Changing Times

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                    CHANGING TIMES


                       TABLE OF CONTENTS
                              1.   ACCIDENTS
                              2.   THE VISIT
                              3.   GETTING STARTED
                              4.   WET DIAPERS
                              5.   BACK TO BASICS
                              6.   CHANGING TIMES
                              7.   EPILOGUE

To whom it may concern: The subject matter of Amber E. is printed for those
adults who enjoy the fantasy of playing at being a baby. Stories are written by
the readers and are pure fantasies. NO real babies or children will ever be
subjects of Amber E. publications

        Cover picture is taken from the BABY GIRL color book.

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Jan Dayton stuffed the pop quiz papers to be            crossed Jan‟s face. “Well it is Friday and I really
graded into her briefcase. She hadn‟t planned to        can‟t blame them, after all it is a beautiful day.”
give a quiz today, it being Friday, but she wanted      Gathering her things together, she chuckled as she
her students to know that when she gave them a          remembered Penny‟s comment about her hair.
reading assignment, they darn well better do it.        “Well mother,” she said in an exaggerated tone,
Her shoulder length brown hair had come loose           “are you going to take me home now?”
from the hair clip holding it again and with some       Not to be outdone and going right along with the
small amount of disgust, she reached back and           gag, Penny responded, “Your car seat awaits you,
captured the hair with her hand and gathered it into    little one,” and making an exaggerated curtsey she
a ponytail. Removing an elastic band from her top       swung her left arm in an arc until it pointed behind
desk drawer she quickly wrapped it around her hair      her toward the parking lot. Taking her cue, Jan
making an emergency ponytail holder out of the          marched out the doorway and both women began
same.                                                   laughing quite hysterically at their silliness as they
Unknown to Jan, all of the above was observed by        went to their cars.
Penny Singleton, her best friend and fellow teacher     After making her goodbyes, Jan drove home to her
at Central High School of Homerville, Ohio. “My,        apartment. Her house had been sold due to the
my,” said Penny, “and who is this little girl?”         divorce and she had split the proceeds from the
Without even looking up, Jan recognised her             sale with her ex husband. The same had been the
friend‟s voice. “Very funny and so original too,”       case with their furniture, which was why in a two-
she said. The tone of her voice was tired and a tad     bedroom apartment, she had only one bedroom and
more annoyance than she felt towards her friend         the living room furnished. She ate her meals in the
slipped out.                                            living room and so the lack of kitchen furniture
Fortunately, Penny and she had been friends for         wasn‟t a problem. At least she had drapes up on
the last 4 years, ever since Jan had come to teach at   the windows. Jan was grateful to Penny and her
Central High. “Bad day?” said Penny.                    husband, Herman, for their help after her divorce.
“I know history is a boring subject,” said Jan,         They had allowed her to rent the other half of their
“especially when it‟s the first real warm day of the    duplex which had preserved her sense of
spring, but today the animals were particularly         independence but which also gave her friends to
restless. It must be near their breeding season.        lean an if she needed to.
Today is April 14, and thank God we have only 8         Jan had been standing all day in a too hot
more weeks until years end.”                            classroom in a wool outfit and although she had
While she spoke, Penny observed her friend. Jan         taken her jacket off, she had sweated through her
was a newly divorced person who had been hit            clothes and smelled of b.o. A shower would take
hard by the break-up of her marriage. That              care of this problem and she stripped, throwing her
husband of her‟s had been a real loser and although     soiled clothes in her hamper. The air against her
she didn‟t get realise its Jan was much better off      now naked body felt refreshing and her 34C breast
without him. Her divorce had been final on the          nipples became hard from the stimulation they
first of the New Year and she was still adjusting to    were receiving. As she showered, she let the hot
her new single lifestyle. Penny was an English          water run over her body and it seemed as if the
teacher herself, and took all of the above in during    days tensions were washed down the drain with the
the few seconds that her friend spoke. “Take the        shampoo she used to wash her hair. As tired
word of a wise old lady, the animals will always        muscles responded to the relaxing stream of water,
behave as they do and the best that you can hope is     Jan let out a long sigh. She was so glad it was
that their periodic bouts of inflated hormones          Friday. She had some papers to grade and then the
won‟t be too troublesome. You‟re not so old that        weekend was hers for the taking and it was going
you can‟t remember what it feels like to be in          to be a pretty weekend, the weatherman had
heat?”                                                  predicted sunny skies through the following
The two friends looked at each other, and a smile       Tuesday.

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Stepping out of the shower, Jan towelled off and       that she appreciated the fact that her apartment had
leaned forward wrapping her hair in the towel.         a built in laundry area right next to the bath with a
With nary a stitch of clothing on she fairly danced    handy built in hamper. Checking the shelf over the
back to her bedroom and laid out a pair of shorts      washer and dryer she verified that she had plenty
and a T-shirt top to put on. A pair of thongs and a    of laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softener
clean pair of panties and she was ready to get         and with an, “Oh Well,” to nobody in particular,
dressed. Alright, she thought to herself, this may     Jan loaded the washer with sheets first so that they
be inappropriate dress for this time of the wear but   would be the first to be dried as she didn‟t feel like
she wasn‟t going anywhere and it was so nice and       waiting up to all hours of the morning before being
warm out that she just couldn‟t bear to get all        able to make her bed for the night.
bundled up in stodgy old winter clothes. Having        Jan checked her alarm clock and could see that it
suitably justified her decision on what to wear, Jan   was nearly five o‟clock. No wonder she was
stretched to the full extent of her 5‟5‟ and 1341b     hungry. Besides, she hadn‟t had a thing to eat all
frame and said to the walls and furniture, “Thank      day having slipped lunch to help one of her history
God its Friday‟ and with a bit of a sheepish grin      students who was struggling to pass her class. She
realised that the animals, as she and Penny referred   was on her way to the kitchen when a knock at the
to their students, weren‟t the only ones happy to      front door interrupted her quest for sustenance.
get out of school. Quickly she brushed her hair        Answering the door, Jan was greeted by her
and although it was still somewhat wet she once        landlord and friend, Penny, who was holding her
again pulled it into a ponytail. Looking at herself    mail. “Come on in Penny,” said Jan and taking her
in the mirror, she remembered Penny‟s comment          mail from Penny‟s outstretched hand, she added,
about the little girl.                                 “thanks for getting my mail.”
Penny, if you could see me now thought Jan, and if     Penny responded, “No problem, I had to get mine
you only knew about the silly wetting accidents I      anyway.” Noting her friend‟s appearance she
have been having. Jan hadn‟t thought about the         added, “You certainly look better than this
„accidents‟ as she called them for the entire day.     afternoon.”
Now as she remembered she blushed with                 “I feel better too,” said Jan and realising that she
embarrassment. For the last month and a half she       hadn‟t cleaned in at least a week she added, “If you
had been experiencing a bed-wetting problem,           haven‟t already noticed, I have some house
which was something she had never had a problem        cleaning to attend to.”
with before. She had attributed them to anxiety        The washing machine in the background started a
she had been having since the divorce. At first the    rinse cycle and Penny said, “Sounds like you‟re
problem had been very infrequent with only one         getting things in shape. We‟re about to have
episode every week or so. Lately, however, the         supper and you‟re welcome to join us if you like.
„accidents‟ had been occurring more often. This        One more plate is no big deal.”
week she had three accidents with the latest being     Jan was more than pleased at this bit of most
this morning which accounted for the fact that her     welcome news. Smiling she said to her friend, “I
bed was not made.                                      don‟t know what I would do without you or
Jan had only three sets of sheets and this morning     Herman. I‟m famished and I haven‟t eaten a thing
she had awakened to find that her third and final      all day. I‟ll be right down to join you just as soon
set needed washing. The mattress on her double         as I put some fabric softener in the laundry and
bed was dry this evening although there were tell      make a quick change.” They talked briefly and
tale rings where she had wet on the same. A            Penny went home. Jan finished with the load of
healthy spraying of Lysol had removed the odour        sheets in the laundry and threw on some sweats
but the stain remained. If she was going to sleep in   over her T-shirt and shorts. She exchanged her
her bed tonight she would have to wash her sheets      thongs for her Reeboks and a pair of socks and
first. Since she was going to use the washer and       headed out to Penny‟s for dinner.
dryer, she might as well do all of her clothes too.    As she entered the living room Jan noticed that her
The hamper was fairly overflowing with this            answer phone was blinking with a message.
week's laundry anyway. It was moments like this        Getting a pad and pen she hit the replay button and
                              1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      6
waited while the machine rewound the message          pleasantries and when she wasn‟t speaking she
tape.     When it finished, the message tape          thought how well suited Penny and Herman were
automatically began to play. There was only one       for each other. Why they even looked alike with
message, which was from her doctor‟s office. Jan      the only exception being that Penny was about 3‟
had been concerned about her „accidents‟ and had      shorter than Herman and about 1001bs. lighter than
seen her family doctor about her embarrassing         Herman whom she guessed was about 2701bs.
problem. Dr. Quill had listened patiently to her      They had lived together in the same building for
rather embarrassed account of her bedwetting          only 4 months but already these two people felt
problems. He had assured her that „accidents‟ such    like family to Jan. An orphan, she had been raised
as hers were not that uncommon and usually meant      in a procession of foster homes until at 18 she had
nothing. Because of her concern he had taken          met her ex-husband and with his help gotten her
some blood tests and done an internal exam. The       history degree and teaching certificate. Now at 35
message on the machine was very brief and             she was single and starting over again. Like
informed Jan that she should come to the doctor‟s     Herman and Penny she couldn‟t have any children,
office the following Saturday. Jan made a note on     which was why her husband had left her. Before
her calendar of the time of the appointment, which    she knew its dinner was over and Jan found herself
was 10 A.M. and reset the answerphone. She was        back home. She finished her laundry and made her
somewhat concerned that they had called but then      bed.
she reasoned that if it was anything important they   It had been a long week and Jan was tired. There
would have asked her to call immediately. A           was nothing of interest on the TV and she retired
rumble in her stomach reminded Jan that it was        to her room with a romance novel for the evening.
