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					                                                        LEVEL 1

                 LEVEL 1 (1,080 words)
a/an               anything ape          beach
able               appear                bear
about              apple                 (1)
abov               April/Apr.            beat
e                  are                   beautiful
according to       area                  beauty
across             arm (1)               because
act                army                  become
action             around                bed
actor/actress      art                   bee
add                as                    before
address adult      ask                   begin
afraid after       at                    behind
afternoon          August/Aug.           believe
again              aunt/auntie/aunty     bell
against            autumn/fall           belong
age                away                  below
ago                baby                  beside
agree(ment)        back                  best
ahead              bad                   better
air                bag                   between
airmail            ball                  bicycle/bike
airplane/plane     balloon               big
airport            banana                bird
all                band                  birth
allow              bank (1) (2)          bit
almost             bar                   bite
alone              barber                black
along              base                  block
already            baseball              blood
also               basic                 blow
always             basket                blue
am                 basketball            boat
among              bat (1) (2)           body
and                bath                  bone
anger              bathe                 book (1) (2)
angry              bathroom              born
animal             be                    both
another                                  bottom
answer                                   bowl
ant any                                  box
brave          chase               cute
bread          check               daddy/dad/papa/pa/pop
break          chick               dance
breakfast      chicken             dancer
bridge         chief               danger
bright         child               dark
bring          Christmas/Xmas      date
brother        church              daughter
brown          city                day
bug            class               dead
build          clean               deal
building       clear               dear
bus            climb               death
busy           clock               December/Dec.
but            close (1) (2)       decide
butter         cloud               deep
butterfly      coast               deer
buy            coat                desk
by             cocoa               die
cage           coffee              different
cake           cola/Coke           difficult
call           cold                dig
camel          color               dinner
camera         come                direct
camp           common              dirty
can (1) (2)    continue            discover
candy/sweet    cook                dish
cap            cookie/cooky        do
car            cool                doctor/doc
card           corn                dog
care           correct             doll
careful        cost                dollar/buck
carry          count               door
case (1) (2)   country             dove
cat            course              down
catch          cover               downstairs
cause          cow                 dozen
cent           cowboy              draw
center         crow (1)            dream
certain        cry                 drink
chair          cub                 drive
chance         cup                 driver
chart          cut                 dry

                                                             LEVEL 1

duck                 farm farmer         full
duckling             fast fat            fun
during               father fear         funny
each                 February/Feb.       game
eagle                feed                garden
ear                  feel                gas
early                feeling             general (1)
earth                feelings            get
ease                 few                 ghost
east                 fifteen             gift
easy                 fifty               girl
eat                  fight               give
edge egg             fill                glad
eight                final               glass
eighteen             find                glasses
eighty               fine (1) (2)        go
either (1) (2)       finger              god/goddess
elephant             finish              gold
eleven               fire (1) (2)        good
else                 first               good-bye/goodbye/good-by/
end                  fish                   goodby/bye-bye/bye
English enough       five                goose grand grandchild
enter equal          floor               granddaughter
even (1) (2)         flower              grandfather/grandpa
evening ever every   fly (1) (2)
examination/exam     fog
                                         grandson grass
examine              follow
                                         gray/grey great green
example              food
                                         ground group grow
except/excepting     foot
                                         guess guest guide
eye                  for
face                 force
fact                 foreign
factory              forest
fall                 forget
false                fork
family               forty
fan (1)              four
far                  fourteen
Friday/Fri.          free
friend               fresh

                                               LEVEL 1

gun        hungry             lack
hair       hurt               lady
haircut    husband            lake
half       I                  lamb
ham        ice                lamp
hand       idea               land (1) (2)
happen     if                 large
happy      important          last (1) (2)
hard       in                 late
hat        inch               laugh
hate       inside             law
have       interest              y
he         into               lazy
head       iron               lead (1)
health     is                 leader
hear       it                 leaf
heart      its                learn
           jam (1)
heat                          least
heavy      January/Jan.       leave
hello      job                left
help       join                    g
her(s)     joke               less
here         y                lesson
high       juice              let
hill       July/Jul.          letter (1) (2)
him        jump               level
his        June/Jun.          lie
history    just (1) (2)       life
hit        keep               lift
hold       keeper             light (1) (2)
hole       key (1) (2)        like (1) (2)
holiday    kick               likely
home       kid                lily
homework   kill               line
hope       kind (1) (2)       lion
horse      king               Up
hot        kiss               list
hour       kitchen            listen
house      kite               little
how        kitten/kitty       live (1) (2)
huge       knee               long (1) (2)
human      knife              look
hundred    know               lot

                                                                      LEVEL 1

loud                  mouth                          nothing
love                  move(ment)                     notice
low                   movie/(motion) picture/film/   November/Nov
luck                  cine                           .
y                     ma                             now
lunch/luncheon        Mr./                           number
machine               miste                          nurse
mad                   r                              O.K./OK/okay
mail                  Mrs.                           ocean
make                  Ms.                            o'clock
man                   much                           October/Oct.
many                  mud                            of
map                   mug                            off
March/Mar.            music                          office
market                must                           officer
marry                 my                             often
master (1) (2)        name                           oil
match (1)             natio                          old
matter (1) (2)        n                              on
May                   natur                          once
may                   e                              one
maybe                 near                           only
me                    neck                           open
mean (1) (2)          need                           or
meat                  never                          orange
meet                  new                            order
middle                news                           other
mile                  newspaper                      our(s)
milk                  next                           out
mind                  nice                           outside
minute                night                          over
Miss/miss             nine                           own
miss                  nineteen                       page
mistake               ninety                         paint
moment                no/nope                        pair
mommy/momma/mom/      noise                          pants/trousers
   mam(m)a/ma/mummy   noisy                          papa/pop
Monday/Mon. money     noon                           paper
monkey month moon     nor                            parent(s)
more morning most     north                          park (1) (2)
mother                nose                           part (1) (2)
mountain              not                            party
mouse                 note                           pass

                                               LEVEL 1

past (1) (2) pay (1) (ment)   pen pencil

                                                       LEVEL 1

people           quick               run
perhaps          quiet               sad
person           quite               safe (1) (2)
pet              race (1) (2)        sail
piano            radio               sale
picture          railroad            salt
pie              rain                same
piece            rainbow             sand
pig              raise               Saturday/Sat.
place            rat                 save
plan             reach               saw
plant (1) (2)    read                say
play             ready               scare
player           real                scene
playground       reason              school
please           receive             sea
pocket           red                 season
poetry           remember            seat
point(1)(2)      report              second (1) (2)
police           rest                see
policeman/cop    return              seed
pond             rice                seem
pool             rich                seesaw
poor             ride                self
popcorn          right (1) (2)       selfish
position         ring (1) (2)        sell
possible         rise                send
power            river               sense
practice         road                sentence
prepare          robot               September/Sept.
pretty (1) (2)   rock (1)            serve
price            roll                service
print            roof                set (1) (2)
problem          room                seven
prove            rooster             seventeen
public           root                seventy
pull             rope                several
purple           rose                shake
purpose          round               shall
push             row (1) (2)         shape
put              rub                 shark
queen            rubber              sharp
question         rule                she

                                                      LEVEL 1
sheep            snow              street
sheet            so (1) (2)        strong
shine            soap              student
ship             soda              study (1) (2)
shirt            sofa              stupid
shoe(s)          soft              such
shop (1)/store   soil              sugar
shop (2)         some              summer
shore            someone           sun
short            something         Sunday/Sun.
shot             sometimes         super
shoulder         son               supper
shout            song              sure
show             soon              surprise
shut             sorry             sweet
shy              soul              swim
sick             sound (1) (2)     table
side             soup              tail
sight            sour              take
silly            south             tale
silver           space             talk
simple           speak             tall
since            special           taste
sing             speech            taxicab/taxi/cab
singer           spell             tea
sir              spend             teach
sister sit       spoon             teacher
six              sport             tell
sixteen          spring (1)        ten
sixty            stair             than
size             stand             thank
skill            star              that
skin             start             the
sky              state (1)         their(s)
sleep            state(ment) (2)   them
slow             station           then
small            stay              there
smart            step              these
smell            still (1) (2)     they
smile            stone stop        thing
smoke            store             think
snake            story (1) (2)     third

