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					                           Fan Coils, VAV Boxes, Small Air Handlers, and Indoor Packaged Equipment
        Fan Coil Units              Fan Coil Units    Indoor Packaged Equipment     Indoor Packaged Equipment    Indoor Packaged Equipment      Indoor Packaged Equipment

FHX Horizontal Low          FSC Vertical Hi-Rise,    Air-Cooled Self Contained     Water Source Heat Pumps      Precision Air-Conditioning     Single Packaged Vertical Air
Profile, Exposed Cabinet    Concealed Cabinet        Vertical 3-25 Tons            Vertical 1/2-6 Tons          Vertical 3-20 Tons             Conditioners & Heat Pumps
250-1200 CFM                VHM - Master,                                                                                                      3/4 - 3 Tons
                            VHS - Slave
                            350-1200 CFM Per FCU

FHF Horizontal Low                                   Air-Cooled Self Contained
Profile, Free Return                                 Horizontal 2-15 Tons
250-1200 CFM                                                                                                    Vertical Stacked Water
                                                                                                                Source Heat Pump
                                                                                                                3/4 - 3 Tons

                                                                                                                                               Skypak™ Self-Contained
                            FSA/FSB Vertical                                                                                                   Heating/Cooling Units
                            Hi- Rise, Tandem Units                                 Water Source Heat Pumps                                     1-3 Tons
                            350-1200 CFM Per FCU                                   Horizontal 1/2-6 Tons

FHP Horizontal Low                                   Water-Cooled Self Contained
Profile, Plenum Return                               Vertical 5-110 Tons
250-1200 CFM

FNX Horizontal High         FSX Vertical Hi-Rise,
Performance, Exposed        Exposed Cabinet                                        Precision Air-Conditioning
Cabinet                     350-1200 CFM                                           Horizontal 1-8 Tons
600-2000 CFM

                                                     Water-Cooled Self Contained
                                                     Horizontal 5-10 Tons

                                                                                                                       Johnson Controls, Inc.
                                                                                                                       6750 Bryan Dairy Road
                                                                                                                       Largo, FL 33777

                            Fan Coils, VAV Boxes, Small Air Handlers, and Indoor Packaged Equipment
      Blower Coil Units            Blower Coil Units          Fan Coil Units              Fan Coil Units         VAV Terminal Boxes       VAV Terminal Boxes

ACR Vertical Reduced         ACB Vertical Reduced      FWC Vertical Floor,        FLC Low Height Vertical   TVS Parallel Flow         TSS Single Duct
Footprint, Belt              Footprint, Belt           Wall Mount, Concealed      Wall Mount, Concealed     Variable Volume           100-8000 CFM
Drive, Rear Return           Drive, Bottom Return      250-1250 CFM               200-600 CFM               Fan Powered
800-3000 CFM                 800-3000 CFM                                                                   100-4100 CFM

                                                                                  FLX Low Height Vertical   TVL Parallel Flow
                                                                                  Wall Mount, Exposed       Fan Powered Low Height
                                                                                  200-600 CFM               100-3000 CFM
                                                                                                                                      TSL Single Duct
                                                                                                                                      Low Height
                                                       FNP Horizontal High                                                            300-4100 CFM
                                                       Performance, Plenum
                                                       600-2000 CFM

                                                                                  FWI Vertical Floor,
AVI Vertical Belt Drive                                                           Slope Top                 TCS Series Flow
800-4000 CFM                                                                      250-1250 CFM              Constant Volume
                                                                                                            Fan Powered
                                    Fan Coil Units                                                          100-4800 CFM

                             FCC Vertical
                             High Performance
                             400-2000 CFM                                                                                             TDS Dual Duct
                                                                                                                                      100-4100 CFM
                                                       FNF Horizontal High
                                                       Performance, Free Return
                                                       600-2000 CFM

                                                                                  FWX Vertical Floor,
                                                                                  Exposed Cabinet           TCL Series Flow
                                                                                  250-1250 CFM              Fan Powered Low Height
                                                                                                            100-1900 CFM

AHI Horizontal Belt Drive
800-4000 CFM

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