, 65 Drury Lane,   transport facilities and parking free of congestion
               refuse any editorial contributions      Covent Garden, London WC2B 5SP (              charge. Tel: 07984 801 231.
               or advertisements without
               explanation and copy may be             Associate osteopath required for friendly                       Goodwill for sale, Oxford. Independent practice within
                                                       multidisciplinary practice in Cork, Ireland. Must have 1        multidisciplinary clinic, est. 14 years with scope for
               edited for length and clarity.
                                                       year’s experience, be motivated, enthusiastic and willing       expansion. Owner relocating abroad. Starting spring
                                                       to work in a team environment. Interested applicants            2008. Appointments taken, reception cover, flexible days,
                Advertising sales                      should email their CV to            low overheads, large parking area. Over 400 patients
                contact:                                                                                               base. contact:
                The Advertisement Manager              Enthusiastic associate/s required for busy established          Ireland: thriving clinic seeing about 70 patients pw,
                Wealden Printing                       Essex clinic, replacing 2 osteopaths. 3–4 days per week.        convenient for airports and motorways. Goodwill and
                Cowden Close                           Good communication and structural skills essential.             lease for sale. Excellent expansion potential. Owner
                Horns Road                             Must be confident, capable and reliable. To start Feb/Mar       emigrating. Email: or
                Hawkhurst                              08 or asap. Please contact Wendy Saxby, 07769 560 305.          phone +353 83 347 0737. Genuine enquiries only.
                Kent TN18 4QT
                                                       Associate required for 2 days in Tisbury, Wiltshire from
                tel: 01580 753 322
                                                       April 08. Must like practising structurally and cranially,      COURSES
                                                       and enjoy treating babies and children. Good diagnostic
                fax: 01580 754 104                     skills essential. Call: 01747 820 021.
                email:                                                                       Chiropractic techniques: Graduate Diploma in Short
                                                                                                                       Lever Adjusting Technique. Methods taught: diversified
                                                       Locum required in Bristol for 5 weeks between March             chiropractic, the main method of chiropractic,
                                                       and April 2008. Experience with structural and IVM              Thompson Drop table technique, and Activator methods
                                                       approaches. For more details, please telephone Paul             mechanical adjustments. Courses are seven full days and
                                                       Jackson, 0117 977 3390.                                         are situated in a luxury spa hotel in Thailand. 17–23
                                                                                                                       March 2008 and 17–23 May 2008. £900 cost includes
                                                       Central London/Regent Street clinic share: available            accommodation, breakfast, transfers, seminar fee and
                                                       Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays (unlimited hours)            course material. For details, see www.manualtherapyinter
                                                       for established osteopath. Modern, quiet clinic with   or contact robphysio-osteopath@hot
                                                       meet-and-greet reception, air con, broadband and       or the course director, Bob on +66 83 324 8843.
                                                       daylight. Contact 020 8815 0979.

              page 30 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08

the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 31

              page 32 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08

              page 36 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08

              page 40 | the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08

the osteopath magazine | Feb/March 08 | page 41
                                                GENERAL OSTEOPATHIC COUNCIL

        Good Health in Good Hands
        UK osteopathy today

           An illustrated report, published by the General Osteopathic Council to mark 10
                            years of statutory regulation of osteopathy, Good Health in
                                             Good Hands presents a snapshot of the UK
                                                            osteopathic profession today –
                                                              reflecting the profession’s
                                                              progress in education,
                                                             research, practice and in the
                                                            national and international
                                                           health sectors.

                                                        Affirming osteopathy’s current
                                                       and potential contribution to the
                                                       nation’s health, this document
                                                      will help enhance widespread
                                                      understanding of osteopathic
                                                     practice for everyone – from
                                                     patient to healthcare commissioner.

A copy will be sent to all osteopaths and further copies may be purchased.
For information contact the GOsC Communications Department
on 020 7357 6655 ext 242 or email

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