Marti Janse van Rensburg

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					                                  Marti Janse van Rensburg

                                  Area of Expertise
                                         Executive Coaching
                                         Team Development
                                         Leadership Development
                                         Coaching and Mentoring training for managers and leaders
                                         Giving and Receiving Feedback training
                                         Action Learning

  Marti Janse van Rensburg
      + 27 83 272 2041

Coaching and Facilitation Experience                  companies. She is a founder director of
Marti has a background that ranges from               COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring Southern
scientific research to fashion design and from        Africa), a coordinating body for coaches and
teaching to corporate management. She has             mentors that aims to be inclusive of all types
often, in this varied career, found herself           of coaching and mentoring but also to provide
mentoring     and    guiding   colleagues  and        ethics and standards for the industry as a
employees and decided to make this her                whole. She is a member of WABC (Worldwide
fulltime vocation in 2000.                            Association of Business coaches) and is on
                                                      their Expert Certification Panel.
She has coached, and is coaching, at various
corporations as well as on the Emerging               She has a degree in Chemical Engineering
Leaders Programme, a joint initiative of the          from the University of Pretoria and an MBA
Southern Africa – United States Centre for            from GIBS. She did research at the CSIR for 5
Leadership and Public Values at the University        years before moving into the high fashion
of Cape Town and Duke University. In addition         industry where she worked as a designer and
to the one-on-one coaching she also does              owner of a training facility for designers. She
team coaching (or group facilitation) and             did some contract teaching and consulting and
leadership development for some of her clients        spent 10 years in fashion retail. She was an
and is at times used by GIBS as their coaching        SA Breweries divisional director before
specialist/consultant.                                deciding to change career to coaching and
                                                      leadership development.
She was involved in 2003 in a groundbreaking
Action Reflection Learning (ARL) programme
with one of the partners at the M.I.L Institute
in Sweden. Twenty two final year students at
CIDA City Campus were taken though a 3
month intensive ARL programme normally
done with middle to senior managers in

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