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									                                                                                                                              July 2011

                R.J.O’Brien News                              INTRODUCING BROKER NEWSLETTER
                                                 SERVING THE FUTURES INDUSTRY SINCE 1914

                                                      YâÇ |Ç à{x fâÇ4

                                    If you haven’t heard, we’re sailing to the sunny       There will be plenty of time for fun in the sun
      16th Annual IB                                                                       as well! Attendees can enjoy a newly
       Conference                   Bahamas on a 3-day cruise over President’s Day
                                                                                           remodeled pool deck, a Day Spa & Fitness
                                    Weekend (February 17-20, 2012) for the 16th
                                                                                           Center, plus newly refurbished staterooms.
                                    Annual “Exchange of Ideas” Introducing Broker
                                                                                           And of course, there are the powdery
  Mary Ellen Scanlin &              Conference! With this forum, we hope to break
                                                                                           beaches and crystal clear waters of CocoCay
                                    the mold of the traditional IB conference and
     Katie Hanley                   create a more interactive, informative, and fun
                                                                                           and Nassau, Bahamas to look forward to!
      Promotions                    event for all IBs. We will be experiencing the         We will depart the Port of Miami, Florida on
                                    excitement of Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the         Friday, Feb 17, 2012 at 4:30PM (EST) and
                                    Seas ship and two amazing ports of call as we          return Monday, Feb 20, 2012 at 7:00AM
 Product Presentations              present a stimulating line up of exceptional           (EST). RJO conference attendees will receive
                                    speakers.                                              a special reduced cruise fare which includes
                                                                                           a stateroom, meals onboard, entertainment,
      Video Tutorials               Throughout our 3-day voyage, we will hear
                                                                                           port fees, taxes, and all gratuities.
                                    presentations from Rich Feltes (Vice President
                                    Research, RJO), Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh                  There are three stateroom types to choose
    New: WebOE Bolt                 (Professor of Agricultural Economics, Kansas           from (prices are per person and double
                                    State University), and Al Ambrose (VP/Risk             occupancy):
                                    Management, Oilseed Processing, CHS). New to           1. Oceanview Stateroom - $375
 Important Compliance               our lineup, Charles “Chuck” Gabriel, Jr.
        Notices                     (Managing Director, Capital Alpha Partners LLC)        2. Interior Stateroom - $325
                                    will discuss the political risks markets face          3. Junior Suite - $770
                                    during the 2012 election year.
      Broker Training                                                                      This means, two people can cruise in an
                                                                                           Oceanview Stateroom for a total of $750
                                                                                           (excluding airfare and credit card processing
  2012 Election Risk &                                                                     fees)!
     The Industry                                                                          Since this is a holiday weekend, we
                                                                                           recommend making your cruise and flight
                                                                                           reservations early. Spots can be reserved
   Helpful Cruise Tips                                                                     online at
                                                                                           rjobrien2012ibconference. Questions and
                                                                                           comments can be directed to RJO’s IB
                                                                                           Marketing team at 800-621-0757.

                                              summer sabbatical. Katie took over as            the firm. Going forward, Katie is the ideal
We are excited to announce the                President of the IB Division on May 23rd.        person to run the IB Division. She has
promotion of Mary Ellen Scanlin and                                                            done an outstanding job working with me
Katie Hanley, two of RJO’s                    Mary Ellen said: “I am so grateful for all the   as Vice President. Her strong leadership
most accomplished long-time employees.        opportunities that RJO has provided me           skills, experience as a solid sales producer,
Mary Ellen, CEO of the IB Division and        through the years and continues to offer me      and unwavering focus on customer service
who has been with the firm for 30 years,      today. One of the highlights of my life has      have prepared her well for her new role.
will assume the new role of Executive         been working with our IBs, and I look            She will, no doubt, hit the
VP, Corporate Development. Taking over        forward to continuing those friendships. Two     ground running as she
responsibility for the IBs as President of    strong passions of mine are personal and         takes over.”
the division is Katie, a 14-year veteran of   professional development as well as RJO.
RJO. Mary Ellen will assume her new           My new position will enable me to live out           Congratulations
role on September 1, 2011, following a        these passions in a more global role within         Mary Ellen & Katie!

