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HEALTH & WELL-BEING                                                      Y PERSONAL FITNESS
                                                                         A free 12-week program designed to ease you into a fitness routine.
CARDIOVASCULAR & STRENGTH TRAINING CENTER Ages 14+                       A YMCA Personal Fitness Coach will meet with you four times, track
Over 6000 square feet of space for your personal wellness needs!         your progress, and stay in touch with you weekly. Sessions begin in
We offer treadmills, bikes (upright, recumbent and spin), Ellipticals    January. Register online or at the Member Services Desk.
and AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainers) for your cardiovascular fitness;      Facility Members Only: Free
two full lines of Technogym selectorized weight machines plus free
weights for your strength training routine along with space and          GROUP WELLNESS CLASSES Ages 14+
equipment for your stretching needs.                                     We have the right class for you! With over 110 offerings each week
                                                                         ranging from Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi, Kick Boxing, Step
TOTAL HEALTH CONSULTATION                                                Aerobics, Group Cycling, Boot Camp and much more! Pick up a
This is your opportunity to meet with a Total Health Coach. Together     Group Wellness schedule at the Member Services Desk or log onto
you will discuss your goals, explore options and create a plan that and go to Calendars and Schedules page.
fits your needs! Physical activity, weight loss, nutrition, stress       Facility Members Only.
reduction, social activities or other topics. The choice is yours.
The Total Health Room is also available for youth age 10-13 after        WOMEN ON WEIGHTS Ages 14+
completing a Youth Equipment Orientation. For more information or        Learn how to do exercises using free weights for all of the major
to register see the Member Services Desk. Facility Members Only.         muscle groups in this 8-week class designed especially for women.
                                                                         Focus on the basics of strength training and becoming independent
PERSONAL TRAINING                                                        in the free weight room. A great class for women who feel
Train with nationally certified personal trainers and achieve the        comfortable with the machines and want a new challenge. For more
results you want. Each program is tailored to your individual goals      information contact Jaime Greene at
and the focus is on you. All sessions are one-hour in length. Facility
Members Only:
                                                                         Wed              Jan. 6-Feb. 24                    9 am
1 Session         $50                                                    Wed              Jan. 6-Feb. 24                    6 pm
3 Sessions        $142                                                   Facility Members only: $85
6 Sessons         $270
10 Sessions       $425

This class is designed for those with limited movement. Program
consists of mild water exercises emphasizing range of motion and

Walking, running, jumping and a variety of aerobic movements
are performed in the shallow end of the pool to increase heart rate
and provide both a cardiovascular and strength training workout. A
variety of water equipment, dumbbells, noodles, etc. are used for

Private Swim Lessons are open to all members interested in a one-
on-one lesson setting. Complete a private lesson request form to
be added to our waitlist. Aquatic staff will contact you when space
becomes available. Classes are 30-minutes in length. For more         BASKETBALL
information contact Andrew Price at           Open Basketball           Mon-Fri                    5-8am
                                                                      18+ Basketball            Mon-Fri                    Noon - 2 pm
Facility Members: $30; Program Members: $50                                                     Mon                        8-9:30pm
                                                                                                Tues                       8-9:30pm
                                                                                                Wed                        7-9:30pm
RECREATION                                                            35+ Basketball            Mon                        6:30-8pm

Day 1, Swim Analysis – underwater videotaping and analysis, swim      COOKING AROUND THE WORLD WITH PIZZAZZ!
technique overview and drills and Day 2, Training for a Triathlon     Adults can try a variety of cuisines from around the world.
Workshop – learn principles of training, periodization, training
zones and nutrition. For more information contact Jaime Greene at     Wed                                                  10 am-12pm                                              Jewish Cooking            Jan 6
                                                                      Japanese Winter Dishes    Jan 20
Session I                Jan 22                      5-9 pm           Mexican Cooking           Feb 10
                         Jan 23                      8:30 am -12:30   Italian Cooking           Feb 24
Session II               Feb 26                      5-9 pm           Irish Cooking             Mar10
                         Feb 27                      8:30 am-12:30    Chinese Cooking           Mar 24
Facility Members: $45 for day 1, $70 for both days
                                                                      Facility Members: $15/class
By popular demand we now have a Coal Creek Family YMCA                MASSAGE THERAPY
Running Group on Facebook. All you to do is become a fan of our       Relaxing, therapeutic, revitalizing-You tell us what you need. 30, 60
YMCA site and use it to post your runs or get involved with a         and 90 minute sessions. Various morning, afternoon, evening and
running group.                                                        weekend appointments available with our licensed massage
                                                                      therapists. Facility Members Only. For more information contact
RACQUET SPORTS                                                        Jaime Greene at
The Coal Creek Family YMCA now offers a variety of racquet sports
for our members. Whether you are a beginner or looking to sharpen     30-min $40; 60-min $60; 90-min $90
your skills, you’ll find these fun, fast paced games are just what
you’re looking for. For more information contact Brian Prouty at

Table Tennis              Tues                       11:30am - 1pm
                          Sun                        3-5pm
Badminton                 Sun                        8:45-10:45am
Pickle Ball               Sun                        11am - 1pm

Come join in the fun - both beginning and intermediate times

Intermediate              Thurs                      7:30-9:30pm
Beginner                  Fri                        6:30-9pm
Every month we will present a seminar on various health &
well-being topics. Free for Facility Members. To register, visit our
website at For more information contact Jaime
Greene at

Body Type & Losing Weight           Jan 7            6-7 pm
Learn about the five hormonal body types, how to eat and exercise
correctly for your body type and turn your body into an energetic,
automatic, fat-burning machine!

