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An overview


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An overview
                      Economic Development Service
                             Plymouth City Council
                                      Civic Centre
                                          PL1 2AA

                                     01752 307996

                                    September 2011
 By 2020, Plymouth will be one of Europe’s finest, most vibrant waterfront cities
           where an outstanding quality of life is enjoyed by everyone,
              where all can be ‘healthy’, ‘wealthy’, ‘safe’ and ‘wise’

                                         The Vision for Plymouth


Situated in the south west corner of Devon at the gateway to Cornwall, Plymouth has all the benefits
of any large thriving city plus the advantages of having Dartmoor National Park and the outstanding
countryside and coastline of the South Hams and Cornwall located on its doorstep.

It was recently nominated by Which? Holiday as one of 10 favourite places to visit in the UK1 and,
according to the Sustainable Cities Index 2010 produced by Forum for the Future, it has the third
best quality of life of any city in Britain, and the second highest life expectancy.

It is the second largest city on the south coast of England and, after Bristol, the largest in the south
west with a resident population of 258,700 and a further 100,000 in its travel-to-work area.

With an ambitious growth agenda that will see its population increase to 300,000, Plymouth’s Local
Development Framework2 aims to transform the physical regeneration of the city into a thriving,
successful, attractive and overall sustainable place for people to live and do business, whilst its Local
Economic Strategy3 sets out a clear joined up framework for the transformation of it’s economy,
with a number of objectives that include:

     42,500 new jobs created by 2026

     Increase in GVA from 90% to 100% of the national average by 2016

     Develop and strengthen the investor offer in six key economic sectors:

      1.    Advanced manufacturing

            Despite its decline in recent years, manufacturing remains an important part of the UK
            and Plymouth economies. Locally, it accounts for nearly 13% of the total economy and a
            similar proportion of the labour market.

            In terms of productivity per head (gross value added), at £47k it is worth over one-and-
            a-third times the average GVA within the local economy.

            Whilst the numbers employed have reduced in recent years, output per worker has
            risen significantly.

            Plymouth Manufacturers’ Group (PMG) is an informal network of manufacturing
            companies from across the Plymouth travel-to-work area (TTWA) whose membership
            includes household names such as The Wrigley Company, Kawasaki and Langage Dairy,
            as well as major local employers such as Babcock Marine with its 300-year heritage of
            ship building and ship repair at the dockyard in Devonport.

            The objectives of PMG are to:

                                                                                          Plymouth City Council
                                                  Page i                                      September 2011
          provide a convenient means of interchange of information, experience and opinion
           between members and matters affecting the interests of their companies and their

          encourage and assist in the orderly development of industry in the Plymouth area

          provide a channel of communication between members of the group, local
           authorities and other appropriate organisations

     Collectively, the PMG membership employs over 12,000 staff in the Plymouth TTWA
     and has a combined turnover of approx. £1.6bn.

                                                                  (Source SW Regional Accounts)

     Academic provision in support of the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector is
     provided by City College and the University of Plymouth and includes apprenticeships
     through to NVQ, City & Guilds, BEng and BSc. In addition, the University of Plymouth
     offers bespoke training and consultancy, internships and Knowledge Transfer
     Partnerships to the manufacturing and engineering sector.

2.   Business and professional services

     The city's long-term strategy is to create 11,500 new jobs in business services including
     accountants, lawyers, civil servants, finance, property and IT experts. The city has a
     diverse range of company size, expertise and specialist knowledge within each of the
     service sectors. Plymouth offers the opportunity of working for companies providing
     services to local companies with national and international reputations. Other companies
     across the sector have their own regional and national presence and deliver these from
     their Plymouth offices.

     The service sector is well placed to assist in the growth of the south west using not only
     local people but also successfully attracting professionals from London and other cities
     who see the ability to provide quality services to a diverse regional and national client
     base whilst achieving a lifestyle other regions cannot match. The local and regional
     economy is truly eclectic, with Babcock Marine, Princess Yachts, The Eden Project and
     the Wrigley Company at one end of the scale and micro-renewable and start-up
     businesses at the other requiring quality assistance from the service sector.

     The city provides a mix of historic and modern premises from which to provide the
     sector’s operations and is actively seeking to develop further accommodation to meet
     the service sector and other sectors’ demands.

3.   Creative economy

     The south west of England is recognised as having a diverse and vibrant creative
     industries sector which includes creative and digital media, audio-visual, design, TV and
     film production and visual arts, music technology and software games development.

     Within this context, Plymouth has a recognised media cluster.

     Some 3,300 employees are engaged in the creative industries in the Plymouth travel to
     work area. Organisations within Plymouth actively involved in this sector include
     Plymouth Media-Partnership, Designed in Devon, Plymouth College of Art, City College
     Plymouth, University of Plymouth and Arts Matrix.

     Academic provision supporting this sector through higher and further education
     institutions in the city extends from Certificate and Diploma, through to Advanced
     Apprenticeships, BTEC, BA (Hons), BSc and MA.

                                                                                Plymouth City Council
                                         Page ii                                    September 2011
4.   Marine/maritime

     Plymouth's position as a global centre of excellence for science, innovation and marine
     energy research has been boosted by a £25 million investment plan which will build new
     facilities and transform the way world-leading research in the city is turned into
     commercial success.

     The Plymouth Growth, Acceleration, Investment Network (PGAIN) will put in place a
     city-wide strategy aimed at creating jobs, businesses and economic success from science
     and innovation-related activities in marine renewables, engineering, marine science and
     other technologies.

     Part of its plan is a new £19 million marine building that will be developed by the
     University of Plymouth, housing state-of the art research facilities including the most
     advanced wave tank and testing facilities in the country. Opening in spring 2012, it will
     position Plymouth as a global centre for marine energy research, harness innovation and
     help diversify and drive economic growth.