                                                                   LEVEL 1
thirteen                twice                  where
thirty                  two                    whether
this                    uncle                  which
those                   under                  while (1) (2) (3)
though                  understand             white
thought                 unit                   who
thousand                until/till             whole
three                    p                     whom
throw                   upstairs               whose
Thursday/Thurs./Thur.   us                     why
thus                    use                    wide
ticket                  useful                 wife
tie (1) (2)             vegetable              will (1) (2)
tiger time              very(1) view           win
                                               wind (1) (2)
tiny                    visit                  window
tire (1) (2)            voice                  wine
to                      wait                   winter
today                   walk                   wish
together                wall                   with
tomorrow                want                   woman
tone                    war                    wood(s)
tonight                 warm                   word
too                     wash                   work
tool                    waste                  worker
top                     watch (1) (2)          world
total                   water                  worm
touch                   way                    worry
toward(s)               we                     worse
town                    weak                   worst
toy                     wear                   write
train (1) (2)           weather                writer
tree                    wedding                wrong
trip                    Wednesday/Wed./Weds.   yam/sweet potato
trouble                 week                   year
true                    weekend                yellow
try                     weigh                  yes/yeah
T-shirt                 weight                 yesterday
Tuesday/Tues./Tue.      welcome                yet
tummy                   well (1) (2)           you
turn                    west                   young
twelve                  what                   your(s)
twenty                  when                   yucky

             LEVEL 1


                                                            LEVEL 1

                    LEVEL 2 (1,080 words)
ability               article (2)/essay     bet
abroad                artist                beyond bill
absence               asleep                bind bitter
absent                assistant             blackboard
accept                attack                blank
active                attend                blind
addition              attention             bloody
advance               avoid                 board (1) (2)
affair                baby-sit              boil
aid                   baby-sitter           bomb
aim                   backward              bony
aircraft              backward(s)           bookcase
airline               bake                  borrow
alarm                 bakery                boss
album                 balcony               bother
alike                 bamboo                bottle
alive                 banker                bow (1) (2)
almond                barbecue/BBQ          bowling
aloud                 bark (1) (2)          brain
alphabet              basement              branch
although              basics                brand
altogether            basis                 brick
amount                battle                brief
ancient               bead                  broad
ankle                 bean                  broadcast
anybody/anyone        bear (2)              brunch
anyhow anytime        beard                 brush
anyway                bedroom               bun/roll
anywhere/anyplace     beef                  bundle
apartment             beep                  burn
appearance            beer                  burst
appetite              beetle                business
apply                 beg                   button
apron                 beginner              cabbage
argue(ment)           belief                cable
arm (2)               believable            cafe/cafe
armchair              belt                  cafeteria
arrange(ment)         bench                 calendar
arrest                bend                  calm
arrive arrow          besides

                                                     LEVEL 1

cancel           clever              couple
cancer           climate             cour
candle           closet              age
captain          cloth               cour
carpet           clothe              t
carrot           clothes             cousin
cart             clothing            crab
cartoon          cloudy              crane
cash             clown               crayon
cassette         club                crazy
castle           coach               cream
cave             coal                create
ceiling          cock                crime
cell             cockroach/roach     crisis
centra           coin                crop
l                collect             cross
centur           colorful            crow (2)
y                comb                crowd
cereal           comfortable         cruel
chalk            company             culture
change (1) (2)   compare             cure
character        complain            curious
charge           complete            curtain/drape
cheap            computer            custom
cheat            confirm             customer
chemical         conflict            daily
chess            Confucius           damage
childish         congratulation(s)   dangerous
childlike        consider            data
chin             contact             dawn
chocolate        contain             deaf
choice           control             debate
choose           controller          debt
chopstick(s)     convenient          decision
circle           conversation        decorate
citizen          cooker              degree
claim            copy/Xerox/xerox    delay
clap             corner              delicious
classic          costly              deliver
claw             cotton              dentist
clay             cough               deny
cleaner          countryside         department
clerk            county              depend

                                                       LEVEL 1

depth            desert(1)(2)
describe         design
desire           drug              experience
dessert          drugstore         expert
detect           drum              explain
develop(ment)    dryer             express
dew              dull              extra
dial             dumb              eyebrow/brow fail
diamond          dumpling          failure
diary            duty              fair (1) (2)
dictionary       earn              famous
difference       earthquake        fault
difficulty       eastern           favor
dinosaur         education         favorite
direction        effect            fearful
director         effective         fee
disagree(ment)   effort            fellow
disappear        elder             female
discuss          elect             fence
discussion       element           festival
dishonest        elevator          fever
display          emotion           field
distance         encourage(ment)   fighter
distant          ending            figure
divide           enemy             film
division         energy            fireman/firewoman
dizzy            enjoy(ment)       firm
dolphin          entire            fisherman
donkey           entrance          fit
dot              envelope          fix
double           environment       flag
doubt            eraser            flash
doughnut         error             flashlight/flash
downtown         especially        flat
Dr.              event             flight
drag             exact             flood
dragon           excellent         flour
dragonfly        excite(ment)      flow
drama            excuse            flu
drawer           exercise          flute
drawing          exist             focus
dress            expect            foggy
drop             expensive         following

                    LEVEL 1

fool (1) (2)

                                                     LEVEL 1
form         guava                ignore ill
formal       guitar               imagine
former       guy                  importance
forward      habit                improve(ment)
forward(s)   hall                 include
fox          hamburger/burger     income
frank        hammer               increase
freedom      handkerchief         independence
freezer      handle (1) (2)       independent
friendly     handsome             indicate
fright       hang                 industry
frighten     hanger               influence
function     hardly               ink
further      hateful              insect
future       healthy              insist
gain         heater               instance
garage       height               instant
garbage      helpful              instrument
gardener     hen                  international
gate         hero/heroine         interview
gather       hide                 introduce
general(2)   highway              invent
generous     hip                  invitation
gentle       hippopotamus/hippo   invite
gentleman    hire                 island
geography    hobby                item
giant        holder               jacket
giraffe      homesick             jam (2)
glove(s)     honest               jazz
glue         honey                jeans jeep
goal                                g joint
goat                              judge (1) (2)
golden                            juicy
             host (1)/hostess
golf                              ketchup/catsup
govern                            kindergarten
government                        kingdom
grade                             knock
grape                             knowledge
grassy                            koala
greedy                            ladybug/ladybird
greet        hunt
growth       hunter
guard        hurry

                                                        LEVEL 1
lane         mango                     multiply
language     manner                    museum
lantern      mark                      musician
lap          marriage                  nail (1) (2)
latest       mask                      naked
lawyer       mass                      napkin
leadership   mat                       narrow
legal        match (2)                 national
lemon        mate                      natural
lemonade     material (1)              naughty
lend         meal                      nearby
length       meaning                   nearly
leopard      means                     neat
lettuce      measurable                necessary
library      measure (1) (ment)        necklace
lick         medicine                  needle
lid          meeting                   negative
lightning    melody                    neighbor
limit link   melon member              neither
liquid       memory                    nest
listener     menu                      net
loaf         message                   niece
local        metal                     nobody
locate       meter                     nod
lock         method                    none
log          military                  noodle
lone         million                   northern
lonely       mine (1) (2)              notebook
lose         minus                     novel (1) (2)
loser        mirror                    nut
loss         mix                       obey
lovely       model                     object (1) (2)
lover        modern                    occur
lower        monster                   offer
luck         mosquito                  official
magazine     moth                      omit
magic        motion                    onion
magician     motorcycle                operate
main         movable                   opinion
maintain     MRT/mass rapid transit/   ordinary
male         subway/underground/       organ
Mandarin     metro mule                organization