                        R.J. O’BRIEN, 222 SOUTH RIVERSIDE PLAZA, SUITE 900, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60606
              2                                                                                        July 2011 Newsletter

PRODUCT PRESENTATIONS                                         VIDEO TUTORIALS

In an effort to keep you current with the electronic tools                              Busy during the Product Presentations?
RJO offers, we have implemented Technology Product                                      You can now view product tutorials on
Presentations. These presentations are hosted by Client                                 demand for the Quote Page, RJO Vantage,
Services on the first, third, and fourth Thursday of every                              WebOE, and Report Grabber. Simply visit
month at 2:00 PM (CT) and include a conference call and                       
interactive Web Seminar.
                                                                                        TradingTechnology.php to access these
Following is the schedule for the second half of 2011.                                  informative and short videos. Use these
Please note that this schedule is subject to change. For                                tutorials to solicit new customers or to
the most up-to-date schedule please refer to the                                        better understand the basic features of
Reference Documents section in our Research area at                                     these products.
                                                              These videos are the first in a long line of tutorials for the trading
For more information on how to login and participate in       and support tools offered by RJO. Be on the lookout for more
these informative presentations please contact Client         recordings in the coming months.
Services at 877-396-9316 or
                                                              For information on these and more technical enhancements from
                                                              RJO, please contact the RJO Help Desk at 877-396-9316 or
             *Schedule Subject to Change

July 7      Risk Applications
                                                                NEW: WEBOE BOLT
July 21     WebOE
July 27     SPECIAL—RJO MRT USDA Pre-Report                     Over the past year and a half, the WebOE has gone through a
            Outlook and Trade Strategy Ideas                    major overhaul which has enhanced the back-end trade processor
                                                                (adding efficiency and reliability) and the front-end user interface
July 28     Compliance Q&A and Procedure Reminders              (for a completely re-developed trading screen). The new version,
Aug 4       RJO Website                                         better known as WebOE Bolt, is currently in BETA testing and will
                                                                go into full production within the next few months.
Aug 8       SPECIAL—RJO MRT USDA Pre-Report
            Outlook and Trade Strategy Ideas                    With WebOE Bolt, you will experience notable differences
Aug 18      RJO Vantage
                                                                •   Improved real-time quotes with visual change indicators, faster
Aug 25      E-sign                                                  updates, and more fields for easier management and set-up;
Sept 1      WebBridge                                           •   Improved sparklines with volume overlay charts;
Sept 15     DTN- Prophet X                                      •   An improved order log interface with “FYI” data and a
                                                                    spreadsheet design for easier sorting;
Sept 22     CQG
                                                                •   An improved order form with auto-populating price fields,
Sept 27     SPECIAL—RJO MRT USDA Pre-Report                         manual tick price fields, and support for give-up/or-better/FYI
            Outlook and Trade Strategy Ideas                        orders and EFPs;
Sept 29     WebOE                                               •   The ability to chose your time zone;
Oct 6       Online Query                                        •   Login integration with Vantage for a “single sign on”
Oct 20      RJO Vantage                                             experience.

Oct 27      Compliance Q&A and Procedure Reminders              If you are interested in accessing the BETA version, please
                                                                contact Ben Smylie at 312-373-5132 or
Nov 3       Esign                                               We strongly encourage your
Nov 17      WebBridge                                           feedback before the official
                                                                unveiling of the product takes
Nov 24      RJO Website                                         place.
Dec 1       Risk Applications                                   For more information on
Dec 15      WebOE                                               WebOE and its new version,
                                                                please contact the RJO Help
Dec 22      Online Query
                                                                Desk at 877-396-9316 or
Dec 29      RJO Vantage                               