5.   Medical and healthcare4

     Plymouth has a rapidly developing medical base with a mix of activity from teaching to
     medical-engineering, medical informatics and bio-marine science.

     Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust is the largest single site teaching hospital in Europe and
     works in close partnership with the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. The
     hospital provides a full range of acute and general services to a population of 460,000
     people in Plymouth, east Cornwall and south west Devon. It is the national centre for
     cardio-thoracic with specialist treatments such as heart surgery and cardiology services,
     kidney transplants, neurosurgery and pancreatic surgery delivered to 2 million people
     across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

     The Trust works collaboratively with the Peninsula Medical School and University of
     Plymouth conducting research and, in 2006/07, £1.8m was spent on research in areas
     such as haematology, women’s and children’s health, infection, clinical diabetes,
     cardiovascular, oncology and neurosciences.

     The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry graduated its first doctors in July 2007
     and these new doctors are already excelling in their clinical roles, thereby realising a key
     aim of the school to graduate first class clinicians, optimally prepared to enjoy their role
     in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

     The University of Plymouth has a long record of high quality innovative research. The
     outcome of the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) confirmed that much of the
     University's research had attained international levels of excellence. Around double the
     number of staff were submitted to the RAE 2008. This represents a sizeable increase in
     research active staff since RAE 2001reflecting the increasing importance of research to
     the University’s mission.

     Plymouth is developing a growing knowledge-based manufacturing and service industry
     by linking to the work of the university, hospital and the advanced engineering sector,
     and is host to several medical-related companies:

          Advanced Control Research Limited is a research and development company
           committed to improving the quality of life through the application of real-time
           embedded microprocessor control systems and has a track record of licensing its
           technologies to global players in the medical field

          Algram Group manufactures components for medical applications

          The Barden Corporation manufactures components for medical applications

                                                                                 Plymouth City Council
                                          Page iii                                   September 2011
          Becton Dickinson (BD) - a global name in high technology, high volume medical
           equipment, the Plymouth plant is one of the largest production units for BD in

          BioVault is a world leader in the storage of stem cells

          Cardio Analytics is an independent cardiac investigation and monitoring service
           providing cardiac data analysis for the clinical trials industry and one of only 25
           such enterprises in the world

          The Hyperbaric Medical Centre is the headquarters of the Diving Diseases
           Research Centre (DDRC), a medical charity which undertakes treatment,
           training and research into diving diseases and other medical conditions. DDRC is
           one of the world’s leading authorities on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy providing
           both emergency and routine patient care

          Knight Scientific Limited manufactures and supplies unique chemiluminescent
           reagent kits for free radicals and oxidative stress

     Tamar Science Park (TSP) hosts some of the most innovative businesses in the south
     west which include medical, science, technology and knowledge-based companies.

6.   Tourism and leisure

     A company, responsible for attracting more visitors to Plymouth, has been formed as
     part of the city’s strategy to create 7,000 new jobs within the visitor economy.

     Destination Plymouth is a ‘not for profit’ company and comprises a partnership between
     Plymouth City Council and businesses in the city centre, Barbican, Hoe and Waterfront

     It will co-ordinate an overall strategy for the city’s £296m visitor economy and will bring
     together activities of the City Centre Company and the Plymouth Waterfront
     Partnership under one umbrella.

     It will be responsible for marketing the city as a whole and promoting visitor attractions
     and events such as the Summer Festival and Transat so that all sectors - attractions,
     hotels and restaurants, bars and clubs, shops and theatres - gain from having more
     people visiting the city.

                                                                                Plymouth City Council
                                         Page iv                                    September 2011

Regeneration of many areas within the city has already commenced and it is anticipated investment in
the city over the next 20 years will be in excess of £1 billion, including:

     Millbay5                 £350 m Mixed-use regeneration scheme - the biggest development
                                      project in Plymouth since the rebirth of the city centre in
                                      the aftermath of the Second World War - due for
                                      completion in 2020

     Drake Circus6            £200 m Private investment completed in 2006 by P&O Estates
                                      Limited, Morgan Stanley Bank and Kandahar, and managed
                                      by Munroe K. Drake Circus is Plymouth's first covered
                                      shopping centre and home to eight major stores and
                                      over 55 shops, cafés and restaurants. The Marks &
                                      Spencer, Next and Primark stores in Drake Circus are all
                                      the largest stores in their group west of Bristol.

     Mount Wise7              £120 m The village by the sea - mixed-use regeneration of a 28-
                                      acre former MOD site positioned on Plymouth's
                                      waterfront next to Mount Wise park. This new village will
                                      include 469 homes, a 21-bedroom boutique hotel, 35,000
                                      sq ft of office space, 50,000 sq ft of data storage, a village
                                      shop, a bistro, a cricket pitch and regenerated pavilion, and
                                      will be completed in four phases, finishing in 2014.

     University of Plymouth    £19 m Marine facility planned for opening in 2011, set to contain
                                      the country's most advanced wave generation tanks

                                £35 m Roland Levinsky Building - arts and community facility
                                      including gallery and exhibition space, cinema and
                                      restaurant, as well as teaching space – opened in 2007

                                £40 m Purpose-built base for Faculty of Education, plus residential
                                      accommodation and cafeteria for students (DATE)

                                £10 m Building for Faculty of Health and Social Work opened in
                                      2008, also housing new sports complex

     Life Centre8              £46 m The city’s biggest ever investment in leisure facilities, the
                                      life centre will be a national centre for excellence of
                                      international quality, providing top-class sport and leisure
                                      facilities in the city when it opens in autumn 2011.