                                                                  LEVEL 1

organize           pick                     present (1) (2) (3)
oven               picnic                   president press
overpass           pigeon                   (1) (2)
overseas           pile                     pride
owl                pillow                   prince
owner              pin                      princess
ox                 pineapple                principal (1) (2)
pack               ping-pong/table tennis   principle
package            pink                     printer
pain               pipe                     prison
painful            pitch                    prisoner
painter            pizza                    private
painting           plain (1) (2)            prize
pajamas            planet                   produce
palm               plate                    producer
pan                platform                 progress
panda              playful                  project (1) (2)
papaya             pleasant                 promise
pardon             pleasure                 pronounce
parrot             plus                     propose
particular         poem                     protect
partner            poet                     proud
passenger          poison                   provide
paste              policy                   pudding
pat                polite                   pump
path               popular                  pumpkin
patient (1) (2)    population               punish(ment)
pattern            pork                     pupil
peace              port                     puppet
peaceful           pose                     puppy
peach              positive                 purse
peanut             possibility              puzzle
pear               post (1) (2) (3)         quality
penguin            postcard                 quantity
pepper             pot                      quarter
per                potato                   quit
perfect            pound (1) (2)            quiz
period             powerful                 rabbit
personal           praise                   rainy
photograph/photo   pray                     range
photographer       prefer                   rapid
phrase             presence                 rare

                         LEVEL 1

reality   realize

recent                       search                  sock(s)
record (1) (2)               secret                  soldier
rectangle                    secretary               solution
refrigerator/fridge/icebox   section                 solve
refuse                       select                  somebody
regard                       selection               somewhere
region                       semester                sort
regular                      separate                source
reject                       serious                 southern
relation                     servant                 soybean/soya bean/soy
relationship                 settle(ment)            speaker
repeat                       share                   speed
reply                        shelf                   spelling
reporter                     shell                   spider
require(ment)                shock                   spinach
respect                      shoot                   spirit
responsible                  shorts                  spot
restaurant                   shower                  spread
restroom/rest room           shrimp                  spring (2)
result                       sidewalk                square
review                       sign                    squirrel
riches                       silence                 stage
rock (2)                     silent                  stamp
rocky                        silk                    standard
role                         similar                 steak
royal                        simply                  steal
rude                         single                  steam
ruler                        sink (1) (2)            steel
runner                       skillful/skilled        stick (1) (2)
rush                         skinny                  stomach
safety                       skirt                   storm
sailor                       sleepy                  stove
salad                        slender                 straight
salty                        slide                   stranger
sample                       slim                    straw
sandwich                     slip                    strawberry
satisfy                      slipper(s)              stream
sauce                        snack                   stress
science                      snail                   stretch
scientist                    snowy                   strict
scissors                     soccer                  strike
score                        social                  string
screen                       society                 struggle

                                                           LEVEL 1

subject           textbook               tube
subtract          theater                tunnel
subway            therefore              turkey
succeed           thick                  turtle
success           thief                  type
successful        thin                   (1) (2)
sudden            thirsty                typhoon
                                         u l
suit (1) (2)      throat                  gy
sunny             through                umbrella
supermarket       throughout             underwear
supply            thumb                  uniform
support           thunder                upon
surface           tip                    upper
survive           title                  used
swallow (1) (2)   toast                  used to (1) (2)
swan              toe                    user
sweater           tofu/bean curd         usual
sweep             toilet                 vacation
swing             tomato                 valley
symbol            tongue                 value
talent            tooth                  victory
talkative         topic                  video
tangerine         tour                   village
tank              towel                  violin
tape              tower                  visitor
target            track                  vocabulary
task              trade                  volleyball
tasty             tradition              vote
team              traditional            voter
tear (1) (2)      traffic                waist
teen(s)           trap                   waiter/waitress
teenage           travel                 wake
teenager          treasure               wallet
telephone/phone   treat (1) (ment) (2)   waterfall
television/TV     trial                  watermelon
temple            triangle               wave
tennis            trick                  weapon
tent              trousers               wed
term              truck                  weekday
test              trumpet                western
terrible          trust                  wet
terrific          truth                  whale

                                                           LEVEL 1

wheel                  whenever              wherever
                     LEVEL 3 (1,080 words)
aboard                 advice                appeal
acceptable             advise                appreciate
accident               adviser/advisor       approach
account (1) (2)        affect                approve
accurate               afford                aquarium
ache                   afterward(s)          arithmetic
achieve(ment)          agriculture           arrival ash
activity               air-conditioner       aside
actual                 alley                 assist
additional             amaze(ment)           athlete
admire                 ambassador            attempt
admit                  ambition              attitude
adopt                  angel                 attract
advanced               angle                 attractive
advantage              announce(ment)        audience
adventure              apart                 author
advertise(ment/ad)     apparent              automatic

                                              LEVEL 1

automobile/auto   blam          bud budget
available         e             buffalo
avenue            blan          buffet bulb
average           ket           bull bullet
awake             blee          bump
awaken            d             bunch
award             bless         burden
aware             blou
awful             se
ax/axe            bold
background        boot
bacon             bord
bacteria          er
badly             bore
badminton         brak
baggage           e
bait              bras
balance           s
bandage           brav
bang              ery
bare              brea
barely            st
barn              brea
barrel            th
bay               brea
beam (1)          the
beast             bree
beggar            ze
behave            brid
being             e
belly/sto         brilli
mach/tu           ant
mmy/              broo
   abdo           k
men               broo
beneath           m
benefit           brow
berry             (s)
Bible/bi          bubb
ble               le
billion           buck
bingo             et/pa
biscuit           il

                                                   LEVEL 1
burglar        cigarette            couch
bury           circus               countable
bush           civil                coward
buzz           classical            cradle
cabin          click                crash
campus         client               crawl
cane           clinic               creative
canoe          clip                 creator
canyon         clue                 creature
capable        cocktail             credit
capital (1)    coconut              creep
capture        collar               crew
carpenter      collection           cricket
carriage       college              criminal
cast (1) (2)   colony               crisp/crispy
casual         column               crown
caterpillar    combine              crunchy
cattle         comfort              crutch
celebrate      comma                cultural
centimeter     command              cupboard
ceramic        commercial           current
chain          committee            cycle
challenge      communicate          dairy
champion       comparison           dam
changeable     compete              dare
channel        complaint            darling
chapter        complex              dash
charm          concern              deafen
chat           concert              dealer
cheek          conclude             decade
cheer          conclusion           deck
cheerful       condition            deed
cheese         cone                 deepen
cherry         confident            define
chest          confuse              definition
chew           connect              delivery
childhood      connection           democracy
chill          conscious            democratic
chilly         considerable         deposit
chimney        consideration        description
chip           constant             designer
choke          continent            desirable
chop           contract             destroy

                                                            LEVEL 1

detail              efficien              fai
determine           t elbow               rly
devil               elderly               fai
dialogue            election              ry
diet                electric/electrical   faith
diligent            electricity           fake
dim                 electronic            familiar
dime                emergency             fan (2)/fanatic
dine                emperor               fancy
dip                 emphasize             fare
dirt                employ(ment)          farther
disappoint(ment)    employee              fashion
disco/discotheque   employer              fashionable
discount            empty                 fasten
discovery           enable                fate
disease             energetic             faucet/tap (1)
disk/disc           engage(ment)          fax
dislike             engine                feather
ditch               engineer              feature
dive                enjoyable             file
dock                entry                 firework
dodge               environmental         fist
domestic            envy                  flame
dose                erase                 flavor
doubtful            escape                flea
drain               evil                  flesh
dramatic            excellence            float
drip                exchange              flock
drown               exhibition            fold
drowsy              existence             folk
drunk               exit                  follower fond
due                 expectation           forehead/brow
dump                expense               forever
dust                experiment            forth
eager               explode               fortune
earnings            export                found
echo                expression            fountain
edit                expressive            freeze
edition             extreme               frequent
editor              fable                 friendship
educate             factor                frustrate
educational         fade                  fry
                    faint                 fund