dinnertime and she left for Penny and Herman‟s.       Within an hour she was sound asleep. Sometime
Herman Singleton answered the door almost as          during the night, Jan was not sure exactly when,
soon as Jan knocked. A balding man of 5‟10‟ he        she wet the bed. Four times in a week was enough.
was overweight and blind as a bat without his ever-   She was angry at herself for this latest accident and
present glasses. Herman was 45 but looked 55 to       determined that she was not going to ruin her
60 as he did little or nothing to take care of        mattress as well. Giving the poor thing another
himself. He was dressed in his grey pants and         dose of Lysol, she left it to dry and drove to a local
shirts which was his work uniform, and although       hospital supply store. There she purchased a full
he gave the appearance of a large dumb slob, Jan      size rubber mattress pad for her bed and returning
knew from past experience that he was very            home she placed it on her bed under her sheets. It
intelligent and he had a heart of gold. He            was a week to her doctor‟s appointment and Jan
reminded Jan of a great big teddy bear with           knew that she was going to grill Dr. Quill quite
glasses. “Come on in darlin,” he said, “your          extensively about this problem. It may not have
dinners a gettin cold‟. He always called her darlin   been of concern to the good doctor but it was
Jan thought as she scooted past him towards the       driving Jan up the wall. For the moment she had
table. It‟s too bad he and Penny had no children,     solved the problem of what to do to protect her
as Herman would have been a great dad.                mattress but how to keep her sheets dry was
Jan had no sooner sat down when Penny brought         another matter. She would see if the doctor had
out dinner, which was a delicious compilation of      any suggestions or possible solutions to her
roast beet, vegetables, and gravy. In between bites   dilemma.
of dinner the three friends exchanged the usual
                                            THE VISIT
Saturday, the 22nd of April finally arrived and Jan   Thursday, Friday, and this morning. The rubber
was more than just relieved. The proceeding week      sheet she had purchased had worked very well and
had been a very trying one. She had wet the bed a     if there was a highlight to the week it was this. Jan
total of four times. Although she had awakened to     was now quite concerned that something was
a dry bed on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday,           terribly wrong. Such were her thoughts as she
she had found herself in a wet bed on Tuesday,        drove to her doctor‟s office.
                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      7
When she arrived at the doctors, Jan was told to       “What is it?” Jan asked.
wait in the waiting room and she was idly flipping     The concern on her face was clearly showing and
through a back issue of „TIME‟ magazine when           Dr. Quill responded quickly with a one-word
one of the nurses called out, “Jan Dayton, the         answer, “VIRBS”
doctor will see you now.” Jan gathered her purse       Jan was not sure she had heard the doctor correctly
and jacket in her arms and followed the nurse back     and she asked him to repeat himself and when she
to the doctor‟s office and was told that Dr. Quill     got the same answer she finally asked, “What is
would join her shortly. Glancing at the clock on       VIRBS?”
the wall she saw that it was II AM. Jan was staring    To this the doctor answered, “Virally Induced
out the office window watching some sparrows           Regressive Behaviour Syndrome.” He could tell
gorge themselves at a bird feeder when Dr. Quill       from the dull expression on her face that Jan did
entered the room.                                      not have the faintest idea what he was talking
As he came in, Jan watched the physician who had       about. Clearing his, throat, Dr. Quill said, “Jan,
been her family doctor for over three years seat       you have VIRBS—V—I—R—B—S--, which is an
himself behind the ancient metal desk that took up     anagram for a disease which is essentially benign
much of the space in his small office. Dr. Quill       in that it is not fatal but which has some
was a short thin man with jet-black hair that was      uncomfortable side effects. There is no single
grey at the temples. It was obvious that he died his   virus which causes this disease but rather there is a
hair. He wore a white lab coat and a stethoscope       whole family of viruses which cause virbs.
hung around his neck. The glasses he wore were         Because there are so many different viruses
thick black framed things that had slid half way       causing the diseases there is no known cure for
down his nose, which really did look like a beak.      virbs. This is not unusual as there are many
In truth, Jan thought, her doctor gave the classic     everyday viral diseases for which there is no cure
resemblance of the stereotypical mad doctor. He        such as the common cold and influenza.”
was, however, an excellent physician and Jan knew      Jan was busy trying to digest all this information
that if there was anything wrong with her, Dr.         but she still didn‟t understand what the doctor was
Quill would cure it if any one could.                  telling her. “You don‟t wet the bed with a cold,”
All these thoughts went through Jan‟s mind as she      she said in a rather bitter tone.
watched the doctor review her file and the recent      “But you get a runny nose,” said the doctor. “When
history she had given to the nurse when she had        we can‟t cure the disease, we treat the symptoms or
come in.      “I see that your bedwetting has          we suggest the patient engage in behaviour which
increased,” he said and then without waiting he        will minimise their discomfort and allow them to
locked Jan straight in the eye and asked, “Are you     function as best as they are able to do.”
having any pain or discomfort while urinating?”        Jan mulled this over and asked, “Then I‟ll get
Jan‟s negative response was barely audible and her     better on my own and all I have to do is put up
obvious embarrassment showed in the deep red           with this bed wetting nuisance until I get over this
blush, which coloured her cheeks. Dr. Quill was        virbs.”
not an insensitive person and upon seeing her          “Well not exactly Jan,” he said, “You don‟t ever
discomfort he rose and closed the office door. “I‟ll   get over virbs as it is one of those viral infections
try not to be so loud,” he said. Jan thanked the       that your body isn‟t able to repel.”
doctor for his consideration as he once again sat      “You mean that I am always going to be like this,”
down.                                                  she said with a look of horror on her face.
“Jan, I have no doubt that the sudden onset of         “Well yes and no,” he said.
bedwetting has you completely mystified as to its      Jan was not dumb and what she had heard was
cause and origin,” he said. Her facial expression      scaring her to death. Taking a deep breath, she
was all the answer he needed and Dr. Quill             asked in a voice that was starting to break, “I
continued, “Rest assured you are not insane. Your      understand the „YES‟ part but I don‟t know what
problem is due to a particularly nasty little viral    you mean by the „NO‟ part. Explain yourself.”
infection that until recently had all but escaped      This was the part of the conversation that Dr. Quill
medical attention.”                                    knew he would have to tell his patient about but
                              1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc     8
which he dreaded having to do. “VIRBS is a             seemed to pass and she found herself desperately
progressive disease whose symptoms manifest            trying to maintain some composure. “Doctor,” she
themselves over an extended period of time. With       said in a hoarse whisper, “I don‟t have any family.
most people who suffer from this disease the           No one will be there to take care of me. What can
development of overt physical symptoms takes           I do to take care of myself?”
years. Almost all who suffer from this disease         Jan didn‟t really hear his answer that the
experience bed wetting as the first overt symptom.     information packet she was getting contained many
Many never experience any other symptoms of the        of the answers to her questions and concerns as to
disease as they die from other causes or from old      what she should do. Jan took the literature he gave
age before any other symptoms manifest                 her about the disease and the numbers of the
themselves. In more advanced cases victims can         therapist and attorney he recommended she see as
experience complete loss of bladder control around     soon as possible. For some unknown reason, Jan
the clock to total incontinence. Finally, a very few   found herself enraged as she had never been before
victims experience later stages of the disease         in her entire life. Jan remembered nothing of the
which range from loss of balance to loss of speech     drive home but her appearance was such that the
and gross musculo~skeletal motor control.”             moment Penny saw her she literally had to force
While he spoke, tears had started to stream down       Jan to tell her what was wrong.
her face and Jan asked the question that for her       “Of all the stupid, idiotic, moronicy silly diseases
was the most frightening of all.                       to get,” Jan shrieked at the top of her lungs. “I have
“What specifically can I expect to happen to me        to get virbs. Who in Gods name ever heard of
doctor?”                                               virbs? Nobody, that‟s who.”
Dr. Quill decided that this was not the time for any   Penny watched as her friend shouted and ranted
polite omission which would give false hope to his     and raved and threw things. She wasn‟t sure what
patient. Better she know the truth and deal with       to do. Jan had never been this upset, not even
the reality of her situation. „I don‟t know for sure   during her divorce. As best as she was able to
what course your disease will take. I checked your     determine Jan apparently had same kind of awful
last blood culture results from your annual check-     disease. She had decided to call an ambulance
up and you were virbs free. The latest blood test is   when Jan started to cry in great sobs. Long
positive for virbs. This means that as best as I can   mournful wails which evoked such pity from
determine, you have a particularly virulent form of    Penny that the only thing she knew to do was to
virbs which is extremely potent and from the rapid     hold Jan until she had regained her composure.
onset of symptoms it would appear that the disease     Penny held Jan for hours and it was nearly
is advancing rapidly. It is my best judgement that     midnight when she helped her friend to bed and
you will experience all of the symptoms of this        returned to her own home where she quickly
disease within the next year. More than this I         brought a very frantic Herman up to date on the
cannot say. Lastly, I should like to add that some     days events. Both of them agreed that first thing in
of the medical history indicates that memory loss      the morning Penny would pay Jan a visit and do
also accompanies the disease but this is not           whatever it took to help their friend through this
substantiated by the present research.”                crisis.
