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					                                        Mandatory School Uniform Policy
                                       Effective Academic Year 2011-2011
As part of maintaining a safe and orderly environment and in keeping with the Superintendent’s Circular SUP-18, all the
English High School students will wear the mandated school uniform at all times during the school day. The uniform must
be in plain view at all times. Students may not wear any clothing over the English High School uniform. Students will be
permitted to wear coats or outerwear clothing when on field trips or outside activities; however, they must be removed
immediately upon entering the school.
After careful consideration, the English High School Site Council and community members adopted the following uniform
policy for all students:


  Tops           Plain navy blue, light blue, gray and white long sleeve and short sleeve polo shirts,
              sweatshirts (including hooded sweatshirts), v-neck sweaters, v-neck vests, and cardigans.

Bottoms       Plain gray, navy blue, black, or khaki casual pants are allowed. Pants, skirts, and shorts
              must be worn securely around the waist. Pants, skirts and shorts cannot fall below the
                        waist. The length of all skirts and shorts must be below the knee.

Footwear        Slippers, flip-flops and crocs are not allowed. No restrictions other than that unless the
                   apparel clashes with other school rules (i.e. inappropriate language, symbols, etc.).

  Belts           No restrictions unless the apparel clashes with other school rules (i.e. inappropriate
                                                language, symbols, etc.).

                                                     Not Allowed

       Jackets and coats.
       Jeans of any color and sweatpants.
       Clothes that is altered in any way (cut, ripped, see through, etc.).
       Hats and bandanas (These items as well as all electronics need to be out of sight. If any
        staff members see these items they have the right to take them and retain them until a
        parent comes up to get it. Failure to comply with this will result in a write up and
        further disciplinary action).
       Any article of clothing that is covering up the acceptable English High School uniform.

        The Purpose of the uniform was based on the following advantages and benefits of school uniforms:
       Create a sense of community and school spirit.
       Dramatically reduce the cost of school wardrobes.
       Instill students with discipline.
       Help parents and students resist peer pressure.
       Help students concentrate better on schoolwork.
       The most important reason is to assist with a safe and orderly environment.
       Will assist students in being on time to school in the context of choosing what to wear.

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