                       LEVEL 1

fur   furniture

                                                          LEVEL 1

gallon                  heap               injure
gamble                  heaven             injury
gang                    heel               inn
gap                     hell               inner
garlic                  helmet             innocent
gasoline/gasolene/gas   hesitate           inspect
gesture                 hike               inspector
glance                  hint               instead
global                  historian          instruction
glory                   historic           internal
glow                    historical         interrupt
gossip                  hive               introduction
governor                hollow             inventor
gown                    holy               investigate
grab                    hometown           ivory
gradual                 honesty            jail
graduate                honor              jar
grain                   horn               jaw
gram                    horrible           jealous
grasp                   horror                 y
grasshopper             hourly             jet
greenhouse              housekeeper        jewel
grin                    hug                jewelry
grocery                 humorous           journal
guardian                hush               journey
guidance                hut                joyful
gum/chewing gum         icy                jungle
gymnasium/gym           ideal              junk
hairdresser             identity           justice
hallway                 ignorance          kangaroo
handful                 image              kettle
handy                   imagination        keyboard
harbor                  immediate          kidney
harm                    import             kilogram/kg
harmful                 impress            kilometer/km
harvest                 impressive         kit
hasty                   indeed             kneel
hatch                   individual         knight
hawk                    indoor             knit
hay                     indoors            knob
headline                industrial         knot
headquarters            inferior           label
heal                    inform             lace

                                                  LEVEL 1

ladder        manage(ment)         m
latter        manageable manager   o
laughter      mankind/humankind    b
laundry       manners
lawn          marble               m
leak          march                o
leap          marvelous            b
leather       mathematical         i
leisure       mathematics/math     l
lengthen      mature               e
lens          mayor                moist
liar          meadow               moisture
liberal       meaningful           monk
liberty       meanwhile            mood
librarian     medal                mop
lifeboat      medical              moral
lifeguard     medium/media         motel
lifetime      melt                 motor
lighthouse    membership           murder
limb          memorize             muscle
linen         mend                 mushroom
lipstick      mental               musical
litter        mention              mystery
lively        merchant             nanny
liver         merry                nap
load          mess                 native
lobby         microphone/mike      navy
lobster       microwave            necessity
lollipop      might                necktie
loose         mighty               neighborhood
loosen        mill                 nerve
lord          millionaire          nervous
loudspeaker   miner                network
luggage       minor                nickname
lullaby       minority             noble
lung          miracle              normal
magical       misery               novelist
magnet        missile              nun
maid          missing              oak
major         mission              observe
majority      mist                 obvious
mall          mixture              occasion

                   LEVEL 1

ought to

                                                           LEVEL 1

outdoor                  plenty               promote
outdoors                 plug                 proof
outer                    plum                 proper
outline                  plumber              property
overcoat                 pole                 proposal
owe                      political            protection
ownership pad pail pal   politician           protective
palace pale              politics             pub
pancake                  poll                 punch
panic                    pollute              pure
parade                   pony                 pursue
paradise                 pop (1)              quarrel
parcel                   pop (2)/popular      queer
participate              porcelain/china      quote
passage                  portion              racial
passion                  portrait             radar
passport                 postage              rag
password                 poster               raisin
patience                 postpone(ment)       rank
pause                    pottery/ceramic(s)   rate
pave(ment)               pour                 raw
paw                      poverty              ray
pay (2)/salary/wage(s)   powder               razor
pea                      practical            react
peak                     prayer               reaction
pearl                    precious             reasonable
peel                     preparation          receipt
peep                     pressure             receiver
penny                    pretend              recognize
perform                  prevent              recorder
performance              previous             recover
permission               priest               reduce
permit                   primary              regional
personality              probable             regret
persuade                 process              relate
pest                     product              relax
pickle                   profit               release
pill                     program              reliable
pilot pine                                    relief
pint                                          religion
pit                                           religious
pity                                          rely
plastic                                       remain

                                                   LEVEL 1

remind           saucer              shrink
remote           sausage             sigh
remove           saving(s)           signal
renew            scale(s)            significant
rent             scarce              similarity
repair           scarecrow           sin
replace(ment)    scarf               sincere
represent        scary               sip
representative   scatter             situation
republic         schedule            skate
request          scholar             ski
reserve          scholarship         skip
resist           scientific          skyscraper
resource         scoop               slave
respond          scout               sleeve
response         scream              slice
responsibility   screw               slippery
restrict         scrub               slope
reveal           seal (1) (2)        smooth
ribbon           secondary           snap
rid              security            solid
riddle           seek                someday
ripe             seize               somehow
risk             seldom              sometime
roar             sensible            somewhat
roast            sensitive           sore
rob              separation          sorrow
robber           sew                 spade
robbery          sex                 spaghetti
robe             sexual              specific
rocket           sexy                spice
romantic         shade               spill
rot              shadow              spin
rotten           shady               spit
rough            shallow             spite
routine          shame               splash
rug              shampoo             spoil
rumor            shave               sprain
rust             shepherd            spray
rusty            shiny               sprinkle
sack             shorten               py
sake             shortly             squeeze
satisfactory     shovel              stab

                                                LEVEL 1
stable          survey             tobacco
stadium         survival           ton
staff           survivor           tortoise
stale           suspect            toss
stare           suspicion          tourism
starve          swear              tourist
statue          sweat              tow
steady          swell              trace
steep           swift              trader
stepchild       switch             trail
stepfather      sword              transport
stepmother      system             trash
stereo          tablet             traveler
sticky          tack               tray
stiff           tag                tremble
sting           tailor             trend
stir            tame               tribe
stitch          tap (1)            tricky
stocking(s)     tax                troop
stool           tease              tropical
stormy          technical          trunk
strategy        technique          truthful
strength        technology         tub
strip (1) (2)   temper             tug
structure       temperature        tulip
stubborn        temporary          tumble
studio          tend               tune
stuff (1) (2)   tender             tutor
style           territory          twig
substance       text               twin
suburb          thankful           twist
suck            theory             typewriter
suffer          thirst             typical
sufficient      thread             union
suggest         threat             unite
suicide         threaten           unity
suitable        tickle             universe
sum             tide               unless
summary         tidy               upset
summit          tight              vacant
superior        tighten            valuable
suppose         timber             van
surround        tissue             vanish

                                  LEVEL 1

variety          yawn
various          yell
vary             yolk
vase             youngster
vehicle          zipper
verse            zone

                                                                      LEVEL 1

                         LEVEL 4 (1,080 words)
abandon                    amid/amidst                mach
abdomen                    amuse(ment)             ine
absolute                   analysis                atmosp
absorb                     analyze                 here
abstract                   ancestor
academic                   anniversary
accent                     annoy
acceptance                 annual
access                     anxiety
accidental                 anxious
accompany                  apologize
accomplish(ment)           apology
accountant                 appliance
accuracy                   applicant
accuse                     application
acid                       appoint(ment) (1) (2)
acquaint                   appreciation
acquaintance               appropriate
acquire                    approval
acre                       arch
adapt                      arise
adequate                   arms
                                                   beam (2)
adjective                  arouse
adjust(ment)               article (1)
admirable                  artificial
admiration                 artistic
admission                  ashamed
adverb                     aspect
agency                     aspirin
agent                      assemble
aggressive                 assembly
agreeable                  assign(ment)
AIDS/acquired immune                               blush
deficiency syndrome                                boast
alcohol alert                                      bond
allowance/pocket money                             bounce
aluminum                                           bracelet
a.m./am/A.M./AM                                    brassiere/bra
amateur                                            breed
ambitious                                          bridegroom/groom
                           ATM/ automatic teller
                                                         LEVEL 1

brutal              cabinet
bulletin            calculate
calculation         clumsy           consist
calculator          coarse           consistent
calorie             code             consonant
campaign            collapse         constitute
candidate           combination      constitution
capacity            comedy           construct
cape                comic (1)        construction
capital(ism) (2)    comic(s) (2)     constructive
capitalist          commander        consult
career              comment          consultant
cargo               commerce         consume
carrier             commit           consumer
carve               communication    container
catalogue/catalog   community        content (1)
CD/compact disk     companion        content(ment) (2)
cease               competition      content(s) (3)
celebration         competitive      contest
cement              competitor       context
chamber             complicate       continual
championship        compose          continuous
characteristic      composer         contrary
charity             composition      contrast
chemistry           concentrate      contribute
cherish             concentration    contribution
chirp               concept          convenience
chore               concerning       convention
chorus              concrete         conventional
cigar               conductor        converse
cinema              conference       convey
circular            confess          convince
circulate           confidence       cooperate
circulation         confine          cooperation
circumstance        confusion        cooperative
civilian            congratulate     cope
civilization        congress         copper
clarify             conjunction      cord
clash               conquer          cork
classification      conscience       correspond
classify            consequence      costume cottage
cliff               consequent       council
climax              conservative     counter (1) (2)