Jan was completely numb. The shock of what she
was being told overwhelmed her. An eternity
                                         Getting Started
Jan awoke Sunday morning to a wet bed. The             prepared to keep the same. Jan had always been
rubber sheet had done its job and she threw her wet    alone, even during her marriage, and to suddenly
sheets in the laundry. She had no sooner finished      have a friend to lean on would take some
her shower than there was a knock at the front         adjustment on her part but she was grateful for the
door. It was only 7 A.M. but Penny was true to her     kindness and the support she was receiving from
promise of the evening before and had come             her friend.     Jan blushed with shame and

                              1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      9
embarrassment when Herman followed Penny into          protection than that offered by the other bladder
her apartment.                                         control garments. Additionally, they selected an
“I‟ve told Herman everything,” said Penny, “so         adult sized disposable diaper that Jan could wear
don‟t be so embarrassed. He‟s here to help, just       during the day if she needed to. Since the box was
like I am. And we are not going to take no for an      so expensive,
answer either. We‟re your friends. We made up          They purchased only one package of 30
our minds last night that we would do whatever         disposables. Although they were more expensive
was necessary to help.”                                initially, both women recognised that the cloth and
This led to a rather lengthy exchange between the      vinyl combination would be most practical and
parties with the result being that Jan, despite her    economical in the long run. The sales clerk had
fears, agreed to accept the help and support of        also warned them that the disposables had the
these two fine People. As they reviewed the            unfortunate drawback of leaking at the most
literature she had received from Dr. Quill, Jan and    inopportune moments, especially if overwet. The
Penny decided that they would make the                 cloth and vinyl, explained the clerk, could have
appointments with the therapist and lawyer the         special soaker pads inserted and you could even
doctor had recommended the following week. The         wear double diapers to give yourself protection for
information packet gave many suggestions which         extended periods of time. Both the ladies thanked
all agreed were quite useful. It was during the        the clerk for his assistance, made their purchases,
review of the legal packet that Jan started to cry.    and proceeded to their next destination to purchase
The pamphlet suggested that the patient appoint a      more supplies.
legal guardian to look after them when the disease     The next stop was a K-Mart where they purchased
rendered them incapable of looking after               a large container of diaper wipes, large tube of
themselves.                                            Desitin diaper rash ointment, petroleum jelly, baby
“I have no family and I am an orphan.” Jan said.       Powder, and six dozen cloth diapers. The diapers
Penny and Herman had looked at each other and          at the hospital store were so expensive, that Penny
then they had both looked at Jan. “You have a          had insisted that they buy only a half dozen. “We
family now,” said Herman.                              can make adult sized diapers for you from the
“And when the time comes, we‟ll be honoured to         Curity or Birdseye baby diapers,” she had said.
be your legal guardians,” said Penny. Jan had          As for Jan, she was so embarrassed most of the
continued to cry but warm loving hugs from her         time or so afraid of being humiliated in front of
new found family members soon had her smiling          store patrons that she did not argue with her friend.
for the first time in days.                            From K-mart‟s they went to a dress store where
When they finished reviewing the information           Jan acquired a dozen new dress outfits all of which
packets from the doctor, Jan and Penny decided to      were either dresses or skirts cut in such a manor
go shopping for the recommended supplies that Jan      that they flared at her waist so that they would
would be needing. Herman, it was decided, would        cover the bulk of her diapers and plastic pants. Jan
open up the wall he had built to turn the house into   was quite impressed with this bit of thoughtfulness
a duplex. Since they were going to be a family, it     on Penny‟s part. “You‟ve thought of everything,”
didn‟t make sense to have two separate residences.     she told her friend. “And your right too, the pant
He left for the lumber supply store to buy the         suits and slacks I usually wear won‟t go with my
necessary supplies. Jan and Penny were right           new wardrobe at all,” she chirped. Jan‟s tone was
behind him on their way to the hospital supply         so happy in nature that both ladies were giggling
store.                                                 almost hysterically as they left the store as they
Arriving at the hospital supply store Jan and Penny    were barely able to contain themselves. While
located a sales clerk and after same slight            loading the packages into the back of the car, Jan
hesitation on Jan‟s part they finally explained her    said, “I can‟t wait to try these things out. Waking
predicament. The clerk showed them an extensive        up to dry sheets is going to be a nice change of
array of incontinent supplies and they settled on      pace.”
cloth diapers and a white vinyl pull-on style brief.   It was nearly 5 o‟clock and they were both
They chose these because Jan would need more           famished. The stores closed at six and after a
                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      10
quick trip to McDonald‟s they headed home.              halves taut across her stomach and buttocks and
On the way home Penny reminded Jan to check out         pinned the other side. She could now stand and
the school‟s health insurance for financial             after she did so she carefully inserted first one leg
assistance with her medical needs and they also         and then the other into her vinyl pull-on pants and
decided to check and see if Jan would quality for       slowly pulled them up over her diapers. Looking
disability insurance benefits when the time came        at herself in her dresser mirror she was amazed at
for her to quit teaching. When they arrived home,       how babyish she looked. After making sure that
they found Herman had gone to a bakery store and        her diaper was completely encased by her plastic
he had purchased a cake that was decorated with         pants, Jan left her bedroom to say goodnight to
„Welcome Home Jan‟. He had also purchased a             Penny and to lock the door behind her after she
bottle of champagne and while the stunned ladies        left.
watched he poured a glass of champagne for each.        When she entered the living room Penny said,
Herman assured Jan that the needed modifications        "My, my and who is this little girl?”
in the house would be completed within the week.        Jan smiled for this was the same thing that Penny
Then he raised his glass, the ladies joined him and     had said to her at school not more than, two weeks
he proposed a toast, “To Family.” Three glasses         ago. It seemed that a lifetime had passed since that
clinked and for Jan any doubts about having these       day. Unlike then, Jan now had an answer for her
two people become her legal guardians                   old friend and new family member. “I am baby
disappeared with the champagne she shared with          Jan,” she said, “and if you are very good to me I
them.                                                   can be your baby if you want me to.” Jan then did
They shared their first evening together as a           something rather spontaneous. Standing on her
family, one of many they would share in the weeks       tiptoes, she slowly turned around in front of Penny
and months to come. By nine O‟clock, Jan was            showing off her new pink baby doll outfit and her
visible exhausted and because she had been up so        well-diapered bottom. Then looking at her friend
late the night before and the fact that she had not     she asked, “Do you like?”
slept well for the last several weeks, Penny insisted   Penny smiled, clapped her hands together, and for
in helping her carry her new purchases in from the      the first time referred to Jan as Herman would, she
car. Together they made Jan‟s bed and Penny put         said, “Darlin, you are positively adorable. You are
Jan‟s new clothes away while she took a shower.         so cute that I just can‟t help but love you.”
When she finished her shower, Jan felt more             Penny gave Jan a big bug and told her to get right
relaxed than she had felt in weeks. She entered her     to bed as tomorrow was going to be a big day for
bedroom to find t hat Penny had laid out a baby         them both. She then left for the night but made Jan
doll night gown for her to wear and she had laid        promise not to get up before she arrived the
out two of the new cloth diapers, a pair of diaper      following morning. Although curious as to why all
pins and a single pair of vinyl pants. Jan had not      the mystery, Jan agreed to do as asked even
worn diapers since she had been a baby. She knew        agreeing to stay in bed until Penny came to get her.
that Penny was in her living room waiting for her       After Penny left Jan got herself a glass of water
to come and say goodnight. Although she felt            and discovered that she couldn‟t walk straight due
rather silly, she returned to the bathroom where she    to the bulk of the diapers between her legs. She
slowly but deliberately shaved off her pubic hair.      found that she waddled back and forth. How much
She then put her hair in pigtails. Finally, she put     like a baby she thought and she went to bed. Her
baby powder on her bottom and loins and then            last thought as she drifted off to sleep was the hope
pulled the double nighttime diaper up and pinned        that her diapers did the job they were intended to
one side. Then she pulled the front and back            do.
                                          WET DIAPERS
Jan woke Monday morning to three things. Firstly        diapers were quite obviously very wet. As she
Penny had let herself into the apartment and was        stretched, she could feel the wetness in her pants
seated at the edge of her bed. Second, to her relief,   against her buttocks where the diapers clung to her
her sheets were completely dry. Third and last, her     skin. Oddly, it wasn‟t that uncomfortable a
                              1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      11
feeling. She didn‟t remember wetting herself, but         doll top and watched a very naked Jan skip into the
she was more refreshed than she had felt in weeks.        bathroom to take her bath. As she bathed, Jan
Yawning rather loudly she said, “Good morning,”           could bear Penny in her room quite obviously
to Penny. “I hope you slept as well as I did.” Jan        enjoying herself as she gathered together Jan‟s
said and then she added, “What are you doing here         outfit for the day. As she washed her hair she
so early?” and then she remembered her promise of         heard Penny in her kitchen as she recognised the
the night before and she added “Where‟s my                telltale rattle of pans. Rinsing her hair she called
surprise, and how long have you been here?”               for a towel and was surprised to find Penny
Penny could tell that Jan had slept peacefully for        handing her one. “I‟ll be giving you your baths in
the first time in weeks. “I slept fine, sleepyhead,       the future” Penny said “but for now we‟re running
I‟ve been here for about I/2 an hour, we have to be       late so let‟s get you dressed.”
at school in an hour, and your surprise is that I am      Jan vigorously ran the towel through her hair and
going to help you get ready.”                             walked naked into her bedroom. Penny had
Jan had completely forgotten to set her alarm the         noticed her shaved vagina and had told her she
night before. If Penny hadn‟t gotten her up she           approved as Jan towelled off in the bathroom.
would have overslept for sure. “We had better             Now that she was in the bedroom, Jan looked at
hurry” Jan said and she started to get up having          her wardrobe for the day, which Penny had laid
completely forgotten about her diapers.                   out. She had expected to be wearing one of her
“I‟ve already run you a nice hot bath,” said Penny,       new dresses and so she was not surprised to see it
“now if you‟ll just sit still for five seconds I‟ll get   laid out with a cotton bra and full-length slip. The
those wet diapers off you.”                               pantyhose and shoes were also no surprise. The
Jan, who had been rushing about her room                  diapers and plastic pants were a surprise and Jan
attempting to get organised, stopped cold in her          pointed at them and said, “I don‟t know about
tracks. She blushed as she noticed herself in the         those. What it I have an accident or what if one of
mirror. Her diapers were so completely sodden             the students should see or guess what I‟m wearing.
that they literally sagged from the weight of her         I‟d die of embarrassment.”