     Princess Yachts9          £45 m Development at South Yard, Devonport proposed to begin
                                      in 2010, safeguarding 2,000 existing jobs and creating a
                                      further 200, to enable Princess Yachts to enter the
                                      ‘superyacht’ market.

                                                                                     Plymouth City Council
                                               Page v                                    September 2011

Commercial development opportunities are identified in the Local Development Framework10 which
comprises the Core Strategy that sets out the overall planning vision and framework for the city
from 2006 to 2021 and beyond, and various area actions plans11.

The area action plans are planning policy documents and provide local detail, setting out the
aspirations in development terms.

The key areas of opportunity for growth and development in the city include the following

     Eastern corridor opportunity area

     City centre and waterfront regeneration area

     Northern corridor opportunity area

     Sustainable neighbourhoods across the city

Presently, the City Centre Area Action Plan12 details the most significant commercial development
opportunities in the form of city centre retail development, a new office quarter centred around the
North Cross area of the city and a variety of other potential commercial and leisure development

                                                                                      Plymouth City Council
                                                Page vi                                   September 2011

           1.    Population ........................................................... 2

           2.    Unemployment .................................................. 2

           3.    Wage rates .......................................................... 2

           4.    Employee jobs .................................................... 2

           5.    Major employers in Plymouth ........................ 3

           6.    Education and qualifications ........................... 3

           7.    Training services for business ......................... 4

           8.    Recruitment ........................................................ 5

           9.    Property options ................................................ 6

           10.   Connectivity ........................................................ 6

           11.   Planning ............................................................... 7

           12.   Transport facilities ............................................ 8

           13.   Inward investment grants ................................ 9

           14.   Housing .............................................................. 11

           15.   Shopping and leisure ....................................... 12

           16.   Other information ........................................... 14

           17.   Location map .................................................... 15

           18.   Picture gallery .................................................. 16

           19.   References and useful links................................ 17

                                                                                              Plymouth City Council
                                     Page 1 of 17                                                 September 2011
1.         Population

                                                                                  Plymouth            %      Great Britain               %

     All people (2010)                                                               258,700                       60,462,600
           of working age (16 – 64)                                                  173,800 67.2                                     64.8

                                                                                                      % is a proportion of total population
                                                                                               Source: ONS mid-year population estimates

A further 100,000 in the travel-to-work area (approximate 30-minute drive)

2.   Unemployment

                                                                                Plymouth              %      Great Britain               %
     i)         Jobseekers Allowance
                (JSA) claimants (August 2011)                                           6,831        3.9                               3.9

     ii)        Unemployed (model-based)                                                9,500        7.3                               7.7
                (January 2010 - December 2010)

     iii)       Economically inactive                                                  44,200 25.9                                    23.8
                     wanting a job (January 2010 - December 2010)                      13,700 8.0                                      5.7
                                                                                   i) Source: ONS claimant count with rates and proportions
                                                                       Note: % is a proportion of resident population of area aged 16 - 64

                                                                                        ii) aged 16+; % is proportion of economically active
                                                                                                     Source: ONS annual population survey

                                                                                                                                    aged 16+
                                                                             iii) % is proportion of resident population of area aged 16 - 64
                                                                                                      Source: ONS annual population survey

                       JSA claimants - out of work, capable of, available for and actively seeking work during the week in which claim made
           ‘Unemployed’ - without a job, available to start work and looked for work in 4 weeks before interview or waiting to start a job
                               ‘Economically inactive’ - neither in employment nor unemployed including, ie looking after a home or retired
             ‘Wanting a job’ - not in employment, but not classed as unemployed as not sought work in last 4 weeks or unavailable to start

3.   Wage rates

    All occupations                                                            Plymouth                              Great Britain

     o          Earnings by workplace (2010)

                        Full-time (gross weekly pay)                                 £485.20                                    £500.40
                                                                    Source: ONS annual survey of hours and earnings - workplace analysis
                                                                      Note: Median earnings in pounds for employees working in the area

4.   Employee jobs

                                                                                  Plymouth            %      Great Britain               %

    Total employee jobs (2008)                                                      106,900
           Full-time                                                                  69,500 65.0                                     68.8
           Part-time                                                                  37,500 35.0                                     31.2

    Employee jobs by industry
          Manufacturing                                                                13,400 12.5                                    10.2
          Construction                                                                  3,600 3.4                                      4.8

                                                                                                                      Plymouth City Council
                                                              Page 2 of 17                                                September 2011
               Services                                                                                                                                                                       89,000                               83.2                                                                                                    83.5
                     Distribution, hotels & restaurants                                                                                                                                       24,700                               23.1                                                                                                    23.4
                     Transport/communications                                                                                                                                                  5,800                                5.4                                                                                                     5.8
                     Finance, IT, other business activities                                                                                                                                   14,400                               13.4                                                                                                    22.0
                     Public administration, education & health                                                                                                                                39,500                               36.9                                                                                                    27.0
                     Other services                                                                                                                                                            4,700                                4.4                                                                                                     5.3
               Tourism-related†                                                                                                                                                                8,600                                8.0                                                                                                     8.2
                                                                                                                                  †Tourism consists of industries that are also part of the services industry
                                                                                                                                                                                                       % is a proportion of total employee jobs
                                                                                                                                                                                          Source: ONS annual business inquiry employee analysis