                  LEVEL 1


                                                           LEVEL 1
cram            depression         draft
creation        deserve            dread
creativity      desperate          drift
cripple         despite            drill
critic          destruction        durable
critical        detective          dusty
criticism       determination      DVD/digital video disk/
criticize       device             digital versatile disk dye
cruelty         devise             dynamic
crush           devote             dynasty
cube            diaper             earnest
cucumber cue    differ             earphone
cunning         digest (1) (2)     economic
curiosity       digestion          economical
curl            digital            economics
curse           dignity            economist
curve           diligence          economy
cushion         diploma            efficiency
damn            diplomat           elastic
damp            disadvantage       electrician
deadline        disaster           electronics
declare         discipline         elegant
decoration      disconnect         elementary
decrease        discourage(ment)   eliminate
defeat          disguise           elsewhere
defend          disgust            e-mail/email
defense         dismiss            embarrass(ment)
defensible      disorder           embassy
defensive       dispute            emerge
definite        distinct           emotional
delicate        distinguish        emphasis
delight         distinguished      empire
delightful      distribute         enclose
demand          distribution       encounter
demonstrate     district           endanger
demonstration   disturb            endure
dense           divine             enforce(ment)
depart          divorce            engineering
departure       dominant           enlarge(ment)
dependable      dominate           enormous
dependent       dormitory/dorm     entertain(ment)
depress         download           enthusiasm
                doze               envious

                                                       LEVEL 1

equality          fertile              gaze
equip(ment)       fetch                gear
era               fiction              gene
errand            fierce               generation
escalator         finance              generosity
essay             financial            genius
essential         firecracker          genuine
establish(ment)   fireplace            germ
estimate          flatter              gifted
evaluate          flee                 gigantic
evaluation        flexible             giggle
eve               fluent               ginger
eventual          flunk                glide
evidence          flush                glimpse
evident           foam                 globe
exaggerate        forbid               glorious
examinee          forecast             goods
examiner          formation            grace
exception         formula              graceful
exhaust (1) (2)   fort                 gracious
exhibit           fortunate            graduation
expand            fossil               grammar
expansion         foundation           grammatical
experimental      founder              grapefruit
explanation       fragrance            grateful
explore           fragrant             gratitude
explosion         frame                grave (1) (2)
explosive         freeway              greasy
expose            frequency            greeting(s)
exposure          freshman             grief
extend            frost                grieve
extent            frown                grind
facial            frustration          guarantee
facility          fuel                 guilt
faithful          fulfill(ment)        guilty
fame              functional           gulf
fantastic         fundamental          habitual
fantasy           funeral              halt
farewell          furious              handwriting
fatal             furnish              harden
favorable         furthermore          hardship
feast             gallery              hardware
ferry             gangster             harmonica

                                                                LEVEL 1

harmony             immigrant              imitation
harsh               immigrate              intermediate
haste               immigration            Internet/internet
hasten              impact                 interpret
hatred              imply                  interruption
headphone(s)        impression             intimate
healthful           incident               intonation
helicopter herd     including              invade
hesitation          indication             invasion
highly              industrialize          invention
homeland            infant                 invest(ment)
honeymoon           infect                 investigation
honorable           infection              involve(ment)
hook                inflation              isolate
hopeful             influential            isolation
horizon             information            itch
horrify             informative            jealousy
hose                ingredient             junior
host(2)             initial (1) (2)        keen
hostel              innocence              knuckle
household           input                  labor
housewife           insert                 laboratory/lab lag
housework           inspection             landmark
humanity            inspiration            landscape
humidity            inspire                landslide/mudslide
hurricane           install                largely
hydrogen            instinct               lately
iceberg             instruct               launch
identical           instructor             lawful
identification/ID   insult                 lead (2)
identify            insurance              lean (1) (2)
idiom               intellectual           learned
idle                intelligence           learning
idol                intelligent            lecture
ignorant            intend                 lecturer
illustrate          intense                legend
illustration        intensify              leisurely
imaginable          intensity              license
imaginary           intensive              lighten
imaginative         intention              limitation
imitate             interact               liquor
                    interaction            literary

                  LEVEL 1


                                                                 LEVEL 1
loan               mislead                    obtain
location           misunderstand              occasional
locker             moderate                   occupation
logic              modest                     occupy
logical            modesty                    offend
lotion             monitor                    offense
lousy              monthly                    offensive
loyal              monument                   opera
loyalty            moreover                   operation
lunar              mostly                     oppose
luxurious          motivate                   oral
luxury             motivation                 orbit
machinery          mountainous                orchestra
madam/ma'am        mow                        organic
magnetic           MTV/music television       otherwise
magnificent        muddy                      outcome
makeup (1) (2)     multiple                   outstanding
manual             murderer                   oval
manufacture        murmur                     overcome
manufacturer       mustache                   overlook
marathon           mutual                     overnight
margin             mysterious                 overtake
maturity maximum   namely nationality         overthrow
measure(s) (2)     nearsighted                pace
mechanic           needy                      panel
mechanical         neglect                    parachute
memorable          negotiate                  paragraph
memorial           nevertheless/nonetheless   partial
mercy              nightmare                  participation
mere               nonsense                   participle
merit              noun                       partnership
messenger          nowadays                   passive
messy              nuclear                    pasta
microscope         numerous                   pebble
mild               nursery                    peculiar
mineral            nylon                      pedal
minimum            obedience                  peer (1) (2)
minister           obedient                   penalty
ministry           objection                  percent/per cent
mischief           objective (1) (2)          percentage
miserable          observation                perfection
misfortune         obstacle                   perfume

                                                             LEVEL 1

permanent           privilege             recycle
persuasion          procedure             reduction
persuasive          proceed               refer
pessimistic petal   production            reference
phenomenon          productive            reflect
philosopher         profession            reflection
philosophical       professional          reform
philosophy          professor             refresh
photography         profitable            refugee
physical            prominent             refusal
physician/doctor    promising             regarding
physicist           promotion             register
physics             prompt (1) (2)        registration
pianist             pronoun               regulate
pickpocket          pronunciation         regulation
pioneer             prosper               rejection
pirate              prosperity            relative (1) (2)
plentiful           prosperous            relaxation
plot                protein               relieve
plural              protest               reluctant
p.m./pm/P.M./PM     proverb               remark
poisonous           psychological         remarkable
polish              psychologist          remedy
pollution           psychology            repetition
popularity          publication           representation
portable            publicity             reputation
porter              publish               rescue
portray             publisher             research
possess             pursuit               researcher
possession          quake                 resemble
precise             quilt                 reservation
predict             quotation             resign
preferable          rage                  resignation
pregnancy           rainfall              resistance
pregnant            realistic             resolution
preposition         rebel(1)(2)           resolve
presentation        recall                respectable
preservation        reception             respectful
preserve            recipe                restore
prevention          recite                restriction
prime               recognition           retain
primitive           recovery              retire(ment)
privacy             recreation            retreat