                                 WWW.RJOBRIEN.COM          (800)621-0757   KHANLEY@RJOBRIEN.COM
               3                                                                                      July 2011 Newsletter
                          RJO’s compliance department would like to share some
                          important updates to compliance procedures and regulations:
                                                                                               NEW BROKERS FOR THE
                          GIB SUPERVISION PROGRAM
                           In an effort to ensure that RJO and our IBs are prepared for an   During our travels and conversations
                           audit from the NFA or CFTC, we have developed a more              with IBs, the frustration of trying to
                           rigorous GIB supervision program to ensure continued              find new brokers seems to be one of
                           compliance for both new and old mandates. Beginning July 1st      the biggest challenges. Therefore,
and continuing through the 3rd Quarter of 2011, RJO compliance representatives will be       every May, RJO hosts a training
contacting all of our GIBs and requesting specific documentation for compliance review.      program for non-registered individuals
Items that may be requested for examination include (but are not limited to): phone order    who are interested in pursuing a
tickets and electronic order logs; POA files; AP/customer trading account gains and          career in futures brokerage.
losses; GIB business emails; promotional material and websites; annual GIB audits;
customer check/wire information.                                                             Throughout the three-day program,
                                                                                             participants visit the trading floor of
NFA REGISTRATION                                                                             the CME Group, as well as learn all
In order to streamline AP registration/termination with the NFA, RJO compliance              the aspects of the futures industry
representatives have started completing AP registrations/terminations on behalf of our       including: the workings of RJO’s back
GIBs. This new service allows RJO compliance to complete regulatory due diligence on         office; marketing and trading
any new APs as well as to maintain complete files on who IBs and RJO have supervisory        strategies; equity runs; check-out;
responsibilities over. When you have a new hire or termination, immediately inform your      order entry; margins and risk. At the
RJO compliance contact of the individual’s name and NFA ID number. RJO compliance            end of this program, if a candidate
will then complete the due diligence and registration.                                       feels confident that they would like to
                                                                                             follow this type of career, we make
NEW ACCOUNT FORMS                                                                            their services available to our IB client
RJO has updated the customer account forms. The new account booklets are available           base.
for download on the RJO website ( Hard copies of the account booklets
are currently available through the normal request procedure to Client Services. We          This past May we had almost 20
understand that you may still have copies of the old forms out to customers and we will      college students from around the
continue to accept these for the next few months. However, please try to implement the       country attend the program. With
new account forms as soon as possible.                                                       Finance and Agribusiness students
                                                                                             from Notre Dame, Texas State
GIB AUDITORS                                                                                 University, and University of
On a yearly basis, RJO is required to complete an audit for all GIBs. Please note that we    Minnesota, our IBs are sure to find an
have had a couple of changes in the auditors we use and we would like to take this           ideal candidate for that empty broker
opportunity to introduce them:                                                               position.

1.   Compliance Supervisors, Inc.                                                            If you have interest in viewing the
2.   Investment Reference, Inc.                                                              résumés of these energetic
3.   Allen Lovitt (RJO employee)                                                             individuals, please contact Jean
4.   Mike Jetter (RJO employee)                                                              Yangas at or
You will receive a call from one of these auditors throughout the year to schedule your
annual audit. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Compliance Supervisors Inc., has developed both an ethics and AML training
program specifically tailored for RJO GIBs. These training programs are now
available at Going forward, RJO compliance will expect all
GIBs to use these programs for ethics and AML training requirements. Completed
training from any other vendor other than Compliance Supervisors can no longer be
accepted. Benefits of using Compliance Supervisors’ training programs include:
archived completion certificates, emailed compliance alerts/reminders, and up-to-date
training material.

As always, should you have any questions about the above information or any
compliance questions in general, please do not hesitate to contact your compliance
representative. If you are not sure who your representative is, please email

                                  WWW.RJOBRIEN.COM        (800)621-0757   KHANLEY@RJOBRIEN.COM
                4                                                                                                   July 2011 Newsletter