water in them. Jan started to say, “Penny I” and          Penny could tell that Jan was leery of wearing her
then she closed her mouth. The look on Penny‟s            diapers during the day and had been prepared for
face told Jan all she needed to know. Penny               this resistance. “If you have an accident the
wanted this. She wanted to change Jan‟s pants.            diapers will keep you safe and secure.” she said
She wanted this because Jan was the closest thing         “and I‟ve been teaching for 23 years and have yet
to a baby Penny was ever going to have. Jan               to have a student look up my dress or ask what I
hesitated for only a moment and then, looking             was wearing underneath it. Your diapers won‟t
directly at her friend she said, “If you want to          show under your dress anyway, that‟s why we
change my didies you‟ll have to do them all the           bought them. Now lie down so I can get you good
time and that includes putting fresh ones on me.”         and diapered for the day. We‟re running out of
The expression on Penny‟s face was all the answer         time so quit your fussing.” Jan was amazed at
Jan needed. She had guessed right. She also               Penny‟s determined attitude. With a shrug, she lay
realised that this meant that she had just agreed to      down and allowed herself to be diapered. Penny
let Penny become her surrogate mommy and to let           made sure her diapers fit snugly and then slid a
her decide what Jan should wear, what she should          pair of plastic pants an over them. After she had
eat, and how she should be treated. The same              double diapered Jan, she made sure that Jan‟s
thing was occurring to Penny who said, “Alright           diapers were completely inside her plastic pants.
young lady, come here so I can get those diapers          Finally Penny quickly helped Jan on with the rest
off.” and as she spoke, she laid out a plastic table      of her clothes. Jan brushed her hair and let it hang
cloth with Mickey Mouse characters printed on it.         loose. The lady looking back at her from the
Jan dutifully lay down on her changing mat and            mirror was quite attractive. Adding just a touch of
watched as Penny deftly removed her wet diapers.          makeup, she was very pleased with her appearance
Placing them in the diaper pail, which she had            and mentally noted that Penny was right, not even
moved next to the bed, Penny pulled off Jan‟s baby        Jan could tell she was wearing diapers and plastic
                               1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      12
pants and she knew for a fact that she had them on.      adrenaline into her system all combined to make
The bulk of the diapers caused her to walk with a        Jan an extremely excited lady. She also found that
waddle as they had the evening before. However,          as she walked and as the wetness spread
with the dress on, there was no observable               throughout her diapers, the warm and gentle
difference.                                              massage of her loins that she was receiving as a
Penny, who had left to put their things in the car,      consequence, was without a doubt bringing her to
returned just soon enough to watch Jan check             one of the most exquisitely delightful orgasms of
herself in the mirror. “If we don‟t leave now we‟ll      her life. It was all Jan could do to keep her balance
both be late," she said. Grabbing her purse, Jan         and maintain her composure. Jan actually had to
followed her friend to the car. She had never left       turn her back to her class as waves of ecstasy
this late for school before. They arrived just in        overwhelmed her. Thankfully, her chair was close
time and Penny shouted back to Jan as she left,          enough that she was able to sit down before her
“See you for lunch”. With that she was gone and          shaky knees caused her to fall down. Jan was
Jan found herself hurrying to her classroom. Out         relieved that she had not moaned aloud with the
of breath, she had no sooner reached her desk            intense pleasure she was feeling. When the bell
when the bell sounded and her first period               rang signalling the end of class she sighed with
students, who had been milling about in the              relief. It was lunchtime and she had an hour to
hallway entered the room ready for class.                recover. The morning, Jan mentally noted, had
Jan taught both history and government with her          been more eventful than she had anticipated.
government classes occupying her morning                 Retrieving her lunch from her briefcase, she
schedule. She was a bit nervous being in front of        headed for the teacher‟s lounge to share an hour
her students in diapers but when nothing out of the      with Penny before taking on her afternoon
ordinary occurred, she gained her confidence back        schedule.
quickly. During her second period class the urge         At lunch, Jan quietly informed Penny that she had
to urinate came over her. She waited until class         used her diapers for their intended purpose. The
was over and realised that there were no doors           teacher‟s lounge was crowded and they were not
inside the restroom. Although her third period           able to talk much. Jan did agree to make
class was unaware of anything different they were        appointments with the attorney and therapist
being taught by the world‟s biggest toddler as 15        recommended by Dr. Quill. The two ladies also
minutes into the class Jan wet her pants. Being          decided to check out the teacher‟s group health and
somewhat of a coward, she discreetly retreated           disability benefits before the end of the day. When
behind her desk when she went potty in her pants.        they finished their lunch Penny returned to her
She did so because any leakage would run down            classroom while Jan went to the school office to
her leg and form a puddle behind her desk out of         get some copies of the health and disability
the line of sight of her class. It took all the          insurance policies. Dr. Quill‟s pamphlets had
willpower she could muster not to outwardly react        recommended that these documents be secured and
as she soaked her didies. When she was sure she          should be brought with one when they visited their
was secure, she returned to her usual practice of        attorney. The office secretary provided her with
pacing back and forth in front of her class while        copies of the requested documents and in no time
giving the days lecture. Jan found that the wet          Jan found herself heading back to her classroom.
diapers clung to her bottom but her plastic pants        The wet diapers clinging to her backside were
kept her outer clothing completely dry.                  beginning to make her itch and their thick padding
Surprisingly, she found it a bit easier to walk as the   combined with the plastic pants covering them
wetness in the diapers made them more flexible           made it impossible to effectively scratch the
which reduced her waddle slightly as she walked.         affected area. Even if this weren‟t the case, she
Strangely, Jan found herself exhilarated with the        wouldn‟t have been able to give herself any relief
sensations generated by wearing a wet diaper in          anyway as the hallways were fast filling with
front of her class. The pounding of her pulse, the       students returning from lunch.
quickness of her breathing, and the sudden burst of      Jan had not told Penny that she needed to relieve
energy she was receiving from the release of             her bowels. There wasn‟t anything Penny could
                               1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      13
have done to help her and the need was not urgent.      doorway between Jan‟s apartment and theirs. He
Jan was confident that this business could be           was quite proud of his handiwork and insisted on
postponed until she returned home. Her afternoon        showing it off to Jan and Penny. The two ladies
classes proceeded without incident even though          made appropriately polite complimentary remarks
she did wet her pants again shortly after 1:30 in the   and as they left to go to Jan‟s room Herman yelled
afternoon. Jan was relieved that her diapers            to Penny, “Dear, you had better change our big
handled this second onslaught and she found that        girl‟s pants. From the smell of things, she needs
as she walked back and forth the added weight in        some serious attention.”
her didies caused them to sag down. She could           Jan turned crimson but said nothing. She and
actually feel the weight of her now sodden diapers      Penny continued to her room and Penny yelled
as they produced a steady downward tug on her           back to her husband, “Don‟t worry, I‟ll take care of
hips as she walked. Further, whenever she had           everything.”
occasion to sit she could feel and hear the moisture    Jan peeled off her outer garments as soon as she
trapped inside her plastic pants move about as it       got to her room. Along with her bra and hose she
was squished from one part of her diapers to            threw her clothes in the laundry. She caught a
another. No one was happier to have the final bell      glimpse of herself in the mirror and the droop in
ring than Jan. After her students left she breathed     her diapers clearly showed that her pants needed
a sigh of relief and was gathering her papers           changing. Heading towards the bathroom, she
together when the urge to move her bowels became        motioned for Penny to join her. “Since you put
more than she could bear. Since no one was              these on me,” she said, “you can take them off as
around Jan let nature take its course and she soiled    well. I‟m going to take a shower and make some
her diapers. The downward pull on her diapers           phone calls and then we are going to talk.” Penny
was very apparent to Jan and she could feel the         removed her diapers and pants, rinsed them in the
sudden taughtness in her pants as her large mass        toilet and then deposited them in the diaper pail
movement filled her diapers.                            with those from last night. As she showered Jan
Jan had just finished pottying in her pants when        yelled to Penny “Go get changed. I‟ll meet you in
Penny arrived. It was painfully obvious what Jan        the kitchen after I‟m finished showering.” Jan
had done and the expression on Penny‟s face             heard Penny‟s all right and heard her leave. When
showed that she knew very well what Jan had done        she finished her shower, she towelled off, dried her
in her pants. Before she could speak Jan said, as       hair quickly with a hair blower, and threw on a
she grabbed her briefcase and purse, “I believe you     bathrobe. Jan called the attorney and therapist Dr.
were responsible for my attire today and its only       Quill had recommended and set up appointments
right that you should have to accept the                with each for the following week. Not bothering to
consequences of your decision. After all I‟ve had       get dressed, she headed for the kitchen to speak
to live with it all day. Besides, I simply couldn‟t     with Penny and, she thought as she left, Herman
hold out any longer.”                                   too.
Penny, despite her obvious discomfort, and not          It was 4:30 when Jan got to the kitchen. It was
really certain about Jan‟s feelings said “I‟m sorry     midnight when she left. Penny, Herman and Jan
Jan, I really didn‟t think things through this          talked non-stop throughout the evening. To Jan‟s
morning and I‟ve used our friendship. I failed to       surprise, Penny and Herman were not the least bit
consider your feelings and the humiliation this has     bothered by the days events. When Jan told them
caused you.”                                            that as her case of V.I.R.B.S. progressed, what had
“Don‟t beat yourself up so badly,” Jan said, “I         happened today would become their routine,
didn‟t exactly protest this morning. I‟m glad this      Herman and Penny had looked at each other and it
day is over. Now let‟s go home. We have a lot to        was Herman who spoke for both of them when he
talk about and I have some phone calls to make to       had said. “We know what we are getting into and
an attorney and a therapist.” The odour from Jan‟s      were not afraid.” They discussed the fact that Jan
diapers was so strong that they had to drive home       would need legal guardians but Herman and Penny
with the windows unrolled. When they arrived,           were not dissuaded and said they were eager to be
they found that Herman had installed a new              the same.