5.     Major employers in Plymouth

       Some of the major employers in Plymouth include

       Name                                                                                                                           Products/services                                                                                                                                                  Employees

       o   Babcock Marine (Devonport) Ltd        Devonport dockyard operator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            4,650
       o   Princess Yachts International plc     luxury boatbuilder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1,800
       o   Orange                                mobile communications services                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1,500
       o   The Wrigley Company Ltd               chewing gum manufacture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  490
       o   Rittal-CSM                            manufacture of industrial and data
                                                 communication enclosures                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        450
       o   Barden Corporation                    design and manufacture of super precision
                                                 ball bearings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   402
       o   Fine Tubes                            manufacture of precision metal tubing in
                                                 stainless steel, nickel and titanium alloys                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     320
       o   Lang & Potter                         manufacture of textiles including marine
                                                 furnishing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      300
       o   TwoFour Group                         independent production company,
                                                 media and communications                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        269
       o   Kawasaki Precision Machinery (UK) Ltd hydraulic equipment manufacture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 259
       o   Atlantic Inertial Systems Ltd         design, development and production of
                                                 miniature high performance solid state
                                                 inertial systems that provide stabilisation,
                                                 guidance, navigation and control                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                250
                                                                                                                                                                  Source: Western Morning News Annual Business Guide 2011

6.     Education and qualifications

 Attainment                                   GCSE (inc iGCSE) and equivalent achievements of pupils at the end of Key Stage 4
 (2010)                                                                    % of pupils achieving
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Two grades A*-C in Science

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A*-C GCSE or equivalent in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       a modern foreign language
                                                                                                                                                                                              Level 1 (5 or more grades
                                                                                                                                                                  Level 2 (5 or more grades
                              5 or more grades A*-C or

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Average total point score
                                                                                                          English & Maths Skills at

                                                                                                                                      English & Maths Skills at
                                                                                 A*-C GCSE in English &
                              equivalent inc English &

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             At least one entry level
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    equivalent in a modern
                                                         English Baccalaureate

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A*-G short course or

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    foreign language
                              Maths GCSEs


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        per pupil
                                                                                                          Level 2

                                                                                                                                      Level 1


 Local Authority
                                      54.2               16.8                         55.0                      57.2                        95.0                        77.7                        95.1                  71.3                               30.6                          52.1                    98.6                  440.2
  (exc independent schools)
                                      55.2               15.1                         55.4                      59.4                        95.4                        76.2                        94.7                  61.6                               28.6                          42.8                    99.7                  449.4
  (state-funded only)
                                      53.5               15.6                         53.8                      57.5                        91.2                        75.4                        92.9                  60.3                               31.6                          45.0                    99.0                  438.8
  (all schools)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Plymouth City Council
                                                                                                                    Page 3 of 17                                                                                                                                                                   September 2011
                                                    General and Applied A/AS or Equivalent Achievement

                                           Avg point score per student                Avg point score per examination entry

                                   2007         2008       2009           2010        2007         2008          2009         2010

    Local Authority Average        664.1        692.2      658.6          687.7       203.1        203.6         207.1        206.5
    England Average
                                   731.2        740.0      739.3          744.8       207.5        209.4         211.7        214.4
     (all schools & FE colleges)
                                   711.2        721.3      721.3          726.5       203.6        205.8         208.3        211.1
     (exc independent schools)

                                                               Source: Department for Children, Schools & Families (www.dcsf.gov.uk)

         Qualifications
          (January – December 2010)                                               Plymouth        %        Great Britain              %

          o        NVQ4 and above                                                   44,000     25.8                              31.3
          o        NVQ3 and above                                                   87,400     51.3                              51.0
          o        NVQ2 and above                                                  116,200     68.2                              67.3
          o        NVQ1 and above                                                  144,100     84.5                              80.2
          o        Other qualifications                                              9,300      5.5                               8.5
          o        No qualifications                                                17,000     10.0                              11.3
                                                                           % is a proportion of resident population of area aged 16 - 64
                                                                                             Numbers and % are for those aged 16 - 64
                                                                                                 Source: ONS annual population survey
         Universities and colleges

          o        University of Plymouth13                                                                      28,071 students
          o        City College Plymouth14                                                                       17,803 students
          o        University College Plymouth St Mark and St John15                                              4,000 students
          o        Plymouth College of Art16                                                                      1,677 students
          o        Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry17                                                    1,157 students

7.        Training services for business

          University of Plymouth

          Enterprise Solutions is a service provided by the University of Plymouth that enables
          businesses to access a wide range of expertise, services and facilities, including:

          o        Entrepreneurship and business start-up
          o        Expertise and research
          o        Facilities (Laboratories, meeting rooms or accommodation)
          o        Funding
          o        Knowledge transfer
          o        Student/graduate recruitment
          o        Skills and training

          University College Plymouth St Mark & St John

          The University College Plymouth St Mark & St John works closely with businesses and offers a
          range of services to employers including

          o        HE-level flexible training for those already in employment
          o        Continuing professional development
          o        Short and industry-related courses from levels 1 – 7
          o        Employer advisory groups for course content
          o        Student placement projects
          o        Applied research and knowledge transfer partnerships

                                                                                                                 Plymouth City Council
                                                           Page 4 of 17                                              September 2011
     City College Plymouth

      City College Plymouth is a leading provider of training and business services with a dedicated
      employer response team that advises on training, qualifications and funding for businesses. It is
      committed to helping businesses achieve better results through training and development and

      o     a single point of contact for all training needs - a team of experienced business
            skills advisers work with businesses to put in place the training they need.

      o     first-class provision - it provides a complete package of individual guidance, support
            and training with exceptionally high completion and success rates.

      o     a wide range of general business and management training - from ‘soft skills
            courses’ to a range of accredited and professional qualifications.

      o     bespoke training designed to meet exact needs that can be delivered on business
            premises at cost effective, competitive rates.

      o     information on the latest funding to make sure businesses get cost effective training
            solutions that provide the best return on investment.

      o     apprentices - it can help businesses recruit, train and qualify apprentices.

      o     expert help and guidance through partnership - many organisations undertake a
            great deal of internal training. City College will investigate a partnership arrangement
            where it can complement in-house provision. In many cases, the college has trained
            internal assessors, endorsed internal training by aligning it with national qualifications and
            provided or sourced expertise in areas which the organisation’s internal provision
            cannot cover.