                                               IB CONFERENCE: FEATURED SPEAKER TO ADDRESS
     iPad Raffle Winner!                       INVESTMENT IMPACT OF 2012 ELECTION
Congratulations to Bryon Fillpot                                 More than ever, Futures               University and the son of former Air Force
                                                                                                       General Charles A. Gabriel, a member of
of Agricultural Marketing, Inc.                              markets have become
                                                                                                       President Ronald Reagan’s Joint Chiefs of
                                                             sensitive to government
for registering early for the 2012                           actions on regulation, taxes,
                                                                                                       Staff from 1982-1986.
 IB Conference Cruise. He is the                             trade policy, energy initiatives,         Chuck’s impressive résumé includes stints
                                                             and the environment. Due to               at Prudential Financial, Drexel Burnham
      winner of an iPad2!                                    the critical impact of the fall           Lambert, and as a legislative aide to
                                                             2011 elections, RJO has                   Congress. Before ultimately serving as
                                                             commissioned a respected                  Senior Vice President and head of
                                               Washington insider to address the 16TH                  Prudential Equity Group (PEG) Washington
                                               Annual “Exchange of Ideas” IB Conference                Research, Chuck entered the field as a
                                               (Feb 17-19, 2012).                                      partner in The Washington Forum, a
                                                                                                       division of the former Drexel Burnham
                                               Chuck Gabriel, co-founder of DC based
                                                                                                       Lambert. Chuck also served as a legislative
                                               Capital Alpha Partners, has nearly three
                                                                                                       assistant to Rep. Clarence J. Brown of
                                               decades of experience in political forecasting
                                                                                                       Ohio. A few of Chuck’s many
                                               for investment managers. In addition to
                                                                                                       accomplishments include being cited on
                                               election risk and overall policy-related
                                                                                                       the Institutional Investor “All American
 Don’t miss out on the chance to               investment strategy, he focuses on trends
                                                                                                       Team” for the category of Washington
go cruising! Reserve your spot by              and developments impacting the mortgage,
                                                                                                       Research every year between 1994 and
                                               specialty finance, and education sectors.
       August 15, 2011 at                                                                              2006 (ranked I.I. number one among
                                               Specific topics that Chuck will address                 hedge funds in 2004 and 2005) and being                     include Dodd/Frank implementation,                      a frequent guest speaker on various
     rjobrien2012ibconference                  prospects for tax reform, forging of the next           business-related television shows.
                                               Farm Bill, Congressional resolve to become
  and be entered in our second                                                                         Don’t miss the opportunity to hear first
                                               more fiscally responsible, and the impact of
                                                                                                       hand Chuck’s insights on how
         iPad2 Raffle .                        global economic/political crosscurrents on
                                                                                                       Washington’s changing political landscape
                                               the dollar.
                                                                                                       will impact the economy and capital
                                               Chuck is a graduate of George Washington                allocations in 2012 and beyond.


If you plan to sail with us on the Royal            without one. Plan at least a month lead              6. Pack light. There is very little room
Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas for the             time to obtain a new passport.                       to store your luggage in your cabin so
16th Annual IB Conference (February 17-                                                                  plan your wardrobe ahead of time and
20, 2012), there are a few necessary items          4. Book your flights to/from Miami.
                                                                                                         accordingly. Make sure you pack both
you will need to take care of several               We highly recommend arriving in Miami
                                                                                                         casual and dressy attire as well as
months prior to departure.                          one day prior to the cruise departure. This
                                                                                                         comfortable walking shoes. And don’t
                                                    will help alleviate worries regarding late/
                                                                                                         forget the sunscreen!!
1. Reserve your spot and stateroom.                 canceled flights and late/missing luggage.
Space is limited, so booking early will             Additionally, this will allow you plenty of
                                                    time to get from the airport to the Port of
guarantee your ideal accommodations on
the ship.                                           Call. Remember, you must be checked in
                                                                                                               Have A Wonderful
                                                    no later than 90 minutes prior to the ship’s
2. Purchase Cruise Insurance. Though                departure.
insurance is not required, it is highly
recommended. Don’t worry about medical              5.    Prepare for sea sickness. Most ships
expenses, lost/stolen items, or late/               now have stabilizers to prevent the ship
canceled flights and purchase your                  from rocking; however, sea sickness can
insurance when you reserve your cruise              still occur. Avoid an expensive trip to the
accommodations.                                     on-board Infirmary or Sundries Store after
                                                    departure by visiting your primary physician
3.   Obtain/update your passport.                   for prescription sea sickness medication or
A passport is required for this voyage. You         by obtaining over-the-counter remedies
will not be allowed to board the ship               from your local pharmacy beforehand.
The information contained herein has been taken from trade and statistical services and other sources we believe are reliable. R.J. O'Brien does not
guarantee that such information is accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon as such. Opinions expressed reflect judgments at this date and
are subject to change without notice.

                                    WWW.RJOBRIEN.COM            (800)621-0757     KHANLEY@RJOBRIEN.COM

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