                                                             LEVEL 1

reunion                   socket            systematic
revenge                   software          tap (2)
revise                    solar             technician
revision                  sophomore         technological
revolution                sorrowful         telegram
revolutionary             souvenir          telegraph
reward                    spare             telescope
rhyme                     spark             tendency
rhythm                    sparkle           tense
romance                   sparrow           tension
roughly                   spear             terrify
route                     species           terror
ruin                      spicy             theme
rural                     spiritual         thorough
sacrifice                 splendid          thoughtful
salary                    split             timid
salesperson/salesman/     sportsman         tiresome
saleswoman satellite      sportsmanship     tolerable
satisfaction scarcely     status            tolerance
scenery scold scratch     stem              tolerate
screwdriver sculpture     stingy            tolerant
seagull/gull senior       strengthen        tomb
settler severe shameful   strive            tough
shaver shelter shift      stroke (1) (2)    tragedy
shortsighted              submarine         tragic
shrug                     suggestion        transfer
shuttle                   summarize         transform
sightseeing               surf              translate
signature                 surgeon           translation
significance              surgery           translator
sincerity                 surrender         transportation
singular                  surroundings      tremendous
site sketch               suspicious        tribal
sledge/sled               sway              triumph
sleigh                    syllable          troublesome
slight                    sympath           tug-of-war
slogan                    etic              twinkle
smog                      sympathy          typist
sneeze                    symphony          underpass
sob                       syrup

                    LEVEL 1

very (2)

                                                                    LEVEL 1

                             LEVEL 5 (1,080 words)
abide                            architecture        bid
abolish                          arena               blacksmith
abortion                         armor               blast
abrupt                           ascend              blaze
absurd                           ass                 bleach
abundant                         assault asset       blizzard
academy                          astonish(ment)      blond/blonde
accustom                         astray              blot/stain
ace                              astronaut           blues
acknowledge(ment)                astronomer          blur
acne                             astronomy           bodily
admiral                          attendance          bodyguard
adolescence                      auditorium          bog
adolescent                       auxiliary           bolt
adore                            awe                 bonus
adulthood                        awhile              boom
advertiser                       bachelor            booth
affection                        backbone            boredom
agenda                           badge               bosom
agony                            ballot              botany
agricultural                     ban                 boulevard
AI/artificial intelligence       bandit              bound
airtight                         banner              boundary
airway                           banquet             bowel
aisle                            barbarian           boxer
algebra                          barbershop          boxing
alien                            barefoot            boyhood
allergic                         barren              brace
allergy                          bass                braid
alligator                        batch               breadth
ally                             batter              bribe
alter                            bazaar              briefcase
alternate                        beautify            broaden
altitude                         beforehand          bronze
ample                            behalf              brooch
anchor                           belongings          brood
anthem                           beloved             broth
antique                          beneficial          brotherhood
applaud                          beware              browse
applause                                             bruise bulge
apt __________________ architect

                                                                    LEVEL 1

bulk                            clause           conserve
bully                           cling            considerate
bureau                          clockwise        console
butcher                         clover           constitutional
cactus                          cluster          contagious
calf (1) (2)                    clutch           contaminate
calligraphy                     coastline        contemplate
canal                           cocoon           contemporary
cannon                          coil             contempt
carbon                          colleague        contend
cardboard                       colonel          continental
carefree                        colonial         continuity
caretaker                       combat           convert
carnation                       comedian         convict
carnival                        comet            coral
carp                            commentator      corporation
carton                          commission       copyright
category                        commodity        correspondence
cathedral                       commonplace      corridor
caution                         communism        corrupt
cautious                        communist        counsel
celebrity                       commute          counselor
celery                          commuter         cozy
cellar                          compact          counterclockwise
cell-phone/cellphone/cellular   compass          coupon
phone/mobile phone cello        compassion       courtyard
Celsius/Centigrade/             compassionate    cowardly
centigrade ceremony             compel           cracker
certificate                     compliment       crater
chairperson/chair/chairman/     compound         creak
chairwoman chant chatter        comprehend       creek
checkbook check-in check-out    comprehension    crib
checkup chef chemist chestnut   compromise       crocodile
chili chimpanzee                compute
choir                           computerize
chord                           comrade
chubby                          conceal
circuit                         conceive
cite                            condemn
civic                           conduct
clam                            confession
clan                            confront
clasp                           consent

                                                     LEVEL 1

crossing       downward(s)          extensi
crouch         drape                ve
crunch         dreadful             exterio
crystal        dresser              r
cuisine        dressing             extern
curb           driveway             al
currency       duration             extinct
curriculum     dusk                 extraordinary
curry          dwarf                eyelash/lash
customs        dwell                eyelid
dart           dwelling             fabric
dazzle         eclipse              fad
decay          eel                  Fahrenheit
deceive        ego                  falter
declaration    elaborate            fascinate
delegate       elevate              fatigue
delegation     embrace              federal
democrat       endeavor             feeble
denial         enroll(ment)         feminine
descriptive    ensure/insure        fertilizer
despair        enterprise           fiance/fiancee
despise        enthusiastic         fiber
destination    entitle              fiddle
destiny        equate               filter
destructive    erect                fin
devotion       erupt                fishery
devour         escort               flake
dialect        estate               flap
disbelief      esteem               flaw
discard        eternal              flick
disciple       ethic(s)             flip
discriminate   evergreen            flourish
dispense       exaggeration         fluency foe
dispose        exceed               foil
distinction    excel                folklore
distinctive    exceptional          forgetful
distress       excess               format
document       exclaim              foul
doorstep       exclude              fowl
doorway        execute              fraction
dormitory      executive            framework
dough          exile                frantic
downward       extension            freight

                LEVEL 1


                                                          LEVEL 1

fury               hardy                 indignant
fuse               harness               indispensable
fuss               haul                  induce
gallop             haunt                 indulge
garment            hearty                infinite
gasp               heavenly              inherit
gathering          hedge                 initiate
g ay               heed                  inland
gender             heighten              innumerable
geographical       heir                  inquire
geometry           hence                 institute
glacier            herald                insure
glare              herb                  intent
gleam              hermit                interference
glee               heroic                interior
glitter            heterosexual          interpretation
gloom              hi-fi/high fidelity   interpreter
gnaw               hijack                intuition
gobble             hiss                  inward
gorge(1)(2)        hoarse                inward(s)
gorgeous           hockey                isle
gorilla            homosexual            issue
gospel             honk                  ivy
grant              hood                  jack
gravity            hoof                  jade
graze              horizontal            janitor
grease             hostage               jasmine
greed              hostile               jaywalk
grim               hound                 jeer
grip               housing               jingle
groan              hover                     y
gross              howl                  journalism
growl              hurl                  journalist
grumble            hymn                   g
guideline          idiot                   y
gulp               immense               justify
gust               imperial              juvenile
gut                impose                kin
gypsy              impulse               kindle
hail (1)           incense               knowledgeable
hairstyle/hairdo   index                 lad
handicap           indifference          lame
handicraft         indifferent           landlady

                                               LEVEL 1

landlord      marvel             mutton
laser         masculine          myth
latitude      mash               nag
lawmaker      massage            naive
layer         massive            nasty
league        masterpiece        navigate
legislation   mayonnaise         newscast
lessen        meantime           nibble
lest          mechanics          nickel
lieutenant    mediate            nightingale
lifelong      menace             nominate
likelihood    mermaid            nonetheless
lime          midst              nonviolent
limp          migrant            nostril
linger        mileage            notable
livestock     milestone          noticeable
lizard        mingle             notify
locomotive    minimal            notion
locust        mint               novice
lodge         miser              nowhere
lofty         mistress           nucleus
logo          moan               nude
lonesome      mock               oar
longitude     mode               oasis
lottery       modernize          oath
lotus         modify             oatmeal
lumber        mold (2)           oblong
lump          molecule           observer
magnify       monarch            obstinate
maiden        monstrous          occurrence
mainland      mortal             octopus
mainstream    moss               odds
maintenance   motherhood         odor
majestic      motive             olive
majesty       mound              opponent
mammal        mount              optimism
manifest      mourn              orchard
mansion       mower              organizer
maple         mumble             orient
marginal      muscular           oriental
marine        muse               ornament
marshal       mustard            orphanage
martial       mutter             ostrich

ounce         perceive           priority
outdo         perch              procession
outgoing      performer          profile
output        peril              prolong
outsider      perish             prop
outskirts     permissible        prophet
outward       persist            proportion
outward(s)    personnel          prospect
overall       pessimism          province
overdo        pier               prune (1) (2)
overeat       pilgrim            publicize
overflow      pillar             puff
overhear      pimple             pulse
oversleep     pinch              purchase
overwhelm     piss               pyramid
overwork      pistol             quack
oyster        plague             qualify
ozone         plantation         quart
pacific       playwright         quest
packet        plea               quiver
paddle        plead              rack (1) (2)
paradox       pledge             radish
pane          plow               radius
parallel      pluck              ragged
parlor        plunge             rail
participant   pocketbook         rally
particle      poetic             ranch
partly        poke               rascal
passionate    poultry            ratio
pastime       polar              rattle
pastry        porch              realm
patch         potential          reap
patent        prairie            rear
patriot       preach             reckless
patrol        precaution         reckon
patron        preference         recommend
peacock       prehistoric        reef
peasant       prevail            reel
peck          preview            referee/umpire
peddler       prey               refuge/sanctuary
peek          priceless          refute
pe g          prick              reign
penetrate     prior              rejoice