      Some examples of training provided
      (most courses can be tailored to individual business needs)

      o     Payroll administration                            o   Site management
      o     Customer service training                         o   Risk and safety management
      o     Sales for small businesses                        o   IT - programming to end user
      o     Food and drink services                           o   Computer aided design
      o     Leisure and sports management                     o   17th edition wiring regulations
      o     Counselling

      Training programmes

      o     Administration, customer service & retail         o   Construction
      o     Beauty, complementary studies and                 o   Engineering
            hairdressing                                      o   Health and safety
      o     Business, management and professional             o   Information & computer technology
      o     Care, counselling and first aid                   o   Mechanical engineering services
      o     Catering, hospitality and licensed trade

      Further information is available online18 or through the Commercial Manager who may be
      contacted on 01752 305026.

8.    Recruitment

Jobcentre Plus offers a recruitment service to companies looking to fill vacancies whether they have a
small number of positions to fill or hundreds. Using Jobcentre Plus enables companies to:

                                                                                         Plymouth City Council
                                               Page 5 of 17                                  September 2011
     obtain help from a recruitment adviser who is responsible for managing the recruitment
      process until vacancies are filled and can advise on the local job market, training, equal
      opportunities and specialist types of employment

     try out employees risk-free by offering work trials to potential employees, providing an on-
      the-job trial period for up to 30 days

     benefit from specialist support for recruiting and retaining the skills of disabled workers, such
      as Access to Work and Work Choice

     get help with sorting through application forms and selecting candidates for interview

     use Jobcentre Plus offices to conduct your interviews

9.    Property options

The city has a wide range of property and site options available for companies looking to set up,
expand or relocate to the city. The City Council works very closely with local commercial agents to
maintain a database of available office, industrial and retails premises, and this database is available to
search online at www.plymouth.gov.uk/propertysearch.

Alternatively, a property register is available to download at www.plymouth.gov.uk/propertysearch.

A website dedicated to Plymouth City Council premises has also been developed and may be found
at www.plymouthbusinessconstellation.co.uk.

Commercial property prices are extremely competitive in Plymouth, with the table below showing
indicative costings.

      Rental                                                                        per sq ft per annum

            Manufacturing/industrial                                                         £3.00 - £4.00
            Warehouse/distribution                                                                     £4.50
            Headquarters/regional offices                                                            £12.00
            Back office/call centre/administration centres                                   £6.50 - £8.50
            Serviced office accommodation                                                            £35.00
            Light industrial                                                                           £4.25
            Business parks                                       up to £8.00 (industrial) - £10.00 (office)
            Research and development, innovation, science parks                           £10.00 - £15.00
            Retail (dependant on zone)                                                    £15.00 overall
                                                                                       £225 prime zone A

            Land/greenfield sites                                                      £125,000 per acre

10.   Connectivity

Plymouth is on the main internet/fibre optic backhaul route from the cable landing stations in
Cornwall to London and other major cities. This in effect provides virtually unlimited optical fibre
capacity. The south west has direct fibre connectivity to all major world-wide destinations being the
primary cable landing region for the UK and Europe.

High capacity users already exist in the city including the data centre at the Land Registry Information
Systems (maintenance and development of the Land Registry IT system), TwoFour Group (one of the

                                                                                          Plymouth City Council
                                                 Page 6 of 17                                 September 2011
UK’s largest TV and corporate communications production companies), the University of Plymouth
and Tamar Science Park.

However, central to realising the aims of the city’s local economic strategy, a world-class ICT
infrastructure for the city is required in order to deliver better and cheaper connectivity between
Plymouth and the rest of the UK and the world. To this end, the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
has been leading the work of a number of partners to develop the range of solutions that will need
to be implemented to effect the enhancement of the ICT infrastructure. The project is known as
Digital Plymouth, and partners include the City Council, University, the NHS PCT, Tamar Science
Park and a number of private sector organisations operating within the LES priority sectors.

Digital Plymouth consists of three component deliverables:

     Plymouth POP/Internet Exchange (PLINX)

      Currently the nearest Internet Exchange breakout point is at Bristol. The aim is to break into
      the main internet cables that run down the spine of the south west peninsula alongside the M5
      and A36 and create a major internet Point-of-Presence in Plymouth itself. This will permit links
      of the same capacity serving London and Manchester to be established directly to the city and
      indirectly to the surrounding areas.

     Plymouth, the fibre-city

      The aim is to invest in the infrastructure of the city by laying fibre optic cables to the various
      business clusters in the city to improve broadband capacity.

     Mountwise Data Centre

      A high quality, flagship, high security data hosting centre facility offering lower cost high
      capacity IP bandwidth for organisations in Plymouth and the south west region is proposed for
      the city.

11.   Planning

Plymouth City Council’s planning team is able to provide advice and information on development
proposals, offering an opportunity for discussions to take place before a planning application is

This is called pre-application advice and forms part of the Development Enquiry Service. This service:

     offers an opportunity to understand how Plymouth City Council’s policies will be applied to a

     helps identify potential problems, providing an opportunity to address them before an
      application is submitted

     can prevent costly and time-consuming amendments to schemes later on

There is a charge for this service which varies depending on the size of the development. It includes a
meeting with an officer and a written report with advice on the proposal. Further information on this
service and a copy of the relevant application form is available online19.