                              1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc     14
As for Jan she had to honestly admit that the days     hair in pigtails again and Herman helped her into a
events had not disturbed her nearly as much as         pair of adult sized toddler style pyjamas he had
Penny had feared. “The truth is,” she said, “I         secretly purchased for her during the day at a local
rather enjoyed being an adult baby.” They had          department store.
taken a short meal break and it was Penny who          Jan yawned and eagerly climbed into bed. The
resumed their conversation. With some degree of        lights were turned out and Herman and Penny each
discomfort she was finally able to state that she      kissed their big baby girl goodnight.
had enjoyed babying Jan around and wanted to           “See you in the morning,” Penny had said and with
continue doing so.         Their facial expressions    this last comment they were both gone. Jan laid in
showed just how intense the emotions in the room       the dark for awhile before drifting off to sleep.
were running. Jan had enjoyed being babied and         Just as she was about to fall asleep she heard
she trusted Penny more than anyone else she had        someone enter her room. A warm bottle of milk
known in her life. “I‟ll be your baby,” she had said   was placed in her mouth and as she started to suck
to Penny, “and I‟ll be Herman‟s too. I‟ll wear what    on the bottle she heard Penny whisper, “Herman
you ask and behave as you wish.”                       thought you might be thirsty.” Jan was so sleepy
Both Penny and Herman were delighted with her          that she continued to suck her bottle as Penny left
decision. The pleased smiles on their faces told       the room. She fell asleep this way and sometime
Jan that her trust in these people was well founded.   during the night her half-empty bottle fell to the
They had run out of things to say when Herman          floor. She never did get to say thank you even
noted the time and he and Penny insisted on            though she was thirsty and actually found that she
putting the baby to bed. Once again Jan found          enjoyed having a bottle to suck on.
herself in diapers and plastic pants. Penny put her

                                        BACK TO BASICS
Jan‟s case of V.I.R.B.S. continued its relentless      school Jan had lost all control over her bladder.
progress and as it did, Jan continued her steady       Having no daytime control meant that she couldn‟t
regression. Penny had solved Jan‟s concern             wet herself discreetly any longer and there had
regards diaper failure during the day at school by     been several incidents in the middle of class when
inserting two cloth soaker pads, which ran the         she had suddenly found herself wetting her pants.
length of her diaper, covering the centre portion of   The worst incident had been when a student,
the same. These with a double diapering for an         Jennifer Yost, was sitting directly across from Jan
outer layer kept Jan quite secure and were good for    during an after school tutoring session. They were
the whole day. With her plastic pants forming an       not more than a foot apart when Jan did pee pee in
outer barrier between her didies and big girl          her pants. Since the room was empty, she was
clothes, there were no embarrassing incidents.         positive that Jenny heard the sound of Jan‟s hot
Herman and Penny preferred that she wear only          urine as it gushed out and soaked her waiting
diapers and a T-shirt at home and with all the         diapers. Jennifer had said nothing although her
padding she was wearing her bottom looked              odd look had forced Jan to manufacture the excuse
positively gargantuan. Fortunately, her dresses        that her stomach was grumbling because she was
effectively disguised Jan‟s return to infancy. Her     on a diet.
pubic hair had started to grow back in and had         The appointment with the attorney had gone fairly
proved to be quite a nuisance. Herman had solved       well and a week after school was out Jan, Penny,
this problem when he had acquired a home hair          and Herman had to make an appearance before a
electrolysis kit and as a result, by the end of        local court where Jan had to declare herself to be
school, Jan was devoid of body hair from the neck      incompetent and in need of guardianship. The
down.                                                  attorney had affidavits from Dr. Quill attesting to
Jan had kept their appointments with the therapist     her condition and there were other legal documents
and attorney. The exercises the therapist had          assigning her disability checks and social security
recommended proved ineffective and by the end of       checks to Herman and Penny. Jan‟s health
                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc     15
insurance would remain in full effect and as such       devoted to all manner of baby clothing ranging
she was guaranteed financial and medical security.      from a drawer full of plastic pants in assorted
The hearing took place on Thursday morning t he         colours, prints, and plain or ruffled trim on the
fifteenth of June at 10 A.M. and by 12 Noon Jan         seat.    She had dozens of rompers, sunsuits,
was officially a baby in the eyes of the law.           sundresses, bonnets, bibs, socks, and sleepers.
Herman and Penny were now her legal guardians.          Penny enjoyed dressing Jan and changing her
Just as the judge‟s gavel dropped making this           clothes and to Jan it seemed as though Penny and
decision a final one, the baby did potty in her pants   Herman couldn‟t get enough of their new baby.
both wetting and soiling her didies. Grinning from      Jan didn‟t mind all the attention. At first she was
ear to ear and while holding the hands of her new       rather self conscious about her condition, but the
parents Jan strolled out of the courtroom. On the       enthusiasm of Penny and Herman was so
way home her new mommy and daddy bought her             contagious that she soon thought nothing of having
a happy meal from a McDonald‟s which Jan                her diapers checked to see if she needed a change.
proceeded to devour along with a bottle of juice        Jan actually found that she enjoyed being the baby
Penny had packed for the occasion. She had fallen       as much as Herman and Penny enjoyed having her.
asleep on the ride home and it was Herman who           Jan grew so accustomed to being the baby that
carried her into the house and who put her down         being treated as one was a completely normal
for her afternoon nap.                                  pattern of existence. She was so used to her new
The house too had changed during the last several       lifestyle that she didn‟t even miss her previous
months. Jan no longer slept in her old room.            adult lifestyle. Jan continued to regress and by the
Herman had remodelled the bedroom in his and            middle of August she was completely incontinent.
Penny‟s half of the house into a giant nursery. His     This only served to reinforce her adaptation to and
hobby was woodworking and he had made giant             acceptance of her new baby lifestyle. Jan found
baby furniture for Jan to use. Penny had decorated      that one of her favourite activities was colouring.
the walls with a Mother Goose print wallpaper and       She spent many a happy hour colouring her
shortly after the first of July, baby Jan moved into    favourite scenes or characters from her colouring
her new room. Herman built a large highchair for        books. These she would display with much pride
Jan who took her meals in the same as soon as it        to Herman and Penny and in a very short time her
was finished. Jan‟s old living room was converted       pictures could be found throughout the house.
into the world‟s largest playroom and soon it was       Since her muscular dexterity was also being
filled with all manner of blocks, puzzles, games,       affected by the disease, this activity helped to
stuffed animals, dolls, and bookshelves loaded          preserve her muscular control although as time
with nursery rhymes, collections of bed time            progressed she had more and more difficulty
stories, and the largest collection of colouring        staying in the lines.
books and crayons Jan had ever seen. The back           Since she spent so much time colouring or playing
yard was fenced in with an eight-foot tall privacy      in the sandbox, Jan did little exercise with her legs.
fence. A giant sandbox was installed along with         Herman and Penny tried to get her to walk or ride a
swings, a slide and a teter-totter. When she wasn‟t     bit, but Jan was experiencing dizzy spells
sleeping in her giant crib, or playing in the           associated with the loss of her balance. The result
playroom, Jan took her naps in the playpen              was that Jan resorted to crawling about as a means
Herman installed at one end of her playroom. It         of getting around. They had tried a walker, but Jan
seemed to Jan that Herman and Penny were                didn‟t like it because it was too cumbersome. By
determined that Jan have all the things she had         the end of August, Jan was an expert crawler and
missed out on the first time she had been a baby.       would only walk if her hand was being held. If
While Herman remodelled the house to                    you dropped her hand she would immediately sit
accommodate the baby, Penny was busy making a           down as her fear of falling was so great that she
wardrobe for her baby that any mother would be          was terrified to stand-alone.
proud of. By the first of August, the diaper stacker    As Jan‟s transformation from adult to infant
by her crib was filled as well as the top drawer of     relentlessly continued, the lives of all were
her dresser. Jan‟s remaining seven drawers were         changed. As Jan became more of a baby, Herman
                              1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      16
and Penny adapted to the changes and became             had only briefly begun to show itself at the end of
more like her parents each day. A routine was           the old school year. By the end of the summer and
established. At first Jan was consulted about           the beginning of the new school year, Jan was
entertainment choices like any other adult. By the      physically incapable of caring for or expressing
end of summer, these decisions were made for her.       herself. By the end of the summer, this highly
At the beginning of the summer Jan was asked            educated intelligent lady and eloquent speaker had
what she would like to eat and at the end of            been reduced to a blithering idiot. Jan‟s speech
summer she was simply fed those food items that         was so impaired that she was no longer coherent.
Penny felt constituted an appropriate diet. This        At first she had resorted to writing out what she
form of transformation occurred in all aspects of       could not say but soon she couldn‟t make the
Jan‟s life. She went from choosing her wardrobe,        letters. Her muscular control had completely
bathing herself, and drinking or eating what she        deteriorated reducing her writing to meaningless
pleased, to being dressed, getting her bath and         scribbling.     Jan continued to communicate
drinking from her bottle filled with whatever juice     however, but she was reduced to babbling
Penny or Herman gave her to being fed her meals         excitedly, much the same as an infant. Because of
in her highchair. Whatever aspect of her disease        the effects of the disease, the onset of the new
manifested itself so that Jan could no longer           school year meant that either Herman or Penny
provide for herself, Herman and Penny adapted           would have to get a babysitter for Jan during the
and filled this void.                                   day since Penny would no longer be able to be
Loss of physical ability was not the only way in        present all the time to care for her. Through a
which Jan‟s disease manifested itself. As the           series of Yes and No questions they were able to
week‟s passed and her disease progressed, Jan           get Jan‟s input. She indicated her agreement and
experienced an increasing inability to speak. This      an ad was placed for a live in Nanny for baby Jan.