Fitness Myths Revealed             Jan 28           6-7 pm
Think you know the facts about getting fit? You may be surprised to
learn how many are really fiction.

Expecting Moms & Newborn Dental Health
                              Feb 4                   6-7 pm

Stress Buster 101                     Feb 11            7-8 pm
Stress is the #1 trigger to heart attack. Heart attacks kill more
Americans than any other disease. Learn how to avoid the initial
start to heart disease with this important lecture.

Know Your Numbers                  Feb 17           6-7 pm
Understand the numbers that matter most to your heart. Come               ACTIVE OLDER ADULTS (AOA)
for free cholesterol and blood sugar checks during National Heart         At the Coal Creek Family YMCA, we offer programs and activities
Month.                                                                    especially developed to keep older adults healthy and active. Enjoy
                                                                          physical activities like group wellness classes, social and wellness
Eye Health                       Mar 17            6-7 pm                 activities, day trips and community service projects. See below for
March is Save Your Vision Month. Come learn about eye health and          some of the great senior activities.
popular cosmetic treatments: Botox, Latisse and Juvedeem, Q&A.
                                                                          HEALTH & WELL-BEING
Keeping it Simple: Guidelines for Food & Weight Loss
                                      Mar 21             6-7 pm           SILVER SNEAKERS® MSROM
This workshop explains the proper methods of combining                    Muscular Strength Range of Motion
appropriate food groups for optimum digestion, maximum energy             Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises
levels and if sensibly applied, will result in weight loss.               designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and
                                                                          activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with
HEALTHY LIFESTYLES PROGRAM Ages 18+                                       handles and a ball are offered for resistance and a chair is used for
Healthy Lifestyles is a scientifically proven program that uses group     seated and/or standing support.
dynamics and one-on-one coaching to help you achieve your
personal goals. The Healthy Lifestyles group you join will have a         SENIOR STRENGTH TRAINING
trained facilitator and meet every other week for a ten month period.     Senior Strength Training is the same concept as strength training,
Group participants will learn how to set short term goals and help        but geared towards 50 and up. These group exercise classes are
each other with motivation and accountability. Whether its losing         designed to build muscular strength and enhance muscular
weight, exercising, reducing stress or curbing an undesirable habit,      endurance. A wide variety of equipment including resistance
Healthy Lifestyles Program will help you transform your current           bands.
lifestyle habits into life behaviors. Participants meet for 22 sessions
over 10 months. For more information contact Jaime Greene at              AOA STEP Session Begins March 6.                          AOA Step is designed for ages 50 and up and includes low-impact
                                                                          movements performed on and off an adjustable step. Intensity is
Sat                                    9:30 am                            determined by speed, travel patterns and choreography.
Facility Members: $50; Program Members: $90
                                                                          AOA WATER FITNESS
COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR                                                     This adult group water fitness program is designed to enhance each
The community health fair will offer health awareness, education,         individual’s quality of life and daily function. Active Older Adults
and free health screenings. YMCA members and their guests will            utilizes the physical properties of the water to enhance agility, range
have the opportunity to meet with a variety of medical practitioners      of motion and cardiovascular conditioning. Instructors help
and exhibitors to learn about resources available to promote a            participants develop strength, balance and coordination. No
healthy lifestyle.                                                        swimming ability is required as you learn a format that is safe, fun
                                                                          and effective.
Sat                     Jan 23                        Noon-3 pm
Free and open to the community
Time to socialize, laugh and have fun around the table in the
Community Kitchen. Free for Facility Members.

Mon-Fri                                              9:30-10:30 am

Enjoy the company of others while eating a nutritious meal as well
as assist in making beautiful crafts for local children in need. Meets
in the Community Kitchen. Reservation for lunch required.

Tues/Thurs                                           10 am-1 pm

Monthly outings to local hot spots from the Ballard Locks to
Snoqualmie Falls. See Member Services Desk for current schedule.

Come join in the fun while connecting with others over cards. For
more information contact Dave Mayer at

Games at the Lake Heights Center YMCA
Bridge                  Tues                9 am – Noon
Bridge                  Wed                 Noon – 3 pm
                                                                         LOOKING FOR A SCHEDULE?
Games at Coal Creek Family YMCA                                          Pick one up at the Member Services Desk or log onto
Bridge                 Thur                 10 am – Noon        and visit the Calendars and Schedules page.
Pinochle               Tues                 9:30 am – Noon

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