The next stage of the planning process is the completion of a relevant application form. There are a
number of different forms for different types of development. The simplest and quickest way to apply
is online using the Planning Portal20 where proposals may be created, fees calculated and attachments
added (a list of the information required for applications may be found at
www.plymouth.gov.uk/localvalidationlist). Payment of fees and submission of proposals may also be
made through the portal.

                                                                                       Plymouth City Council
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12.   Transport facilities

     Commuting

      Plymouth is a compact city of some 30 square miles, with the city centre just seven miles (11.3
      km) from its furthest outskirts.

      The city is connected to the national motorway network by the A38 Devon Expressway, which
      joins the M5 at Exeter 40 miles to the east and extends westwards into Cornwall. The
      commuting catchment area extends to mid-Cornwall, West Devon and the South Hams with
      good road and public transport links.

      The city centre was rebuilt after the Second World War and consideration was given to access
      of the central area by road. This resulted in direct and easy access routes being built into the
      centre of Plymouth.

      o     Bus services

            Plymouth is well served by a number of bus companies within the city and operates a
            green travel pass scheme21, a multi-operator bus pass paid for via staff salary deductions
            at the end of every month. It is available to employees of companies that have an active
            travel plan or sustainable transport policy and that are members of the scheme.

            There are currently 11 participating companies which are:

                  University of Plymouth                   City College             Amey
                  Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust             Child Support Agency     Foot Anstey
                  Western Mortgage Services                Plymouth City Council    Care UK
                  Royal Mail                               EDF Energy

      o     Park and ride

            First Devon and Cornwall operate three park and ride sites in Plymouth with services
            running from Coypool (3½ miles east), Roborough (5½ miles north) and Milehouse (2
            miles north) into the city centre.

                  Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays)
                  every 10 to 12 minutes (can be up to 15 minutes at certain times)
                  Fares from £1.20 return

     Transport Links

      Plymouth enjoys excellent communications by road, rail and sea and is located just an hour’s
      drive from Exeter International and a two-hour drive from Bristol International Airports.

      o     Road

            The city is linked to the M5 and motorway network 40 miles to the east at Exeter by the
            A38 Devon Expressway that also continues westwards into Cornwall and as far as
            Penzance via the A30.

      o     Rail

            Plymouth is on the main rail network from London Paddington to Penzance with First
            Great Western22 providing 16 direct trains per weekday (including a sleeper) and a
            similar number each weekend day, giving a fastest journey time from Plymouth to
            London of three hours (including a service that arrives at in London by 9.00am).

                                                                                       Plymouth City Council
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             Conversely, there are around 17 direct services from London Paddington to Plymouth
             every weekday, again including a sleeper. Direct cross-country services include
             Birmingham, Reading, Derby, Sheffield, Leeds.

       o     Sea

             Brittany Ferries23 operate daily roll-on/roll-off car and freight services to Roscoff in
             France and Santander in Northern Spain. Normal passage time to Roscoff is 6 – 8 hours,
             with a summary of the crossings below.

                  January                               no crossings after New Year
                  February – March                      one per day
                  April – October                       up to two per day
                  November – December                   two per week

             Normal passage time to Santander is 20 hours, with a summary of the crossings below.

                  January – end March                   no crossings
                  End March – end October               one crossing per week
                  November and December                 two crossings per week

       The table below provides information on transport links via road, rail, sea and air from
       Plymouth to other cities within the UK, as well as sea and air links to Ireland and Europe.
                           Distance                                    Time (hrs:mins)
                          Miles km             Road                     Rail                             Sea
      London               239      384         4:25         3:00          (Paddington)                    -
      Birmingham           205      330         3:34         3:31         (New Street)                     -
      Bristol              123      198         2:14         1:59      (Temple Meads)                      -
      Cardiff              151      243         2:41         3:18             (Central)                    -
      Cork                   -       -            -            -                                           -
      Dublin                 -       -            -            -                                           -
      Glasgow              485      781         8:04         7:48               (Central)                  -
      Guernsey               -       -            -            -                                           -
      Jersey                 -       -            -            -                                           -
      Leeds                321      516         5:31         5:37                                          -
      Liverpool            293      471         4:59         5:45          (Lime Street)                   -
      Manchester           282      453         5:01         5:34             (Piccadilly)                 -
      Roscoff               -        -            -            -                                          6:00
      Santander             -        -            -            -                                         20:00
                             Sources: www.theaa.com; www.thetrainline.com; www.brittany-ferries.co.uk; www.airsouthwest.com

13.    Inward investment grants

Grant for Business Investment offers grant support for sustainable business investment and job
creation projects in disadvantaged areas in England, and is part of a suite of highly targeted, publicly
funded products and services known as Solutions for Business.

The ERDF Secretariat manages the ERDF Grant for Business Investment scheme aimed at businesses
of all sizes looking to invest in assisted areas that need a grant to take their vision forward. Plymouth
is designated a Tier 2 Assisted Area.

The scheme focuses support on high-quality, innovative, knowledge-based projects that lead to long-
term improvements in productivity, skills and employment. The majority of jobs created are
expected to be at NVQ Level 2 and above.

                                                                                                     Plymouth City Council
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Projects such as launching a new business, expanding existing companies, introducing new technology
into manufacturing, or taking a new product from its early stages all the way through to production
will be eligible for support.

Each application has to meet certain criteria:

     be located in an assisted area

     demonstrate strong additionality (need for grant) and proven need for financial support

     display quality features, such as good skills levels and productivity growth measured by Gross
      Value Added. Good skill levels are reflected in higher salary levels and generally projects are
      only supported where salaries are in excess of £20,000

     projects must be funded mainly by the applicant or from other private sector sources

     projects must involve capital investment on fixed assets such as property or machinery

     projects must create new jobs or safeguard existing employment above the average skill levels

     projects should be viable, competitive and profitable

     projects should not be irrevocably committed prior to the application

     projects should provide positive benefits to both the local and national economy

     supply markets other than local without displacement of similar businesses

     contribute towards the Programme's low carbon ambitions.