                                        CHANGING TIMES

Jan had become quite an expert crawler and as           It was Wednesday afternoon, the 20th of September
such she moved throughout the house fairly well         and Jan awoke with a snort. The clock on the VCR
given her present circumstances. She went up            showed that it was 4:15 P.m. As usual, Jan was wet
steps better than she came down, but she was able       and in need of a change. The nurse they had hired
to negotiate most obstacles that she encountered.       temporarily while they searched for a nanny for
To protect her from injury, Penny and Herman            Jan had apparently left when Penny had come
placed snacks and fruit down low where she could        home. „Just as well‟ thought Jan, as she didn‟t like
easily reach them. Jan solved her communication         the nurse. The lady was efficient enough; she just
problems through the use of a magnetic blackboard       treated Jan like she was an idiot, which Jan
and plastic letters. Although it left a lot to be       resented. „I may be sick and an invalid‟ she
desired, it did permit her to express herself more      though, „but I am not crazy or retarded.‟ She hadn‟t
articulately and it was certainly better than nodding   said anything to Penny or to Herman, as she knew
yes or no all the time. Jan had tried a computer        they were doing their best to find her a permanent
with a word Processing program, but the keys were       housekeeper. She heard the familiar sound of
so close together she couldn‟t strike them with any     paper rustling at the dining room table and knew
degree of accuracy. Finite muscular control was         that Penny was grading papers and although she
just physically not possible; thus she used the         liked to watch the afternoon talk shows Jan knew
magnetic letters. Herman mounted ½ dozen of the         that Penny had not turned on the TV so as not to
metal blackboards on the wall in the playroom at        wake her. Jan stretched lazily and yawned. The
floor level. A large plastic diaper pail full of        afternoon sun was quite warm and had made her
letters was nearby and allowed Jan to spell out her     very sleepy. The view out the playroom window
thoughts and comments.                                  was particularly pretty this time of the year as the
                              1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc     17
leaves were just now reaching their peak and the        saw him. He had been standing quietly behind her
various mixture of colours made a lovely backdrop       reading over her shoulder. Bending down, Herman
against the clear blue sky. Rolling over, she first     gave Jan a hug and kissed her on the forehead. Jan
arched her back upward and then downward like a         returned his hug as he said, “Be sure and pick a
cat. Now that she was fully awake and alert she         good one.” Jan smiled at his obvious deception for
realised that she was thirsty as well and slowly but    when he held her close, her surrogate „Daddy‟ had
surely she crawled off to the dining room to get        quietly checked her pants as he hugged her. Both
Penny.                                                  she and Herman turned at the sound of Penny
A familiar tug at the bottom of her skirt alerted       entering the playroom and Herman said, “Baby
Penny to the presence of her favourite baby girl.       needs a change.”
“Well, well,” she said, “it seems the baby is finally   “I know,” said Penny as she held up fresh didies
awake. Did you have a good nap?” Jan smiled and         and plastic pants in one hand and a clean romper
looked up at Penny. She crossed her legs slightly       and T-shirt in the other.
and sat down. As she did this, the wetness in her       Herman gave Penny a kiss and said, “Looks like
diapers made a squishing noise as it was squeezed       you have things in hand, I‟m going to get cleaned
out of the bottom of her diaper by her weight. She      up.‟ He left for the bedroom and when he left he
was wearing a nursery print plastic pants and           took Jan‟s bottle to the kitchen. Penny quickly
matching baby styled T-shirt, one of her favourite      changed Jan‟s pants and the two ladies were busy
prints, and as Penny watched she stuck her thumb        reviewing the resumes when Herman returned with
in her mouth and started to suck the same. “I see       a fresh bottle for Jan. They had decided to
that someone is thirsty too,” said Penny. As she        interview the three applicants that Penny had
rose she told Jan to follow her into the kitchen.       selected and Jan added a fourth. Jan‟s selection
Jan arrived in the kitchen just as Penny reached        was a former student, Jennifer Yost. Jan sadly
into the refrigerator, removed a bottle of juice, and   recalled the tragic auto accident that had killed
handed it to Jan. As she took her battle, Penny         Jennifer‟s parents earlier that summer. An only
said, “Jan, I‟ve been reviewing the resumes we‟ve       child, she was now an orphan just as Jan was. She
received for your nanny. I want you to look them        had become an LPN during the summer, having
over and decide who you would like to interview.        graduated from the vocational school in June.
I‟m going to get changed and when I get back I‟ll       Apparently she had not been able to find a job and
meet you in the playroom. I‟ll change your pants        despite Penny‟s objections Jan had insisted on
then too.” Jan had completely forgotten that they       giving the girl an interview.
were going to select the people to be interviewed       They held the interviews the following Saturday
this evening. Now that Penny had reminded her           and by Noon the only person left to interview was
she was eager to get started and bottle in hand she     Jennifer. The first three applicants had abruptly
crawled off to the playroom as fast as she could go.    cancelled the interview when they learned of Jan‟s
Penny went to take her shower. Before she left,         lifestyle and of her and Penny‟s desire that Jan‟s
she brought the folder of resumes into the              nanny be a full time live in companion and friend
playroom and placed them in front of Jan. “Look         who they expected to share in Jan‟s lifestyle as
these over while I‟m gone,‟ she said, “I‟ve marked      much as possible. The last applicant had said it
the ones I think we should interview with a red         best when she had said that what they were looking
star. If you don‟t like what you see, just scribble     for was a baby sister for Jan and although she
on the paper. If you see someone you like, just         could handle the diapers and plastic pants she had
draw a big circle on the paper.‟ Handing Jan a          no desire to play baby. Jan was obviously
yellow highlighter, she said, “See you in ½ an          depressed by the poor results of the morning
hour,” and as Jan started to read the first resume,     interviews. She had retired to the playroom and
she left.                                               had cried herself to sleep in her playpen. She was
Jan sat quietly and reviewed the 20 odd resumes         still asleep when Jennifer arrived for her interview
they had received. She did not hear Herman come         at 1 P.m.
in the room and was tilting her head back slightly      Penny decided not to wake Jan and quietly ushered
to take another drink from her bottle when she first    Jennifer into the dining room. She closed the
                              1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc     18
playroom door so as not to disturb Jan and as         expression of delight on her face was
Herman joined them the three sat down for             unmistakable. “Immediately,” she said, “I want
Jennifer‟s interview. Taking a deep breath and        you to start immediately.”
grasping Herman‟s hand tightly under the table,       Jennifer was a bit surprised by this. She had
Penny softly explained Jan‟s condition to Jennifer.   expected to start the first of the week. The more
To the best of her ability, she answered Jennifer‟s   she thought about it, the more reluctant she
questions and Penny was able to learn that Jennifer   became. “Shouldn‟t I meet Jan first?” she said.
was in desperate need herself. After her parent‟s     “It was her idea to interview you in the first place.”
death, their house had been sold to pay off the       said Penny as she gently grabbed Jennifer by the
mortgage. They had no life insurance and the          arm. “Now come with me and we can get started
proceeds from the sale of the house and furniture     right away and you can surprise Jan when she
had covered funeral expenses with only a meagre       wakes up with the good news. Besides, you did
amount left for Jennifer to live on. This Penny       say you would do anything.”
learned was nearly exhausted and unless she found     Jennifer was still in a bit of a daze but she allowed
a job soon, Jennifer would soon be destitute.         herself to be gently guided by Penny to the
Before her parent's death, Jennifer had planned to    nursery. She was about the same size as Jan and
go to college. Now she was struggling just to         would have no trouble wearing one of Jan‟s outfits.
survive. Because of a birth defect, the Army had      When she saw the baby clothes, Jennifer hesitated
turned her down. “I‟ll do anything,” she said to      again. Penny reminded her of her offer and
Penny and it was this comment that prompted           Jennifer said, “I did say anything.” Jennifer had
Penny to offer Jennifer the job.                      not been undressed by someone else in years. Her
“Herman and I,” Penny said, “will guarantee you       pulse raced as she was stripped of her clothing by
12,000.00 per year, free room and board, and we       Penny. She had not been naked in front of another
will provide the financial backing for you to go to   adult since she was a little girl. She blushed with
college. We are prepared to put this in writing.      embarrassment at her nakedness and tried to cover
You will be required to become Jan‟s live in          herself.
companion, providing her with all necessary care      “Relax,” Penny said, “I‟ve seen naked baby girls
and you will agree to adopt as much of Jan‟s          before.” The use of the expression „baby girl‟
lifestyle as possible.”                               made Jennifer blush even more deeply but she did
Jennifer considered this offer for some time.         not resist as Penny gently helped her to lay down
“How long before I could start college?” she asked,   on the thick double white diapers she had laid in
“and what do you mean by as much as possible?”        the centre of the plastic mat on the nursery floor.
Herman and Penny looked at each other and both        The plastic was cold and caused goose bumps to
smiled. “You could start college beginning the        suddenly appear all over her naked body. Jennifer
start of winter quarter in the evenings and as much   shivered with excitement and watched spellbound
as possible means that you will be dressed as and     as first one side of the diapers and then the other
expected to behave as an adult baby during the        was pinned around her midsection. With amazing
day, on the weekends, and whenever you are not in     ease Penny produced a pair of pink plastic pants
school. Further, you will wear diapers and plastic    and deftly slid them up Jenny‟s legs over the
pants at all times and you will use them for their    diapers. Carefully, Penny tucked the diapers inside
intended purpose. Finally, you will agree to being    the plastic pants. Opening a closet door, Penny
treated as a baby by Herman or myself and you         produced a pretty pink camisole that she helped
will abide by whatever rules we set for you.” When    Jennifer pull on over her diminutive breasts.
she finished speaking, Penny sat silently as          Finally, Penny held a pale pink baby dress while
Jennifer once again mulled over this most bizarre     Jennifer stepped into it. The dress was very short,
offer.                                                coming just below her diapers, and it had a very
“I‟ve never heard of anything like this,” Jennifer    high waist. It had puffed sleeves, a front yoke with
said, “but I said I‟d do anything and I meant it.     large ruffles over the shoulders and dainty pink
When do you want me to start?”                        lace was edged along the neckline, shoulder
Penny clapped her hands together and the              ruffles, sleeves and hemline. When she was
                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc     19
dressed, Jennifer had to admit that she did look       and Herman that they had been right in getting Jan
very much like a baby. Her hair was placed in          a live in companion. Within minutes, Jan was
large pigtails with big pink ribbons. A quick check    tugging at Jennifer‟s arm urging her to crawl faster
of the clock showed it was nearly 3:30 and Jan         as she showed her new friend around the playroom.
would soon be waking from her nap. Penny had           Herman continued to film as Penny went to the
her put on a pair of pink anklets with lace at the     kitchen to make dinner. Penny prepared warm
top and some black patent leather shoes. Pulling a     bottles and baby food for the babies and steaks and
camera from a dresser drawer, she snapped three        wine for herself and Herman. Happily she could
photos of Jennifer before the stunned girl even        bear delighted squeals from the playroom and was
realised her picture was being taken.                  particularly pleased to note that not all of them
Putting the camera away, Penny said to the now         were from Jan. Despite her misgivings, it seemed
babified Jennifer „It‟s time baby Jenny met baby       that Jennifer was having a very enjoyable time as
Jan.‟ As she started to follow Penny out the door,     well.
