ASME_ExecutiveMeeting2006_01_31 by wuyunyi


									ASME Executive Meeting, January 31st, 2006, 11:45 am

In Attendance:
       Zana Konecni
       Partha Rangaswamy
       Jessica Clark
       Anthony Puckett
       Jobie Gerken
       Bob Meier
       Mike Steinzig
       Mike Prime
       Richard Browning
       Michelle DeCroix
       Tony Cimabue
       Jeff Jorenby


1. Leadership training
       Probably Partha and Zana
       Possibly Jessica

2. Nominating Committee
      Bob Meier
      Richard B.

      Jessica would prefer to be treasurer again.
      Michelle would not mind being secretary
      Jeff J. is another option for secretary (back up)
      Anthony would be willing to be chair.
      Mike P. for vice chair

3. Engineering Night
       Wednesday, February 22nd, setup at 3:30, people at 4:30 to 7:30, clean up after.

4. Science Fair Judging
       February 3rd, 6:00 to 8:00,

4. GD&T classes
      GD&T III (stacking) – Feb. 15,16 and 22,23
      GD&T I (fundamentals) – April (second week) Tony will firm up
      GD&T II (intermediate) - June (first week)
      GD&T I (fundamentals) – July (third week)
      GD&T II (intermediate) – September (first week)
       GD&T III (stacking) – October (last week)
       Integrated product design using GD&T - will
       ASME Pressure Vessel – Ed Rodriquez can teach,
               Zana will ask Ed when he is available
       Strain gage class – Tom Harlow (at least 6 months out, after he retires)

5. Projector (and portable cable lock?)
        ASME told Mike S. they can’t help with insurance
        Anne is going to talk to her church to see who they use to insure their projector.
        The executive committee thinks buying a new one is the best option. Probably a
                new HP.

6. Next possible lunch talks
       ESA-AET – High pressured gas gun
       Frank Garcia – ASME national ….

7. Membership party
      2nd to last weekend in March – send Anthony the firm date.

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