                                                             LEVEL 1

relic              scan               savage slay
reminder           scandal            sloppy
repay              scar               slump
reproduce          scent              sly
reptile            scheme             smash
republican         scorn              snarl
resent(ment)       scramble           snatch
reside             scrap              sneak
residence          scrape             sneaker(s)
resident           scroll             sniff
resort             sculptor           snore
restrain           secure             snort
resume             segment            soak
retort             sensation          sober
reverse            sensitivity        soften
revive             sentiment          sole (1) (2)
revolt             sergeant           solemn
revolve            series             solitary
rhinoceros/rhino   sermon             solo
rib                server             sovereign sow
ridge              setting            spacecraft/spaceship
ridiculous         shabby             specialist
rifle              sharpen            specimen
rigid              shatter            spectacle
rim                sheriff            spectator
rip                shield             spine
ripple             shiver             splendor
rival              shortage           sponge
roam               shortcoming        spotlight
robin              shove              sprint
robust             shred              spur
rod                shriek             squash (1)
rubbish            shrine             squat
rugged             shrub              stack
rumble             shudder            stagger
rustle             shutter            stain
sacred             silkworm           stake
saddle             simmer             stalk (1)
saint              skeleton           stall
salmon             skull              stanza
salute             slam               startle
sandal             slap               statesman

                                                                  LEVEL 1

statistic(s)                   surge             traitor
statistical                    suspend           tramp
steamer                        sustain           trample
(1) steer                      swamp             transparent
stereotype                     swarm             treasury
stern                          sympathize        treaty
stew                           tackle            trench
steward/stewardess/attendant   tan               tribute
stink                          tangle            trifle
stock (1)                      tar               trim
stoop                          tart              triple
storage                        taunt             trot
stout                          tavern            trout
straighten                     teller            tuck
straightforward                tempo             tuition
strain                         tempt             tuna
strait                         temptation        tyrant
strand                         tenant            umpire
strap                          tentative         undergraduate
stray                          terminal          underline
streak                         terrace           underneath
stride                         thigh             understandable
stripe                         thorn             undoubtedly
stroll                         thrill            update
structural                     thriller          upright
stumble                        throne            upward
stump                          throng            upward(s)
stun                           thrust            utter
sturdy                         tick              vacancy
stutter                        tile              vacuum
stylish                        tilt              vague
submit                         tin               vanity
substantial                    tiptoe            vapor
substitute                     toad              vegetation
suitcase                       toil              veil
sulfur                         token             vein
summon                         torch             velvet
superficial                    torment           venture
superstition                   torrent           verbal
supervise                      torture           versus
supervisor                     tournament        vertical
suppress                       toxic             veto
supreme ____________________   trademark         via

                                                                   LEVEL 1

vibrate               whisk
videotape             whiskey/whisky
viewer                wholesale
vigor                 wholesome
vigorous              widespread
villain               widow/widower
vine                  wig
violinist             wilderness wildlife wither
visa                  woe
vow                   woodpecker
wade                  workshop
wail                  worship
ward (1) (2) ware     worthwhile
warehouse             worthy
warrior               wreath
wary                  wring yacht
weary                 yarn
weird                 yeast
wharf                 yield
wheelchair            yoga
whereabouts           zinc
whereas               zip/ZIP/zone improvement
whine                    plan/zip code
whirl                 zoom
                    LEVEL 6 (1,080 words)
abbreviate            accordance                   administrator
abbreviation          accordingly                  advocate
abnormal              accountable                  affectionate
aboriginal            accounting                   affirm
aborigine             accumulate                   aggression
abound                accumulation                 alcoholic
absentminded          accusation                   alienate
abstraction           acquisition                  allia
abundance             activist                     nce
abuse                 acute                        alloc
accelerate            adaptation                   ate
acceleration          addict                       alongside
accessible            addiction                    alternative
accessory             administer/administ          ambiguity
accommodate           rate                         ambiguous
accommodation         administration               ambulance
accord                administrative               ambush

                                                           LEVEL 1

amiable               artifact              biological
amplify               assassinate           bizarre
analects              assert                bleak
analogy               assess(ment)          blunder
analyst               assumption            blunt
analytical            asthma                bombard
anecdote              asylum                bondage
animate               attain(ment)          boost
annoyance             attendant             bout
anonymous             attic                 boycott
Antarctic/antarctic   auction               breakdown
antenna               authentic             breakthrough
antibiotic            authorize             breakup
antibody              autograph/signature   brew
anticipate            autonomy              brink
anticipation          aviation              brisk
antonym               awesome               brochure
applicable            barometer             brute
apprentice            beckon                buckle
approximate           besiege               bulky
aptitude              betray                bureaucracy
Arctic/arctic         beverage              burial
arrogant              bias                  byte
artery                binoculars            caffeine
articulate            biochemistry          calcium
canvas                certify               clinical
capability            champagne             clone
capsule               chaos                 closure
caption               characterize          coffin
captive               charcoal              coherent
captivity             chariot               coincide
carbohydrate          charitable            coincidence
caress                cholesterol           collective
carol                 chronic               collector
cashier               chuckle               collide
casualty              chunk                 collision
catastrophe           civilize              colloquial
cater                 clamp                 columnist
cavalry               clarity               commemorate
cavity                cleanse               commence
cemetery              clearance             commentary
certainty             clench                commitment

                                                          LEVEL 1

communicativ    congressman/congresswoman   cramp
e               conquest                    credibility
companionshi    conscientious               credible
p               consensus                   criterion
comparable      conservation                crook
comparative     consolation                 crooked
compatible      conspiracy                  crucial
compensate      constituent                 crude
compensation    consultation                cruise
competence      consumption                 cruiser
competent       contemplation               crumb
compile         contestant                  crumble
complement      contractor                  crust
complexion      contradict                  cultivate
complexity      contradiction               cumulative
complication    controversial               customary
component       controversy                 daffodil
comprehensiv    conviction                  dandruff
e               coordinate                  daybreak
comprise        cordial
concede         core
conceit         corporate
conception      corps
concession      corpse
concise         correspondent
condense        corruption
confer          cosmetic
confidential    cosmetics
conform         cosmopolitan
confrontation   counterpart

deadly          diplomatic          donor
decent          directory           doom
decisive        disability          dosage
decline         disable             drastic
dedicate        disapprove          drawback
dedication      disastrous          dreary
deem            discharge           drizzle
defect          disciplinary        drought
deficiency      disclose            dual
degrade         disclosure          dubious
deliberate      discomfort          dynamite
delinquent      discreet            ebb
denounce        discrimination      eccentric
density         disgrace            ecology
dental          disgraceful         ecstasy
depict          dismantle           edible
deprive         dismay              editorial
deputy          dispatch            electron
derive          dispensable         eligible
descend         disperse            elite
descendant      displace            eloquence
descent         displease           eloquent
designate       disposable          embark
destined        disposal            emigrant
detach          disregard           emigrate
detain          dissident           emigration
deter           dissolve            emphatic
detergent       dissuade            enact(ment)
deteriorate     distort             enclosure
devalue         distract            encyclopedia
diabetes        distraction         endurance
diagnose        distrust            enhance(ment)
diagnosis       disturbance         enlighten(ment)
diagram         diverse             enrich(ment)
diameter        diversify           epidemic
dictate         diversion           episode
dictation       diversity           EQ/emotional quotient/
dictator        divert                emotional intelligence
differentiate   doctrine            equation
dilemma         documentary         equivalent
dimension       dome                erode
diminish        donate              eruption
diplomacy       donation            escalate