Jennifer was corrected by Penny who said, „Babies      Jan was having a blast. She was ecstatic over her
don‟t walk, they crawl.” Dutifully, Jennifer sank to   new playmate. At last she had someone she could
her hands        and knees and crawled behind          relate to on her new level as an equal. It was
Penny to the playroom to be       introduced to her    during a spontaneous session of roller ball that she
„sibling‟. Jennifer did not notice Herman quietly      noticed a pained expression on Jennifer‟s face. To
filming her every move with the camcorder nor did      the average adult this would have gone unnoticed,
she notice as he followed at a discreet distance       but to Jan it was obvious that Jennifer needed to
recording her as she approached Jan‟s playpen and      relieve herself. She could also tell that Jenny was
woke the sleeping Jan with a gentle shaking.           having some difficulty relaxing herself sufficiently
When she saw the new baby, Jan‟s shock clearly         to go potty in her pants. While Herman and Penny
registered in her face. She simply stared in           busied themselves in the kitchen, Jan successfully
disbelief at Jennifer, who along with Penny and        persuaded Jennifer to join her in the playpen. With
Herman, was waiting for a response from Jan.           Jenny laying next to her she took one of her hands
When no response was forthcoming, it was               and placed it on Jennifer‟s abdomen. Pressing
Jennifer who broke the silence by saying, „Hi Jan,     down on Jenny‟s bladder she applied firm but
AAAH... I‟m Jennifer and I‟m going to be your...       gentle pressure which made Jennifer‟s need all the
UMMM... Baby Sister. I hope you wanted a baby          more urgent. Jan started to breath in and out
sister because if you didn‟t, then I‟m making a very   through her nose with large breaths and motioned
big fool of myself right now.”                         for Jenny to do the same. When Jennifer started
When there was still no response from Jan,             her deep breathing, Jan had Jenny close her eyes
Jennifer stood up and slowly turned around. Then       by covering them with Jan‟s other hand. Jennifer
as she sat down she said, “Well... What do you         visibly began to relax and the additional pressure
think?”                                                on her bladder caused her to wet heavily. As she
Penny spoke up and said, “Jan, you were right          did, Jan started to massage her loins through her
about Jennifer. She‟s agreed to come live with us.     diaper and in a very few minutes she had a very
It was my idea to dress her up to meet you. When       pleasant orgasm. Jenny could feel the urgency in
you fell asleep this morning I didn‟t want to wake     her bowels as well and as she enjoyed her post
you. Besides you were so depressed about the           orgasmic feeling of contentment, she relaxed and
other applicants, I couldn‟t bear to see you           moved her bowels.         As the warmth of her
disappointed again.”                                   movement filled her pants, she drifted off into a
Herman cleared his throat, but he said nothing.        lazy slumber. Jan smiled down at her new baby
Finally Jan reacted. She sat up and after another      sister who was now definitely in need of her first
brief silence she crawled out of her playpen and       change. As for Jan, she too was in need of a
she wrapped her arms around Jennifer giving her a      change and for the same reason as Jenny. In all the
big hug. Then she crawled over to her blackboard       excitement of meeting her new sister, Herman and
and spelled out „WELCOME‟ with her letters. The        Penny had forgotten to check her pants. Jan didn‟t
smile on her face and tears in her eyes told Penny     mind though as she had come to enjoy the feeling
                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc     20
of a wet diaper against her bottom. As she silently      sit on the bed while he left the room for a moment.
masturbated herself to orgasm, it was all she could      He returned with a bonnet to match her outfit,
do to keep from laughing hysterically out loud.          which he promptly placed on her head. Penny had
Jan couldn‟t ever remember being happier. Her            put the camera on the dresser when they entered
orgasm had made her sleepy and rolling over, she         the bedroom and Herman now picked it up.
wrapped an arm over Jenny and, with a pleasant           Aiming the camera at Penny he told her to smile
sigh, she drifted off to sleep.                          and snapped her photo. “Our family album
The silence from the playroom attracted the              wouldn‟t be complete without a picture of my
attention of Herman and Penny. When they found           favourite baby,” he said. After taking her picture,
the babies, Penny insisted on getting their picture.     he had her model her outfit in front of him. “Let‟s
As she took the photo, Herman wrapped his arms           introduce you to the other babies.‟ he said but
around her from behind. Whispering so as not to          Penny stopped him.
disturb the slumbering little ones, Penny said,          “Not yet,” she said, “there‟s a little something
“You‟ll have to make another crib.”                      more we have to do.” She laid back on their bed
Herman grunted his assent and then added that            and pulled Herman down on top of her. As they
there was only one thing left which would make           passionately kissed, she noted that he was more
this scene perfect for him. When she asked what          aroused than he had been in some time. Herman
that would be, he whispered in her ear that it was       caressed her from top to bottom and when he
time baby Penny came out of the closet.                  started to gently massage her breasts, Penny
She turned in his arms and looked him straight in        moaned her pleasure. One of their favourite
the eyes. “How long have you known?” she asked.          lovemaking practices was for Herman to
He responded, “I‟ve suspected for years but could        masturbate Penny to orgasm and then he would
never get you to open up and divulge your true           enter her, roll her over, and bring her to the peak of
feelings. Then when Jan came and you started to          ecstasy again before taking his own pleasure.
make all the clothes for her, I became very curious,     Today, however, was different. Herman began his
but it wasn‟t until I discovered your secret stash, of   slow and deliberate massage of her sex as usual but
diapers and plastic pants along with the rompers         he did not remove her diapers. This erotic massage
you made for yourself that I was certain.”               coupled with her excitement soon brought Penny to
Penny continued to look at her husband and finally       a thunderous climax. Herman knew that she
she said, “Just what are you proposing?”                 always had to urinate after sex and as such, she had
Herman pulled her close and said, “Henceforth,           never been able to enjoy the post orgasmic sense of
you are a baby and you will be required to conduct       total relaxation and contentment that accompanied
yourself accordingly. Now let‟s get you dressed          intercourse. Now that she was wearing diapers and
properly before the other babies awaken.” When he        plastic pants, he urged her to relax and let go.
finished speaking, Herman fairly dragged a               “Go ahead baby,” he said, “Wet your pants for
nervously giggling Penny to their bedroom.               daddy.”
Giving her a big kiss, Herman proceeded to strip         Penny allowed herself to relax and as she wet her
his wife naked with the expert precision of one          pants she sighed. She cuddled next to her husband
who has done something repeatedly for years.             and murmured, “Baby‟s thirsty.”
As her clothes fell away, Penny said, “Make me           Herman said, “I know and I have your very special
baby smooth, too.” Herman knew exactly what she          bottle right here.‟ Penny knew exactly what he
meant and securing the shaver and lotion from the        meant and she greedily took her „bottle.‟
bathroom, he deftly denuded his wife, removing all       The buzzer on the stove interrupted their little
her pubic hair in a matter of minutes. While the         catnaps and Herman hurried off to the kitchen to
other babies slept, he drew a hot bath and scrubbed      finish preparing dinner. Penny lagged behind but
Penny clean from head to toe. After he towelled          finally mustered her courage together and without
her off, he got her baby clothes from her secret         changing, she joined her husband in the kitchen.
stash and because of his practice with Jan he had        When she arrived, she found that Herman had
her diapered and dressed in less than five minutes.      already set the table and noted that there were three
Just when she thought he was through, he made her        bottles of juice and three trays of baby food
                               1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      21
waiting. Penny knew better than to fuss, after all     but you will be getting your own high chair. Now
this was her fantasy come to life, and she quietly     get some sleep because tomorrow is going to be a
took her place at the table. Herman called dinner      big day for you. We‟ve got some shopping to do.”
to babies Jan and Jenny who quickly headed for         As far as she could recall, Penny had not been put
the kitchen. He then put a bib on baby Penny and       in crib since her infancy. She laid in the dark and
as he tied it around her neck he said „I think you     thought about the day‟s events. There had been a
should crawl like the other babies in the future.”     lot of changes in her life today she thought. For
Jan and Jenny were soon seated at their respective     that matter everyone had undergone some dramatic
places with Jenny at the table next to Penny and       changes today. She considered her future and
Jan in her highchair next to Herman. Neither Jan       decided that things couldn‟t look any brighter. For
or Jenny made any comment about the newest baby        the first time in years she was content. Who would
but it was obvious that they were delighted to meet    have believed this could have happened she mused.
their new sibling. As for Herman, he couldn‟t          A year ago we were all just regular adults and
remember a more enjoyable meal. When dinner            today Jan, Jenny, and I are living as babies. Life is
was over, he washed the babies faces and said,         truly amazing she thought. As for Herman she
“Now off to the playroom with the three of you.        didn‟t know how she could love him more. It took
I‟ll be in as soon as the dishes are done to change    a very special man to treat her like this. Amazing,
your pants and to get you all ready for bed.”          she thought, he knows me better than I ever could
Jan, Jenny and Penny crawled to the playroom           have believed. She searched her blankets until she
while Herman quickly rinsed the dishes and put         found the bottle Herman had made for her. Not
them in the dishwasher. Soiled bibs were placed in     wanting to disappoint him, she silently drained it.
the laundry and he was off to the playroom to tend     Penny peed in her pants before she went to sleep.
to the babies. He cleaned up Jan first, as she had     Herman would expect her to be in need of a change
been in need of a change the longest. Next he          in the morning and she wanted him to get what he
cleaned up Jenny. Both Jan and Jenny were placed       was expecting. Besides, she thought, I won‟t last
in sleepers and double diapers for bedtime. Jenny      till then anyway.
had not been very comfortable having her pants         The alarm that sounded at 7 a.m. woke Herman
changed by Herman but she found him to be quite        from a sound sleep. He had deliberately set the
gentle and it was obvious that he knew what he         alarm to get up early so that he could prepare
was doing. As for Penny, she had no sleeper and        Penny‟s special wardrobe for the day. Fortunately,
was dressed in only a T-shirt and diapers. Having      Jan and Jenny could wear the same clothes but
never been naked in front of others before, she        unless she got more supplies today, Penny‟s next
blushed crimson as Herman wiped her bottom             diaper change would be her last. After her
clean in full view of the others. Penny, Herman        morning change, he was going to have her stay
announced, you‟ll be sleeping in the crib while        with Jan while he took Jenny to her apartment for
Jenny and Jan you‟ll be spending the night in the      her things. By noon they would be back and while
playpen. This he told them would only be               Jenny stayed with Jan he would take Penny
temporary until he got the extra cribs made. Jan       shopping. He was looking forward to this, as he
and Jenny had little objection to these                and Penny had not had the opportunity to be alone
arrangements and when bedtime came they eagerly        together since Jan had moved in. As he dressed
got into the playpen and, taking their night time      after his shower, he mentally reviewed his plans
bottles, these two big babies were soon fast asleep.   for the day. If these babies had thought yesterday
Penny was quite surprised by Herman‟s                  was a surprise then today was going to blow their
announcement and when he announced it was her          diapers off.
bedtime she had obediently crawled after him. He       Herman checked on Penny and found her asleep.
helped her into the crib and pulled the side up.       He decided not to disturb her and went to the
When he brought Penny her bottle, Penny said,          playroom where he found babies Jan and Jenny
“Two cribs?”                                           awake. Jan had soiled herself during the night so
Herman answered, “Don‟t worry old girl, you‟re         he cleaned her up first. He then stripped Jenny and
going to be getting a very special queen sized crib,   put them both in the tub for a bath. After they
                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      22
were bathed and their hair was washed, Herman          in the playroom on a tripod and Jan turned it on
diapered them both. Jan was dressed in her             getting a nice recording of baby Penny busy at
daytime rompers while he got big girl clothes for      play.