The minimum threshold for grant applications is £10,000. Grants will be appraised within the ERDF
Secretariat and subject to peer appraisal by partners who understand the confidentiality of the

Jobs and skills

Projects must create new jobs or safeguard existing employment. The more your project increases
skills and involves investment in the skills base, the more value will be placed on this criterion when
considering support. A compulsory test requires all applicants to achieve a weighted average of at
least NVQ Level 2 measured by reference to the Standard Occupation Codes 2000.

Productivity and GVA

Productivity remains one of the key tests, but productivity is driven by five main factors: skills,
investment, innovation, enterprise and competition, and we are looking for evidence of all of these in
applications. A copy of the spreadsheet used to calculate growth in Gross Value Added per Full-
Time Equivalent is freely available. Gross Value Added will form part of the initial appraisal process
which we will use to evaluate your project against the performance of your business sector.

The City Council is also able to provide introductions to companies experienced in completing GBI
applications who are able to offer a free initial consultation to discuss the viability of a project.

                                                                                        Plymouth City Council
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14.   Housing

     Average house prices (January – March 2011)

      Average house prices in Plymouth are around 35% cheaper than the UK average.

       Area                     Detached          Semi-detached              Terraced            Flat       Average price

       Plymouth                   240,040               156,100              147,963           110,474          £152,908

       United Kingdom             352,699               198,602              188,048           217,840          £232,628
              Source: Land Registry via BBC website (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_depth/uk_house_prices/html/houses.stm)

     Housing in Plymouth

      A wide choice of housing is available in Plymouth and the surrounding area and, with water
      surrounding approximately two-thirds of the city and moorland/countryside the remaining
      third, many residential areas have spectacular waterfront and/or country views.

      The city offers a wide variety of housing catering for the first-time buyer market all the way
      through to executive homes. Much development is taking place in the city, with several
      schemes providing new homes, some examples of which are listed below:

      o     Stonehouse                                                           www.urbansplash.co.uk/projects/royal-william-yard

            Royal William Yard, located just a mile to the west of Plymouth city centre, is a former
            Royal Naval victualling yard that has been redeveloped by Urban Splash and provides
            waterside living within Grade I listed buildings including micro apartments offering
            compact, modern living; bay apartments combining modern living with character; and
            corner apartments with fantastic views.

            The Yard also provides business and leisure space located around a central basin that
            offers mooring facilities, as well as a water taxi to the historic Barbican area.

            Homes are available to buy outright or on the Rent to HomeBuy scheme.

                     One-bed duplex                            £87,000
                                                               (50% share of £174,000 market price on shared ownership scheme)
                                                               £520 rental per month

                     Two-bed apartment                         £305,000

      o     Mount Wise – the village by the sea                                                              www.mountwise.co.uk

            Mount Wise is Plymouth's new village situated 1½ miles from the city centre in the
            waterside location of a former MOD site next to Mount Wise park. The village includes
            a mix of 469 Georgian-inspired homes, a village store, a cricket pitch and pavilion,
            landscaped gardens, a bistro, office space, a data-storage centre and a boutique hotel
            converted from the historic Admiralty House.

            Homes vary in size from one and two-bed apartments to four-bed terraced houses.

                     House prices range from                   £120,000 - £500,000
                                                                                                             Plymouth City Council
                                                         Page 11 of 17                                           September 2011
      o     Devonport                                                                         www.midashomes.com

            Midas Homes and Westco Properties Limited are creating a major regeneration scheme
            in Devonport, situated a couple of miles to the west of Plymouth city centre, providing
            modern, mixed tenure homes.

                  Two-bed apartments from            £120,950
                  Three-bed homes from               £154,950

      o     Southway                               www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/newhomes/Exeter/TheLimesatWarleighVillage

            The Limes is a new development of two-bed apartments and two, three and four-bed
            houses located six miles to the north of Plymouth City Centre. It is close to Dartmoor
            National Park and only a few minutes’ walk from a park-and-ride facility into the city
            centre. A part exchange scheme is available on selected homes on the development.

                  House prices start from            £129,995

      o     Plympton            www.barratthomes.co.uk/Find-a-Home/New-Developments/H2788-Market-Quarter/?mode=1

            Plympton is located just five miles to the east of Plymouth, and Market Quarter is a
            development of two, three and four-bed properties.

                  House prices range from            £150,000 to £225,000

      In addition to the wide range of new homes available on the city, there is also a large market of
      older properties, something to suit everyone, as well as a large rented accommodation market.
      Property available to rent varies from shared accommodation, used in the main by the large
      University student population, to a comprehensive range of executive 'lets' which are ideal for
      temporary residents or those moving to Plymouth who wish to spend more time choosing
      their new home.

15.   Shopping and leisure

     Shopping

      Plymouth is the largest centre for shopping in the south west, outside Bristol, and features
      many independent retailers as well as national brands and high street names in its varied
      shopping areas including the £200m Drake Circus shopping centre, the west end’s
      ‘independent quarter’, Plymouth City Market24 and the historic Barbican25(home to the world
      famous Plymouth Gin distillery).

      The city centre is a modern, pedestrianised area, easily accessible not only for shopping but
      also for making the most of the wide range of restaurants, cafés, entertainment venues and
      attractions the city has to offer.

     Plymouth Summer Festival

      As a city, Plymouth is unique in the number and range of events it hosts throughout the
      summer months from May until September, and the Plymouth Summer Festival26 was created a
      number of years ago to capture the spirit and help co-ordinate these events.