                                                                  LEVEL 1

essence           fleet                          hospitable
eternity          flicker                        hospitality
ethical           fling __________ fluid         hospitalize
ethnic            flutter                        hostility
evacuate          foresee                        humanitarian
evolution         formidable                     humiliate
evolve            formulate                      hunch
excerpt           forsake                        hurdle
excessive         forthcoming                    hygiene
exclusive         fortify                        hypocrisy
execution         foster                         hypocrite
exert             fracture                       hysterical
exotic            fragile                        illuminate
expedition        fragment                       illusion
expel             frail                          immune
expertise         fraud                          imperative
expiration        freak                          implement
expire            fret                           implication
explicit          friction                       implicit
exploit           galaxy                         imposing
exploration       generalize                     imprison(ment)
exquisite         generate                       incentive
extract           generator                      incidental
extracurricular   genetic                        incline
eyesight          genetics                       inclusive
fabulous          glamour                        indignation
facilitate        glassware                      inevitable
faction           glisten                        infectious
faculty           gloomy                         infer
familiarity       GMO/genetically modified       inference
famine            organism graph graphic grill   ingenious
fascination       grocer grope guerrilla         ingenuity
feasible          habitat hack hacker hail (2)   inhabit
federation        harass(ment) hazard            inhabitant
feedback          hemisphere hereafter           inherent
fertility         heritage                       initiative
fidelity          heroin                         inject
finite            highlight                      injection
fireproof         honorary
flare             hormone

injustice                    legitimate          miller
innovation                   lengthy             mimic
innovative                   liable              miniature
inquiry                      liberate            minimize
insight                      liberation          miraculous
insistence                   likewise            mischievous
installation                 limousine/limo      missionary
installment                  liner               mobilize
institution                  linguist            modernization
intact                       liter               mold (1)
integrate                    literacy            momentum
integration                  literal             monopoly
integrity                    literate            monotonous
intellect                    longevity           monotony
intersection                 lounge              morale
interval                     lunatic             morality
intervene                    lure                motto
intervention                 lush                mournful
intimacy                     lyric               mouthpiece (1)
intimidate                   magnitude           mouthpiece (2)/
intrude                      malaria               spokesperson/ spokes)
intruder                     manipulate            spokeswoman
invaluable                   manuscript          municipal
inventory                    mar                 mute
investigator                 massacre            mythology
IQ/intelligence quotient     mastery             narrate
ironic                       material(ism) (2)   narrative
irony                        mattress            narrator
irritable                    mechanism           nationalism
irritate                     medication          naturalist
irritation                   medieval            naval
joyous                       meditate            navel
kernel                       meditation          navigation
kidnap                       melancholy          negotiation
lament                       mellow              neon
lava                         mentality           neutral
layman                       merchandise         newlywed
layout                       merge               newscaster/anchorman/
LCD/liquid crystal display   metaphor              anchorwoman
legendary                    metropolitan        nomination
legislative                  migrate             nominee
legislator                   migration           norm
legislature                  militant            notorious

                                                       LEVEL 1

nourish(ment)   assistant           PDA/personal
nuisance        peddle              digital
nurture         pedestrian          prescription
nutrient        peninsula           preside
nutrition       pension             presidency
nutritious      perception          presidential
obligation      perseverance        prestige
oblige          persevere           presume
obscure         persistence         preventive
offering        persistent          productivity
offspring       perspective         proficiency
operational     pesticide           profound
opposition      petroleum           progressive
oppress         petty               prohibit
oppression      pharmacist          prohibition
option          pharmacy            projection
optional        phase               prone
ordeal          photographic        propaganda
orderly         picturesque         propel
organism        pierce              propeller
originality     piety               prose
originate       pious               prosecute
outbreak        pipeline            prosecution
outfit          pitcher             prospective
outing          plight              provincial
outlaw          pneumonia           provoke
outlet          poach               prowl
outlook         poacher             punctual
outnumber       pollutant           purify
outrage         ponder              purity
outrageous      populate            qualification(s)
outright        posture             quarrelsome
outset          precede             quench query
overhead        precedent           questionnaire
overlap         precision           racism
overturn        predecessor         radiant
pact            prediction          radiate
pamphlet        preface             radiation
paralyze        prejudice           radiator
parliament      preliminary         radical
pathetic        premature           raft
patriotic       premier             raid
                prescribe           random

              LEVEL 1


                                                    LEVEL 1

rash (1) (2)     retail             shilling
rational         retaliate          shoplift
ravage           retrieve           shrewd
realism          revelation         shun
realization      revenue            siege
rebellion        revival            signify
recession        rhetoric           silicon
recipient        rhythmic           simplicity
recommendation   ridicule           simplify
reconcile        rigorous           simultaneous
recreational     riot               skeptical
recruit          rite               skim
recur            ritual             slang
redundant        rivalry            slash
refine(ment)     rotate             slavery
reflective       rotation           slot
refreshment(s)   royalty            slum
refund           ruby               smack
regardless       safeguard          smallpox
regime           saloon             smother
rehearsal        salvation          smuggle
rehearse         sanction           snare
rein             sanctuary          sneaky
reinforce        sane               sneer
relay            sanitation         soar
relevant         scenic             sociable
reliance         scope              socialism
relish           script             socialist
remainder        sector             socialize
removal          seduce             sociology
renaissance      selective          sodium
render           seminar            solidarity
renowned         senator            solitude
rental           sentimental        soothe
repress          sequence           sophisticated
resemblance      serene             sovereignty
reservoir        serenity           spacious
residential      serving            span
resistant        session            specialize
resolute         setback            specialty
respective       sewer              specify
restoration      shed               spectacular
restraint        sheer              spectrum

                                                               LEVEL 1

speculate                 suffocate            transmit
sphere                    suite                transplant
spike                     superb               trauma
spiral                    superiority          tread
spire                     supersonic           treason
spokesperson/spokesman/   superstitious        trek
   spokeswoman            supervision          tremor
sponsor                   supplement           trespass
spontaneous               surpass              trigger
spouse sprawl             surplus              triumphant
squad squash (2)          suspense             trivial
stability stabilize       suspension           trophy
stalk (2) stammer         swap                 tropic
staple stapler            symbolic             truant
starch starvation         symbolize            truce
stationary                symmetry             tuberculosis
stationery stature        symptom              tumor
steamer (2)               synonym              turmoil
stimulate                 synthetic            twilight
stimulation               tact                 tyranny
stimulus stock (2)        tactic(s)            ulcer
strangle strategic        tariff               ultimate
stunt subjective          tedious              unanimous
subordinate               temperament          uncover
subscribe                 tempest              underestimate
subscription              terminate            undergo
subsequent                textile              undermine
substitution              texture              undertake
subtle suburban           theatrical           undo
succession                theft                unemployment
successive                theoretical          unfold
successor                 therapist            unify
tornado                   therapy
trait                     thereafter
tranquil                  thereby
tranquilizer              thermometer
transaction               threshold
transcript                thrift
transformation            thrifty
transistor                thrive
transit                   throb
transition                toll (1) (2)
transmission              topple

                                           LEVEL 1

unlock             vomit vulgar
unpack             vulnerable
upbringing         wardrobe
upgrade            warfare
uphold             warranty
uranium            waterproof/watertight
urgency            whatsoever
urine              windshield
usher              withstand
utensil            witty
utility            woo
utilize            wrench
utmost             wrestle
vaccine            Xerox/xerox
valiant            yearn
valid              zeal


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