Jenny to wear. Herman then fed both babies hot         Herman and Jenny drove to her apartment and as
cereal and warm bottles for breakfast and Jenny        she collected her things, Herman and her landlord
protested being fed while dressed as an adult.         moved her furniture onto the back of his truck. It
Herman said, “You‟re still a baby to me and still      was Herman‟s plan to store her furniture in his
behave as one while at home. You‟re not so big         garage. Once her things were packed, Jenny
that I can‟t give you a spanking.” The tone of his     looked about wistfully. Herman caught her as she
voice was such that Jenny knew better than to          was lost in thought and asked if all was okay.
argue further as he would give her a spanking if       “Well,” Jenny said, “I was just thinking how fast
she got any further out of line and she knew it.       your life can change. I‟ve gone from family to
Penny woke up to the smell of hot cereal coming        orphan and back to family in a few short months.
from the kitchen. She was extremely confused at        When I left here yesterday I was an adult. Now, by
first as to her whereabouts but then she had           my own choice, I‟ve become a baby again.”
recalled the events of the previous day, which had     Herman hugged Jenny quietly and said, “We‟ve all
led to her present circumstances. She stared at        been through a lot, but if we hold onto each other
herself in the mirror and noted that she really did    we will all be better people.” Jenny hugged him
look like a baby. The wetness in her pants             back and stopped fighting the cramps she had been
reminded her that she was behaving like a baby         having and soiled her diapers. Tears of happiness
too. She debated getting out of bed but decided to     flowed down her cheeks. She had been so lonely
wait for Herman to come and get her. She could         these last few months, and it was such a relief to
hear him in the kitchen and the warning she            have someone to lean on again. Herman held her
overheard him give Jenny was advice she chose not      as she sobbed quietly. “It‟s alright,” he told her,
to ignore. Penny held onto the bars of the crib and    “we‟re going home now. Everything will be okay,
wet her pants a second time. She hoped Herman          I promise.”
would come soon as she was hungry too. Just            Jenny wiped the tears from her eyes and looking at
when she was about to cry out for him, he came for     Herman she asked, “Change my pants before we
her.                                                   go, please?” He couldn‟t resist her plea and going
“Good morning, sleepyhead,” he said, “Let‟s get        to the truck he retrieved the diaper bag he had
you cleaned up. It‟s 9 a.m. and you're going to be     brought with them. Within the half-hour, they
spending the morning with Jan while I help Jenny       were on their way home. Jenny‟s sombre mood
get her things. When I get back, you and I are         improved dramatically as they neared home. She
going shopping.” Dropping the side of the crib,        rushed into the house and couldn‟t wait to get her
Herman helped Penny out and the way her pants          baby clothes back on.
sagged down he could tell she was soaked. He           Herman parked his truck in the garage, deciding to
complimented her for being such a good baby and        unload it later. He got Penny dressed in one of her
changed her into her last clean diaper and plastic     skirts and they headed off to do their shopping.
pants. She followed him to the kitchen where he        Penny purchased the same high waisted type of
fed her the same breakfast as the others and           dress outfit she had helped Jan purchase earlier in
gathering together a diaper bag full of supplies, he   the year. She knew exactly where to go and what
left with Jenny. Penny found herself in the            to buy. Their shopping spree went quickly and by
playroom with Jan and the two old friends              five they were on their way home. Penny was glad
exchanged sheepish glances before they both broke      to be getting home. Her pants were wet and soiled
out laughing.                                          and she was in need of a change. She was also
“Well, I guess my secret‟s out.” Penny told Jan and    very excited and couldn‟t wait to try on her new
as they hugged she asked, “You‟re the expert here,     sleeper. Herman had not spared any expense and
what should we do first.” Jan got out a colouring      the car was stuffed with all her new baby items and
book and crayons and motioned for Penny to do          her new dress outfits for school. The rest of the
some colouring. Herman had left the video camera       day passed all to quickly and before she knew it
                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc     23
Penny found herself in her crib for the night.         she wanted to stay, but she had her job duties to
On Monday morning Penny‟s pants were changed           attend to. For the second year in a row there was a
and she was dressed for school by 7:30 a.m. Jenny      big baby teaching at the high school. Penny wet
was given a set of keys that she hung on a peg in      her pants while en route to school and finished her
the kitchen. Herman had left for work while Jenny      bottle just before she pulled into the school parking
and Jan had settled down to a pleasant day in the      lot.
playroom. Penny was actually jealous of them, as

Jan‟s teaching instincts proved to be very strong      Jenny‟s, but Jenny insisted stating that babies
and within two weeks Jennifer had completely           didn‟t have hair down there and any future spouse
adapted to her new life as an adult baby. Penny        or boyfriend would have to get used to her
also adapted quickly and was more than pleased         baldness and her diapers as she stated she was
with her decision to become a baby again. She          never going to give them up.
was amazed as to how quickly she had yielded to        V.I.R.B.S. is a progressive disease but it is not a
the regression tapes Herman had purchased. From        fatal disease. It does reduce the bodies' resistance
the moment she got home at night to the time she       to infection from other illness. Jan developed
left for school in the morning she was a total baby.   pneumonia and in March, about a year after she
The tapes made both her and Jenny hopelessly           first contracted virbs, Jan died. She lapsed into a
incontinent. Herman, a.k.a. big daddy, was quite       coma during her afternoon nap and only when she
enamoured with his new total power over them           couldn‟t be awakened did Jenny realise that
both. He took great delight in regressing them         something was seriously wrong. She had called
both whenever and wherever he pleased. More            911 for the paramedics who had taken Jan to the
than once she and Jenny returned from babyland to      local hospital ER room and then they had placed
find they were playing or crawling about in the        her in intensive care. Jan had left a living will and
middle of a department store. Embarrassing as it       had asked that no extraordinary means be used to
was, they still enjoyed their new lives as babies.     prolong her life. The doctors did their best but her
Jennifer was able to start college as promised, at     reduced resistance made her quite vulnerable and
the beginning of the winter quarter. Christmas had     as a result she succumbed rapidly. Out of respect
been especially pleasant, as both she and Penny        for her final wishes, Penny and Herman buried her
had received their own cribs and high chairs.          in her nicest baby dress, and her daintiest pair of
Penny had made them all matching outfits and the       plastic pants. A diaper bag with a fresh change of
babies took great delight in posing for daddy‟s        diapers was placed in the coffin with her along
ever-ready video camera. Jan and Jenny shared          with a bottle of her favourite apple juice. On a
the nursery together and became very close.            warm sunny afternoon in mid March Jan was
During the day while Penny was at school and           buried. The obituary in the local paper merely
Herman was at work they busied themselves with         stated that she had died after suffering from a
various projects and Jan would help Jennifer with      protracted illness.       Several of her former
her studies. Jan‟s initial masturbation of Jennifer    colleagues and students attended the funeral, but
developed into a pleasant ritual that the two          the only family present was Herman, Penny and
practised on each other during the day. By mutual      Jennifer.
agreement, they decided to keep their secret love      After Jan‟s death, Herman continued to keep Jenny
life to themselves. Jennifer soon overcame her         and Penny as infants, which they both preferred.
shyness in front of the others, especially Herman,     Herman finished providing the financial backing
and before long she thought nothing of having her      for school and Jenny made him very proud when
pants changed or being bathed by him. As with          she graduated Summa Cum Laude.                  After
Jan, Herman permanently removed Penny‟s pubic          graduation, Jennifer continued to wear plastic
hair. Like Jan, she found it to be a nuisance.         pants and her diapers. “I am,” she told Penny, “an
Penny had been reluctant to have him remove            adult baby. I‟ve been wearing diapers for so long
                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc      24
that I can no longer do without them and I have no    bit and they weren‟t telling anyone. Jenny had put
desire to be potty trained again.” Despite his        „coach‟ back into diapers and plastic pants a month
reservations, Herman reluctantly gave in and          after they had met and thanks to Herman‟s tapes,
continued as the surrogate parent to this very big    Jenny‟s husband spent the best part of their
baby girl. When she graduated from college,           honeymoon and married life in babyland. Jenny
Jennifer became a teacher in the same school as       didn‟t mind this very much as she more often than
Jan had taught. Like Jan she was fascinated with      not was in babyland with him. Herman had made
history and had gotten her teaching certificate in    the newlyweds a giant queen sized crib and they
the same. Miss Yost, as her students called her,      had spent their honeymoon in it. They continued
was a very proper lady, a favourite teacher, and      to live with Herman and Penny and when their first
without a doubt one of the biggest infants in the     child was born, a baby girl, they named her Jan.
world. Only Herman, Penny, and the new baby,          THE END
Jenny‟s husband, the football coach, knew this last

                             1aa4abb5-1151-46cc-a008-d843144fe75c.doc    25

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