      The events include the British Fireworks Championships27 and the Barbican International Jazz
      & Blues Festival28, as well as smaller, locally-based events and festivals.

      Plymouth is also home to one of the UK’s BBC Big Screens which has become a focal point for
      the city’s open air entertainment since it was installed in 2008, ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

                                                                                               Plymouth City Council
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    The Big Screen has seen a wide range of broadcasts as diverse as ‘Wimbledon’ and ‘Carmen’
    to family favourites and Hollywood blockbusters ‘Strictly Ballroom’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

   Sport and leisure

    In September this year, the city hosted the first ever America's Cup World Series29 when the
    world's top sailors battled it out for the prestigious title, treating spectators to the thrills and
    spills of the most spectacular, fast and furious yacht racing.

    Visitors were able to watch the week long regatta in the fabulous natural amphitheatre of
    Plymouth Sound and share in the experience of the international teams as they prepared the
    state of the art AC45 catamarans at the Race Village in Millbay.

    This was the first time America's Cup sailing had been taken to top venues around the world.
    The first event was in Portugal in August, the second in Plymouth and the third in San Diego.
    The second half of the World Series will be held in 2012; the 34th America's Cup will be held
    in San Francisco in 2013.

    Plymouth is a sporting city producing Olympic silver medallist swimmer and TV presenter
    Sharron Davies, Britain’s first million pound footballer Trevor Francis and, more recently, 2009
    World 10m platform diving champion and 2010 double-gold commonwealth medal winner,
    Tom Daley.

    The city’s £46.5m life centre development underlines its commitment to improving leisure and
    cultural facilities, increasing participation in sports and improving the overall health and fitness
    of local residents.

    The city is also home to a number of professional sporting teams - Plymouth Argyle30,
    Plymouth Albion31, and Plymouth Raiders32. The Plymouth Devils33 speedway team are also
    based in the city.

    There are several golf courses in around Plymouth with St Mellion34, the most famous, being
    just 10 miles away. The Jack Nicklaus signature course, personally designed by 18 times Major
    winner Jack Nicklaus and the first of its kind in Europe, has hosted numerous European Tour
    events and is one of the few ‘must play’ golf courses in Britain.

   Outdoor pursuits

    For outdoor pursuits enthusiasts, the city is well-placed at the border of Devon and Cornwall,
    with Dartmoor National Park35 to the north, the natural harbour of Plymouth Sound to the
    south and the rivers Plym and Tamar on either side. The coastline of Devon and Cornwall is
    around 650 miles in length and Plymouth’s waterfront is part of the official South West Coast
    Path36 linking sandy beaches, small coves, harbours, imposing cliffs and estuaries, as well as a
    number of large coastal towns and small fishing villages.

    The area therefore provides an ideal location for walking and hiking, running, cycling and
    mountain-biking, watersports, horse-riding, climbing and abseiling.

    The city is also home to several marinas offering excellent berthing and other facilities,
    providing access to year-round sailing opportunities.

    o     Mayflower Marina37                                  o      Queen Anne’s Battery Marina39
    o     Plymouth Yacht Haven38                              o      Sutton Harbour Marina40

                                                                                        Plymouth City Council
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     Arts and culture

      The Theatre Royal, situated in the city centre, offers a wide range of entertainment from
      ballet, drama, opera and musicals to comedy and pantomime. The prestigious Theatre Royal is
      the leading regional producing theatre in the country, and has been responsible for a string of
      West End hits. Recent and upcoming performances include ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Hairspray’,
      ‘Chess’, Glyndebourne on Tour’s ‘Don Giovanni’ and the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s ‘Romeo
      and Juliet’.

      Plymouth Pavilions offers entertainment, leisure, exhibition and conference facilities with a
      large arena suitable for conferences and exhibitions. Upcoming shows include performances
      from comedians Al Murray, Lee Mack, Jason Manford and Sean Lock, and music from Paloma
      Faith, Pixie Lott, Madness, the Moody Blues, Squeeze, Status Quo and Jools Holland. Other
      shows include ‘Back for Good’ and ‘A Question of Sport’ (the TV show’s first ever UK tour).

      Plymouth Argyle’s Home Park stadium has also provided a venue for headline acts including
      Elton John, George Michael and Rod Stewart.

      The Barbican Theatre produces new theatre and contemporary dance and hosts musical
      performances and a monthly comedy club, whilst Plymouth Arts Centre provides an
      alternative venue for the visual arts. The city is also home to the Plymouth City Museum and
      Art Gallery41, as well as Peninsula Arts42 and Plymouth College of Art

      A Culture Board has been established to guide and influence cultural development in Plymouth,
      and the recently redeveloped Royal William Yard is set to become a major creative and
      cultural hub within the city.

     Attractions

      There are several attractions in and around the city including

      o     Antony House43 location Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’   o   National Marine Aquarium48
      o     Buckland Abbey44                                         o   Plymouth Gin Distillery49
      o     Cotehele House45                                         o   Saltram House50
      o     Dartmoor Zoological Park46                               o   Smeaton’s Tower51
      o     Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park47                  o   Tinside Lido Pool52

16.   Other information

     Disaster recovery facilities

      Back2business53 provides disaster recovery facilities from a custom-built business continuity
      centre in Plymouth, and has a highly flexible set of options around telephony and contact
      centre recovery. It is the most south westerly facility and provider of such services to the west
      of Bristol, making it the perfect choice for local businesses of all sizes, from large corporates
      and multi-nationals to SMEs within the region.

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17.   Location map

                                     Plymouth City Council
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18.   Picture gallery

                                        Plymouth City Council
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     back2business                                                               www.back2business.com/call-centre-recovery.php

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